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Trump Scores Major Election Victory (RT)
Lawfare Against Trump Is Running Out of Gas (Victor Davis Hanson)
Jan. 6 Committee Helped Guide Early Days Of Georgia Trump Probe (Pol.)
Prosecutors Are Charging Trump Using Laws Made To Fight The KKK (G.)
Ukraine Crisis Won’t End Until NATO Push Kiev to Negotiating Table (Sp.)
Zelensky Rejected Favorable Peace Deal With Russia – Arestovich (RT)
Moscow Slams Bild Report of Preparations for ‘NATO-Russia War’ (Sp.)
US Seeks Funds for Bioweapons Projects From Private Foundations (Sp.)
Israel and the U.S. Are Already Feeling the Weight of Houthi Justice (Dionisio)
US Lured Into Battlescape in Gaza, Yemen and Now Iraq (Alastair Crooke)
Red Sea Tensions May Become ‘Impossible To Contain’ – UN (RT)
UK To Send 20,000 Troops To NATO Exercise (RT)
Mega-Poll Predicts Disaster For Tories – But Reality Could Be Even Worse (G.)
Cheers to You, WEFers of Davos! (Kunstler)
‘Say it Nicer’: Hunter Makes a Familiar Last-Minute Offer to Congress (Turley)





Israel is finished- Macgregor



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Elon Musk:
Destroying freedom of speech means destroying democracy







Historic numbers.

Trump Scores Major Election Victory (RT)

Former President Donald Trump won a landslide victory in the first Republican primary of the 2024 presidential race, taking home three times more delegates than his closest opponent and over 50% of the popular vote. With more than 95% of the votes counted following Monday’s caucus in Iowa, Trump had 51% of the electorate and 19 delegates, far ahead of Republican rivals Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, who earned 21.3% and 19.1% respectively. DeSantis won eight delegates and remained in second place, while Haley scored seven. As the race came to a close late in the evening, Trump penned a social media post thanking his supporters in Iowa, writing “I LOVE YOU ALL!” The victory comes on the heels of favorable polling for the frontrunner, with an NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom survey giving him an almost 30-point advantage over the other candidates.

While the same poll put former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in second place, the number two spot went to DeSantis, Florida’s current governor. Before heading home, Haley hurled a veiled criticism at Trump, telling supporters “If you want to move forward with no more vendettas, if you want to move forward with a sense of hope, join us in this caucus.” GOP newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy, meanwhile, came in fourth with 7.7% of the vote, but won no delegates. Trump’s win in Iowa follows significant campaigning in the state, vastly outdoing his showing in the 2016 race, which Texas Senator Ted Cruz ultimately won. According to the Associated Press, Trump’s team “paid special attention to building a sophisticated digital and data operation to regularly engage with potential supporters.”

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“..Both have made a mockery of their indictment of an ex-president and, if the allegations are true, will be disbarred and prosecuted..”

Lawfare Against Trump Is Running Out of Gas (Victor Davis Hanson)

We should dispense with the tired narrative that four conscientious state and federal prosecutors—independently and without contact with the Biden White House or the radical Democrats in Congress—all came to the same disinterested conclusions that Donald Trump should be indicted for various crimes and put on trial during the campaign season of 2024. The prosecutors began accelerating their indictments only once Trump started to lead incumbent Joe Biden by sizable margins in head-to-head polls. Moreover, had Trump not run for the presidency, or had he been of the same party as most of the four prosecutors, he would have never been indicted by any of them. Yet now they are in a doom loop of discovering that the more they seek to rush to judgment before the election and gag Trump from speaking publicly about these star-chamber proceedings, the more he rises in the polls.

In truth, each succeeding cycle of corrupt leftwing lawfare that ends in failure—the Russian collusion hoax, the weaponized first impeachment, trying ex-president Trump in the Senate as a private citizen, the laptop disinformation set-up, the Alfa bank ping caper, the pathetic attempt to erase Trump from state ballots, and the unfolding Fani Willis moral debacle—does not return things to zero. Rather, they serve as force multipliers for each other. Each overreach geometrically increases the dangers to democracy, ever more turns the public off, and ironically cascades sympathy and poll numbers for the very target of their paranoias. Some of the prosecutors have colluded with White House lawyers and congressional liaisons. Some had run for office, offering campaign promises to get Trump convicted for something or other.

Now, after years of delays and deadends, all four are rushing to synchronize their trial dates to ensure that the front-running Trump is on the docket daily and not out on the 2024 campaign trail. Do we recall when leftist legal eagles claimed that of all the iffy Trump indictments, Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis had the best case against Trump? The phone call, we were told, was proof of “election interference.” It was Willis who got the first Trump “mug shot.” It was Willis, we were assured, who got Trump with the goods on tape, begging election officials to “find” the requisite missing votes that would prove his victory (note that he did not say “invent” the votes but to look for a supposedly existing trove of them). And now Willis’s signature case is in shambles.

We learn, allegedly, that 1) Willis hired her stealth boyfriend Nathan Wade as a special counsel, the day before he filed for divorce (whose records were then mysteriously sealed by the court); 2) that Wade so far has received over $650,000 as special counsel, reportedly including a miraculous ability to charge for 24 hours of continuous legal service in a single day; 3) that Willis and Wade allegedly have used her greenlighted windfall to him to go on a number of pricey junkets and cruises; 4) that to try an ex-president and the leading candidate in the 2024 presidential election, Willis picked Wade who had never tried a single felony case and was previously a “personal injury/accident” lawyer; 5) that the supposedly apolitical Willis had consulted with the January 6 partisan congressional special committee, while Wade had met for marathon meetings with the Biden White House legal counsel (and apparently billed Georgia taxpayers for receiving such federal tutorials).

The legal community’s initial dismissal of this sordid prosecutor’s office is reminiscent of the immediate efforts to downplay Claudine Gay’s plagiarism. But the charade will eventually end the same way, in this case with the resignation and likely indictment of the prosecutor, along with her boyfriend, who concocted quite a scheme at the expense of the taxpayers. Both have made a mockery of their indictment of an ex-president and, if the allegations are true, will be disbarred and prosecuted.

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Politico acts like this is normal.

Jan. 6 Committee Helped Guide Early Days Of Georgia Trump Probe (Pol.)

Georgia prosecutors probing Donald Trump’s effort to subvert the 2020 election got an early boost in the spring of 2022. It came from another set of investigators who were way ahead of them: the House Jan. 6 select committee. Committee staff quietly met with lawyers and agents working for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in mid-April 2022, just as she prepared to convene a special grand jury investigation. In the previously unreported meeting, the Jan. 6 committee aides let the district attorney’s team review — but not keep — a limited set of evidence they had gathered. Over the next few months, committee staff also had a series of phone calls with Willis’ team. They answered the prosecutors’ questions and shared insight on matters like Trump’s false electors gambit and his efforts to pressure Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Both of those ploys ultimately featured prominently in the criminal charges that Willis brought against Trump and his allies last summer. The contacts between the committee and Willis’ team also helped prosecutors prepare for interviews with key witnesses. The content of the meetings and calls was described by two former committee officials familiar with the outreach, who were granted anonymity to speak candidly about the contacts. The timing was corroborated by exhibits attached to new court filings in Willis’ ongoing prosecution of Trump and 14 co-defendants for their efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The committee aided Willis’ nascent probe even as it rebuffed the Justice Department’s requests for material in the separate federal criminal probe of Trump’s election subversion.

At the time, one reason the committee was more inclined to cooperate with the Fulton County team than with the federal prosecutors was that federal prosecutors might have been required to disclose the evidence in ongoing criminal cases related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. When congressional Republicans recently pressed Willis to disclose her team’s contacts with the Jan. 6 committee, she refused, calling their inquiry an affront to “well-established principles of federalism and separation of powers.” “You cannot — and will not — be provided access to any non-public information about this,” she wrote to the House Judiciary Committee last month in a letter obtained by POLITICO. Jan. 6 committee chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) had previously described “staff-level contacts” between his panel and Fulton County prosecutors. In early April 2022 — nearly two weeks before the panel’s staff met with Willis’ team — Thompson told reporters he wasn’t aware of how extensive those contacts were. And on Wednesday, Thompson told POLITICO that he did not know about the in-person visit that spring.

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The Guardian provides a stage for Clinton tool Sidney Blumenthal.

Prosecutors Are Charging Trump Using Laws Made To Fight The KKK (G.)

On Tuesday, in response to the federal case brought by special prosecutor Jack Smith over Trump’s alleged role in the January 6 insurrection, Trump threatened a new round of violence – or “bedlam” – if he loses the election. In early February, the US supreme court will also rule on the Colorado supreme court’s decision to disqualify Trump from the state’s ballot for his part in the insurrection. The two cases might appear to be disconnected, but they are inseparable in law and history. They are united by Congress’s Reconstruction-era action to enforce the 14th amendment’s extension of constitutional rights against the former Confederates’ campaign of racial and political violence – the Ku Klux Klan Acts of 1870 and 1871.

Smith has indicted Trump under the KKK Act, which incorporates the 14th amendment, section 3, of the constitution. The Colorado court’s disqualification comes under the third section of the amendment, which disqualifies from office anyone who has engaged in insurrection against the United States. There are clear and compelling reasons why Trump has been indicted under the KKK Act and disqualified under the 14th amendment, section 3. Those reasons are stated in the indictments and court rulings. Trump has been charged on the same grounds that Klansmen were prosecuted, not only during Reconstruction but also during the civil rights era of the 1960s, and he has been removed from the ballot on the same basis as Confederate traitors were removed from elective office. Complacent commentators have dismissed the charges that Trump has brought on himself, hoping to calm the waters by vainly demonstrating their fair-mindedness. But the law is not somnambulant forever and the historical reality underlying it cannot be erased as it was in the aftermath of the dismantling of Reconstruction in a ‘lost cause’ of false conciliation.

