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    Paul Gauguin Farm in Brittany 1894   • Market Euphoria May Turn to Despair If 10-Year Yield Jumps to 3% (BBG) • Forget Stocks, Look At EU Bonds –
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    V. Arnold

    Apropos of nothing; it’s 6:45 pm and the full, blue, blood, moon is rising with the eclipse imminent…

    V. Arnold

    Rhetoric instead of action; lies instead of facts; glittering generalities; and marching band patriotism.
    American’s don’t ask for much and accept less without a whimper…
    Mai kojai (I don’t understand)…

    V. Arnold

    At 7:50pm our total lunar eclipse was complete. My second witnessing of such.
    A holy (however you interpret that) event, because it’s rare; which makes it special, and should be noted.
    The Thai’s set off fireworks to scare away the demons darkening Phra Jan (the holy moon), to bring back the light.
    8:07 and still total, wow.
    Enough for now…

    Dr. D

    Och, we used t’dream of “paychecks reasonably large and life is comfortable at the moment.” Woulda been a palace to us.

    The numbers here, as everywhere, are made meaningless by the extraordinary wealth disparity. Some portion of each city is also dead zone, but let’s say 40% of the nation is “comfortable at the moment” although under 3 months rent (and why? Could it be interest rates are rigged too low and punish savings? And naughty people respond to this by not being robbed? How dare they!) However, those 40% are in 12 cities, with a few in the other 20/40 2nd tier cities, leaving 90% of the counties in the state of total collapse. So…are they comfortable, or not? They have a big paycheck, or not?

    Well, where EVERY. SINGLE. decider and reporter live, things are sorta not too bad. When all 10 richest zip codes are in D.C. you think you’re winning and can’t imagine what the rabble is on about; you know, the same thing Ms. Antoinette said. There have been a few intrepid journalists who did a cross-country tour and were promptly ignored. Why? Like the environment, we’d have to stop driving our Prius over to buy a 128-pack of plastic bottled water and DO something. Like stop stealing from them, from the periphery to the center. But since the power is by definition IN the center, they are obviously NOT going to de-power themselves and start powering Omaha. You know, by dismantling Amazon, Berkshire, and the U.S. Tax code.

    The income disparity is so extreme, it’s bending space-time. That is, when they say the “average income is” they are averaging in Bezos who made $2.4B more in one DAY. I also suspect they don’t average in 100M unemployed or the 50M or so who have net NEGATIVE income due to food stamps, welfare, etc. You know, the guys who work for Bezos for $16k/yr and get hauled out of the warehouse into the waiting ambulance the county pays for? While he natters on about Basic Income? So when they say it’s $45k, it wouldn’t shock me if the average wage outside of the top zip codes of the 12 anointed cities is like $33k HOUSEHOLD, not person. And that with no health care or retirement.

    Translation: 90% of the U.S. counties are effectively the 3rd world.

    So be careful overseas if you’re reading these numbers. Or heck, if you’re from the unreachable planet of the 5% blue counties, who like any self-respecting South African, wouldn’t dare leave their gated community of journalists and professors and visit apartheid. You might run into those “other” people and have to look 60 years of “helpful” policies in its unshaven, unemployed face. Some new roads ain’t gonna fix that.

    The Banks must be restrained, and the financial system reformed, with balance restored to the economy, before there can be any sustainable recovery. -Jesse’s Cafe

    V. Arnold

    Continuing the nonsense; at 9:05 the eclipse is declining. It lasted much longer than I expected; oh what a sight to see; the last in my lifetime.
    The fireworks abate as we return to normalcy; the comfort zone; the status quo; that which makes us comfortable.
    Phra Jan returns to its position of the holy position in the heavens…
    Oh, and I saw the seven little chickens (Pleiades; the seven sisters) tonight; first time in a long time; my favorite constelation.
    Such a good night shared with my wife…


    “Translation: 90% of the U.S. counties are effectively the 3rd world.”

    What could be the % of the 3rd world that is below the 3rd world?

    Why don’t the 3rd world rise up against the bullies?
    Why do victims put up with the misery?


    I am travelling to London tonight. I really don’t want to move back to the UK, but I have to establish residence there for legal reasons. :‑(

    I really do wish there were something to the AGW business.

    “After several decades of extremely dry weather, residents in southern regions of Morocco finally woke up this morning to an unusual snowfall that currently impacted Ouarzazate, Taroudant and even Zagora, which has not experienced snowfall for fifty years.”

    Southern Morocco Under Snow for First Time (29/01/18)

    V. Arnold
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