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    Salvador Dalí The oecumenial council 1960   • Trump Scores Major Election Victory (RT) • Lawfare Against Trump Is Running Out of Gas (Victor Davi
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    “Each overreach geometrically increases the dangers to democracy, ever more turns the public off, and ironically cascades sympathy and poll numbers for the very target of their paranoias.”

    Paranoia will destroy ya!

    “Any thoughts about using pumped storage for a backup? Set a tiny panel and pump to trickle low-to-high, and leave the high tank for emergencies.”

    The amounts you would need to be of much help are immense. Moving water up hill is one of the most energy intensive things we humans do. The height and volume you would need to get any amount of electricity would be quite large plus all the parts and pieces required to build it. Pumps, turbines, generators and so on. Most low pressure high volume pumps, (least energy use), won’t push water very far vertically. You get less than one half pound of pressure per foot of elevation, .433 to be exact. So at twenty feet of head you get less than 10 psi. So to get the power needed to run a turbine you would have to go a lot higher or supplement with volume, think weight. Now we’re moving tremendous amounts of water up hill. This is an equation of diminishing returns that spirals out of control very quickly. When hydro facilities start to run low on water behind their dams they don’t pump the exhaust water back over the dam for re-use because they would use too much of the energy generated in the first pass to put it back, possibly all of it. The second law of thermodynamics cannot be broken, ever.


    I see oil hasn’t moved out of the seventies since the Red Sea troubles? Maybe things aren’t exactly as advertised?


    I think the headline says it all.
    If ever there was a place to hit with a few well placed hypersonic missiles?

    Michael Reid


    I am wondering how Michael and Red are doing since we have had so few sunny days since the beginning of December.

    Their battery banks must be having a very hard time getting recharged.

    I had a rough year.

    The woman had to go.

    The pretty red turbines were fraud.

    Decided in mid December to spend the winter with my parents in town.

    Presently testing different wind turbines.


    Lawfare is Treason

    Plain and simple.

    It deserves the death penalty.

    I hate phucking lawyers enough in normal times but weaponizing the Law and pissing on the Constitution for personal gain and ego gratification is a bridge to far.

    All the problems that the Empire of Lies is wallowing in it’s death throes at the moment radiate out from not laws, or lack of them, but simply not enforcing the ones on the books in an equitable fashion or selectively enforcing them based on friend or foe.

    Fani whines:

    “….you cannot expect black women to be perfect and save the world,” and that “we need to be allowed to stumble.”

    What a pitiful, disgusting crock of shit

    Playing the old ‘double-reverse racism card’ just in time for MLK day.


    Here is a Perfect Metaphor that encapsulates the perversion and ‘weasel words’ and ‘legalize sleaze’ and the utterly rotten maggot filled universe of “The Law”

    Choke on it

    Fani and lover boy, go fuck yourselves to death



    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation



    What You Get for 7k Nowadays Duh’merica

    Home Depot

    12 ft. x 12 ft. Garden Shed


    What a bargain!


    Better than eating your cat food dinner in a cardboard box under a bridge abutment!


    Just Some Randomer

    @Oroboros – When I last worked on a project in Silicon Valley, must be 5 years ago now, one of my colleagues there had just spent a shade under a million dollars on a ‘Residence’ in Mountainview that looked a lot like that shed.

    His parents came over from India to visit him and he had to spend quite a lot of time explaining to them that he was not, in fact, poor and living in a shed but a successful tech-worker living in a prestige property in a prime location.


    You thought you could do any better

    …CONTROL – complexity – stability – conflict

    Supply and Demand
    Inflation and Deflation
    Input and Output
    Peace and Hate
    Necessity and Luxuries
    Crowd and Individual
    Though and Action
    Poverty and Wealth
    Truth and Lies
    Facts and fiction
    Balance and Imbalance
    All or nothing
    Time – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    Action or Passive
    Passion or Indifference
    Life and Death
    Unpredictable and Predictable
    Win or Lose
    Known and Unknown

    Cheers to You, WEFers of Davos!

    Cheers to You, WEFers of Davos!

    “… the dangers of vaccinating into the teeth of a pandemic — the world can expect a soon-to-come crisis of 30-to-40 percent mortality in highly vaccinated countries with the emergence of a new Covid variant that won’t be stopped by vaxx-damaged immune systems.
    Let that sink in.
    It means not just a bone-chilling, unprecedented mega-wave of deaths, but the likely dysfunction of every complex system that advanced nations depend on for normal operation as the people who know how to run them succumb.
    That is, farewell to normal modern life as we have known it. Geert’s just sayin’.

    It’s even possible that some of the things that cease operation will include the WEF, the WHO, the EU, and the CDC, considering their presumably multi-vaxxed and boosted members.
    Enjoy the scrumptious canapés while you. can, ladies and gentlemen of Davos.
    We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when.”


