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    NPC “Georgetown-Marines game” 1923   • US Confirms Its Eighth Case Of Coronavirus (R.) • Uber Suspends 240 Accounts In Mexico To Prevent Coronavi
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    V. Arnold

    • Is Hillary Clinton Angling To Become Vice President? (Hill)

    Sure. Then she can knock off the Pres & bingo; she’s president??????????

    Thanks for fixing my Corvid video; did you watch it?

    The alleged slow down of the corona spread? I have my doubts; too many known unknowns; how many cases are there really?????????????


    “The DNC does the exact same thing again that lost them the 2016 election. It’s like a comedy act.”

    Seems to me that their job is to distract people from doing something politically meaningful, whatever that might be. I used to think I had some idea on that. Now I just depart, looking warily over my shoulder. Voting is bad for your mental health, and a nasty way of spreading infectious disease, come to think of it.

    Regarding coronavirus and the seafood market: whatever vector agent(s) first spread the thing in a noticeable way could certainly have been infected by someone who’d gotten the virus from the seafood market but been uncommonly resistant to its symptoms, and never knew they had it. The whole world is in love with false dichotomies.

    Yes, China has a bioweapons lab there. The problem is the existence of biowepaons labs in the first place. Not only are that bad, period, bad things for bad purposes, but it only takes one successful transgression to breach security in a calamitous way.

    Wife and I borth have a fairly nasty head cold after spending time in the hospital for my surgery last Thursday. Fever, body aches, moderate sinus pressure (for her; for me, it doubles down on the pressure from having my sinuses cooked). Hospitals are natural disease vectors. Eventually, we’ll go through a period where travel is viewed with suspicion and people wear clothing modeled on the habib or at least go about with scarves wrapped around their face.

    The problem is not the nature of the coronavirus so much as the dependence of daily modern life on consuming goods from everywhere, and people traveling everywhere, often in pressurized cabins whose air is very dry as it circulates around a very crowded passenger compartment. One of my post-op instruction is no flying for two weeks. Not just the dry air, but the shifting pressure that can cause sinuses to expand and contract considerably, which is a great way to pump pathogens through the defensive mucus layer and into the skin where it can take deep hold.

    Too little too soon, too much too late: by the time everyone is wearing masks or quarantined, countless vectors are running loose without masks or beyond the quarantine zone.

    Dr. D

    Finally, real football. Before “safety” equipment ruined the game and caused permanent impairment. How? TBIs, which occur BECAUSE the pads allow you hit harder. Just like boxing. Say what? Yes, ironically, bare-knuckle boxing is SAFER because you can’t only hit so hard, AND they other guy goes down ‘faster’. With gloves you can slosh his thinker around his brain pan for hours, causing permanent damage no one intended.

    …Okay, now expand the principle to finance, bailouts, seat belts, drugs, airbags, free speech, fireworks, gun rights…

    Schmarty-peoples. Who can think them? Bring back the leather helmet!

    When liberals start rallying around John Bolton, you know something is off…

    Donald Trump’s far-right administration is one of the most dangerous in US history, which makes the disappointment over the imminent failure of his impeachment case understandable. But the impeachment proceedings never challenged what actually makes the Trump White House so fraught. In adopting hawkish Cold War chauvinism toward Russia, Democratic House impeachment managers embraced rather than opposed a perilous right-wing agenda. They did this while presenting a weak, overblown, and hypocritical case that posed no threat to Trump.”

    Thank you. Can I get a real Democrat, a real Liberal in here? You, one that doesn’t love John Bolton, and protect the CIA? Crickey what does it take?

    Social Media Networks Vow to Censor “Misinformation” About Coronavirus”

    You know, like that it appeared in mid-December, not January. Oops! That’s now true and official. Like that it’s an escaped bioweapon. Oops! Credible labs have now done testing and have evidence suggesting this. Save me Daddy Government! Save me Corporate Fascism! Save me from myself.

    And right behind them, Twitter saving me from election news, from ZeroHedge publishing public information, and from wrongthink authors who have opinions, however dumb. Because like the Slavs, I am but a wee child with a tiny mind and must be cared for and told by my benevolent betters what to do. Or else.

    The Supers Are Back: DNC Members Planning Move to Block Sanders… Again”

    Apparently they are trying a Biden-Clinton ticket. To keep them both out of jail for another month. Please, PLEASE run. The ensuing catastrophe will be one for the ages, and after bailing banks, starting 15 new wars, an open-slave market, and losing to the worst man they could imagine, possibly FINALLY enough to reform the DNC back into the people’s party.

