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    Latest Maple Syrup Company Update:

    My micro trillion Maple Syrup Company is pleased to announce that it is on schedule to exceed it’s forcasted production guidelines during the first 2 weeks of 2023 maple sap collecting operations.

    Todate 20,500,000 micro litres of maple sap have been collected. Maple sap boiling operations have produced 500,000 micro litres of high quality golden Maple syrup.

    Due to an unexpected global cooling incursion, suddenly appearing from the far north, maple sap collecting and boiling operations are expected to be suspended for the next 2 weeks. After this ause, the company expects to resume normal sap collection and boiling operations again.

    Footnote: The company is in complete compliance with all environmental regulations.

    Government Maple Tree Environment officials have approved the company increasing the number of taps per tree by 33%, from 2 taps to 3 taps. The government agreed the individual limit of 2 taps per tree didn’t apply to company owned maples trees, as maintaining the company’s profits and stock values were much more important than the environment.

    Veracious Poet


    Instead, they lost their lives and still failed the mission. Were the FBI guys protecting whoever sent them? I doubt that they were completely rogue…most likely, someone higher up sent them….

    PV, you know who the higher up psychos are, if you’re able to be,for even a moment, honest with yourself & everyone else…

    Truth: It’s the perverts and degenerates that you held your nose for long enough to cast a ballet for (along with Kuntsler, Pool, Dore, “the smart people” & most of TAE’s commentariat), for almost your entire life!

    That is, the pro-worker Democrat/Labour NPD #progressives, who in actuality really nothing but prostitutes & whores selling *AMERICA* to the highest bidder(s) 😕

    The ones pretending, all along, to oppose the pro-war, #conservative mob of MOAR! MOAR! MOAR!, full of fear, hatred & dead men’s bones…

    Nothing but but putrefying Courtesans, one & all (both DemoRATs & GOPhers), gleefully serving the Master Class’ Empire of Lies & Theft 😕

    Do your kids know that truth?

    Thirty+ years ago I was among the remnant, voices-in-the-wilderness, that promoted restoration of the Democratic Republic under NATURAL LAW, talk to thousands about aligning with *GOOD & HONEST* men like Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, Ron Paul et al., subjected to an unending response of eye rolling, hissing & scoffs from 90%+ of the electorate to busy worshiping The Empire, to get off their knees…

    Then 9-11 happened, which should have been a wake-the-f@ck-up call, followed by a revulsion of all things DemoRAT & GOPher ~ But NO! HELL NO!

    You all doubled, nay tripled down+++ on your fawning *support* of NPD liars like Biden, Schumer, Graham, da Bush & Clintoon crime .orgs, ad nauseum, which was only eclipsed by mindless support for that all-to-obvious soulless carnival barker Obama…

    We wantz a black prez! All your base are belong to us!!!

    Even now, after *total* destruction of any *peaceful* path for the “West” to extricate itself from *MADNESS* run amok, YOU CAN’T ADMIT ERROR!

    Capitalism is evil! Orange man bad!! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!!!

    Oh, but do keep up with the infatuation with *HOT* news, feigned *SURPRISE!* & how you *ALL KNOW*, deeply, what the H3LL is really going on…

    We didn’t know! *Suddenly* it all went to sh!t!!!

    Veracious Poet


    According to Doc Robinson, if I put an atomic bomb on one railway car and put a conventional bomb on another railway car, per Buttgigg’s rules, then the railway train is considered to be non-hazzardest!

    So if I am a company damaging the environment, all I need to do is add an environmentalist, like Bill Gates to the company’s board of directors, then suddenly I am in total compliance with the environment!

    O.K. I think I have got it now!


    Does anybody else view Biden’s recent visit to Kiev, as Biden telling Zelensky that he isn’t killing Ukrainians fast enough and needs to launch a big spring offensive to speed up the killing of more Ukrainians?


    The corrupt liars that compose the mangers (government) of Airstrip Five are starting to find that even the bought-and-paid-for mainstream ‘news’ media are challenging the endless lies they tell.

    Cyclone aftermath: Lies, damned lies and statistics

    Story by Dame Anne Salmond • 4h ago

    Dame Anne Salmond has seen some actual research on what is in the forestry ‘slash’ bedevilling Tairāwhiti, and it doesn’t bear out the forestry minister’s claim

    Over the past month or so, the Minister of Forestry Stuart Nash has repeatedly tried to fend off an independent inquiry into forestry slash. In the process, he has made statements that don’t bear close scrutiny.

    When questioned by RNZ about the devastation caused by the clear felling of pine plantations on the East Coast, for instance, he said, “My understanding is its 40 percent from harvesting operations and the rest is indigenous.” The media should be fact-checking these claims.