    Figmund Sreud

    Report from Davos into my in-Box:

    A Turbulent Year May Lie Ahead—CEOs at Davos Are Optimistic, from 14 minutes ago by Dow Jones
    14 minutes ago by Dow Jones
    By Chip Cutter and Emily Glazer
    DAVOS, Switzerland—CEOs and business leaders gathered at the World Economic Forum are feeling increasingly confident about the U.S. economy and the strength of consumer demand, despite protracted conflicts around the world, a looming U.S. election and worries about new trade disruptions.
    The dueling sentiments on display this week reflect hopes of a so-called soft landing in the U.S., as inflation cools and the labor market remains strong. Many leaders also expect the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates this year, potentially opening up more dealmaking and spending.
    “The mood is worried, but positive,” said Martine Ferland, chief executive of the consulting giant Mercer. “It feels to me a bit less threatening from an economic standpoint.”
    On the sidelines of the annual gathering of more than 800 CEOs and chairs, business leaders ticked off their reasons for confidence about the economy. PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta said he is encouraged by what he described as a stabilizing job market and falling prices for some commodities. Honeywell CEO Vimal Kapur noted demand for air travel remains strong. At the mining giant BHP, meanwhile, CEO Mike Henry said the appetite for copper, iron ore and other materials remains high worldwide.
    The concern is that geopolitical events could strain confidence among CEOs and make it harder for companies to run their businesses or ship their products around the world. A series of attacks in recent weeks by Houthi militants on commercial ships passing through the Red Sea showed supply chains remain vulnerable, said Paul Knopp, CEO of KPMG in the U.S.
    There are also elections in more than 60 countries in 2024, impacting roughly half of the global population. Besides the U.S. in November, countries including India, Indonesia and the United Kingdom have elections planned for later this year.
    Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, said the uncertainties are real but the chip maker is well-positioned.
    “Geopolitically, I think it’s going to be a turbulent year,” Gelsinger said. “You have lots of elections going on. We have two active wars in the world that affect supply chains in a meaningful way.”
    Many CEOs say they are engaged in various forms of scenario planning around the U.S. election involving their leadership teams and boards of directors, hoping to devise strategies regardless of what happens in the coming months.
    They are gaming out either another four years of the Biden administration or a second term of former President Donald Trump, who won the Iowa caucuses Monday with the largest margin in the history of the first Republican presidential nominating contest. The outcome of the election could impact government policies, including trade and infrastructure, and the appetite for companies to invest in new projects depending on interest rates.
    On the sidelines in Davos, few CEOs wanted to publicly weigh in on their election predictions, though many said they had been trading notes with peers on possible election outcomes.
    The collective support for Ukraine present at last year’s forum is in the rear view mirror today, as there is growing panic about the U.S. election and the state of U.S. democracy, said Ian Bremmer, political risk expert and president of the Eurasia Group.
    “Europeans in particular, really want to be reassured that the U.S. is not falling apart [or] going to be absent for them,” he said.
    Bremmer said worry about the U.S. extends beyond who voters choose as their next president, listing Congress, the fight over Ukraine funding, the nation’s position on NATO, trade and industrial policy as issues of concern.
    Even with the geopolitical concerns, Sanjiv Bajaj, chairman of Indian financial services behemoth Bajaj Finserv, said he is feeling optimistic about the global economy as the new year kicks off.
    India’s economy in particular has been growing at a robust pace and its stock market has been flying higher, drawing in investors around the globe. Prices of everything from gold to stocks have soared, giving wallets a boost.
    Bankers and financial executives say the big risks, like the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, aren’t priced well into markets, leaving them wary of the potential for sizable drops or dramatic swings in oil and energy prices.
    “I have never seen geopolitics be such a critical, almost decisive, factor,” said JPMorgan Chase’s co-head of global investment banking Viswas Raghavan.
    Expectations of a series of Federal Reserve interest-rate cuts pushed stocks to new heights at the end of 2023. Stocks fell to start the new year but staged a comeback in recent trading days.
    The S&P 500 closed Friday within 0.3% of a record high set just over two years ago. U.S. markets were closed Monday to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
    Still, it’s too soon to breathe a sigh of relief, said Anne Walsh, chief investment officer of Guggenheim Partners Investment Management. She said that though many investors and business leaders have embraced a soft landing, so-called “tail risks” have grown.
    Despite the tumult in the world, a number of CEOs said they remain optimistic.
    “The world crises keep stacking one on top of the other,” said Blake Moret, CEO of industrial automation company Rockwell Automation. “But, for the moment, for the economy, the underlying demand continues to be positive.”
    Gunjan Banerji, Marie Beaudette, David Benoit, Kimberly S. Johnson, Kim Last, Cara Lombardo and James Mackintosh contributed to this article.
    Write to Chip Cutter at [email protected] and Emily Glazer at [email protected]
    Copyright 2024 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.


    • Ukraine Crisis Won’t End Until NATO Push Kiev to Negotiating Table

    Again, there will be NO negotiations about Ukronaziland as far as Russia is concerned

    ‘The Putin’ might do some kabuki for effect and mimic the appearance of ‘negotiations‘ for the Global South and SE Asian audiences, but no, there will be NO negotiations:

    Just TOTAL unconditional surrender

    If I see one more ‘negotiations‘ on Ukronaziland article I’ll puke.

