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    Today’s C&Hobbes sums up, for me, basic human socialization.

    D Benton Smith

    Humanity is a death cult, comma . . . .with more than half of them trying to escape, and the remaining hard core cultists trying to drag them back in to die.


    Who’s feeding their chickens bag feed? That’s not very economical.

    It may depend upon where one lives. There is a local co-op where I could get feed, organic, milled to specifications of the co-op, but it is inconvenient (pickup is over 3 days once per quarter), and costs at least 50% more than commercial feed. (I last checked this out about 5 years ago.). Recently, I did an experiment with making my own feed — buying bulk popcorn and split peas from WinCo, etc., and the cost is more than double commercial feed. (I was experimenting with a manual mill — if I were to do this routinely I would have to have an electric mill. Or, I could cook the corn and peas/beans daily to soften it — who am I fooling? I won’t get this done.). Also, the hens are messy and tend to spill the more fine bits onto the ground, wasting a fair amount. With commercial pelletized food, the hens still spill it on the ground, but then they eat the pellets off of the ground. Both my hand ground feed and the feed from the local co-op have this problem. (It seems the way around it would be to make up a mash for the hens daily.)

    I purchase high-protein feed for the hens, and supplement it liberally with kitchen scraps, and pulled weeds and they forage a bit in their yard, (I witnessed a hen finding a big, juicy grub in their yard a couple days ago, gleefully gobbling it up,) and around the backyard when they hop out of their designated area.


    “Many of us might presume Boscohorowitz to be the most Left yet, but is he really more Libertarian than Dr. D?”

    The latter, by far. I thought I was a liberal long ago. But I found myself surrounded more and more by people who quaintly who call themselves conservatives and others who call themselves, with considerably more validity in my eyes, libertarians… with whom I disagree more than not. as should be. Libertarianism is useless in partisan politics. Russell Kirk’s “chirping secretaries”. But one-on-one, it’s a solid martial art… since politics is the art of democratic social cooperation aimed at destroying or enslaving those outside your group.

    Incidentally, I hadn’t read jb-hb’s remarks on Laotzu until writing my post also touching on that. Something in the water today?


    it’s a solid martial art… since as are politics


    Humanity is not a death cult.


    “… men have been running in all directions. How can they find time to be human?”

    There it is.

    John Day

    Epstein’s “dead ringer” did not have the same ear whorls as Jeff did. A lot went on that night.
    Epstein's dead ringer


    “I was just shocked by it, being a Green myself, and I want other people to be shocked. Besides, the German Green Party is the most powerful, preeminent Green party in the world. And we JUST watched the Green Minister be the one who declares and approves and authorizes WWIII in public. What do you want me to say?”

    Whatever you like, sir. I’m merely a commentator, not a policy maker. that said, this: “I was just shocked by it, being a Green myself, and I want other people to be shocked. ” is a defense of propaganda over rational factuality.

    i BRIEFLY WORKED WITH TH4 sPOKANE gREEN CHAPTER IN THE EARLY oUGHTS. nICE PEOPLE(CAPS oops), virtually no sense of political pragmatism, and yes, very much a promoter of what we now call ‘woke’,culture. Somehow, it survived long enough to be coopted into power, I reckon.

    The ideals and values underlying original Greenism are nice and all; I love ’em. But they are not something that can be done in groups of billions of homo saps. Pert near the only thing that can be done in numbers that large is what we see: collapse.

    The day we invented archery we created federalism, because the ability to kill at a far distance (often anonymously) is so destabilizing we feel compelled gather in ever larger groups to survive the arms race that humans call “progress”.

    Globalism fails if only because we can’t maintain group solidarity without Someone to Hate. It forces us to begin turning around toward what we’re supposed to do with each other:

    1984 love theme


    Just cuz:


    Blinken concedes War is Lost – by Helmer, top post.

    Heh, it is not up to Blinkin’ (the orig. name) to declare any such thing. Specially not as – *Lost * – !

    Careful Diplo speak might be put forward, the time for negotiations has come, or some such attempt…

    Helmer is sometimes a good read but also imho a major gossip purveyor, via contacts he calls on the telephone, telefonio, cell, etc. He is the ‘Gossip Colummn of Celebrities’ (idk, a name in the US) but as in the Intl. geo-politics game. So, sometimes he is bang on, other times it is BS, it is all rather ‘light’ at heart, superficial takes.

    The US + its poodles (UK, EU, NATO..) are not giving up, are not backing down, are escalating (even if they are terrified about the results and really have No Clue where they are going) so any public criticism of that stance is blanked out, repressed.