[..] Striking at former Confederates who were commanding the Klan, the act then prescribed imprisonment of “any person who shall hereafter knowingly accept or hold any office under the United States, or any State to which he is ineligible under the third section of the fourteenth article of amendment of the Constitution of the United States … ” Under the KKK Act, Grant’s attorney general, Amos Akerman, successfully prosecuted more than 1,100 cases against members of the Klan, effectively breaking it up. In the 1872 campaign, a large faction of the national Republican party opposed the KKK Act and advocated reconciliation with the south. They called themselves the Liberal Republican party and aligned with the Democrats against Grant’s re-election. The Amnesty Act of 1872, lifting the disability of section 3, was a sop to outflank the Liberal Republicans and marked the beginning of the end of Reconstruction. Still, Grant was re-elected, winning eight southern states with a black-white coalition.

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“..they need to find a way to explain to their own population (and to NATO countries) why and how they will agree on a compromise..”

“..it will be interesting to see “how Ukrainian leaders will abandon their 10 points without saying that they are reneging on them.”

Ukraine Crisis Won’t End Until NATO Push Kiev to Negotiating Table (Sp.)

Sunday’s meeting of Western national security officials in Davos on Ukraine’s ‘peace proposal’ ended “with no clear path forward,” with British business media reporting that the only “achievement” of the talks was a “more diverse family photo than last time,” including representatives from countries with close relations with Russia such as Brazil and South Africa. “There was no progress on an actual peace deal. That would be impossible without Russia, and Russia wasn’t invited. But that’s not the point,” the Financial Times assured in a chirpy summary of the meeting, saying it was meant to “remind” other countries that “Ukraine, not Russia, is the one trying to talk about peace.”

Setting aside that this disingenuous claim ignores repeated attempts by Moscow to nip the Ukrainian crisis in the bud in 2014, prevent it from escalating into a full-fledged NATO-Russia proxy war in 2022, and to signal readiness to talk in the two years since, it’s important to recognize that the Zelensky ‘peace formula’ doesn’t even pretend to seek to include Russia in the conversation, going so far as to attempt to hold its meetings in secret. And perhaps with good reason. Zelensky’s formula demands that Russia give up Crimea, the Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson, pay Ukraine reparations, subject its officials and military personnel to war tribunals, and make other one-sided concessions which look less like a peace deal and more like demands against a capitulating power. Moscow has predictably dismissed the proposal, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently calling them a “figment of a sick imagination.”

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis admitted that a peace process could not be started without Russia’s participation. “One important point is to be highlighted here: Peace is no more an impossible or unspeakable word, and the idea of negotiation is again on the table. But it is important here to understand however that Ukraine’s position is still not realistic,” Jacques Sapir, director of studies at the Paris-based School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, told Sputnik. “In the mind of Kiev’s rulers, peace is to come through military victory and a reconquest by Ukrainian Armed Forces of the four oblasts (Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Luhansk) and of Crimea. This is the content of the so-called ‘ten point plan’,” Sapir explained, highlighting the Zelensky proposal’s keystone demand.

The analyst likens Kiev’s poker face approach as an “opening move,” and believes the Zelensky regime may be willing to pursue more “realistic” options, including the idea of having Russia actually take part in talks, particularly “as the military situation is now deteriorating for Kiev.” “Ukraine’s leaders know very well that they are not in a position to aim at complete, or even partial, victory against Russia. But they have so much talked of a ‘victory’ that they need to find a way to explain to their own population (and to NATO countries) why and how they will agree on a compromise,” Sapir said. If and when talks proceed and Kiev’s position softens, Sapir suggested that it will be interesting to see “how Ukrainian leaders will abandon their 10 points without saying that they are reneging on them.”

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“..I think we face ten or 15 years of war in Europe,” Arestovich said..”

Zelensky Rejected Favorable Peace Deal With Russia – Arestovich (RT)

Ukraine had the chance to make peace at the 2022 Istanbul talks but something or someone changed President Vladimir Zelensky’s mind, according to an interview with his former aide, Aleksey Arestovich, published on Monday. Freddie Sayers, the editor in chief of the British outlet UnHerd, interviewed Arestovich almost a year after Ukraine’s top spin doctor left Zelensky’s service. He has since moved to the US, saying that Kiev wants him arrested on politically trumped-up charges. “I was a member of the Istanbul process, and it was the most profitable agreement we could have done,” Arestovich told Sayers. The Ukrainian delegation “opened the champagne bottle” when they came back to Kiev, believing the agreement was a done deal, he added.

The protocols were “90% prepared” for a direct meeting between Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Arestovich, when Zelensky called off the talks. His rejection of the talks has been widely attributed to the ‘Bucha massacre’, which Ukraine accused Russia of, but Arestovich said he did not know that for a fact. Something “absolutely” changed Zelensky’s mind and “historians will have to find an answer to what happened,” Arestovich said. “A lot of people say it was the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who came to Kiev and put a stop to this negotiation with Russia. I don’t know exactly if that is true or false. He came to Kiev, but nobody knows what they spoke about except, I think, Zelensky and Boris Johnson himself,” he told UnHerd.

Johnson’s role in scuttling the Istanbul peace talks was reported as early as May 2022 by the outlet Ukrainska Pravda. According to the outlet, he came to Kiev with “two simple messages,” that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “a war criminal” who should not be negotiated with, and that even if Ukraine was ready to sign some kind of agreement with Russia, the West was not. David Arakhamia, the leader of Zelensky’s party in the Ukrainian parliament, brought up the visit in a November 2023 interview, paraphrasing Johnson’s message as telling the Ukrainians “let’s just continue fighting.” The former British PM finally commented on the matter last week, saying he merely told Zelensky the UK would support Ukraine “a thousand percent” and that any potential agreement with Russia would be “pretty sordid.” He insisted he did not “order” anyone to do anything, however.

According to Arestovich, the conflict has now evolved beyond Russia and Ukraine, pitting the collective West against the ‘Global South’. “We have to negotiate for an all-new security system for Europe, taking into account all sides of this problem,” he told UnHerd, adding that NATO would need to discuss with Russia “what it would take to guarantee not to use military force in Europe to decide political questions.” “I should perhaps add that I am absolutely pessimistic that this will happen. I think we face ten or 15 years of war in Europe,” Arestovich said.

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“..I talked to many leaders and they tell me: ‘Why are they scaring us? We understand that Russia is not going to fight with Europe.’ Yes, we are not going to [fight] now.”

Moscow Slams Bild Report of Preparations for ‘NATO-Russia War’ (Sp.)

“Germany is gearing up for “war between NATO’s forces and Russia,” which could begin in the summer of 2025, Bild has written, citing a “secret” Bundeswehr document. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commenting on the publication said it is nothing but fake news. “I would not like to comment on the report of Bild, this news outlet does not hesitate to use fake news,” Peskov told reporters. According to the alleged “training scenario” of the German Ministry of Defense, “on ‘Day X,’ NATO’s commander-in-chief will give the order to move 300,000 troops to the eastern flank, including 30,000 Bundeswehr soldiers,” the tabloid states. The escalation could reportedly begin as early as February 2024 with the start of Russia’s active offensive against the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. By June of the same year, according to Bild, Russia will have forced Kiev’s military to retreat.

The Kiev regime’s much-hyped 2023 counteroffensive which began in June suffered a resounding defeat. The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost more than 125,000 people and 16,000 units of weapons over the six-month counteroffensive, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated in late December. Without offering any specific details, the publication noted that the most likely location for a “clash” will purportedly be the so-called “Suwalki Gap” or “Suwalki Corridor” (Przesmyk suwalski). This is a section about 100 km long near the city of Suwalki in the northeast of Poland, located between Belarus and Russia’s Kaliningrad region. In July, according to the “secret document,” Russia might allegedly launch “cyber attacks and other forms of hybrid warfare” against the Baltic countries.

Furthermore, “clashes” would occur which Moscow ostensibly could use as a pretext to begin large-scale exercises on its territory and in Belarus, as per the authors. By October Russia could allegedly transfer troops and medium-range missiles to its Kaliningrad region, and December might see a border conflict erupt in the Suwalki Corridor. According to Bild, the “secret document” also indicates that when Washington is temporarily left without a leader as a result of the presidential elections in the United States in 2014, “Russia, with the support of Belarus, will repeat the 2014 invasion of Ukraine on NATO territory.” No further clarification is offered to these wild scenarios and off-mark references.

[..] In effect, Russia has only been responding to NATO’s continuous expansion. Moscow’s determination to protect itself and its allies has been explicitly outlined in its new foreign policy doctrine, signed by Russian President Putin on March 31, 2023. “Recently, the activity of the NATO military bloc as a whole has sharply increased. Significant forces from the United States, including aircraft, have been deployed to our borders, and the number of alliance troops in Eastern and Central Europe has increased,” Russian President Vladimir Putin stated while presiding over a Russian Ministry of Defense meeting on December 19. As for the repeated attempt to portray Russia as the “bogeyman,” he clarified: “[The US] was very frightened by Russia’s rapprochement with Europe. It should be the masters there. It kept scaring … evil Russia is threatening you. But I talked to many leaders and they tell me: ‘Why are they scaring us? We understand that Russia is not going to fight with Europe.’ Yes, we are not going to [fight] now.”

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US Seeks Funds for Bioweapons Projects From Private Foundations (Sp.)

The United States government is actively searching for new sources of funding for military biological research from leading American ‘philanthropic’ institutions, including the Clinton, Soros, Rockefeller and Biden Foundations, RCBD Troops chief Igor Kirillov has announced. “Based on an analysis of documents received in the course of the special military operation, the structure of the system created by the US administration for the global management of biological risks has become clear,” Kirillov said in a briefing Monday, summarizing an analysis of US military-biological activities in Ukraine and globally over the course of 2023. “It consists of government agencies and private contractors, including representatives of Big Pharma. Through the organs of the executive branch, a legislative framework is being created to finance military-biological research directly from the federal budget. Guarantees provided by the state attract funds from non-governmental organizations controlled by the Democratic Party leadership, including the Clinton, Rockefeller, Soros and Biden Foundations,” Kirillov said.

