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    Dorothea Lange Saturday afternoon, Pittsboro, North Carolina 1939   • Trump An ‘Idiot’ On China, ‘No Clue What Currency Manipulation Means’ (CNBC
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    On the Surgeon in Chief,,,
    As reality itself is in a state of constant flux, so should be the actions of a leader.
    Put another way, as the facts change, so should a good leaders mind.

    Chris M

    Currency manipulation? I guess it depends on how you define manipulation. Supply of money and how it moves (velocity) has a lot to do with things. Central banks have nothing to do with that, do they???

    As far as Stockman’s comments go, if no one in Washington DC comes to understand where real wealth comes from, and how it should be priced through fair trade, nothing is going to improve economically.

    You either earn your way, borrow, or go without. Your choice.


    “So let this part be crystal clear. What is coming down the track is the mother of all debt ceiling showdowns and the virtual certainty of government shutdowns and deferred payments to states, contractors and even some transfer payment beneficiaries.”

    Absolutely fantastic! The R’s were so enraged with hatred for the D’s about rising debt levels, however now they rule all three branches of government, so there are no excuses for not remaining at or under the debt limit. Go ahead and reduce corporate taxes from 35 to 15% and give more tax cuts to the super wealthy, then do your infrastructure bill and massive nuclear armaments modernization program and NOT exceed the debt limit. Sure, I want to see this.

    Dr. Diablo

    I want to see this too. Since running the system to the end was the written plan since at least 1979, this is as good a way as any. Because unless you’re under some kind of math spell, we’re not going to repay the debt. We never were, for decades and decades. We were always going to default.

    The only harm was we didn’t go honest in 1979, in 1987, in 1994, in 2000, or 2008. How may million people died and American lives were ruined because honesty wasn’t restored then. That’s why I want to see this, not for misplaced schadenfraude to watch your countrymen, who have been systematically savaged, who are now dying by thousands, to undergo more misery for your viewing pleasure.

    The events you describe are the only way to control fraud, instill honesty, and restore math.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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