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    Jack Delano Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad locomotive shops San Bernardino, CA 1943   • Adam Schiff’s Opening Argument At Senate Impeach
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 23 2020]


    Methinks that FP (Former not Fresh Prince) Henry’s time in Afghanistan gave him reasons to reconsider his ties to the crown. He looks good in that photo with Bruce. Like he’s finally his own man. Good on ye, Hank.

    As is kinda obvious by now, sometimes I post a song that has barely even nominal relation to a topic siomply because I feel it deserves more audience. This song — and this p[articular performance — are, imo, staggering:

    I Call Shotgun!


    Repent Much?

    For Harry’s Uncle A. WHom I seem bent on calling Henry not Harry.

    V. Arnold

    Jack Delano Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad locomotive shops San Bernardino, CA 1943

    If you think about it; that’s really quite an amazing photo, IMO…

    Dr. D

    “China Quarantines 11 Million in Wuhan As Virus Kills 17, with 95 Critical (RT)”

    From yesterday, it doesn’t matter what happens, what matters is what China THINKS happened. And the Corona was patented by the West just a few years ago (2015) and related to a group fronted by Bill Gates. Again, doesn’t matter if that’s why and true, only that China can/might THINK that’s where and why it came from. ‘Cause you know: genocide? It makes people cranky.

    Gabbard Suing Clinton for Defamation over ‘Russian Asset’ Comments (Hill)”

    Since HRC is queen bee, this make a lot of sense. To wrest the party from two who go directly to the media and order the media what to cover and ignore (just like HRC ordered the media to give DJT coverage as “pied piper”, in the leaked emails), Tulsa has to head-on the queen bee to change and save the party. But don’t worry: they won’t. They will irreparably damage it instead. Why? They believe nothing and without the party as air-cover would all go to jail. For election tampering for starters. With Bernie, proven, among 100 other charges, and would be Federal Charge any other time and place. Been so long anyone was straightforward in the party, just doing what they say and acting on it, they don’t expect it or know what to do.

    The media for their part refused to take 30 minutes and read the simple lawsuit document, just like Covington, then commented on nonsense that didn’t happen they all made up in their minds. …But I said “media” so obviously.

    UN Demands US Probe of Alleged Saudi Hack of Bezos’ Phone (ZH)

    Hey U.N., my phone’s been hacked too, and I have some mail I’d like you to sort.

    Boeing CEO Expects to Resume 737 MAX Production before Mid-Year (R.)”

    Doing it to themselves. All about response and handling. They could have fixed and be over this by now except for the lying.

    The Great American Shale Oil & Gas Bust (WS)”

    They act like this matters. The whole point was to turn borrowed Fed money into oil. The companies went bankrupt? The “company” is a fiction. It’s a bunch of words on paper, nothing happens when you tear the paper. However we got real oil for a bunch of hot air clicking mice on a pixel. Sounds like a win, not a loss.

    Point: THEY DON’T CARE. Nor does the economy about this fiction. We’ll just do it again until the US$ is taken away.

    “Ghislaine Maxwell’s Personal Emails Were Hacked (DM)”

    Call the U.N. IT Support hotline!!!

    “TEPCO Estimates It Will Take 44 Years to Decommission Fukushima No. 2 (JT)”

    They re-occupied Hiroshima almost right away with little ill effects. Doesn’t that make General Electric 44x more dangerous than an atom bomb? American corporations and product kill more people than cancer? We’re No 1!!!

    Dr D Rich

    Paraphrasing Dr. D, Yale the gift that keeps on giving.
    MacKenzie BeebeeBozos, Yale degree and all, didnt become hip to Jeffrey’s! philandering until MBS Crown Prince BoboBoneSaw tapped “I created AMZN outta my garage, I say its true” guy’s cellphone. Ok, got it. That’s a difficult image to eliminate from my mind, a Bezo Yale guy tinkering around in his garage creating AMZN outta whole cloth in a sudden burst of fabulous genius.
    However, I thought we had Jeff BeBozos’s employer, the CIA/FBI/NSA, monitoring and then parallel con-structuring things to keep bozos like Bezos in his lane.
    So, when is the US Gov’t gonna go all scorched earth, Joseph Nacchio/Qwest retaliatory treatment on Ol’ Jeffrey for embarrassing The Firm/NSA and being a bad steward of such fabulous wealth? Already have our answer. The U.N. is gonna step in…right in the middle of The Impeachment of President Donald Trump.


    I’m going with bats for the coronavirus. Ot other species feeding on bats. Those species include humans. And the big thing is Lunar New Year, the only time Chinese get to see their remote family. They find a way.



