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    Pablo Picasso Female bust 1922   • A Real American Hero (Jim Kunstler) • ‘Obscene’ COVID Policies Serve Big Pharma Not People, Experts Say (CHD)
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Female bust 1922

    The art today I do not understand; and it’s not to my taste…
    The rest? No way; I’ll take a pass… beyond my pay grade…

    Basseterre Kitona

    “..calling BA.2 a sub-variant of Omicron may be factually and genealogically incorrect and their relationship may be more sibling-like than parent-like.”

    FYI, the next letters after Omicron are Pi, then Rho.


    Wow. I must still be alive. I’ma open my big mowf and tell a story:

    Yakima, WA orchard country circa 1983. Friend and I had spent the afternoon hiking around the fruit fields of what locals call Congdon’s Castle ngd.

    The weather was simmering through a hot summer afternoon into what will soon be evening thunderstorms. Sitting under a large plane tree next to what was then still a juvenile detention facility with stern maroon bricks and steel- mullioned windows painted industrial green, we hovered in a cannabis cloud over the lingering embers of a roach from a joint of Oregonian weed grown near Salem the year after Mt. St. Helens blew.

    Hunched together in the almost erotic intimacy that smoking a joint induced in those days when cannabis was an illegal sin, we snickered at the cute little baby thundercloud inching our way along the back eddies of a major storm system’s atmospheric ground current, sizzling in violet flashes like a baby dragon learning to use its lighter.

    “Aw, so cyooooote…”, we giggled as it pulled into position over head, tiny z’s of baby lightning crawling over its fluff like static electricity on a baby blanket just pulled from the dryer.

    It made a sound. A rumble much larger than that made by a baby’s belly. We realized we were sitting under a huge tree with nothing around it for 50 yards. The cloud was directly overhead. Lightning did not strike but it cracked loud, and suddenly we and everything were thoroughly wet, and he and I were running to my friend’s house 200 yards away.

    It’s like that now. We watch the weather assemble wickedly overhead, so mesmerized by being so close to a major historical, uh, watershed event that we can mercifully forget how that giant bulging sheet of plastic overhead will rip and drown a whole bunch of us.

    But what to do?

    In similar weather, 18 years later, my son and his best friend giggled furiously after passing my wife and I a special can each of soda they’d freshly shaken into what they were sure would be the best practical joke ever. But the weather was cool and soothing under the roof of that back porch after a hot day, and we dawdled opening the fizz-bomb pop cans, which proved to be duds when we finally popped their tops.

    The sky is falling; we knew that before the Covid Curtain fell. But the special fx sizzling behind its dangerously silver lining may prove to be dudly not deadly. One can only hope… like 6 year old boys waiting like Calvin and Hobbes for their brilliant master sodabomb plan to explode in somebody else’s face.

    And now, a word from our sponsor: “It Will Transform Your Entire DNA”


    Crawford’s latest take. Interesting, but not there yet. Still ruminating on the viral interfere take from Ruechel and it looks like the Ethical Skeptic will be offering up something soon.

    Hypothesis 7: The Greatest Crime Hypothesis. Omicron, SARS-CoV-2, and the COVID-19 vaccines were designed together as a toolset for establishing control.

    Part 3 if you are following along

    Dr. D

    BA 1 and 2. So lightning does strike twice. Also Science depends on naming things correctly and categorizing them. That’s why we had Alpha, Beta, Delta…and no Xi. But anyhow, Omicron…and then we suddenly forgot how to count in Greek? We went O BA1 and BA2? Should we call them Celeron on Pentium now? Jesus Christ I’m not asking a lot here, Science. Like in Chemistry an -ase is an enzyme and an -ose is a sugar. Words have meanings. Not only in Science, but everywhere.

    Are we going to count di-, tri-, DODECA-, tetra-, penta- now? Sure. Of course because apparently Science is d—n illiterate now.

    We now count A, B, C, D, oh wait, not N, N = Xi. skip to “O” –Wait, don’t skip to “O”, use “O = 2.0”instead! “O=A.B.2” Do you see how f—-g dumb that sounds now? Or should we count 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 6, 27, Q, instead?

