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    Jean-Michel Basquiat Irony of the Negro Policeman 1981   UPDATE: There is a problem with our Paypal widget/account that makes donating hard for s
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    V. Arnold

    First things first; Jean-Michel Basquiat, Irony of the Negro Policeman 1981 is a gem. Think about that in today’s, 2018 U.S..
    As time plays out, Bitcoin is under the microscope; doesn’t look so good, IMO.
    Also; very little (if any) in today’s economic realities; markets/stocks/bonds/hedges, are free of downright manipulation/corruption! Which is to say the entire economic gambit is rigged against any who think their financial advisor can actually make them money; little people thinking in a world of giants; corrupt, bought giants!
    I could offer my opinion of what to do; but that would rob you of your critical thinking skills in analysing what to do in today’s economic holocaust.
    Hint: metals rule…

    Dr. D

    Intel’s problem is not a flaw: it’s a back door. You didn’t think they were going to let you store your crypto keys safely, did you?

    Wells Fargo, where every news story ends in: “And nobody went to jail.” If you’re Wells, and if you pull $1,000M in frauds and pay $9M in fines, you are legally required under U.S. law to commit that fraud, or else you can be sued for not fully promoting the shareholder’s interests. IKYN.
    Sic semper erit.

    But there’s more. Since the cases are brought as criminal fraud, when they’re settled, the U.S. Federal government receives the money, filling their own budget shortfall. The more fraud, the more money the government receives, usually the enforcing department. If they eliminate fraud, their budget collapses. Do you detect a small conflict of interest here?

    Put it all together: In the U.S. system, companies are legally required to commit fraud, where that fraud is not only not discouraged, it is actively and openly profitable in a cooperative merger of corporations and government, where one protects the other. Should whistleblowers either stop the fraud, or under the whistleblower act, receive the money instead, the corporate and business merger both lose money and/or collapse. Should anyone go to jail, the same would occur. Would anyone like to suggest what behavior we would expect to increase under this incentive program?

    There is, however, a solution. Once upon a time, there were NO government suits whatsoever. All issues were considered “Civil” where one person had to show harm by the other, and be paid restitution and reparations. The constable, as it were, only insured the appearance before the court. In the late Middle Ages, however, the King saw a new profit center and claimed such behavior harmed the “crown” on the true basis that a rich man could easily pay wergild for killing whoever he liked, and was undeterred. From there, the legal basis has steadily moved to the Criminal system and away from the Civil. However the Civil system still exists and has all former rights, including investigation, subpoena, and discovery, and not only makes the victim get repaid, can actually level enough punitive damages to deter rapacious behavior. But because it’s difficult, few bother, and defer to a system they fully know is corrupt and leads to unjust outcomes. –Not unlike how although CEOs are overpaid and Wells is virulently corrupt, everyone cheerfully buys their stock anyway.

    Hey, the government was never going to be better than the sum of the people, that’s an irresponsible fantasy. if the people don’t care enough to even sell the stock, why should the government?

    Dr. D

    #Bombogenisis #Panic #Rages #Defiantly in #Twitterstorm #Attack #Meltdown #EndofAmerica #He’s Finished.

    Have we used up all the available Hyperbole for 2018 yet? This storm threatens to drop SIX whole INCHES. Wake me when the Delaware river freezes by Christmas day. Or the Mississippi at Louisiana. They both used to. Regularly.

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D
    Yeah, yawn…

    V. Arnold

    The alarm about the storm must be symtomatic of some deeper anxiety; or not…
    Neurosis must be the new normal; it seems to be everywhere; even affecting myself from time to time…
    Relief is sometimes just a puff, or a shot away…



    France and Germany have tried a few times to introduce rules which would destroy the City of London in the hope that a few crumbs would migrate to Frankfurt and Paris. It was inevitable they would use BREXIT to try again.

    There is nothing magical about the City – its growth is simply down to taxes. I was working in the City [in IT] when Ireland changed the tax rates on FX trading. Within a year every FX desk in London had migrated to Dublin.

    Banks outside the EU should be unaffected as they will have separate links to both the EU and the UK. EU banks will be cut off from London so will suffer compared to their non-EU rivals. European banks are already weak competitors to the US banks so any lack of access to London will mean their US rivals will pick up even more business.


    re: Intel

    I have always been suspicious of the non-ending stream of “updates” to my Windows 7 setups. It was pretty obvious that far more data was heading out of my computer than could be reasonably warranted. In view of this, I have always been careful as to what to place on the machines.

    In the same spirit, although I tried out “Cloud Computing” just to see what the fuss was all about, I keep a (vulnerable) old-fashioned server rather than place stuff on a shared computer in Alaska or wherever.

    The news that all Intel PC’s were engineered so as to bypass any operating system comes as no surprise to me. The CPU’s seem to have been largely designed in Israel for heavens sake!

    A history of Intel’s R&D in Israel

    Here is an alleged Intel engineer spilling the beans:

    It is way past time to wake up and accept that having a dishonest “friend” is way more dangerous than having an acknowledged foe. Here is how the Jesuit order was purged of fake Christians 500 years ago.

    Review: The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews

    It seems to me that at least two modern fads are endangered:

    1- Bitcoin – I wonder how many Bitcoin have been stolen and their owners unable to report it. The media would obviously not broadcast that piece of news. In Australia, all bank accounts that connect to a Bitcoin exchange have been frozen. I was always suspicious that Bitcoin was yet another scam that originated either in Langley or you-know-where

    Bitcoin investors claim the big four banks are freezing their accounts due to cryptocurrency exchanges

    2- Cloud Computing – it would seem that sharing the same memory with other applications and users is not such a smart move after all.

    All the symptoms of a collapsing society seem to there.


    The best riposte to the “97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree” nonsense from the NASA website is the followiing:

    485 Scientific Papers Published In 2017 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

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