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    jb-hp like I said I’ve been at this a while. My chest freezer is full of food we’ve grown this past year so a full freezer takes less to keep it frozen. It is also in an out building that at this time of year is usually well below freezing. The extra insulation for your fridge would help some but your adding two feet or more to the size of the room it occupies, or reducing said room by that much. At this time 3:10 pm AST my 5400 watts of pv are producing a whooping 130 watts at 2.1 amps. Needless to say the gen will run this evening for a bit. That said the bank is humming along at the 50.4 vdc that is expected for a 48vdc system but it will drop back around sundown to I’m guessing somewhere around 48.8 +/-. It would seem most think that we live some sort of luddite lifestyle here, I can assure we don’t. When people hear off grid living they automatically think Uncle Toms cabin or something. I spent forty plus years working at any jobs I could find so now in my mid sixties I’m not about to give up some creature comforts, at least not willingly. In the end all I can say is all the DIY catalogues and arm chair math in the world is no substitute for reality. I’m using both and well life ain’t exactly like the photograph.


    Pick a loser.

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has concluded- ‘Iran possesses the largest and most diverse missile arsenal in the Middle East, with thousands of ballistic and cruise missiles, some capable of striking as far as Israel and southeast Europe.’(See: Further, Iran has finalized an agreement for delivery of Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets, Mil Mi-28 attack helicopters, signaling a qualitative improvement of Iran’s military capabilities. ( ).

    Dr. D

    ““..I think we face ten or 15 years of war in Europe,” Arestovich said..”

    That’s what the Fourth Turning says. Sorry. But they don’t LET it happen, they MAKE it happen, so maybe like the Shmitah, there’s some 72-year calendar they aim towards. Uranus or something, they’re huge in astrology and kabbalah. Probably why they erased Pluto as a planet: its existence wasn’t favoring them. What’s the solution? Change the Symbols! We’re Signaling, so, so hard!

    “• Prosecutors Are Charging Trump Using Laws Made To Fight The KKK (G.)

    I haven’t read anything this biased since last week. I guess good caution to yes, read both sides before issuing a verdict. This all sounds well and good except its a lie.

    “• Ukraine Crisis Won’t End Until NATO Push Kiev to Negotiating Table (Sp.)

    Yeah, that was last year. The West is like 2-10 years behind reality, as it has to be bludgeoned into their thick, senseless skulls with a clue-by-four. You “Negotiate” when you haven’t totally lost. Why would Russia “Negotiate” as they entered Berlin? What’s left to give, I own everything, you control nothing. I’ll “negotiate” Hitler when I drag him around the city walls three times because I was JUST. THAT. MAD.

    ““Germany is gearing up for “war between NATO’s forces and Russia,” which could begin in the summer of 2025, Bild has written,

    It will be a shortest war in history. The UK Girl Scout Troop 49 vs Stalin’s mobilized Eastern front. With rockets and space lasers. And Vlad riding a cocaine bear.

    Speaking of, as comments yesterday, YES, it is not the BRITISH that are the problem, which is why I try to use the pejorative curse word “London” instead. Absolutely Britons are being screwed white – literally – under the well-oiled boot of Big Brother, as well warned, and truly ARE beneath the Poles and Hungarians at this point. It has happened before, and worse, but not in a long, long time, like centuries. I know they are in the same situation as good Americans in 95% of all counties, resisting an alien government.

    We’re fighting them better and could use a little more, but you guys managed Farage and Brexit which still gives them a stroke. Britain is strange in that, if the tide turns, one day all Lenin’s shopkeepers show up carrying nothing but a mean look, and it simply ends. But that’s an internal, social tide they are using every magic spell, every Bernays ever wrote to stop.

    “The United States government is actively searching for new sources of funding for military biological research”

    They have $1 Trillion of my money a year and $40 Trillion is missing. Can I ask where it went and why you need money for this?

    (A: They are merging Government and Billionaire corporations as Blinken’s father told Congress before he told them, like Musk did, to go “S.E.C.” There’s a name for that form of government, but it escapes me at the moment. Some Duke knew.)

