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    Jack Delano Mrs. Marcella Hart, mother of three, employed as a wiper at the roundhouse. Chicago & North Western R.R. 1943   • BlackRock Will
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    V. Arnold

    Jack Delano Mrs. Marcella Hart, mother of three, employed as a wiper at the roundhouse. Chicago & North Western R.R. 1943

    That is quite the picture; look at it long and hard!
    I can relate; my life working the industrial, no skill up to the skilled; master machinist.
    Hard work that can break the body, if not the will…

    Polder Dweller

    the creation of a “Climate Innovation Fund”, which will invest $1bn (£760m) over the next four years to speed up the development of carbon removal technology

    We’ve already got the perfect carbon removal technology, it’s called a tree.


    Diogenes is, after all, the man.

    I hold Diogenes in my right hand to confront the raw facts, and Jesus in my left for the magical thinking I need to live with those facts.

    Magical thinking is great stuff so long as you don’t confuse it with rational critical thinking.

    Electrons are Magic — and They Jingle!


    I really like the punk-o-meter!


    I miss Johnny Rotten in that list. Great oversight.


    “Russia’s comparative advantage in oil and gas is so high relative to everyone else “
    I don’t agree. Look what happened to Venezuela.
    Its not that much of an advantage for Canada.
    ie. $c 25 to 30% less (everything on sale), plus US oil, $58 vs Canadian oil $33

    Dr. D

    “Mrs. Marcella Hart” But I thought women were barefoot, unemployed slaves to men until the ‘60s! That’s what they taught me in school.

    “BlackRock Will Start Moving Away from Fossil Fuels (NewYorker)”

    I have heard the Rockefellers are already safely out – rats from the ship if I ever saw it – so their corporation having held the door can now safely lower the prices with their selling. Does this – and all the wildly un-scientific, anti-engineering nonsense — not tell you they have a patent, an invention in the works? And from other actions, that patent probably requires lithium, as found in Afghanistan and Bolivia. Because otherwise, as I say every day, they are openly planning to murder half the people on the planet with their carbon targets – not that they would think that a bad thing, as they themselves have often said. But they also have pre-positioned themselves in the companies their 1:10 handmaiden BlackRock will start buying. …Because they themselves own BlackRock and DIRECT them to buy their own companies which can make themselves rich(er). How is any of this not obvious? And IF BlackRock cannot force-short oil and force-long the hand-picked Green winners, Mark Carney has said he will make YOU, the taxpayer, buy Green and buy a can’t-lose for Gore, Musk, Bezos, Rockefeller, et Co. Thaaaaaaaat’s Capitalism! When there’s no free market pricing and all manipulation! Human bad, government good. Oil bad, green good. All the trillions of green that will go right out of my pockets and into theirs.

    With Rivals Stuck in Impeachment Trial, Biden, Buttigieg to Barnstorm Iowa (R.)

    Right on schedule, Pelosi trashes Sanders, pulls him out of the race. Couldn’t get Harris, now it’s Biden-Warren, as CNN shows. About the latest watchdog, it’s a redo of the Impeachment itself: So Congress and the President disagree? Then they move to the 3rd branch, the courts. Nope! That would be logical, orderly, #Logos. You Impeach BEFORE any attempt as resolution. In fact, you plan and advertise impeachment before he’s elected!

    Today’s Watchdog is from Congress, i.e., a puppy-dog of the House. Although Trump gave all the Ukrainian aid and more, on time – they say that he did not and delayed this critical thing, Ukraine fell, Russia invaded them and is now in Paris massing to invade England, etc. (Oh wait, nothing happened. At all.) So if Congress and this Congressional Finance watchdog disagreed with the President and the 1971 law then…impeach of course, as the law says? No. They INFORM THE PRESIDENT. Just as when if Trump wishes to refuse the aid (you know, the aid he didn’t refuse but actually increased) he would INFORM CONGRESS as the 1971 law directs. Congress and the Watchdog never informed the President they opposed his delay. At all. As such, Trump never responded. It never went to court, etc. What do they think, we’re all made of moron over here? CONGRESS THEMSELVES showed with their lack of follow-up that they didn’t care in the slightest about the delay. But now they do. Okey-dokey.

    Lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies.

    Parnas Now Denies Speaking with Trump (WE)”

    Sounds like Cohen, when Congress convicted him for perjury, then used a known perjurer as their star witness.


    Should be hilarious, but I’m glad it’s not my job because I’m too bored to follow it. So is all of America, from the ratings, but also no one knew who “Adam Schiff” was on Jeopardy last night. Because he’s a nobody and nobody cares. Maybe could follow important things like $500B disappearing in bailouts this weekend.

    Manhattan’s Homeless Shelters Are Full, Luxury Skyscrapers Are Empty (Atl.)

    And the market is completely rigged, there are no free pricing, so the market cannot respond and fix it by adding needed homes and removing luxury penthouses. And Canada, AND Australia, AND London, AND San Francisco… But the Fed said yesterday they think it’s their fault. Maybe.

    their editors have specifically hired them to write negative, sensationalistic stories because they sell best.

