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    Seattle, WA during Spanish Influenza. No ride on street cars without wearing a mask 1918/19   • China May Delay Annual Meeting Of Parliament Due
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    V. Arnold

    Seattle, WA during Spanish Influenza. No ride on street cars without wearing a mask 1918/19

    Very telling photo from the past; it is relevant to today…

    3 Turley articles today. One at the Hill, one at the BBC, one on his own site.

    When The Dems lost to Trump in 2016, I said his role was to show how rotten the entire system is. And that they should take a good look at themselves, and try to figure out how that loss could ever come about. They never did, they only ever and exclusively looked at Trump, not themselves. This will not change as long as Hillary, Biden, Schiff et al lead the party.

    Ya think? Democracy died (in the U.S.) on Nov. 22, 1963…

    On another note; we went to a university dental school today in Salaya (50 kilometers from home) (near Bangkok) and they were scanning everybody with temperature probes aimed at our foreheads.
    Very happy to see that…
    Many patients wearing masks. Do they actually work? I have my doubts…


    So I guess it’s time to start taking Zinc and vitamin D 3 then…… I mean I’m very fit and healthy ( install edible food gardens for my day job and homestead other times) but I’m not eating enough greens.
    On another note – If nicole and Raul were advocating for a little cash hoarding and paying down your debts last time round – what is the best thing that China supply that I should stock up on so I can make a killing when it all runs out? Oh hang on that is like everything
    Maybe it’s just mung beans, rice and some safety masks. A sense of humour has gotta be worth somethin’ too. World is getting heavy as shit right now.

    V. Arnold

    A sense of humour has gotta be worth somethin’ too. World is getting heavy as shit right now.

    Hell yeah; a sense of humour is key, IMHO…
    I for one, think humour is what being human is all about.
    But, I also realize we’re in unprecedented times; which makes it harder, but even more important…
    I’m seriously working on it…


    And Respect and gratitude which you have tonnes of V.

    V. Arnold

    @ oxymoron

    Very kind of you; and back at you…


    So the alleged Dem candidate frontrunner is a gay man whose last name starts with Butt. Reminds me of how Obama rhymes with Osama. Apparently, thay have high hopes for this individual.

    Dave Note

    Original China Virus Whistleblower Doctor Dies

    Talk about shooting the messenger. The guy was only 34.

    As a reminder, Li Wenliang – who warned the public of a potential “SARS-like” disease in DECEMBER! 2019 – was questioned by local health authority, and warned:

    “We solemnly warn you: If you keep being stubborn, with such impertinence, and continue this illegal activity, you will be brought to justice – is that understood?”

    Dr, Li was later summoned by Wuhan police to sign a reprimand letter in which he was accused of “spreading rumors online” and “severely disrupting social order.”

    Don’t ya love totalitarian communism?

    Dave Note

    The Cocaine cures Coronvirus news bulletin is precious.

    Pure for LA, NYC and DC

    Talk about “grasping at straws”


    If you live in a primary state you may want to consider voting for Gabbard. Here is a rare non derogatory article.

    besides having the opportunity to piss off the idiots at the DNC, CNN, MSM, and the Queen (Hillary) is worth a few minutes of your time not to mention the warmongers that have wasted a large portion of our future.

    Dr. D

    “This means there is an underlying database”

    Good catch. Often I’m so stupid. And the death rates were suspiciously level, not lumpy. Unfortunately, no more definitive than the leak itself. Again, it’s their level of response that supports the higher numbers. What’s with the West being so placid, then? Is it a racial virus like SARS sort-of was? Still fishing for a model that fits all parts.

    This will not change as long as Hillary, Biden, Schiff et al lead the party.”

    Unfortunately, a single coherent response has not materialized. Instead it’s fractured, which will take longer.

    “they were the custodians of this institution”

    This is separating the office from the men. Just as we have a nation of laws, not men. It’s difficult, but important and things go off the rails otherwise. On the speech: gag me, treacly political garbage dumpster fire of BS American boosterism. …But that’s what these rah-rah “vote-for-Burr” addresses are historically, and are supposed to be. Since there’s no accurate information – ever – I skip them. I don’t understand the decorum. Sure, whatever, but they’ve been acting like spoiled children since before I was born. Yes, it’s slightly worse now, but they’re not fighting duels and beating each other with a hickory cane, either. So? What about the facts, the address, your intelligent, adult response line-by-line if he’s lying? I thought you didn’t like his rude, boorish, tantrums, so you tantrum? Whatever. Just the facts, ma’am. But resign, arrest, censure? Puh-lease. Already I’m going to have to attack the Right side as they only begin to be the one-party system. No rest for the Devil’s own Advocate, that’s for sure.

    Buttigieg and Sanders Separated by Razor-Thin Margin in Iowa (Pol.)”