According to the RCBD Troops’ chief’s information, the main private contractors involved in the Pentagon’s military-biological program include Metabiota, Black & Veatch and CH2M, with the companies tasked with the construction of facilities and the supply of equipment to labs around the globe. Their work is coordinated by the DoD’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency. On the Big Pharma front, Pfizer, Moderna, Gilead, Dynport Vaccine, AbbVie, Parexel, Eli Lilly & Co, Merck and Battelle are identified as key partners. Washington’s goals are multifold, Kirillov said, and include the study of the causative agents of “particularly dangerous infections in regions of the world that are strategically important for the United States,” and achieving “superiority” in biomanufacturing, including by using biological espionage against potential geopolitical adversaries.

“Materials received have confirmed that the US military was set the task of monitoring the biological situation in the Middle East and Central Asia, territories bordering China, Turkiye, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia,” Kirillov said. “Over the past year, the Pentagon developed and adopted a number of conceptual documents involving the expansion of the foreign network of US-controlled biological laboratories, and continuing military biological research beyond America’s national jurisdiction.” Furthermore, the RCBD Troops chief said, 2023 saw the creation of new administrative and technical structures, including the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, and the State Department’s new Bureau of Global Health Security and Diplomacy, with their main aims assumed to be centered on securing the further expansion of America’s military-biological activities worldwide.

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“..without economic stability, wars can’t be won. Even against those who arm themselves with little more than stones and sticks and a few handmade rockets..”

Israel and the U.S. Are Already Feeling the Weight of Houthi Justice (Dionisio)

For better or worse, the Houthis are the only political and military force doing anything practical to demand that Israel pay for its acts. And despite the attack on their territory, we can already say with certainty, that the Ansar Allah movement and the pro-Palestinian resistance, in general, will be strengthened by this event. Were it not for a rebel movement, made up of poor people living in great hardship, no other country in the region would do anything to bring some moral justice, however little, to this whole process. As they say, whoever has a lot, has the most to lose. Only the poor give what they need and this is a good example of that. It is even curious that here and there, apart from a few diplomatic and commercial measures, the most serious diplomatic action for Israel has come from outside the continent and the Middle East: South Africa’s accusation at the International Court of Justice that the state of Israel should be tried for genocide.

Of course, the accusation was immediately branded with the very vulgar epithet of “anti-Semitic”. But the Houthis’ role in the Red Sea has produced absolutely unpredictable and — perhaps unexpected — results for the West. The Red Sea trade route accounts for 12% of global maritime trade and 12% of all oil trade. An important part of the commercial ships that travel between the Indian Ocean and Europe pass through the Red Sea. Moreover, the importance of this route for Israel is truly decisive. The Port of Eilat essentially lives off this sea route. Disconnecting the port of Eilat from the international routes to Asia not only means that many of the goods that Israel receives from Asia will become more expensive and risk perishing, with all the economic burdens that this entails. But it also means cutting tourism, since the city of Eilat is an important tourist destination in the Middle East, and losing the competitiveness of its exports to the Asian continent.

But in the end, the financial damage might even be surmountable. What would be difficult to overcome would be the fragility in which an effective blockade of the Red Sea crossing would leave Israel.Let’s imagine a likely scenario in which the war fronts multiply and the conflict spreads to other regions (Lebanon, Syria and Yemen). Just as Oman has closed its airspace to military planes to bomb Yemen, a country like Egypt could, in a situation of great pressure and popular pressure, consider closing the Suez Canal to boats that are linked to Israel. It wouldn’t be unheard of, as we know. Oman itself has prevented U.S. military aircraft from passing through, for various reasons. One of them has to do with a certain neutrality that the sultanate is assuming on the international stage. However, this “neutrality” is also due to the ethnic tensions it has in its territory, which borders Yemen.

In any case, leaving the port of Eilat open only to boats coming from the Suez Canal would be strategically fragile. So, while it cannot be denied that the Houthi naval blockade may be a burden for the other Arab nations that receive their ships at Red Sea ports, the fact is that for none of them the situation is as dramatic as it is for Israel. Since the goods that Israel receives by sea and from Asia can come from the Red Sea without having to go through the Suez Canal, the port of Eilat is absolutely strategic for the country’s economic stability. And without economic stability, wars can’t be won. Even against those who arm themselves with little more than stones and sticks and a few handmade rockets.

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“..The endgame is inevitable: An agreement to end the conflict on Russia’s terms..”

US Lured Into Battlescape in Gaza, Yemen and Now Iraq (Alastair Crooke)

China and Russia have been remarkably quiet, watching carefully the global tectonic plates shifting around in response to the ‘two wars’ (Ukraine and Israel’s ‘multiwar’). Really it is not surprising; both states can sit back to simply watch Biden and his team persist with their strategic mistakes in Ukraine and in Israel’s multiple wars. The interlacing of the two wars will, of course, shape the new era. There are substantive risks, but for now they can observe with comfort from afar as a climatic juncture in world politics unfolds, gradually raising the pace of the attrition to a circle of fire. The point here is that Biden, at the centre of the storm, is no cool-headed Sun-Tzu. His politics are personal and highly visceral: As Noah Lanard has written in his forensic analysis of How Joe Biden Became America’s Top Hawk, his own team say it plainly: Biden’s politics is seated in his ‘kishkes’ – his guts.

That can be seen in the disdainful and graphic way in which Biden sneers at President Putin as an ‘autocrat’, and the way he talks about victims of the Hamas attack being massacred, sexually assaulted, and taken hostage, whilst “Palestinian suffering is left vague – if mentioned at all”. “I don’t really think he sees the Palestinians at all”, says Rashid Khalidi, Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University. There is a long and reputable history of leaders making the right spur of the moment decision from their unconscious, without careful rational calculous. In the ancient world this was a highly prized quality. Odysseus exuded it. It was called mêtis. But this ability was contingent on having a dispassionate temperament and an ability to see things ‘in the round’; to grasp both sides to a coin, we would say.

But what happens if, as Professor Khalidi implies, the ‘kishkes’ are filled with anger and bile; instinctive sympathy for Israel, fuelled by an outdated view of the Israeli domestic scene. “He just does not seem to acknowledge the humanity of [others]”, as a former Team Biden member put it to Lanard. Well, mistakes – strategic mistakes – become inevitable. And these mistakes are luring the U.S. in – deeper and deeper (as the Resistance foresaw). Michael Knights, a scholar at the neo-con Washington Institute think-tank noted: “The Houthis are high on their successes and will not be easy to deter. They are having the time of their lives, standing up to a superpower who probably cannot deter them”. This comes on the back of an Ukraine war already reaching – or at – its foregone conclusion. Both in the U.S. and amongst its allies in Europe, it is recognised that Russia has prevailed overwhelmingly, and across all ‘domains of conflict’.

There is next to no chance that this situation can be recouped, irrespective of money or fresh western ‘support’. The Ukrainian military taste the bitter fruits of this fact daily. Many in Kiev’s ruling classes ‘get it’ too, but are frightened to speak out. The cadre of hardliners behind Zelensky however insist to press on with their delusion of mounting a new offensive. It would be a kindness to ‘those about to die’ in another futile mobilisation for the West to call a halt. The endgame is inevitable: An agreement to end the conflict on Russia’s terms.

Ahhh, but do not forget Biden’s ‘kishkes’: This outcome would mean Putin ‘winning’ and Biden’s hope of a victory garland turning to ashes. The war must be kept going, even if its only achievement be to fire long-range missiles directly into the civilian cities of Russia (a war crime). It is obvious where this is going. Biden is in hole that only can deepen. Can’t he stop digging? Some in America may wish he would, as the Democratic electoral prospects dim. But it seems probable that he can’t, for then his nemesis (Putin) would ‘win’.

Nap Crooke

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Red Sea Tensions May Become ‘Impossible To Contain’ – UN (RT)

The current instability in the Middle East may soon spiral completely out of control, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at a press conference in New York on Monday. Guterres once again addressed the crisis triggered by the events of October 7, when Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israel, killing around 1,200 people and taking more than 200 hostages. The ensuing Israeli blockade, bombing, and ground assault of Gaza has since killed almost 24,000 people, according to local health officials. The civilian death toll in Gaza has resulted in widespread international condemnation of Israel’s actions, and has already drawn the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and Yemen’s Houthis into the conflict.

“Tensions are also sky-high in the Red Sea and beyond – and may soon be impossible to contain,” Guterres said, adding that he is concerned that “daily exchanges of fire” risk “triggering a broader escalation between Israel and Lebanon and profoundly affecting regional stability.” While the secretary-general condemned the actions of Hamas, he also blasted the Israeli operation as “collective punishment of the Palestinian people,” saying it has caused an “unprecedented level of civilian casualties,” while noting that “the vast majority of those killed are women and children.” Last week, the Houthis pledged to continue targeting Israeli- and US-linked ships in the Red Sea “until the siege on Gaza is lifted.”

The Houthis have also targeted British and American warships operating in the area as part of an international maritime operation organized last month by the US to safeguard shipping in the region. The “heightening tensions” also led Iran to send one of their warships to the Red Sea earlier this month. US and UK warplanes attacked Houthi targets in Yemen with around 70 airstrikes last Thursday and Friday. While US National Security spokesman John Kirby stated that the strikes are having a “good effect,” a New York Times report claimed that around three-quarters of Houthi military assets remain intact. Moscow has condemned the strikes on Yemen, calling them “illegal” and saying they were carried out in violation of the UN Charter. The UN secretary-general has said that “the longer the conflict in Gaza continues, the greater the risk of escalation and miscalculation.”

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“.. the UK and its allies have found themselves “in a new era” and “must be prepared to deter our enemies..”

