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    Unknown   • Nadler Says Dems Unwilling To Negotiate Hunter Biden Testimony (Fox) • Warren Joins Bernie in Jabbing Biden on Social Security (Pol.)
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    V. Arnold

    And what are you going to do about it?

    Keep as low a profile as possible…

    Dr D Rich

    Where the author positions herself. Why else have a preface?
    The Durham article should be read as a signal to the Obama Administration that the fix is in. Why else make the announcement in ominous tones the focus of the Durham inquiry goes all the way back to the beginning of time, that is January 2017?


    You read my comment from yesterday.
    five members of the Biden family, including Hunter, got rich using former Vice President Joe Biden’s “largesse, favorable access and powerful position. (Joe’s brothers James and Frank, his sister Valerie, and his son-in-law Howard )”

    Dr. D

    “Nadler Says Dems Unwilling to Negotiate Hunter Biden Testimony (Fox)

    All witnesses must be heard, except for all the ones I don’t want. Right!

    Warren Joins Bernie in Jabbing Biden on Social Security (Pol.)”

    Craziest things happening every day now. Warren says Bernie – who’s on tape calling for a woman president decades ago doesn’t believe in women presidents. …Months after HRC won the popular. Months after telling her he wasn’t a great candidate and if she was going to run he would stand aside and let her. She didn’t, so he did.

    Claims a tape of Biden, doing Biden things in the past – and nothing that strange, unlike now – are “doctored”, fabricated. Huh? This is just C-Span video of you talking in Congress.

    Fake claims Bernie says Buttigeig has a “gay problem”? What?

    Notice any pattern here? Oh yeah, 100% of them are against Bernie. But on his side, his campaign guy was outed as a violent-loving death-camp revolutionary. And that’s just one guy, however it can show what kind of people he attracts. Don’t mind that so much. However, he was not fired, and everyone nearby locked their accounts so no evidence could be found. …Always the first response of innocent men. And going into a critical primary where their accounts MUST be active to chat up that support. I wouldn’t go nuts about it, because they’ve been saying the same thing for decades (and trying it, see VA, but so, so many laws) but…

    Speaking of, NBC had an op-ed that supporting Trump was illegal and arrestable crime. No joke. So if you’re a-gonna do that, what would you call the prisons where you plan to hold 1/3 of all Americans? And I’m the crazy one here. Can you think 30 seconds ahead? Nevermind.

    Back to crazy-every-day, “NYT endorsed Warren AND Klobuchar yesterday.” Of course they did. Because who the fargleblaster has ever supported Klobuchar? Nobody I ever heard of, not even the press until now. Since Harris was too vile even for the media, they’re picking the next VPs, who must be women. …Not capable people but nobody cares who they are, nobody cares what they do, nobody cares if anyone likes them so long as they’re women. …Because gender is a social construct that doesn’t exist, and there’s no such thing as men and women.

    John Durham Investigates Months Before Mueller Appointment (WE)

    But apparently can’t find any indictments. You know, like when somebody takes home 30,000 emails then erases them for a subpoena. Speaking of, how about Cheeto’s new legal team! Can I get an “Epstein” up in here? Since we see bad law sink ships, like Flynn’s legal team not only rigging him, but all of Comey’s pals from Justice were immediately hired into that law group to leak his legal defense in the background and run the show, maybe Cheeto needs to have some really, REALLY sweet blackmail over his lawyers Dershowitz et pals to keep them honest? …Honest in lawyer terms, anyway. And are they good? Well they got Epstein off!

    immediate steps to allow the suppressed report into Russia’s interference in the British political system to be published

    I’m guessing he hand-picked the people and fabricated the document, like all documents these day. “17 intelligence agencies!” (including NOAA and the Coast Guard) Remember Blair and yellowcake? How about the OPCW? OxFam rapes and trafficking? Hey both of those were overseen by the U.N.! But that is a coincidence and both of them are totally trustworthy. Ask the Skripals, they’ll tell you.

    I think he should just declassify a warehouse of documents including these and watch them all squirm about “Suppression” and “publishing”. Is it true? Meh, maybe, probably not. But I’ll bet you can find a few ten-million foreign cash used to rig the “Remain” vote.

    World’s Richest 2,000 People Hold More than Poorest 4.6 Billion Combined (R.)

    I’ve got an answer: More market rigging! More government! Ask Carney, he just said he was going to do all that AND hand more poorest money to his 2,000 richest friends, so long as they used the special discount code “Green” in the last 500 days. When the rich hire the rich to oversee the rich, what could possibly go wrong? I know: let’s ask the rich. NYT, Guardian, Murdoch: what do you say?

