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    Lewis Wickes Hine Child Labor in Magnolia Cotton Mills spinning room, Mississippi Mar 1911 • Being Poor Is Getting Scarier in the US (Bloomberg) • The
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    V. Arnold

    Peter Schiff (Euro Pacific Capital) among many, has said people are stupider than he thought.
    I got a genuine chuckle out of that; it’s true. He can’t believe people are still buying the bullshit!
    Getting poorer in America is getting scary? Getting scary? It’s been scary for decades!
    Most have no idea!
    And seeing the future, I got the fuck out! I’ll not be trapped in the Orwellian reality of what is.
    American’s provincialism is just mind boggling; they have no idea outside of their narrow, shrunken, ignorant world; of the wider planet and its myriad cultures/countries.
    Traps are largely a mindset and government propaganda seals the door.
    Ya’ll need a serious wake-up call to reality.
    America is not the world…
    Think, it’s not yet illegal…


    @ V,

    Okay, I’ll bite.
    Where do you recommending “getting out” to?



    Hi V81.
    Reckon that’ll be a tough chew.
    It seems stupid’s are everywhere, however, there’s a saying in New Zealand, ‘flying under the radar’ and I think you get what we mean by that eh!
    To my way of thinking, small is good and insignificant is better.
    Places worthy of consideration would have a relatively small, diverse population and the ability to produce most of what you really need locally.
    No matter where you find yourself though, I believe that being aware of your wider environment and it’s likely impact on you and your loved ones is paramount.
    Being nimble and ‘thinking on your feet’ are invaluable skills which’ll make the difference to your quality of life, no matter where you are.
    Teach your children well and have fun along the way.

    V. Arnold

    @ Variable81
    Okay, I’ll bite.
    Where do you recommending “getting out” to?
    That wasn’t offered as bait.
    It’s a big world “out there”, but I’ll agree with @Wildsilver.
    Small, out of the mainstream, still sovereign, and very inexpensive cost of living. Many countries will hire degreed (any), native English speakers to teach their children English. The salaries are more than adequate and generally include health coverage. I was fortunate to be hired to work overseas; that was my ticket out (I quit the company after a year). But once out, and here is my point, I realized I could have done it without the job.
    The view from the inside is skewed, distorted by provincialism, and full of mis-information. The view from the outside is liberating, dare I say, exhilarating?

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