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    I was taught to stick my finger in the water for a minute. If my finger went numb, the water was deathly cold and that is how long you would last in the water if you decided to go for a swim.



    Very nice poetry! You have a nack for it!

    They remind me of my early school days where teaches tried to instill poem writing skills into me to no avail!

    I love good poetry but I couldn’t write a poem if my life depended upon it!


    Is Bill Gates is behind the poisoning of chickens to reduce the supply of eggs? He has been promoting plant based “eggs” for a long time. Gates broke the rules when forcing PC buyers to also by Windows, why wouldn’t he do the same for his company “Beyond Eggs”.


    Before I close off, one thing sticks in my craw: what a shame I couldn’t just leave civilization behind and go live in the Faraway Blue Mystery Hills where I’d be oh so happy evermore… I tried. How weak of me not to choose suicide, which the elements (including my fellow hominids) were eager to provide. How weak of me not to become a mighty mountain man or something.

    But… I at least tried to walk away from Omelas. I did. It almost killed me many times, and scarred me in weird and numerous ways.

    I repeat myself:

    “WTF is so great about civilization? It’s all built on slavery and everyone one of us here knows it. Slavery, torture, squandered resources, more animals than I can imagine living caged depraved lives cuz it’s “convenient” for us.”

    Why point out my inability to magically live off what’s left off the land after being raised in modern civilization? Maybe to avoid how easy it is for us all to knowingly enjoy comfort from torture and slavery, to go along with evil just to get along? Maybe that’s partly why we focus on the evil of TPTB rather than our own self-absorbed office hamster cubicle lifestyles?

    ‘I didn’t do it’, we say. No, you just paid for it. Yes, you had a choice. Not an easy one, but it was a choice. Whatever that choice is, I can’t judge. Bad for my moral health. But if one chooses to stay within a civilization one knows is arguably the most evil thing the planet has ever seen, one might benefit from accepting the moral humility of that position rather than aiming one’s flimsy moral arrogance at TPTB et al… unless, that is, one actually walks one’s talk and does something seriously concrete. If they’re killing us and we don’t like it, maybe we’ll have to kill back? Or we can wait for the killing to come to us, which is fine with me, but while we wait for the battle lines to emerge, must we incessantly disempower ourselves by glorifying TPTB when we, after all, are the Power that they pretend to be?

    If we’re not going to fight them, can we quit obsessing on our humiliating shame at compliantly struggling to protect our comfortable civilized stations in a civilization built on slavery, greed, torture, and squanderous waste? I really do’t think it’s good for our mental health to constantly shrink ourselves in the shadow of, oh, something like this:

    We speak often of how brazen the socionarc elites stealing the show are. It’s as if they don’t care if we know that they’re trying to screw us over! Well, they probably mostly don’t, not necessarily cuz of narcissistic shortsightedness and irrational expression tendencies, but because they know how obligingly tolerant the vast majority are. Before we do the usual thing and hiss at all them gullible sheeples, let’s remember that most of us here too were sheeple, once, and are lucky to have somehow snapped out of the trance and then found courage to be fired rather than get jabbed.

    The unvaxxed are so not fucked! Yea! Three cheers for the unvaxxed! It’s nice that we made it this far! Hooray for us! Let’s celebrate our survival rather than the tragic decimation of our population, eh?


    OKay, so we’re not heroes. Get over it then. Or put on that White Hat and do something crazy. Everybody else is, after all, and they don’t even mean it or know it. Let’s do anything but kvetch incessantly on TPTB. They’re not listening, so why are we?

    I’m imagining some guy in a government DUMB wearing a sign that says The Sky Is Falling!

    ‘Uh,’ we know, reply the several dozen hawks watching ICBM trajectories on their screens.


    It begins with a glaring typo:

    Mind argumentation is an important parameter which is difficult to analyses.”


    The campaign to patent food is becoming ridiculous. First we had GMO, now they are going to ban natural food and force us all to eat patented food? I understand that their conventional businesses are failing, but this is going beyond the pale for most of us. The likes of Bill Gates trying to force us to pay him a fee everytime we want to partake of the essentials of life, as in food?

    My suspicions are that there is no bird flu anywhere in the world. Even the Taiwan government has killed a load of chickens because of bird flu, but they do it by buying the birds off the farmer, shutting up the local farmers. This briefly caused a shortage in Taiwan, despite there being plenty of eggs available in China. Taiwan is a very compliant country, obeying everything the USA demands of them even when it is not in their best interest. We have renewables, electric buses etc but the this is still a second world country and really should be doing the same as China, using coal.