    Response testing still in effect
    More millions of people under siege/quaranteen
    Still no sign of spreading by private jets
    Still no reports of infections from Davos

    Schiff’s marathon ( senators must stay and listen. Only short bathroom breaks)
    …. Biden. He’s roadkill. (Sheeee! Don’t wake him up. There’s a favorite un-named waiting in the wing)
    a DNA test revealed Hunter to be the father

    ( see corrections)
    Boeing will not launch a marketing campaign to get customers airlines to get back on 737 MAX planes.
    United Airlines said Wednesday it does not expect to fly the Boeing 737 MAX this summer.
    Boeing will get its share of printed money liquidity.
    The GDP numbers cannot afford a dip of 0.05%


    This pushed the total debt LIQUIDITY listed in these bankruptcy filings since 2015 to $207 billion.
    Did liquidity find its way to THE SHARE HOLDERS


    Here’s some more information on the victims, including the types of illnesses they faced:
    At least nine of those who died had pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, coronary artery disease and Parkinson’s disease. Eight were in their eighties, two in their seventies, five in their sixties and one man was in his fifties. The youngest woman was 48 and had a pre-existing condition.

    “As for the impact on younger people, according to current epidemiology and what we know right now, they really aren’t susceptible,”

    Therefore, avoid poor, old, sick people.
    Still no reports of sick people flying on private jets or from Davos.


    ““The Great American Shale Oil & Gas Bust (WS)”

    They act like this matters. The whole point was to turn borrowed Fed money into oil. The companies went bankrupt? The “company” is a fiction. It’s a bunch of words on paper, nothing happens when you tear the paper. However we got real oil for a bunch of hot air clicking mice on a pixel. Sounds like a win, not a loss.”

    It’s a loss. We’ll need that oil later on, even at the low REOI yields it gives. Russia benefitted because it can sell at those prices and still come out ahead on the financial ledger while not trashing aquifers, public trust, the will of the capitlist community to invest in it down the road when it would make financial sense (after the petrodollar has collapsed and we can’t afford tobuy foreign oil).


    ” The whole point was to turn borrowed Fed money into oil.
    The companies went bankrupt?”

    The owners, not the companies, are laughing all the way to the bank.
    There are over 3,000 orphan abandoned wells in Alberta, Canada

    Those owners will start a new company to cap those orphan oil well and send the bill to the gov./tax payers.
    Again ….. laughing all the way to the bank.


    Excelon Generation plans to decommission Unit 1 of the Three Mile Island plant over a period of 6 decades at a cost of over $1 billion dollars.


    Having grown up in the post-WWII New Deal era, turning 13 when men walked — nay, pogo-hopped! –on the moon, when the counter-culture zenithed at Woodstock (only to, of course, drown in that success amid the complacent 70s), and perhaps most importantly to me back then, young women began venturing about braless while the smog visibly lessened from new environmental regs we foolishly thought would stay, two years before Nixon axed the gold standard (“I am not a crook! I GAVE it away!”), R. Buckminster Fuller was in full prominence amid stunning images of Terra from Luna, I naturally formed a liberal bias in my politics. Putting aside details, you were kinda dumb not to, for it had been liberals who, since the Depression, had been the recognized voice of fixing the problems created by progress driven by sad old same old human nature.

    Never mind political realities and machinations, in terms of the general zeitgeist you were a sucker at that time to believe the post-WWII/Cold War corporate job for life/atomic power too cheap to meter zeitgeist.

    Hypnosis is Fun!

    Just like you would’ve been a sucker not to support the French Revolution despite how predictably human the results of that was too.

    Agent Smith Speaks

    That beautiful first half 20th Century Modern Era USA is King thing (king both morally, financially, and most of all, financially and entertainingly) was picking up the thrown retreads of its excess success (too much of anything will kill you),blowing out left and right, veering all over the road.

    What had once been liberalism was now the new conservatism. Mainstream. America loves a winner, and it was Dems in charge who’d won WWII (along with first of all working hard to make sure it happened and on their terms), so it took the general who’d won that war, likable Ike, to oust the increasingly war-hungry Dems who’d placated Depression Era anxiety with a ton of good old-fashioned Keynesian stimulus spending, most of it pretty savvy since this was when building dams and similar infrastructure was the smart thing to do, all that sweet cheap stratospheric REOI oil digging up and smelting the best mineral deposits we’ll ever see in this country outside of year 2100’s Best of the Best landfills (“Turning yesterday’s toxins into today’s Necessities”).

    But by 1952 and Truman’s disaster after disaster, beginning with that disturbing image of us performing municipal nuclear genocide on two cities after already fire-bombing Tokyo, a fate that in the short run was perhaps more gruesome than Hiro-Saki, then continuing and concluding through more of the same but sans nukes to North Korea (Shoa offs!), it was time for nominal conservatism to get some of the action. It was just more of the same neo-fascism the Dems sold, but… churchier, with nice sensible shoes, and a healthy dislike of taxation with or without representation.

