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    DPC The heart of Chinatown, San Francisco, after the earthquake and fire 1906   • China Death Toll Hits 427 As New Cases In Hubei Increase By Rec
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    While I have no use for skyscrapers and the thinking behind them, the image of the Lakhta Center takes my breath away, partly from acrophobia emerging as I age. (Young, I delighted in heights.) Thanx for the thrill.


    Looks like we’ll be out or Iraq ere long:

    Baghdad Wants Russian s-300 Missile System

    V. Arnold

    DPC The heart of Chinatown, San Francisco, after the earthquake and fire 1906

    Wow. Desolate to say the least; such an excellent photo…


    Tall buildings are signs of bubbles and looming busts:


    Participant The tall bldg/econ crisis correlation. Well, looking at it from a poetic metaphor perspective. Rationally, it’s logical that when there’s too much illusory wealth easy had, it will go up because there’s a) literally no room, and b) hubris tends to aim skyward.

    If we put that energy into building underground, we’d have something worth the effort.


    Epstein is probably trafficking under age bats in Wuhan.


    Brother Dave was beyond category. While he catered in some respects to narrow-minded, vindictive, bigoted Southern attitudes, he started off doing so in a way aimed to lift them above their native surroundings and see beyond. Eventually, his Southern audiences turned on him for denouncing LBJ and making open criticisms of cherished Dixie notions. Likewise, he got in trouble in the north for using drugs.

    Being a child of the South raised in the North, I take a more nuanced view of such things than most people, or so it seems to me. (Subjective objectivity is a motherhummer.) People reflect the attitudes prevalent where they were raised. We stand where we sit, said someone important enough for it to become an academic proverb. How they respopnd to those attitudes is what is most important to me, and to expect people to flatly reject their upbringing is to expect people to deny their roots, which are a part of whom they are. Easier said than done.

    In the late 60s, when he was bitter and staying seriously high, his act purportedly became openly and crudely racially bigoted. I believe this was true but haven’t heard the material myself. But then, during the 70s when he was seriously strung out on cocaine, David Bowie was a huge Hitler fan. I can envision a bitter Dave Gardner pandering to the cruder common denominators of his Southern base partly because he’d been done the way they’d done Lenny Bruce. Getting shot down from being on TV because you were busted for pot, and blacklisted from much of your Southern audience because you dared knock LBJ’s Holy War in Viet Nam that was suppoed to “fight communism”, can lead a bitter renegade to decide he might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb while simultaneously rubbing his Southern audience’s nose in their own racially bigoted shit.

    But he was also this guy:

    “Yeah, times change, as do tastes. In the late ’50s and early ’60s, Gardner was considered to be “the Lenny Bruce of the South,” and was popular with white and black audiences. Later on, though, he became much more strident and openly racist, some say because of his drug and alcohol use. Still, As a kid in Mississippi in the early ’60s, I remember trading Gardner’s punch lines in dialect with my black friends, much to the amusement of their parents.”

    Anyway, Brother Dave is hilarious in a kind-hearted way, and sheds unique light on social attitudes at the turn of the 60s. Keep an open mind and remember that we’re all human, and you’ll find this time capsule uncommonly revealing about the South’s chronic inferiority/guilt complex called “Southern Pride”, while also experiencing moments of transcendental brotherly love between bizarre giggle fits.

    Ain’t That Weird

    Brother Dave’s wiki

    Bonus vintage comedy trivia:

    “(Jonathan) Winters was schizophrenic, so much so that he spent some time on (as he so appropriately put it) “the funny farm.” He was actually committed to an institution for the mentally ill a couple of times.Reportedly, the first time he was committed, he was stark naked and climbing the mast of a schooner in San Francisco harbor, saying as he looked skyward, “Wait! Wait! I’m coming!”

    I can only admire and applaud. That’s the way you do it if you’re gonna get yourself committed.


    “Epstein is probably trafficking under age bats in Wuhan.”

    I think that deserves a bronze plaque.


