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    Claude Monet Houses of Parliament, Sunset 1904   • “Don’t Be STUPID!!!”: Trump Slams Senate Border Bill (ZH) • Texas Stripped of Powers in Border
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    Houses of Parliament

    Reminds me that the King Charles The Cancer Of The Nation, now has cancer. How ironic. I won’t wish ill on the aflicted.


    If only Trump had been as good at fixing the border as his supporters are at writing memes. But that is the American way, ignore reality, everything can be fixed online, and if that is not working, spend 4k on some Apple knob-tug and put it on your face while worshiping that dick that is their CEO. Lovely, I so wish i could visit the USA again. /s


    Read this today, quite a good article as I was looking for something that would explain AI to my wife …

    But, this article was much more fun … This explains why the venture capitalists are throwing cash at AI in the hope that it will develop into something more than a tool, become a ruler. The IT guys really have got their shit together and are fishing for VC idiots using the “emergent ability” worm, the worm that no VC idiot can ignore – how do you explain that to the boss – but that no VC idiot can ever predict. Thay have to drink from this cup, they have no choice, the AI boys have them by the balls …. I love it.


    Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny has reportedly agreed to be Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom and will leave Ukraine within days, lawmaker Yevgeny Shevchenko said.

    The first rat to abandon the sinking ship. He obviously thinks he will be safe there, in the arms of his fellow fascist Nazis of the UK, led by King Charles The Idiot. I fear his attempt to protect himself in the arms of the UK will be disappointed, I will await the picture of his brains splattered across the windscreen of his car.


    Russians have the measure of the USA, the woke dopes of the western world.


    Biden’s memories are like Americans on geograpy.


    Wow, read all those British names ….

    You will be getting this soon in the USA. The Brits can sometimes be pretty dumb, but don’t congratulate yourselves on being any better.


    When did the Senate Majority leader become the Commander in Chief?

    there are some folks who need to open up a copy of The Uniform Code of Military Justice. Once opened they should then browse historical texts and read up on the history of unlawful orders. Ignorance of the law is no defense.

    Paul Craig Roberts and Bill Kristol defaming the citizens and the Constitution – right,left,right,left,right,left,right,left

    The people of the Rus are known to be slow to mount yet ride like the wind once mounted.

    The citizens of The United States of America are slow to mount, yet:
    “…Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government(insurgency), and to provide new Guards for their future Security. …”

    look at the increase in government employment, local, state and federal since 1970. Creeping federalism became a torrent as the spigot of personal credit was fully opened. The relentless drive to consumerism carried on the the back of “singing commercials – McCluhan”, deindustrialization and the call to get what you deserve delivered a vast portion of the populace to “state” employment. Drug dependency – the dollar.

    States Rights populists, those who compromised to have a constitution and a nation with a clear and present view of the history of Europe knew this day was only a matter of time. The Federalists danced their jig of victory and immediately set about lining their pockets. Our Noble Experiment, now 248 years in the test, is still in it’s infancy by historical standards. Do not believe that feckless cowards and charlatans will prevail. Just as the Crown was defeated in the first skirmish, The Federalists and their attendant imbeciles will face defeat in this current skirmish.
    Should you hear any voices calling for “civil war” in today’s media, please notice those voices have no intention of personal involvement. Those voices are calling for YOU to die and forfeit Your property so they may maintain their place of privelege. Should push come to shove there will be nothing “civil” about it.

    Keep the powder dry, be slow to mount and ride as the wind once mounted.
    I am humbled to the core of my being for the privelege of being born a citizen of The United States of America. Those pieces of paper so many hold with titles attached convey no right to starve, poison, maim or murder children, not anywhere and for damn sure not in The United States. Let a word to the wise be sufficent.


    Brace for Impact Duh’merica

    It’s gonna take a miracle at this point




    D Benton Smith

    In a roundabout, “Freudian Slippage” sort of way Chuck Schumer’s verbal diarrhea about the terrible consequences of closing the Southern border ALMOST says the quiet part out loud. Basically he fear mongers that if millions of illegal aliens aren’t allowed to flood into America then all sorts of bad things will result, like an end to the wars in Gaza, Ukraine, and U.S. Departments of Justice and State.

    He says that stopping voters … oops!, I mean illegal “immigrants” ….from streaming across the Rio Grand would cause Israel to lose in its last ditch effort to prolong its international crime spree by murdering all Palestinians. He then adds a similar dark consequence in Ukraine, where efforts to shatter Russia into pieces so that it’s resources can be stripped, would fail.

    But what he is actually confessing is that if the Democrats can’t steal the next election then the Democrats will LOSE the election and therefore LOSE the ability to promulgate the long list of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY that they have been using to enrich themselves and retain the reins of power, so as to be able to go on doing that forever.

    Because face it, ALL of the horrible and horrifying monstrously evil atrocities that they have been committing are ALL simply actions designed to result in the “Democrats” (which is actually a much MUCH broader Cabal of trans-national murderous minions, masters, and Zionists) enriching themselves, and then USING that wealth to buy more power to crush opposition and just continue like that until the end of time.

