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    John Collier “Grandfather Romero, a member of the family of Juan Lopez, the majordomo, is ninety-nine years old.” Trampas, New Mexico 1943   • Bi
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    V. Arnold

    John Collier “Grandfather Romero, a member of the family of Juan Lopez, the majordomo, is ninety-nine years old.” Trampas, New Mexico 1943

    What a perfectly wonderful picture; just so, there…

    A pretty good compilation of the crazy, mixed up, insanity Usians live in, along with 90% of the rest of the planet…
    Individual sanity is at a premium; rare, and hard to maintain in the long run, if one is not constantly diligent.
    Out side of my own existence; I see little to encourage (especially in the west) that a life can be happily lived, with minimum stress…
    Here in S.E. Asia, we’re pretty much okay…

    Dr. D

    Things are moving too fast for me to keep up. Rosenstein was in the Trump camp’s crosshairs forever, but now all of a sudden he’s the other camp’s worst enemy?”

    Yes, like Comey, Dore, Trump himself. First they’re registered Democrats, far leftists even. Then they cross not the principles, not the party, but HRC or the NeoLibs and suddenly they’re far right Nazis who work for Putin. (except that Russia fought the Nazis) Expect no less. So if you believe in universal health care, social security, free speech, are antiwar etc, you’re now a Nazi, where if you DON’T want that, like Biden and HRC, you’re a Democrat. #OppositeLand.

    The weird part is, no one notices.

    Strzok and Page sent 100s, 1000s of messages to each other, often during work hours, but they still get to claim invasion of their privacy?

    Yup. See above. My side right or wrong. On a phone with a bone. In a boat with a goat. On a fully-monitored government phone, in their home. Enough texts that show they could not possibly have done any other work, or heck, even this work. And I paid for it all, paid for them to rig the elections. RussiaRussiaRussia!

    Always wonder why people claim to know exactly what the Framers meant

    Well that part’s easy: with their voluminous letters it would take a lifetime to read. Downside: they often disagreed with each other. They don’t bring that part up, as it would discredit both sides. What was it Lincoln said both sides pray to the same God for victory? Both sides refer to the framer-saints rather than engaging their brains today, an appeal to authority.

    However, they were concerned if they put in impeachment, it would be constantly used instead of elections. You know, like the last 4 out of 5 Republican Presidents. (Snopes) However, the risks of NOT allowing impeachment are too high, and I agree. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” If the people themselves are corrupt, nothing can save them. They so often say “The Government” oughta do/fix/make/punish such-and-such” as if the government were not us and made of the same people. If we’re corrupt, they’re 100x more corrupt, because of selection bias and Lord Acton’s “Power Corrupts.” So we’re giving more power to the MOST corrupt people in our society. Nope. The answer to government corruption is more laws and more government. Forever. Hey, where’d all this tyranny come from in here? I meant pursue and arrest MY enemies when THEY have opinions, not me and mine. Hey, what’s this bag and why is it dark sudden?

    Meh. Suppose he even got booted. So what? If the people didn’t stand for it, they’d vote his equivalent right back in, or else hold sit-ins like the one in Alexandria. You can’t actually make them. …Which is why impeachment a day before election is so counter-democratic and infuriating. Is it really too much to pick a good candidate people like and vote them in? Fighting this guy has got to be the easiest election ever, yet they still fail. “All they have to do is be less crazy than Trump.” — Bill Maher Of course the whole thing is garden-variety election-rigging, just what they accuse him of. So…we should impeach the House of Representatives. I’d start the petition, but when VA representatives got their 10% recall petition in just a few days, they simply raised the threshold to 20%, kind of like the DNC debates. If they got to 20%, they’d raise it to 90%. If 90%, then 99%. Democracy!

    mayor turned Donald Trump stooge” Nice. I see no bias at all from The Guardian. And he was considered great because his city was bombed and he completely failed even any attempt to stop it, nor protected anyone from the health consequences, nor led the charge to fix the original breach. This is considered totally normal. No one notices. And he was defeated by a chicken, not McCain’s thundering herd of RINOs. I live here and I don’t even remember a chicken. But sure, Guardian, sure it was.

    were necessary to prevent a vague, yet allegedly imminent, threat

    Wow, face-recognition of the protestors showed they were trained militias organized by Iran and were at that minute destroying the Embassy. Even on the outside I can tell the top suspect for a really-smart attack on the U.S. would be Soleimani. Yet they’re like “What attack are you talking about?” The one that the media was breathlessly reporting 24/7 until it failed and then the media threw a temper-tantrum about it? That one? I’m not saying there were or weren’t others, but like, IT’S HIS JOB to have all sorts of military plans. So if he DIDN’T have plans, he should have been fired for dereliction of duty. But: no plans. Sure, media, sure.

    Anyway, what’s Trump and Rouhani supposed to say, we colluded to erase Rouhani’s chief rival, the same way he most probably requested permission from Assad and Putin to bomb (empty, targetless) Syria? (Why? Because Maddow and Williams demanded it, and such a charge could have been impeachable if he couldn’t pull up a signed document saying it could not possibly be a war crime. It went one way since there is nothing on earth Democrats and the Media love more than war, but it could have gone the other way, and I bet they wish they had.) Anyway, I can’t prove it, but what does their resulting behavior look like? Media is still reporting how Iran will attack us worldwide, using thousands of sleeper agents. Okay, when? 2055? That WOULD be tricky. “We’ll get you when you least expect us: 50 years after Trump leaves office, see if we won’t.” No. No. Your brain is on backwards. Iran hits essentially nothing, anywhere? We’re the world’s softest target. Our infrastructure is so third-world you could take out a whole city with a backhoe. Sure they’re super-mad. Sure they are.