    Here’s a nuanced mini-bio of Brother Dave that supports, in my mind, the notion that what caused his Dark Period (see how our culture inherently enshrines lighter tones? a love of light is healthy but darkness is just as important lest ye go sunblind and be sunburnt unto oblivion) was a combination of rejection by a hypocritical white racially bigoted entertainment industry as well as by a hypocritical racially bigoted Southern community, a whole buncha money (he was pretty swank for awhile) inflating the inevitable narcissism that comes from too much booze and speed, and being caught up in the usual Libertarian fever dreams (see his relationship with Texas oilman H.L. Hunt) like that sold today by folks like the Koch Bros while they themselves practice corporate socialism.


    Miles Davis gets a lot of post-mortem heat for his bitterness toward white dominance of society and the music industry, but if you’d gone through what he’d gone through, you’d probably feel similarly.

    As for his self-admitted physical abuse of women, something he tried to justify in his autobiography, what can I say in his defense? Nothing. But I can say this: women ought to take a baseball bat to men who smack them around like that. It only takes once for a bully man to learn. Just because men on average are larger and have greater upper body strength is no excuse to lie down and take it.

    “Big man beat a little man every time if he’s in the right and keeps on coming.” (allegedly an old texas Ranger expression) I think this applies to little women versus big men too.

    Kinda like Little David and Great Big Goliath:

    D & G

    John Day

    I’m late for work, gotta’ get on the bike, but I wanted to send this out this morning.

    Joe sends this article about the inserted genetic sequences in Wuhan coronavirus 2019-nCoV. It seems like part of this sequence is available online for under $100, worked out during 2008 research into SARS corona virus. The big insertion is the spke protein, that binds to ACE2 receptors deep in human lungs. This is the smoking gun of genetic engineering. The article goes into the firing of the Chinese employee from the Canadian level-4 viral research lab, suspected of borrowing the bat coronavirus without permission.

    On the Origins of the 2019-nCoV Virus, Wuhan, China

    Dr Francis Boyle says Wuhan coronavirus is an engineered bioweapon (but who did the critical engineering?)

    Dr. Francis Boyle Creator Of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon

    Here is an interesting study with an innocuous enough name, published Halloween 2019, just after that Event 201 simulation of coronavirus pandemic was done. Filovirus is the family containing EBOLA. They looked at antibodies to filoviruses in bats and humans involved in a traditional yearly bat-harvest (roundup) in Nagaland, India. It looks like the humans caught these from the bats and made antibodies.
    Filovirus-reactive antibodies in humans and bats in Northeast India imply zoonotic spillover

    Dr. D

    So the expert on world bioweapons says Wuhan is a bioweapon? And they (Gilead) already have a vaccine for a bioweapon they themselves created? Huh, who’d a thunk.

    “Experts debunk fringe theory linking China’s coronavirus to [bioweapon]”

    Oops, wrong link. It was the WaPo who was printing fake news and debunked. Because: Not journalists.

    “Dr. Francis Boyle Creator of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon”

    Dr. Francis Boyle Creator Of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon

    As have many others, citing several compelling and technical reasons within the RNA.

    “Xi has punished over 400 “servants” for failure. When’s his turn?”

    Mandate of heaven.

    So, that U.S. sure is lucky! Somehow China got four – count them, 1, 2, 3, 4! – pandemics at the same time. Rest-of-world before now? Zero. So Cheeto authorized running down China since they won’t negotiate and nobody wants a war? Why not? That’s what Marine Generals think and do. What they live for. Presidents authorize secret ways to kill people? When did this start?

    Ah, but there’s not enough paper in the world to cover this subject. And you think we’ll walk away from this?

    Unprecedented Cybersecurity Measures To Safeguard Iowa Caucus Results (DMR)

    How long before we blame RussiaRussiaRussia for the Iowa caucus app built by Sachs?

    “My estimate is that Bernie Sanders won Iowa, then the state Democratic party establishment ginned up a “systems failure” to deny him”

    I fear they may be right. He was maybe 6% ahead going in.

    Dave Note

    Coronavirus: Three Truths

    From Dr Chris Martenson


    ““My estimate is that Bernie Sanders won Iowa, then the state Democratic party establishment ginned up a “systems failure” to deny him”

    I fear they may be right. He was maybe 6% ahead going in.”

    Being someone who was very involved with and observant of Bernie’s ’16 campaign, I can say that he has kicked their butts in just about every poll done once his campaign gained steam. Of course he won that caucus.

    Tulsi is smart to have stayed outside the ring.