    Will the whole of India and China end up paying patent fees to Bill Gates so that they can eat fake eggs? Will Gates get them to kill all their chickens to eat plant based pretend meat? This is a land grab by Gates, he did it with Windows (forced it on everybody) and now wants to do the same with “Beyond Eggs”. Gates invested in these companies knowing that people would not volunteer to eat fake eggs, the plan always involved forcing people to eat fake eggs.

    It looks like Taiwan is being pushed to go that way, but there are lots of chicken coups in Taiwan. Kind of wish the old government would return and defend us from these people, but it looks like the Taiwan government has changed sides and is helping these billionaires. What are we to do?


    Hey, Deutschland über alles, get a whiff, smell the Java

    Croatian President Comments On Germany’s “At War” Statement: “Good Luck To You”

    Dr. D

    Once again, what lies? The GREEN PARTY. The foremost one worldwide. JUST DECLARED. WORLD WAR THREE. They deeply, heartily, and with utmost forethought, approve. How can I exaggerate that? Our relative parties, Labour, Democrats, likewise have done the same, sending $200 Billion dollars, 3x Russia’s whole defense budget. How can I exaggerate that adequately to lie?

    Likewise, they are, and have, cut off vital life support systems to their own populations as in Germany and Holland. They have been indicated to them, and they persist. Therefore millions will most probably die. How could I exaggerate this?

    And as is in contention, both for the fact, and for the support, but at this point appears strongly substantiated, they, the Greens, approved of a therapy that killed a minimum of 300,000 people THIS YEAR in the United States alone, and a like number divided among their own nations. When indicated, they stopped all discussion and persisted. How can I possibly exaggerate this? What would be the point?

    Should the Green Party, in Germany and elsewhere get their escalation wish of a full-exchange war with Russia, 7.5 Billion people could die. Should they get their written, stated, lobbied, depopulation wish, 90% of people would be removed to “come into balance with the Earth” minus the use of fossil fuels. We cannot tell the vax, but with numbers at 20% excess death, no end in sight, maybe 3 years of it, 60% of the West or 350 million people will die.

    I am not exaggerating. As with Covid, I am wildly understating.

    Again, that is their party, their actions, their platforms, their intent. Which statement do you wish to refute?

    Although I’m not thrilled, I not offended by the opinion “TVASF” either. The intent isn’t to gloat but to say: “TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.” IMMEDIATELY. The same reason to point out that Declaring all of Europe is — of course! – at war with Russia might very well kill a BILLION people, instead of just the million it’s headed for killing now. La de da. Europe is declaring war on Russia? No one lifts a hand to protest in parliament? This is the Irreality MIGHT look back at later when WWI is over and we say, “Why did 10% of every nation die in the Marne, the flower of England, the genius of Europe, the future of France?”

    Because it’s not exaggeration, it’s merely logic. Unless you think Europe can declare war on Russia, send ever-increasing arms, attack with long-range missiles, sink flagships forever and Russia will say “Oh well” and not level Portland. Because if I were Sergei Shoigu, it would be in the top 20 for complete Bakhmut/Sevestapol erasure, along with every human in it.

    Is this funny to you, or do you think I’m exaggerating? There are longstanding lists of top Russian targets. Look for yourself. You think they can’t do it, or will spare you and your pets personally for being a swell guy?

    This is the irrreality that gets a planet walked into the Somme, with 150,000 killed in ONE DAY. One. In World War ONE, with mules.

    Almost 100 years ago the Yanks upped that irreality to killing 150,000 people not in one attack (Dresden civilian bombings) but within one BOMB. In Hiroshima. Russia has more than one THOUSAND of them 1,000x stronger. They have more than 4,000 nuclear devices in active service.

    What’s 4,000 bombs x 150,000, one side alone? 600 Million people. Just with the first go, because 80% of the rest will be lost within 12 months for no electric, no fuel, no parts, no water, and no food, including some type of nuclear winter.

    Are you going to pick up Portland and DODGE them 10 MIRV Sarmats? I cannot emphasize how entirely exposed you are. The only reason Russia doesn’t do this is because they got up this morning and didn’t happen to feel like it. Our only task each day is to not have them change their mind.

    What could I possibly say to exaggerate that?

    Jb-hb, this often occurs, and I looked worldwide. If you were in a country as crazy as ours, as crazy as 1935 Germany, wouldn’t you better leave and become a cabbie in Depression-era NYC than stay? Or in our case be a cabbie in Islamabad. Like all the present immigrants, if you’re in F-Stan, it doesn’t actually matter WHERE you go as long as you leave Kabul. (Thank God we didn’t go to New Zealand).