    As we find out, not really. Sanders won the popular by a good margin, yet somehow – shucks Gomer – Pete won all the delegates! By these weird coin-tosses and by rounding up by 6% and so on. Who knew? Except Pete himself of course, an old Navy Intel nobody coming from nowhere, working for Brennan. Okay, great: and you think Bernie Bros will come out in the general if you do this? That the party will even exist in two years as Kunstler (a lifelong Democrat) suggests? And by the way, I thought you hated the electoral college and needed the vote to go to the popular. But now that Sanders is definitively the winner of the popular, you’re for the electoral (ish) system? Funny ol’ world. Add it to the list.

    By the way, doesn’t this crush the story that Biden is a “main rival”, since he’s coming in 5th? I mean beyond that he wasn’t a candidate when he, or even Ukraine, was investigating, and beyond it was Hunter, not him the (non)candidate that they were after. Facts. Details. Nevermind.

    “Don’t ya love totalitarian communism?”

    I live under it so, “Yes sir, Comrade sir! I certainly love it sir!”

    Dave Note

    The more I read about Dr Li Wenliang and the way he was treated by the CCP, it is proof positive to me that the ‘official’ (cough,cough, gag) Chinese government stats on nCoV are absolute dripping poison crap.

    “Leaked” Infection Numbers are real, (and probably even worse) and as events unfold it will be impossible to hide such villiany. So the damage to the CCP’s reputation for honesty will be MORTALLY wounded around the world with the person in the street.

    The world map as of a couple days ago showed NO cases in all of South America and prettty much the entire African continent.

    That is simply not believable. The Chinese have a very heavy presence in both continents with lots of air and sea cargo exchange. The governments in those countries are in serious denial if they think they are squeaky clean from nCoV, they just have such bad health care reporting.

    How does that pan out for believing China’s CCP on economic stats?

    Once you lose the “Trust Horizon” on a scale like this, it’s never coming back.

    Liar, liar, your country is on fire.

    John Day

    Very good picture today, Ilargi. Most appropriate.
    I do not have a lot to add. I took a special picture at dawn this morning, though.
    We should see this differently if the tencent numbers are right.
    This really does force us all to consider the nature of existence, urgently and profoundly.


    “The trade deal should be the least of Beijing’s worries by now.”

    I read earlier that China is slashing tariffs. To the extent that social cohesion is crucial to dealing with a pandemic, and to the extent that maintaining certain levels of employment is critical to social cohesion, China may not be so irresponsible or foolish to spend energy on this matter.

    Dr. D

    From Mish. Again, if true:

    “MediaReader 17 hrs

    Apparently there are 7 crematoriums in Wuhan operating 24/7. Given 11MM people one could expect 350-400 deaths without nCoV. At least one has 30 furnaces and typical creation times run 1 – 3 hours. Assuming 5hrs total for start to finish 24/5×30 furnaces x 7 sites about 1k per day. For 1 week that’s 7k – normal of 2k so about 5k per week potential for nCoV cremations. 10 weeks extends that to 50k deaths. Now consider double or triple cremations at a time and backlogs?”


    Dr. D:. I saw a report saying there was considerable amount of fog (smog?) in Wuhan. They wondered if it was because of these furnaces going 24/7?

    I did see a video showing a backlog of bodies waiting to be burned.

    I suspect your figures are closer to the truth than the so called official figures are.


    My Tencents Worth

    I think the alarming figures are fake news.

    Most importantly, why on earth would Tencent have access to this information?! If you want to suppress information you do not give it to an internet company!

    Also, it takes time between developing symptoms and dying. It implies more people died than had developed the disease!

    One thought is that the 154023 refers to people under observation and the 24589 are confirmed cases.

    It could even be a deliberate fake. We are talking about a single static image.

    Finally, the reaction is ridiculously bland. It seems more about pointing at the Chinese government and NOT that these figures would imply a disease much more deadly than the Black Death and which would kill over half of the World’s population!!!!


    Observing China’s response to the coronavirus one can’t help but notice the predictable manner in which the CCP has reacted.

    The CCP stays in power via it’s police state. Whenever the CCP sees anything that it perceives is a threat to its power, it’s first reaction is to deploy it’s police state.

    The coronavirus was perceived to be a threat. The CCP quickly deployed it’s police state.

    The number of people that die is basically irrelevant. Staying in power is the only thing that is relevant.

    So if you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail!


    Anti:. No, this didn’t just happen once! It has happened before! That is why people have take note!


    SCMP is one of the sources that say Dr Li Wenliang is not dead, but in critical condition.


    I am always greatly amused when I read about the DNC and democracy.

    First the DNC is a private club (and you ain’t in it!). It is free to set it’s own rules.

    The DNC is also free to change the rules in the middle of the game! It has been doing this like, forever!

    As such, there is nothing Democratic about the DNC! It is as Democratic as is the communist party!

    Bernie will get a winter cottage in Florida!


    Raul:. The WHO supposedly acknowledged his passing!?


    Then CNN contradicts WHO.


