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    René Magritte The menaced assassin 1927   • ‘Government Overreach Is Coming to an End’ (ET) • Media’s Handling Of Trucker Convoy One-sided, Infla
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    V. Arnold

    I smell a rat; this whole covid thing just goes on and on and on…
    New, more infectious version………blah, blah, blah…
    I’m done with it…
    Get on with life and the world as it is…spinning it’s way through the universe as it always has been…
    Sorry, not sorry…life goes on as it should…we’ve been through far, far worse…

    Mister Roboto

    Covid is a very bad thing to be sure, but the way official society has chosen to deal with is at least just as bad, and in the long term probably makes the impact of Covid upon the world community even worse. That’s probably why it’s 95% of what we talk about now, even for those of us who wish there could be something else to talk about.


    Two headlines next to each other in this stupid lamestream health/covid thing I get in my email:

    Demand for Covid drugs down, says Cipla Global CFO
    Europe could be headed for pandemic ‘endgame’: WHO

    That’s how you cure covid: stop buying stupid covid drugs and resume trying to live a healthy lifestyle. The first act kills Big Pharma’s clout; the 2nd, um, promotes good health, I think?


    As a long time reader, I want to thank Raul for all of his fine work. Also the posters in the comment section. Very informative. Cheers!


    I fear we’ve reached a point in our society in which many Covid Karens are a lost cause. I’d put them into two groups:

    1) Those so overwhelmed by 22 months of endless fearmongering that they are now mentally damaged. Permanent germophobes. Imagine Glenn Gould on steroids.

    2) Those who exist to virtual signal. The self righteous pricks who have been given the covid green light to bully to their heart’s content. They’re out of their closet and they won’t go back willingly.


    Is it sunrise in America again or no more blue Mondays? I forget:

    Morning Coffee

    Mister Roboto

    2) Those who exist to virtual signal. The self righteous pricks who have been given the covid green light to bully to their heart’s content. They’re out of their closet and they won’t go back willingly.

    IOW, most of what passes for the left in the English-speaking world.

    Dr. D

    Another day Justin claims vaccines don’t work. I mean, that’s why he’s quarantined, right? Strange he wants truckers to be vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t work on, for, or near him. …He’s also traveling while under quarantine.

    Joni Mitchell. Edgy as usual. Aligned with CNN, Nike, and Pfizer. Now living in the only safe space on planet earth she won’t get criticism, 99-44/100ths aligned with mainstream and billionaires. Counter-culture to the max: against human choice and free speech, FOR corporate profits.

    Thousands of Flights Canceled as ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Batters Northeast”

    Anyone else notice that 100% of winter storms are now “Bomb Cyclones”? It’s snowing. In New England. In January. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. They had a NYC cam “Blizzard Arrives”. Nope. I can see Times’ Square end-to-end. That is the definition of “Cannot possibly be a blizzard nor any blizzard-like object.” As in, totally, completely, hilariously fake, false, fraudulent, and even fallacious. But since an “Expert” said it, doesn’t know what they’re talking about, has never seen snow before, doesn’t own a dictionary, and never read a book, it’s true, and you can’t believe your lyin’ eyes that have a dusting of snow in January. Snow? In January? Climatechange-o-geddon!!!

    Sorry, just read the PopSci article on how the Great Lakes have never been higher. …I mean lower. I mean changing. I mean since 1930 and probably before. Same 2m of fluctuation that whole time. But this is a big, big problem mister, and I want you to take it VERY SERIOUSLY. …I mean apart from how you can’t do anything about it and all the problems are caused by humans being idiots and parking their $500k home 10m from the beach, which no intelligent person ever would and no farmer – the previous denizens of those climes – ever did, having the brains of a boiled egg. Oh, and they dammed Ontario, the sole outlet and not only killed the fisheries with that, but now have no way to either predict (6 months in advance), nor fully turn on/shut off the flow there. Article forgot to mention that’s most of the problem. Too busy talking about one town of Indians who are apparently the only people that matter on the whole 10,000 miles of coastline. Oh, and now there are two dozen nuke plants depending on water they can’t regulate.

    “I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to science. Science has helped ease the suffering of this [problem], which was caused by science.” – Jon Stewart

    P.S. those nuke plants that all need to be decommissioned are the sum of the electric within 1,000 miles of Syracuse to Milwaukee to Duluth. It sure was easy to create that demand with 4 flat screen TVs and 25 vampire cubes per home, but real hard to shut off without catastrophe. Hey, I’ve got a solution: let’s mandate electric cars! #Science!