UK To Send 20,000 Troops To NATO Exercise (RT)

The UK is set to deploy around 20,000 service members – as well as modern warships and fighter jets – to take part in a major NATO exercise amid rising tensions with Russia, the Defence Ministry in London has announced. In a statement on Monday, the ministry, citing excerpts from a speech to be delivered by Defence Secretary Grant Shapps, said that some 16,000 army troops – along with tanks, artillery, and helicopters – will join other bloc members on the continent to participate in Exercise Steadfast Defender 24, scheduled to take place in the first half of this year. The effort will be supported by eight warships and submarines, as well as 2,000 Royal Navy sailors. The UK will also deploy a number of aircraft, including F35B Lightning fighters and Poseidon P8 surveillance aircraft, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, Shapps is expected to call the drill “one of NATO’s largest deployments since the end of the Cold War,” adding that the UK and its allies have found themselves “in a new era” and “must be prepared to deter our enemies,” according to the statement. The statement specifically referred to the threat from the Russian “menace.” NATO began reinforcing its military footprint in Europe first after a Western-backed coup in Kiev triggered hostilities in Donbass, which is now part of Russia. However, the most drastic build-up occurred after Russia launched its military campaign against Ukraine in February 2022. In June of the same year, the US-led military bloc agreed to put 300,000 troops on high alert, up from 40,000, to deter Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously said that Moscow has no plans to attack NATO, arguing that there was “no geopolitical, economic … or military interest” in waging war against the bloc. Still, Moscow has also repeatedly warned that the alliance’s military activities close to its border warrant additional security measures. Putin has also said that Ukraine’s desire to join NATO was one of the key reasons for the current conflict.

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All they have left is two warmonger parties. A poor nation.

Mega-Poll Predicts Disaster For Tories – But Reality Could Be Even Worse (G.)

For Conservative MPs opening their Daily Telegraph on Monday morning it was a distinctly gloomy start to the week: a mega-poll suggesting they are heading for a crashing general election defeat. And this was arguably an optimistic take. For one thing, some pollsters believe the YouGov conclusion of a 120-seat Labour majority could be an underestimate. Additionally, the poll’s organisers seem intent on using its findings to push the party further to the right on immigration, a move that will dismay many centrist Tories, and seems unlikely to stop the rot. The notable aspects of the poll come in two main parts. The first is its findings: YouGov surveyed 14,000 people and extrapolated the results to constituencies using the multilevel regression and poststratification model, or MRP.

This predicted that the Conservatives would retain only 169 seats, 196 fewer than their 2019 total, while Labour would take 385, the Liberal Democrats 48 and the SNP 25. This would be a disaster for the Conservatives, resulting in 11 current cabinet ministers losing their seats, among them Jeremy Hunt, Grant Shapps and Gillian Keegan. But it could – and might – be worse. Rob Ford, a professor of politics at Manchester University, noted that the YouGov modelling appeared to play down the effect of tactical voting in many seats where Conservative MPs were at risk of challenge. “It doesn’t seem very credible to me that in a Tory-Lib Dem marginal, 10% of people would still support Green, and not care either way about the opportunity to get rid of a Conservative MP. It does suggest that things could be even worse for the Conservatives,” Ford said.

Another point of interest is the political backdrop to a large and very expensive polling operation. It was, the Telegraph said, commissioned by the Conservative Britain Alliance, a previously unknown organisation described only as a “group of Conservative donors”. YouGov, the Telegraph added, worked with the Tory peer David Frost, who contributed an opinion piece arguing that the only way back from the brink for the party was to go much harder on immigration, seeking to tempt former Tory voters who are backing the Nigel Farage-founded Reform UK. “The big problem is immigration, legal as well as illegal. That’s why this week’s vote on Rwanda is so important,” Frost writes.

The Telegraph runs its own analysis arguing that Reform votes would play a part in 96 losses for the Conservatives, making the difference between a catastrophic loss and a hung parliament. The combined message is clear: copy Reform, notably on small boats and on migration more generally.

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Article comes with free menu.

Wrote to Jim:
“On the very same day we got introduced to Disease X, Denmark – of Macbeth fame- announced its new king.
His name: Frederik X.”

Cheers to You, WEFers of Davos! (Kunstler)

The nabobs and panjandrums of the World Economic Forum (WEF) meet up at Davos, Switzerland, the next several days to lay plans for their latest assault on humanity. This year’s theme is “Rebuilding Trust.” Did you just blow your coffee through your nose? The outfit that coordinated the world-wide Covid-19 response (that perhaps birthed the very concept of Covid-19 itself), and especially pushed mRNA vaccines on the credulous global public — this gang of super-wealthy, super-connected, super-important celebrity punks, poohbahs, pricks, and predators wants a cuddle.

This Davos crowd — moiling around the opening soirée amid drool-worthy trays of crab puffs, asparagus gougères, lobster crostini, waygu morsels, Prosciutto-Fig bites, chickpea panisse, stuffed castelvetrano olives, wild boar and quinoa dolmas, fava bean puree toasts, pigeon pea fritters, and Nürnberger rostbratwurst pigs-in-a-blanket, all washed down by bottomless flutes of Roederer Cristal Millésime Brut— could not stop chattering about the debut of the latest viral confection, “Disease X”, said to be twenty times deadlier than Covid-19.

Imagine the opportunities this one will provide for the WEF’s Davos prom date, the World Health Organization (WHO). And just in time to create enough hysteria for the May vote on the new WHO treaty binding the world’s governments to its pandemic diktats. In that new disposition of things, whatever Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says, goes! Lockdowns. Quarantine camps. Mandatory (improved) safe-and-effective vaccines. Nevermind what the actual citizens of Countries A, B, or C might otherwise decide for themselves under the obsolete system of national sovereignty. Follow the science, useless eaters of the world! (And please quit carping about it!)

Any resemblance of “Disease X” to the remaining global free speech platform (Elon Musk’s X, formerly Twitter), is just another bothersome conspiracy theory. Of course, theories imply the discovery of proofs, and it so happens that the unelected European Commission, under its Digital Services Act (passed in Nov., 2022), has already threatened Mr. Musk’s X to remove so-called hate speech, illegal content, and disinformation or face a fine amounting to 6-percent of its annual global revenue. Hate speech and disinfo are whatever the EU says it is, including information that is true but disagreeable to the agenda of all supranational orgs such as the EU, the WEF, and the WHO. Reminds us of something Pete Hogwallop once said to Ulysses E. McGill:

Last time around, those mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna proved to be super-effective at one thing: disordering all the cells and organs in the human body so as to produce a severe auto-immune reaction resulting in death and disability. The artificial spike protein replication induced by the vaxxes has a special yen for heart tissue, the linings of blood vessels, and the reproductive organs — thus, all those world-class soccer players dropping dead in mid-kick, all the massive clots the size of shipworms discovered by the morticians, and all the spontaneously aborted babies over the past three years. By the way, having seen all this, the CDC Director, Mandy Cohen, is still pushing “updated” mRNA shots, down to six-month-old babies. No, I’m not making this up.

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“.. Indeed, in Washington, it was an open joke like when Hunter was put on the Amtrak board and later made its vice chair..”

‘Say it Nicer’: Hunter Makes a Familiar Last-Minute Offer to Congress (Turley)

This week, after weeks of Hunter mocking the House over its subpoena for a deposition, the House Oversight Committee voted to hold him in contempt. Now facing a referral for prosecution, Hunter declared that he might belatedly comply to avoid a prosecution. Hunter is nothing if not consistent. As with his taxes and other federal violations, Hunter is asking for a mulligan just before a possible indictment. For decades, Hunter has conveyed an attitude that laws do not apply to him or to other Biden family members. After all, as his father once said, “no one f**ks with a Biden.” Since he was a young man, Hunter seems to have been told that he lives a life of privilege that entitles him to considerations denied to others. Indeed, in Washington, it was an open joke like when Hunter was put on the Amtrak board and later made its vice chair.

When pressed on his lack of credentials for the position, Democratic Senator Tom Carper of Delaware quipped that “Hunter Biden has spent a lot of time on Amtrak trains.” It appears that nothing is quite so funny as open nepotism in Washington. Not surprisingly, Hunter’s life of entitlement would lead to a life of excess and debauchery. He was one of Washington’s noble class, a scion of a political dynasty. In time, he would be brought into the family business of influence-peddling with his uncles. For decades, the Bidens have been accused of selling access and influence to Joe Biden. When things got legally difficult, Hunter could count on government guardians. When he lost his gun in 2018, Secret Service agents appeared at a gun shop to demand all records of his purchase. (Those records would later become the basis for the current gun charges against him.)

When Hunter lost his laptop, containing hundreds of incriminating files showing everything from influence peddling to alleged human trafficking, FBI agents showed up at the computer shop and reportedly conveyed an intimidating message to the owner not to speak to anyone. When years of news reports forced the Justice Department to investigate some of these crimes, the Justice Department sat on the case until the most serious tax violations from 2014 to 2015 expired under the statute of limitations. It did so despite internal objections that the period for prosecution could easily be extended. The Justice Department then sought a plea bargain so absurdly generous that it fell apart in open court, with a prosecutor admitting to the judge that he had never seen any deal like it. Notably, the cause for the collapse was an immunity agreement so obscene that no one other than a Biden would demand it, let alone get it.

Throughout this history, one thing has been consistent. Hunter has received and seems to feel entitled to legal mulligans that no other citizen could reasonably expect. It is the very meaning of “privilege” that many Democrats in Washington denounce on a weekly basis. We are not the only country with such a privileged class of scions. In China, the children of powerful leaders who live lavish lives are called the “red nobility” or “communist princelings.” Yet, even in Washington, many were floored by the display of absolute entitlement when Hunter appeared with his counsel Abbe Lowell outside of Congress at the time of his scheduled deposition. Hunter mocked the House and refused to go inside, insisting that he would only agree to give testimony on his own terms.

For those of us who have been writing about the Hunter and the Bidens for decades, it was not in the least surprising. His conduct on taxes showed the utter lack of concern over any obligations owed to the government. In a sense, his family is the government. As the Justice Department noted in its tax charges, Hunter spent his money on “drugs, escorts and girlfriends, luxury hotels and rental properties, exotic cars, clothing, and other items of a personal nature, in short, everything but his taxes.” When the IRS finally moved toward prosecution, a democratic donor named Kevin Morris reportedly gave him millions to cover his taxes and lavish lifestyle, even though he had only been introduced to Hunter at a Democratic fundraiser not long before.

