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    It must be something in the genes?

    Next to the so ugly he’s cute troll bassist. Beauty and the Beast. Superb market imaging.

    Gone for Good


    John Day

    @madamski: I had to look up Thorazine Girl, too. I found this song, put up in 2015 and I’m the 4th viewer. I’ve taken care of lots of people on Thorazine and things like it in the state hospital system of Texas. I had a key. Most of us agreed that was the BIG difference, but I did a lot of service for suffering people, and I was somebody they could trust. Sarah Palin always reminded me MUCH MORE of the nursing mothers I took care of in the decades that I did a lot of deliveries and took care of a lot of kids and families.
    I’m sure I missed something.
    Take vitamin-D.
    I’ve never been in a coal mine, but MAN they have some HUGE TONKA TOYS, like Wes pointed out once. I used to drive by the big Navajo area mine that he knows from the inside, back when I worked on the Res.
    We’re sorta travelin’ white brothers or somethin’.


    John Day

    Thorazine Girl link



    I see that facebook has banned Senator Ron Paul. A pretty tame commentor.

    Raul, do you ever worry about bening banned by your server company?

    Do you have a backup plan in case you are deplatformed?

    I would think you are a likely target these days.



    @ WES

    Ironically this is because the fuel tank is almost empty. Something about ballast issues but mostly because out of fuel, dead in the water, any major storm can do it in.There’s no engine to even try to ‘push the rope’.




    I just made it up. I had no idea Thorazone was a brand name thing. Huh.



    And I rest my case. Old broads rule

    Old Broads

    Like the woman said, “There ain’t nuthin like a dame. Nothin in the world.”

    We make babies. From ourselves and a bit of added male specs. Try getting that out of a cola nut!



    Ah, both a good woman and a good man are hard to find, yes? This man, demons and all, was one solid good man. Men are good, when they’re free and full of themselves and not other men’s words and wishes, such fine brave protectors. Good preachers too.

    I don’t expect peace for anything as vague and wild as all mankind. Just peace where I can find or make it. Hard work:

    Work for Peace



    WES is right. There needs to be a backup plan if this site is deplatformed.

    At a minimum, Raul should compile a list of email addresses of friends of TAE.

    But it would be nice to find a friendly backup host.



    De-platforming: a crucial first step would be to make sure that the site is not on a U.S.-based host. A whois search on the domain reveals that Network Solutions can’t supply any information about the host, so perhaps Raul has wisely set it up to be in a good, neutral location (like, maybe, Switzerland).

    WES, my friend, love your pithy comments, but is there any way you could perhaps combine all your comments together into one post, with @name to show who it is directed to as a response? When you make many separate short comments it pushes the comment section over 40 comments, which spills over to a second page, which forces all of us to reload the whole page and scroll down to see comments 41, 42, etc. Thanks!

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 50 total)

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