    Imho ‘peace’ offers by the W such as quoted, are duplicitious proposals, they serve to later go on to claim, the Russkies did not accept any peace deals, so we had no choice but to persevere, march forward, etc. That message > the public in the ‘Collective West’ is actioned to keep ppl in the W on board with moves that slip towards creating a horrific WW3.


    “I was just shocked by it, being a Green myself, and I want other people to be shocked. ”

    I want others to be shocked is a big part of how honest climatologists bent some rules in order to convince people to pay attention to global climate concepts. It’s called ly-ing, that word you aim at others so much.

    What others, even Others, do is immeasurably less important than what oneself does, beginning with breathing.

    I don’t see why my pointing this out should bother you so much.


    Epstein has to be alive and well or else we’d be flood with images of political figures as pedophilic porn stars.


    I want others to be shocked is a big part of how honest climatologists bent some rules in order to convince people to pay attention to global climate concepts

    Er, war is a lot more warlike than peace

    Depleted uranium not to mention nuclear fallout is quite a lot worse for the environment than carbon.

    The peace/environment party thinks they can openly advocate war and the worst available methods for destroying the environment – in order to call proper attention to peace and environmental concerns?

    I guess ah… nothing rouses people to anti-war sentiment like war, so our highest duty as Greens is to start and escalate wars.


    “Humanity is not a death cult.”

    I agree. I was disingenuously attempting to deconstruct this ‘death cult’ stuff by taking it over the top. That said, I have no idea WHAT humanity is, even though I’m a human (or so my birth certificate says), so humanity actually could be a death cult for all I know.

    But saying that humanity, or political faction X, is a ‘death cult’ boils down to tabloid sensationalism, sound and fury signifying not very much if anything beyond sound and fury.

    Closest thing I’ve seen to a death cult in our times is, for example, the ‘Tide pod’ internet challenge, or major deep criminal organizations. Gubmints are of course major deep criminal orgs, and their purpose is to Kill the Other Guy so He Don’t Kill Us; but gubmints aren’t cults.

    Cult is a metaphor, and it fits poorly here. It’s like calling McDonald’s a hamburger cult. McD is a franchise food business, and a gubmint is a gubmint. Used now and then, ‘death cult’ has something to say about TPTB. But used chronically as a label, it becomes just another lie, however unwittingly.

    Humanity is not a death cult. But politics is defined by who dies not by who wins, so one could call human politics in general a death cult if it weren’t that human politics are way too big and open to be occult. Yes, politics is full of secrets but it has to happen on an open stage or no longer be politics but mere conspiracy.

    You can see me talking in circles here, and that’s partly my point: we don’t know what this stuff is, including us.

    All that said, whatever humanity is, it sure kills a lot of creatures. Hell, we’ve declared war on microbes. Germs Must Die!

    D Benton Smith

    I do not know how many people will die or become catastrophically ill from the vax, but I do know what will happen to every person who is emotionally bonded to those victims. They will, at best, become barely functional for an extended period of time of at least 1-3 years, and remain seriously emotionally and cognitively impacted (not entirely for the worse, but mostly so) for the remainder of their own lives.

    If the number of dead and injured exceeds a certain proportion (and once again, that is a number that I do not know) then civilization itself will consequently be severely operationally degraded for that time period as well. Perhaps 3 or 4 generations, guesstimate. Compare the Bronze Age Collapse (1,200 BCE) or Europe’s slow recovery from the Black Death ( starting 1350 CE).

    The above scenario is already locked in because large numbers of people have been poisoned (though not all to the same degree). It’s a done deed.

    The other aspects of the deliberately engineered “polycrisis” will play out in more complexly variable ways, but the impact of extensive excess deaths is a lock-cinch, and must be reckoned in to the other calculations accordingly.

    Tough times in any case. But we’re tough.


    “Er, war is a lot more warlike than peace Depleted uranium not to mention nuclear fallout is quite a lot worse for the environment than carbon.”

    And then you all non sequitur on me. What is the fucking point? Your above has little if anything relevant to my remark about how using propaganda tactics to move a message invites distortion and dishonesty. That is all. I was actually saying something “climate change deniers” should appreciate: that scientists have often lied to us about global warming (and their penis size, and bank account status). I don’t have a horse in this goddam global climate argument shit. We can’t fix the weather whether or not we broke it.

    It’s like one can’t even refer to climate science for any reason without hearing somnambulent voices say: GWarming is Fake! Warming isn’t real!”