    But I’m curious: why the concern on whether the coronavirus is bioweaponry or not? We have no control over our government. We have no control over free-range microbes. We only have control over ourselves, limited as that control is. The virus is loose. It will call the shots.


    • Chinese Military Takes Control Of Medical Supplies In Wuhan (SCMP)
    Of course.
    That is the only way to prevent profiteering by those not in the military establishment.

    “My estimate is that Bernie Sanders won Iowa,
    Here comes Hillary to be nominated as his V.P. ( Needed to balance his out-of-reach-ideas)


    Something is wrong with the numbers

    Only Chinese have been declared dead from the coronavirus.

    Canadians are still stuck in the epicenter of the coronavirus waiting to get infected and thereby become transmission vectors.

    Canadians will be fighting to get a 14 day all paid vacation in an army base in Trenton.


    If Bernie Sanders is cheated again he could teach the DNC a lesson by standing as an independent!

    It could split the Democrat vote giving Trump an easy victory.

    Or he could actually win!


    Question: if we had the National Guard dispensing necessities in a national emergency, how quick would you be to assume our boys were involved just so they could rip off their fellow Americans?

    There are periods in a nation’s periodic cycles when the military is blatantly corrupt internally. The Civil War in the USA comes to mind. (It being a Civil War in a morally schizophrenic national era practically guaranteed such corruption.) There are periods when the military feels like its doing what it must to protect the homelad. WWII comes to mind. Of course, parasites exist at any time.

    China is currently in a cycle of great national pride, whatever its faith in its ruling establishment is or isn’t. I think it’s too easy to expect the worst of the Chinese military in a case where their own people are simply trying not to die of an illness that could –and will — easily kill military personnel. It’s always fun to throw stones and assume the worst motive.

    Would you rather trust the insanely corrupt Chinese business community?

    Some times people do the right thing for the right reason. They rarely do it very well, because humans are fuckups, but sometimes they actually mean well.

    Cynical skepticism is not the same thing as automatically assuming the worst. Accusing parties of wrongdoing without sound factual reason only gives them more reason to prove you right since you obviously insist in believing they’re wrong.

    It’s like the situation with today’s constabulary. Corruption has always been a problem with cops since they hold so much authority with so much free license. But some times are worse than others, like now, after many decades of militarizing police as if they were occupying troops in a hostile foreign populace, while setting standards aimed at preventing candidates with IQs higher than 110 to become cops. With racial profiling quotas amid a growingly corrupt government on all levels. SOme times assuming the worst is only logical.

    But China went through its worst times in that regard. The Cultural revolution is not as old in China as USA’s last period of uber-corruption at home (the 20s black market corruption via Prohibition and 30s corruption via too much poverty). The Chinese are looking to be better than their ancestors were, and compared to that awful past, not doing too badly. This is a nation shattered to dust 80 years ago now rebuilding itself, however foolishly in the long term, since then.

    Maybe, just maybe, the bulk of Chinese military involved sees this as the sort of thing they don’t want to evilly profit from. We certainly wouldn’t trust the Chinese constabulary, which is still mired in its secret police licentiousness. I’m hardly a fan of our military abroad, but at home, I tend to see them as our friend. Part of their essential job description and conditioning.

    So maybe we should not point the finger at them, especially when our domestic situation is so rotten.


    If Joe isn’t a political opponent, does that mean that its okay to investigate Joe’s son for corruption in the Ukraine?



    I do not see how this disease can be contained. It is almost perfect :

    – Infectious before symptoms show
    – Some of the infected [and infectious] do not develop the disease
    – Easy to transmit
    – Estimated that each infected person infects four others – exponential
    – Virus may linger in the environment

    My question now is how dangerous this disease is. One article suggested that 80% of the affected just have a mild illness, but 20% have ‘complications’.

    The figure which concerns me most is the number of deaths versus number recovered. Deaths outnumber recovered implying a death rate of over 50%! My hope is that the reported cases are just those with complications which reduce the death rate to about 11%.

    ‘Complications’ seems to mainly affect the elderly, one article suggested the average age of those dying was 75. Not so good for a few presidential candidates [or me!].

    I am not too concerned about the figures being under-reported as it does not change reality. Also you do not want to panic the population into ‘fleeing’.

