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    Alfred Palmer New B-25 bomber at Kansas City plant of North American Aviation 1942   • America Just Took Out The World’s No. 1 Bad Guy (CNBC) • U
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    V. Arnold

    The U.S. has taken out so many #1 bad guys, the world should be full of unicorns and pretty pink pony’s…
    Usians are delusional beyond all iterations of myriad realities extant; lala land would not even suffice; only an opium smoked reality would come close…
    …and only fatal doses would be enough…
    Oh wait; the opioid epidemic…

    V. Arnold

    Alfred Palmer New B-25 bomber at Kansas City plant of North American Aviation 1942

    That’s not art; just the surreal staring back at us…

    John Day

    General Suleimani was Obi Wan Kenobi. This is different.

    Professor Anthony Hall has an article about Israeli torture of Palestinian prisoners of all ages, most often detained indefinitely without charges or trial or any particular rights. Israel is the illegal military occupying power of the world which these rightful citizens inhabit. No Israeli guard/interrogator has ever been charged with wrongdoing.
    ​ ​One example is Mahmoud Zakarner, 19, from Kabatya village. Mahmoud had his testicles smashed in front of his uncle in an effort to force his uncle to provide the names of those who participated in the killing of a collaborator in February 1988. Mahmoud is now paralyzed and unable to speak as a result…
    ​ ​The misrepresentation of 9/11 was used to infuse into US military policy the Israeli embrace of the strategy of so-called “pre-emptive war.” This policy of hitting targets immediately on the suspicion that combatants may be preparing attacks has oozed into many aspects of public policy. One of the casualties of the shift has been the legal presumption of innocence until guilt is proven. The sharp increase in rates of arbitrary detention followed by frequent rounds of torture of Palestinians provides a classic example of post-9/11 practice in Israel.​..
    ​ ​How much is torture used these days to draw from victims desired explanations to give the appearance of evidence for concocted narratives? The Global War on Terror originates in a concocted narrative supported with supposed evidence obtained through illegal torture. The ongoing Global War on Terror continues to require a steady stream of concocted narratives to give a steady stream of deceptions some resemblance to truth. Since torture victims can be terrorized into saying almost anything in order to make the pain stop, torture victims can easily be pressured to produce the false narratives needed to keep culprits in power.​..
    ​ Why is it that whenever and wherever torture is taking place, whether it be in Latin America, Abu Ghraib or the Balkans, Israeli individuals tend to have some involvement as protagonists. In the post-9/11 world the governments and companies of Israel have marketed themselves as leading practitioners of anti-terrorism, counter-terrorism. This claim is often justified by pointing to the Israeli experience of repressing the Palestinians​..​.
    ​ ​When the people of France discovered in the 1950s that torture was being inflicted by French soldiers on Algerian foes, the uproar was such that France itself was plunged into a chaotic state approaching the severity of civil war. So far the travesty of proliferating torture in our times, including in Israel and the USA, has yet to arouse the level of popular opposition it deserves. Of this crime against humanity Yara Hawari has written, “torture requires the total dehumanization of the person, and once that occurs the boundaries of degradation are limitless.”

    ​ ​A United Nations official says the U.S. is torturing Chelsea Manning with detention, in a letter to the U.S. government released Tuesday.
    ​ ​Nils Melzer, the U.N. special rapporteur on torture, accused the U.S. of torture by holding Manning in “civil contempt” of court for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury, in a letter sent in November.
    ​ ​Melzer says in the letter that the former Army intelligence analyst is being subjected to “an open-ended, progressively severe measure of coercion fulfilling all the constitutive elements of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

    Dr. D

    Ugh, worst ever. “Bad guy” just means he was a fantastic general who was effective and not corrupt in the service of his country. Can’t let a guy who put the whole U.S. to rout in a war-crimes war in Syria on behalf of the violent, genocidal Saudis get away.