    The Collective West has burned All Its Bridges to Russia.

    With each new provocation and newest outrage Nazilensky commits, Russia just ups the toll to be paid by the West.

    Rolling back NATO-ZATO to 1991 boundaries is my favorite Russian condition for ‘peace’.

    The NeoConJobs will burst a brain vessel when that one sinks in as a condition.

    As it stands, Ukronaziland is going to be landlocked with no Black Sea access.

    So sad :>(

    When Russia goes through and links up with Transnistria, they will be that much closer to building a land bridge with Hungary and Serbia. Sweet.

    A Big Middle Finger poking the Bosom of Old Eurotardistan!



    Meanwhile the MediaMaggots will continue to spew fantasy articles about ‘negotiations‘ like Dorothy clicking her Ruby Slippers together and wishing that there’s no place like home.


    said to be twenty times deadlier than Covid-19
    Hmmph. Good thing Covid wasn’t all that deadly. 20 times a very small number, nearly zero, is still a small number, close to zero.


    The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps pounded the Mossad headquarters in Erbil, Iraq
    Dozens of ballistic missiles are launched and drone strikes are reported
    The News has been confirmed by the IRGC
    Four killed in IRGC attack on Erbil: KRG
    Iranian missiles in Erbil leave civilian casualties

    According to Kurdish sources, IRGC blew up a dinner of a businessman with his family and visiting relatives from US.

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – In the late hours of Monday, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched 10 ballistic missiles towards the Kurdistan Region’s capital Erbil, under the pretext of targeting “spy headquarters” of anti-Iran groups, killing at least four and wounding 17 others.

    The attack, launched at around 11:30 Monday evening, targeted Erbil’s Pirmam road and Khanzad area. At least five of the missiles targeted the residence of Peshraw Dizayee, a well-known Kurdish businessman.

    Dizayee a well-known Kurdish businessman and the owner of Falcon Group which runs major projects such as Empire World, succumbed to his injuries around 1:00 am on Tuesday. The attack also claimed the life of his young daughter Zhina, just ten days before her first birthday.

    Dizayee’s wife Hana Jutyar,7-year-old son Rawan, 26-year-old Rozh, and one of their housekeepers were wounded in the attack. Rozh has reportedly lost one of his hands in the attack. One housekeeper also died as a result of the strike.

    Karam Mikhail, a Baghdadi businessman and owner of Rayyan al-Iraq Group, who was attending a social gathering at Dizayee’s house, was also killed in the attack.“


    MOSSAD and US were not present at the family dinner.

    Posted by: robinthehood | Jan 16 2024
    US to send 1,500 troops to Syria and Iraq
    Multiple factions in the region have been conducting operations in an attempt to kick US troops out of the region
    JAN 15, 2024

    Within the latter half of 2023, the US sent a wave of 2,500 soldiers to Syria and deployed over 900 soldiers to Iraq on two separate occasions. The deployment of these soldiers was to protect US interests against “Iran-affiliated forces.”

    According to Axios, the US military presence in the region reached about 45,400 as of October 2023. The majority is in Kuwait, with 13,500; followed by Bahrain at 9,000; and Qatar at 8,000.

    The US deployment into Syria and Iraq to combat ISIS raises questions. According to the US State Department, ISIS attacks in Syria have decreased by 68 percent and 80 percent in Iraq when comparing 2023 to 2022.

    The Cradle’s Robert Inlakesh has said that this push by the US is to keep hold of its dominance in the region.

    “To maintain the dominance of the collective west over the region, the immediate hurdle is overcoming the influences of Iran and Russia. This is why the occupation of roughly a third of Syrian territory by the US and its proxies, along with the imposition of deadly sanctions on Damascus, has become crucial in undermining the strength of its adversaries,” Inlakesh said.

    Iranian and Russian forces in Syria have been coordinating with the specific aim of forcing Washington’s troops to eventually withdraw from the country.

    Meanwhile, various Iraqi resistance forces have said they will continue to fight the US until they withdraw from their nation’s borders.

    Kataib Hezbollah spokesman Abu Ali al-Askari has previously said that the group’s operations against the US occupation will continue until the last soldier is removed from Iraq.


    The Guardian provides a stage for Clinton tool Sidney Blumenthal.

    The Guardian sub-headline is:

    After the civil war, Klansmen were prosecuted – and Confederate traitors forced from office – by the same laws Trump has now run afoul of

    Guardian journalists do not know how to construct a sentence in English. That is the only conclusion a person educated in the grammar of the English language could come to after reading such an abortion of a sentence. The Guardian presents itself as a mainstream newspaper, it is published in the United Kingdom, it is poor and requires contributions from the government; is this because it cannot even write English? Maybe King Dickhead can teach them how to write his language, but I am not holding my breath.

    Dr D Rich

    No to this Victor DH:

      “..Both have made a mockery of their indictment of an ex-president and, if the allegations are true, will be disbarred and prosecuted..”