    The sentiment is the same. Growing up with The Sound of Music, who WOULDN’T walk out of Austria with nothing singing if they had to? A: EVERYONE. No one left Austria in 2020, they did it all over again, badges and all. But I would. I’m not kidding and I’m leaving Rolf behind in a trunk if I have to. But ultimately, this is my country and you stay like the French Resistance. I made what seems like the correct calculation that no where else would be better, than a huge, rural country, with lots of food that loves gunz n freedum. But that’s not the point. The point is, are you willing to live under a bridge, be a migrant worker, go work a cascade fire station to avoid the jab, in this case, the tyranny?

    Not that I don’t have sympathy for people who had to make other decisions as long as they didn’t blow me in to the cops and load me on a train…as so many joyfully did just now if I’d let them. But arranging to live that light, liquidate, get in a camper, a horse-wagon…you CAN do other things. People do all the time. Go up in the hills and pan for gold. Sell Nicaraguan blankets from a truck. Sell drugs for god’s sake, everybody else does!

    When it comes down to pacing the apartment and acting on those decisions, as I and we all did, yes, that’s a long dark night. But you don’t have to be a cube-hamster. Make your life an adventure by living FOR something. Values. Walk into the hills like Lao Tzu and live like St. Francis. Never know, an abbey might spring up around you, something good.

    “The prototype shot is government property until it is in your body.”

    You see why Trump had trouble saying no? If the whole DoD or some major part of it was going for it?

    I’d also live in pumpkin houses, and would have already if zoning wasn’t #Helping always #Helping, but to be responsible if we want to reverse this system, we’d have to convert to a new system, one that includes energy, and is so attractive it has buy-in for what would still almost certainly be a long, slow decline in population. Not too hard. Just requires imagination, since most everybody dreams about such a world, in life and in movies. They spent 50 years and a trillion dollars, they could have, um, tried to talk? Written a sci-fi? Everybody wants this, how hard can it be?

    That’s why going over the wall and throwing that switch, shutting off all food, all power, all farms, voluntarily, billions of lives before you need to, is irresponsible and mass murder. There’s just no need. The is a certain subset who both knows, wishes, promotes, and acts for this to occur, and because they both know and believe and work tirelessly to convert others, especially while silencing all other beliefs, views, and information, they are quite accurately called a “Death Cult.”


    By the way, the problem with TVASF is that it does nothing to express the agony of those who were bullied into submitting to jabs they did not want but were told they would lose their best or only possibility for employment if they did not submit.

    Nor does TVASF do anything to express the agony of those who were conned by the corrupt fascist governments of Airstrips into believing that jabs offered the susceptible -such as my daughter with leukemia- the best protection against a ‘potentially lethal virus’.

    When a government attacks the weakest members of society -as The Scorpion, The Clown of Canada and other psychotic sociopaths in power on various Airstrips did- we should not stigmatise the victims but should direct our energy towards bringing the criminals who perpetrated the crime to justice, much as Russia is bringing the criminals who run NATO to justice.

    Admittedly, that is difficult when the criminals -the NATOstan managers- have complete control of the propaganda distribution networks and use them to the maximum on a continuous basis.

    Or did.

    It is interesting that The Guardian -guardian of the lies – has fallen silent now that ‘the beacon of freedom and democracy’ is riddled with corruption scandals and is obviously losing the war with Truth and Decency at a rate too alarming to mention.


    Goodness! I must have caught a wavelength on this busy evening (my time). I started writing the above lines at the end of comments page two and by the time I posted them they had actually become pertinent at the bottom of page three.


    ‘ 90% of people would be removed to “come into balance with the Earth” minus the use of fossil fuels.’

    What could be more ‘green’ than that??!!

    Oh, I know: ‘Clean Green New Zealand’, available to anyone with oodles of money via planet-fucking devices.

    War is Peace.

    Ignorance is Strength.

    The Scorpion told everyone who would listen every day.

    Crazy Chipmunk and Sleepy Camel aren’t saying much at all at the moment; probably negotiating their severance packages.

    D Benton Smith

    @WES “Bosco and DBS are having a word fest!”

    Indeed, and when such Titans of verbosity wrassle the very Earth trembles and shakes !

    No reports back yet from the seismologists, but I’m waiting expectantly.

    John Day

    MPSK: Thank you for the poetry and perspective.

    @AFKTT: OK, finally, this guy, Deep Green Resistance, living in Crescent City California: Wiki.P.
    Derrick Jensen (born December 19, 1960) is an American ecophilosopher, writer, author, teacher and environmentalist in the anarcho-primitivist tradition,[2][3] though he rejects the label “anarchist”. Utne Reader named Jensen among “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing the World” in 2008,[4] and Democracy Now! says that he “has been called the poet-philosopher of the ecology movement”.[5]

    Lierre Keith (left) and Jensen (right) with Deep Green Resistance at Occupy Oakland in 2011
    Jensen is a critic of the mainstream environmental movement’s focus on preserving civilization and technology over preserving the natural world.[6] He specifically challenges the lifestyle changes and individualistic solutions broadly advocated, considering them drastically inadequate to the global scale of environmental catastrophe.[7] Instead, he promotes civil disobedience, radical activism, and dismantling infrastructure on a massive level in order to halt what he has called “the murder of the planet”.[6]

    Jensen is a founder and leader within Deep Green Resistance; his and the organization’s belief that women-only spaces should exclude trans women has been the subject of controversy.