    “the suffering of this [problem], which was caused by science.” – Mary Shelley

    Looking at those Scotland, other studies, I know they lie, withhold all data, etc, but remember they need to be adjusted for demographic. Both statistically and anecdotally, the youngest, healthiest refused the vaccine (why should they? Doesn’t stop the spread.) and therefore would BE more healthy and unlikely even to contract, but also less likely to test. …Also since you’ll get an earful nobody wants and now have to avoid UK hospitals like the plague they are. Unlike if you’re an alcoholic or 5 stone overweight, which is laudable and will get you on the cover of a health magazine. If you’re 12 and aren’t vaccinated you’re Dr. Evil.

    But be careful.

    Merck’s COVID-19 pill”

    Fertility again. Huh. And with testosterone somehow <50% of previous norms.

    “Peak deaths in reality on 21 Jan were 92% below the prediction of SAGE”

    Same models as blizzards. And climate change. And economics.

    “American truckers protesting against vaccine mandates”

    Meh, this won’t go far. Americans are not imitators and followers. Appreciate doing it, but that means our change will now come from somewhere else. Where? PA and WI judges, and Evergrande defaults on S&P ratings. Note the Insurers were under pressure for decades now due to low rates and over-weighting in 5 bad, record-overpriced stocks was the only thing floating them. Now they don’t have that and are making unprecedented payouts. Underlying stress.

    “Where did the idea come from that people involved in the convoy wanted to attempt a violent overthrow of the Canadian government?”

    And this is how lies are formed. Where did the idea come from that 100,000 armed people brought no arms to D.C., had no leaders, followed no plan, and toured the Rotunda and left voluntarily were an “attempt to overthrow the U.S. government”? I can’t imagine how dumb you’d have to be to believe that.

    Oh and “Unacceptable views”? Wow, like “Do what you’re told” and “You’ll own nothing” they sure stepped in it. This is why his Mommy won’t let him speak.

    Shutting off the cams, etc, should re-read Taibbi’s “What’s wrong with the media, Issue #23,461” this week. Um, guys? If you lie about everything ordinary people know about? That LOWERS your credibility and makes them LESS likely to believe and obey you, even if you should ever tell the truth for once. …But I haven’t seen that, so no danger. Strictly theoretical. Their response, as activists, (that is, the #Opposite of reporters) is to DOUBLE DOWN and if the lies don’t work, LIE MORE. Because they are trying to achieve an AGENDA, which is now taught in Journalism School, AS the sole function of Journalists, and only the political outcome of “Doing what you’re told” as Socialists matter, the truth doesn’t matter in the slightest, even as a strategic consideration. NOT AT ALL. Which is what you’d expect from the nation’s lying, idiot sons and especially daughters.

    “an attack on the very foundation of ordered liberty”

    Yes, that is the agenda. And that is the erasure of the Rights of Man in favor of billionaires, in the perfect merger of Corporation and State. They weren’t hiding it. They told you outright, directly, for years. I told you. George Carlin told you. Ron Paul told you. If you like entertainment even Alex Jones told you. A merger so perfect they could invest a product that might kill you, not test it, then have the government buy it from them at 50x overinflated prices, and FORCE the people to inject it at gunpoint. You could not HAVE a more perfect merger of billionaire, corporation, and state, and in fact, the State was the Junior partner. Also as told directly, for years.

    “with declarations of an “emergency”

    As said two years ago, those “States of Emergency” are probably ALSO illegal, but we don’t go nuts about it, as it’s a useful safety valve. But that’s why they CAN NOT extend beyond 30 or 60 days it takes for the LEGISLATURE to pass something. And who told you if they got a day they would steal 731 days with “Two weeks to stop the spread” (Using masks that 100 years of CDC research said would not work?)

    THERE IS NO STATE OF EMERGENCY. It’s illegal. The “Rights of Man” cannot be suspended as they come from your Creator and are restraints that attack the GOVERNMENT, not the People.

    “For all intents and purposes, it is a coup d’état.”