    It really is as simple (and lunatic) as that. It is NOT a complicated strategy. It’s the meat-brained calculations of rapacious and cowardly thugs.

    Thanks Chuck! We knew that’s what you’ve been up to, but it is SO nice to hear you just come right out and say it.


    The level of intelligence and ‘leadership in the Duh’merican Senate, home of the ‘immigration bill’

    TikTok’s Singaporean CEO Chew Shou Zi is repeatedly asked by Sen Tom Cotton R-(moron) if he had ever been a member of the Chinese Communist Party, to which he responded:

    “Senator, I’m Singaporean. No.”



    Tucker Spotted in Russia for Putin Interview


    Dr. D

    Parliament, 1904. Yes that would be British burning of coal.


    “New Senate Anti-Murder Bill Caps Murders At 5,000 Per Day” –BBee

    Yeah, but they’re Gazan deaths, soo…. And it’s not so much a “cap” as a “guarantee”.

    “Chuck Schumer says if the bill is killed, America will regret it, Ukraine will lose the war, Israel will not defeat Hamas, Palestinians will starve to death (Huh???) and Americans might fight in Europe.”

    Yes, because that’s not a prediction, it’s a PLAN. He and his friends will make sure of it. That’s what narcissist abusers do to people who don’t obey. So disingenuous to say Gaza will starve: there’s plenty of MONEY, Israel will BOMB AND MURDER anyone who sends it, right there in their trucks. The food is right there in the local warehouse one truck away.

    And according to Schumer, Trump is all powerful and runs everything. Sold! So you and Congress are a nobody? Boy if only we could get Schumer into that speakership, Trump would get what-for! We’d #Hashtag him from orbit. You own 2 ½ branches of government right now. And like 20 states. But a private citizen who’s not in power for years – and had no power and did nothing even then – is running not just America, but the world. Well how about that.

    You only shut the border down once 5,000 people a day come in illegally? […] That’s basically legalizing illegal immigration.”

    That is: They are importing SLAVES. These are the slave ships. Workers with no legal standing or recourse. Obama moved on from open-air slave markets in Libya to open-air slave markets at your local Home Depot. Progress!

    Tucker: reminds me of an quote this week, and yes we all know it and I say it daily, but it’s still amazing, stupifying, unfathomable. Larry Johnson was at a media dinner where his sort hang out and was next to a military expert, you know the sort of West Point, above 40, officer corps, now think tank, etc. And of course they were talking about Russia. He said, “You know, Russia only has 50 million people.” (I don’t know why we can’t beat them.) Larry was like: No: they have 150 Million. Thank God for google on your phone, you can point. He was like, “Well you can’t trust the Communists.” No. They are NOT COMMUNIST. (Maybe that’s the problem) They are CAPITALISTS. (so to speak)

    Wait, so you got through all elementary school, all primary school, all college, all officer corp AND all your profession – which is IN this field, world military readiness – and you have NO IDEA what a “Russia” is? Yes. And if he’s 35 there was NEVER A DAY in his whole life that Russia was communist, the USSR. If he’s under 45, there’s never a day he wouldn’t know it, being but 10 years old at the time. 55? It would have been front page news. 65? Same thing. 75? 85? 95?

    Sorry I’ve run out of excuses. So YES, when I say these guys all think it’s 1979 and we’re fighting the Soviet Union using our military superiority of the new F16 and the army of General Patton, this is what I mean. Except I thought you had to be a dismal, dottering dinosaur to be so old you couldn’t grasp new information. Nope. Go ask the guy next to you in WalMart. See if he agrees. He will.

    We’re fighting a fantasy and the fantasy’s winning.

    Elon/drug use: “We Make S—t Up!”™ This is our newspaper’s literary promise to you! Guaranteed every page.

    ““Don’t be STUPID!!!” –Trump (you first)

    He just jumped to the front of the parade. America operates by having people NOT know, as it’s not reported. Then reported 100% wrong, with made-up conspiracy theories like Musk-Drugs if it is. Everyone KNOWS this. They’re just too busy. Because Trump runs the planet, if Trump says it, it gets printed. But he’s only saying what everybody says.

    This is a key Luongo article this week, and it’s long because he’s developing it, but at root it’s simple:

    The Great Reset is Dead, Long Live the Great Reset

    These guys operate with Bernays by “Manufacturing Consent”. How do they do that? The Pareto principle: whoever is the 80%, the Overton Window, that’s what happens. Anyone outside of that – even when it’s important and should be wide open to discussing and checking, like Covid – is just shut down. Corollary: There will always be fringes. So you have 5% fringes, and an 80% core. What’s the play?

    Once you own the 80%, merely keep the fringes “the fringe”, in the world’s biggest game of “Asshole” — or appropriate for this metaphor, it’s also called “Presidents”. This is an American card game where every round, the guy on top gets to take the best card of the guy below him, and so on. Forever. No, this is a real game. And what it demonstrates is how hard and how long it takes for someone on top to get SUCH a terrible hand they go down even one peg, yet it happens.

