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    Henri Rousseau The sleeping gypsy 1897   • A Fed Pivot, Born Of Volatility, Missteps, And New Economic Reality (R.) • Get Out Of The Bond And Sto
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    V. Arnold

    Henri Rousseau The sleeping gypsy 1897

    What an enchanting painting; so many possibilities…

    V. Arnold

    The world in toto should be ashamed of itself, for its unforgivable treatment of Julian Assange.
    But, the world isn’t THE WORLD.
    It’s but a fractured globe barely held to a sphere,
    by a gravity yet to be identified.
    If there were a Scotty; I would entreat him to beam me up…

    Dr. D

    “turmoil that wiped out trillions of dollars of household wealth.”

    A bomb didn’t destroy it: it was never “wealth” in the first place. Wealth is the house. Fantasy is thinking that if everybody sold at once, they would all get 100% of a price that’s 6x wages. Instead, they’d flood the market and the price would reach near-zero. So the price is always a function of time and pressure, that is, human excitement, and is never stable. Even ONE house selling in ONE neighborhood lowers the city’s prices. What are they pricing except their addled fantasies?

    Revision: before the turmoil there were thousands of corporate structures and machines making capital stock and 82 million houses, and after the turmoil there were thousands of corporate structures and machines making capital stock and 82 million houses. What changed?

    Taken further, in 1929 there was a billion in capital stock and a billion in houses with a capable, electrified workforce and after 1931 there was a billion in capital stock and a billion in houses with a capable, electrified workforce. What changed? Well one thing: the loan sharks wanted more payback and started roughing up the nation to get it. Why? Ask them. But none of this is “wealth”, it’s numbers.

    But this is the belief: if the Fed SPEAKS, wealth is created: houses, cars, vacations. And if the Fed retires, wealth is destroyed, and we all stop cooperating, sit in the dark, and starve. Thus we can just print money, do no work, and go to Monaco. Works for them, why not us!?! Why? Because it works for them because WE work for them for free, WE are the ones who give the Fed something-for-nothing, instead of ourselves.

    And if prices are set by the Fed speaking, and not any of us, why have a FTSE and NYSE? Central Planning at its finest! Always worked before!

    “The real Trump-Russia canoodling rests in “Trump’s finances.”

    …Except the IRS has his finances and always have. If there was anything there, it would have been leaked years ago. There were 30 WaPo reporters looked for a year and a bounty on his head. But this isn’t about the truth. It’s about leverage, extortion, and stalling any policies the American people asked of him/you to enact, just as they (including GOP) refused to pass any laws or seat any judges or administration officials. If they don’t like it, vote him out like a normal person.

    “yet another bombshell report”

    Hey, did you see the montage of “bombshell” on youtube? It’s 6 months old and they’re still adding more every day:

    Nope. Never matters. In America, land of liars, it’s impossible to be discredited. The more they’re wrong, the better we like them. They’ve got moxie to stage such false attacks! Reminds me of this:

    (Start about 2:00)

    “Theresa May Must Go In Three Months”

    If they delay forever, they’ll be in the EU forever. With no vote, just like we always wanted. That’s democracy!

    “US vice-president Mike Pence last year denounced it as “an Orwellian system premised on controlling virtually every facet of human life”

    He’s just jealous. The government has been trying to control virtually every facet of human life for years.

    Other news: Snowing in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, 3 feet in 24h in Flagstaff, all records. Beautiful weather, fantastic for the ecology, but not exactly warming. Now they say L.A. has had 30 snows in 130 years – not unusual, comrade! However, the last time it snowed was in 1960, and it also didn’t snow in the 30s. So they choose the 130 year window because it snowed 25 times before 1910 and once or twice since then?

    Adding to snow in Jordan, Greece, Turkey, Sahara, Spain, Punjab, the tea district of China, Hawaii, Charleston… Someday it will get through. Some day it will matter. Just keeping score. I’m afraid your new taxes may be going out the window, but you might want to plant some food.

    Ken Barrows

    This low inflation and globalization schtick is tiresome. Interest rates are low because modern industrial society cannot abide by higher interest rates. I will stop throwing in my two cents from the peanut gallery when the 10Y UST is above 3% for six months. I think I will be yapping for a long time Inflation and low interest rates can exist simultaneously for a long time. It’s called collapse.

    Ken Barrows

    Dr D, you may want to look at 0.8 degrees C above the 1979-2000 average yesterday. Cherry picking does not become you.


    “The real Trump-Russia canoodling rests in “Trump’s finances.”

    …Except the IRS has his finances and always have. If there was anything there, it would have been leaked years ago.

    Pretty sure I don’t get that one either. People act as if only Trump and his accountant are privy to his financial accounts. Like he’s a real Al Capone, just smarter, so the Untouchables can’t touch him.



    • Get Out Of The Bond And Stock Market, Put Your Money In Cash – Stockman (MW)
    He is not advising anyone. He must be talking to his 0.01% rich buddys.
    • UK Food Imports From EU Face ‘£9bn Tariff Bill’ Under No-Deal Brexit (G.)

    Who will pay, Who will collect? Who will get rich?
    There will be a lot of compose material that will flood the market.


    The first thing that jumps out is Berkshire’s massive cash pile, which was at $112 billion on Dec 31 mostly in the form of T-Bills – marking the sixth straight quarter above $100 billion – showing how difficult it has been for Buffett to put money to work as fast as Berkshire accumulates it, and while Buffett laments the lack of investment opportunities he vows he will never risk getting caught short of cash.


    Seems like one gets to make money off the circus whether you’re fer or agin him! amirite? So much drivel, such little time. Whatever happened to Nicole?


    Check out this site. They told me something hat ididn’t know.

    Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt

    (2) Despite dozens of media outlets giving the impression (and sometimes explicitly saying) that the Venezuelan government shut down an otherwise functioning pathway into the country, the bridge in question hasn’t been open for years.
    According to La Opinion (2/5/16), after its initial construction in 2015, the bridge has never been open to traffic. How can Maduro, as the BBC suggested, “reopen” a bridge that was never open?


    Hmmm Isn’t the use of climate reanalyser’s data just another form of cherry picking?

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