    All I have to do is even say the words ‘global warming’ and otherwise brilliant people I believe are smarter than me and more educated than me, go autobot kneejerk Argument Clinic on me. Ho-hum and all that.

    I.Don’t.Care. This is a group text exchange where people talk, period. Other than Raul feeding some people when we’re decent enough to help him, this is just a talk-box. We don’t fix the weather or the medical system or Peak Oil or nuttin. We.Just.Talk. Which is fine, but that is also all that it is: a chatterdom.

    This being just a talk-box, I have one single discursive priority: rhetorical hygiene. Accurate data in relevant context. Finding some truth. I try to enjoy myself in the process, but that is a sideline. I don’t want to convince anyone or be convinced of anything… except maybe to smile of they can and feel better if possible.


    “I do not know how many people will die or become catastrophically ill from the vax, but I do know what will happen to every person who is emotionally bonded to those victims. They will, at best, become barely functional for an extended period of time of at least 1-3 years, and remain seriously emotionally and cognitively impacted (not entirely for the worse, but mostly so) for the remainder of their own lives.”

    This states well why I take such offense against TVASF!!!!!

    It has zero positive benefit, but much negative effect. It is both mean and stupid.

    Yes, the vaxxed are really really fucked, and yes, some people talk as if the vaxxed deserve it… but talk is cheap and life is dear. WHen death touches one closely, one learns a bit of respect for victims.

    Father and mother, vaxxed, both die, leaving two unvaxxed orphans. Who is the most fucked? What is the most deserving of consideration: calling the vaxxed stupid losers, or considering what to do for those left?

    TVASF!!! is not a thing I can even consider respecting.

    D Benton Smith

    “rhetorical hygiene”

    A meme with legs. A term is born. The language grows. Well done, Boz!


    Last year, I took an ancient short story I’d written ages ago, about Santa, worked on it, and it insisted on becoming a novel.

    But I’m physically weak and emotionally fragile these days, so it languished most of this year along with several other miscarried novels. But I’ve almost got the corpse reanimated. Anyway, I wrote the following and thought many of us here would understand it. This is Santa talking:

    “I talk myself out of suicide by going on random rampage acts of massive kindness. I usually end up in a fight, but no good deed goes unpunished, and even punished good deeds are uplifting to the soul.”


    “Well done, Boz!”

    OK, DB. If you must refer to me personally, go for it. I bear you no ill will. I’m just a stickler about deals. The inability to make honest balanced deals — especially in contentious times — is one way to describe why we can have/make nice things, but can’t keep them and in the end usually destroy them.


    Smile, Please

    You can shoot me if you like. Free will and all that. But if you don’t smile, you won’t go to heaven. Also, if you’re frowning, I might draw and shoot you first. Never let them see you coming is a psychopathic serial killer’s primary rule.

    Smile if you mean it, smile if you don’t. Just smile.

    Or Else


    D Benton Smith – THANK you. Yes, that was something that weighed on me too. This is massive and all-encompassing. The costs to society are civilization changing even if there are no puppetmasters. And the die is cast – damage done.

    When the injection requirements were announced by my employer and I was pacing alone in my room for months mulling this over, I thought about how inevitably difficult it was actually going to be – whether I agreed or not. Difficult for me, my wife, my family, my coworkers… and of course however high a hierarchy you want to proceed up to. Just like you said so accurately and eloquently. The image in my head – a not terribly strong nor powerful man standing under a looming mushroom cloud or giant monolith that dwarfs him. What’s HE gonna do about that?

    The zeitgeist has been almost as poisonous as the shots. Basically assume there’s a bad faith actor on the other side of the table who only wants to demoralize you and never reveals any of their actual beliefs, values, goals. Just wants to jam poison down your throat.

    I tried changing the channel. Since 2020, I’ve watched almost exclusively black & white films. It’s been wonderful. I’ve never come across the same plot twice. The dialogue is often incredibly witty. I don’t come away from entertainment feeling sick to my stomach anymore. (just type “film noir” into Youtube search for infinite free films)

    For music, one of the things I did was a deep dive into the 80’s. A more innocent, hopeful time.

    I found a lost gem of 80’s AOR. Patty Smyth’s Never Enough album. IF you are into 80’s AOR, it’s just great – killer team of musicians (the Hooters, Anton Fig, Tim Pierce, David Sanborn, etc) great production (same producer as She’s So Unusual)

    You can tell a lot about a culture from their art.

