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    G.G. Bain Three-ton electric sign blown into Broadway, New York. 1912   • ‘I’m Spending All My Money To Get Rid Of Trump’: Michael Bloomberg (R.)
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 13 2020]

    Dr. D

    “What will it take for the Federal Reserve to withdraw from its daily liquidity operations in this $2.2 trillion market for repurchase agreements (repos)?
    All I am prepared to say publicly is that the solution is beyond the powers of all the central banks combined. The solution is not attainable without political concessions, which politically are just off the table. This is going to require a major reform that is unlikely to take place and will not even be recognized until the crisis erupts on a much larger scale.” –Armstrong

    Could the Fed Ever Exit the Repo Market?

    “I’m Spending All My Money to Get Rid of Trump’: Michael Bloomberg (R.)”

    And another pedophile trying to get rid of him: a registered offender tried to get access to Marine One and is now in custody. Is that 16 probable assassination attempts now?

    his Democratic rivals are ‘too liberal’ to beat Donald Trump.”

    True, however, he will never be accepted by the party left. Worse, AOC has started open war with the DNC, saying either Biden or her has to go. I just read Biden is in 4th, which isn’t any poll I’ve seen. However, it is possible Bernie is in 1st, with Pelosi passing impeachment exactly then, which pull Bernie off the road and out of the primary. …And we worry about the Russians rigging the elections and undermining democracy. Why bother? We do it all for them. All they have to do to destroy us is watch. P.S. she is also trying to pass ONE impeachment, and not the other, although there was only ONE, and one vote, so she can shop the Supreme Court and find a crime to impeach for since they still don’t have one. Dunno what to say. Sure! Why not? Makes as much sense as anything. In #Oppositeland, we start with the conviction and work our way backward to the crime.

    What If @realDonaldTrump Is Brilliant? (Papachelas)”

    He’s not brilliant but he’s not dumb either. Like everybody else “he” is a team. But by saying he’s dumb they are making it so, SO easy to control things and steer them around. Case in point: “he petulantly threw down the screen and blamed his awkwardness on his team” Or you could equally say: they are a bunch of canned dumba—es and he was totally right, as was immediately proven…IN THE NEXT SENTENCE. So what’s with the framing? For the love of Christmas, is there any article where the facts they themselves report don’t disprove their own headline anymore?

    A rare sign of discord

    Speaking of: uh, what? The entire Democratic field does nothing all day but attack each other. Bernie may not be foremost, but it sure ain’t rare. And does Warren, fraudulently pulling identity theft on Bernie’s platform while taking millions from Wall Street not count as a bit discordant to his campaign? They’re imposters, and the Progressive wing generally knows it.

    How Bad Can The Climate Crisis Get If Trump Wins Again? (G.)”

    So odd since I’ve been reading about this since 1990, 26 years before Trump. But: “The Guardian”, so you can be sure not a single synapse went off. “199 Years Synapse Free!” How bad will it get? Well the U.S. has reduced CO2 the most including under Trump, more than any other nation — although honestly the U.S. and E.U. are falling in parallel, we’re just larger. Sounds awful! How can we survive the continual decline of CO2 under Trump? He must be stopped so we can sign that Paris Accord and get China and India to get those CO2 levels up again! Besides, these lilly-white pollyannas only export their savage pollution and human rights violations to China, so they can live in smug sanctimony. The CO2 is the same, whether it’s China or Detroit, but in Detroit we’d be giving odious Americans jobs, and that cannot be tolerated.

    Just consider it #OppositeLand, where everything that’s said, done, or implied, is the opposite of reality. Whenever they say something (i.e. Buy stocks) do the opposite.

    seeking to encourage other big emitters like China and India to continue to slow

    Working gangbusters, as China has opened 130 new coal plants. But in #Oppositeland, #Failing is the new #Winning, so…

    could increase that to 49% with what Light described as modest, politically achievable policy changes.”

    Hahahaha. He thinks we can cut fossil fuels 50% in 10 years! Not without killing half the people, silly. …But of course, that is the plan. You’re literate: read their white papers. Not like it’s a secret or anything.

    ” Avoid UK Recession By Kickstarting Green” investment in all my billionaire friend’s front corporations that will make us ever richer, and push income disparity further off the charts!

