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    Tamara de Lempicka The refugees 1937   • Reddit Preparing To Unleash “World’s Biggest Short Squeeze” In Silver (ZH) • Bitcoin Could Be About To B
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    V. Arnold

    Tamara de Lempicka The refugees 1937


    Dr. D

    “Most infections are among the youngest.”

    When you have provably fake tests, what does that mean? Is it real?

    “ Reddit Preparing To Unleash “World’s Biggest Short Squeeze” In Silver (ZH)”

    Don’t know how to say this, but it is not organic. So, the first volley, which happens on 1/6 and culminates after 10 days of silence, threatening to take down the entirety of Wall Street and Western financial system is a stock called, “Game. Stop.” Does someone have a sense of humor?

    And now to silver? Let me tell you something: NOBODY cares about silver. Nobody’s even heard of it. There’s probably less capital in all CME silver worldwide than in GameStop at $18.


    Silver is the single most leveraged, most corrupt, most fragile, and most important market on planet earth. It’s been rigged by Central Banks for over 60 years. It is the single Achilles’ heel of the whole enchilada. And these random Redditors just Haaaaaaaaaaaaappened to pick it. From 5,000 most shorted stocks, and it’s not a stock. Sure pal.

    And if they succeed they WILL take down the system. Here’s why: Silver is acutely tied to gold, with a +90% correlation. “Silver” is the word for money in most countries. Although no longer advertised, gold remains the basis of the financial system, and central banks hold it greedily, as the “put up or shut up” reality of power, the anchor of currency. We are presently fighting wars in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Africa just to get it. The Bank of England is collapsing from lack of it, and Shanghai is replacing the entire West for access to it. Yet while they lack access, the same amount exists as ever, it merely changes location.

    Meanwhile, being in a bear market for 60 years, silver is depleted. All known above ground stores are gone. All mines are shuttered. They are in a shortage even for solar panels and electronics. It fails delivery regularly, yet even when there is a 30% premium, the market price will not rise.

    So what do you think would happen if silver, tied 90% to gold, suddenly rose from $20 to $800? Would the financial system also panic out of paper and into the firm anchor of metals reserves? Would the insider banks, most short ever, with least supply ever, unable to deliver to Apple, putting GME to shame, these proxy CENTRAL banks, would they them have the same squeeze put on them as RobinHood and Citidel?

    What even IS a squeeze on a central bank? They can just print money. And yes, they can. However, they cannot print silver. And that is why they have controlled and manipulated it since 1963, and why it is the weakest point in their whole fiat money system. So print? Go ahead. The MORE YOU PRINT, THE HIGHER THE PRICE. The higher the price, the more worthless and discredited are the fiat dollars and the financial system based on it. Quit hitting yourself.

    And $800/oz is not outrageous at all. Gold was previously $800 and is now $2,000. That’s pretty low since in 1980 houses were $50,000 and are now $250,000. That would be $40,000 gold. By the whole financial system it would be $200,000 gold. Silver was $50 and would therefore be $150 to match gold, or $250 to match housing. …Except there isn’t any. Hundreds of billions of ounces are used, missing, unrecoverable. It’s as if they lost 90% of the gold or burned 90% of the houses. What’s it worth now? 2x? 4x? There is no free market anywhere on earth, hasn’t been in generations, so no one knows.

    And you’re telling me random Redditors just randomly picked the sole market that can reset the financial system and convert it from a captured casino of fraud and extortion, and re-establish our system on fairly valuing hard work and free exchange? Under a 10-day-old Biden Presidency.

    Right. Position: long popcorn.

    “Bitcoin Could Be About to Become the New GameStop (F.)”

    As paper goes down and Wall Street is revealed as irredeemably corrupt, this is the other currency(s) people will flee into. And faster.

    “‘Get to Zero’ or Face Catastrophe (Tyee)”

    You’re fired, Mr. Science Writer, you’re the dumbest guy in the room. First he ignores the CDC and all science, plus a whole years hard lesson that said, “Once you have +1% population infection, a pandemic can not be contained.” No amount of unnecessary hardship or death has yet communicated that simple fact to him.

    Second, he’s a liar. Where is the catastrophe? Where are my 25 million deaths? France’s death rate is unchanged, as are most nations. A pandemic with no deaths? Is there no scientific curiosity or literacy anymore?

