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    I got a good chuckle when I read Canon has run out of chips to put in their printer ink cartridges (to prevent you from using non-Canon ink cartridges)! Pass the chips please!

    those darned kids

    absolute: this is a good place to start in regards to secondary infections:

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    curiosity disappointed the cat

    Mister Roboto

    I’m not an anti vaxxer. I am anti this mRNA therapy.

    But don’t you see, that makes you an anti-vaxxer, because this mRNA therapy is The Holy Of Holies!

    those darned kids

    excellent summary of many of the ills the ail.


    I listened to the Supreme Court hearing. It included this:

    JUSTICE ALITO: …What the Secretary said was “employees who are unvaccinated are in grave danger from SARS COVID virus, but employees who are fully vaccinated are not.” So the — the purpose — if this is to be sustained, it has to be on the ground that it presents a grave danger to unvaccinated workers who have chosen to be unvaccinated. That’s my understanding of the issue, but maybe I haven’t understood it correctly. Is that your understanding?

    MR. FLOWERS (from OSHA): That is my understanding. And I don’t see how there could be another understanding because the emergency provision specifically says that such emergency standard, meaning the precise one at issue, must be necessary to protect employees from the danger at issue.

    So the official line now is that the the unvaxxed are being coerced into vaccination or fired for their own protection. They’ve given up on “protecting the vaxxed from the unvaxxed” at least in the Supreme Court. The unvaxxed are now being protected from both the unvaxxed and the vaxxed who might give them Covid. They are firing you because they care.


    Today I went to my local hospital, a university hospital, to get my third and final dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine. The last visit was in August. During that visit the professor asked me if I wanted to get the Covid vaccine. I said “no thank you.” The professor did not ask me why, and did not try to change my mind, but just gave me what seemed, at the time, like a knowing glance.

    This time, the professor did not even ask if I had received a Covid vaccine or if I wanted one. So I brought up the subject: “Tell me the truth. I want to know what you really think. What do you think about these Covid vaccines?”

    Answer: “Well, I got it … [long pause] … because we had no choice. I received two shots, plus a booster, and we didn’t even have any choice as between the Astra Zeneca and the Pfizer … [another long pause] I wish I could have waited for the Novavax vaccine. It is a safer, superior technology. But I had no choice ….”

    I explained that I will probably need one eventually because my work requires international travel, but that if I have to get one, I will wait for the Novovax.

    The response: “That’s what I would do. I wish I had that choice.”

    It was refreshing to hear a candid response that did not simply regurgitate the official propaganda.


    “We are still at zero confirmed deaths… From Omicron, that is. Not from the vaccines.”

    At least one in Israel according to the article in today’s debt rattle. Plus at least two today in Korea according to today’s Korea Biomedical Review:

    Small numbers, yes, but still greater than zero, which is to be expected . . .

    Veracious Poet

    Noem on Higher Food Prices: Biden Admin ‘Attacking American Enterprises and Businesses’ — ‘A National Security Issue’

    Air Canada Suspends Flights To Sun Destinations Until April 30, 2022

    I wouldn’t take any vaccine at this point in time if they offered a million $$$ per injection…

    God speed to all those that do 😐


    “I wouldn’t take any vaccine at this point in time if they offered a million $$$ per injection…”

    Steve Kirsch also prefers to avoid all the Covid vaccines if possible, but here he explains why Novavax and Covaxin are better choices than the gene therapies currently available in the US:
    WHO approves Novavax and COVAXIN


    Gravity is a recombined algorithm.

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