    (P.S., It’s also a scam, like Tesla, we’re not going to reduce anything but your wallet, most probably while killing you in a fiery wreck.) That’s because real green and CO2 decline would drop GDP, make us POORER, and REDUCE income disparity. “readily available blueprints to raise government spending” You know, like that. Where I get the money, and the taxpayer – 25% of which are on welfare and 50% of which don’t have $400 — get the bill. The billionaire friends and Senators, MPs get the profits! #Winning!

    “spiral into a slump and risk mass layoffs as it tangles with rising debt, cooling domestic demand and an ongoing trade war…”

    You mean the trade war that wasn’t working, didn’t do anything, and wasn’t pressuring China? That trade war, CNN? Your reporters need to coordinate your stories a little; they’d never hold up in court.

    And 15% for GM. Who’s taking over? Reuters doesn’t say.”

    That’s because Reuters, like the others, is not a news agency. No surprise though: even the dumbest people told them China would steal everything, take it, start their own companies, and kick the U.S. out. By golly were all us dumb people right and all you schmarty-peoples wrong? Again? 35 years in a row? Who’d a thunk. Hey, does that make you dumber than the dumbest fat American that you hate and make fun of? A: Yes. Far, far dumber. So dumb you’d have to go to Yale to believe such dumbness.

    the U.S. Navy shot down Iran Air Flight 655 scheduled from Tehran

    Nice. While true, they, the media, seem to be the Iranian Revolutionary Force imbedded in the West to attack our own government and people. We attacked them, they attacked us, they shot down a plane, we shot down a plane, maybe we should knock it off and stop shooting down planes? Is it not good that they, while starting with required denials, seem to be opening up and working to honesty? Is that bad? And that’s against the body of the article focusing on deceptions. Some people like it, some people don’t. Some vilified Iran, some the U.S. Some want war, some are against war. So the media just manufactures what they want and say that “it’s true”, which technically it is. But you’re describing your echo chamber, the inside of your own ego, not reality.

    ““Bolivia Exiled Ex-President Morales Calls on Radio for Armed Militias (R.)”
    if the armed forces are shooting the people, killing the people, the people have the right to organize their security”

    Sounds like they need a 2A. Otherwise, if the government misbehaves, the people have no options but death. In one view, the people are a collective that exist for the government, and in the other, the government was created out of, and exists for, the individual people. One causes mass-death, the other mass-prosperity. Choose wisely.

    Dr. D

    In a surprise to exactly no one: “Facebook Glitch Reveals Greta Thunburg’s Father Posting As Teenage Climate Activist” …and UN’s Climate Change organization, Adarsh Prathap. “Greta claims to have written all the content posted by her father and Prathap.”

    Another environmentalist, another lie.

    I mean aside from Columbia openly having lectures saying they planned and staged the whole thing with signed buy-in from scores of media outlets who promised to invent coverage and salt otherwise ordinary stories with unrelated AGW stuff, with the Green handler behind her in every photo.

    Guys, you are not helping the cause here. You’ve probably done more to harm it than anything I can think of, even Obama (pipeline, drilling, ANWR) and George Bush (near-permanent environmental death in two different Gulfs). And we haven’t even started with the real backlash such as we now see in Chappelle, Gervais, and political correctness. The world is actually IN trouble: there are actual things wrong. Is it too much to ask to focus on that and NOT lie about it, about totally normal or unrelated things? Nope. And it mirrors TDS: Step 1: lie about everything you don’t need to, don’t have to, and harms yourself. Step 2: never tell the truth even when it helps your cause. Is it any wonder people think you’re crazy, even extreme? Meantime guys like Elon Musk are burning nations of diesel with Caterpillars leveling mountains, then lighting all the lithium on fire so he can charge his cars with diesel and coal, while Monsanto forces Europe to eat Roundup in every meal.

    Can we start somewhere normal, like encouraging people to have honeybees, then stopping the poisons that kill us both? A: No. There’s no profit and concentration of power in that. Only in Greta and the worldwide Carbon Tax. Otherwise, you think they’d post her? No way. If she’s on line, there’s a profit or a lie somewhere. If there weren’t, they’d shut her out like everybody else.


    Dr. D re your comments on yesterday’s article on bees: you are incorrect when you stated that there are no native bees in North America. There are in fact over 4000 varieties of native bees in North America. They do an amazing job of pollinating plants – far more efficient than non-native honey bees.