    The Petrodollar and the Phantom of the Petroyuan (Webb)”

    Nah, they could use a gold-trade note and it’s safer. If RMB, we’d just rock their market with our usual unlimited manipulations, like we do every day, every where, and you can destroy the Petro and US$ just by stopping us from printing fake dollars for real goods, which a gold-trade, or even BTC-trade note would do. The U.S. would have to make stuff then, do work. Hey, is that what Cheeto has feverishly been trying to do, and resisted at every turn? The beginning of jobs, the beginning of the U.S. working for a living like a fair partner? Weird. Sounds like a coincidence.

    We will shut them up with reliable and fundamental facts.

    Boy is he going to be surprised. Since when have facts mattered to the Anglos or the whole West? They just think it, write it down, and it’s true! At least all my friends say it is, and they edit Wikipedia! Just like how Russia was a Nazi instead of the near-sole ENEMY of the Nazis, above.

    I like facts as much as the next guy, but I would like them to matter before I die.


    “No. No. Your brain is on backwards. ”

    That’s a keeper. I’ma steal it. An imaginary award goes to whoever can craft a good Descartesian version of this.


    Big Chief deSota

    Ever since we let armed brigades round us up into chain gang plantation workers (you know: “civilization”), we’ve had this thing for being ruled. If so, I vote we elect deSota. cuz man, can that cat grrove.

    Bonus musical political commentary:

    Christopher Columbus

    I suppose some would think the lyrics to both tunes are politically incorrect. As if politics could ever be correct.


    Every Knock is a BOOOOOOOST!

    Don’t know when this number was released, so I can’t say if Eddie Harris influenced Luois or vice-versa.


    FInal comment from the youtube selection above:

    “OBVIOUSLY patriarchal-heteronormative, sustainability-deficient speciesist binary non-intersectional alt-alt somethingphobic climate-change-denying migrant-hostile exploitational carbon-compromising aspects. Bury it with ALL truth.”

    Not sure what he said but man, he sure nuff said it.


    See …. that’s what enablers can do
    No proof of wrong doing – Biden

    five members of the Biden family, including Hunter, got rich using former Vice President Joe Biden’s “largesse, favorable access and powerful position. (Joe’s brothers James and Frank, his sister Valerie, and his son-in-law Howard )”
    For over a decade, the work of five-time New York Times bestselling investigative reporter Peter Schweizer has sent shockwaves through the political universe.
    In Profiles in Corruption, Schweizer offers a deep-dive investigation into the private finances, and secrets deals of some of America’s top political leaders. And, as usual, he doesn’t disappoint, with never-before-reported revelations that uncover corruption and abuse of power—all backed up by a mountain of corporate documents and legal filings from around the globe. Learn about how they are making sweetheart deals, generating side income, bending the law to their own benefits, using legislation to advance their own interests, and much more.



    Poland’s Chief Rabbi, Michael Schudrich, stated that “for us Jews, it is particularly outrageous for Putin to manipulate the tone of Lipski’s comments made in his conversation with Adolf Hitler in 1938. One shouldn’t forget Poland supported the emigration of its 10 percent Jewish minority, but it did so partly in cooperation with the Zionist movement, to which it gave clandestine military support. At the same time, however, when the Third Reich expelled thousands of Polish Jews in 1938, Polish diplomatic services, including Ambassador Lipski personally, assisted them. Accusing Lipski of antisemitism on the basis of one sentence taken out of context is extremely irresponsible.”[13]

    Professor Mariusz Wołos stated that “Lipski’s extensive legacy… has no traces of antisemitic attitude. Lipski was not an antisemite.

    Jerzy Turowicz: And I did not say that today anti-Semitism is no longer a problem for the Poles, as it remains a problem for every Christian. What I do think, however, is that the conception and the execution of the “Final Solution” was exclusively the doing of the Nazis, and I do not see why anybody else should be burdened with co-responsibility for it. It was in this sense that I said, indeed, that the Polish anti-Semitism has nothing to do with the Holocaust.


    Back in the Bush I Administration, the Western Elite became the sole hegemon. They couldn’t help themselves. Instead of peace, they reverted to the being the crooks they are. Democracy subverted. Resources exploited. Unions destroyed. Regimes changed. They stole everything they could.

    After decades of hybrid and actual war, Shia Muslims, thanks to being blessed with bountiful oil fields, have built thousands of precision guided conventional ballistic, drone and cruise missiles that can destroy the Middle East’s oil production facilities and crash the world’s economy, if Iran is attacked. There are two choices; peace or escalating the current WWIII. Already Donald Trump has backed down twice, but the USA continues to occupy Iraq and Syria illegally.

    Australia is burning up. So is the West Coast of North America, Siberia, the Amazon and Central Africa.

    The West is facing a fundamental dilemma across the board especially in Australia, France, UK and the USA. Corporations assured that government leaders were bought servants until Donald Trump who is an incompetent low level oligarch. Mankind’s survival is dependent on bringing corporations back under the rule of law. Government must once again be responsible for saving people’s lives not killing them. Peace, Clean Air and Water, Education, Health Care and Shelter are a right.

    Change is coming.


    What Vietnam Vet said.

    I don’t think we’ll be in Iraq and Syria much longer. Pretty sure our residual military presence in the ME will be limited to Saudi Arabia and it’s wee affilate states like the UAE and Qatar.

    I want my kids to have 40 acres and a mule. Looks like we’ll have to have another Civil War first.

    Meanwhile, hail Atlantis!

    Ellington Meets Nashville in Jimi Hendrix’s Afterlife

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