    The only reason Fani and Her Guy might “receive just justice” will be if they’re ritually sacrificed on some public altar AND that is more likely for them than the gentle treatment accorded insider ATTORNEYS Mark Elias and Kevin Clinesmith. Judge Boasberg pays to have friends fix these issues or some similar judicial rule.

      Indeed, Karabel opens the final chapter of his book by…noting the extreme irony that the WASP demographic group which had once so completely dominated America’s elite universities and “virtually all the major institutions of American life” had by 2000 become “a small and beleaguered minority at Harvard,” being actually fewer in number than the Jews whose presence they had once sought to restrict

    I imagine Fani sings these Three Dog Night/Leo Sayer lyrics to Her man

      Baby, although I chose this lonely life
      It seems it’s strangling me now
      All the wild men, big cigars, gigantic cars
      They’re all laughing at me now

      Oh, I’ve been used, ooh, used (ooh used)
      I’ve been a fool, oh, what a fool (oh what a fool)
      I broke all the rules, oh, yeah (all the rules)
      But I (must let the show go on)


    The UK is set to deploy around 20,000 service members

    So all the forces personnel plus some mercenaries. I am sure this will make the NHS vaccine killers proud. Best just cook up a curry and keep the big chief indian happy.


    Executive Summary
    War On Gaza – Iran Demonstrates Its Means Of Self-defense


    I’ve tried to post a bunch of pictures of small hydro generators that you can throw in a river or hook up to a hose sized input, along with ones optimized for 2mph flow, but the website just won’t let it post. They are out there though in various sizes.

    I think a tower or uphill water “storage” could work as a capacitor as opposed to power storage, to smooth out wind based power without use of chemical batteries – if you had a bank of physical windmills – like the water pump windmills used in the 30’s – pumping water into a tower or uphill reservoir, with a pipe with many small inline turbines, it seems like that should work and the reasons it shouldn’t work would have to do with the solutions that don’t work not being optimized for the task.

    I don’t see how you have a losing proposition against thermodynamics with windmills filling an uphill reservoir. How does the windmill pumping water suck power from the dam?!?


    Nearly 1 watt (at 11:47) being generated with a rain gutter with a single turbine on a DIY setup not optimized for the application.

    U.S. Navy seizes more than 2,000 AK-47s likely bound for Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen

    Re: The two missing Navy Seals who were boarding a foreign boat.

    It turns out that the US and “other allied nations” work together to counter piracy on the high seas. This involves US Seal teams roaming around international waters, targeting vessels that seem “suspect” and then clandestinely sending some of the Seal team over to said “suspect” vessel. They then stealthily board the suspect vessel, take it over, demand to see credentials, and inspect the cargo. If they find weapons of some sort heading to a country that the US does not like, they seize the cargo and the ship.

    The US calls this “interdiction”. If some other country did this to a US ship, we’d call it piracy and/or an act of war. I’m not sure where the US and its allied countries get the authority to simply board and seize the ships from other nations while they travel about the oceans. Nor do I know how it has come to be that it’s okay for the US to sell – or give – armament to any country they chose, while at the same time calling it “illegal” for other countries to sell arms to each other, but this is how things are.

    At the following link, you can read about two ships the US stopped (one in Dec and one in Jan). The US took the cargo, and in the case of the vessel they boarded in Dec, they sank the boat afterwards. The US claims that these vessels are engaging in “maritime activities that impede freedom of navigation or compromise regional security”.

    The current case – the two missing Seals – is pretty much the same story. Below are some quotes from an article with more details on this particular pirating mission. This shit has got to be against international law, not to mention the height of hypocrisy. We sell and deliver arms all over the planet and if anyone tried to stop our deliveries, we’d bomb them to hell and gone and call it justified.

    The two U.S. Navy SEALs missing at sea off the coast of Somalia were on a mission chasing shipments of Iranian-made weapons bound for Yemen, a U.S. official confirmed to Fox News.

    The SEALs were attempting to board a ship they suspected was falsely flagged that could have been smuggling weapons, the U.S. official said, though it’s unclear if any weapons were located. The revelation comes amid reports that the SEALs went missing after conducting a nighttime interdiction mission Thursday off the coast of Somalia.

    […] “As far as we know, that search is still ongoing for those – for those two sailors that are in the water,” Kirby said. “This was not related to the strikes in Yemen. This was normal interdiction operations that we’ve been conducting for some time to try to disrupt that flow of weapons supplies to Yemen. So it’s not related to the strikes that we took against the Houthis.”

    […] The U.S. Navy has conducted regular interdiction missions, where they have intercepted weapons on ships that were bound for Houthi-controlled Yemen. […]

    Posted by: teri | Jan 16 2024 15:51 utc | 76

    John Day


    Atlas Day Eller came a month early to share Martin’s birthday.