    Dr. D another point on your comment on the honey bee die-off: if honey bees only live as you say for 2 months and in your opinion the die-off is therefore a non-issue, why do you think honey bee keepers are sounding an alarm? Your comment on their short lives in the context of their die-off is a bit like saying humans in the vastness of time are not that important in the grand scheme of things so we should not worry about letting a few billion die. Is that what you really mean?


    Every blog urges you to Read more …
    • ‘I’m Spending All My Money To Get Rid Of Trump’: Michael Bloomberg (R.)
    The money came from our pockets.

    • Downing of PS-752 Already Being Used To Smear MH-17 Skeptics (OffG)
    There is a lot of other new hidden in these articles. Go look at the sources
    Read more …

    Iran’s accidental downing of a Ukrainian plane is already being used to smear MH-17 skeptics

    by Max Parry — January 12, 2020
    ie. In another astounding coincidence, Kolomoisky’s Privat Group is believed to control Burisma Holdings, the Cypress-based company whose executive board 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter was appointed to following the Maidan junta. The former Vice President admitted that he bribed Ukraine into firing its top prosecutor who was looking into his son’s corruption by threatening to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees.
    Predictably, Tehran’s transparency has gone mostly unappreciated while the Trump administration is already trying to use the disaster to further demonize Iran.

    I found lots and lots of other interesting news.

    Bee news

    California’s Almond Harvest Is a Bee Thief’s Dream

    Oct 08, 2018
    California’s Almond Harvest Is a Bee Thief’s Dream

    Iran admitted to killing civilians. They are having to endure the demonstrations.

    USA does not admit to making “COLLATERAL DAMAGES”.
    Anyone showing proof, Yep, (like Assange), (you can name 2 more), are not called whistleblowers, but rather called spies and…. and ….. well you have heard just as many horror stories as me.

    When have you hear Israel admit to making a mistake?
    Trump deals Israel another huge favour in assassinating Soleimani
    By Jay Jackson, Israel News.Net
    12 Jan 2020

    How about being put in jail for 18 years and getting re-educated without a trial?
    (Geee! Did you think that I was referring/talking about China?)

    Activists Demand U.S. Close Guantánamo and End 18 Years of Torture

    Jessica Corbett
    Jan 12, 2020

    Human rights advocates marked the 18th anniversary of the opening of the U.S. military prison at the Guantánamo Bay Naval Station in Cuba with a rally outside the White House on Saturday to “demand an end to years of torture and human rights violations” and call for the detention camp’s immediate closure.
    In January 2018, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to keep the prison open. The move, which revoked an order from Trump’s predecessor that called for the prison to be closed, outraged human rights defenders. With the demonstration Saturday, activists criticized not only Trump’s decisions related to the prison but also those of former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.
    “Three United States presidents have overseen Guantánamo during its shameful 18-year existence, yet it continues to remain open as people who have never been granted a trial are still detained and as they age and face the prospect of spending the rest of their lives in the prison, dying far away from the families and loved ones they have not seen in years,” Daphne Eviatar of Amnesty International USA said in a statement.
    “It is well past time that Guantánamo close once and for all, and all the men who have long ago been cleared for release are transferred to countries that have agreed to accept them,” added Eviatar, director of the Security With Human Rights program.

    Organizers of the “Justice Now: Close Guantánamo and End Torture” rally included Amnesty International USA, Witness Against Torture, Defending Rights & Dissent, Center for Constitutional Rights, CAIR, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, the World Can’t Wait, CodePink, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, Close Guantanamo, Tsuru for Solidarity, and Justice for Muslims Collective.
    “Guantánamo currently holds 40 individuals: all Muslim men, many of whom were tortured in the camp,” Amnesty’s statement said. “Several detainees are experiencing health problems as a result of years of detention and instances of torture and other ill-treatment. Some remain detained despite having been cleared for transfer for years. This includes Toffiq al-Bihani, who has been imprisoned for eight years without trial.”

    Participants in Saturday’s demonstration carried signs which declared “Close Guantánamo now!” and “Investigate and prosecute U.S. torture!” Other signs shared the stories of individuals detained at the prison. Some of the activists wore orange jumpsuits and black hoods.

    Along with the rally outside the White House Saturday afternoon, organizers held a funeral procession, which ended at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. The activists carried nine coffins for nine detainees who have died at the prison.