    There is a horrible fascination with reading about this slow-motion disaster. It will change the world.


    The CDC estimates that so far this season in the US there has been 180,000 to 310,000 flu hospitalizations resulting in 10,000 to 25,000 deaths. The lowest death rate per hospitalization that one can calculate from these numbers is one death for every 31 hospitalizations or 3.2%. From what information I can glean from the web, the number of nCoV cases that China is reporting as confirmed cases should correspond reasonably well to what CDC calls flu hospitalizations. According to the website , mainland China has 20,492 confirmed cases of nCoV that has resulted in 425 deaths for a death rate of 2.1%. Hubei province, which is the centre of the epidemic and accounts for 414 of the deaths, has a death rate of 3.1%. The rest of mainland China has had only 11 deaths for a death rate of 0.2%.

    Death rates will likely change as more numbers come in but so far it looks like one has more to fear from the usual seasonal flu than from 2019 nCoV. On the other hand, China has implemented containment measures that are certain to have a very large negative effect on the economy. ?????


    Here’s a nuanced mini-bio of Brother Dave that supports, in my mind, the notion that what caused his Dark Period…

    Bosco, what was the point of the Dave Gardner bit?


    “Bosco, what was the point of the Dave Gardner bit?”

    I just think he’s a mostly forgotten unique bit of treasure. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but to some ears, a source of unusual joy. Joy is self-explanatory. Nothing to do with any current hot button issues.

    But I felt it did shed warm clear light on commonly perceived certain liberal/conservative stereotypes, for both stereotypes existed within dear Brother Dave.

    “Death rates will likely change as more numbers come in but so far it looks like one has more to fear from the usual seasonal flu than from 2019 nCoV.”

    Not if you’ve been vaccinated. Vaccination doesn’t always work, but still… one would think that most of the flu infections this year happened to non-vaccinated people.

    We don’t have a vaccine for the coronavirus.

    Now, look at that spike:


    About two months in, the hospitalization crosses over to the vertical axis side of things.

    Without vaccination, the contagion rate will steadily ramp upward because we have no vaccine and coronavirus has a long latency period with no apparent symptoms while nonetheless being infectious. However, as big a problem as actual infectins/illnesses/deaths, etc., is the impact on the global economy at such a fragile time.

    I certainly do not wish to sow panic even with the hardest forecast outlooks. Panic is for suckers. But panic is already steadily being sown. Panic sells news, shows, mags, rags, ads. Panic is *intersting*, and the populace is fascinated by things that are “big” and “scary”.

    AIDS was a very bad mofo. But when oit broke out, it was the “queer disease”. It took p[olitically-minded Hollywood movies to get to=hrough people’s denialism that this thing infected anyone who fucked anyone who has it, and homo saps are always fucking everyone they can get their hands on, often secretly, drunkenly, even forgottenly.

    This is an airborne virus spread by things as mindane aas hand to doorknob to hand contact, sneeses, maybe even farts. So people have no cognitive bluffers on this. Panic herd behavior is a very likely prospect, and very likely to happen pretty soon.

    We didn’t shut down airline routes because of AIDS. We didn’t even shut down gay bathhouses. But China has shut down an entire city and has the military dispensing supplies and maintaining curfews/quarantines. Even if this is martial rule opportunism (I doubt it), it’s panic fodder.


    “Without vaccination, the contagion rate will steadily ramp upward because we have no vaccine”

    Without PREVIOUS vaccination, the contagion rate will steadily ramp upward because we have no vaccine YET AVAILABLE TO BEGIN VACCINATIONS. and it looks like it’s a tricky one to mace vaccine from.


    One could add this to reasons to be conerned about kung flu:

    USA Health Care Eval

    “U.S. suicide rate highest among wealthy nations – U.S. outspends other high-income countries on health care but has lowest life expectancy”

    Not unlike our current, hyper-priced, misused, and increasingly impotent military defense system. If taken at face value, this means that China has a more effective health care system than we do.


    The kids are still alright:

    After all, we made them

    “Conservative and liberal capitalists often attack a supposed lack of gratitude among the disaffected. Among the young, among environmentalists, socialists, take your pick. It’s said that they don’t appreciate the pleasures and securities that the modern world affords them. Their dissatisfaction is a mark of lack of awareness.