    That’s the guys running the 80%. How do they keep the fringe off? 1) Divide them. Left and Right. Red and Blue, War and Peace. Drugs and no drugs??? So long as each fringe is siloed and only 5%, they are no danger to you, even if there are 50 of them. They can’t get in and change the Overton Window, change what “we know” in information, thus how we will ACT, according that information we accept as true. Controlling information like the CIA presidential briefings about Cuba.

    Okay, where’s the breaking point? 16% At 16% the Pareto Principle (80/20 distribution) kicks in and the minority affects the majority, almost certainly irreversibly. You’ve lost steering of your 80% at that point. That’s why like MAGA or AfD gets at 16% “Then a Miracle Happened” and they are…um…outlawed by the Riechstag by guys in black boots. Or something. If a 5% fringe leader, Oh, say, some black guy…realizes this and joins up with all the White guys on an anti-war platform, well heck, burning Birmingham is fine. We actually LIKE that sort of thing. But a few months after crossing the lines and joining forces with poor white people, he’s shot. And everyone around him. Malcolm. RFK, etc. Boop! All gone!

    They’re doing fantastic right now, but their problem is EVERY. SINGLE. THING. they want to do is against EVERY. SINGLE. HUMAN. On the planet. So they’re not an 80%. Over time, they used to have 5% on the Left, 5% on the Right, and 5% who are furries. Now they have 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 60% And we all know their names: BLM. MAGA. Black. White. Blue. Christian. Democratic Socialists. Libertarians. Moon landing. Flat earth. And you can see the plates spinning. All 60 of them. Every time something happens, they have to make YET ANOTHER splinter group of Gay Tibetean Midget Mothers of West Texas, who are in a fight with the Gay Tibetean Midget Mothers of EAST Texas. The Palestinian Liberation Front. And like I said, clearly that’s going awesome. I SMH every day.

    Except their plans are SO weird, SO wrong, SO oppressive, SO hateful, that they’re down to being a 5% themselves already, not an 80% like Bernays told them. That is, you can’t propagandize people 180 degrees out of reality. That’s why they went Ape and action immediately during Occupy, and one month later the NYT and WSJ headlines for “Racism” went up 20-fold. That’s why they ran Left-and-Right like at Volume “11” starting the day after, and nuked Bernie. If they have even TWO 5%’s join up, they’re in danger.

    But their danger has only increased due to their policies. German farms, American borders, who are these policies for? We can’t even FIND the 5% they are supposed to be in service of, they seem to be only in the service of “Murder all humans.” And ALL 95% can get aligned against that.

    So that’s what’s happening (OMG at last) with Tucker and Brand, Dore and Elon and Luongo. They can’t even see a Left-Right divide at this distance, because EVERYONE in America, and EVERYONE worldwide has more in common by multiples than even ONE of their 5%.

    Took long enough. And I’ve been so scalded by 30 years of this stuff I don’t trust it, but it appears to be happening. They are losing the 16% barrier everywhere. It’s called “Populism”. And just 16% of Farmers have no trouble at all aligning with…I dunno, labor AND environment AND business to form a 50% government. And already did in Holland. Because our 95% are NORMAL people who do not think killing 2 million children somewhere is “a good start”. That’s how low the bar is, and when we don’t have to decide about little details, we’re all generally aligned. AGAINST THEM.

    How do we know? Davos, WEF, Ursula, they all say so in public. But you have to read between the lines of where their heads are at to hear it. What was this week’s? They have to “regain trust” Hahahahha. That “Trust” means “We control the Overton Window of what is okay.” They just said they lost it and need to get it back.

    Try killing fewer humans per day? Just spitballin’.

    MAGA is already far over 16%, but it’s also not cohesive, which is its strength but also a weakness. It also follows DJT, but it would be more or less the same without him. Just saying why we didn’t rocket from 16% (2016) to 80% overnight. In a general sense, it’s going lightning fast and you can tell they’re fighting rearguard actions on everything, everywhere, all at once. You don’t annihilate both 150 year old political parties in just one 4 year cycle, you know. The bureaucracy has tenure and doesn’t change fast. It’s going okay even though we have to live through it, which to me is so boring I can’t stand it. I need to jump to the end.

    Anyway, the point is Trump is saying what we all ALREADY know. Maybe that wasn’t entirely true in 2016. Like WE knew, but 80% of Americans didn’t. Now we know, they know, but we’re trying to get 80% to SAY it. Can we just say authorizing 5,000 felonies a day is bad? The 80% can.

    “The Senate’s $118 billion spending package, of which more than $60 billion would go to Ukraine,”

    That’s 3x more for Ukraine – the most corrupt nation on earth – than our own border. Which again is a non sequitur as Biden could close the border already with $0 dollars. Israel will get more THIS WEEK in their genocide than we get for the border. The $6B is just EXTRA, on top of their yearly allowance for doing literally nothing. Pay me! I can do nearly nothing for 1/100th the cost!