    John Day

    Hope After All

    Paul Craig Roberts has today’s words of cheer:. There is Hope After All
    As long as the media and official narratives keep people in The Matrix, nothing can be done. Movies such as V for Vendetta and The Matrix have made this clear.
    But today I bring you good news. After a conversation with a friend today, I can tell you that it is in the collapse of the system where hope resides. As every aspect of the system is corrupt, collapse is the corrective. The ruling elites have miscalculated. By bringing about the collapse, the elites are collapsing their own power. Collapse brings reset, not the World Economic Forum’s, but the peoples’ reset.

    There is Hope After All

    Charles Hugh Smith has timeless wisdom for human preppers: Self-Reliance, Taoism and the Warring States
    Because the best protection isn’t a 30-room bunker; it’s having 30 people who care about you.

    Lloyd Austin has reportedly been released from the hospital. I don’t find anything which could be a recent photograph, though, still old stock images.

    Thanks Kelly. “Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.” How to Escape the Matrix
    Tips for recognizing false or probably false representations of what is going on.
    ​ Congress NEVER subpoenas Professor Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill. To understand the truth of the matter, one need only read the 2015 paper titled A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence by Veneet Menachery, Zhengli-Li Shi, Ralph Baric, et al. This study plainly states that the authors conducted Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses in order to make them infectious to primary human airway epithelial cells and succeeded in their endeavor.
    ​ Likewise, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and the World Economic Forum often tell the world about their schemes. For almost fifteen years, Bill Gates repeatedly stated his ambition to vaccinate all of humanity as frequently as possible. In 2010 he declared, “We must make this the decade of vaccines.”

    Dr D Rich

    Xymphora courtesy:

      Outrageous facts have come to light about the murder of journalist Gonzalo Lira: The American, who was tortured to death in SIZO, a Kiev pre-trial detention center in a special wing controlled by the SBU, was the victim of extortionists. SIZO employees and an SBU agent extorted $250,000 from Gonzalo for a change of preventive treatment. The vice-consul of the US embassy, who dealt with the problems of Lira, knew about the blackmail and twice wrote a statement to the SBU and the OP. As a result, the extortionists began demanding $500,000 for Lira’s transfer at his own expense.
    John Day

    After 100 days, Netanyahu vows to continue Gaza killing
    In a speech on 13 January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin said not even the International Court of Justice in The Hague would stop Israel from continuing its war on Gaza, which has killed some 23,900 Palestinians, including 10,000 children, so far.
    “No one will stop us — not The Hague, not the Axis of Evil, and no one else. It is possible and necessary to continue until victory, and we will do it.”

    Political Survival Now Netanyahu’s ‘Real Objective’ as Gaza War Enters Day 101

    ​ Alastair Crooke , Thanks F.S. Gut Feelings Make for Strategic Errors – U.S. Lured Into Battlescape in Gaza, Yemen and Now Iraq
    ​ China and Russia have been remarkably quiet, watching carefully the global tectonic plates shifting around in response to the ‘two wars’ (Ukraine and Israel’s ‘multiwar’). Really it is not surprising; both states can sit back to simply watch Biden and his team persist with their strategic mistakes in Ukraine and in Israel’s multiple wars…
    ​..In 2010, when Netanyahu infuriated Obama with a major settlement expansion while Biden was in Israel; Peter Beinart reported that whilst Biden and team wanted to handle the dispute privately, the Obama camp took an entirely different route: Secretary Clinton gave Netanyahu 24 hours to respond, warning: “If you do not comply – it might have unprecedented consequences on the bilateral relations – of the kind never seen before.”
    ​ “Biden was soon in touch with a stunned Netanayhu … Biden completely undercut the Secretary of State [Clinton] and gave [Netanyahu] a strong indication that whatever was being planned in Washington was hotheadedness – and [that] he could defuse it when he got back”.
    ​ When Clinton saw the transcript, she “realized she’d been thrown under the bus” by Biden, one official said. Beinart concluded:​ “that during a critical period early in the Obama administration, when the White House contemplated exerting real pressure on Netanyahu to keep the possibility of a Palestinian state alive, Biden did more than any other cabinet-level official to shield Netanyahu from that pressure”.
    ​ Clearly such accounts put Biden to being viscerally to the Right of some in Netanyahu’s War Cabinet – “We’re not going to do a damn thing other than protect Israel,” Biden said at a fundraiser this December; “Not a single thing”.​…
    ​..What of the Washington Post report on Sunday that Biden has tasked his staff with preventing all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah?
    That report – clearly purposefully leaked – was likely intended rather, to inoculate the U.S. from blame for complicity, should war in the North break out.​..
    ..The key to understanding the complexity for launching military action in Lebanon lies with the need to view it from a wider perspective: From the perspective of the neo-cons, confronting Hizbullah invokes the pros and cons of a broader U.S. ‘war’ with Iran. Such a conflict would involve different and more explosive geopolitical and strategic aspects since both China and Russia are in strategic partnership with Iran…
    ..Perhaps the most daunting and ominous thing about an Israeli-Hezbollah military confrontation is its apparent inevitability, Pinkas concludes:​ “The sense that it is a foregone conclusion. In the absence of a mutually agreed upon and durable political agreement, and given Hezbollah’s raison d’être and Iran’s regional motivations, such a war may be just a matter of time”.