    He then conflates infection with deaths. If people are infected FASTER – which has yet to be proven by the way – you have a different strain that may be LESS deadly. Already COVID is as close to not deadly as is possible to be. So you will need to prove equal mortality too, but why bother when you’re not a real Science writer?

    Third, and most importantly, he ignores ALL pandemic science, ALL transmission of disease over ALL human history. Hey dum-dum: WHO is the new strain going to infect? Pandemics appear, rise exponentially, THEN PLATEAU, on their own, with no additional deaths, interventions, losses, or end to all human rights forever, WHEN THEY RUN OUT OF PEOPLE. Herd immunity. You might have heard of it.

    Like all math and all models he instantly assumes an infinite linear planet of infinite linear people and not a limited, cyclical one that has been proven since Ogg met Gog and this guy has lived in and seen with his own eyes EVERY DAY OF HIS LIFE. But he can’t see it. Although, or more likely because, he’s an “expert.” “Reality” is therefore an “extraneous factor.”

    It doesn’t matter that he wants a pony. That’s not how the world works. Once you have +1% his lockdowns cannot be effective under any experience humans have had, and DOUBLY so with each advance in infection rate. However, he CAN end human society and kill millions unnecessarily with his “helping”, and has. At the same time, if the death rate was 95% IT WOULDN’T MATTER. The disease would still plateau and end without him. Period.

    He’s a moron.

    Worse, a Science denier. Worse still, as all have been lately, a Science-denier who claims to be a Scientist. Worse still, presented in the media. He will discredit science for a generation and kill us all. I wouldn’t trust him to tally change at a car wash.

    “Mighty Amazon Looks All But Unassailable as Covid Continues (O.)”

    Thanks to Mr. Tyee’s bad science, everything he knows will be destroyed. He can think about it when he’s tied to an electronic beacon, feverishly packing boxes in an 45c warehouse, and pissing in a bottle. Maybe there is more to life than cowering before a 0.003% chance of death? Cowering before someone’s ELSE’S unlikely death, not even your own? No wonder they used to kick people off on ice floes. He’s an embarrassment to the tribe, and a peril to us all.

    Please stop. Stop helping. I’m almost dead already.

    Doc Robinson

    “Just 0.04% Of Israelis Caught COVID19 After 2 Shots Of Pfizer Vaccine”

    Supporting Ilargi’s “too early to draw conclusions”:

    However, experts have cautioned that data from Israel is preliminary and could be misleading. With its vast variables and constantly changing scenarios, an entire society cannot act as a petri-dish for a vaccine trial.

    “When you vaccinate nationwide, there’s lots of confounders,” said Eran Segal, a computational biologist at the Weizmann Institute. “This is not a trial. That’s the problem. We should be very cautious.”

    Israel is currently suffering a debilitating third wave of infections, with a national lockdown unable to significant pushdown morbidity rates. The government blames high infection rates on the more transmissible British variant of the virus.

    Vaccine data could be influenced by both the lockdown, which may decrease infections, and the British variant, which likely has the opposite effect, in confusing and contrasting ways.

    Meanwhile, the first people to receive the vaccine – on which these studies have been taken – mostly come from vulnerable populations, who may have been more likely to take precautions, which also could skew the data. Preliminary research might show different results at different times as the number of people being vaccinated is continually changing, and hospitalisation usually occurs days after infection.


    I know, I know, it’s Laura Ingraham. But watch this.


    Robin hood cartoon as a flash back on another cartoon character, Ragnar Danneskjöld, pirate from the “Atlas shrugged”.
    Art imitates “art”.
    To see JPM buckle would have bee a something to behold.
    Any legal action against behemoth corporation makes me laugh which turns into uneasy cough.

    Yesterday’s string of comments was a quite a “Left-right” stew with heavy spice of Mao-Stalin (but not a Genghis Kan or Attila “the whip of God”?) for the good measure. WES, even I agree with him on Tulsi as someone saying the right message while, really enjoying herself looking pretty, managed to insult a brigade of rock band members with his “Supply of pretty girls 24/7, is a communist trait”.

    Yesterday’s Kandinsky was great. Hundred years ago the guy decided to paint music or waves and broke away with visible world. Great work by Lempicka, as if Picasso had said: ” I will be doing something else. Can you take it from here?” (meaning his classical period) and she’d answered “Sure!”


    Thanks for finding this REAL story of THE AVATAR .
    The real story of LIFE is slowly being discovered and understood.