    Okay, question: if this isn’t all theatre, WHY did the Senate bother to send it since it has no chance of passing? They’re just getting themselves un-elected from office. There’s nothing they could do to improve the appearance of the House or draw more attention to how treasonous they are. (Working with a foreign government to fund an active invasion? Of military forces? With enough fenanyl to kill an American city? Per group?)

    If they’re trying to keep their Pareto majority this is NOT the way to do it. Every day pushing exposes them, and every day they push harder. Shut up and beaver away in darkness, it worked for years.

    “This Bill is a …a Death Wish for The Republican Party.” Well that part sounds good.

    ““This would prevent plaintiffs – like the State of Texas – from filing suit in Texas federal courts. This is corrupt..”

    I guess we know who “The Guys back East” are. They aren’t NY, clearly they live in the DC Court district.

    ““The United States District Court for the District of Columbia shall have sole and original jurisdiction”

    This is specifically prohibited, and was Jack’s play on Trump: arrest in Florida but bring charges in DC stacked court. That is then illegal, unconstitutional in TWO ways: crimes are heard in the location of their occurrence. Not at Buckingham under King George II. “In the court of my combined kitchen and dining room…” “To be heard by my Butler, valet, and scullery maid…” No. And that’s ABOVE him not being a Special Council to begin with.

    “• Senate’s Border Deal Teeters On Brink Of Collapse (Pol.)

    So lots of heat and no light, lots of time wasting while everyone watches, discusses. Sounds like a setup, but what are they burning time for? The debt ceiling? Ukraine collapse?

    ““The southern border in 2024 is, constitutionally, suffering no more an “invasion”

    That’s a fine argument, I don’t think you can make it though. Willing to discuss it all day. If China took PLA soldiers off-duty, and flew them to the U.S. plane by plane, 24/7 for months, reconstituting themselves at the other end with cell phones, enclaves, guns, drugs, houses, reporting structures waiting for commands, that’s not an invasion to you? Because that’s what’s happening. Is it their funny hats that make it legal? If a PLA soldier takes off his hat, he’s not a soldier anymore, then Boop! He puts it back on and is dangerous again. Sez Turley, great minds.

    “a 5-3 majority ruled against a state seeking to enforce immigration laws”

    Yes, but he has that weirdo legal thing like, “Laws are real”. They’re not: we MAKE THEM UP. The USSC Every. Day. Reverses a law they made only yesterday. Like people are 3/5ths! Neither! Both! You can’t believe the reversals they “Make S—t Up” or the un-credible premises they do it for. Like we can do Abortion – babies aren’t humans – because of PRIVACY? What the actual? There are 20 arguments on that case, but “’Cause it’s a secret” ain’t one of them. THEN USSC wiretaps all 330 million Americans. If I’m pregnant can I not be wiretapped? Is that the difference here? That level of “We Make S—t Up” is NORMAL for the Supreme court. Like we need to pass an Amendment to outlaw alcohol, but Poof! A couple years later, the Feds can outlaw all and any drug they feel like just ‘cause, no Amendment. Torture is illegal everywhere until Poof! In 2002, it isn’t. Poof! The Supreme Court picks our Presidents now in 2001. Poof! Suddenly a gun packed in a brick of cocaine is legal then Poof! A block of raw bauxite is an upper receiver and isn’t.

    I sympathize. If you start thinking “There is no law but what some rich guys made up, mostly accidentally” you’d go insane as a lawyer. It hasn’t done me any favors. But that’s literally the fact. He’s just guessing “Will it be POPULAR?” Among the 8th grade mean girls at the cool table. Will they really turn their backs on Justin Beiber and support Timberlake? Ooooohhh! Super double-cross! The crowd goes wild!!!

    THERE IS NO LAW. Get that through all y’all’s head. The law is whatever the Sheriff shows up for, and they arrest people for non-crimes every day. The law is whatever the judge you stand before says it is and some million people in prison right now are essentially innocent. So they can UN-Law just as easy as they can law, Mr. Turley. They open their mouths, stuff a bagel in it, and say so. Like 2001, they “Just Say” the President will be Mickey M. Mouse and everyone does it.

    “The US, along with the UK, launched strikes on Yemen’s Houthis overnight, hitting dozens of targets”

    Who is it? The Anglos. Or as Putin says, the “Anglo-Saxons.” Not the “Americans’. Looks like Zu may be leaving in his spat with Ze. • Zaluzhny Agrees To Be Ukraine’s Ambassador To UK – Lawmaker (TASS)

    Where’s he going? England. Just as England says they’re going to set up a no-fly zone and send UK/NATO troops to Donbass. AFTER being the guys who hit the bridge, sunk the warship, bombed the Russian city, downed the POWs… Gee, would his presence as top Military commander help facilitate that setting up of the Third World War in Europe? London. Is GERMANY in on this? Don’t seem like it. Scholz had to be thrown down the stairs and lose an eye he was so into it. But LONDON is all-in. Them and all ten girl scout leaders.

    ““..the countries supporting “Israel” are obligated to cut off supplies to it “from the moment the state becomes aware of the existence of a serious risk of committing genocide.”