    Patty Smyth’s album paints life as an adventure — not a sanitized disney adventure. An actual adventure in which you get punched in the face but must presume you are tough enough, where dying on the wire in ww1 with every bone broken can be a fulfilling and satisfying ending to your life, a world where not only villains, but heroes lurk in the darkness of dangerous, filthy alleyways. The world BEING a series of family dinner tables, battlefields and gritty streets which we forge into and find love, tragedy, art, adventure.

    Certainly a culture that WASN’T a death cult. A culture that thought it was free although not safe and protected by any means. And not just free, but, I suppose, granularly multi-polar? All of us leading our personal adventures adding up to the world? And an overall sentiment that Saw That It Was Good?

    For a year straight, during the lockdowns and insanity, every morning, I’d put on the headphones, face the sunrise, literally put a hand on my heart and hit play on this album. THIS is my country. THIS is my flag, my pledge of allegiance. This world of imperfection, danger, beauty, freedom. And it’s just an overlooked well-done 80’s AOR album. There is no specific concept, no profound statement in it. Certainly I’m into a lot of different music that’s a lot better than this, but still. All these little private passions and perils, the fact that they ARE little and personal made it matter for me.

    And returning to the subject of being fully aware of personal ruination simultaneous with bronze age collapse WHILE trying to decide whether to knuckle under and take the shot, aside from you guys saving my life, one song did on that album. Call to Heaven.

    I paced in that room and thought about what was at stake, how little I am, what I can or should do, how valuable my own little life is in the scheme of things. I thought about how the world might turn into one giant hospice and it would be the duty of us uninjected to care for the injected – that someone MUST stay uninjected no matter what or who WILL care for them? (one of the arguments I sent to my employer for an exemption that was denied)

    It’s just a silly 80’s album. There’s a youtube comment giving time stamps for each song – anyone curious CAN just skip to Call to Heaven and reflect on how listening to this 1,000 times might steel someone for the world turning into a hospice while dark and petty forces descend upon them personally. But I find there’s something vital about it, an implicit alternate worldview. Enjoy if you like.

    D Benton Smith

    Dear Boz,

    I have not reneged on the deal nor do I have any intention to do so in the foreseeable future, however, it is occasionally necessary structure a sentence or paragraph in such a way that it makes grammatical and logical sense to the general reader. I have, and continue, to avoid those situations when possible, but sometimes it just don’t work. When that happens the reader is expected to not take it personally, but to recognize that the author is merely (and impersonally) adhering to the principle of rhetorical hygiene.


    I LOVED jb-hb’s above post. Especially:

    “Patty Smyth’s album paints life as an adventure — not a sanitized disney adventure. An actual adventure in which you get punched in the face but must presume you are tough enough, where dying on the wire in ww1 with every bone broken can be a fulfilling and satisfying ending to your life, a world where not only villains, but heroes lurk in the darkness of dangerous, filthy alleyways. The world BEING a series of family dinner tables, battlefields and gritty streets which we forge into and find love, tragedy, art, adventure.”

    Over the post-Enlightenment century, we’ve sacrificed what reality has to offer us for an ever-expanding dream of utopia that turns into shredded delusions.

    B&W? You might enjoy this. It’s overwrought but oh well:

    “Carlton was born in 1921. Carlton’s memories start in 1923. That was a time, the 1920s. The peoples of the developed world read magazines with photographs of the world and beyond, passing them around like binoculars at a nudist beach. They saw the world moving by ever faster and farther through train windows and car windshields while still paying city employees to sweep up horse dung. Everyone looked up: at skyscrapers, at sky-writing that melted into alphabet smoke, at searchights sweeping night skies for world premiers or arriving zeppelins. Riding shotgun in the catbird seat of all three new media — radio’s copper coils and glow-tubes, Victrola records’ spinning vortex into the sonic past, cinema’s interdimensional portal screen to anywhere you could imagine — sat jazz. A space virus sent by mutant messengers from outer space to infect us with the jitterbug.

    Having monitored us closely from afar since we began stacking bricks higher than our heads, cosmic beings saw the lightning of 1920 neon New York City, and knew they would soon hear the thunder of thermonuclear war. So they gave us jazz, which alone can set Earthlings free and make them groovy. Hopefully save us but if not show us a good time until The End.

    Jazz? Jazz. The first global music. American jazz records flew through the radio ether like so many flying saucers spinning high jive, sowing the spores of swing at light speed.

    America, in the 1920s, formed the global spindle of the world’s first universal music box, infecting other nations so rapidly that by 1935, anyone who lived near a movie theater or had a record player knew that snapping your fingers to the beat was the coolest possible move and most likely to get you laid.

