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    Lewis Wickes Hine A heavy load for an old woman. Lafayette Street below Astor Place, NYC 1912   • China Extends Holiday, Businesses Shut As Virus
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    V. Arnold

    Lewis Wickes Hine A heavy load for an old woman. Lafayette Street below Astor Place, NYC 1912

    The depth of field is perfect, in this photo.
    Quite remarkable actually…
    Belated kudos to Lewis Wickes Hine for this fine picture…


    I know people have to eat and protect crops but at some stage in the future aerial spraying of pesticide is gonna produce worse outcomes than we are getting now. Feedback loops etc. Crazy times indeed


    It’s all like “reality” television, a format Mr. Trump seems to love, but only when he’s the only writer, or has final edit powers. We await his Midwest peace proposal where, again, he seems to think he has final editing power (over his ghost writers).

    Sadly, he’s clearly incapable of learning the fact that others have agency, no matter how limited.

    On the issue of rising interest rates, I couldn’t help but make a comparison between the apparent “prairie fire” growth of coronavirus and a coming worldwide debt contagion.

    Add locusts and it just gets really depressing (if it’s possible to get more depressing).


    Charles Alban, do you know why you have no Profile Page at TAE?


    As for John Bolton, it would seem that the NYT has allowed itself to be used by Bolton and/or his agent/publisher for the sake of selling books. There doesn’t appear to be any underlying proof for Bolton’s claim that Trump tied aid to an investigation (or he wouldn’t/couldn’t have held to it for so long. That in turn makes it another he said/she said topic, and we’ve seen enough of those in this “trial” process.

    Moreover, if Trump would have asked for an investigation into a guy who was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine abuse only to land a very plush job just months later at a very corrupt company operating in a field and a country that he knew nothing about, while his dad was US VP, would that have been a high crime?



    The standard solution, increase liquidity.
    Don’t panic. As I type, Dow is lower by -450.
    Some one is buying the lows.

    ” .but the sooner it’s, (lockdown), taken the less-dramatic the damage”
    The answer, more deficit spending.
    Panic will happen When transmission occurs by private jet.

    Shower room trash talk – Donald J. Trump
    • Bolton’s Manuscript Leaks On Same Day Amazon Sales Begin (Fox)


    The USA help is on the way
    Shower room trash talk – Donald J. Trump

    And right on time, here comes President Trump, with a weak attempt to pump the market.

    Minutes ago, the president tweeted that the US had offered China “any help that is necessary”, while advising that the US is “strongly on watch” for signs that the virus is spreading.

    Per the SCMP, the virus was detected in 35 of the 585 environmental samples collected on Jan. 1 and Jan. 12, with 33 of the positive samples taken from the market’s western zone, where the wildlife trading business was concentrated.

    Question: Did humans infect the environment or (as suggested) did the animals infect the environment.


    More than 500 Indian students are studying in colleges and and universities in Wuhan.
    But, official sources said that most of them had left the city before the outbreak for the Chinese New Year holiday.

    ” monitoring about 60 persons in Kozhikode who have returned from China”

    Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is an Indian city, second-largest urban agglomeration in the State of Kerala and 20th largest in the country with a population of 2 million as of 2011.

    Dr. D

    “French NGOs, Local Authorities Take Court Action Against Oil Giant Total (G.)”

    Desperate for austerity, Climate Austerity. Since that’s going so well since the gas tax hike! Don’t shoot ‘til you see the whites of their eyes. We’ll ruin this economy somehow! Then MORE government to fix that!

    “Locust Swarms the Size of Cities (AP)”

    Apparently locusts occur when there IS good weather. Rain = grass = locusts, who because it only just happened and is unusual, have no natural predators, who lag. That’s also why locusts are a predictable cycle, and show up in history in war and famine cycles. But note, this locusts ironically happen when there’s GOOD weather, and the desert first greens. …Don’t worry, won’t be reported. New lakes and grasslands aren’t news. Feel for them though: must seem like you can’t get a break.

    “NYT has allowed itself to be used by Bolton”

    The latest leak – again – shows that State Dept. people were openly obstructing and undermining the elected president, and that he was responding to this since the beginning of his presidency, months, years before Biden, and on issues not related to Biden.

    So…argument this is about election – afraid of a guy who slurs, doesn’t know where he is, smells little girls, and can’t think straight: not so good. I wouldn’t be afraid of him, I could only dream he would the DNC candidate. And that second level (that it’s election-related) has never been established. But this latest leak does establish the time: years before Biden declared. That leaves the question: does the President have the right to fire ambassadors? Yes he does, unquestioningly. So…did you just harm your own case leaking facts again?