    Why bother? Irony is dead. There’s no illogic I could create that would compare to what’s widely accepted as the peak of human genius every day. This is Calvinball Science. Taking us all on the CalvinBall Run.

    “despite the progress that has been made in some parts of the world in tackling the coronavirus.”

    Yes, Uttar Predesh, Sweden, Congo, and every location that ignored 100% of all things said by western medicine. –And Japan, for belatedly using “western” medicine (sic), or what little is left of it.

    Young is referencing the steady stream of misinformation…that Joe Rogan has peddled”

    Rogan talks about UFOs, Bigfoot, and the DMT machine elves. He’s had on Dr. Gupta. What exactly do you mean by “misinformation”? NYTimes reporter that “When asked for a statement, Bernie Madoff said he was innocent.” So the NYTimes was publishing “Misinformation.” No dumb-ss, that’s just “Information.” But Neil Young, like all other Boomers, a fascist toady, warning us they should never be trusted about anything once they pass the age of 21 … now 50 years ago.

    Besides, Dr. Gupta has failed widely, publicly, and fatally. With all the WHO, CDC, FDA, and AMA. His suggestions are the biggest public health failure since thalidomide. Every nation that followed them has died. Can Mr. Young please explain to me how THAT is not similar misinformation? Or did masks and vaccines work in your reality?

    Rogue’s Gallery: “It’s Not by Accident SCOTUS is Letting an Unconstitutional Law Stand. It’s by Design.” –MSNBC

    First, you’re a Supreme Court Judge now and know best the high points of law? Second, so we should –NOT– listen to and obey Supreme Court rulings now, NBC? Like R. v Wade, or like assault gun regulations?

    I mean, okay, but erasing the power of the central government and barely listening to them is a Libertarian, or “Right”* thing to do. If you want to join in, I won’t stop you. (*Note “Right” now = “Opposite of “Right”, as “Right-wing” by definition approve of government, police, state, authority, King. That is to say the #Opposite of everything considered “Right-wing” in America.)

    “Evidence that US Government Targeted Red States with Deadly Batches of Vaccines”

    Yes saw this with the batch 201 list or whatever it was. Just like I said about Phoenix and AZ, and why people in say, MA feel those red hats are crazy. They didn’t get those batches, or far fewer.

    Analysis: Australia was a Model in how to Handle Covid. Now It’s a Mess.” –CNN

    You mean because they did everything you told them to? Everything Gupta suggested and much more? Of course not. I blame that one Serbian guy who got off a plane. The whole continent is his fault. Or maybe one landscaper in Victoria.

    Biden sends troops to Ukraine. Uh, what? Whose troops? And like 10 men and a donkey? You know what Russia calls the Ukrainian Army? “A speed bump.” So please add 1,000 more Blackwater mercenaries, I’m sure that’ll make a HUGE difference +/- ZERO miles from Russia’s supply chain. Again, modern war: I can kill a whole American city of 500,000 in like 45 minutes. And you want to send 1,000 more men and a humvee. Suit yourself.

    Hearing more on Ukraine. It’s not going the way it seems, and Russia will win effortlessly, but I can’t tell you more than that. Here’s the problem: everything we hear, everything adult Americans say is a lie. Everything from Rand is a lie, the Pentagon is a lie, CNN is a lie, NPR is a lie, and the BBC/MI6/Reuters money-merger is a lie.

    To predict this, I’d have to KNOW SOMETHING. You know where and which bases contain our first-strike nukes on Moscow? I don’t. If I did, I’d have to have a real idea of OUR capabilities, and I’d have to have some idea of THEIR real capabilities. In a world of bioweapons and cloud-drone strikes where they shut down ships with scalar anti-electronics EMP technologies. I don’t trust a word written in Janes, in Wikipedia, in Sikorsky ads are anything like what’s out there. Do you? Because that’s the data I’d need to even predict a SCENARIO here.