    Data from interim scientific analyses of slash deposits in Tairāwhiti supplied to Cabinet ministers in the wake of Cyclone Hale do not bear out the Minister’s claim. On Waikanae beach in Gisborne, for instance, the slash was 70 percent from harvesting operations, with 80 percent at Tolaga Bay.

    In the case of the Waimatā river in Gisborne after Cyclone Gabrielle, an ecologist who was helping to clear the slash remarked: “From what I have seen on the Waimatā so far – and I have been cutting it up with a saw – it’s 90+ percent radiata and some willow scattered through it. about 5 percent native, mainly Kanuka. These catchments have very little native left.”


    Pretending we live in a wealthy country which has good prospects for the future:

    Our imports in January rose al almost twice the rate our exports rose. And almost no-one is noticing. Imports rose almost +26%; exports rose almost +14%. A +14% rise is pretty damn good, and for the year to January exports are up +13%, the best annual rise since . But we are buying imports are a completely other level, like we are a wealthy country. This pretending will undoubtedly catch up with us at some stage, but not yet, it seems. Anyway, our January merchandise trade deficit blew out to -$2 bln in the month, the largest ever January shortfall.

    The Reserve Bank o0f NZ has raised interest rates again (4.25 to 4.75%), accelerating the implosion of the economy and the standard of living (same link).


    The final dominoes are starting to tumble. Inevitable is not imminent. But it’s getting damned close.


    Administrator (that is the big boss) of the EPA is Michael S Regan, a diversity hire:

    His elevation to that role was widely praised by environmental groups because of his track record for addressing environmental racism and supporting policy to address climate change.

    So is the Ohio dioxin racist, is that why he is ignoring it or is the diversity hire inept and unqualified for the job? My money is on him being a complete, but obedient, idiot.



    So when are you expecting to harvest your sunflowers?
    Have you ever calculated how many calories a sunflower produces?

    Veracious Poet

    Hopkins: The War On Insensitivity

    This one is about the global-capitalist thoughtpolice and their ongoing efforts to purge society of “insensitivity.” Yes, that’s right, insensitivity. If there is anything the global-capitalist thoughtpolice can’t stand, it is insensitivity…

    The global-capitalist thoughtpolice are terribly concerned about the feelings of such persons. And the feelings of other sensitive persons who are also concerned about the feelings of such persons. And everybody’s feelings, generally.

    So they’re purging society of any and all forms of literary content, and every other form of content, that might possibly irreparably offend such persons, and persons concerned about the feelings of such persons, and anyone who might feel offended by anything…

    The War on Insensitivity


    I will start harvesting sunflower seeds when I have finished weather-proofing the building I have been working on -I reckon in a few more days. I planted seeds over a period of a month or so and have sunflowers at various stages of maturity.

    I was a bit naughty yesterday: went for two-hour cross-country hike, and then helped as friend with some problems. Today ‘lost’ 4 hours playing bridge. But made up for it by working till 10pm.

    The shit is really hitting the fan for ‘Chipmunk’ now. The housing implosion accelerating; the worst trade figures ever have been announced; there is a monumental mess across 1/4 of the ‘Airstrip’…and resistance to the bollocks churned out by him and his band of thieves and liars is increasing.

    RBNZ just raised interest rates another 0.5%, which will clobber most sectors of the fake economy a bit more.

    One could easily be forgiven for thinking that the Crazy Chipmunk is exacerbating the sabotage orchestrated by the recently departed Scorpion, because he is.

    But nobody can compete with Zelensky when it comes to sabotage.

    I heard yesterday that the clown who got stuck into me for pointing out that the ‘Covid vaccines’ were not vaccines at all is very ill. “I’m a scientist,” he shouted at me,” just over a year ago, when I was active in the local group trying to stop the Covid insanity and challenge the endless stream of government-promoted misinformation.

    *Really! So am I,” I replied. my field of study is chemistry, including biochemistry. What’s your field of expertise?”

    He ran, as they do.

    I subsequently was told he is a psychologist. He should have known about Mass Formation Psychosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming and not fallen for the lies.

    At the bridge table the matter of someone I do not know becoming ill with ‘Covid’ came up in conversation. Jabbed, of course.

    I pointed out that the so-called vaccines provide no protection and reduce the body’s capacity to fight infection. I recommended Ivermectin.

    Probably fell on deaf ears.

    Fortunately, nobody at bridge mentioned Ukraine.


    No. I haven’t attempted to assess the calorific value of sunflower seeds. I just know they are an excellent store of protein and oils.

    As a teacher of English, I encountered a student from China who had very noticeable grooves in her front teeth. I asked her why. She told me they were from splitting sunflower seeds.


    Today I was informed by two reliable sources that a child at a local school identifies as being a cat and has been provided with a cat suit to wear to school. I was told she never speaks but meows.

    If I had heard it from one source I would have thought, nice joke. But two independent, unrelated sources suggest it is true.

    Eat your cat food and become like Julie Newmar.

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