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    Pablo Picasso Guitar 1925   • Australia’s $7 Trillion Question: How Low Will House Prices Go (SMH) • US Mortgage Applications Drop Despite Lower
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Guitar 1925
    An unremarkable work, IMO.

    Dr. D

    • Venezuela Envoy Elliott Abrams Loses His Cool in Congress (ZH)

    Quick someone put this on loop, I could watch it all day. This is what every Clapper, Brennan, Comey, North, Cheney should face every time they sit in front of Congress. Or anyone. Like MSNBC, where Brennan lives next door to Brian Williams. Somehow they’re the credible news agencies and we’re not. So since they all committed perjury and arguably miscarried their duties and/or treason, where are their FBI SWAT team with 2 tanks and an amphibious squadron?

    • Bikes Put Spanner In Works Of Dutch Driverless Car Schemes (G.)

    Well obviously we need to get rid of all bicycles – and people – in favor of more robots in more cars. That’s progress!!

    • Exposure To Glyphosate Increases Risk Of Cancer By 41% – Study (G.)

    They somehow miss that when you widely distribute poisons, we widely eat them. Who knew? Monsanto was very clever in their cancer study: glyphosate seems not to cause cancer very much, but the adjuvants do. A lot. So they do their research on pure glyphosate yet release the deep-cancer RoundUp cocktail on the public. Classic. It may be what make the science on vaccines also mixed: they are in fact studying different substances without admitting that the one injected into the public has the bad stuff. And P.S. they just admitted they don’t bother to store it correctly, ’cause refridgeration and expirations dates are for suckers.


    It sorts of feels like profoundly ironic logic, justice, that sort of thing, doesn’t it. I wrote on Twitter earlier when posting today’s Debt Rattle:

    Turns out, our food is full of poison, and the only way we can grow it is also with lots of poison. That way, we can assure we will die at the same time as the planet. Clever, eh?

    John Day

    I’m in the “Amen-corner” again this morning. Here is something instructive I excerpted bout capitalist propaganda in America, a difficult job, which we should better appreciate…

    While the de jure role of state sponsored propaganda is to convince a population to adopt a certain line of thinking on the issues of the day, the de fato function of state sponsored propaganda is rather different. In a society in which even a sizeable minority of the public are capable of critical thinking, few will immediately believe everything they are told, even if they can’t quite put their figure on a specific point of contention.
    Because of that, in educated societies as the Soviet Union’s was, state propaganda serves a purpose of alerting people as to what they are forbidden to disagree with in public. In other words, if the official state line as delivered through state sanctioned newspapers, radio and television is that the economy is booming, people are being paid well and on time and that the new housing stock is superior to any other in the world – the authors of such propaganda do not expect those who are under-paid, living in mediocre housing and unable to elevate themselves into a higher living standard, to believe the self-evident nonsense that forms the core of the propaganda…
    But while the USSR’s old adversary, the United States is having its own problems with a less and less free market that is overly taxed, overly regulated, back in love with tariffs and all at the mercy of an inflation happy yet unaccountable Federal Reserve, there is alas a giant free speech problem, one that is all the worse in America’s European allied states who don’t even bother to pretend to have something akin to America’s constitutional first amendment…
    But while Soviet propaganda worked on a linear business model, today’s American and European propaganda machine works on a triangular model. At the top of the triangle is big business. At the bottom two points of the triangle are government and media – both of which want the help of big businesses in order to enrich themselves…
    Thus, the American and European media constantly send messages that it is impermissible to have an opinion contrary to the standard line on the following issues: invading other people’s nations in the name of “human rights”, climate change being the fault of anyone with a car, the wonders of narcotics and pornography, why strict education is somehow evil and why fiat currencies are just swell.
    Thus, just as Soviet propaganda had slogans that insulted the intelligence of the ordinary person like “brotherhood of nations” in order to keep people from questioning why certain investments were going to far off hinterlands while Russia’s heartlands were being economically destroyed, so too do western propagandists use terms like “fact checking” to imply that anyone who disagrees with a corporate (and hence government) sanctioned “fact” is a deceitful liar that should be shunned, shamed and insulted as such. While terms like “fact checking” are mostly used by social elites who author the propaganda, ordinary people tend to use the phrase “politically incorrect” to signal to their fellow man what cannot be said under fear of social and economic punishment.