    People are dying. People are lying. People are trying. People are buying.

    Well, it rhymes. More than one can say for both CNN and the WHO.

    I think it is impossible for any of us to grasp how sensitive our global civilization is to disruptions that have real physical consequences. The (almost unconscious) belief is that Civilization is bigger than Reality. Almost everyone believes this concept in at least one of its many forms. Most people’s belief system is Do What You’re Told (except in secret). Those that Tell Us What to Do are naturally assumed by the Told that they will Do Something that will make everything more or less OK.

    When they discover that the Tellers are much better at Telling than Doing, and simply can’t Do Enoguh nor Do It Right, the Told stop listening and being doing things. Not being used to doing other than what they’re tood, their actions mostly are inept at best and gruesome at worst. The pain from life ripping one’s head from its comfortable anal sinecure is intense, and people in intense pain tend to be irritable, a temper fit waiting to happen.

    Our leaders strike me as no better than China’s, and not nearly as well equipped. China has authorianism hardwired into its structure and people. Cooperation for the greater good, even under oppression and chaos, is easier for them to maintain that here in l’etats unis, imo.

    If the Chinese lose too much faith in their Do-Tellers, lord have mercy.

    I call myself liberal so as not to confuse people. I don’t fit in anywhere but we’re a labeled society, a literally numbered people. I have mostly been a conservative in the true sense of the word, one who understands that people can’t live without social structures, and social structures are difficult to put together. The doing so tends to yield horrific side effects.

    So I embrace, short term, the emerging, growing authoritarianism. By the time people radically rebel in revolution against this tyranny, they’ll at least have some idea of What To Do after torturing and slaying anyone perceived as a fomer Do Teller.


    Raul:. CNN isn’t what it once was! Owned by Amazon! Serves it’s owner! Seems rundown! More like a DNC news outlet now!

    These three news outlets primarily serve these three US government departments!

    CIA primarily leaks to Washington Post
    FBI primarily leaks to NYT
    State Dept. primarily leaks to CNN


    “By the time people radically rebel in revolution against this tyranny, they’ll at least have some idea of What To Do after torturing and slaying anyone perceived as a fomer Do Teller.”

    Surely a fear of this is part of why the Communist Part in China is so obsessed with maintaining control. They’re terrified of what can happen to them if reform happens too swiftly. They’re terrified of what can happen to the people.

    But such terror doesn’t seem to give them the courage needed to face up to the corrupt cronyism at the core of their government. Not doing so guarantees they will face the music they so dread. I don’t think the CPC will last many more years. You can funny money economies but you can’t fake your way through a major epidemic.




    The result will be Biden first, with the support of Hillary.
    Because Hillary said,” First, Pick the one that can beat Trump, secondly the one that has experience to govern.”
    I figure that if Biden cannot govern then the V.P. (heheh Hilary) will step in with her experience.
    Do you want another democratic idea for president? Nancy + Hillary



    The way my tinfoil hat is cut, I want to go parzanoiac and see this as intentional,m that the DNC wants to rise Bernie up now in the spotlight so they can drag him down as a socialist and god knows what else, maybe even as a registered Democrat, a designatyion of shame indeed. 😉

    But that’s probably because I can’t quite comprehend the level of stupidity the DNC has shwon for some time, a stupidity based on the old Herbertism from Dune: “Fear is the mind killer.”

    So… they’re really that stupid, eh? This makes the GOP clowncar candidate lineup of 2016 resemble aline-up of movie-star handsome political geniuses made of raw charisma and moral fiber. It’s downright infantile.

    Makes me feel like this:

    Nye Guy


    It used to be more fun:

    ed asploder


    If I were Ms. Pelosi, I’d have torn up those speech notes too. About the only thing right those two have done to each other is to snub and belittle the other. Takes the load off of us to keep them properly mired in shame.

    Being a crude son of a bitch, I’d like more teeny-weenie and sagging tit insults, though.

    “I hear Nacy’s hang so low that when she wakes u they hit the floor before her feet.”

    “I hear it’s so small the doctors tried to remove it as a mole.”

    And so on…


    It doesn’t help that as Nancy ages, she grows a rsemblance to Ayn Rand:







    many things stink
    2 days to get caucus numbers it is obvious to me that bernie is getting burned again. Wall street and the elite do not want a Bernie president. the dnc does not want bernie or gabbard or warren they do not want a well a democrat they want Clinton not Johnson. and lets face it the pendulum has swung too far and we need a liberal democrat the income inequality will not stand not for ever either politically or thru revolution it will change.
    shutting down the worlds most populated country for a flu – either it is much worse that 30000 people much deadlier than 500 people or it is a distraction slight of hand for something we are not seeing


    here is the average flu numbers

    China shut itself down over this virus — it is not the flu I think it may be much worse or it is slight of hand


    “China shut itself down … a slight of hand”???
    Only in China
    My first impression was “a test of the emergency response system”
    something went wrong

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