    “• Israel and the U.S. Are Already Feeling the Weight of Houthi Justice (Dionisio)

    Note: they are constantly saying the Houthis have closed the Red Sea to traffic. That is 100% pants on fire false. They are closing them to YOUR traffic. Everyone they like can get through all year with no problem. So why not ask to join? They’re not attacking US, YOU, the world’s people: they are attacking THE PEOPLE WHO BOMBED THE S—T OUT OF THEM for 20 years. And actually remaining quite nice to Saudi, who really deserves it a little more, then and now.

    As Cullom says, “Stop lying your asses off” and maybe somebody will believe you. Just stop. Stop. Kissinger was evil as h—l but he’d find a way to make what he was saying the agreed-upon truth.

    “• Red Sea Tensions May Become ‘Impossible To Contain’ – UN (RT)

    And? Iran is taking us (the U.S.) out of Iraq, then later no doubt from Syria. Now since they can sink every ship in the ocean, you know why our soldiers will leave on a city bus. …At that point they won’t be getting paid either as the US$ will have frozen. They act like we’re going to do something. We can’t. We don’t have bullets.

    “• UK To Send 20,000 Troops To NATO Exercise (RT)

    Isn’t that every UK soldier on planet earth including all the national reserve? Unlike us, UK HAS at-sea relading ships. Yay! They can shoot more than 10 missiles. …Except they have no sailors, so the ships can’t sail. Because UK (government) sucks and everybody hates their guts. Okay, you recruit or conscript sailors from north of their Mason-Dixon line: you want those guys with guns on board a warship? Why wouldn’t they shell Theresa May and King Putz? God I hope so: show some spirit and national pride.

    “For Conservative MPs opening their Daily Telegraph on Monday morning it was a distinctly gloomy start to the week:

    No one will vote for Conservatives who are Liberals? Gee, who knew? No one will vote for Liberals who hate the working man like cancer and are Pro-Corporate fascists? Who knew?

    Hated by 98% of all voters and voted in 100% of the time. But no election rigging or nothing.

    “Hunter has conveyed an attitude that laws do not apply to him or to other Biden family members.”

    It’s not an attitude, it’s a legal, historic fact. Name one event in 53 years where the law applied to him.

    Is this like a version of “Honey, you’re crazy”? Of professional gaslighting? WE don’t THINK he and it is like this. It literally HAS been like this, openly, like Amtrak, for 53 years, or since the day after Dallas. We’re not wrong, not crazy, and it’s not legal. They’ve been committing felonies and abetting felonies since I was born, wide open, like Haskell. Every congressman gets in and is a multimillionaire in one year, like AOC. It’s NOT POSSIBLE to rub our faces in it more – because if they could, they would.

    “Fani whines:
    “….you cannot expect black women to be perfect and save the world,” and that “we need to be allowed to stumble.”

    So you were not perfect and you stumbled? Would you like to further elaborate on what specific wrongs you are well-aware you did and whether they approach indictable criminal activity?

    See: She KNOWS everything she did was a crime, the but laws don’t apply to her. Because she’s white.

    “His parents came over from India to visit him and he had to spend quite a lot of time explaining to them that he was not, in fact,” the simple son riding the short bus unlike his brother back in India who could afford a mansion for half the work. They bought him a helmet and went home.

    “Donald Trump, who won the Iowa caucuses Monday with the largest margin in the history of the first Republican presidential nomination”

    And NBC went on TV saying they are arranging the public-private coup right now. No literally: “Private Interests” are “Coordinating with the military” to refuse to obey any orders the President gives. Aaaaand, what would you call such an action, and the merged system it’s arising from? Huh. Perfect Good I think!

    ““To maintain the dominance of the collective west over the region, the immediate hurdle is overcoming the influences of Iran and Russia.”

    What moral authority permits this? This isn’t even in the “West”. Iran is a regional power, if there is any moral reason or authority whatsoever, they would be first in line. …They, everyone just takes it for granted it’s our Right as the “War of Civilizations” and our civilization – Europe — is simply superior in every way. They used to have a name for that. Some kind of Man’s Burden or something. Have to help the “Jungle” children, Borrell says. Maybe Africans will visit here to teach us how to read.