    And now I’m at the bottom of page four. What a day!
    WES- if I walked into a party and saw you there I would be glad I came. I always love to hear what you have to say.

    John Day

    Yay MPSK! You win! 😀

    Did Derrick Jensen get a COVID “vaccine”?
    Google doesn’t know (again)


    This will be good for GDP and ‘economic growth’, since The Empire of Lies loves destruction and ruination and the replacement of ruined stuff with yet more new stuff:

    Insurance premiums will undoubtedly be raised again for owners of properties irrespective of location or risk, that is those not denied insurance altogether.

    Needless to say, the managers of Airstrip Five are largely responsible for the latest minor catastrophe by way of promoting construction where there should be none and ignoring experts who highlight the risk, and by promoting the burning of fossil fuels responsible for much of the overheating of the oceans that is causing much of the climate chaos we are now witnessing.

    Clearly, they [the maniacs in governments and bureaucracies] won’t stop until forced to stop by energy depletion and unravelling of Ponzi finance.

    We can only guess how much more damage they [the maniacs in governments and bureaucracies] will manage to orchestrate before it all collapses.

    Veracious Poet

    If we’re not going to fight them, can we quit obsessing on our humiliating shame at compliantly struggling to protect our comfortable civilized stations in a civilization built on slavery, greed, torture, and squanderous waste?

    We speak often of how brazen the socionarc elites stealing the show are. It’s as if they don’t care if we know that they’re trying to screw us over! Well, they probably mostly don’t, not necessarily cuz of narcissistic shortsightedness and irrational expression tendencies, but because they know how obligingly tolerant the vast majority are.

    The unvaxxed are so not fucked! Yea! Three cheers for the unvaxxed! It’s nice that we made it this far! Hooray for us! Let’s celebrate our survival rather than the tragic decimation of our population, eh?

    From 1993 through about 1996 I joined a group of Americans that were trying to wake up other Americans concerning the clear-and-present danger unfurling upon Us during the Clintoon Clown Show…

    Then one day, I surrendered to the reality that almost *NO ONE* in the U$ Empire had any interest in returning to a Democratic Republic under Natural Law, that the minuscule number of Patriots remaining had -0- effect on the overwhelming number of Democrats, Republicans, Progressive Liberals, Greenie, Libertarians, et al. that made up the *citizenry*, not even a vague hope.

    So, I began to no longer care, just prepare…

    One afternoon in 1999, all of the reporters in the press room (AP, Reuters, Bloomturd, Da Fraud St. Journal + the NY taboloid monkeys) gathered around the UPI reporter’s TV, shocked to watch the real-time vid on the Columbine tragedy that was unfolding.

    I stupidly opened my mouth & predicted that in the near future Law Enforcement (fka Keepers of the Peace) would soon transmogrify into a role of Human Control Officers, akin to Animal Control, that also at some point the Master Class would decide a culling would be overdue…

    Of course they all looked at me like I was wearing a tinfoil hat, but yet, Here We Are 😕

    Words use to have meaning, before humanity went social media gaga, now it appears that actions also mean little to nothing ~ There’s No Shame, Anything Goes…

    It’s been a wonderful life, be kind to those that are suffering 🙂


    P.S. Stay VERY far away from the oozing morass of Freaks On A Leash.


    Don’t panic. The Sleepy Camel has it all under control.


    Tasman Sea surface temperatures 6oC above normal: biggest rainfall event (quantity of water in a short period of time) in history.

    How could there possibly be a connection when there’s a Ponzi scheme to be kept Ponziing?


    Criminals and clowns defending failure and dysfunction.

    Veracious Poet


    Here’s the schoolboy criminal-clown, Crazy Chipmunk defending failure and dysfunction.


    Wow! What a shitshow. By my estimation there are three participants here who have exceptionally high intellect. Does not mean to me that their values, insights or predictions are exceptional. The are not John Day, jb-hb( or whatever the f his initials are) , the sick sad soul from New Zealand or DBS.

    Sad, sad sad

    D Benton Smith

    At last I know what you’re an antidote for.


    @Antidote – well, apologies. If you let me know any particular problems with my conduct or my takes on any subject, I have enough humility to take it in and mull it over at the very least. It wouldn’t NOT matter to me, even if we totally disagree on everything.

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