    No one was really questioning the status quo, just doing some interior re-decoration.

    But a few sock hops and shotgun weddings later, raw rebellion got above my generation’s pelvis, JFK was inspiring — then murdered and therefore martyred into a kind of sainthood, the Viet Nam war couldn’t control the media or its veterans enough to keep our de facto imperial fascism rolling anymore, we’d read Silent Spring, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, seen the movies King of Hearts and Lawrence of Arabia, heard civil right’s roar and watched LBJ’s dick-wrangling of Congress to pass some great social justice/welfare* legislation (whereupon he turned over and screwed IT in the ass too, cuz sticking his dick in often unwilling things is about all he knew how to do), rivers were on fire, and everyone in my childhood Chicago knew the air stank worse and worse all the time… popular political reality, the one that the moods of the masses follow, was in a period of acknowledging more sanely than not the nature of the messes it had made.

    [ *let’s reclaim that word from its vernacularization into ‘pandering freebies’ back to the proper :common good”, eh? ]

    Making good remedy, of course, was an entirely different story, but hey, we’re human beings. Fucking up is our middle name despite our brilliant mutations now and then.

    We’d wasted too much of the Enlightenment’s/New World’s new tools and resources already to fix things via our usual erratic cultural migrations. We needed to get everything right 90% plus to survive the dilemmas of Post-Modernism (I hate the term too but it semiotically captures its essence of too lame to earn a name, too abstruse to decipher and too boring/horrifying when one does bother). 51-49% (our typical winning streak) wouldn’t do, and 51-49% would compound like interest into a seriously negative asymptote like the one “Tyler Durden” of Zero Hedge uses as his title quote.

    Fast forward through ye olde Hegelian epicycles in democratic miniature from liberal backlash to conservative backlash to liberal BL to conservative BL to LBL to CBL to… each backlash bearing less resemblance to its label than before, each lash being weakening limp plebiscite wrist flickers for/against the Lesser Lib/Con Evil, and here we are.

    How Time Flies!

    Like Captain Kangaroo’s obvious grandfather said:

    “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition. Thus we have two great types — the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins. He admires them especially by moonlight, not to say moonshine. Each new blunder of the progressive or prig becomes instantly a legend of immemorial antiquity for the snob. This is called the balance, or mutual check, in our Constitution.”

    ― G.K. Chesterton


    gk: Exhibit B

    When I started educating myself after rather wild and crazy young adult years, the conservative voice who had as profound an effect on my thinking as, say, Noam Chomsky or Hunter Thompson, was this guy here:

    The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk

    Being a Xtian, I am inherently liberal but, being a Xtian, I am also inherently conservative. Not because the Bible tells me so, but because human reality has shown itself to be incapable of fulfilling Enlightenmental secular humanism just as the mythical Middle Easter forebears, Adam and Eve, couldn’t begin to handle the challenge of higher reflective consciousness. Too much too soon, which is an apt description of humanity since Enlightenment re-opened Pandora’s Box. Man discovers fire, man burns planet.

    Like that E.O. Wilson quote Raul shared awhile back.

    I have no faith in any strategy or camp of either political label to do any good. Liberalism’s ideals are generally superior but its faith that science can bell the cat has proven to be what Dr. D calls Anti-Logos. We can’t help it. We’re way too stupid to be so smart, and language allows morons to possess technology created by geniuses. Not good.

    I am a Xtian a) because I’m desperate, which is how it should be, no shame, and b) read loosely, shall I say liberally, as I believe it should be read, the Bible (and other religious codices from ancient past) make for me the best sense of why we’re the way we are. But that’s a very long story. I’ve camped most of my life with atheists and agnostics, worship Nabokov and Borges and Stanislaw Lem and such, enjoyed and endorsed Dawkins’ work outside his shrill autistic denunciation of magical thinking, don’t for a second believe that believing in God makes it so (although I will entertain the quantum woo notion that God is perhaps a self-recycling feedback loop of belief in such an entity and the accompanying idea that the universe has sound good benevolent reason, that we must keep clapping if we want Tinker Belle not to die), and don’t think that Jesus or Abrahamic religionism in general is the only true strain… but will indulge the notion that when Jesus said He was the Only Way and all that, it was something unique among whatever relations and effects upon us in this little cosmos may supernally exist. A path He’d personally carved out because He felt sorry for us recycling samara or karma through dharma or whatever that stuff is called. Not necessary, per se, but taking responsibility for the mess His Daddy, one demiurge rung up the ladder, has made of evolving life on Terra into something mostly good with just enough bad to pay back entropy.