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Tucker Ladapo






WEF water














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    Salvador Dalí The oecumenial council 1960   • Trump Scores Major Election Victory (RT) • Lawfare Against Trump Is Running Out of Gas (Victor Davi
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 16 2024]


    “Each overreach geometrically increases the dangers to democracy, ever more turns the public off, and ironically cascades sympathy and poll numbers for the very target of their paranoias.”

    Paranoia will destroy ya!

    “Any thoughts about using pumped storage for a backup? Set a tiny panel and pump to trickle low-to-high, and leave the high tank for emergencies.”

    The amounts you would need to be of much help are immense. Moving water up hill is one of the most energy intensive things we humans do. The height and volume you would need to get any amount of electricity would be quite large plus all the parts and pieces required to build it. Pumps, turbines, generators and so on. Most low pressure high volume pumps, (least energy use), won’t push water very far vertically. You get less than one half pound of pressure per foot of elevation, .433 to be exact. So at twenty feet of head you get less than 10 psi. So to get the power needed to run a turbine you would have to go a lot higher or supplement with volume, think weight. Now we’re moving tremendous amounts of water up hill. This is an equation of diminishing returns that spirals out of control very quickly. When hydro facilities start to run low on water behind their dams they don’t pump the exhaust water back over the dam for re-use because they would use too much of the energy generated in the first pass to put it back, possibly all of it. The second law of thermodynamics cannot be broken, ever.


    I see oil hasn’t moved out of the seventies since the Red Sea troubles? Maybe things aren’t exactly as advertised?



    I think the headline says it all.
    If ever there was a place to hit with a few well placed hypersonic missiles?

    Michael Reid


    I am wondering how Michael and Red are doing since we have had so few sunny days since the beginning of December.

    Their battery banks must be having a very hard time getting recharged.

    I had a rough year.

    The woman had to go.

    The pretty red turbines were fraud.

    Decided in mid December to spend the winter with my parents in town.

    Presently testing different wind turbines.


    Lawfare is Treason

    Plain and simple.

    It deserves the death penalty.

    I hate phucking lawyers enough in normal times but weaponizing the Law and pissing on the Constitution for personal gain and ego gratification is a bridge to far.

    All the problems that the Empire of Lies is wallowing in it’s death throes at the moment radiate out from not laws, or lack of them, but simply not enforcing the ones on the books in an equitable fashion or selectively enforcing them based on friend or foe.

    Fani whines:

    “….you cannot expect black women to be perfect and save the world,” and that “we need to be allowed to stumble.”

    What a pitiful, disgusting crock of shit

    Playing the old ‘double-reverse racism card’ just in time for MLK day.


    Here is a Perfect Metaphor that encapsulates the perversion and ‘weasel words’ and ‘legalize sleaze’ and the utterly rotten maggot filled universe of “The Law”

    Choke on it

    Fani and lover boy, go fuck yourselves to death



    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation



    What You Get for 7k Nowadays Duh’merica

    Home Depot

    12 ft. x 12 ft. Garden Shed


    What a bargain!


    Better than eating your cat food dinner in a cardboard box under a bridge abutment!


    Just Some Randomer

    @Oroboros – When I last worked on a project in Silicon Valley, must be 5 years ago now, one of my colleagues there had just spent a shade under a million dollars on a ‘Residence’ in Mountainview that looked a lot like that shed.

    His parents came over from India to visit him and he had to spend quite a lot of time explaining to them that he was not, in fact, poor and living in a shed but a successful tech-worker living in a prestige property in a prime location.


    You thought you could do any better

    …CONTROL – complexity – stability – conflict

    Supply and Demand
    Inflation and Deflation
    Input and Output
    Peace and Hate
    Necessity and Luxuries
    Crowd and Individual
    Though and Action
    Poverty and Wealth
    Truth and Lies
    Facts and fiction
    Balance and Imbalance
    All or nothing
    Time – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    Action or Passive
    Passion or Indifference
    Life and Death
    Unpredictable and Predictable
    Win or Lose
    Known and Unknown

    Cheers to You, WEFers of Davos!

    Cheers to You, WEFers of Davos!

    “… the dangers of vaccinating into the teeth of a pandemic — the world can expect a soon-to-come crisis of 30-to-40 percent mortality in highly vaccinated countries with the emergence of a new Covid variant that won’t be stopped by vaxx-damaged immune systems.
    Let that sink in.
    It means not just a bone-chilling, unprecedented mega-wave of deaths, but the likely dysfunction of every complex system that advanced nations depend on for normal operation as the people who know how to run them succumb.
    That is, farewell to normal modern life as we have known it. Geert’s just sayin’.

    It’s even possible that some of the things that cease operation will include the WEF, the WHO, the EU, and the CDC, considering their presumably multi-vaxxed and boosted members.
    Enjoy the scrumptious canapés while you. can, ladies and gentlemen of Davos.
    We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when.”


    Figmund Sreud

    Report from Davos into my in-Box:

    A Turbulent Year May Lie Ahead—CEOs at Davos Are Optimistic, from 14 minutes ago by Dow Jones
    14 minutes ago by Dow Jones
    By Chip Cutter and Emily Glazer
    DAVOS, Switzerland—CEOs and business leaders gathered at the World Economic Forum are feeling increasingly confident about the U.S. economy and the strength of consumer demand, despite protracted conflicts around the world, a looming U.S. election and worries about new trade disruptions.
    The dueling sentiments on display this week reflect hopes of a so-called soft landing in the U.S., as inflation cools and the labor market remains strong. Many leaders also expect the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates this year, potentially opening up more dealmaking and spending.
    “The mood is worried, but positive,” said Martine Ferland, chief executive of the consulting giant Mercer. “It feels to me a bit less threatening from an economic standpoint.”
    On the sidelines of the annual gathering of more than 800 CEOs and chairs, business leaders ticked off their reasons for confidence about the economy. PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta said he is encouraged by what he described as a stabilizing job market and falling prices for some commodities. Honeywell CEO Vimal Kapur noted demand for air travel remains strong. At the mining giant BHP, meanwhile, CEO Mike Henry said the appetite for copper, iron ore and other materials remains high worldwide.
    The concern is that geopolitical events could strain confidence among CEOs and make it harder for companies to run their businesses or ship their products around the world. A series of attacks in recent weeks by Houthi militants on commercial ships passing through the Red Sea showed supply chains remain vulnerable, said Paul Knopp, CEO of KPMG in the U.S.
    There are also elections in more than 60 countries in 2024, impacting roughly half of the global population. Besides the U.S. in November, countries including India, Indonesia and the United Kingdom have elections planned for later this year.
    Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, said the uncertainties are real but the chip maker is well-positioned.
    “Geopolitically, I think it’s going to be a turbulent year,” Gelsinger said. “You have lots of elections going on. We have two active wars in the world that affect supply chains in a meaningful way.”
    Many CEOs say they are engaged in various forms of scenario planning around the U.S. election involving their leadership teams and boards of directors, hoping to devise strategies regardless of what happens in the coming months.
    They are gaming out either another four years of the Biden administration or a second term of former President Donald Trump, who won the Iowa caucuses Monday with the largest margin in the history of the first Republican presidential nominating contest. The outcome of the election could impact government policies, including trade and infrastructure, and the appetite for companies to invest in new projects depending on interest rates.
    On the sidelines in Davos, few CEOs wanted to publicly weigh in on their election predictions, though many said they had been trading notes with peers on possible election outcomes.
    The collective support for Ukraine present at last year’s forum is in the rear view mirror today, as there is growing panic about the U.S. election and the state of U.S. democracy, said Ian Bremmer, political risk expert and president of the Eurasia Group.
    “Europeans in particular, really want to be reassured that the U.S. is not falling apart [or] going to be absent for them,” he said.
    Bremmer said worry about the U.S. extends beyond who voters choose as their next president, listing Congress, the fight over Ukraine funding, the nation’s position on NATO, trade and industrial policy as issues of concern.
    Even with the geopolitical concerns, Sanjiv Bajaj, chairman of Indian financial services behemoth Bajaj Finserv, said he is feeling optimistic about the global economy as the new year kicks off.
    India’s economy in particular has been growing at a robust pace and its stock market has been flying higher, drawing in investors around the globe. Prices of everything from gold to stocks have soared, giving wallets a boost.
    Bankers and financial executives say the big risks, like the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, aren’t priced well into markets, leaving them wary of the potential for sizable drops or dramatic swings in oil and energy prices.
    “I have never seen geopolitics be such a critical, almost decisive, factor,” said JPMorgan Chase’s co-head of global investment banking Viswas Raghavan.
    Expectations of a series of Federal Reserve interest-rate cuts pushed stocks to new heights at the end of 2023. Stocks fell to start the new year but staged a comeback in recent trading days.
    The S&P 500 closed Friday within 0.3% of a record high set just over two years ago. U.S. markets were closed Monday to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
    Still, it’s too soon to breathe a sigh of relief, said Anne Walsh, chief investment officer of Guggenheim Partners Investment Management. She said that though many investors and business leaders have embraced a soft landing, so-called “tail risks” have grown.
    Despite the tumult in the world, a number of CEOs said they remain optimistic.
    “The world crises keep stacking one on top of the other,” said Blake Moret, CEO of industrial automation company Rockwell Automation. “But, for the moment, for the economy, the underlying demand continues to be positive.”
    Gunjan Banerji, Marie Beaudette, David Benoit, Kimberly S. Johnson, Kim Last, Cara Lombardo and James Mackintosh contributed to this article.
    Write to Chip Cutter at chip.cutter@wsj.com and Emily Glazer at Emily.Glazer@wsj.com
    Copyright 2024 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.