    Any one on any side want to tell me what we’re doing there? This is what happens when you’re put in and run by the Marine generals: they do what military people want and think the way military people think, not what home-town civilian people think, want, expect, and vote for under civilian government. …Which also tells you who’s running things, looking at you, MICC.

    But of course, applause all around.

    So will this overshadow Turkey saying they’re going to attack and invade Libya to help the (fake) U.N. government there? Or Libya saying, “So it’s like that, is it?” and bombing all the Turkish things they can find. These guys will never be happy until they get some American cities nuked. Then it’ll be, “We’re but little angels, what’d we ever do to anybody?” …You know, other than kill 6 million people over 20 years and assassinate every leader and whistleblower we can find with the full consent and approval of basically everyone.

    What the Fed Did to Calm Year-End Hissy-Fit of its Crybaby Cronies (WS)

    Since everyone loves corruption more than air and pay good money for more of it every day, what they did was far more simple: As year-end arrived, rather than hand out money to his pals that you can see and track, Mnuchin just told the banking system, “Hey, we understand all your vaults are just STACKED with U.S. $100 bills. Trillions and trillions. Why don’t you record those trillions as assets to square your books?”

    Why indeed? Because it’s not theirs? Because it’s never been done? Because that money isn’t audited, isn’t there, and most probably doesn’t exist? Because it’s overseas and therefore there is under different rules and no audit? Oh let me count the ways. What does the financial system, congress, and every investor say? “Sniff: looks good to me! I don’t see any bank weakness or corruption I should flee from, far as the eye can see! Gold star old chum!

    Corruption so bad it almost matches the fantasy-pricing going on in crypto. But if everyone on earth, the entire market, loves and applauds corruption, I can’t save them. Things cannot right unless at least you WANT them to be real, true, and right. They don’t. Any more than they want to stop killing any person from any nation on the planet, any time they feel like, with no process at all.

    Sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Are we the baddies here?”

    “…the western powers are now busily attacking the Iraqi Shia majority government they themselves installed, for the crime of being a Shia majority government.”

    Pretty much. Wot I said. Democracy!

    The lesson they have learnt is not that it is wrong to attack and destroy an entire country on the basis of lies.”

    They love corruption and reckless murder everywhere, then will be shocked, shocked! I say, when it happens to them. You know, just ‘cause they applaud and encourage it to happen everywhere on earth, large, small, near, far, abroad and at home. But how did this happen in my house with my stripper-dating, crack-smoking son? How dids that happen I asks ya?! There is no God when that rebounds on me. Whaaaah.

    As the man said, I need a break from the internets.

    Dr. D




    Trump was in a great position. The Democrats were self-destructing, none of their candidates are very appealing, polls suggested he would beat any of them.

    Now this.

    It seems to be splitting on party lines, with the Democrats against and the Republicans for. Iran is almost forced to react, with unknown consequences. If it escalates it will become a major influence on the election, to the detriment of Trump.

    I can not believe that Trump ordered such a stupid mindless irresponsible action!


    Your critical thinking abilities will be strained

    Don’t let your emotions rule your thinking
    Salt will not be enough to keep your sanity.
    Fake news

    Hints will appear in the synonyms that will be used.
    an act of causing death, especially deliberately.
    “the community was shocked by the brutal killings” · [more]
    murder · taking of life · assassination · homicide · manslaughter · liquidation · elimination · putting/doing to death · execution · dispatch · martyrdom · slaughter · massacre · butchery · carnage · bloodshed · destruction · decimation · extermination · eradication · annihilation · wiping out · extinction · patricide · matricide · parricide · infanticide · filicide · slaying

    The Pentagon issued the first USA statement.
    The Pentagon is justifying their military action against a military leader.
    Would you expect anything less.
    Too bad that Trump had just said that he did not want war with Iran.


    When will the USA admit that there has to be an income flow to match the expenditures. What was the income from bombing 5 sites and killing and wounding the Iraqui allies.