    Since when have facts mattered? RussiaRussiaRussia. Bombshell. Walls closing in.

    Is it not JUST candidate that can never be investigated, not JUST every member of their family, but every person and every family member that MIGHT candidate, someday, years from now?

    Why can’t we pin Kung-Flu yet? Is it 50 people dead (world’s biggest joke) or 10,000 (worth locking down 50M) as random youtube clips are attempting to lead? Okay, something else? Need an excuse as to why China is slowing to collapse that isn’t the Chinese government? Can’t figure.


    John Bolton
    Since when have facts mattered more than money.
    Since when do these people never tell lies.

    I’m going to heaven. Your going to hell/prison for lying.


    Regarding “good weather”:

    “Rainfall from October to mid-November was as much as 300% above average.
    Locusts thrive in wet conditions.
    A single swarm can contain hundreds of millions of locusts.”

    Good weather is relative to inclusive fitness. Super good weather for locusts means bad weather for a species itself breeding like a runaway locust plague.

    The problem with global climate disruption isn not so much the much-touted, supposedly terrifying consequences of climax results. By the time sea levels have risen to here or shrunk to there, ice caps shrunk to here or risen to there, a whole buncha people gonna die because our civilization requires as much external stability as possible. This is because we humans living within civilization are ridiculously unstable.

    Like (segue alert). remember how outrageous it was that the Taliban was explosively destroying those Buddha statues in one of my favorite romantic locations? But we didn’t say much about the USA directly and indirectly stealing/bombing the fuck out of irreplaceable Syrian/Iraqi artifacts going back to the early Fertile Crescent’s Dawn of Western Civilization era.

    What kind of crackpot species does that?


    Everybody was kung-flu flighting… if the government let them.


    It’s a shame the church I attend isn’t one of those End Times/ Rapture congregations. I could hear some godamighty Prepare Ye for the End pulpit braying if it were. Locusts! Plagues! War! Rumors of wars!

    Waiting for some serious famine so we can all get jiggy with eschatology.

    From the side of a Ukrainian Baptist Church in my former town of residence, Spokane:

    King of Glory

    It’s starting to become an icon. Back when, my skate-punk son and his buds enjoyed it as their private circle’s little joke.

    But all things must pass. When I first visited Portland in 2004 for a laser zap inside my nostrils (I do this every year or so), the following still existed in its original deacadent glory as shown here:

    Now it's gone

    Now it is gone, although dear old Chinatown still has a block or three of seriously seedy slum streets, bless it’s heart. Gotta have some place to warehouse drugs and hookers, I reckon.


    Meanwhile, we are steadily being kicked out of the Middle East, and there ain’t a durn thing we can do about it except retreat to Saudi Arabia for awhile before going home, sulking like Great Britain yearning for their old queen:



    One more thing. Someone expressed absolute dismissal of the Nazi death camp thing. While I fully agree that the Shoa PR Industry is real and pernicious, and that Zionists were a part of exacerbating the Jewish Problem in Nazi Germany, there’s no doubt that there were death camps as classically described. How many Jews were actually murdered this way, can’t say, and don’t care. A single death is a tragedy, and a thousand deaths is far too often a damn good business for some buncha creeps, far too many of them Jewish (and if that sounds Anti-Jewish, I recommend a head count of ethnic affiliations of the reigning neocons back in the early 21st century when torture became the new (old) norm.

    DO eyewitnesses count?

    das judens speak


    “isn not ”

    That’s, like, colloquial Dutch Arizonan or something?


    Pam Bondi Impeachment Hearing
    Explaining all of the Biden/Burisma timeline scam to all the senators
    Someone should be going to hell/prison for lying/stealing even if the enablers made the laws to allow this kind of behavior.



    This brings the total death toll since protests began in October to more than 600, according to the commission as well as Amnesty International.

    Despite Friday’s anti-American protests being impressive in size, with many pundits claiming anywhere from hundreds of thousands to over a million in the streets mainly in Baghdad, mainstream media in the West downplayed the numbers, with the Associated Press even falsely saying a mere “hundreds”.



    I wonder if there will be something like an Arabian Gandhi or such. Just idle speculation driven as much by the weirdness factor as by similarities between USA now/Britain 1930s-40s.