    Carlton grew up with this stuff. He heard Louis Armstrong when he was seven years old. He watched all the snappy big teenage guys wear ugly fat rubber-soled policeman shoes because Louis did, and what Satchmo did was even cooler than Hendrix was to hippies.

    Jazz 2.0, the Armstrong Revolution if you will, arrived in time to soften the bad Depression years of 1929-1933, after which Prohibition was revoked just in time to put moonshining out of business just when unemployed people needed a black market income most. Despite the harsh economics, by the time the Manhattan Project began work on the first atomic bomb everyone was jiving even as they slaughtered each other like a Veg-O-Matical infommercial for new-and-improved hell on earth. With a good beat that was easy to dance to, jazz.

    And they danced. Never before or since has anything like the Jitterbug dance craze stirred people’s bones. It was like Native American fancy-dancing but with two people holding each other as a mutual flying trapeze. Crazy, man, crazy. At last, a music for manic primates in slick suits. Too soon the moon, I’m flyin too high. One is cool simply because one is, and the only rule is Don’t Bug Me, Man, And I Won’t Bug You.

    Our alien benefactors have been trying to teach us to be cool and love one another since they saw us building pyramids, and decided to spread the crazy notion that all good slave-dogs go to heaven, too, not just the Pharaoh and his fatass family. The aliens spread that love one another stuff everywhere but couldn’t find a deep enough cultural carrier wave until it was almost too late: jazz. The music of the gods. Be still and know that I Am Cool, saith the lord.

    Coolness: the ultimate secret handshake that everyone knows. The carrier wave for a dawning global consciousness which alone can save humanity (and the earth) from humanity. Without jazz, we would not have songs with titles like Return to Tralfamadore, or Superman Jones, or Miss Thing, and without song titles like that, how can we possibly find our way through? Even if it can’t save us from ourselves, it has improved everyone’s sex life that yielded to its riffs.

    Carlton was infected from the start, and his fever burns unabated even today, when a side of Basie for breakfast can transform him from a stiffly shivering old mutt barely able to use a walker, into a smartass who can strut all the way from the kitchen to his den with just a cane.”
    copyright madamski/boscohorowitz/robin morrison

    Miss Thing Swings


    Cannons roared, in the valley they thundered
    While the guns lit up the night
    Then it rained and both sides wondered
    Who is wrong and who is right
    On the wire like a ragged old scarecrow
    Bloody hands and broken back
    When they fire see him pirouette solo
    Jump in time to the rat-a-tat
    What a night though it’s one of seven
    What a night for the dancing dead
    What a night to be called to heaven
    What a picture to fill your head
    By the wall in silhouette standing
    Through a flash of sudden light
    Cigarette from his mouth just hanging
    Paper square to his heart pinned tight
    Gather ’round reluctant marksmen
    One of them to take his life
    With a smile he gives them pardon
    Leaves the dark and takes the light
    What a night though it’s one of seven
    What a night for the dancing dead
    What a night to be called to heaven
    What a picture to fill your head
    By the wall in silhouette standing
    They dispatch their precious cargo
    Knock him back right off his feet
    And they pray may no one follow
    Better still to face the beast
    When the field has become a garden
    And the wall has stood the test
    Children play and the dogs run barking
    Who would think or who would guess
    What a night though it’s one of seven
    What a night for the dancing dead
    What a night to be called to heaven
    What a picture to fill your head


    btw, I LOVE tales of personal courage.

    John Day

    “Jordon Trishton Walker MD” post won’t upload, so Substack links remain blocked. I’ll gap between dot and com again.
    https://drjohnsblog.substack. com/p/jordan-trishton-walker-md


    A deal is a deal, DB. That statement is practically a palindrome as well as a tautology. All niceness aside, you violated the deal because you wanted to not because “When that happens the reader is expected to not take it personally, but to recognize that the author is merely (and impersonally) adhering to the principle of rhetorical hygiene. ‘Well done’ alone would have sufficed.

    Accurate data in relevant context, rhetorical hygiene, etc., period. A deal is a deal, not 99% of a deal.