    The trees, understorey plants, fungi and microbes in a forest are so thoroughly connected, communicative and co-dependent that some scientists have described them as superorganisms. Recent research suggests that mycorrhizal networks also perfuse prairies, grasslands, chaparral and Arctic tundra – essentially everywhere there is life on land. Together, these symbiotic partners knit earth’s soils into nearly contiguous living networks of unfathomable scale and complexity.
    “These trees are very perceptive,” she said. “Very perceptive of who’s growing around them. I’m really interested in whether they perceive us.” I asked her to clarify what she meant. Simard explained that trees sense nearby plants and animals and alter their behaviour accordingly: the gnashing mandibles of an insect might prompt the production of chemical defences, for example. Some studies have even suggested that plant roots grow toward the sound of running water and that certain flowering plants sweeten their nectar when they detect a bee’s wing beats. “Trees perceive lots of things,” Simard said. “So why not us, too?”
    “That’s a fungus!” she said. “That is Piloderma. It’s a very common
    mycorrhizal fungus” – one she had encountered and studied many times before in circumstances exactly like these. “This mycorrhizal network is actually linked up to that tree.” She gestured toward a nearby hemlock that stood at least 30 metres tall. “That tree is feeding these seedlings.”

    We, too, are composite creatures. Diverse microbial communities inhabit our bodies, modulating our immune systems and helping us digest certain foods. The energy-producing organelles in our cells known as mitochondria were once free-swimming bacteria that were subsumed early in the evolution of multicellular life. Through a process called horizontal gene transfer, fungi, plants and animals – including humans – have continuously exchanged DNA with bacteria and viruses. From its skin, fur or bark right down to its genome, any multicellular creature is an amalgam of other life forms. Wherever living things emerge, they find one another, mingle and meld.
    Great!. I’m waiting for a comparable study about vitamin D, Zinc, head lice and malarial drugs

    Just 0.04% of Israelis caught COVID-19 after two shots of Pfizer vaccine
    All those infected experienced only a mild form of the disease, and none were hospitalized.

    Here is a plot line for a good movie.
    1. Sales of Flue vaccines not making enough profits and are only 40% effective
    2. Established med. etc. co-operate to promote a flue pandemic.
    3. Its working – all gov. got onboard – Making money hand over fist.
    4. Keep the momentum going with a more dangerous variation.
    5. It worked. Use variant #2, then variant #3.
    6. (More suckers every day.) Ignore and denigrate all competitions. (vitamin D, Zinc, head lice and malarial drugs)

    Dr D Rich

    You heard it hear first from me. That Fauci is a fraud way last year based on my observation of Anthony’s behavior 36 years ago. I mean it’s understandable no one believed or acted on the assessment of a first year medical student in 1985. However, what accounts for learned minds and bloggers resisting the exact same conclusion about Fauci drawn by a Nobel Prize winner, Mullis, more than 10 years after my observation.
    And now Raűl correctly alludes to Laura Ingraham’s show and her learned guest Dr. Risch from Yale who definitely draws the same inference about Fauci without consulting me Dr. D Rich and the specter of Nobel prize winner Mullis.
    Can I tell my mom her son’s mind is quicker than a Nobel prize winner AND a Yale professor?
    Perhaps we can add purposeful ignorance to shared psychosis as diseases far more deadly than coronavirus

    “…convert it from a captured casino of fraud and extortion, and re-establish our system on fairly valuing hard work and free exchange?”

    When Hell freezes over. Dr. D, fair question to you.
    What’s more addictive, gambling or hard work? I mean some of us our ‘workaholics’ but even in medicine the skimmers and scammers are presently triumphant in the medical system. Fauci Adm Don Arthur and David Tam are exemplars of this phenomenon.


    Views 1,062,824 Comments 3,610 AND CLIMBING

    “Everyone Is Afraid Ahead Of The Open” – Reddit-Raiders Spark Nationwide Physical Silver Shortage

    SUNDAY, JAN 31, 2021 – 10:29


    ‘Get to Zero or face catastrophe’, eh? Mr. Nikiforuk appears to be softening us up for what’s to (needlessly)
    come, with his breathlessly sententious curse-filled polemic. Mr. Nikiforuk doesn’t mention, of course, the human costs- depression, anxiety, death- of the lockdowns and purposeful economic immiseration already baked-in by OMG Covid! response..

    As the commenter above said: this utter tripe passes for science?

    “We’ve got to kill you all to save you!” say our “experts”..


    Joy of life in one of my favorite cities.