    “I’m not sure where the US and its allied countries get the authority to simply board and seize the ships”

    Because we’re special, different, and better. The Laws don’t apply to us, we’re a “Rules and Norms based-order” That is, translated: ANYTHING BUT LAW. Anything but a LAW-based order. We have to help the “Jungle” children who don’t know better, you see.

    “his study plainly states that the authors conducted Gain-of-Function research on bat coronaviruses in order to make them infectious to primary human airway epithelial cells and succeeded in their endeavor.
    ​ Likewise, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and the World Economic Forum often tell the world about their schemes. For almost fifteen years, Bill Gates repeatedly stated his ambition”

    I can forward their own quotes in their own words to anyone on earth and it remains a conspiracy theory. But if I say in my own words ONE TIME about robbing a bank…boy everyone gets all kind of bent.

    Israeli forces trapped and killed ravers at the Nova Festival” Like this. It’s literal, written Israeli military policy. But it’s a conspiracy theory and doesn’t happen, although it’s essentially law that it will happen.

    “As a result, the extortionists began demanding $500,000 for Lira’s transfer at his own expense.”

    That’s the Ukrainians for ya. What part of “Most corrupt country in Europe” didn’t you understand? That’s almost the world’s highest bar! Okay, great: now how do you think they’re going to all work together and cooperate to win anything? DO anything? A: They can’t. The country has ceased to exist. “Civilizations” are founded on “Being Civil”. That’s it: not rocket science, there’s no big magic secret. You keep your word, do what you promised, work hard, don’t hurt anybody or steal their stuff. If you don’t, your entire nation will collapse and you with it smarty-pants, Mr. Rich Guy.

    “Monopoly status is good for profits and bad for products.”

    No, actually for the same reason, it’s not good for profits either. You can’t profit in a society that’s entirely collapsed. You can only “violence” there. That’s not called “Voluntary” exchange. Everyone gets POORER.

    “Maddow Melts Down Over “Rise Of Fascism”

    Breathtaking. She literally works for a monopoly who has openly merged with government. Then promotes both repression at home and violence abroad. There is no POSSIBLE topper to her open support of fascism.

    The level of lying or doubling, tripling, quadrupling off-grid production numbers is astonishing. It’s like “You DO know these guys have seen this all before, right? You DO know when they buy it, they’ll find out how it works, right?” I don’t know how this came to be as if it were selling tractors to the exact same people no one would tolerate it.

    The problem is the horizon: you know they’re lying, the problem is, you still can’t quite believe they would be lying THAT MUCH.

    Anyway, more useful solution, which isn’t essentially very different, just for home users, here:

    Good combo: cheap start cost, cheap radiator upgrade, good output, small space. Fine. Like if power’s out in Mountains of Utah or something to hunker a few days. A workshop, or even what it’s made for: a truck. That said: complex, digital, fragile, water-prone, needs stockpile of perfect great fuel that is almost certainly grid made. What’s the difference between this and a $50 Salamander? Still, it seems ready for prime time, some purposes, as they’re outlawing wood stoves everywhere, both legally and by canceling insurance. Fit one in your suburban sunroom for emergency outages. (Remember needs AC/DC)

    Figmund Sreud

    Helmer: … amongst all other things, reports CENTCOM is saying nothing at all about the fate of the two US Navy F-18 pilots, shot down by Houthi air defence during the first raid on Friday morning and missing at sea since then. Pentagon concealment of the shoot-down — the first air battle success of its kind– has been camouflaged by a half-dozen press releases about the hospitalization and health of the Defense Secretary, General Lloyd Austin.

    … all other info in:


    Figmund Sreud

    I see oil hasn’t moved out of the seventies since the Red Sea troubles? Maybe things aren’t exactly as advertised? – Red

    In the financial circles, all I hear is it’s same old, same old Israel/Palestinian fracas, it will fade out in a month or less, … just like for last seventy+ years!. Fools, …

    Anyway, WTI pricing is -0.90% in last 5 days, -16.53% in last 3 months, -6.75% YTD. Unprecedented trend,I say, … and have been dabbling in oil business since about late ‘70s.



    On January 15, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had a telephone conversation with Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hossein Amirabdollahian.

    The ministers discussed the preparation of a new interstate agreement and a number of practical issues of bilateral cooperation in trade, economic, transport, logistics and other areas.