    UN Decarbonisation Target for Shipping to Cost over $1 Trillion (R.)

    Once again, they think it’s money. Money is a big zero, a representation, a pronoun. What they’re really saying is they need to burn $1 Trillion in oil-energy to create all the ships and trains to save $1 Trillion in energy. Translation: we must burn the town to fire-proof the town. #Winning! Everyone applauds. “You rich peoples sure iz schmart! $1 Trillion went into your coffers and we burned more CO2 than ever! How’d dat happen?” Wouldn’t it be easier to hire people and manufacture locally instead? You know, the way you violently oppose at every turn, even with impeachment?

    Oil Firms Risk Public Backlash If Profits Put Before Climate, Says IEA (G.)”

    Being “The Guardian”, they’re probably unaware of all law, profit, and finance over the last 100 years, but it’s literally illegal if they don’t? They would be instantly sued for breach of fiduciary duty and bounced off the BoD. If they had any reporters over the age of 12, and/or called anybody on earth to ask, they would tell them, but sadly it is “The Guardian”, so synapse-free for 100 years.

    Europe already has enough infrastructure – such as pipelines and processing plants – to meet the continent’s future demand.

    That’s so odd since I remember just a year or two ago Europe ran out of gas and had a panic about their supplies from Russia. So they have all the gas they need except it went down yesterday. Right! The Guardian cannot Google “The Guardian” for old articles from “The Guardian” because they are reporters for “The Guardian.” Good thing we only trust mainstream sources!

    Some 90 years after the US dust bowl.

    Yes, and Australia had the same cycle then too, and is as predictable as rain they would have it again. Just go chart it, or look at the many climate cycle charts people have posted for you. But they’re “Crazy” people who post science recordings in graph form, while the people who doctor and hide data are “scientists.”

    PS. 9 days of snow in Bangladesh with 9” accumulation, not seen in 40 years, much less a de-facto blizzard. I blame Russia, and certainly not East Anglia who lied to you about it. Not the people who “lost” the ice cores, then the satellite data, then their computer models, then… Also snowing to Mexico, California, in Saudi Arabia, greening in Libya, Africa, and the whole Silk Road…

    Nope. Those people don’t count. Only report what sells my product: taxes and slavery. The other stuff? Green all over new areas? Croplands growing? Well: “Deny everything. Admit nothing. Make counter-accusations.” Science!™

    Maxwell Quest

    John Durham Investigaties Months Before Mueller Appointment (WE)

    Yes, Dr D Rich, the fix is in. But the ignorant public must be given the illusion that the wheels of justice are turning, every so slowly in order to grind out the truth. Yes, maybe three or four years will be needed for Durham’s wide investigative net to scoop up every coup plotter in the FISAgate -> Russiagate conspiracy. And so we wait on pins and needles for the indictments, trials, and sentencing, for crimes that were obvious to the half-blind three years ago. And wait… and wait. Any day now the scales of justice will be rebalanced… waiting…

    Here’s what will happen instead: nothing. The kindling will continue to be stacked up around DC higher and higher, until that fateful day when the match is lit and the configuration begins.

    We recently learned that for centuries the Australian aboriginal tribes were smart enough to initiate periodic burns to maintain the health of their ecosystem, until the state stepped in with a better plan. Helping! We saw the result. Similarly, the governmental ecosystem requires a cleansing of corruption from time to time in order to keep the social contract between state and governed healthy. The longer the state puts off this rebalancing, the more out-of-control will be the reckoning.

    Maxwell Quest

    Damn proof reader! configuration -> conflagration


    “The longer the state puts off this rebalancing, the more out-of-control will be the reckoning.”

    We cannot influence the time line of “the rebalancing”.
    In my opinion, “the rebalancing” is already 10 years old.
    Therefore, the farther “the rebalancing” occurs, the better for me because it increases the odds that I’ll be sitting on a cloud eating popcorn.

    Going through ” the rebalancing” will not be comfortable for the survivors.
    Also, All living things must go through one of the 12 pearly gates.
    That is one time line that you can influence/choose.
    Make sure to have your chosen pain killer close by.


    Yup! Trust the plan! Justice is coming! Any day now!

    I also have 100 acres of consolidated moose pasture (deep swamp) for sale if you want to save the world!

    Oh, by the way Greta, my daughter wants to know how you can afford to travel, first class, all over the world while she can’t?