    “But this seems to me to be a coded attack, which uses ‘gratitude’ to wrap up and disguise servitude. The attack isn’t really on a lack of awareness, but on a lack of conformity and subservience.

    “I know of no one more appreciative of warm duvets than the most dedicated eco-activists I know. When you’ve spent days or weeks up a tree in February to prevent it being cut down, or huddled in a dank tunnel to protest an airport expansion, your gratitude for creature comforts inevitably dwarfs the numbed appreciation of the willing slave to modern life.

    “Ever since I began to fully appreciate the perilous trajectory of our voracious dependence on fossil fuels, I’ve never been able to ease myself into a hot bath without a deep, reflexive surge of gratitude. No bath is taken for granted; each one conjures images of futures without such luxuries. This consciousness works to both reduce my use of luxuries, and to intensify my appreciation of them.”


    Latest numbers from Hubei are 16,678 confirmed nCoV cases and 479 deaths–a rate of 2.9%. So far the death rate is going down not up.


    “So far the death rate is going down not up.”

    It should.

    1) People are paying more attention to symptoms and taking better care as soon as they feel the first touch of illness.

    2) Professional medical acumen for effective treatment should be increasing.

    The lowering of the floating average death rate is not entirely good. One good thing about Ebola is it kills so well it tends to burn itself out. It has a 90% kill rate. Even though its latency ranges from 2-21 days, a wide ambiguous spread, once it takes hold it in an area it makes itself admantly known, and authorities take major measures that people generally go along with because they don’t want to die bleeding internally and out their bodily orifices.

    It ramps up mighty fast and then ramps down fast, in terms of contagion, because it is so obvious. With a 90% mortality rate, nobody fucks around and debates whether its worth quarantining the area. People evading quarantine risk getting shot not just by authorities but people outside the quarantine. Most folks realize and accept their bad luck in being inside the quarantine zone during the outbreak.

    Increased lethality spurs cooperation. Just ask the mafia.


    This seems relevant:

    Jailing Anti-Vaxxers

    “A controversial group currently in the crosshairs of the establishment, which was also discussed at Event 201, is known as the Anti-Vaccine Movement. And now we see the UK Government working on a new law to jail people who spread “Anti-Vaccine Propaganda” online. Currently, people are protected from prosecution if they sincerely believe the misinformation or propaganda is real, but the government is looking to reform this provision and make it a criminal offense to post anything online, particularly social media, which is deemed to be “Anti-Vaccine.”

    “Where does the CDC stand on this issue? Well, when we examine a CDC document published at the National Academies website, we see what they call, “A Recipe for Fostering Public Interest and High Vaccine Demand.”

    “The CDC document appears to contain outright talking points and a strategy to be carried out and propagated to the public via health officials and the media.”

    Whatever devious, Cthullic agenda might inform such actions behind the dark curtain, it is only to be expected in the light of so many viral pathogens currently ruckusing the planet.

    The only alternative I’ve seen to serious massive civil unreast of a highly destructive nature is an increase in authoritarianims bordering on totalitarianism. It remains to be seen if our government can pull this off, at least in a manner less destructive than good old fighting in the streets.




    The Iowa Dem vote is hilarious!

    Bernie got more votes but had to share them with everyone else!

    That is what communism is all about! Sharing!

    That way nobody loses! Nobody’s feelings got hurt!

    Everyone won!

    And everyone gets a Participation Trophy!

    John Day

    About coronavirus vaccines, as contained in the green-spky article I posted above this morning, they kill an inordinate percentage of lab animals, so don’t try then on people you want to save:

    The very researchers conducting studies on SARS vaccines have cautioned repeatedly against human trials;

    “An early concern for application of a SARS-CoV vaccine was the experience with other coronavirus infections which induced enhanced disease and immunopathology in animals when challenged with infectious virus [31], a concern reinforced by the report that animals given an alum adjuvanted SARS vaccine and subsequently challenged with SARS-CoV exhibited an immunopathologic lung reaction reminiscent of that described for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in infants and in animal models given RSV vaccine and challenged naturally (infants) or artificially (animals) with RSV [32], [33]. We and others described a similar immunopathologic reaction in mice vaccinated with a SARS-CoV vaccine and subsequently challenged with SARS-CoV [18], [20], [21], [28]. It has been proposed that the nucleocapsid protein of SARS-CoV is the antigen to which the immunopathologic reaction is directed [18], [21]. Thus, concern for proceeding to humans with candidate SARS-CoV vaccines emerged from these various observations.” – Tseng et al.