    …But probably not. They’ll say “we won the argument” and RussiaRussiaRussia and try a civil war. Luckily this will probably be like Antifa’s attack yesterday. Yes, they took over Grand Central, spray painted the walls and glued all the ticket-readers for the NY Subway protesting public transit. …Because it’s ALREADY public and state-owned. And ALREADY as close to free as possible. And ALREADY broke and collapsing like all gov’t projects are. So like in U.K. environmentalists are protesting construction of trains? They don’t LIKE public transit? State-owned enterprises? In any case, the repairs are going to cost, AND they didn’t make their point. But if that’s any sign of the Revolution, I think we’ll survive it. It’s like Jr High sit-in the Cafeteria for student council.

    “that suspends 240 accounts?”

    Yes, like the airlines, they don’t give a s—t, but there are legal lawsuits that their god Mammon DOES care about. So the pencil-pushers say, snap to. P.S. so imagine a world without cars that is at the sole discretion of Uber, as planned.

    ““I don’t know how they can retain their lawyer status, in the comments that they’re making.”

    Let’s see, the one side says there’s a vast conspiracy, run by Putin, and Trump is a traitor, and you’re worried about what THEY said? Thankfully we have elections to sort this out.

    “Pelosi added that Trump “will not be acquitted”

    Yes, we know. You’ve told us. He will be immediately impeached again for new things that you can’t find evidence for, again, over and over forever until the people stop you. Why? Because you’ve gotten literally NOTHING DONE for that unemployed black guy in Milwaukee with no health care. Congratulations. And that guy’s been telling you since the 90s.

    The DNC does the exact same thing again that lost them the 2016 election. It’s like a comedy act.

    Speechless. Since roughly speaking I’m on the other side, I don’t mind, but I hate seeing the game played badly and have said over and over for years how easy it is to win. Look: worst opponent ever. All you have to do is not be crazy, as Bill Maher said. But in #Oppositeland, we do the OPPOSITE of #Logic. It’s a religion, a way of life.

    The article on Tulsi says, the only candidate who could probably win in the only candidate CNN and the DNC (but I repeat myself) won’t allow. They like Trump better, I guess.

    “Calling Greta!”

    Nah, it’s in Asia. Don’t you know only white people are bad? You know that by their skin color.

    Kremlin Warns Chemical Provocation Coming Near Aleppo (ZH)”

    So predictable. No one cares. Have an opinion or say a naughty word in America though, and Hammer Time!


    The msm and the Clinton machine hate her — all the more reason to support her. The idea that we should not be supporting a religious state by spending trillions and trillions of our USA dollars and killing our USA youth not to mention all the innocent middle eastern people. The money that is being made on death for the elite will make sure Tulsi never really sees the light of day.. I really dont have much hope left for the empire anymore.

    Maybe Bernie will figure out that the independent voters like her and pick her as a running mate.

    John Day

    Oh, it’s not letting me copy and paste and submit stuff this morning, but I really did study up on Wuhan coronavirus last night and this morning.What about the homology with HIV. Read it here, folks “both sides” of it.

    John Day

    I was able to access the pre-print Coronavirus-HIV-homology paper this morning..

    John Day

    Here’s an analysis saying “I don’t think it’s military”, but explaining what’s going on.
    ​ ​The new paper’s authors took 28 sequences of the 2019-nCoV genome isolated from 28 different patient samples, and aligned them with the bat coronavirus genome which is 2019-nCoV’s closest known relative. Although the two viral genomes are 96% identical, this leaves about 1200 DNA bases, and a smaller number of protein residues, where they differ.
    ​ ​Among the differences, the Indian team identifies four insertions, where the 2019-nCoV genome contains a small extra sequence corresponding to a few additional amino acids in an otherwise similar protein. These insertions are as short as 6 residues.
    ​ ​All four insertions were located in the “spike protein” of 2019-nCoV, the projecting protein on the virus’s round envelope which recognizes the ACE2 receptor and enables the virus to penetrate mucous membrane cells, and also gives the coronavirus its name. The variable sequences of these recognition regions enable viruses to penetrate different types of cells in the human body.
    ​ ​The authors took the 2019-nCoV version of the spike protein sequence, and performed homology modeling to generate a likely 3D structure of the spike protein, using known 3D structure of the spike protein from the SARS virus as a starting point. They found that although the four sequences are distant in the 1D chain of the protein, the folding of the spike protein brings three of them together in 3D space, and that they are on the “tip” of the spike, at the ACE2 recognition site…
    The virus has a close 96% sequence overlap to a naturally occurring bat coronavirus, and coronaviruses have been known to jump from bats to humans by way of intermediates before, like the SARS coronavirus. The differences between the genome sequences, including the ones identified by the Indian study, are in variable regions of the genome that we’d expect to differ, and the 4% difference in the genomes is hard to call as “high” or “low,” given that we don’t know exactly which bats the 2019-nCoV strain came from or when it diverged from its closest known ancestor.