    Instead there is only one nation doing that. And we’re bombing them. All the other nations with the same requirement e.g. Saudi Arabia, UAE, are letting them.

    “UN To Probe UNRWA For ‘Neutrality’ (RT)

    The U.S. said Israel had already provided no evidence. They’re good for it. Like Pfizer and the FDA. “If you’re a pal and this is similar to before” …then you couldn’t have robbed that bank. TOP legal minds.

    using frozen Russian funds as collateral
    “raise debt to finance the Ukrainian” debt that is based on collateral.
    “demand that Russia repay that debt.”

    Funny that sounds a lot like they’re buying their own collateral with interest. WHO are you selling this to? You think the Global South will be fooled? The money WAS theirs, now it isn’t. Don’t baffle yourselves with bullshit, they know if you’re willing to do this they’re all next. It also means the West is HOLLOW. Empty. Broke. Dead. Alone. Or they wouldn’t have to.

    “an agreement to transfer the income generated by Russia’s funds”

    A great example. How in the possible earth is that not theft? I STOLE your cow. Now we’re in dispute over it. Then I MILK your cow every day and sell the milk. Until she dies of old age. Rinse, Repeat. OBVIOUSLY you have defrauded and stolen from me not ONLY the cow, but the milk as well. You NOT ONLY need restitution, but damages. There is no human society, now, or ever, that doesn’t recognize this.

    “• Trump Facing ‘Long’ Prison Sentence – DNC Lawyer Marc Elias (RT)

    He’s “facing” it, but it doesn’t look so good, does it? Kunstler points out your guys are keystone cops, running around like clowns with buckets of confetti, their hair on fire.

    ““People forget how damaging the evidence is in that Florida case…“It is literally about a former president of the United States stealing highly classified sensitive documents”

    Uh, no. He can Declassify them by LOOKING at them and did. The Permanent PMC State RE-Classified them, without authorization, after he left. It’s like, impossible for what a President looks at to be illegal. Anyway, AND Mike Pence, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, top of your list? THEY did not even have declassification rights.

    “The indictment marked the first time that a former US president faced criminal charges from a federal government he once led.”

    Another whole problem. He can’t BE charged until he is impeached first. The timing is weird but stick with me. The President needs latitude to act. He can’t be thinking every minute, “If I believe this joker named ‘Bolton’ and give him this whoopie cushion, will I be arrested AFTER I leave office?” No. WHILE YOU’RE IN OFFICE only CONGRESS can decide if you are over the line or not. With all houses and a 2/3rds vote. So if they only discover Bolton dead under that whoopie cushion a month after you leave office, can they try you as a citizen? No. They need to find out if it was part of your actions as office of President first. THEN they can arrest you for “Jokes-unbecoming-an-officer.” That would only take a few days, it’s not a big obstacle.

    If not, then EVERY Attorney General of EVERY state will sue EVERY President for EVERY action. And Texas would like that a lot, wouldn’t they? Why just the states? EVERY county court judge can arrest EVERY President for EVERY action. No. I don’t think the Feds want that, although maybe we should! I hearby arrest Mayorkas in 31 states! 950 townships. What’s that? It was his official duties and he needs to be Impeached first? Well butter my buns and call me a biscuit!

    ” Judge Dismisses Alvin Bragg’s Felony Case Against Vax Card Forgers (PM)

    That’s super weird: he let them go because he’s mad about something else? I’m more like, “What legal foundation did the vax cards have to begin with? Can you point to the law authorizing them?” Post-Millenial reports nothing in the source article.

    ““Putin is trying to court the MAGA GOP…”

    So? They think if “Humans” hear “Words” then they fall down and like 50s hypnosis say “Yessss….Master…” I listen to you all day and don’t I believe a word. You listen to me all day and don’t believe a word. So?

    Dore covers this a lot. They have to “Protect” you from all that facts and knowing. “They can’t tell you what to think! That’s our job!” — Mika Brzezinski You see, they have amazing Lex Luthor superpowers, and unlike you when THEY read, they’re not affected. Some superheros are more super than others. Protecting you from all that information that would make you not obey them is a big sacrifice, but they’ll try to be brave…

    Although that’s true, what it REALLY is, is it breaks the 5% silos. Or Ghettoes. It would make Fox viewers anti-war. It would make Left viewers obey, because Tucker, being larger, is an automatic “Authority”. They only respond to fear and power, and Tucker’s base has power, that they fear, being dummies who can’t be arsed to read a book and ask. But getting information out there is busting the digital ghettos, the digital prisons they hold us all in. They can’t have that, it’s the only remaining control grid.

    He smashes two 5% ghettos together, or his 15% plus two 5%’s and there you are: 16%. Against their being only 5% or 1% or 0.01% now. The End.