    • Ukraine Crisis Won’t End Until NATO Push Kiev to Negotiating Table

    Again, there will be NO negotiations about Ukronaziland as far as Russia is concerned

    ‘The Putin’ might do some kabuki for effect and mimic the appearance of ‘negotiations‘ for the Global South and SE Asian audiences, but no, there will be NO negotiations:

    Just TOTAL unconditional surrender

    If I see one more ‘negotiations‘ on Ukronaziland article I’ll puke.

    The Collective West has burned All Its Bridges to Russia.

    With each new provocation and newest outrage Nazilensky commits, Russia just ups the toll to be paid by the West.

    Rolling back NATO-ZATO to 1991 boundaries is my favorite Russian condition for ‘peace’.

    The NeoConJobs will burst a brain vessel when that one sinks in as a condition.

    As it stands, Ukronaziland is going to be landlocked with no Black Sea access.

    So sad :>(

    When Russia goes through and links up with Transnistria, they will be that much closer to building a land bridge with Hungary and Serbia. Sweet.

    A Big Middle Finger poking the Bosom of Old Eurotardistan!



    Meanwhile the MediaMaggots will continue to spew fantasy articles about ‘negotiations‘ like Dorothy clicking her Ruby Slippers together and wishing that there’s no place like home.


    said to be twenty times deadlier than Covid-19
    Hmmph. Good thing Covid wasn’t all that deadly. 20 times a very small number, nearly zero, is still a small number, close to zero.


    The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps pounded the Mossad headquarters in Erbil, Iraq
    Dozens of ballistic missiles are launched and drone strikes are reported
    The News has been confirmed by the IRGC

    Four killed in IRGC attack on Erbil: KRG

    Iranian missiles in Erbil leave civilian casualties

    According to Kurdish sources, IRGC blew up a dinner of a businessman with his family and visiting relatives from US.

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – In the late hours of Monday, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched 10 ballistic missiles towards the Kurdistan Region’s capital Erbil, under the pretext of targeting “spy headquarters” of anti-Iran groups, killing at least four and wounding 17 others.

    The attack, launched at around 11:30 Monday evening, targeted Erbil’s Pirmam road and Khanzad area. At least five of the missiles targeted the residence of Peshraw Dizayee, a well-known Kurdish businessman.

    Dizayee a well-known Kurdish businessman and the owner of Falcon Group which runs major projects such as Empire World, succumbed to his injuries around 1:00 am on Tuesday. The attack also claimed the life of his young daughter Zhina, just ten days before her first birthday.

    Dizayee’s wife Hana Jutyar,7-year-old son Rawan, 26-year-old Rozh, and one of their housekeepers were wounded in the attack. Rozh has reportedly lost one of his hands in the attack. One housekeeper also died as a result of the strike.

    Karam Mikhail, a Baghdadi businessman and owner of Rayyan al-Iraq Group, who was attending a social gathering at Dizayee’s house, was also killed in the attack.“


    MOSSAD and US were not present at the family dinner.

    Posted by: robinthehood | Jan 16 2024
    US to send 1,500 troops to Syria and Iraq
    Multiple factions in the region have been conducting operations in an attempt to kick US troops out of the region
    JAN 15, 2024

    Within the latter half of 2023, the US sent a wave of 2,500 soldiers to Syria and deployed over 900 soldiers to Iraq on two separate occasions. The deployment of these soldiers was to protect US interests against “Iran-affiliated forces.”

    According to Axios, the US military presence in the region reached about 45,400 as of October 2023. The majority is in Kuwait, with 13,500; followed by Bahrain at 9,000; and Qatar at 8,000.

    The US deployment into Syria and Iraq to combat ISIS raises questions. According to the US State Department, ISIS attacks in Syria have decreased by 68 percent and 80 percent in Iraq when comparing 2023 to 2022.

    The Cradle’s Robert Inlakesh has said that this push by the US is to keep hold of its dominance in the region.

    “To maintain the dominance of the collective west over the region, the immediate hurdle is overcoming the influences of Iran and Russia. This is why the occupation of roughly a third of Syrian territory by the US and its proxies, along with the imposition of deadly sanctions on Damascus, has become crucial in undermining the strength of its adversaries,” Inlakesh said.

    Iranian and Russian forces in Syria have been coordinating with the specific aim of forcing Washington’s troops to eventually withdraw from the country.

    Meanwhile, various Iraqi resistance forces have said they will continue to fight the US until they withdraw from their nation’s borders.

    Kataib Hezbollah spokesman Abu Ali al-Askari has previously said that the group’s operations against the US occupation will continue until the last soldier is removed from Iraq.


    The Guardian provides a stage for Clinton tool Sidney Blumenthal.

    The Guardian sub-headline is:

    After the civil war, Klansmen were prosecuted – and Confederate traitors forced from office – by the same laws Trump has now run afoul of

    Guardian journalists do not know how to construct a sentence in English. That is the only conclusion a person educated in the grammar of the English language could come to after reading such an abortion of a sentence. The Guardian presents itself as a mainstream newspaper, it is published in the United Kingdom, it is poor and requires contributions from the government; is this because it cannot even write English? Maybe King Dickhead can teach them how to write his language, but I am not holding my breath.

    Dr D Rich

    No to this Victor DH:

      “..Both have made a mockery of their indictment of an ex-president and, if the allegations are true, will be disbarred and prosecuted..”

    The only reason Fani and Her Guy might “receive just justice” will be if they’re ritually sacrificed on some public altar AND that is more likely for them than the gentle treatment accorded insider ATTORNEYS Mark Elias and Kevin Clinesmith. Judge Boasberg pays to have friends fix these issues or some similar judicial rule.

      Indeed, Karabel opens the final chapter of his book by…noting the extreme irony that the WASP demographic group which had once so completely dominated America’s elite universities and “virtually all the major institutions of American life” had by 2000 become “a small and beleaguered minority at Harvard,” being actually fewer in number than the Jews whose presence they had once sought to restrict

    I imagine Fani sings these Three Dog Night/Leo Sayer lyrics to Her man

      Baby, although I chose this lonely life
      It seems it’s strangling me now
      All the wild men, big cigars, gigantic cars
      They’re all laughing at me now

      Oh, I’ve been used, ooh, used (ooh used)
      I’ve been a fool, oh, what a fool (oh what a fool)
      I broke all the rules, oh, yeah (all the rules)
      But I (must let the show go on)


    The UK is set to deploy around 20,000 service members

    So all the forces personnel plus some mercenaries. I am sure this will make the NHS vaccine killers proud. Best just cook up a curry and keep the big chief indian happy.


    Executive Summary
    War On Gaza – Iran Demonstrates Its Means Of Self-defense


    I’ve tried to post a bunch of pictures of small hydro generators that you can throw in a river or hook up to a hose sized input, along with ones optimized for 2mph flow, but the website just won’t let it post. They are out there though in various sizes.

    I think a tower or uphill water “storage” could work as a capacitor as opposed to power storage, to smooth out wind based power without use of chemical batteries – if you had a bank of physical windmills – like the water pump windmills used in the 30’s – pumping water into a tower or uphill reservoir, with a pipe with many small inline turbines, it seems like that should work and the reasons it shouldn’t work would have to do with the solutions that don’t work not being optimized for the task.

    I don’t see how you have a losing proposition against thermodynamics with windmills filling an uphill reservoir. How does the windmill pumping water suck power from the dam?!?


    Nearly 1 watt (at 11:47) being generated with a rain gutter with a single turbine on a DIY setup not optimized for the application.


    U.S. Navy seizes more than 2,000 AK-47s likely bound for Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen

    Re: The two missing Navy Seals who were boarding a foreign boat.

    It turns out that the US and “other allied nations” work together to counter piracy on the high seas. This involves US Seal teams roaming around international waters, targeting vessels that seem “suspect” and then clandestinely sending some of the Seal team over to said “suspect” vessel. They then stealthily board the suspect vessel, take it over, demand to see credentials, and inspect the cargo. If they find weapons of some sort heading to a country that the US does not like, they seize the cargo and the ship.

    The US calls this “interdiction”. If some other country did this to a US ship, we’d call it piracy and/or an act of war. I’m not sure where the US and its allied countries get the authority to simply board and seize the ships from other nations while they travel about the oceans. Nor do I know how it has come to be that it’s okay for the US to sell – or give – armament to any country they chose, while at the same time calling it “illegal” for other countries to sell arms to each other, but this is how things are.

    At the following link, you can read about two ships the US stopped (one in Dec and one in Jan). The US took the cargo, and in the case of the vessel they boarded in Dec, they sank the boat afterwards. The US claims that these vessels are engaging in “maritime activities that impede freedom of navigation or compromise regional security”.

    The current case – the two missing Seals – is pretty much the same story. Below are some quotes from an article with more details on this particular pirating mission. This shit has got to be against international law, not to mention the height of hypocrisy. We sell and deliver arms all over the planet and if anyone tried to stop our deliveries, we’d bomb them to hell and gone and call it justified.

    The two U.S. Navy SEALs missing at sea off the coast of Somalia were on a mission chasing shipments of Iranian-made weapons bound for Yemen, a U.S. official confirmed to Fox News.

    The SEALs were attempting to board a ship they suspected was falsely flagged that could have been smuggling weapons, the U.S. official said, though it’s unclear if any weapons were located. The revelation comes amid reports that the SEALs went missing after conducting a nighttime interdiction mission Thursday off the coast of Somalia.

    […] “As far as we know, that search is still ongoing for those – for those two sailors that are in the water,” Kirby said. “This was not related to the strikes in Yemen. This was normal interdiction operations that we’ve been conducting for some time to try to disrupt that flow of weapons supplies to Yemen. So it’s not related to the strikes that we took against the Houthis.”

    […] The U.S. Navy has conducted regular interdiction missions, where they have intercepted weapons on ships that were bound for Houthi-controlled Yemen. […]


    Posted by: teri | Jan 16 2024 15:51 utc | 76

    John Day


    Atlas Day Eller came a month early to share Martin’s birthday.