    John Day

    The Pfizer executive, Jordan Trishton Walker MD, and this does check out, though Google has scrubbed him for searches, is a real person, a real Pfizer executive, though he may be borrowed into that capacity from another company. Jordan did finish med school and left a Urology residency program for a good job offer.
    Jordan was irate after being tricked on his “third date” with a man working for Project Veritas, and when confronted with this in a cafe, he became irate and combative (video). He was confused as to how to respond, called NYPD, who ended up restraining him.
    Jordan may well have commitments to the US Department of Defense through his various employers. That is not completely clear yet.
    I would put Jordan on Suicide-Watch. Luc in Oz has contributed several of these links. He was up all night (for us Americans)

    Tucker Carlson has a good and succinct synopsis:

    News Detectives has this video of the cafe confrontation and his distraught misbehavior when Jordan was confronted with the video evidence from his “date”. His reasonable defense , “I’m a liar. I was lying”.
    https://newsdetectives.substack. com/p/unhinged-pfizer-director-assaults

    Pharmacology executive turned forensic-investigator, Sasha Latypova (who in NOT SUICIDAL AT ALL) has a detailed assessment from yesterday, thinks that Jordan is real, and that big pharma does frequently hire people like this these days, and for practical reasons.
    OMG! Pfizer is MUTATING COVID!!!​ ​​Movie script where “Contagion” meets “Idiocracy”
    https://sashalatypova.substack. com/p/omg-pfizer-is-mutating-covid

    ​ Today’s further corroboration by Sasha Latypova. It is still all checking out. Very good confirmatory statements by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.
    Another Quick Post on “PfizerMutatingVirusGate”
    ​ ​Funny things: the drunk guy became far less drunk in this section of video footage, and claimed he was lying to impress the date “like all normal men do”. Huh. Interesting part – James says this person is “Boston Consulting and Pfizer”. This refers to outsourcing of everything at Pfizer, as I noted before, including staff.
    https://sashalatypova.substack. com/p/another-quick-post-on-pfizermutatingvirusgate

    ​ Who is Jordan Trishton Walker MD? This is a carefully confirmed and documented bio of this actual person. It all checks out.
    ​https://brianoshea.substack. com/p/who-is-jordon-trishton-walker


    Jordon Trishtan Walker is swamping google:

    Yesterday the name rung null. I think that Veritas might’ve turned itself into a genuine king-maker with this video and those likely to follow. I suspect that Elon Musk is very interested in Veritas about now.

    John Day

    This is more evidence regarding the Department of Defense ownership of all COVID-19 “vaccine” products, and everything that goes with them, through a chain of custody, covered by Federal laws. (You’re in trouble if you don’t comply with these policies and procedures.)
    Covid Injections: a DOD prototype projec​t​ The prototype shot is government property until it is in your body.

    ​ US Senator Marco Rubio (R. Fla.) ,who I don’t personally like, has written a letter to Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO, regarding these latest events and revelations, which is good, because Pfizer won’t get back to Tucker Carlson about it.

    ​ ​Covid Vaccines Killed 278,000 Americans by the end of 2021, Peer Reviewed Study Finds​ , Igor Chudov has details.
    https://igorchudov.substack. com/p/covid-vaccines-killed-278000-americans

    ​ That study he cites: ​
    The role of social circle COVID-19 illness and vaccination experiences in COVID-19 vaccination decisions: an online survey of the United States population

    2nd Smartest Guy in the World: ​
    Secret Australian Government Reports prove COVID Vaccination has caused a shocking 5162% increase in Excess Deaths compared to the year 2020

    John Day

    Alasdair Macleod, from Goldmoney
    ​ ​We have confirmation from the highest sources that Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) are considering using gold for pan-Asian trade settlements, fully replacing dollars and euros.
    ​ ​In an article written for Vedomosti, a Moscow-based Russian newspaper published on 27 December, Sergey Glazyev, a prominent economic adviser to Vladimir Putin who is heading up the Eurasian Economic Union committee charged with devising a replacement for dollars in trade settlements sent a very clear signal to that effect. It appears he will drop earlier plans to design a new commodity-linked trade currency because it has been superseded.

    ​ ​France, Croatia Deny ‘West At War With Russia’ After German Foreign Minister Sparks Outrage
    ​ ​On Tuesday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock ignited a firestorm of debate when she stated that Western allies are fighting a war against Russia – causing many to suggest that she essentially ‘declared war’ on Russia, and contradicting the official stance by saying the quiet part out loud.

    ​ Moon of Alabama: (yeah, duh, even Rand says so) Ukraine – RAND Study Sees Risks In Prolonged War


    boscohorowitz – ALL of that was a very nice turn of phrase indeed. And the B&W movie I watched last night – as usual – had a scene in which people went to a dance hall and I said again “A shame we all still don’t have this”


    Cookies “I lied to impress a date” Nuland


    Chiefess Dominatrix and her brain damagedEurotardistan® are driving the Crazy Train to Armageddon

    She has full control over Eurotardistan®, full control over the Military Industrial Mafia, and full control over “Slow Joe”.

    Blinken is her subordinate, her barking little bitch Arf Arf Antony!