    Kudlow’s uttering of the magic word, appears to have stabilizied stocks for now

    If the banks lent more money you could buy more. Like another car? A new RV? A new tractor?
    Go look at the huge inventory in all the dealer yards!!


    Here is something that you should read if you are looking for ideas to make someone happy.


    That was quick.

    The headline-reading alogos are what is driving all this chaos as they fight over the S&P 500’s 300DMA…

    I think …..
    If only the lenders lent more money then everything would be okay

    John Day

    “Stamping Out Insects”
    Happy Valentine’s Day to Ilhan Omar!



    With the UK having to renegotiate trade with the rest of the world it did not help that on Monday the defence secretary said how he would love to go to war with Russia and China. He is also planning to send the UK’s aircraft carrier across the South China Sea. This has lead to the cancellation of trade talks with China this weekend, and won’t help with post-Brexit negotiations!

    It is perhaps more surprising that the UK’s ‘allies’ do not seem to want to be cooperative.

    Interesting times!

    John Day

    Ilhn Omer gets support from her detractors from Caitlin Johnstone.
    May both live long and prosper!

    US warmongering is the most aggressively protected part of the establishment narrative matrix, because US warmongering is the glue that holds the unipolar empire together. Without it, our rulers cannot rule, so you’ll see imperial lackeys fiercely attacking anyone who draws attention to America’s bloodbaths around the world, even if they are good servants of the empire in other areas.
    The difficulty for our rulers, though, is that warmongering is a very difficult thing to paint a pretty picture of, especially with our newfound ability to quickly share ideas and information around the globe. I mean, look at Elliott Abrams. Seriously, just watch him talk. That demonic grimace is the prettiest face they could find to put on their Venezuela agenda. I find that very encouraging.
    The reason they work so hard to manufacture our consent for warmongering agendas is because they need that consent. They wouldn’t propagandize us so aggressively if they didn’t need us all trusting them and believing their stories, so the best way to fight establishment warmongering is to circulate disbelief in their stories. Whenever you see someone like Ilhan Omar drawing attention to the gaping plot holes in agendas like regime change interventionism in Venezuela, go ahead and help draw attention to it.

    Ilhan Omar Smacks Down Elliott Abrams In Front Of Everybody


    Excellent series of posts today!

    Chris M

    How far away is a false flag?

    Maybe Maduro will gas his own people, huh? 😏


    • Australia’s $7 Trillion Question: How Low Will House Prices Go (SMH)

    Australia has for decades been relying on bulk immigration and more and more mortgages to keep its economy going. As a result Sydney and Melbourne are badly over-stuffed, infrastructure arrears are getting longer and longer, the people are weary of it, and the various levels of government have no alternative to offer. All I can do is watch.


    Yeah, in other insignificant trade news today – unreported by the automatic earth: another trade deal signed between the UK and another insignificant Seychelles, called the United States of America.
    An arrangement which helps boost British trade with the US will continue when the UK leaves the European Union, supporting jobs in both countries.

    The Mutual Recognition Agreement on Conformity Assessment (MRA) was signed by Her Majesty’s Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch and Deputy United States Trade Representative C.J. Mahoney in Washington today (Thursday 14 February).

    The agreement will maintain all relevant aspects of the current EU-US MRA when the EU-US agreement ceases to apply to the UK. It helps facilitate goods trade between the two nations and means UK exporters can continue to ensure goods are compliant with technical regulations before they depart the UK, saving businesses time, money and resources. American exporters to the UK benefit in the same way.

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