    No, the 2019-nCoV genome doesn’t really seem engineered from HIV



    The fish market does seem to be the source. If it has been weaponised then it would be a deliberate release. How many countries have biowarfare labs specialising in weaponising diseases who may feel ill will towards China?

    It would explain the problem with the bat soup theory as viruses die at 65C so should not survive.

    The Senator should realise that having a lab in the area does not mean it is the source : there were US Biowarfare labs in all the countries where ebola appeared and by his logic they must have been responsible!


    “…Okay, now expand the principle to finance, bailouts, seat belts, drugs, airbags, free speech, fireworks, gun rights…”

    There’s no way to make safe a society based on money, an especially dangerously powerful form of language.

    There’s no way to make guns safe without turning them into not-guns.

    There’s no way to make cars safe.

    There’s no way to make fireworks safe.

    That leaves free speech, and we don’t want to begin a discussion on the risks of large-scale communication of countless abstract ideas, few of which are about feeding, sheltering, or nurturing us… because that would require free speech, something whose value rests on honesty and integrity, the absence of which forms a core basis of our culture: how to get along while lying and deceiving as de facto enshrined principles of discourse?

    Easy Street


    “Hammer Time!”

    Lol. That image made my day. It would be lovely to have M.C. Hammer disrupt the DNC candidate debates with a flashy dance every time a candidate lied or interrupted another. I might even watch them iof they provided that. If our election system stays intact long enough, say, 2028 (a miracle, methinks), they will have become better entertainment than the Oscars, which will in turn have become some kind of forum for superficially serious discussion of morality and whatnot. Both shows’ ratings would improve.

    I can’t stop smiling. Ellen Degeneres is pissed.


    I win the prediction. (Go check my comment history)
    • Is Hillary Clinton Angling To Become Vice President?


    In 1905 there were 19 deaths from high school and collegiate football and another 137 were seriously injured.

    “The Chicago Tribune had the tally of the dead and injured in 1905: Of those slaughtered eleven were high school players and ten of the killed were immature boys of 17 and under. Three hardened, seasoned and presumably physically fit college men were slain. The others were amateurs. Body blows, producing internal injuries, were responsible for four deaths, concussion of the brain claimed six victims, injuries to the spine resulted fatally in three cases, blood poisoning carried off two gridiron warriors, and other injuries caused four deaths. Among the injuries that have not resulted fatally are: broken collar bones and shoulders, nineteen; broken legs, thirty-one; broken arms, nine; fractures to some portion of the head, nineteen; broken ribs, three; spinal injuries, three; concussion of the brain, three.” National athletic associations were formed the very next year due to the outcry.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seat belts have saved nearly 300,000 lives in the US since 1975.

    “Can I get a real Democrat, a real Liberal in here?” You mean one that can differentiate between John Bolton’s policies and whether or not he’s capable of being a professional and telling the truth when he sees corruption taking place. (Though to me personally he falls into the Chicken Hawk variety of Republican given his lack of courage at actually testifying in front of the House.} You mean one that can recognize the fact that nearly every country that was a satellite of the USSR was clamoring to get into the EU. You mean one that knows an invasion when they see one instead of “reunification.” Ala Crimea and Ukraine, and yes Iraq and Afghanistan as well. Not to mention Viet Nam. That liberal Democrat? Yes we realize the division and dualism with the the Democratic Party. Republicans on the other hand revel in their monolithic duplicity and lack of moral courage.

    I would love to go on but given the current state of TAE it’s a lot like pissing into the wind. Relieving but not very satisfying. Long live Nicole Foss.

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