    Dr. D

    “The Honest Sorcerer, We Are Not Mining with Renewable Energy…and when we do, shit is going to get real”

    Are these guys ever going to stop? There is 50 years of oil and gas in Russia, Iran, etc. They haven’t even bothered to DRILL Russia yet. Washington State, for example, has a no-drilling, so like CA crude oil bubbles up for 100 years and is wasted. And gas as well. You can’t put in the reserve ledger what we’re not allowed to know.

    The only problem is, YOU are not going to get any. Because YOU live in a country that tried to MURDER all the countries that DID have oil. That may be fair, but it has nothing to do with “Running out”. It’s strictly political.

    This is also true of copper, iron, etc. They add up the reserve list and say “We’ve only got 9 years left.” Except that when that list gets low, someone raised $30M, goes out, prospects, drills out the test holes, confirms there is (or isn’t) another 4 years in that mine, and does/doesn’t get more money to start putting in roads, a ball mill, etc. Then that one tiny mine gets added to the reserve list and it goes to 9 ½ years. In while, the list drop to 9 years and another prospector does it again. No one would prospect for an open mine with 100 years remaining. So the reserve list has nothing to to with the earth’s crust, only to do with HUMAN KNOWLEDGE. The data is correct but not bothering to ask questions and check, they misunderstand that list and its purpose for existing. It’s a TRADING sheet, not an environmental science review.

    While that may not be a perfect parallel, oil and gas remain similar. It’s been running out. We’ve been out for 50 years I hear, since 1971, and yet, somehow, 50 years later we’re still the top producer of oil. And we STILL haven’t opened any states or drilling rights. In fact, we found unlimited oil at 30,000 feet (aka the “Center of the Earth”) but it was SO much oil we couldn’t contain the pressure and flooded three states. But except for so much oil, in such high pressures we couldn’t cope, we don’t have any oil at all. Except for how we haven’t drilled those depths anywhere else, we’re totally sure the entire rest of the planet, except for that one hole, is completely dry.

    YUP! I know this for sure because I know without looking. And I didn’t ask. 50 years we’re out of oil, 50 years not only do we continue, but oil use has tripled? That is, not only weren’t we out, but we actually had 3-5x more oil than they claimed in 1971? But this time it’s different! Totally, totally different. I called the end of the world 18,250 times in a row, but I got a feeling! Today’s the day!

    Tell me how you missed 50 straight years in the past and corrected your work and I’ll book time for your pitch on how you’re right this time.

    Dr. D

    Singapore is exactly the same as that Russia Expert Larry Johnson was talking about.

    Not just ignorant, but too ignorant to know they’re ignorant. Then proud. Another great day in America.

    Note, if we’re just the nation of James Stewart and Mickey Mouse, this doesn’t matter. We get off the farm, we go read a book, find out. If you’re an EMPIRE, then it matters. But we don’t WANT to be an empire. So then our being like this, wouldn’t matter.


    Uniparty RINOs/DINOs are desperate to codify the current open borders into new laws that superceed current existing laws to prevent Trump from being able to enforce the current laws if he is re-elected.

    Tying border security to Israel and Ukrainian foreign aid is just a way of diverting attention away from the Uniparty’s efforts to pass new laws handcuffing Trump just like what they did in 2016 before Trump was even elected in 2016.

    In 2016 the Uniparty prevented Trump from dismissing any of Obama’s 5,000 plus politically appointed bureaucrats embedded in government departments. They created a new type of super bureaucrats not subjected to dismissal when a new president is elected, as has been the tradition for all pass presidents up until Trump.

    The Uniparty then told Trump who his cabinet members would be, preventing Trump from being able to appoint any of his own choices to cabinet.

    People are just not aware of how the Uniparty totally handcuffed and chained Trump before he was even sworn in as President not to mention all the continuous impeachment/entrapments attempts they made during his 4 years in office. The Uniparty even tried to impeach Trump before he was even sworn in as President!

    And despite Trump being shackled in chains, and continuously persecuted, he still managed to make some changes.

    D Benton Smith

    It looks like we are still in the “pre-event promotion” phase of the Putin-Carlson interview operation. Seems to be ramping up nicely. More and more tension and interest being generated, as people react and respond to the POSSIBILITY and ramifications of this big thing that has not even happened yet.

    As an almost reformed professional PR Man I just have to express my admiration (bordering on awe) for how well they are prepping the “probably” forthcoming event. Oh, it’s forthcoming alright !! So many top drawer people would not be spending so much of their valuable time and treasure on it if they were not already 100% committed to carrying it through to completion.

    When the audience is at its peak of interest, attention and receptiveness, when they are almost peeing their pants in anticipation, than the hammer will drop. It’s all about conditions and timing, and in my not altogether humble opinion the guys who are producing this bit of SERIOUS theater are the best of the best professionals in the Biz.

    I think that the interview has been in production for days now, and that the final editing and so forth will be ready well before its anticipated release date of 6:00 pm Friday (United States Eastern Standard Time) to allow for maximum impact and “soak-in” time over the weekend.

    For some other event I might have advised grabbing some popcorn, but in this case I would advise foregoing the snacks because you’re going to want to have both hands free for holding on to your chair.