    The idea being that when we do that life review thing so many NDEs report, we have supernaturally powerful compassion by which to forgive ourselves when the Big Screen shows us how much our petty selfish blind actions hurt so many many many sentient creatures, some of them human. That we don’t voluntarily cast ourselves into some lake of fire, i.e., back to the old recycling of consciousness through samsara. Only logical use of crucifying a Son of God that I can think of.

    Whatever gets you through the night, as John Lennon sang with nice enough lyrics but really atrocious music (he folded fast, musically, without Paul always humming pretty tunes into the air, although he was conceptually pretty brilliant).

    Speaking of John, who else has notices the downright inane paradox of the opening line of Imagine?

    Imagine there’s no heaven (aka imaginary place).

    Indeed. Imagine you’re not imagining. That roomful of infinitely receding mirrors can be yours too if you meditate a few thousand lifetimes. The Bible says, “Be still and know that I am God.” I find that much easier than trying to envision emptiness, that is, to comprehend raw consciousness directly in some way.

    Throw in the prospects of a benevolent afterlife where souls are revealed in loving essence (quite commonly reported in NDEs, which have happened to two people close to me), and I am seduced thereby to hang my hopes and faith on those silly old post-tribal myths.

    I go now to gaze into my crystal and channel the spirits of ancient Atlantis, for lo, I am stoned.\

    Hail Atlantis

    P.S. from this perspective, I can see why some people are so enamored of Donald, even knowing he’s a despicable heel. Sometimes it takes a blind wannabe Samson (vain arrogant SOB) to bring down the temple.

    Me, I think of my fave Al Sharpton election slogan (my own personal apocryphy): Vote for Al! He can’t fuck up things any worse than they already are, and who knows, he might stumble into something good for us! What the hell, eh?

    Lousy slogan but he was a lousy candidate.

    Alas, as a Xtian I can neither enjoy the thrills of hating him as so many do, nor worshipping him as many others seem to. I have to see him as a sick old homo sapiens like me, and forgive him for being fucked up. Hating on him is like yelling at my own shit. And since the segue exists, I’ll take it: impeaching him is like flushing a bucket of crap down a toilet you know is clogged. Gonna backfire.


    The How Time Flies link opens at the wrong place. Stupid robots. You want to start at 4:45.

    Rebot redux:

    How Time Fry?

    No way it wasn’t robotic error. It’s not like I’m not high. *snigger*


    Impeachment Gonna backfire.
    Nobody guilty of wrong doing.
    Nobody is lying.
    Everybody is holier than the pope.
    Rules, laws and regulations have been made by the lawyers, accountants and bankers so that even the worst of the worst incompetent and immoral can sleep peacefully every night.
    Capitalism permits everyone to find ways of become billionaires by any means outlined in the Rules, laws and regulations which have been made for that purpose.
    Look the part, act the part, of the innocent and you will remain at your elite status.
    Don’t forget to go to church and bow your head at the appropriate moments to demonstrate your humbleness.

    Impeachment – guilty
    Say bye-bye to Yesterday.
    Say hello to a diferent tomorrow.

    Dr. D

    Check 9Bill comments?


    RE: San Berdoo facility, the Kaiser Steel Mill in Fontana was still standing when I was a teen, and there wasn’t yet much else in that area except vineyards and raw alluvium pushed down from the mountains yearly by the snowmelt. Now it’s all single-family houses – mini McMansions to full-size McMansions.

    RE: Shale oil bankruptcies…it’s OK, it was all fake money anyway, right?


    This is probably old news to y’all, but I’ve been mostly living in a cave these days. I’d read bits and snips here and there about how Bill Gates and his fellow Bezos seemed to be up to more good than bad, but this person gave me what feels like a proper skinny:

    With A Last Name Like That, Who Am I To Argue?

    “proper skinny” sounds like “full monty”


    For Raul. This entirely lacks the philosophical and spiritual depth of wonder that the dog reflection photo has, but it is just as startlingly weird and wonderful if poshlost cubed.

    Ah Wuinnaful Ah Wunnaful


    Who knew that you could create so much oil out of thin air?

    Merely moving the decimal point to the right is all the effort that was required!

    The Fed knew!

    V. Arnold

    Sawadi Toot Gene tuk khon; Happy Chinese New Year everybody (in Thai).
    While not a holiday here, it is widely celebrated because so many Thai’s have Chinese ancestors. Most schools and businesses have a very high absentee rate today.
    Bazillions of fire crackes being set off all morning.
    My wife’s grandfather was Chinese and thus she’s fully into today’s celebrations…

    On another note: the Corona virus has the media in a frenzy; as a result a lot of B.S. out there.
    Hopefully, in a day/week or so, things will become more reliable, with facts replacing hyperbole…

    V. Arnold

    Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 25 As Beijing Confirms 830 Patients Infected – ZH

    Climbing quickly in China, as expected; elsewhere, not so much…
    Thailand is holding at 4 cases…

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