    Just like they said they would, for 30 years. In fact, you saw the verticalization of doctors to remove them, as well as several pointed redefinitions of medical terms and laws ahead of time to make this all possible. We had a couple of test runs, like Obama’s H1N1 fiasco, where they learned the opposition points, as well as Event 201 which was focused almost exclusively on the media, and getting it to lie on command, which it did, not having a truth-teller among them, nor the Doctor pool either.

    More hospitals willing to let people die.”

    Still shutting beds and firing people. As far as I can tell, they are still erasing health providers and adding administrators by the hundreds. Then Biden just stole $6Billion earmarked for PEOPLE and hospitals and gave it to the Pharmaceutical companies, who have got PLENTY of cash so far. On purpose. What is that ADDITIONAL $6B for? For what? Vaccines that Trudeau and the CDC say don’t work? That the people refuse to take as they’ve already got full uptake? What? $6B is about 100,000 new health providers you can hire.

    One hundred thousand. An entire U.S. city of new workers to help in a pandemic. They are not serious people. They are not agreement-capable.

    They FIRED 100,000 instead and closed the ICU beds during a pandemic. Thanks Joe. I guess we know what your true goals are. But we knew that back in the Purdue Pharma / Fentanyl fiasco with you under Obama. Murder, murder…oh and more murder! Steal their stuff, murder more. Hello Ukraine.

    “NATO Knows Truth About Russia ‘Invasion’ Plans – Source (RT)”

    How did all those Russian troops end up IN RUSSIA? Very suspicious; I rest my case. And reading The Atlantic and brrrrrr, Fox on this, they’re de-dumb, dumb-dumb-dumb. Not a word about anything relevant AND think the U.S. Public wants, or has opinions on, the defense of Ukraine. Because they’ve never been to America, living in occupied “Brooklyn” and “Fairfax” and are allergic to the “telephone.” Numbers on the dial: 1, 2, 3, 46, Xi, Omicron, Theta, Theta AB. Science!

    “ Spotify Has Become the Battleground for Big Tech’s Censorship Civil War (QTR)”

    This is why they’ll lose. If the Right (plus the Independents) after long suffering start similar boycotts, and so much as lift a finger, 1) Goya sales immediately double, 2) Nike, NFL, and the NBA cease to exist as credible concerns and 3) Joe Rogan becomes the most popular show on earth and a primary news source.

    Besides that no one wants to be political while choosing Ketchup, do you see why you don’t want to censor now? YOU. WILL. LOSE. And so they have. Past-tense. Nothing on God’s earth can save old media now, not from CNN to CBC to Fox.

    “At first, I thought maybe she had looked back on the “official” declarations that cloth masks would work against the virus, vaccinations would end Covid altogether and that ivermectin was nothing more than veterinary horse paste. Instead, it turns out she, too, was referring to Rogan’s podcast.”

    …And not the OTHER podcast, where Joe happily platformed mainstream CNN and Gupta to allow them to speak equally. He gets zero points for that, only bannings. Doing good, to religious zealots MEANS NOTHING!!! ONE SIN and it’s HELL FOR LIFE.

    Literally. Unlike ACTUAL criminal convictions which are seldom long and often appealed, social media gives bans for life for any reason, false reasons, on no evidence, even FALSE evidence. (Note RussiaRussiaRussia and “Vaccine card/mandates are misinformation) And CROSS-Bannings. Like if you say something on the telephone to your friends, Twitter will ban you for speaking elsewhere. Ask Lauren Southern.

    These guys. Are maniacs. As Kunstler says, their sole love in life is hurting and grinding and bullying people. It’s the shadow self. What they’ve repressed in their own human nature, springs up and is projected on “The Other.”

    “disinformation” term is reserved for those who question liberal pieties,” –Greenwald.

    That is, “Religious tenets”. They are Heretics to God’s order. We can only find heaven on earth if everyone DOES WHAT I SAY. Instantly. In fact, BEFORE I SAY IT. Before I THINK it. And they must FEEL it, and WANT, and ACHE inside to obey me. I read an article on this the other day. “Why Americans refuse to fall in love(!) with electric cars.” (PopSci? Posting another article on Feeeeelings, not Science?) 1) because they’re REQUIRED to, mister, and 2) because I REQUIRE LOVE from them. They not only have to BUY them, people have to LOVE to buy them, ache and cry at night to buy them. That is, I not only control your LEGALITY, not only your JOB, not only your BODY, not only your MIND, but your very SOUL, your heart and emotions.