    Prepare to hear statements of fact that are for all practical purposes already fait accompli. The interview would not even have been ALLOWED to occur if the primary opponents in the conflict had not already come to terms to the degree that primary opponents can ever come to terms about anything. Basically, the announcement will be that the winner has won, the loser has lost, and here are the new rules and conditions. It will all be very very diplomatically presented, of course. The victor (Putin) will make the pronouncements as “face savingly” palatable and acceptable as possible. But make no mistake about the fact that his statement ARE enforceable rules and conditions, and that he has the guns to prove it.


    Christopher Wray is pure scum, his mouth is usually full of maggots falling out on the floor when he speaks.

    But… the Chinese really do know Duhmerica’s weak points like the soft spot in a baby’s head and I’m utterly confident they will be able to fuckourcyberstuffup royally when the time comes.

    FBI Director Warns of a Chinese “Cyber Pearl Harbor”

    In testimony before Congress this week, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that in any conflict over the future of Taiwan, China could unleash a “Cyber Pearl Harbor” to devastate the United States infrastructure and unleash havoc for Americans.

    Cyber-attacks on the US healthcare system have been growing in frequency and impact in the last few years – and these attacks pale in comparison to what a coordinated attack by the Chinese might look like.

    Just this past Thanksgiving, a cyber-attack impacted 30 hospitals and 200 sites of care,

    Ardent Health Services, which owns 30 hospitals and 200 sites of care across six states, confirmed a healthcare cyberattack that occurred on the morning of November 23. Hospitals in multiple states have been forced to divert ambulances amid disruptions caused by the Thanksgiving day cyberattack, CNN first reported.

    The impacts of this Thanksgiving cyber-attack were devastating,

    “The attacks forced some hospitals to go on diversion, meaning they were unable to accept new patients, while emergency rooms were closed to patients in need of critical time-sensitive lifesaving treatment and forced to delay or cancel surgeries and other critical procedures,” said Greenhalgh.

    Ignorance is Bliss




    Wray Warns of a Chinese “Cyber Pearl Harbor”

    Remember “Pearl Harbor” was a setup by Roosevelt for the War Whores who had already successfully conducted a coup against him


    Allegations. No evidence. Right or Wrong.
    Get your money. Get lawyered up.
    Write a law to make it legal.
    ‘dead on arrival’

    US Propaganda Machine Panicking Tucker Carlson Will Continue Objective Reporting in Russia

    As Russiagaters melt down over the prospect Carlson will undermine US regime propaganda by practicing real journalism, geopolitical analyst and journalist.

    D Benton Smith


    The IT guys really have got their shit together and are fishing for VC idiots using the “emergent ability” worm, the worm that no VC idiot can ignore – how do you explain that to the boss – but that no VC idiot can ever predict. Thay have to drink from this cup, they have no choice, the AI boys have them by the balls …. I love it.”

    Yeah, and what makes the irony triply delicious is that the only “emergent” hallucinations that emerge from AI could only ever be just increasingly clever and deceptive SIMULATIONS of “emergent qualities”, using large language model based AI to create the deceptive simulation. They ain’t NEVER going to get consciously sentient awareness to “Emerge” from their machinery because there ain’t any in it. No matter how convincing the fake “emergence” can be made to appear (to Venture Capital idiots) it is still just fake, all the way down to infinity and beyond.


    In the very Last Days of the Roman Empire, with the Barbarians literally pounding on the city gates, the Roman Senate was actually argueing, for weeks, about whether Angels were male or Female

    That’s where we are now


    Many states automatically register anyone with a driver’s license to vote (no citizenship verification
    Which states?
    In AZ, when applying for a drivers license or state ID or applying for food stamps, TANF, or Medicaid, applicants are given the opportunity to register to vote. Applicants also have to prove their citizenship during the application process. (In the past 6 months I helped all three of my teens obtain state IDs…I had to bring birth certificates and social security cards, and had to show something that had the current address.). No citizenship documents = no DL, no state aid, no voter registration*. (*Except for federal-only races.)

    Sometimes I wonder whether or not I am hamstringing myself by, thus far, avoiding use of AI. I decided to use it once, last summer, to find a specific type of business establishment locally that I was struggling to find. AI failed spectacularly. I retooled my standard search queries and eventually found what I was looking for without AI.

    To be honest, I have spent a lifetime honing my skills — it feels like an affront to ignore all of that and utilize AI. For the same reason that I persist in manually entering phone numbers of close family and friends and manually entering passwords — to keep the data easily at hand in my own mind, to keep my mind sharp and utilized — I hesitate to experiment with AI.

    However, I work in IT — will ignoring this piece of tech cause me future problems? Or…will it be a boon to me as the people around me become dependent upon AI, rather than bothering to develop the mental skills that my generation had to develop in order to function at a high level? Right now, I don’t know the answer. But relying on my wits and experience has served me very well, especially during the last decade, so I will continue.

    D Benton Smith


    Christopher Wray is pure scum, his mouth is usually full of maggots falling out on the floor when he speaks.”