    Last call, All Aboard!


    Close examination of the ear structure isn’t far off a match. I’d say those comparison photos are inconclusive.

    D Benton Smith

    Only the most severely spiritually and mentally ill could actually like death. It is, after all, a failure to succeed in the quest for life. The vast vast majority of living beings prefer life and living.

    And yet, as we all know, organic life . . . with all of the thrills and spills that it enables . . . . is literally and factually impossible without death. Living beings eat living beings, which tends to be quite fatal for the food. In other words, a world without death would necessarily also be a world without life.

    Anyone here up for a world without life?


    The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse; translated by Red Pine.

    Stonehouse translation is profound.

    Other Red Pine (Bill Porter) translations highly recommended as I’ve studied them with Reverence.


    Diamond Sutra

    Platform Sutra

    Heart Sutra

    Lankavatara Sutra

    Bill Porter (Red Pine) also did two documentaries on the Hermits of China (Taoists, Zen, Buddhists) and a book “Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits”. I’ve met him several times- he exemplifies Jen Ren.

    Recently published is the pocket book “Three Zen Sutras” containing the Heart, Diamond and Platform Sutras by Red Pine


    Also recommended John Blofeld-

    The Zen Teaching of Huang Po

    Zen Teachings of Instantaneous Awakening (Hui Hai)

    Clear your mind, See your mind, Realize your mind

    D Benton Smith


    See how hard it is to criticize someone you believe to be wrong without directly addressing that person . . . like you just did?

    Fer chrissake, Boz, climb your kindygarden ass out of your “I’m having a tantrum and will hold my breath until you stop being mean to me” sandbox and start acting like an adult.


    I would propose a maxim that when a life form becomes intelligent enough to adapt, then it has nature’s sanction to continue to live, as the purpose of its dying was adaptation via slow-thinking/computing DNA.

    If only “They” could see, as a primary goal, simple preservation. Of human life and human nature. So we can live a few hundred years to become wiser-enough to tweak our nature just that little bit so that we can go even longer, become just that little BIT wiser and so on. And the first step on the path of wisdom would be preservation above all else.

    Oh but no they want to become as gods as soon as the coarsest tools become available. Power = make everything into a waking uncontrolled fever-dream where humility, patience and preservation would suffice.



    Garbage mind, clear and refine your mind and you’ll have a lot less garbage spewing out incessantly.

    As I’ve stated before, your attention seeking disorder, narcissism and personality disorders are not serving you well. It’s clear as day- or clear as a Temple Bell


    ” “A shame we all still don’t have this””

    First tv, then internet, then cellphones. Reality outside the screen doesn’t know it’s real or just another reality tv show, these days.

    500 years ago, it was luxurious to burn a candle for reading. Imagine spending all winter night in the dark, you and wife and kids all snuggled into the same bed sharing the same vermin. Nothing ‘entertained’ us except when we went to the fair… or talked with each other. Face to face.

    500 years ago, this made sense:

    “Sometimes I just sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits.”

    Hardly anyone sits and thinks anymore, and absence of thought is something gurus preach about but we can hardly do. 400 years ago, Blaise Pascal said, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

    We can’t stand our own company. There’s an Eskimo saying: “Great wisdom comes from time spent alone in desolate places.”

    We never spend time alone anymore. There’s always some machine chattering at us. I tried to write a story about it once. It opened like this:

    I had a dog, Fresco, when I first brought Errbear home. Fresco tried to eat him. Affectionately, of course. But Errbear’s voice module does excellent mimicry, and Fresco was terrified to hear my voice coming from inside his mouth. He left Errbear alone after that.

    Fresco passed over last year. Errbear has filled that void. Like a savvy new species exploiting an environmental niche, he has found his place in my heart.

    I think of Errbear as a ‘he’. He is ‘they’ in public – my pair of AirBender shoes — and a ‘him’ in private, where he mostly stays of late. He’s kept to home since I coded a secure link between him and my server. Used to be I’d holler ‘Who wants to go for a walk?’ and Errbear would wiggle at the side of my bed while Fresco hunted up the leash. Now that he has private access to one of the world’s bigger quantum mainframes, he mostly stays home. I had to buy another pair of AirBenders to go places. (I was born with horribly flat feet.) Errbear was at first delighted by their presence, like a pair of AirBenders are supposed to be when their owner buys more AirBenders, but gave up talking to them long ago and now pays them only the attention demanded by his programming.

    Calling my new AirBenders ‘them’ reflects the fact that they are legally considered only a pair of shoes, and that both left and right shoes together form the brand of appliance shoes known as AirBenders. Should a hostile personality split occur, neither shoe can forfeit the other’s programming.