    Gut Feelings Make for Strategic Errors – U.S. Lured Into Battlescape in Gaza, Yemen and Now Iraq

    ​ Israel and the U.S. Are Already Feeling the Weight of Houthi Justice
    ​ For better or worse, the Houthis are the only political and military force doing anything practical to demand that Israel pay for its acts. And despite the attack on their territory, we can already say with certainty, that the Ansar Allah movement and the pro-Palestinian resistance, in general, will be strengthened by this event. Were it not for a rebel movement, made up of poor people living in great hardship, no other country in the region would do anything to bring some moral justice, however little, to this whole process. As they say, whoever has a lot, has the most to lose. Only the poor give what they need and this is a good example of that.​..
    ..Since the goods that Israel receives by sea and from Asia can come from the Red Sea without having to go through the Suez Canal, the port of Eilat is absolutely strategic for the country’s economic stability. And without economic stability, wars can’t be won.​..
    ..With effort, the U.S. managed to get its team together. We couldn’t have expected anything other than what happened on January 12th, namely the attack on Yemen and in particular on the Houthi forces…
    ..But the truth is that the Houthi had already won. We all remember the messages from Blinken or Biden during their frequent visits to the Zionist state: we can’t let the conflict spread to the Middle East, they said. Well, although this attack avoids the worst, which is to ensure that Israel doesn’t get involved on several fronts, so that it can carry out its plan for Gaza with impunity and calmly, the fact is that, at the moment, a new front of conflict has just been opened, which adds to the other fires that the U.S. already has in hand, and it is not yet clear how it will end.​..
    ..For the time being, the Houthi have already given us something, demanding a higher price from Israel for their actions, unmasking the nature of American support for Zionism and showing the world, once again, that Western nations arrogate to themselves the right to attack wherever and whenever they want, without any backing in international law, without the mantle of the UN, without even having been provoked. Since it was Israel that was provoked.

    Israel and the U.S. Are Already Feeling the Weight of Houthi Justice

    ​It looks like “The Resistance” are settling for bleeding the US Navy of expensive missiles against cheap drones for the moment. Attrition.
    Shell Becomes Latest To Suspend Red Sea Shipments After Two Fresh Houthi Attacks On Tankers

    John Day

    Shell Becomes Latest To Suspend Red Sea Shipments After Two Fresh Houthi Attacks On Tankers

    How Israeli forces trapped and killed ravers at the Nova Festival
    New evidence points to Israeli security forces, not Hamas, for causing the most fatalities at the music festival – civilian deaths that were then utilized to justify Tel Aviv’s Gaza genocide.

    Professor Anthony Hall , The Canadian Government Joins the Génocidaires Standing Against the Justice-Minded South Africans
    Trudeau’s Lies and Crimes and Failures Run Far Deeper Than Racism.

    The “collapse” of our inflexible economic format, which Paul Craig Roberts mentions, can be understood as a process of decay which has long been underway.
    I have read this description of the engineering cutbacks at Boeing 21 years ago leading the company down the road to perdition. Boeing used to be an engineer-managed company, which fully comprehended the complexities of aircraft design and production. A lot of engineering has been outsourced since then, and corners cut.

    Monopoly status is good for profits and bad for products. Thanks Dan. It’s Time to Nationalize and Then Break Up Boeing , Matt Stoller
    If America wants to make civilian airplanes here, the government must step in, take over Boeing, and then design a competitive industry.

    John Day

    Boeing Slides After Wells Fargo Believes FAA 737 Max Audit “Won’t Be Clean”
    Considering it’s an aircraft that was “designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys.”

    Josh Mittledorf starts with a book review, then fills in what the book left out, clearly and succinctly. Good comments do more filling out.
    The Wuhan Cover-up Cover-up , review of RFK Jr’s new book

    Steve Kirsch , New Medicare data makes it clear that the COVID vaccines have killed millions of people worldwide

    US Seeks Funds for New Bioweapons Projects From Clinton, Soros, Rockefeller Foundations

    A study published Wednesday in Environmental Health Perspectives identified 921 chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer and found that 90% are ubiquitous in consumer products, food and drinks, pesticides, medications and workplaces.
    More than 900 chemicals commonly found in consumer products and the environment have been linked to breast cancer risk in a new study.
    The study, published Wednesday in Environmental Health Perspectives, identified 921 chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer and found that 90% are ubiquitous in consumer products, food and drinks, pesticides, medications and workplaces.
    The list includes chemicals like parabens and phthalates, which are commonly found in makeup, skin and hair care products; and numerous pesticide ingredients, including malathion, atrazine and triclopyr, which are used on food and in household pest control products in the U.S.
    Breast cancer among young women has increased in recent years.

