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    Pablo Picasso The classical head 1922     • David Attenborough And Prince William Urge World Leaders On Environment (G.) • The Super Rich At
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso The classical head 1922
    I like this a lot.
    Wow, 1922 was a very prolific year for Pablo.
    And it would seem a year rich in exploring styles and technics.

    V. Arnold

    Is Orwell available in China? How much longer for? Then again, it’s about what tech can do. And what it can do in China, it can and will do where you live.

    No different from/than US near as I can tell.

    Carry no debt; carry no credit cards; buy nothing on line (as much as possible); have nothing in your name (as much as possible).
    Cash rules for personal sovereignty…

    Dr. D

    “people are still getting ringworm because they don’t have access to public health”

    Again the intense dumb. So dumb!!! Hey, if you want to point out income disparity and health care access, good on ya! However, the way you get ringworm is just to go barefoot in the right climate. The south is one of those climates. And the way to cure it is to go to Walgreens and buy an antifungal off the shelf. She may as well as why we haven’t eradicated rabies or why people are still getting heart attacks. It’s not GETTING them that’s the problem. A walking gaffe machine, but thankfully her followers aren’t able to notice.

    And “The Super Rich At Davos Are Scared Of Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Proposal (CNBC)”
    No. No they’re not. Not afraid at all. They had no trouble, not even a little bit back when tax rates were high and in fact increased their concentration of wealth. The “Socialist” system she advocates is the most unequal, with the most insider oligarch control of any system ever created, anywhere in the world. How does socialism’s disparity look under Maduro? With Peron? Under Kruchev? Not so good? Dumb. So dumb, and worse, she will kill 1-10 million people with her deep, compassionate helping, so much helping! just as all those men did. It’s little consolation that her supporters, poor and in cities, will be the first to go.

    “21% of Americans have more than $10,000 in savings”

    They do? Who are these idiots? The few wealthy survivors of the Depression? Thanks to Bernanke, interest rates are 0% for 20 years, with inflation between 3-10%. This is the method of de facto stealing every one of those 10,000 dollars and handing it to insider banks. So the only defense, for anyone where $1,000 checks are not flying in each week, is to have no cash savings. Now they kvetch, meshuga? This is literally their plan, well-advertised and reported. It’s literally what “stimulus” means. But don’t worry, I’m sure the poor and vulnerable are the cause of it all. It’s their fault for being reckless, lazy savers, not JP Morgan’s.

    “Their purpose – canceling Brexit democracy.” Fixed it.

    “Corbyn can nationalize the railways and hospitals, and remain.”

    All part of the plan: the taxpayers put money into things which are then sold to private billionaires, a la Greece. They then mine every dollar of wealth the taxpayers put in and hand the fiasco back to government for a cash refill. We all play our part, particularly Corbyn. Without one side washing and one side rinsing, it wouldn’t work.

    “• France And Germany Take Major Step Toward EU Army (ZH)”

    Very disturbing. Moreso because the avowed and sole purpose of this army is to attack their own people, eg the gilet jeunes. I’m sure that’s never ended badly. In France. Where they meet in Versailles while Paris is burning, and claim the people are les idiots who just need more reform. I’ll watch from here, but a nice civil war will establish a military or fascist state that keeps the oligarchs going and lets them kill all the undesirables — identifying them on social media and killing them by cutting off their cards, accounts, and social access. It’s going super, thanks for asking.

    • Chinese App ‘Live-Shames’ Debtors Within 500-Meter Radius (ZH)

    They want this here and are making it happen, as some Catholic kids discovered.

    “‘Never Good News Having Particles in Your Brain’ (Spiegel)”

    If you don’t have microfibers, sounds like you need sheep. But sheep are alive and we hate anything living, especially if it’s cute and loving and innocent, grazing in the green, so quite obviously we need to create our clothes in 0-gravity on Mars with imported carbon fibers hand-spun by Elon Musk. Because who loves sheep except everyone? And how long does it last except 1,000 years like the Bayeux Tapestry? Nobody wants that. Neiman-Marcus won’t be able to sell us a new, even more disposable shirt tomorrow. #GDP #GreenNewDeal #Winning.


    “The Super Rich At Davos Are Scared Of Ocasio-Cortez’s Tax Proposal (CNBC)”
    (only the dumb ones who don’t how to get tax deductions – Trump)

    Here is a display of capitalism.

    The free grocery markets will be held at the following locations:
    Giant, 6800 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA
    Safeway, 3043 Nutley Street SW, Fairfax, VA
    Giant, 1050 Brentwood Road Brentwood, Washington, DC
    Giant, 10480 Campus Way South, Largo, MD
    Giant, 7074 Allentown Rd, Camp Springs, MD
    Giant, 6000 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt, MD
    Giant, 3521 East-West Highway Hyattsville, MD
    Giant, 12051 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD

    My questions:
    If a store cannot sell ?? say, bananas, is it more advantageous to get a tax deduction by declaring a loss or by getting a receipt for a charitable donation.


    An accountant would be able to get a tax deduction by declaring a loss AND by getting a receipt for a charitable donation for the products, labor and other costs.

    V. Arnold

    “21% of Americans have more than $10,000 in savings”

    They do? Who are these idiots?

    Why would it be assumed that savings are a bank savings account?
    There are so many alternatives; one just has to enquire. To be clear; I’m not talking about the “markets” or any other risky investments; but rather CD’s, to mention only one possibility…


    Dr. D

    “Gosh, I feel like Nassim sometimes”

    Yes, it’s the Snowman thing, isn’t it? No point looking here in Adelaide for any, ten minutes ago we just passed our hottest temperature in history (46.2degC, since you ask), with the hottest part of the afternoon still to come. Similar records set all over South Australia, with Australia’s hottest ever temperature (50.7) seriously under threat in the next hour or two…

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