    …Oh and 3) not because electric cars in America are a ridiculous, over-priced, non-working idea that anyone with 3rd grade math would refuse in 90 seconds of examination. And we don’t have half a grid for. Reporters and Scientists are incapable of 90 seconds of sustained thought, nor any math at all, therefore People in Wyoming, with 200-mile jaunts in -20f weather and zero charging stations, carrying a cow, are all stupidheads.

    In any case, they are 100% religious and 99% illogical. They want your soul, and if they can’t have it, your death, you infidel. Wahaabists of the Woke. Do you see why we have Enlightenment and Rights of Man yet?

    These guys. Are maniacs. Violent, deadly, irrational, maniacs. Don’t be that guy.

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    absolute proof! if the new york times says it ain’t so, it’s actually true:

    No, athletes are not dying from Covid-19 vaccines.


    The Banality of Evil

    John Day

    @Dr.D: Yep, good read, Amigo. The wise path seems to be the very steady and self-disciplined open resistance to tyranny en-mass. Truckers now.
    This is a one-time opportunity for the rest of us to show solidarity.
    Uh, how? Yep, how?
    It looks like physical presence in open public areas is what does the magic…

    @TDK: Yep, deer are psychic.
    Look, I found it on the internet.
    Deer are spiritual. (I can tell, but I can’t tell others.
    That’s the nature of that kind of gnostic experience. Confounding, innit?)

    @VP Gary: Do the work decades before it is time. Be the seed you plant. Otherwise, you await a time where you will be old and unprepared to actually do anything, and people will not seek your opinion unless you can show-your-work.
    It’s better if they have seen it for years, and it pops up in their mind when the question finally forms.
    Giving it my efforts…
    Doing finishing work on wood, cutting plywood for certain of the walls. Pictures soon.

    Black beans, onions, garlic , peppers and tomatoes from the garden almost ready to eat for breakfast.


    The vaccine trials are conducted with non immunocompromised individuals.

    The vaccines create immunocompromised individuals.

    Therefore the immunocompromised need to be vaccinated for protection.

    Unless everyone is immunocompromised we are not safe.

    There is a preprint out on hamster to human transmission.

    Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (Variant Delta) from Pet Hamsters to Humans and Onward Human Propagation of the Adapted Strain: A Case Study
    19 Pages
    Posted: 28 Jan 2022

    Hamsters are fascist, especially the ones that don’t where N95s or get jabbed though their ovaries are used to make vaccines in China.

    Truckers have a lot of leverage, hope they shut the planet down.


    Tragically hilarious.

    Joe Biden Beats Out Brussels Sprouts For America’s Least Favorite Vegetable


    those darned kids

    doc day: “I can tell, but I can’t tell others”

    oh, my, i experience this every day. i guess “earlids” are on the inside.


    It’s cold outside/Its miserable

    You don’t need to get out of your comfortable recliner to find out/look it up.
    (Ottawa Ukraine Afghanistan Olympic Russia EU )

    I missed my invitation to join the demonstrations that happened everywhere.
    Demonstrations did not start with the truckers.
    Demonstrations are not finished.

    Snobs still don’t get it. The narrative is dead. Its time to smell the coffee


    Change is in the air


    “…“Thousands of Flights Canceled as ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Batters Northeast”

    Anyone else notice that 100% of winter storms are now “Bomb Cyclones”? It’s snowing. In New England. In January…”


    As a kid my friends and I would drive through the most astonishing blizzards to go skiing, school was out after all, and if our car got stuck, we’d hitchhike with state plow drivers to the mountain and if the lifts weren’t running when we got to the ski area, we’d climb the mountain on foot! Best times of my life. Ain’t afraid of no stinking bomb cyclone! Suck it up!


    ” alt=”.” />

    “…“Thousands of Flights Canceled as ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Batters Northeast”

    Anyone else notice that 100% of winter storms are now “Bomb Cyclones”? It’s snowing. In New England. In January…”


    As a kid my friends and I would drive through the most astonishing blizzards to go skiing, school was out after all, and if our car got stuck, we’d hitchhike with state plow drivers to the mountain and if the lifts weren’t running when we got to the ski area, we’d climb the mountain on foot! Best times of my life. Ain’t afraid of no stinking bomb cyclone! Suck it up!