    Read the following analysis.

    Since May 2019 the U.S. deployed at least 14,800 additional soldiers to the Middle East. Over the last three days airborne elements and special forces followed. The U.S.has clearly planned for an escalation.
    Soleimani will be replaced by Brigadier General Ismail Ghani, a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war who has for decades been active in the Quds Force and has fought against ISIS in Syria. He is an officer of equal stature and capability.
    Iran’s policies and support for foreign groups will intensify. The U.S. has won nothing with its attack but will feel the consequences for decades to come. From now on its position in the Middle East will be severely constrained. Others will move in to take its place.

    Doc Robinson

    More support for Assange.

    Mexico president calls for Julian Assange to be released from UK prison
    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday called for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to be released from prison in London, urging an end to what he described as his “torture” in detention….

    And this from Bob Carr, former foreign minister of Australia:

    The only prosecution [following the Collateral Murder war crime] is of the Australian who exposed it. His extradition fight starts in a London court next month and could drag on through appeals for a year…

    Whatever Assange did in 2010-2011 it was not espionage, and he’s not a US citizen. His actions took place outside the US. Under this precedent anyone, anywhere, who publishes anything the US state brands secret could be prosecuted under the US Espionage Act and offered to the maw of its notoriously cruel justice system.

    American diplomats talk darkly about lives lost because Assange leaked unredacted material. But during the Chelsea Manning trial in 2013 a US brigadier general in counter intelligence was asked to nominate casualties caused by the leaks. First he said he knew of one, an Afghan national. Later he had to retract and say there was none. Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell had said in 2010 “there was no evidence that anyone had been killed because of the leaks”…

    All said, we [Australians] are entitled to one modest request: that in the spirit with which Barack Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning, and given President Trump’s own objection to “endless wars” in desert sands, it would be better if the extradition of Assange were quietly dropped.

    An issue of freedom: US treatment of Assange risks souring alliance
    By Bob Carr, The Sydney Morning Herald
    January 4, 2020

    Round Two: US Drone Airstrikes Kill Six Pro-Iran Militia Commanders

    USA personnel are urged to go home by the USA.
    3,000 more soldiers being sent to the region.
    Does it still take 5 to 1 to support a soldier?
    I guess that there will be a lot of Iraqis hired to serve lunch, do the beds, sweep the floor etc.
    Only pre-packaged meals will be considered free of Iraqi spit.
    Nobody allowed out of the walled safe zone to go for a beer.

    Carlos Jimenez

    Dr. D. I enjoy reading your comments whenever time allows but I feel compelled to impose a little editing on your first paragraph:
    “Ugh, worst ever. “Bad guy” just means he was a fantastic general who was effective and not corrupt in the service of his country. Can’t let a guy who put the whole U.S. to rout in a war-crimes war in Syria on behalf of the violent, genocidal Saudis get away.”
    I think the last line should read: “…on behalf of the violent, genocidal Israelis and Saudis get away”
    The absence of the former in your statement leaves a hole the size of a Peterbilt 18 wheeler that can not go unnoticed for anybody that’s not out to lunch.

    V. Arnold

    I think the last line should read: “…on behalf of the violent, genocidal Israelis and Saudis get away”

    Absolutely! Spot on! Israel is the 2nd monster in the room behind the U.S., with the Saudis a close third.
    Fortunately, all in serious decline…


    The American deep state is currently in shock that President Trump just blew their joint money laundromat with Iran all to pieces!

    They are deeply upset that President Trump blew Obama’s little “understanding with Iran” all to hell!

    They are even more upset about President Trump not tipping them off before hand!

    The deep state started this mess in the ME. President Trump is just finishing it for them! But just not in the manner that they had expected!

    The deep staters should have let the President play golf over the holidays instead of stirring the pot in the ME!

    The deep state has forgotten President Trump has had military training!

    Dr. D

    Carlos, oh yes, but I didn’t have time to pick it up right then.

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