    If only. It’s not about the money. “Conservative” stories and outlets – that is, what was normal and centrist only 4 years ago, and are so Right-wing they believe in gun control and gay marriage, like Trump does — are booming. Fox news is booming. (Ugh.) CNN is failing. YET THEY WON’T WRITE STORIES THAT SELL, EVEN TO SAVE THEIR NETWORK. Because it’s not about money, it’s about religion. If only it were about the money we might be saved, but it’s worse than that. Oh, and also that they’re lying, about this, as about everything. Don’t give them this transparent fake excuse.

    “Mass suicide continues.”

    Except it’s NOT a suicide. It’s a murder. Mass murder. Unless you think Flint LIKES lead in their water. “It’s a force that’s bigger than us.” Yes, and they’ve written about the wonderful, salutary, environmental effects of killing us all, every day lately and going back 40 years. Just read. You must be literate by reading this sentence. Just click the mouse. Upper right corner. You can do it! It’s not secret! You can read it! It’s okay. Because it’s not a secret, it’s a plan.


    ““Mrs. Marcella Hart” But I thought women were barefoot, unemployed slaves to men until the ‘60s! That’s what they taught me in school.”

    That woman was not able to have a banking/checking account in her own name if she was married back then. This didn’t change signficantly until the 60s.



    Plus, how nice it is that it required the USA joining into a war it largely helped create, and sending millions of male workers overseas, to give women a chance to show that they too had the intelligence to be a factory gimp and make money.

    Dr. D

    Wow, don’t quote The Guardian as a source for anything real. Here’s a canonical, University, left-wing orthodoxy:

    “Women in medieval times were not the passive victims of the religious and political patriarchy, no matter how often that claim is repeated. Women frequently found ways around the obstacles placed in their path or forged new paths when a challenge proved too great. They took over their husband’s businesses and ran them successfully, continued to work in guilds, or even formed their own guilds as the textile guilds of Italy attest.”

    I’d go way further than that, since they themselves say: “Women of the lowest class actually … life was uniformly difficult for the serfs – male or female – and women worked alongside men in the fields and in the medieval guilds as equals or near-equals.” Canonical. I only clicked the first thing on Google.

    And since lacking a middle class, there were only 3 people of rank per 1,000, that’s virtually the whole western world, except for a few pointy-hat wearing weirdo stars at the top, just like now. You don’t think the Kardashians or Jeffrey Starr represent normal state of fashion or behavior in North America, right? They were constantly hooking up, getting married, ‘disappearing’-as-divorce, wife-swapping, controlling-husband-controlling-wife getting the upper hand, marrying their way up, marrying their way down, getting shotgun marriages from getting knocked up by the plumber-next-door, calling the banns out the front door three times and calling it all honest, legal, and ‘Christian’. Read Chaucer. That behavior puts frontier coal-mining towns to shame. They’re humans: it was as universal then as it is now.

    …And that’s aside from the Vikings, Celts, Iroquois and a whole lotta other people where the women were giving men blow-for-blow. So sure, as they say, if you’re talking about the property-owning, decision-making, fashion-wearing 0,01%, then yeah, women’s position was weird there. So was the mens’. Just like now. …And still badly represented, Elanor of Aquatine says, or Mary Katherine Goddard if you like.

    But I’d have to do a whole thesis to prove it and read the original documents in medieval latin instead of fairy tales coming from the Victorian Age, which was its own fairy tale. So, my point being, if that was true for the Pagans, the Greeks, the Romans, then the early, middle, and late middle ages, true for Victoria, true in weird, bizarrely-civilized places like London in 1928, then how much more true on the wuz-just-frontier places like working-class America while Black Elk was still walking around?

    Featuring WWII American ladies sleeping with any handsome guy, just like they claim didn’t happen ’til the 60s, black Germans in the war, and all sort of other interesting things that are real, not made up by historians that can only make things up because they never left their office to talk to real people or do real work. …Just like reporters, the source historians count on. Just go ask people. They’ll tell you.

    If you know The Guardian is fake, also think backward to all the stuff they said when you were a kid, and all the books those same authors wrote when you were in school. Remember Columbus discovered America the Ice Age will arrive in 1980, and continental drift is a fringe conspiracy theory!


    The following is every day quid pro quo

    But it’s not the first time the Saudis have foot the bill for major troop presence on its soil, as the CNN report notes:
    Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Gulf states paid $36 billion towards the costs of the Gulf War in 1990-91.
    “Discussions are ongoing to formalize a mechanism for future contributions that offset the cost of these deployments,” the statement added.

    Iraq says go home.
    USA says, we will go where they pay for our mercenaries and services.

    Now, lets recalculate the cost of war in the middle east.



    I was referring to women in USA Westerndom, specifically during WWII, since that was what was initially referenced. I was not touting the Guardian as an impeccable source, just citing an article it printed. I’m aware that sexual politics are dynamic and have shifted considerably by time and locale.

    And yes, women have sex, often just as foolishly and irresponsibly as the males they have sex with.

    That was an awful lot of straw men you threw around the barn.


    How about a nice plate of warm cookies and a glass of fresh cold milk? It’s the weekend, after all:

    How Does Your Light Shine?

    The 3 Dog Night version was, imo, justifiably a much bigger hit than the original by B.W. Stevenson (it was written by one Daniel Moore), but this live version by Toby Keith (who is usually not my cup of java) surpasses the earlier two, I feel.

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