    That metaphor is as Brilliant as it is disgusting. What perfect imagery. Well done, Oroboyo !


    Let hope Tucker can turn the Truth loose


    D Benton Smith

    The Constitutionally Founded United States of America, circa 2024

    Too big to fail.
    Too rotten to save.
    Too many to hang.


    Maybe even turn the Hippos loose on the Deep State

    “The Hippopotamus is concerned the most dangerous animal in Africa, Hippos kill more humans annually than lions, crocodiles and snakes”



    That’s Loyd ‘Darth’ Austin as a young man


    The Collective West and It’s Guiding Light and Overlord: Duh’merica

    Problem Solving

    Yeh, I suppose it’s a solution


    D Benton Smith

    What do Russian people-on-the-street think about Tucker Carlson and his presence in Moscow? Have a listen here :

    NOTE that around minute 12:20 the YouTube based news-show host Clayton Morris “let slip” that Tucker had just spoken with him THIS MORNING, FROM MOSCOW. Say what? BIG old Tucker Carlson called LITTLE old Clayton Morris to chat about things?

    That’s right, folks. This Putin-Carlson interview is being ramped up in the public arena to unprecedented proportions, and with penultimate skill.

    I’ll say it again. Ihat interview is going to be a BUNKER BUSTER.



    AI is just a program executed by a computer.
    How can AI be smarter than the programmers who programmed the AI?

    Do you think these programmers writing the AI’s code are as smart as you are?
    I would not!

    Certainly not for you in your own unique world.
    Certainly not for your unique world experiences.
    You are too unique for any bunch of programmers to write code for.
    These programmers certainly couldn’t ever hope to write codes fast enough to keep up with the speed which you acquire new knowledge.

    I see AI as useful for doing repetitive tasks but also a trap for the unthinking types.
    AI for dummies!


    AI running in the Real World

    It seemed like a good idea


    D Benton Smith


    Quoting from your comment: ““However, I work in IT — will ignoring this piece of tech cause me future problems? Or…will it be a boon to me as the people around me become dependent upon AI, rather than bothering to develop the mental skills that my generation had to develop in order to function at a high level? Right now, I don’t know the answer. But relying on my wits and experience has served me very well, especially during the last decade, so I will continue.” [end quote]

    You strike upon a very important and pertinent point, that I think is worth extracting from your specific example and re-stating it as generalized truth.

    AI is a tool that, like any tool, can be used either to ENHANCE AND EXPAND an existing skill, or used instead as a replacement or complete substitute for more basic skills, in which case that precedent skill is never learned and mastered in the first place. That strategy (for example, using a pocket calculator as a SUBSTITUTE and REPLACEMENT for mastery of basic math such as arithmetic) can give an INITIAL advantage to the adopter because they can avoid years and even decades of preparatory work and thereby get an apparent head start on people who stick to the old fashion way. BUT, it will also leave them high, dry and down the creek without a paddle if and when pocket calculators disappear or go out of style.

    Since you are well aware of the dangers and shortcomings of so-called “AI” it’s probably fine for you to learn and use AI to your heart’s content. It would be like an Master Craftsman of hand tools using a table saw from time to time to rip stacks of rough lumber into clean straight boards . . . which can then be crafted into masterpieces with deftly applied hand tools.


    @ D Benton Smith
    You strike upon a very important and pertinent point, that I think is worth extracting from your specific example and re-stating it as generalized truth.

    If its not memorized/in your brain, its not known


    Alfred Blumrosen, Mayorkas, Chucky Shumer, amazing how all these Amish dudes make it big in government. Must be the work ethic at play here.


    there is a video of Carlson saying he believes in majority rule. Mr. Stalin made the point “who counts the vote”. Who determines the majority?

    Carlson did not say “rule of law” or equal protection under the law he said majority rule.

    if i were Mr. Putin i would not help Carlson if his teeth were on fire.

    D Benton Smith


    Carlson did not say “rule of law” or equal protection under the law he said majority rule.

    if i were Mr. Putin i would not help Carlson if his teeth were on fire.’ ”

    There is only Rule of the Majority or Rule by a Minority. There isn’t, in actual reality, any “in-between” called “rule of law” or anything else. The so-called “Rule of Law” is, by definition, dependent upon what the law happens to be, and whether or not the laws in question are evenly enforced or not. That determination is made by somebody or a group of somebody’s. does that somebody represent a minority or the majority?

    In other words, does the Majority get to determine what the law is m(and how it’s enforced), or is that final adjudication determined and decided by a Minority?

    That question puts us right back at the starting point: Does the Majority rule on that matter, or does a minority get to make that decision for everybody else?

    Putin quite obviously WANTS to have Tucker in Moscow, just as he obviously WANTS to be interviewed. Otherwise, Putin would never have let the man into his country in the first place.

    John Day

    “Most Americans Are Not Informed… We’re Here Because We Love The US” – Tucker Carlson Explains Why He Is Interviewing Vladimir Putin

    John Day

    I keep a flip phone.
    I don’t program numbers into it.
    I don’t use it every day.

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