    The last time I looked at the annual deaths in the US was back in November. It was trending significantly higher than 2019, however, the the 2019 annual death was apparently a bit lower than average. Hence, it was difficult to draw definitive conclusions one way or the other.

    I have friends and clients living in a local retirement community. Those who passed in the prior week are listed in the community’s weekly newsletter. It was brought to my attention last week that while this community of several thousand usually has 1-3 deaths per week. Now, they have 7 or more deaths per week. Last week, there were 10 deaths. These numbers are *not* manipulated, not reported to a news agency, and only displayed in aggregate on the state’s Covid dashboard.

    This past week, residents were given access to the first dose of the Moderna vaccine, and all those I interact with were vaccinated. It will be interesting to see what happens to the death rate there in the next few months.


    “Stay home in lockdown till we get to Zero™, or until you go out feet-first on a gurney!” say those who rule us..

    It’s a war *by* the top 10%, on the lower 90%, w/ Da Covid making for a nice smokescreen.

    Doc Robinson

    Re: that breakdown of cases in Massachusetts (shown above), and this reaction:
    “Most infections are among the youngest. That doesn’t sound good.”

    This graph from the CDC shows a breakdown of cases by age, and the age groupings could give the impression that the older segments of society are being infected more than they actually are. One of the lines on the graph only covers 4 years (ages 14-17), while another line on the graph covers 35 years (ages 45-79).

    Since June of 2020, the 18-24 age category has had the highest number of Covid cases per 100,000 persons. This is more remarkable when you realize this category covers only 7 years (18-24). The next older category (24-44) covers 20 years, and the category above that (45-79) covers 35 years.

    Starting in July, the weekly cases for the age 14-17 category, covering only 4 years, is right up there with the older categories covering many more years.

    If the three lines for the under-25 cases were combined into one line, then it would be clear that the case count for under-25s is much higher than the other categories. Yet, looking at total deaths (from all causes) in 2020, this under-25 category is showing no real increase above the previous five years.

    Doc Robinson

    The latest data from the CDC shows the under-50 age group has had 65% of the Covid cases, but less than 5% of the Covid deaths.

    Dr. D

    It’s hard to tell, and Covid is a thing. I just can’t figure it out among all the lying. And they wonder why we don’t believe them. I mean BESIDES that their cure is worse than the disease, and creates a dystopian prison planet with 6-figure hospital admins as the apparatchiks to the gulags.

    Logged in to say one of the hardest things to check is to compare something that’s actually dangerous: driving. So as nations drive far less, half as much perhaps, you’re going to have a far lower death rate off the top. That will be countered by the supposed Covid rate, which is real but far lower. However, you have a missing flu, heart disease, and where it appears it has become 100% of elder deaths, replacing all.(basically) Plus you took a substantial increase in drug, alcohol and suicide deaths. Unless they stop lying about the visible, provable, laughable things like wearing 27 masks, then eventually I’m going to ignore them about everything else. Even antibiotics and opioids, since THEY ruined both of these things, aren’t sorry, and doctors are a primary cause of death, about 1000x more deadly than firearms in the U.S. Correctly prescribed medications alone are the 4th leading cause of death.

    You think Fauci, who oversaw the killing of 100k gay people with AIDS, could stop lying for just ONE minute? Think again. Like other psychos he can’t stop saying ever more ridiculous things to see if we’re stupid enough to buy it. …And thus prove his narcissism is better and we’re under his power and control. And they do. No matter how many times he reverses himself.

    I fully expect to see him say we can only go out if we pat our head and rub our bellies.

    Remember: hopping on one foot protects your neighbor but not you!

    Shortage of silver and the market hasn’t opened yet. Could be precautionary but I’m betting big guns are hiding in the weeds on this one.


    “Everyone Is Afraid Ahead Of The Open” – Reddit-Raiders Spark Nationwide Physical Silver Shortage
    Still climbing
    views 1,463,123
    comments 5,471


    So the market’s gonna crash (who’d thunk it?) and it will be blamed on redditers (who the Left thinks are Right) and the Markets will become a national security thingamajig. Swear that Biden got 81 million votes (and prove you have had the vaccine) and we’ll let you trade. EZ as 22/7.
    My friend’s mom died a couple of weeks ago. She had stopped eating long ago, so 2 months back the home tested her for Covid: positive. A week later, negative. The care home declared she had died from Covid.
    Even my friend- who dreads the virus- could see it was unfair to steal her mom’s long life from her with a nonsense cause of death. She was 93.
    Dr. D, you are wise beyond whatever years you may have accrued. Have a good night.