    A minute ago we didn’t know Russia could shoot ship-to-ship missiles from the CASPIAN, and hit ISIS in Syria without a sweat. Or disable the USS Cook at will. The U.S. media is instead reporting that Russia has weapons — missiles even – that can hit targets “Across Ukraine”!!!

    Yes. The U.S. and Russia had those weapons. IN 1922. 100 years ago. One-hunned. One-oh-oh.

    1865, 200lb shell 2 miles. 16,000 shells in 6 days. 160 years or ANOTHER four generations previous to the HUNNED years ago when your grandad was young.

    So gosh, we really oughter get those steam dreadnaughts and pepperbox revolvers out, yes? Whaddya THINK a war 100 years after stealth bombers and V2 intercontinental rockets would be like?

    Yeah, I can’t tell either. Good thing we got that pack mule and saber team going, right? Or in our case, autocars and 1911 semi-automatics. Yankee Doodle Kentucky rifleshots.

    Or since it all depends on silicon chips from Taiwan, that we’re not defending that. And can’t.

    Oh P.S. I’m sure since we’re in a war with iron ships and Kentucky rifles, all the markets, money, and contracts are constructed the same way as 160 years ago too.

    those darned kids

    doc hodkins part two: “the children have been taught to be suspicious of everyone”

    Dr. D

    “NY Gov Slams State Supreme Court Ruling Abolishing Mask Mandate, Pledges To “Reverse It Immediately”

    Um, I don’t think that’s how that works. But if you Leftists now just ignore the courts, the government, the CDC, the AMA, and Pfizer, I guess I can’t complain…


    Fresh from the clown car…

    Russia May Not Be Poised To Invade Ukraine – Pentagon

    The comments come after US President Joe Biden warned during a press conference last week that Russian President Vladimir Putin could “move in,” adding that “he has to do something.”

    Trust me on this one: whatever Putin might “have to do”, he’s already done.


    Well I heard Mr. Young sing about it
    I heard old Neil put it down
    I hope Neil Young will remember
    A Rogan man don’t need him around anyhow.

    Mister Roboto

    From yesterday:

    Much power has been consolidated into the hands of the very, very few in the past twenty-three months; quite easily so (shockingly easily, to me; with the online “Left” doing the ruling class’s Dirty Work for them).

    Yes, much power and wealth. I have seen it claimed on Twitter that this has been one of the greatest upward wealth-transfers in the history of this country. And considering that this is the post-1980 USA we’re talking about, that’s really saying somethin’!

    those darned kids

    holy moly, bosco, that explains why all the casino machines with their musical jingles and tingles are tuned to C!

    those darned kids

    i thought neil young would be more worried about rogaine, not rogan.

    absolute galore

    @lawfish Good one!

    Also, that Smartest Man I Know and Stupid SOB is hilarious.

    I’m only going for the funny stuff now. That’s why I like Jimmy Dore. Too tired of trying to keep up with statistics and variants of variants and all that crap after 2 years. At this point its like hitting my head repeatedly with a rubber mallet.

    Meanwhile more genetic non-covid health issues to deal with, better do it while they will still let me into the facilities…

    Dr. D

    How the media stays relevant: “Eighty Years Late: Groundbreaking work on slave economy finally back on UK shelves” –The Guardian. Yes a book that was not QUITE as popular as this author wanted, back in his great-grandfather’s time, which was ABOUT a system that’s 160 years old, or older than most existing governments on earth, or great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather’s, or 8 generations past.

    Book WAS published, mind you. By a black man. And Professor. in 1938 when according to them, that didn’t happen/did/didn’t/did/didn’t happen. Was in print for a while. In the U.S. AND U.K., despite being another dry, scholarly tome by another publish-or-perish PhD. And since no one reads scholarly tomes, I’m sure all the existing copies remain in good condition in University libraries in UK, US, and worldwide.