    Dude. You are going to look really stupid when this plague turns out to be not a plague. Why are you freaking out? All your postings is Corona? How bout you just drink a Corona and chill at the beach?


    Bosco::. I can relate to your nose bleed problems.

    When I was a kid, I lived up in northern Labrador where the winters are long and the air cold and very dry. I had blood vessels too close to the surface of my nose, so I suffered constant nose bleeds for no reason at all. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for me until I grew up.

    My nose bleeds were so bad that my Mother, a nurse, would pack my nose with 5 foot long narrow strips of cotton coated with vasoline just to stop the bleeding! They stayed there for days before being removed.

    When I was 19, studying electrical engineering in Toronto, my uncle, a doctor gave me a referral to a nose specialist.

    I remember that visit very well! The doctor used the medical equivalent of an electrical soldering gun to burn the skin over the blood vessels! I got to smell my own burning flesh!

    Then after I recovered from that surgery (felt more like a butchering job!), I stopped having so many nose bleeds! Those that I did have stopped as quickly as they started!

    Now I was a free man, no longer burdened by constant fear of sudden nose bleeds!

    I did several follow ups every 5 years or so where the doctor did quick 10 second touch ups using a Q-tip dipped in a mild acid on any trouble spots.

    Now 45 years later, I remain basically free of nose bleeds and remain forever grateful to that doctor for improving my quality of life!

    Bosco, from what you say, I guess lasers have replaced soldering guns and acid Q-tips!

    I hope you are able to achieve the success that I have experienced. Best wishes!


    Raul:. Isn’t it strange that Britain’s worst criminals still have a basic sense of injustice! Doesn’t say much for justice does it!!


    Before the Internet and satellite communications the infectious deaths of 82 Chinese that started in a ground zero city of 11 million people (that I never heard of) would have been blissfully ignored until boatloads of infected survivors entered America’s West Coast ports. The Quarantine of tens of million people, preparing 100,000 hospital beds for Hubei Province and extending the national Lunar New Year holiday by three days indicate that the Chinese government is treating the Wuhan Coronavirus as a full-blown deadly pandemic.

    The USA should be quarantining all airline passengers from China for two weeks or until a CDC blood test showed they were not infected. But that would cost money and impact the economy. It hasn’t been reported yet if there has been any transmission to others in the other 16 nations that are treating infected patients. If spreading, the global pandemic is on.

    With a know nothing, anti-science, stupid, American President the possibility of the government providing an effective anti-virus protection program is nil. To be re-elected Donald Trump must be blessed by neither a pandemic nor a Holy Land Rapture happening in the next 10 months.



    The International Health Regulations, or IHR (2005), represent an agreement between 196 countries including all WHO Member States to work together for global health security.

    Through IHR, countries have agreed to build their capacities to detect, assess and report public health events. WHO plays the coordinating role in IHR and, together with its partners, helps countries to build capacities.

    IHR also includes specific measures at ports, airports and ground crossings to limit the spread of health risks to neighboring countries, and to prevent unwarranted travel and trade restrictions so that traffic and trade disruption is kept to a minimum.

    V. Arnold

    IHR also includes specific measures at ports, airports and ground crossings to limit the spread of health risks to neighboring countries, and to prevent unwarranted travel and trade restrictions so that traffic and trade disruption is kept to a minimum.

    All of the above is worthless; given the present information, that contagion happens pre-symptomatic appearance.
    In the meantime, I’ll keep my powder dry…
    Nothing happening seems to follow any of the predictions…


    Nothing happening seems to follow any of the predictions…

    That’s why testing and then refining is required. Also, there is always a need for more money.

    V. Arnold

    Hung Far Low’s was an iconic part of Portland’s China Town. RIP
    Spent many an underage drunken weekend night sobering up with food there (they were open until 2 or 3 in the morning). 1960 onwards through uni days/nights…after ’63 it was likely drugs instead of alcohol; lot’s of excellent smoke et al to be had…
    If one could manage the long flight of stairs to the 2nd floor restaurant, then you weren’t too drunk.
    It was a favorite because the staff didn’t give a shit how drunk (or stoned) you were as long as you behaved yourself; we never got kicked out…
    That picture is a genuine flash from the past.

    Dr. D

    We’re getting kicked out of the Middle East, and what are we going to do about it?

    Speed it up and make it irreversible of course! This is what the voters wanted. So the Shia were divided all over the map, are now united not only in themselves, but with the Sunni in gracefully requesting the Americanos hit the road back home. Thank God. Even Bolton cannot effectively reverse this move without tremendous work. And we got that by doing exactly what Bolton and the Neo-cons most requested. Savage win. Their little brains are still trying to figure it out.