    Particular attention was paid to the escalation of tensions in the Middle East. The foreign ministers strongly condemned the massive strikes on the territory of Yemen undertaken by a group of countries led by the United States and Great Britain. The Ministers called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and unhindered humanitarian access to the enclave to provide urgent assistance to the affected civilian population.

    The ministers discussed the tasks of further developing contacts and coordination at all levels, stressing the unwavering mutual commitment to the fundamental principles of Russian-Iranian relations, including unconditional respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and other principles of the UN Charter, which will be confirmed in the upcoming “big” interstate treaty between the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Dr D Rich

    Courtesy Helmers:

    From the “line of contact” (s.ritter) or “Battlescape” (crooke)

      reported “Yemeni sources: there is nothing new in their attacks, the same facilities that were bombed on Mar 26 2015 were hit.” That was at 03:13 Moscow time. Fourteen minutes later Militarist reported (3m27s):

      According to an official representative of the Houthis, an American F-22 fighter jet was shot down over Sanaa.’

      These aircraft are based at the USAF base at Al-Dhafra in the UAE. No western media report of the first-ever Houthi success against a US warplane has subsequently appeared until the US CENTCOM issued a press statement, almost a day late:

      Two US Navy Sailors missing off the coast of Somalia. Out of respect for the families affected, we will not release further information on the missing personnel at this time. The sailors were forward-deployed to the US 5th Fleet area of operations supporting a wide variety of missions.

      If the “sailors” are in fact US Navy pilots, then the aircraft which the Houthis hit, forcing it to ditch in the sea, was likely to have been an F/A-18 from the USS Eisenhower. By the time Moscow was fully at work on Friday morning, Rozhin concluded the raids had been a failure. Iran and Ansarallah hold the operational initiative, he said, and they are calling the US bluff”


    Oroboros- I just caught myself laughing again at “Cark”.

    Dr. Day, you lucky dog! I haven’t held a baby in over five years. What a cutie pie- and the baby is, too. ; )

    John Day

    Hi Markster. It got through. I hear nice things about John Day, Oregon.

    Thanks DBS. I do have a good sense about young Mr. Atlas. 🙂

    Thanks MPSK: I get to be BOTH of my grandfathers.

    Thanks for the electrical-generation-reality-check, Red.

    Susan C

    jb-hb #150513

    Is this one of the hydro generators you mentioned?

    It’s a very interesting system that’s been among my bookmarks for a long while.


    Just think of who is at Davos
    ….the movers and shakers, the people with money and power the motivators
    At Davos, Zelenskyy lashes out at Putin and presses allies to boost Ukraine’s fight
    Jamey Keaten

    The Associated Press

    Published Tuesday, January 16, 2024 7:03AM EST
    Last Updated Tuesday, January 16, 2024 11:06AM EST

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy came out swinging Tuesday against Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos and even had a harsh tone for his allies as war fatigue grows, pressing political and corporate leaders to enforce sanctions, help rebuild his country and advance the peace process.

    Zelenskyy is trying to keep his country’s long and largely stalemated defense against Russia on the minds of political leaders, as Israel’s war with Hamas, which passed the 100-day mark this week, has siphoned off much of the world’s attention and sparked concerns about a wider conflict in the Middle East.

    Related stories
    Switzerland to host Ukraine peace summit at Zelenskyy’s request
    More countries join talks on Ukraine leader’s peace formula. But Russia is absent and war grinds on
    British prime minister visits Ukraine to give aid and reassurances of West’s support against Russia

    Did anyone give him any money?


    Empire of Lies “Workers Paradise” vs Chinese ‘autocrats

    What that smells on the left of the screen?

    The smell from the right side of the screen is The Smell of Victory


    The US decided to evacuate a large military base in Syria due to militant attacks


    Finally the Empire of Lies thieves and thugs in Syria are getting hit enough and taking causalities to Cut n’ Run, something the Duh’merican Military Industrial Mafia actually knows how to do from years, decades, of practice.

    Stealing oil in Syria for Zionists is a thankless task but they are only Bibi’s errand boys after all.