    900+ Common Chemicals Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

    John Day

    Watch: ‘Mothers Have to Resist’: Scientist Warns Against RSV Shots for Newborns
    French scientist and author Hélène Banoun, Ph.D., joined “The Defender In-Depth” this week to discuss what the data show about the safety signals associated with monoclonal antibodies administered to newborns for the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

    Watch: ‘Mothers Have to Resist’: Scientist Warns Against RSV Shots for Newborns

    Maddow Melts Down Over “Rise Of Fascism”; Joy Reid Says Trump Iowa Caucus Landslide Proves White Christians Are Racists

    ​MLK Honored By Murderers, My blog post from 1/18/21

    The Markster

    Testing to see if I can post. Last 4 or 5 attempts since Thanksgiving or so were foiled with cloudfare scans or other similar messages. Today ALL the video or image links at the bottom of the page have a square frowning face icon in a grey field. Forbidden content screened by the Ministry of Truth?

    Gas is only $3.35 or so here in Southern Oregon right now, the lowest in a long time but nobody comments. 9th circuit court just threw a monkey wrench in city efforts to curtail homeless camping in parks and on sidewalks. My monthly letters to OR officials blasting them for Covid authoritarianism and harms reached 35 yesterday, I am getting better and artsier as time goes by. Feels lately like at least some of the mama bear Team Hillary types not in bed with the teachers unions, OHA or medical industrial complex might be slowly waking up now, as their leftist children and social media feeds blow up with chants about Bloody Blinken and Genocide Joe, and people of all stripes being debilitated by nonstop persistent colds and flu.

    The heart aches for community, and even fantasy island guests are growing weary of the party now. It wants to fall apart and lay down for a rest. The No Hate signs in the front yard no longer working their charms on the youngsters.

    If this gets through, wishing all the TAE regulars a happy and adventurous 2024. Ain’t life grand? ☮️

    D Benton Smith

    The West is sinking fast, so expect the rats to proclaim glorious victory in the daytime and abandon ship under cover of darkness that same night.

    Ever wonder where fleeing rats flee to? To the places that aren’t sinking, of course. Preferably the places that are floating highest. In fact, most of the vermin have scampered over to the other side already. Some reckon to build their new house of BRICS, and some of them are even running for President, virtue signaling about about how bad the rats have been….. while jockeying for the positions of top rat. If we let the turn-coats get away with it they’ll strip that one ’til it sinks, too.

    A government either puts the real and actual welfare of the people first, or it puts itself first, in which case it will do to the people whatever it takes to maintain itself as the government that lives off of its slaves. I think this is pretty visible at the moment

    The real and actual condition of the people at the bottom of the pyramid are the only true measure of the value of the government. If they are desperately unhappy starving slaves then their government is an abysmal failure no matter how “rich and powerful” the top of the pyramid brags itself to be.


    @jb-hb re: turbines and such

    Yes, neat! Thanks. The tiny turbines are great. For the other direction, I was thinking medical peristaltic pumps, like you see in blood transfusion setups.

    Water, though, should be the most distant storage. It’s logistics, and is (surprisingly) analogous to computer architecture, too. The slower, less consistent of delivery, should be at the back of the room. Water can be pumped and drained if it isn’t frozen, or if the plumbing hasn’t been chewed through by varmint. Sun can be ‘pumped’ when it’s not cloudy. Etc etc. Batteries are pretty much always ready, as long as they have the charge, so should be the closest to point of work.

    The feeder systems should always keep the batteries topped off, and draw from the batteries. Feeders are hydro, solar, wind, steam, thermal, diesel, draft horse, energetic children (or adults!).

    Also, if possible, 2 FULL BANKS OF BATTERIES!!! A/B switch. Maybe even co-located. Think about that fir tree next to the shed, and what’ll happen at -40*C some dark stormy night.


    When my mom had ’50 acres of pinyon pines’ she was required by the county to keep a 5000gal (20kl) storage tank for fire safety. Odd thing was, after doing the survey to build a tank and well on the high ground, they discovered the site was slightly too rich in uranium. It was only a few ppm more than the drinking well downhill, and couldn’t be certified drinkable. So, mom could’ve maybe added ‘atomic pile’ as a steam source! HAHA!!


    Iran attack with pictures


    Elon Musk:

    Destroying Freedom of Speech Means Destroying Democracy

    “The Irish government wants to pass a law that could see you or your loved ones jailed for possession of memes, cartoons or any content that could be deemed “hateful”.

    The Bill includes no definition of hate and is wide open to abuse by bad actors.

    The Irish are as stupid as a big burlap bag of donkey dung.

    The old joke was that the English always referred to the Welsh as “the Irish who couldn’t swim….”

    Well, I sincerely hope the Irish are once again enslaved and persecuted by English.

    No, NOT by “The English”

    I mean English the Language.

    And it’s ability to define current Reality

    The Irish can barely speak the King’s English but the language, English, is going to be used against them to define “hateful” words.



    “My pint at the pub seemed off, too bitter or some-ting'”



    Off to the Nick Mick!


    Joyce and Yeats are rollin’ in their graves….