    John Day

    Hope After All https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/hope-after-all

    Paul Craig Roberts has today’s words of cheer:. There is Hope After All
    As long as the media and official narratives keep people in The Matrix, nothing can be done. Movies such as V for Vendetta and The Matrix have made this clear.
    But today I bring you good news. After a conversation with a friend today, I can tell you that it is in the collapse of the system where hope resides. As every aspect of the system is corrupt, collapse is the corrective. The ruling elites have miscalculated. By bringing about the collapse, the elites are collapsing their own power. Collapse brings reset, not the World Economic Forum’s, but the peoples’ reset.

    There is Hope After All

    Charles Hugh Smith has timeless wisdom for human preppers: Self-Reliance, Taoism and the Warring States
    Because the best protection isn’t a 30-room bunker; it’s having 30 people who care about you.

    Lloyd Austin has reportedly been released from the hospital. I don’t find anything which could be a recent photograph, though, still old stock images.

    Thanks Kelly. “Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.” How to Escape the Matrix
    Tips for recognizing false or probably false representations of what is going on.
    ​ Congress NEVER subpoenas Professor Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill. To understand the truth of the matter, one need only read the 2015 paper titled A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence by Veneet Menachery, Zhengli-Li Shi, Ralph Baric, et al. This study plainly states that the authors conducted Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses in order to make them infectious to primary human airway epithelial cells and succeeded in their endeavor.
    ​ Likewise, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and the World Economic Forum often tell the world about their schemes. For almost fifteen years, Bill Gates repeatedly stated his ambition to vaccinate all of humanity as frequently as possible. In 2010 he declared, “We must make this the decade of vaccines.”

    Dr D Rich

    Xymphora courtesy:

      Outrageous facts have come to light about the murder of journalist Gonzalo Lira: The American, who was tortured to death in SIZO, a Kiev pre-trial detention center in a special wing controlled by the SBU, was the victim of extortionists. SIZO employees and an SBU agent extorted $250,000 from Gonzalo for a change of preventive treatment. The vice-consul of the US embassy, who dealt with the problems of Lira, knew about the blackmail and twice wrote a statement to the SBU and the OP. As a result, the extortionists began demanding $500,000 for Lira’s transfer at his own expense.
    John Day

    After 100 days, Netanyahu vows to continue Gaza killing
    In a speech on 13 January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin said not even the International Court of Justice in The Hague would stop Israel from continuing its war on Gaza, which has killed some 23,900 Palestinians, including 10,000 children, so far.
    “No one will stop us — not The Hague, not the Axis of Evil, and no one else. It is possible and necessary to continue until victory, and we will do it.”

    Political Survival Now Netanyahu’s ‘Real Objective’ as Gaza War Enters Day 101

    ​ Alastair Crooke , Thanks F.S. Gut Feelings Make for Strategic Errors – U.S. Lured Into Battlescape in Gaza, Yemen and Now Iraq
    ​ China and Russia have been remarkably quiet, watching carefully the global tectonic plates shifting around in response to the ‘two wars’ (Ukraine and Israel’s ‘multiwar’). Really it is not surprising; both states can sit back to simply watch Biden and his team persist with their strategic mistakes in Ukraine and in Israel’s multiple wars…
    ​..In 2010, when Netanyahu infuriated Obama with a major settlement expansion while Biden was in Israel; Peter Beinart reported that whilst Biden and team wanted to handle the dispute privately, the Obama camp took an entirely different route: Secretary Clinton gave Netanyahu 24 hours to respond, warning: “If you do not comply – it might have unprecedented consequences on the bilateral relations – of the kind never seen before.”
    ​ “Biden was soon in touch with a stunned Netanayhu … Biden completely undercut the Secretary of State [Clinton] and gave [Netanyahu] a strong indication that whatever was being planned in Washington was hotheadedness – and [that] he could defuse it when he got back”.
    ​ When Clinton saw the transcript, she “realized she’d been thrown under the bus” by Biden, one official said. Beinart concluded:​ “that during a critical period early in the Obama administration, when the White House contemplated exerting real pressure on Netanyahu to keep the possibility of a Palestinian state alive, Biden did more than any other cabinet-level official to shield Netanyahu from that pressure”.
    ​ Clearly such accounts put Biden to being viscerally to the Right of some in Netanyahu’s War Cabinet – “We’re not going to do a damn thing other than protect Israel,” Biden said at a fundraiser this December; “Not a single thing”.​…
    ​..What of the Washington Post report on Sunday that Biden has tasked his staff with preventing all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah?
    That report – clearly purposefully leaked – was likely intended rather, to inoculate the U.S. from blame for complicity, should war in the North break out.​..
    ..The key to understanding the complexity for launching military action in Lebanon lies with the need to view it from a wider perspective: From the perspective of the neo-cons, confronting Hizbullah invokes the pros and cons of a broader U.S. ‘war’ with Iran. Such a conflict would involve different and more explosive geopolitical and strategic aspects since both China and Russia are in strategic partnership with Iran…
    ..Perhaps the most daunting and ominous thing about an Israeli-Hezbollah military confrontation is its apparent inevitability, Pinkas concludes:​ “The sense that it is a foregone conclusion. In the absence of a mutually agreed upon and durable political agreement, and given Hezbollah’s raison d’être and Iran’s regional motivations, such a war may be just a matter of time”.

    Gut Feelings Make for Strategic Errors – U.S. Lured Into Battlescape in Gaza, Yemen and Now Iraq

    ​ Israel and the U.S. Are Already Feeling the Weight of Houthi Justice
    ​ For better or worse, the Houthis are the only political and military force doing anything practical to demand that Israel pay for its acts. And despite the attack on their territory, we can already say with certainty, that the Ansar Allah movement and the pro-Palestinian resistance, in general, will be strengthened by this event. Were it not for a rebel movement, made up of poor people living in great hardship, no other country in the region would do anything to bring some moral justice, however little, to this whole process. As they say, whoever has a lot, has the most to lose. Only the poor give what they need and this is a good example of that.​..
    ..Since the goods that Israel receives by sea and from Asia can come from the Red Sea without having to go through the Suez Canal, the port of Eilat is absolutely strategic for the country’s economic stability. And without economic stability, wars can’t be won.​..
    ..With effort, the U.S. managed to get its team together. We couldn’t have expected anything other than what happened on January 12th, namely the attack on Yemen and in particular on the Houthi forces…
    ..But the truth is that the Houthi had already won. We all remember the messages from Blinken or Biden during their frequent visits to the Zionist state: we can’t let the conflict spread to the Middle East, they said. Well, although this attack avoids the worst, which is to ensure that Israel doesn’t get involved on several fronts, so that it can carry out its plan for Gaza with impunity and calmly, the fact is that, at the moment, a new front of conflict has just been opened, which adds to the other fires that the U.S. already has in hand, and it is not yet clear how it will end.​..
    ..For the time being, the Houthi have already given us something, demanding a higher price from Israel for their actions, unmasking the nature of American support for Zionism and showing the world, once again, that Western nations arrogate to themselves the right to attack wherever and whenever they want, without any backing in international law, without the mantle of the UN, without even having been provoked. Since it was Israel that was provoked.

    Israel and the U.S. Are Already Feeling the Weight of Houthi Justice

    ​It looks like “The Resistance” are settling for bleeding the US Navy of expensive missiles against cheap drones for the moment. Attrition.
    Shell Becomes Latest To Suspend Red Sea Shipments After Two Fresh Houthi Attacks On Tankers

    John Day

    Shell Becomes Latest To Suspend Red Sea Shipments After Two Fresh Houthi Attacks On Tankers

    How Israeli forces trapped and killed ravers at the Nova Festival
    New evidence points to Israeli security forces, not Hamas, for causing the most fatalities at the music festival – civilian deaths that were then utilized to justify Tel Aviv’s Gaza genocide.

    Professor Anthony Hall , The Canadian Government Joins the Génocidaires Standing Against the Justice-Minded South Africans
    Trudeau’s Lies and Crimes and Failures Run Far Deeper Than Racism.

    The “collapse” of our inflexible economic format, which Paul Craig Roberts mentions, can be understood as a process of decay which has long been underway.
    I have read this description of the engineering cutbacks at Boeing 21 years ago leading the company down the road to perdition. Boeing used to be an engineer-managed company, which fully comprehended the complexities of aircraft design and production. A lot of engineering has been outsourced since then, and corners cut.

    Monopoly status is good for profits and bad for products. Thanks Dan. It’s Time to Nationalize and Then Break Up Boeing , Matt Stoller
    If America wants to make civilian airplanes here, the government must step in, take over Boeing, and then design a competitive industry.

    John Day

    Boeing Slides After Wells Fargo Believes FAA 737 Max Audit “Won’t Be Clean”
    Considering it’s an aircraft that was “designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys.”

    Josh Mittledorf starts with a book review, then fills in what the book left out, clearly and succinctly. Good comments do more filling out.
    The Wuhan Cover-up Cover-up , review of RFK Jr’s new book

    Steve Kirsch , New Medicare data makes it clear that the COVID vaccines have killed millions of people worldwide

    US Seeks Funds for New Bioweapons Projects From Clinton, Soros, Rockefeller Foundations

    A study published Wednesday in Environmental Health Perspectives identified 921 chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer and found that 90% are ubiquitous in consumer products, food and drinks, pesticides, medications and workplaces.
    More than 900 chemicals commonly found in consumer products and the environment have been linked to breast cancer risk in a new study.
    The study, published Wednesday in Environmental Health Perspectives, identified 921 chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer and found that 90% are ubiquitous in consumer products, food and drinks, pesticides, medications and workplaces.
    The list includes chemicals like parabens and phthalates, which are commonly found in makeup, skin and hair care products; and numerous pesticide ingredients, including malathion, atrazine and triclopyr, which are used on food and in household pest control products in the U.S.
    Breast cancer among young women has increased in recent years.