    Personally I’m horrified by the “vaccines” because 90% of the people I know have gotten jabbed. I do not want to see them harmed. Yet with society in mind, I can find one reason to support the jabs. They will solve our karen problem. We can never get back to being a free society with all these karens fully supporting the medical tyranny.

    Another reason is the jabs make it unnecessary for the Pandemic Makers to unleash a more deadly virus. If they can safely poison people via injection then why put themselves at risk with an ebola like virus? One only needs the common sense to avoid the experimental drug.


    Question for fellow readers: Gerard Celente predicted the Covid War would be over by March. Now Celente has an excellent prediction record. Nevertheless, not only do I find it hard to believe the covid insanity could be debunked in just over 4 weeks, I can’t even believe I’ll be allowed to stop wearing a mask at work as early as March.

    My question(yes there’s a question buried in this post somewhere) is: do any of you see how the covid narrative comes completely apart that soon?

    Yes Boris Johnson being the first rat to abandon the sinking covid ship is a good sign. Other politicians have got to begin seeing the writing on the wall. The first ones switching sides have the best chance of saving their political careers.

    The trucker protests are certainly a light at the end of the tunnel. Still waiting for the corporate media to recognize the losing hand they’re playing and change their narrative. That will surely kill the fake pandemic. But as early as March? Never hurts to hope the dominoes fall that fast.

    John Day

    Ukraine and Russian escalation dominance: A Fiction This is a scenario, a sketch of what Russian invasion of Ukraine might look like. Of course such contingency plans exist in detail.
    Of course…

    Ukraine and Russian escalation dominance: A Fiction


    Today is 31/1. I live in Canberra. I have not seen a word in the MSM about the Freedom Convoy. I am confident that I will not see a word in the MSM when the convoy arrives or after it disperses.

    I think it was one of the commentariat in a recent TAE edition who suggested we read Paul Kingsnorth’s essays about what lies behind the covid over-reaction. I took it up and what I read has great explanatory power. (Start here: The Vaccine Moment, part one.) It’s all about Population Control, using Disease Control as a stalking horse. We need to look behind the covid/vaccine narrative for the real motives. Some of what he writes seems hard to accept but I think he’s on the right track. For example:

    … we have come at long last to the foothills of the future: an inverted version of The Matrix in which Agent Smith is the hero. A world both terrible and boring at the same time. As climate change bites, ecosystems continue to degrade, supply chains jam up, the social fabric frays, and mass urbanisation and mass migrations accelerate, it will become more and more necessary to micromanage, nudge and control the citizens of our mass societes just to keep the growth-&-progress show on the road. The pandemic has shown us how this can be achieved. Schwab is right that there is no turning back from the lessons it has taught.(Emphasis mine)

    He feels some optimism, however:

    Control: this is the story that the Machine tells about itself, and it is the story that we would all, at some level, like to be true. But control systems never last. The world is beyond both our understanding and our control, and so, in the end, are people. We barely understand ourselves. Perhaps Klaus Schwab’s desire to ‘improve the world’ is real and felt: but he will still never be able to grip it tightly enough to bend it to his will. Who can?

    Passports were a introduced as a temporary measure after WW1, and it had been intended to abolish them, but the “Spanish” Flu of 1918 led leaders to retain passports for the purposes of health, disease control and national security. Now we have digital versions on the way spurred by another pandemic. It is only now that technology has made possible such a thing.

    The real tool of the establishment is the mobile phone, better known as the cell phone, methinks. It is also the control system’s Achilles Heel. Most of the control technologies seem to be centred upon and concentrated into the handheld hypnotiser. Limit that and one limits so much else. How might we achieve that? Perhaps just wait? The degradation and mooted collapse of The System might do it.

    those darned kids

    eoinw: i’m thinking march, as well. to wit:

    he will say, “we’ve defeated the pandemic. america, blah, blah, blah, here’s 73% of your freedom back*. god bless the troops”.

    *until further notice.

    D Benton Smith

    @John Day
    In the previous TAE issue you wrote, “Putin might be behind the Freedom Convoy says Canadian Broadcasting Company:;

    Well, that might explain why the convoy has been so successful.

    those darned kids

    The Tamiflu saga heralded a decade of unprecedented attention to the importance of sharing clinical trial data.56 Public battles for drug company data,78 transparency campaigns with thousands of signatures,910 strengthened journal data sharing requirements,1112 explicit commitments from companies to share data,13 new data access website portals,8 and landmark transparency policies from medicines regulators1415 all promised a new era in data transparency.