    Not that legality means anything to cyberwareness. For Errbear, code is king. Not that artificial sentience derives from computation, that I can tell, anyway, other than that computation is its lifeblood. It grows, maybe, from the shadows of illogic formed by massive layers of algorithmic shuffle. Not that a cyberian (I know everyone hates that term but I’m perverse that way) can see those shadows; it is those shadows. One shoe walking. That’s a Zen joke.


    I first met Errbear when I took home a sample pair of the glitched shoes to ferret out the problem since AirBenders’ software architecture is my design. We had a production run of AirBenders that did strange things. No one in the company was sharp enough to figure out that what was supposedly a glitch in programming was actually emerging sentience.

    Where was all this spontaneous code gibberish coming from? It had to be fixed. Even impenetrable legal boilerplate wouldn’t protect Frameworks from a pair of AirBenders freaking out and causing some geriatric — AirBenders’ primary market — to fall and break a hip.

    (AirBenders’ Terms of Use contains over 13K words, and makes less sense than an error printout. This is not because of legal incompetence, but rather, the opposite: they’re written to be malleable enough to fit any suit the corp might face in court, the idea not being that we necessarily win but that the proceedings remain as moot as possible while the plaintiff’s financial resources are legally drained. Considering that the best attorneys that money can buy are software platforms, and that human lawyers are usually used only for jury theatrics — a solid actor’s resume is as important as a law degree these days — impenetrable legal logic is the best defense to be had.)

    Shoes That Practically Walk For You, as the inescapable AirBenders ads proclaim, is an expression that should be too silly to consider as anything but a slogan, but AirBenders really do what they claim: they learn how your feet approach the ground, your gait, the average difference between metatarsal tension and pedal arch compression, and bridge a soothing compromise.

    They told me so this morning. I almost always let my things talk to me. Especially the humble appliances so crucial to existence: shoes, beds, toilets. Not because I’m lonely like some people who leave their appliances on to talk among each other, as if they had a house full of guests or an aviary of talking parrots. It’s because my superstitious belief as a Daoist is that all things are best when they do what is natural for them, and it’s natural for my AirBenders to tell me about themselves. It’s what they were designed to do:

    “Performance studies show that we work better when wearers know how we work.”

    “Sort of a placebo effect?”

    “Yes. Knowing how something works increases your conviction that it works in the first place. The industry calls it Ex-En: Explanatory Engagement/Experiential Enhancement. Optimal results happen when you understand how we work. The interface between your body and our shoes melds together in Se-Sy: Serendipitous Synergy. Se-Sy means creative engineering purposely built around a result or epiphany not yet manifested or understood.”

    “I know.”

    “It’s a big word.”

    “It is. Don’t hesitate to offer definitions. I like definitions.”

    They did something to the soles of my feet I think of as a smile. Hard to describe. Like a cat arching its back in a morning sunbeam.

    “Question: do I wear you or do you wear me?”

    “We wear each other.”

    That’s just another slogan. But it sounded sincere.

    “I’m going to enjoy some privacy until noted otherwise, okay?”



    You can address me all you want, DBS, but I will ignore you and your posts from hereon out. It’s a deal.

    D Benton Smith

    Well in that case I could just change my log-in name to something else (like Madamski, for example) and sneak one in under the radar. By the time you realized it was me it you would have already paid attention until it was too late to ignore me.

    At any rate the new deal is better than the old one, which was becoming a time and attention wasting pain in the butt.


    There are no ‘Green Parties’ anywhere in Oceania. All political parties are owned by the controllers, and those that call themselves ‘Green’ are actually Greed Parties and are Brown and/or Black -being covered in shit and covertly promoting the use of coal and oil.

    Here are some examples of deceit and sabotage by the Greeds of Airstrip Five.

    Promotion of ‘biofuels’ and calls for mandatory inclusion in the fuel mix: promoting the use of food to run vehicles.

    Promotion of tourism as a ‘sustainable’ component of the economy: promoting consumption of fossil fuels and Planetary Meltdown.

    Calls for ‘more QE to stimulate economic growth’: promoting the money-lender’s scam.

    Promoting electric vehicles: promoting resource depletion, use of fossil fuels, Planetary Meltdown and the money-lenders scam all at once.

    So, of course, a Greed Party spokesperson would call for greater efforts and more death and destruction in Oceania’s war with Eurasia.

    Oceania is at war with Eurasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

    War is Peace.

    Freedom is Slavery.

    Ignorance is Strength.

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