    So hedge funds are the current Eye of Sauron? Aren’t there some Wall Street movies about this sort of thing? From the 70s? 80s? 90s? 00s? 10s?
    There’s an awful lot of billionaires out there who could play this game- the con or the salvo.
    I’ve got a feeling this is about to go bananas- it’s a signal; it’s a provocation; it’s a ploy; it’s a cover.
    We’re gonna wish we had a businessman in office.


    “Suck”. “It”.
    See? We’ve set up the patsies.


    Grubstake (IPO)

    1. provisions, gear, etc., furnished to a prospector, usually by a merchant. on condition of participating in the profits of any gold discoveries.

    2. What Is an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?
    An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance. Public share issuance allows a company to raise capital from public investors.
    Although an investment bank may set the securities’ initial price and receive a fee for facilitating sales, most of the funding goes to the issuer. Investors typically pay less for securities on the primary market than on the secondary market. The important thing to understand about the primary market is that securities are purchased directly from an issuer.

    Other types of primary market offerings for stocks include private placement and preferential allotment. Private placement allows companies to sell directly to more significant investors such as hedge funds and banks without making shares publicly available. While preferential allotment offers shares to select investors (usually hedge funds, banks, and mutual funds) at a special price not available to the general public.

    In secondary markets, investors,( the merchant), exchange with others, (some or all of their share of the possible gains that the prospector could make) rather than with the the prospector that is gone into the mountains to find gold.

    SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 2021
    The Stock Market, Fatally Wounded by the Truth, Will Stumble and Crash

    1. The stock market is nothing but one giant fraud.
    2. The Fed is a fraud.
    3. America’s system of governance is a fraud.
    4. The wealth effect is a fraud.
    our entire financial-political system is a fraud.


    Okay. That part about “a businessman” was silly. Business and finance have little to do with each other.
    For some reason.



    Regarding silver’s role in the fiat financial system, your arrow hit the bullseye! Robinhood would be proud!

    The silver market is small compared to gold, so central banks, with their printing presses, find it very easy to manipulate the price of silver lower.

    The earth’s natural ratio of silver to gold is about 15:1. Currently the ratio is about 70:1. A short time ago it was over 100:1!

    So yeah, the proof of manipulation of silver prices downward is there for everyone to see, if they open their eyes and decide to actually look!

    As for breaking the JP Morgan Bank, it isn’t going to happen! JP Morgan ain’t as stupid as the other 8 banks still short silver and gold. They knew this day would come and have prepared by building up the largest physical holdings of silver 1 billion ounces and gold maybe 200 million ounces in the world over the last 12 years or so. Right now JP Morgan couldn’t care less which way silver and gold prices go. They are covered whether things go long or short! They will make billions either way!

    Right now the remaining 8 bullion banks still short of gold and silver, have been forced lately to “borrow” these metals from JP Morgan! So this is JP Morgan’s short position to complement their long position!
    Yeah, that’s right! No honor amoung thieves! Naturally JP Morgan extracts their pound of flesh from these 8 bullion banks still short on gold and silver!

    As of 7 pm Sunday evening silver is up $1.50 from $27 to $28.50. Let the games begin! I have been waiting decades for this moment!

    V. Arnold

    I know, I know, it’s Laura Ingraham. But watch this.

    I did. Wow…
    It’s why I no longer listen to the galoots…
    I’m reminded every day that life in the west is no more than a scripted reality show…
    The Matrix is the closest metaphor I can think of…


    I have probably written this before but I come from a mining family. My Father was a mining engineer. I have worked in many mines all over the world. My brother has also worked in the mines. None do so now.

    So naturally mining commodities have always interested me. It is in my blood!

    And yes, I have been inside of a bullion bank’s gold and silver vault! Probably 100s of millions of dollars (today billions)! And no armed guards either! I was so disappointed! No fort knot! I was left to wander among the steel trollies loaded with tons and tons of bars!

    My Father’s warning about not getting my fingers pinched beneath the gold and silver bars still rings in my ears! I still had a few close calls! Those small looking bars weighing close to 100 pounds!

    I remember remarking to my Father, after we had left, that they really didn’t need any armed guards as the bars were too heavy to be easily moved!


    V. Arnold:

    Yes, our political and financial world is rigged. Not to mention totally corrupt!

