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    Pablo Picasso Nude female standing 1922   • Theresa May Survives Confidence Vote, Britain Remains In Brexit Deadlock (G.) • Corbyn: No Talks With
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    Now that Picasso is something.

    V. Arnold

    Now that Picasso is something.

    Indeed, isn’t it though…

    Polder Dweller

    Secretly Corbyn – never a fan of the EU – is hoping for a no-deal Brexit. The ensuing chaos can be blamed firmly on the Tories, the DUP will withdraw its support so the government will not survive the next vote of confidence. PM Corbyn can then put in place all the measures, such as re-nationalizing the railways, supporting key industries and agriculture etc., which would all be in breach of EU laws.

    Dr. D

    “they may have been an “effective tool” in getting China, Canada, Mexico and others to negotiate on trade.”

    And here I was told we had no leverage and needed to surrender without trying anything.

    “[Trump] just says, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, what, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?” … “those jobs of the past are just not gonna come back,” – Barack Obama

    Is it fun and painless? No. When the Boomers burned down the house and have left us freezing in a dung heap, it’s not fun. All answers now are very hard and require work and sacrifice. But their answer to X, Y, and Z was “There’s nothing you can do but die in a hole so shut up about it.” There is always something to be done, the trouble is, we’re still not trying any of it.

    Example: German cars are the primo example of why you can’t have a green economy. Any green reform that follows the laws of physics is going to radically cut consumption and therefore GDP. Because GDP = Energy use, so cutting energy use = cutting GDP. So where are you going to find a coalition that wants to radically cut GDP? Cutting GDP will also set off a worldwide financial collapse because debt-economies and debt-money require ever-increasing debt leverage at an every-increasing rate. I’m not against cutting energy, consumption, and replacing the entire money-debt system, in fact I am strongly for it. However, no one – and I mean NO ONE – except stalwarts like me are going to actually bite on the medicine like this and save their children. Save them from debt, centralization on par with vicious fascism, from resource depletion, from plant, animal and area extinction, from the violent destruction of childhood, from global warming or other effects of radical, suicidal unnecessary overuse that every day makes our lives a little more miserable. No. They will NOT take up that fight and WILL leave the world a little – or in fact a LOT – worse for their children.

    So they’re all going to signal and blather on and pretend, and not work, not try, do nothing, party on and murder their children and communities. And so they have, and attack me for telling them the obvious, provable, daily truth of it: that they CAN change, that this IS happening, and they CAN fix it. But nothing for it. Chattering on twitter is much more satisfying than buying less and planting a tree with the savings. So who am I to say? I did my duty to tell them, it is not my duty to violently overrule their free choice the way they are so happy to violently overrun mine.

    “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” – Thomas Paine.

    Would that we had such men today. I can get them through a green GDP contraction without killing 1-2 Billion people, as they so earnestly and publically desire. I have the toolbox. But they will not do it if they have to cancel Netflix and not add that free shipping item on Amazon. They will not do it if they have to eat an apple that is NOT poisoned and won’t cause childhood leukemia, because it’s smaller and slightly less red than they’re used to. I know because I’ve tried and every day I try again. This is not actually going to change, but success is not my duty. Only my actions and intent are my duty. And now I have to get back to work.

    UK Tree


    Corbyn et al want it all in one go, and therefore will never get anything. They would have to have power first. And wanting such things secretly is always a bad choice. Lay it out there. Just not all at once. You’re not f*cking Trotsky.

    Worst of all is Labour are such poor communicators. Of course it’s ridiculous that Corbyn is labeled an anti-Semite and everyone says he called May a stupid woman when he didn’t, but if you can’t deflect that obvious a set-up you should take a few courses in Politics 101. As things are, Labour is losing support at the very moment May is losing everything else including the whole country. Saw a few seconds of Corbyn in the Commons the past few days, and it could have been shot a year ago, or two. Same old same old. Britain needs its own Ocasio.

    V. Arnold

    Same old same old. Britain needs its own Ocasio.

    Britain has lost the core…
    The rest is just rubbish; much like the U.S.; spiraling endlessly into nothingness…


    Dr D,

    Yeah, run on a program that says we’ll have to pay to save the planet, or the system, or whatever, and you’ve already lost. Because there’s always someone who say you don’t need to pay, just vote for me. We’ll go down believing we can make a profit saving the world for our children. Is it any more ironic that the guys who actually make that profit have children too? I’m not even sure. Are we more tragic than we are stupid? A toss up.

    People really think that politicians will solve their problems, because after all they’re everyone’s problems. These people haven’t been paying attention. Politicians are elected because they’re good at persuasion, not because they’re good at solving problems. It’s exceedingly rare that both qualities are found in one person. And then, why would such a person want to enter politics? That takes a third quality: the desire to tell people what to do, sociopathy.