    Organizers of the action aimed to call “attention to the brutality of the prison, including indefinite detention, and for an end to any and all uses of torture,” they explained on Facebook. “We cannot let Guantánamo disappear from the public consciousness.”
    ZH has a lot more “articles” to read

    Maxwell Quest

    “If she’s [Greta] on line, there’s a profit or a lie somewhere. If there weren’t, they’d shut her out like everybody else.”

    Ding! Ding! Ding! When, oh when are people going to figure this out? Cute little Greta currently has the media spotlight because she is serving a useful purpose for very powerful people. When she is no longer needed, they will cast her aside.


    flight path of all planes 08 jan 2020


    Route still flying

    Flight history for Ukraine Int. Airlines flight PS752


    I am not clear here. What climate crisis? There is no climate crisis, obviously. And why would you feature anything coming from the Guardian, after your enormous, constant attacks on the Guardian? So the evil they propagate against Assange is evil and wrong, but their equally evil nonsense about fake climate change is ok with you? Come on, man. What are you doing? Why? Wake up.

    John Day
    Over the weekend we heard, from Iran, that Iran shot down a civilian flight, taking off from Tehran, shortly after the Iranian military responded to US assassination of of General Suleimani, on a diplomatic peace mission to Baghdad, as requested by President Trump.
    It took a few days, but Iran admitted to it.
    Missile defenses were on hair trigger for US retaliation, and People Got Hurt.
    Flashing back…
    On July 3, 1988, in the late days of the Iran-Iraq war, the USS Vincennes mistakenly shot down Iran Air Flight 655 over Iranian waters and killed 290 people.
    In the days immediately following the incident, US President Ronald Reagan issued a written diplomatic note to the Iranian government, expressing deep regret.[15] However, the United States continued to insist that Vincennes was acting in self-defense in international waters.
    ​ ​In 1996, the governments of the United States and Iran reached a settlement at the International Court of Justice which included the statement “…the United States recognized the aerial incident of 3 July 1988 as a terrible human tragedy and expressed deep regret over the loss of lives caused by the incident…”[16] As part of the settlement, even though the U.S. government did not admit legal liability or formally apologize to Iran, it still agreed to pay US$61.8 million on an ex gratia basis in compensation to the families of the Iranian victims.

    Yet another video of Democratic primary front runner Joe Biden passionately defending the 2003 Iraq invasion and occupation has resurfaced and is going viral. In it he even sings George W. Bush’s praises at a moment which came a mere few months after the now infamous “Mission Accomplished” stunt aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln.
    This comes in a campaign where he’s lied repeatedly about his leading role in pushing the war authorization through the Senate five months before the March 2003 invasion, seeking to distance himself and methodically conceal the facts now that public opinion has long shifted. It also has resurfaced at a moment John Kerry is currently making the rounds on major networks defending Biden against Bernie Sanders’ criticism of Biden’s clear pro-war record.
    At a crucial moment Biden’s speech, delivered at the Hawkish DC Brookings Institution in July 2003 actually slammed anti-war Democrats and simultaneously upheld Bush and his disastrous war as “bold and popular” and promised further support to the neocon administration.

    Evidence portrays the plot to assassinate General Suleimani originating with John Bolton, then National Security Advisor, and being canned by Trump as being excessive to the shoot down of a drone last June. “No American was killed”. That became to loaded plan, awaiting a trigger, and a means to execute.
    For the past 18 months, officials said, there had been discussions about whether to target General Suleimani. Figuring that it would be too difficult to hit him in Iran, officials contemplated going after him during one of his frequent visits to Syria or Iraq and focused on developing agents in seven different entities to report on his movements — the Syrian Army, the Quds Force in Damascus, Hezbollah in Damascus, the Damascus and Baghdad airports and the Kataib Hezbollah and Popular Mobilization forces in Iraq…
    ​ ​Defense Secretary Mark Esper presented a series of response options to the president two weeks ago, including killing Soleimani. Esper presented the pros and cons of such an operation but made it clear that he was in favor of taking out Soleimani, officials said.
    ​ ​Trump signed off and it further developed from there.

    In what states is it legal to “smoke Biden” these days?
    “He Needs To Stop”: Democrats Freaking Out After Sanders Says Trump Will Smoke Biden
    ​ ​According to those complaining, the 78-year-old Sanders will make it harder for Democrats to unify around a nominee after months of taking flack from their own side of the aisle – despite the fact that a Friday poll has him in the lead, and that his no-holds-barred approach may earn him the nomination.
    ​ ​”He needs to stop,” said one Democratic strategist who is unaffiliated with any candidates. “It’s not helpful and it actually hurts the party. It’s like he didn’t learn his lesson the last time. It’s incredibly short-sighted and terrible.”