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold:

    Yes, our political and financial world is rigged. Not to mention totally corrupt!

    Indeed; a life, aka living, is corrupted.
    A sickness has descended across the west and all but the strongest will (have?) succumb(ed)…
    When its full impact hits me I feel physical nausea…
    Having no possibility to change or alter the course of events, I try not to think too much about it…
    It’s one reason I refer to my home as “The Hermitage”; it offers some respite…
    I’m reminded of The Never Ending Story; the Great Nothing is descending across the world taking everything with it and the battle to save the last vestiges of existence…


    V. Arnold:

    That is why I enjoy spending my summers at the family’s river island cottage. No internet!

    So I can watch the world go down the drain (without them telling me about it!).


    Here is the thing… on one hand I’m pleased as punch to see the corruption exposed via the Reddit traders. As “Quoth the Raven” podcaster Chris says, it’s a beautiful red pill moment for a large number of people. And it is a gutsy move to go after silver; as I type this silver is up 7% on futures just this evening (Sunday 6pm). Seemingly knowledgeable people are saying in the various comment threads that there is no way this is going harm JPMorgan, the biggest manipulator of silver. But on the other hand, if it does, we may regret that we got our wish. If the Great Reset hypothesis is true, there will have to be a financial crash to usher in the new system, whatever that is. And that new system is not gonna be using real money (constitutional money, gold and silver), boys and girls. Nosiree.

    Demand for physical silver is off the charts, with none to be had any large retail vendor. An hour ago the only silver that I could find was a 500 oz coin package for $17k. Interesting times.



    Be very wary of buying any coins online!

    Many are Chinese websites selling fake gold and silver coins! They have unlimited supplies of coins!

    Real coin dealers don’t have any stocks of coins and haven’t had any for months!

    I would say right now it is already too late to buy silver coins!

    So if someone says they have silver coins available they are likely fakes!


    There’s flatware, of course- sterling, and stamped. And it’s also very useful as eating utensils.
    Cool site brand new to me: finviz
    Interactive and easy financial visuals.
    Sweet dreams, all.


    The best time to buy is always yesterday… or last fall, when I was telling friends and family to get with the program (sadly, no one was convinced). I was really only window-shopping today, I could have bought yesterday if I really thought that I needed it. Not sure what I would trade it for if it turned into a ten-bagger anyway; I was mainly thinking of my nieces, thinking that perhaps I should grab a pile for each of them for when I’m gone. They’re more likely to live in a World Made by Hand than I am. Ah, well. If this doesn’t blow up the system another chance will probably come around.


    Corporate Media has gone silent on the contradictions that are splintering the West caused by incompetence and corruption that purposefully transferred of all of the wealth from the former Western Middle Class to the top 1%.

    The Pandemic was publicized to get rid of Donald Trump but with him long gone, the goal now is to pass on as many bucks from every vaccine shot given to as many people as possible to Big Pharma.
    The reality is that the US for-profit healthcare system has killed 452,279 Americans to date. More have died in one year from COVID-19 than in the four years of WWII (405,399).

    The Robinhood App was used to squeeze naked short stocks. Paper silver appears next. Sooner or later, like 2008, a vital cog will break and the deregulated Wall Street will seize up, once again.

    The swamp creatures that brought the world Libya, Syria and Ukraine are back in charge.

    There will be a concerted effort to silence Redditors, Peaceniks, Trumpeters, the 90% riffraff – The Unwoke.

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold:

    That is why I enjoy spending my summers at the family’s river island cottage. No internet!

    Well, that certainly qualifies as a hermitage… 😉


    I have to say this strikes me more and more like an absurdist black comedy. The kind where a small portion of the audience twig immediately to the fact it’s a piss-take, but the general audience sit there in increasing discomfort as the plausible plot steadily becomes more deranged.

    They either click one by one, or there’s a set-piece over-the-top moment to clue them in.

    Two face masks now mandated on public transport (why not three or four?!):

    At what point does the average rube click this is a farce, if not now..??


    David and Goliath
    Silver Futures Soar 8%, Rise Above $29 As Reddit Hordes Pile In
    SUN JAN 31, AT 7:29 AM
    views 2,029,046
    comments 8,521

    V. Arnold

    A military coup in Burma (Myanmar)…Su ky detained along with her government.
    This won’t end well…
    Cambodia and Thailant just shrug…SNAFU…situation normal, all fouled up…

    V. Arnold

    …another way to say about the coup; same shit, different day…;

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