    “US evacuates large Hemo military base in Syria due to militant attacks

    The United States has decided to evacuate a large military base in Syria due to ongoing militant attacks. This was reported by the Iranian agency Tasnim.

    The base is located in Hemo in the vicinity of Qamishli, Hasakah province, 700 kilometers from Damascus. About 350 American troops are stationed there.

    The base is one of the strategically important locations of the United States in Syria; it is located four kilometers from Al-Qamishli airport. Washington has not yet officially confirmed the evacuation information.

    On January 12, a drone attacked a US military base in Hasakah in northeastern Syria. Three explosions occurred on the site.

    In November, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst Larry Johnson said that American troops were suffering losses in the Middle East amid the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. All US bases in Iraq and Syria are being attacked, including with the help of UAVs.”

    US occupation forces attacked over 118 times in Iraq, Syria since Oct. 17, American official reveals


    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Evacuating, Hemo military base, because of “… attacked over 118 times in Iraq, Syria since Oct. 17”


    Another NATO work around. First UK now by France.

    Emmanuel Macron will visit Ukraine in February, new arms deliveries announced

    Emmanuel Macron announced that he would go “in February” in Ukraine. “We are going to make new deliveries: around forty Scalp missiles and several hundred bombs”added the head of state to journalists.

    Emmanuel Macron also clarified that France was “finalizing a deal” security agreement with kyiv, of the type concluded on Friday between the United Kingdom and Ukraine over a period of ten years. He will detail this security agreement during his visit to Ukraine in February.


    New Jersey National Guard Prepares to Deploy to Iraq and Syria Amid Attacks

    New Jersey National Guard Prepares to Deploy to Iraq and Syria Amid Attacks

    It’s unclear if the deployment of 1,500 troops is part of a regular troop rotation or a reinforcement
    by Dave DeCamp January 15, 2024


    Delta Introduces New Short Plane For Special-Needs Pilots


    “ATLANTA, GA — In what some industry insiders have described as a clear case of “one-upmanship,” Delta Airlines has raised the diversity, equity, and inclusion bar even higher after introducing its new “short plane” specifically designed for special needs pilots.

    With increased scrutiny of late on airlines implementing DEI policies among crucial flight crew positions, the Atlanta-based airline giant took the unprecedented step of creating an entirely new model of aircraft to accommodate pilots who are either physically or mentally incapable of operating a standard aircraft.

    “This is a huge step forward for the retarded folk, er, I mean, the special needs community,” said Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastain. “Those who are mentally and physically handicapped are severely underrepresented on our teams that operate multi-million-dollar aircraft and hold countless lives in their hands. Thanks to our new aircraft, no disability is too significant to keep someone from flying for Delta!”

    “What could go wrong?”

    John Day

    Appeals Court Rules the Homeless Have a Right to Camp on Sidewalk

    Appeals Court Rules the Homeless Have a Right to Camp on Sidewalks


    Waiting For Schlomo. Trapped in a jew theatre of the absurd. Exit and fire doors locked. Pedophile politicians raping kids. TV newsdummies reading scripts. Airial bombing of defenseless civilians. Doctors injecting poison. Superbowls for the comatose. GMO’s for the obese. Trannies in schools. They wanted a world fit for their satanic god, the blood sacrifices to appease him. All it took was money, pieces of paper, computer didgits, created from nothing. 2024. God help us all. This cannot, willnot stand Gaza is the canary in the coal mine. What happens to the bird is gonna happen to you.


    The Due Dissonance guys on Dore. Vivek the Snake.


    The Breaking Points crew breaks out the all the voters’ numbers by age, demographic groups and such from the Iowa GOP caucus.




    Why do Dem lawyers break the law?
    Because they never get charged!

    I am still confused.
    Is the US still containing the world?
    Or, is the world containing the US?

    When my Father (Saskatchewan) and Mother (Ontario) were kids, they grew up off the grid.
    No running water, no power either.
    My Father had an ice box though, kept cold by lake ice stored in sawdust delivered by ice man/horses.


    [..] “He (Arestovich) has since moved to the US, saying that Kiev wants him arrested on politically trumped-up charges.”

    Pictures of him in NYC started showing up in December. What’s this spook up too?

    Figmund Sreud



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