    “And everyone gets a Participation Trophy!”

    Damn straight. I want something to put in my swag bag form playing their game.

    V. Arnold

    Well, here in LOS (Land of Smiles) the virus count is 25 and counting…
    Meanwhile our orchids are blooming; just gorgeous.
    …and so, life goes on, until it doesn’t…


    LA-LA-LAND – Trump


    I really admire how the DNC went about preventing Bernie from winning Iowa last night! And hiding Biden falling off the cliff too!

    I thought for sure they would blame the Russians but instead they blamed Iowa!

    They certainly pulled the red carpet out from under Bernie!

    The amazing thing is everybody deep down knows the DNC is out to get Bernie!

    The only unknown part of this Dim soap opera is exactly how and when are they going to kill Bernie!


    “I thought for sure they would blame the Russians but instead they blamed Iowa!”


    The states of the United States of America meddled in the election and stole the election from the government!

    There is nothing left to do but weither build a wall between each state (Trump’s new platform)… or blame Canada!(Hillary’s scheme)

    Upcoming imaginary events:

    The Million Homeless Man March/Hiway Shakedown Brigade

    The Noveau Poor/Perma-Squatters Movement

    Landfill Wars

    Ghost Satellites

    Survival BUnker Dumpster Diving

    New Concrete Jungle Tribes!

    Dr. D

    “Jailing Anti-Vaxxers”

    Part of the new heresy laws. Being contrary to Science!™ even though like religion, Science doesn’t know what it’s saying, argues, and contradicts itself constantly. So if you’re a Scientist™, are you allowed to argue with other “Scientists”? A: no. The orthodoxy will cut your grant and bounce you even from tenure. Just like the Church™.

    “Opinions are Treason!” “When I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you!”

    The only crime is asking questions and thinking for yourself.

    “I really admire how the DNC went about preventing Bernie from winning Iowa”

    Yes, that was amazing, a tour de force. First get the app so you can get data first, veto, perhaps even turn on the microphone and spy weeks ahead as there is essentially no security on any phone device. P.S. do NOT have the app vetted by anyone ESPECIALLY the DHS or they will find all these embarrassing “accidents” and close them. Then when Bernie wins, rig the vote…oh wait: Bernie wisely placed a person IN EACH OFFICE, fully expected a rigged count. Oops! They all meet in the principal’s office for a pow-wow, with Biden stomping his feet and refusing to allow any count at all, ever.

    The app — which is about to get double-checked AND fuel GOP calls for voter registration and paper trails in 2020 – then compromises on their crimes by counting ONLY the offices where Buttigieg won…barely. Then suddenly, Lo! Lights out! The DNC sweeps in to count, which will take weeks, preventing Bernie from winning by 6%, taking that momentum into other states, and buying some time. P.S. 106% of all possible voters voted in Iowa last night…in 10 different areas, particularly Dallas — a city district, wot a coincidence! A little bad at maths, are we?

    Um, guys? So…you think Bernie Bros are going to go all-in for #MayorCheat, #NeverWarren or whatever? What are you smoking? That’s what burned you last time…and P.S. did NOT burn the GOP, much as they hated, protested, detested, running the candidate who actually won.

    …Because they were planning to lose to HRC anyway, so who cares? Ask your Cruz – Rubio all-RINO tag team about that.

    How do you know all this is true? They did NOT blame RussiaRussiaRussia for something. 1st time ever and the smoking gun. …Oh and would launch DoJ investigations run by Bill Barr, Trumpers, and mouseketeers with a fine-tooth comb.


    Until we receive accurate stats on this virus thing, we can only speculate,,,,,and be left on our own to draw conclusions upon which to act.

    That said, ya’ll do what ya gotta do, and good luck. Myself, I’ll give it until next Wed to convince me that there ain’t nuthin’ to see here. If still unconvinced, I’ll be heading for the cabin out in the boonies.

    ps, be advised that sometimes .gov action can be as bad,,,,or worse, than what ails us 😉

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