    Yes, Greta, how nice that daddy and the UN are even writing all your social comments for you! I guess being a totally “useful idiot” does have it’s advantages! Lenin would so love you!

    Also very nice to be able to travel on an unlimited UN environmental expense account!

    Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you by telling my daughter how you can afford to trave!l and why she can’t!


    It hardly matters who did/didn’t fudge this/that data regarding climate dynamics. Arguing it yea/nay only feeds the beast.

    What matters is that we have 7 going on 8 billion people, nearly all of them convinced that they deserve the obscenely extravagant and ultimately ridiculous lifestyle pioneered in Euromerica. Not only does this drive our capitalistic economy engines to extract every damn valuable thing they can in order to make (new! improved!) Smart Pet Rocks, now with enhanced privacy intrusion, but also, in doing so we systematically destroy the planetary ecosystem, one that has evolved over billions of years with recurrent restarts via comets and other disruptions, one we understand so little that we can argue if the destruction is happening even as we watch it happen. (We’re kind of cognitively cross-eyed, we homo saps.)

    What matters is that even if the current climate fluctuations are “normal”, they’re happening to 7-plus billion people dependent on ever more energy to live, especially since any reversion to more primitive lifestyles is at best going to be very painful for an enormous number of people, and at worst, impossible.

    What matters is that few people will voluntarily do without in order to make do with less, which is the only sane option we have before us, and so we’ll fight viciously and, for the most part, indiscrimately, over the dwindling cornucopia become wasteland.

    The last Dust Bowl affected far less people than such a thing would today. Worse, no one has a farm to go bgack to. It is false reassurement to point out that we have seen major climate disruption occur before things like anthropgenic climate disruption were a twinkle on a young climatologist’s master thesis title page. Yeah, we know big bad weather events happen without human intervention. This is ancient history. That this is so doesn’t negate the possibility that we’re winding up the global climate dynamo even crazier with our cute concepts of Enlightenment Modernist progress. The fact that we’re naturally about due for a repeat of previous climate changes (if that facet of natural history is determined to repeat itself again, which is not a foregone conclusion because predicting the future by the past has always been a dicey challenge) indicates that the global climate is more susceptible to alteration by human meddling than it would be during more stable periods in epochs past.

    Meanwhile, we continue with the back-and-forth while the climate goes wonky. Everyone talks about carbon carbon carbon, apparently because that carbon offset number.a catchy little tune promising a relatively painless way for us to continue living swell while supposedly doing something significant to help our descendants deal with whatever mess we leave them (and anyone who challenges that we’ll leave them anything but a disaster has access to really good drugs that I want in on). But then, so does the concept of ignoring the fact that we were and are running out of energy relative to the human population growth potential before the concept of global climate disruption entered the vernacular. Rich elitist bastards make money selling carbon offset while other rich elitist bastards make money selling the notion that we should just continue drilling and mining and burning a buncha million years of solar energy concentrated into underground hydrocarbon sediments.

    We’re in trouble regarding fossil fuels any way you look at it, and I don’t hear a single sane voiuce in any camp addressing the problem except those who recommend we start learning how to live without a power grid and factory farms.

    Here’s a funny thought: the reason the fat cats are making money selling carbon offset bullshit is because the idea was already well-established among the majority climatology establishment and the Euromerican populace, while the concept of climate change denial by definition entered the race much later. The race has already been lost. That’s usually how it is with reactionary movements: they arrive too late because they’re reacting not proacting.

    But then, it was a major reactionary who put the global wearming meme on the public news front page:

    Madge, Coal, Climatology, Power Politics

    But since we so insist on arguing whether anthropgenic climate disruption is happening:

    Early global climate chanmge models mostly accurate per current measurements

    No matter what one believes regarding climate and energy stocks, one is going to find going getting rougher, yea, much rougher, pert near soon.

    Something in the Air

    V. Arnold

    Yup! Trust the plan! Justice is coming! Any day now!

    I also have 100 acres of consolidated moose pasture (deep swamp) for sale if you want to save the world!

    Oh, by the way Greta, my daughter wants to know how you can afford to travel, first class, all over the world while she can’t?

    Yep. Ain’t it great? Greta, Greta, Greta…
    The din is huge; much ado about nothing, dignifying even less…


    Oh, I almost forgot: the photograph gracing this post’s header is… I rarely encounter art that stuns me with its newness and effectiveness. I’m hardly a connoisseur of art photography, but I think this is the single best such work I’ve seen. It works in so many ways on so many levels. I’ve made it my desktop background.

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