    To what can it be compared, this desperate necessity and social oversight, according to The Guardian? Here’s one: “A Brief History of the Ascot, the World’s Indispensable Necktie.” How about “1,001 Means of Rigging an Atlantic Clipper with Rope” “Shoeing your Oxen: a User’s Guide,” or “The Tomato is Not Deadly Poison, People.” Or maybe, “The Importance and Imminent Return of Brass-Buckle Shoes”

    Is there any way I can possibly express how hopelessly obsolete, outdated, and irrelevant 80 years ago is, to say nothing of 160? Probably not. They’re still playing MeatLoaf and AC/DC on the store overhead as if it came out yesterday and Biden is still a young man of fifty.

    Nothing can halt the psychosis and complete break from reality Americans presently have. When Russia invades Ukraine in winter on horseback dragging brass cannons across the frozen river, we’ll sure be ready for them.


    Why ? …. to protect the vulnerable …. lies …. from dying


    Doug Farrow’s latest.

    [..] People sometimes ask me whether the passport system will be dropped; whether the governments of the world and the new industrialists with which they have partnered will relinquish their track-and-trace powers as the destructive effect of the virus peters out; whether things will go back to normal as covid, the coronavirus with a level-four twist, recedes into the viral background. Will fines and coercive mandates at last be dropped, and liberties restored? Will privacy again be possible and independent initiative welcomed? Can the middle class hope again to flourish?

    Here’s my answer: not if the advocates of globalism can help it; not if the Fourth Industrial Revolutionists can prevent it; not if their surreptitious revolution is not met, quite openly, with a counter-revolution. The middle class, which was flourishing economically but declining spiritually and culturally, has taken the covid bait and is being played like a fish. The line is taken in, then let out, then taken in again—each time a bit further and a bit tighter as the fish tires. Health threats, supply-chain threats, cyber security threats, banking threats, crypto-currency controls, carbon emission limits; each will be used in turn, or even simultaneously, to play the fish into the net.

    Dr. D

    I guess Orwell was correct: Under Socialism History has stopped forever, except for an unending present where the Party is always right, even when it’s the dead-opposite of yesterday.



    @bosco: Great link! Thank you for sharing…could it BE as simple as re-tuning ourselves? By consciously re-tuning, we would re-balance and or eliminate the source of negativity.

    Nice to see Dr. Emoto back IN the FLOW. His earlier research/science clearly shows response/reaction to both negative and positive sound/vibration/frequency, as demonstrated in H2O crystals (in this creation). It made perfect sense to me when I first explored his work years ago – and now it resonates even more so.

    The impact of 528 is possible because:

    “86% of you is God Water”

    “DNA is an antenna to the Creator”

    Bring on the LOVE Songs in 528…..LOVE SINGS in 528!

    those darned kids

    what socialism? where?

    leaving 50 million americans without health care, and another 50 million with health care they can’t afford to use because of co-pays sure doesn’t sound like socialism to me.

    the only socialist country i know of exports doctors, not weapons, pork and financial products.

    those darned kids

    chooch: i didn’t know crack was legal in israel.


    It’s my story and I don’t care if you don’t agree.
    Outbreaks are still happening in long term care homes where everyone is vaccinated
    The most vulnerable are not protected.
    The seniors are dying.
    The vaccines did not prevent death of our seniors.
    Omicron gives herd immunity.
    The pandemic is over.


    Neil “mr. censor” Young. Might be the funniest thing I’ve read in a few days.

    old man take a look at your life,
    I am not like you are….


    Is Neil Young really making any demands other than he wants his music off of Spotify?

    He said he is taking his music off of Spotify because he disagrees with the disinformation he feels is being spread on the platform.

    Did he tell Spotify to censor Joe Rogan?

    Or did he just back up his own convictions with action?

    You people like to mock, but how is it any different from you “patriot freedom fighters” not patronizing a store because of mask mandates? Or not buying Carhartt because of their mandate policy?

    You have your convictions, he has his.

    You should at least respect that. Why do you care if he removes his music from Spotify?


    re: Ukraine, the Great Reset idea, and other economic lunacies. Time to reread Paul Kennedy’s 1987 book The Rise and Fall of Great Powers. Summary from wikipedia:

    “Kennedy argues that the strength of a Great Power can be properly measured only relative to other powers, and he provides a straightforward thesis: Great Power ascendancy (over the long term or in specific conflicts) correlates strongly to available resources and economic durability; military overstretch and a concomitant relative decline are the consistent threats facing powers whose ambitions and security requirements are greater than their resource base can provide for.”