    Speaking from experience forget wind turbines all together. You’re a bit further north than I am so I’m going to guess you’ll have three months of less than optimal weather for PV. How ever it will be more reliable by several magnitudes over wind. Using a good generator as supplemental power to run your home and battery charger at the same time is the only way through. Well you could do the Tibetan monk thing for a few months of the year. Keeping your panels close enough to the ground so you can sweep the snow off is recommended also. Any big power draws like range or dryer need to be gas as well. My water heater is gas as well. Heats the water on demand so no standing tank of hot water. We have a dishwasher as well. We run the washer and dishwasher on sunny days after the charging cycle has made it to absorption in the charging cycle, or are confident it will make it to absorption. Wind turbines are a bust at any size. There were a number of wind turbines in my area installed around the same time I took the bait. They ranged in size from .5kw to 20kw and there are no to be seen now, besides the big monstrosities that are .gov supported. I suspect they are there due entirely to subsidy. “Too cheap to meter” ha if we could harness the heat from that bit of hot air we’d be in business.

    D Benton Smith

    Looking at Gaza and the Red Sea in particular, and the Muslim nations force-backed (but calm and measured) responses, are a pretty good clue that The US and Israel are in the early stages of getting the Ukraine treatment. In other words, a protracted war of attrition bleeding them dry because it is too important to let walk away from, too threatening to ignore, and too outgunned to win. Ukraine took three years. I think this one will be a lot shorter than that.

    Good time to take Russian and Mandarin language classes. Bad time to be part of the Zionist Cabal.


    @ Zerosum @ 150515

    I posted that comment over at Moonofalabama earlier today and just signed in to post it here as well, only to see you have already done that for me.

    When those two Navy Seals went missing, I got curious about the strange wording of some of the articles. This led me to read quite a few articles about the subject and eventually some of the writers started being more open about the circumstances. Until now, I had no idea we (the US) were doing this sort of thing. All I can figure is that the people at the top of the pile no longer care if everyone knows about our lawlessness; they are openly bragging about these actions.

    I’m probably the only one who finds it shocking and noteworthy, but then I tend to be less blasé about our slide into chaos and criminality than a lot of people.


    I agree

    The world has watched “The Putin” and his slow deliberate attrition of Ukronaziland.

    His inner lawyer makes him serve revenge as a very, very cold dish.

    The Global South, the Middle East, South America and Asia are watching and thinking:

    “Damn, that’s MMA-licious

    Russia’s has already equaled the Collective West in every measure of Purchasing Power Equity and has a GDP that will grow 4% this year with an almost perfectly balanced budget and very low government debt.

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation is 34 trillion in the crapper, massively unbalanced budget and new debt.

    Russia is servicing the SMO with 3% of it’s budget

    Empire of Lies has a Military Industrial Mafia extorting 25% of the national budget and produces horseshit, asswipe ‘weapons’, if you can even call them that.

    Putin’s approach is becoming a Gold Standard

    Biden’s approach is becoming an old man turd.

    D Benton Smith


    About that Atlas Day Eller addition to the family, smart kid. Knows how to pick Grandparents.


    @jb-hb “Nearly 1 watt ” I would need 3000 of those running for three hours a day every day to run the home and keep the battery bank topped and that is assuming they generate 50amps per hour as well. It’s great that folks here keep finding these little miracles that are on offer out there in the consumer world. I’ve been living this for almost two decades and have yet to see anything that will work on the small demand we have, which is at least a quarter of what our most efficient neighbours use. But hey wtf do I know? Our home needs 300 continuous watts to just idle, mostly refrigeration, so no water drawn no lights running and no battery charging. That’s the starting point. No disrespect to anyone here but the shit that’s published out there is sales oriented. In my experience it never comes close to as advertised. In my neck of the woods just throwing a small hydro turbine in a stream or river to get power would land you in court with a bunch of different charges by various .gov departments environment and fisheries both fed and state, so there’s that as well to consider. Penalties vary but they’re game stoppers of the sell up to pay kind.


    Idunno why we don’t use more dumb physical buffering when it comes to power.

    Like for refrigerator and freezer – why not only chest configuration, why not 1, heck, why not 2 foot thick insulation with some serious thermal mass inside the insulation? Like, seemingly ridiculous amounts of thermal mass. (iron ingots, weights from weight sets bought off craigslist and garage sales, whatever) Why not, it’s your freezer/refrigerator. Like fine, shut off the power for a month no problem. Keep one freezer just full of thermal mass, in emergencies transfer an ingot/weight to the chest refrigerator every now and then.

    With that setup, periodic wind, no batteries, should work. Or periodic storing/releasing water through generator.


    The Duran

    Fantasy Davos peace talks. Ukraine raising $300B reparation bonds

    Well the Empire of Lies wants to permanently destroy it’s already tattered international reputation by stealing 300 Billion in ‘frozen’ Russian assets.

    Funny it’s the same 300b number as Davos

    There will be NO reparations because there will be NO Ukronaziland

    Gone with the Wind

    Starring: Volodymyr Nazilnsky in Drag as Scarlett


    and Vladimir Putin as Rhett Butler

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