    Other than being made a lesson to scare everybody else again, it’s a really good deal.
    Let’s give it a try!
    Is Iraq About To Become A Chinese Client State?

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D re your comments on yesterday’s article on bees: you are incorrect when you stated that there are no native bees in North America. There are in fact over 4000 varieties of native bees in North America. They do an amazing job of pollinating plants – far more efficient than non-native honey bees.

    Thanks for that. I knew Dr. D was wrong, but too lazy to get the facts.
    Keep on keeping on…


    @ John Day
    Let’s do a fact check
    I don’t know anything. Here is what I read. Did you see it?
    It seems very likely that Israel would be very interested in assassinating the general.

    NBC News reported on Saturday Israelis intelligence through the Mossad had assisted in tracking Soleimani so was actually a participant in the slaying.
    Jan. 10, 2020, 12:48 PM PST
    By Ken Dilanian and Courtney Kube

    Armed with a tip from informants at the airport in the Syrian capital of Damascus, the CIA knew exactly when a jet carrying Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani took off en route to Baghdad. Intelligence from Israel helped confirm the details.


    for computer experts

    Color us skeptical, alt-right, conspiracy-wonk, Putin-puppets; but the transparency and timing of tonight’s “bombshell” report from The New York Times of an ‘alleged’ hacking by ‘allegedly’ Russian hackers of Burisma – the Ukrainian energy firm that VP Biden’s crack-smoking, energy-ignorant son was paid $50,000 per month as a board member – reeks so strongly of foundational narrative-building for something “embarrassing” that is coming, it is stunning just how dumb the deep state must think the American public really is. Actually, maybe not all that stunning.

    John Day


    Yep. That’s who “democracy” is owned by. I saw all that, too.

    Dr. D

    I’m only literate. I only know what I read. Very first DuckGo hit “Most people don’t realize that there were no honey bees in America until the white settlers brought hives from Europe” in 1622.

    There are native species, but they’re not “bees” as people commonly refer to them, not HONEYbees of any sort – although this search showed me there WAS a Mayan honeybee that exists only at the equator. What bees did we have? Bumble, sweat, mason, hoverbees, wasps, many others, almost all solitary. But the article seemed to say that the honeybee was a scourge to the environment and the native, existing bees. Maybe. Doubt it – they’re a different niche, life cycle, and approach, so expect you’ll find they ADD diversity and are complimentary. I thought they wanted diversity? Want to do a study? But the point was, without honeybees, you don’t have apples, pears, almonds… And you must therefore would only have maize, grasses, etc. Squash is pollinated by both, but CAN be pollinated by non-honeybees – and going the other way, that’s frustrating when environmentalists, journalists – again lacking 30 minutes on Wikipedia – say NO crops would exist without honeybees = we all gonna die. No, once there were no bees, so clearly beans, squash, etc. are native crops who had no trouble pollinating. Others crops would have trouble, but we humans would then pollinate them. Things would change, but the world wouldn’t end. Nevertheless, since they’re doing work for nothing, don’t harm them.

    Lifespan? The reporter alarmingly said, “More bees die every year in the US than all other fish and animals raised for slaughter combined.” True but wtf? More bacteria die in an hour in Pittsburgh toilets than that. So? Also we don’t ‘slaughter’ bees and hang their little carcasses in meat shops. More bees die because they’re smaller and there are more of them. More ants die than bees, and they aren’t either ‘slaughtered’ or intentionally killed either. Is this the world’s largest non sequitur? Knowing that, no one intentionally kills a hive, the bees therefore DIE OF OLD AGE. Now we’re arguing that they die slightly sooner than if they had better conditions: how much better, how much sooner? No one knows, this disingenuine reporter most of all. But they aren’t ‘slaughtered’, basically ever. It’s just the garbage assembly of essentially meaningless emotion-words meant to yank you around. If they can’t think straight, I can’t credit their article on matters I can’t cross-check. What is its purpose then? It’s only meant to say: humans are bad. Hate and death and fear and despair. Okay, okay, I’M SORRY. You got me. I’m SORRY I took care of bees for 10,000 years. I’m SORRY I gave them a whole new continent. I’m SORRY we gave them ever-more nutritious plants and are breeding a whole new almond for them. I’m SORRY I fought off their predators. I’m sorry I built them 2.68 million homes and I’m sorry we’re taking them to a doctor to fix both mites and colony collapse now. If it makes everyone feel better they can live in a hollow tree and be as rare like the wolverine, but maybe we should let the bees vote on it for themselves? Hey, how do you feel about living in a virgin pine forest with no human clearings or crops around, and live in a hollow tree in -20f weather all winter? Better or worse than now? You’ll be free bees with all the Liberty and self-determination due to your kind.