    Progress was made, but clearly not enough. The errors of the last pandemic are being repeated. Memories are short. Today, despite the global rollout of covid-19 vaccines and treatments, the anonymised participant level data underlying the trials for these new products remain inaccessible to doctors, researchers, and the public—and are likely to remain that way for years to come.16 This is morally indefensible for all trials, but especially for those involving major public health interventions.
    Unacceptable delay

    Pfizer’s pivotal covid vaccine trial was funded by the company and designed, run, analysed, and authored by Pfizer employees. The company and the contract research organisations that carried out the trial hold all the data.17 And Pfizer has indicated that it will not begin entertaining requests for trial data until May 2025, 24 months after the primary study completion date, which is listed on as 15 May 2023 (NCT04368728).

    Mister Roboto

    Interesting. A coronavirus vaccine that anybody can make inexpensively and is based on a form of vaccine that we know doesn’t kill people.

    D Benton Smith

    It doesn’t matter much if Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC ) turns off all of the Live Feed news cams , because no one is in front of their video screen to watch the feeds anyway. They’re all over at the Trucker Convoy protest.

    Mister Roboto

    I think that the hearts of the Texas researchers who developed that new eco-groovy vaccine are 100% in the right place, but it really does seem as though they might not be able to make any headway because, for whatever reason, it has become very important to the powers that be that everybody get one of the mRNA vaccines.



    Figmund Sreud

    Latest from John Helmer (January 30, 2022), …

    This fight is now the last stand for the American empire in Europe which began with the donkey turd bomb 79 years ago.

    Lavrov’s speech reveals that from the history of that period, from the destruction of Arab sovereignty, and through the destruction of European sovereignty, and through the near- destruction of Russian sovereignty by Gorbachev and Yeltsin, the Russians have learned a lesson which they cannot now unlearn and from which they cannot retreat. No retreat – that’s the lesson.

    The Lavrov text provides a comprehensive guide to what happens next.





    Dr. Day: This part of one of your comments this morning really spoke to me:

    “Do the work decades before it is time. Be the seed you plant. Otherwise, you await a time where you will be old and unprepared to actually do anything, and people will not seek your opinion unless you can show-your-work.
    It’s better if they have seen it for years, and it pops up in their mind when the question finally forms.
    Giving it my efforts…
    Doing finishing work on wood, cutting plywood for certain of the walls. ”

    Thank you.


    Neil Young opened Pandora’s door :


    absolute galore

    “Others, like transplant or cancer patients — although fully vaccinated — are not able to mount a sufficient immune response to protect themselves from serious disease when they become infected.”

    The quote above is from an article in today’s NYT, When Omicron Isn’t So Mild

    Sounds like they are setting up to make it impossible to diagnose whether it was Covid or the vaccines themselves that are causing these problems.

    Here is a NYT headline today on the top of the fold that will strike TAE readers as the pot calling out the kettle:

    Living by the Code: In China, Covid-Era Controls May Outlast the Virus

    Apps for tracking the spread of illness gave Xi Jinping a way for the Communist Party to reach into the lives of citizens.
    This sharpened surveillance may last beyond the pandemic, as officials use potent techno-authoritarian tools against corruption and dissent..

    Those crazy communist fascist Chinese. How evil! Thankfully we have a democracy. God Bless America.


    I haven’t found a live feed from Ottawa for today yet, but this one shows a good view of the crowd.

    absolute galore

    I’ve written to Neil and Joni to see if they have some free time to come over and go through my books, just to make sure I don’t have anything here with dangerous disinformation. Oops, better hide The Real Anthony Fauci before they get here. I have a few loose floorboards…

    D Benton Smith

    The Materialists may eventually answer (down to the most ultimately finest detail) the so-called “Hard Question” of consciousness. Unfortunately, according to their own precepts, there will not be anyone there in the forest to hear that tree fall.

    Therefore, the only way to save a materialist is to restore their hearing. Keep speaking within their earshot, in ways that they can hear, and eventually they will start to listen. Once they know themselves to be listening they are cured.

    those darned kids

    worried about a gay man handling your potatoes, neil?

    hahahahaha, better hide the kiwifruits!

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