    Our economic systems are bad enough, with their eternal growth models. Our political systems are just as destructive. And of course that’s just because we are too. We don’t give a hoot about the truth, we want stories that make us feel good. We just need people who persuade us these stories are true. Never a shortage of those.

    Dr. D

    Here’s the kinder, gentler EU, that won’t have national wars anymore. Why? Because each nation will individually declared war on their citizens.

    Trigger warning, and for a change, that’s not a joke.


    In case you haven’t heard yet: while you were looking the other way, or not looking at all (you know who you are!), Putin Stole Santa’s Home.


    depend on politicians

    a no-deal Brexit was unlikely on 29 March.

    Britain would suffer most if it lost free trade with European markets

    Why would anyone (but Trump) impose tariffs or taxes that destroy import and exports.

    • China Injects Gargantuan 1.1 Trillion In Liquidity This Week (ZH)
    recently collapsing Chinese data has now clearly forced an escalation of easing-/stimulus-/liquidity- policies.

    The Chinese politicians are just as smart as the western politicians. They can print.
    traces its origins to the first punches and dies used to make seals and currency in ancient times, which ties the concept to printing.

    Typography with movable type was invented during the eleventh-century Song dynasty in China by Bi Sheng (990–1051).[19] His movable type system was manufactured from ceramic materials, and clay type printing continued to be practiced in China until the Qing Dynasty.


    Putin Stole Santa’s Home.

    Trump would say, ” all part of Russiangate fake news”

    Dr. D

    There’s only one explanation: Trump GAVE Putin the north pole. This is the smoking gun!

    Dr. D

    For entertainment, some people watch the magnetosphere and the solar winds. The disturbing part here is, they’re not solar. Or not according to any data/sunspots being tracked.

    The magnetic field fluctuates on a 10,000-ish cycle and last flipped 41,000 years ago. It’s weakening 10x faster than usual, and as expected, when it weakens it’s able to wander. This has been associated with Ice Ages, appearing as fast as 20 years, which means it is associated with interglacial warm extremes as well.

    Why are they associated? It was a long time ago, so they are not certain. However, the declining magnetosphere seems to be associated with increased volcanism somehow, which may precipitate a volcanic winter, leading to a positive feedback loop that tips from long, steady warm into 10,000 years of cooling. That may seem unusual or unlikely, but we can as easily chart minor volcanic winters on a clear time clock such as the one near 535AD, it stands to reason there could be a fractal that gives larger effects on larger timescales.

    So we have a lot of historical data that suggests global heat/cold is associated with the rhythms of the sun and earth’s magnetosphere, and we are unhappily at one of the earth’s magnetic extremes right now, at a time when indeed seismology and volcanism are increasing rapidly at an increasing pace.


    Interesting data side, earthquakes in general have not increased (although that’s hard to tell when seismographs are so young) but large earthquakes have. Why? More research as it would seem counterintuitive to the theory.

    Anyway, supposing a huge body having an earth’s worth of electrons does have a bit of electric charge and magnetism: that’s why we have a magnetic field in the first place. Now suppose your magnetic metal-shaving- ball loses its magnetism. Does it fall apart? Make sinkholes? Get loose and sloppy? How much? When these huge parts move, wouldn’t they set off volcanoes, particularly undersea volcanoes such as those untracked on the mid-oceanic ridges or the new ones found under the Antarctic ice sheet?

    Only one thing’s for sure: we’re about to find out, and I blame Putin. He controls everything else, why not the sun and earth?


    A factoid that is often conveniently overlooked in the Steele dossier: Fusion in 2015 began investigating Trump under a contract with the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website financially supported by GOP megadonor Paul Singer. That assignment ended once Trump was on track to win the nomination.

    “Steele, by his own account, was sufficiently alarmed by what he had been told by his Russian sources that in early July he sought out a contact in the FBI, located in Rome, to supply the memo and other information. Near the start of July on his own initiative — without the permission of the U.S. company that hired him — he sent a report he had written for that firm to a contact at the FBI.”

    Polder Dweller

    Not much to disagree with there. Corbyn rarely sees an open goal he doesn’t miss!


    off topic
    for Dr.D
    Can you find the patterns that nobody has been able to do?
    orbit, (close, far), centripetal force, (more or less), earthquake, volcanoes.
    earth orbit

    You can input different search terms in


    Amid slicing and rearranging, we see stern looking face in manner of Renaissance master, then by cascading down pass one rough chiseled and other plump and shiny breast to undefined crotch area and unsuspected turn of the rear end.
    He never ventured into world of pure abstract but, boy, how many his own “signature style” tables he turned upside down only staying close to the real world as inspiration for experiments.
    Dr D’s yellow vest video link is disturbing in many ways. Be it medieval peasant revolt or today, it is the goons that stand in between their own class and masters.

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