    Then to my next question, which is: are we humans any less murdered, less free, or less abused than they? Hardly. Probably worse, our peoples are too different to say. But that IS in fact part of the point of their (natural) deaths. We naturally die too, yes, and we too are not important in the big scheme either. Nature rolls on and on, one day without us. So if 550M people died in the last 10 years, but it’s almost all from natural causes, then…what? So bees are slaughtered…of natural causes by old age?

    That doesn’t make the die-off not an issue, but we’ve learned a lot of things here: one, food and pollination will go on adequately, despite alarmist reporters. Since that’s the case, and bees are okay, being 2.8M hives this year, up by 200,000, what’s the article for? To terrify you unnecessarily and unscientifically. To jerk on your heart strings while removing you from logic. And I think this is bad reporting. So next, mites have long existed, but not as hard-hitting until now. Why? CCD didn’t exist, or wasn’t large enough to be known before 2006. Why? Now there’s a reporter’s question. Monsanto and others have been savaged on the weakening of bees caused by exposure to glyphosate and neonicotinoids, as well as a very specific termite poison that causes…ta da…CCD in termites, the bees’ closest relative: it makes them lose their way back home. Comments on this in Guardian article? No. Companies, brands, lawsuits? Nope. “Pesticides” mentioned generically. Monsanto could have written this article themselves, it’s so helpful to them. Generic “transform the way large-scale agriculture is carried out.” I mean, all things can generally be improved, so yes? How though? “these enormous orchards can’t function without bees.” No then? I’m lost: what do you want from me? So change things without changing them? Typical do-gooder: “Whaaah, it’s not perfect!” “Okay, any suggestions that won’t kill everyone on earth?” “Nope: you figure it out, you do the hard work, while I complain about how YOU SUCK on the internets and sip my GMO soy glyphosate Starbucks with a straw.” Thanks, very helpful.

    What I see from wild hives – and nothing in this article, thanks – is that backyard bees in wild fields away from modern crops are under noticeable pressure that would otherwise be remarkable, particularly mites. However, not at alarmist levels. At the same time, bees in agri-business – saying GMOs, pesticides, glyphosate – are under another whole level of trouble. Then bees which travel on trucks are worst of all. Why? Bet the pesticides ARE hurting them, and the more “modern” the field, the worse, while they also travel to areas in the South with the new termite poisons: no termites live up North. However, even after all this, it’s violently denied by the companies (of course: ‘safe as water’), but also no clean evidence from beekeepers generally who almost certainly could know for sure by now. That’s confusing: is there no evidence or are they saving $100B fine by doctoring the evidence? But again, why 2006?

    Although I can’t run in circles pulling my hair — because as you say, pollination will be fine and we’re not going to die – I DO care about the bee thing specifically. Mainly because it can put pressure on these guys – chemical conglomerates, not so much farmers – to STOP KILLING EVERYTHING, to save the bees, and thus themselves and their own yields. But that’s because they DON’T care about every fish, frog, and Christopher Robin wading in Pooh sticks and are joyful to poison every living things right out to sea, while paying exorbitant profits to monopolies and proven serial murderers for the privilege. This could get a wedge in we otherwise might not.

    But with Guardian articles fact-free, written muddily (like native vs imported bees), and wandering around alarmed and fearful of everything human = bad, we’re not going to stop pesticides at all, are we? And therefore waste all our time, let Monsanto go, kep poisons rolling, and do nothing for the bees either. That’s what I’m really up to here.

    But if you like bees, then why not help them yourself? Get a hive, grow plants, stop spraying. It’ll do more than hot air on the internet. Suggest borage or buckwheat. Very easy. If you prefer wild, mason bee huts are available on the internets.

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