    Doc Robinson

    • Assange Granted Permission To Take Extradition Case To UK Supreme Court (Haddad)

    Craig Murray was at the hearing, and he provides some details:

    Now some of the appeal points which the High Court refused to certify as arguable and of general public interest, were important. One point was that the diplomatic assurances by the United States promised not to engage in certain illegal practices amounting to torture, but made that assurance conditional on Assange’s future behaviour.

    Now, legally prohibited treatment of prisoners does not become lawful if the prisoner does something wrong. That ought to have been a slam-dunk argument, even without the fact that the decision on Assange’s future behaviour would be made by precisely the same authorities who plotted to kidnap or murder him.

    All of which was not certified as an arguable point of law of general public interest.

    What is certified and going forward is the simple question of whether the diplomatic assurances were received too late…

    By introducing them only at the appeal stage, the United States had evaded all scrutiny of their validity

    This is very important, because it may be the screen behind which the British Establishment is sidling slowly towards the exit.

    ...the Supreme Court can refuse extradition on the one point now certified by the High Court, and it can be presented as nothing to do with anything bad about the USA and its governance, purely a technical matter of a missed deadline.


    Where all this may be going…
    If I were playing risk and I “had” China and Europe and Afghanistan (oops) and Ukraine, I would try to take Russia (Ural, Siberia, Irkutsk..).
    And if most of my soldiers were afflicted with some strange debilitations- like dropping dead upon exertion because of some “vaccine” (which would be discovered in a glorious act of martyrdom), I would call up all the un”vaccinated” via conscription to fight this war.

    Bill7 [from yesterday]- “oh we changed our minds; forget about all that stuff”:
    With a hot war pending, I would say they might do just that.

    Continuing with my artistic license…
    Assange may have had a pact with McAfee (7.57% share of antivirus market (Statista)), to dump everything. I have wondered why Assange didn’t do it. But if he had given the trove to someone who could plant it in a hell of a lot of computers, the jailers would have done everything to wrangle it out of him. Thus, McAfee’s untimely death and the rather peculiar toppling of his brother’s residence in Florida.

    On another note- “omicron”: “Look, we were running a simulation. If a biological weapon were released, we wanted to know if we could release a quickly spreading inoculating disease that would protect the population from it. Sorry for the inconvenience.” (Noble liars anywhere).

    Pi-Rho- isn’t that someone who burns it all down?

    those darned kids

    I can’t find that McAfee had a brother. McAfee did say he had a lot on a lot of people. Ah, well.
    I do wish Julian Assange had dumped the files, though.


    Are people really having trouble with the reasons some letters in the Greek alphabet are skipped when naming variants?


    tdk- that boriquagato piece was lovely. Thanks for linking it.


    If I, as a supplier of goods address the shop owner, and I say to you: forbid selling my competitors wares else I shall not supply my goods to you; does this make me a Prohibitor of my Competitor being able to bring his product to market? Or am I merely a man of action, with the courage of my convictions to prove so in the marketplace?

    Does not understanding cause-and-effect make one immoral? Or are those who aren’t moral more likely to misunderstand cause and effect?

    Tune in next week when we discuss if water is wet

    those darned kids

    je suis camionneur

    those darned kids
    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    If I, as a supplier of goods address the shop owner, and I say to you: forbid selling my competitors wares else I shall not supply my goods to you; does this make me a Prohibitor of my Competitor being able to bring his product to market?

    Neil Young didn’t do this. He is not forbidding Spotify from selling Joe Rogan. He simply is not allowing them to play his music, in protest. Is that difficult for you to understand?

    Neil Young said: “I am doing this (pulling my catalog) because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines – potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them.”

    Neil Young is still disabled from polio. He has no feeling on his left side. So, he is a bit more invested than the typical dumbass who sees this pandemic as a chance to fly his phony freedom flag.


    tdk: that boriquagato piece was lovely. Thanks for linking it.


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