    900+ Common Chemicals Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

    John Day

    Watch: ‘Mothers Have to Resist’: Scientist Warns Against RSV Shots for Newborns
    French scientist and author Hélène Banoun, Ph.D., joined “The Defender In-Depth” this week to discuss what the data show about the safety signals associated with monoclonal antibodies administered to newborns for the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

    Watch: ‘Mothers Have to Resist’: Scientist Warns Against RSV Shots for Newborns

    Maddow Melts Down Over “Rise Of Fascism”; Joy Reid Says Trump Iowa Caucus Landslide Proves White Christians Are Racists

    ​MLK Honored By Murderers, My blog post from 1/18/21

    The Markster

    Testing to see if I can post. Last 4 or 5 attempts since Thanksgiving or so were foiled with cloudfare scans or other similar messages. Today ALL the video or image links at the bottom of the page have a square frowning face icon in a grey field. Forbidden content screened by the Ministry of Truth?

    Gas is only $3.35 or so here in Southern Oregon right now, the lowest in a long time but nobody comments. 9th circuit court just threw a monkey wrench in city efforts to curtail homeless camping in parks and on sidewalks. My monthly letters to OR officials blasting them for Covid authoritarianism and harms reached 35 yesterday, I am getting better and artsier as time goes by. Feels lately like at least some of the mama bear Team Hillary types not in bed with the teachers unions, OHA or medical industrial complex might be slowly waking up now, as their leftist children and social media feeds blow up with chants about Bloody Blinken and Genocide Joe, and people of all stripes being debilitated by nonstop persistent colds and flu.

    The heart aches for community, and even fantasy island guests are growing weary of the party now. It wants to fall apart and lay down for a rest. The No Hate signs in the front yard no longer working their charms on the youngsters.

    If this gets through, wishing all the TAE regulars a happy and adventurous 2024. Ain’t life grand? ☮️

    D Benton Smith

    The West is sinking fast, so expect the rats to proclaim glorious victory in the daytime and abandon ship under cover of darkness that same night.

    Ever wonder where fleeing rats flee to? To the places that aren’t sinking, of course. Preferably the places that are floating highest. In fact, most of the vermin have scampered over to the other side already. Some reckon to build their new house of BRICS, and some of them are even running for President, virtue signaling about about how bad the rats have been….. while jockeying for the positions of top rat. If we let the turn-coats get away with it they’ll strip that one ’til it sinks, too.

    A government either puts the real and actual welfare of the people first, or it puts itself first, in which case it will do to the people whatever it takes to maintain itself as the government that lives off of its slaves. I think this is pretty visible at the moment

    The real and actual condition of the people at the bottom of the pyramid are the only true measure of the value of the government. If they are desperately unhappy starving slaves then their government is an abysmal failure no matter how “rich and powerful” the top of the pyramid brags itself to be.


    @jb-hb re: turbines and such

    Yes, neat! Thanks. The tiny turbines are great. For the other direction, I was thinking medical peristaltic pumps, like you see in blood transfusion setups.

    Water, though, should be the most distant storage. It’s logistics, and is (surprisingly) analogous to computer architecture, too. The slower, less consistent of delivery, should be at the back of the room. Water can be pumped and drained if it isn’t frozen, or if the plumbing hasn’t been chewed through by varmint. Sun can be ‘pumped’ when it’s not cloudy. Etc etc. Batteries are pretty much always ready, as long as they have the charge, so should be the closest to point of work.

    The feeder systems should always keep the batteries topped off, and draw from the batteries. Feeders are hydro, solar, wind, steam, thermal, diesel, draft horse, energetic children (or adults!).

    Also, if possible, 2 FULL BANKS OF BATTERIES!!! A/B switch. Maybe even co-located. Think about that fir tree next to the shed, and what’ll happen at -40*C some dark stormy night.


    When my mom had ’50 acres of pinyon pines’ she was required by the county to keep a 5000gal (20kl) storage tank for fire safety. Odd thing was, after doing the survey to build a tank and well on the high ground, they discovered the site was slightly too rich in uranium. It was only a few ppm more than the drinking well downhill, and couldn’t be certified drinkable. So, mom could’ve maybe added ‘atomic pile’ as a steam source! HAHA!!


    Iran attack with pictures


    Elon Musk:

    Destroying Freedom of Speech Means Destroying Democracy

    “The Irish government wants to pass a law that could see you or your loved ones jailed for possession of memes, cartoons or any content that could be deemed “hateful”.

    The Bill includes no definition of hate and is wide open to abuse by bad actors.

    The Irish are as stupid as a big burlap bag of donkey dung.

    The old joke was that the English always referred to the Welsh as “the Irish who couldn’t swim….”

    Well, I sincerely hope the Irish are once again enslaved and persecuted by English.

    No, NOT by “The English”

    I mean English the Language.

    And it’s ability to define current Reality

    The Irish can barely speak the King’s English but the language, English, is going to be used against them to define “hateful” words.



    “My pint at the pub seemed off, too bitter or some-ting'”



    Off to the Nick Mick!


    Joyce and Yeats are rollin’ in their graves….



    Speaking from experience forget wind turbines all together. You’re a bit further north than I am so I’m going to guess you’ll have three months of less than optimal weather for PV. How ever it will be more reliable by several magnitudes over wind. Using a good generator as supplemental power to run your home and battery charger at the same time is the only way through. Well you could do the Tibetan monk thing for a few months of the year. Keeping your panels close enough to the ground so you can sweep the snow off is recommended also. Any big power draws like range or dryer need to be gas as well. My water heater is gas as well. Heats the water on demand so no standing tank of hot water. We have a dishwasher as well. We run the washer and dishwasher on sunny days after the charging cycle has made it to absorption in the charging cycle, or are confident it will make it to absorption. Wind turbines are a bust at any size. There were a number of wind turbines in my area installed around the same time I took the bait. They ranged in size from .5kw to 20kw and there are no to be seen now, besides the big monstrosities that are .gov supported. I suspect they are there due entirely to subsidy. “Too cheap to meter” ha if we could harness the heat from that bit of hot air we’d be in business.

    D Benton Smith

    Looking at Gaza and the Red Sea in particular, and the Muslim nations force-backed (but calm and measured) responses, are a pretty good clue that The US and Israel are in the early stages of getting the Ukraine treatment. In other words, a protracted war of attrition bleeding them dry because it is too important to let walk away from, too threatening to ignore, and too outgunned to win. Ukraine took three years. I think this one will be a lot shorter than that.

    Good time to take Russian and Mandarin language classes. Bad time to be part of the Zionist Cabal.


    @ Zerosum @ 150515

    I posted that comment over at Moonofalabama earlier today and just signed in to post it here as well, only to see you have already done that for me.

    When those two Navy Seals went missing, I got curious about the strange wording of some of the articles. This led me to read quite a few articles about the subject and eventually some of the writers started being more open about the circumstances. Until now, I had no idea we (the US) were doing this sort of thing. All I can figure is that the people at the top of the pile no longer care if everyone knows about our lawlessness; they are openly bragging about these actions.

    I’m probably the only one who finds it shocking and noteworthy, but then I tend to be less blasé about our slide into chaos and criminality than a lot of people.


    I agree

    The world has watched “The Putin” and his slow deliberate attrition of Ukronaziland.

    His inner lawyer makes him serve revenge as a very, very cold dish.

    The Global South, the Middle East, South America and Asia are watching and thinking:

    “Damn, that’s MMA-licious

    Russia’s has already equaled the Collective West in every measure of Purchasing Power Equity and has a GDP that will grow 4% this year with an almost perfectly balanced budget and very low government debt.

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation is 34 trillion in the crapper, massively unbalanced budget and new debt.

    Russia is servicing the SMO with 3% of it’s budget

    Empire of Lies has a Military Industrial Mafia extorting 25% of the national budget and produces horseshit, asswipe ‘weapons’, if you can even call them that.

    Putin’s approach is becoming a Gold Standard

    Biden’s approach is becoming an old man turd.

    D Benton Smith


    About that Atlas Day Eller addition to the family, smart kid. Knows how to pick Grandparents.


    @jb-hb “Nearly 1 watt ” I would need 3000 of those running for three hours a day every day to run the home and keep the battery bank topped and that is assuming they generate 50amps per hour as well. It’s great that folks here keep finding these little miracles that are on offer out there in the consumer world. I’ve been living this for almost two decades and have yet to see anything that will work on the small demand we have, which is at least a quarter of what our most efficient neighbours use. But hey wtf do I know? Our home needs 300 continuous watts to just idle, mostly refrigeration, so no water drawn no lights running and no battery charging. That’s the starting point. No disrespect to anyone here but the shit that’s published out there is sales oriented. In my experience it never comes close to as advertised. In my neck of the woods just throwing a small hydro turbine in a stream or river to get power would land you in court with a bunch of different charges by various .gov departments environment and fisheries both fed and state, so there’s that as well to consider. Penalties vary but they’re game stoppers of the sell up to pay kind.


    Idunno why we don’t use more dumb physical buffering when it comes to power.

    Like for refrigerator and freezer – why not only chest configuration, why not 1, heck, why not 2 foot thick insulation with some serious thermal mass inside the insulation? Like, seemingly ridiculous amounts of thermal mass. (iron ingots, weights from weight sets bought off craigslist and garage sales, whatever) Why not, it’s your freezer/refrigerator. Like fine, shut off the power for a month no problem. Keep one freezer just full of thermal mass, in emergencies transfer an ingot/weight to the chest refrigerator every now and then.

    With that setup, periodic wind, no batteries, should work. Or periodic storing/releasing water through generator.


    The Duran

    Fantasy Davos peace talks. Ukraine raising $300B reparation bonds

    Well the Empire of Lies wants to permanently destroy it’s already tattered international reputation by stealing 300 Billion in ‘frozen’ Russian assets.

    Funny it’s the same 300b number as Davos

    There will be NO reparations because there will be NO Ukronaziland

    Gone with the Wind

    Starring: Volodymyr Nazilnsky in Drag as Scarlett


    and Vladimir Putin as Rhett Butler

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