    Speaking of, I guess we see him filled up with salted disinfo and shoved out the door just in time to write (and leak) his books. Leaked? To whom? Well Mr. Vindman, Col. Vindman’s twin brother, IKYN. But nobody nowheres ever expected he would a) authorize everything Bolton said as the legal censor and b) leak it all to the NY Times. Naw! Nevah. So as certainly as a train coming down the tracks you couldn’t have anticipated this in your strategy and legal defense. Nope, not when you sit around watching cartoons all day.

    Certainly is a show. A sham. A con. A put-up. WWE at its finest.

    Like the Kung-flu fighting? 40 days later they estimate possibly 200,000 “have” it. Death toll at 100, as statistically close to zero as possible. So statistically, 2,000 deaths / 365 = 5 deaths per day getting hit by lightning = 220 people, twice as likely as Kung-flu, officially.

    Are y’all serious here? Since I don’t hear vaccine manufacturers hovering, like we did in ebola, etc, who vanished with the disease the second they were paid, what’s it all about, Alfie? To generate a media spin cycle from thin air? For the impeachment? That seems extreme. For the imploding economy? Darned if I can tell right now, but let’s pick a real CoD: there are 3,424 traffic fatalities per day worldwide. There are 49,000 deaths/day from combined heart diseases, CVD. There were 27 deaths/day in 2019 from wars, low estimate of direct fatalities. So eat a burger, stand in the middle of the road on a high hill in Aleppo with an umbrella. If anything they’re saying is within a 100 fold of correct, you’re not going to die of Corona, because officially, according to them, nobody yet has any more than the common cold. If they said it, it’s a lie. They are saying it, LOUD, therefore ….


    rigor mortis
    My old brain requires unusual stimulation before my old body can be activated by fakery.


    “My nose bleeds were so bad that my Mother, a nurse, would pack my nose with 5 foot long narrow strips of cotton coated with vasoline just to stop the bleeding! They stayed there for days before being removed.”

    Horee sheeyit. The discomfort and depression of that is beyond my comprehension.

    “I remember that visit very well! The doctor used the medical equivalent of an electrical soldering gun to burn the skin over the blood vessels! I got to smell my own burning flesh!”

    My nosebleeds didn’t manifest seriously until my late 20s. I had, I dunno, 4-5 electro-cauteries, some with caustic agents as well. Yeah, smelling your nose burn is different.

    Then we learned I have HHT and those rude electrocauteries had created scar tissue that only made the HHT worse as I grew old. Fortunately, by the, they were learning how to use lasers to gently bake the offending bleeders shut instead of searing them like steak.

    I’d say I’m the luckier man in that my childhood was mostly carefree. I ran and played like any kid. It wasn’t until I settled in the arid West in the mid-80s (Yakima, WA, a natural resting place for lost vagaabonds such as I was) that the bleeding became significant.

    We moved to Portland last year, once opportunity arose, for the chronic humidity, which really helps.

    Three days plugged. (shudders)


    “If one could manage the long flight of stairs to the 2nd floor restaurant, then you weren’t too drunk.
    It was a favorite because the staff didn’t give a shit how drunk (or stoned) you were as long as you behaved yourself; we never got kicked out…”

    I have never been inside but heard a story or two. I plan to use it in a story someday, and am sad I wasn’t able to insult my body and mindt here in the glorious fashion it seemed to encourage.

    Portland now is just another urban nightmare, an over-priced and over-crowded cram of people, money, and utopian delusions. But I’m glad to be here, and there an awful lot of sincerely kind people.

    I live in Beaverton, so there is a healthy neo-redneck counterbalance and a residue of general old-school urban dirt and disarray to preserve my sanity.

    When we first moved here, however, we stayed in a nicely provided company apartment smack on the edge of metastasizing Slabtown. If not for the vacated industrial property literally across the street from us, I would’ve had a rough go of it. But the industrial wasteland had genuine old-fashioned winos and such amid genuine rust and machinery that used to perform industrially meaningful work not directed by robots.


    “So eat a burger, stand in the middle of the road on a high hill in Aleppo with an umbrella.”

    That sentence has a unique and curious charm. Like Kurt Vonnegut being channeled through a reanimated George Carlin. If I had a bucket list, fulfilling that sentence’s content would be on it.

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