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    Jack Delano Foggy night in New Bedford, Massachusetts 1941   • Suleimani’s Death Huge Blow To Iran’s Plans For Regional Domination (Hassan) • Tru
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    “The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn’t have a space program. And if we become extinct because we don’t have a space program, it’ll serve us right!”

    ― Larry Niven

    EDIT: …btw…It’s not just rocks we need to worry about.

    V. Arnold

    Jack Delano Foggy night in New Bedford, Massachusetts 1941

    Another nice Delano. I was pleasently surprised not to get any PC crap, re. my “Negro” woman comment.
    Ilargi; you’re a PC free zone; yee ha! 😉

    Dr. D

    Warning: unbearably long.

    Bedford Falls again. Here’s what America looks like today:


    “Shit-Life Syndrome,” Trump Voters, and Clueless Dems

    Ugh. To some extent, it’s voluntary. You can be poor but everything doesn’t have to fall apart: Look at reams of Shorpy photos. They’re poorer than any of these guys but there’s a residual morality, rules, #Logos.

    Soleimani’s death has -perhaps greatly- increased the chance that US troops will have to leave Iraq. Who would want that to happen?”

    Trump would apparently (and Tulsi): it was a campaign promise. (Just like the last 4 guys but who’s counting).

    He claims it’s to STOP a war. So we had to have the war to stop the war? I’m not going to say he’s wrong on that, but since the public is allowed no information despite paying for it all, it’s still hollow. Since 1953, always some new excuse. In any case remember we have to flee saying “Well I made my point” and the invaded, to get them out, let’s us. Only Nixon could go to China. Only Clinton could destroy welfare. It’s just the weird way things go here. (see Political Ironies)

    Yes, Trump was the first to use Twitter

    And also the last because there are no rules. They won’t ban the President or other followers of a million, probably. However, the next unknown fellow using the same keywords will be banned in 60 seconds and they’ll funnel you to Fox News and Tweets from Will Smith’s cat. And have. Still every day there’s some new ban they don’t announce, last week it was anyone talking on crypto. “It’s the algo!” (that they wrote) “We’re helpless!” (though we created it from nothing, adjust it and enforce it). As they say in Britain: “Computer says no.”

    its selective enforcement of its own terms of service — the kind that prohibit direct harassment against a person, incitement of violence, certain slurs and other acts of malfeasance…”

    Gosh, all of which are used by Antifa, ISIS, and people like Tom Arnold and Kathy Griffin too, among ten-thousand. Yet they too are allowed, not banned even when in obvious breach and substantial pressure is applied. Why? Well pretty obviously, they are allowed only if they promote war, mostly civil. …So from their own actions, that’s why they exist, what they’ve been funded for, since they don’t make a profit. Anyone who want peace or order is banned. That’s their weird religion.

    Back to Trump: no he cannot declare a war on Twitter. Only Congress can do that. And they can rein him in any minute they like because Congress has the control, of the purse if nothing else. But THEY DON’T. 10 seconds before whining and mouthing off, a day before saying he’s the most immediate danger to life on earth, Congress, the House, passed another massive authorization, after another extra tens-billions in war and spying. On them. And us. Don’t give me all this crap, I wasn’t born yesterday, more’s the pity. They LIKE it. They WANT it. And their suffering exists only because THEY aren’t in charge, but they’ll EBD before they stop expanding dictatorial power into the Executive branch, in the hope that – like Virginia – they’ll get to use it against the people someday. Then they’ll kill all the people they can find, drink from the skulls of their enemies, and their religion will be fulfilled.

    Always, ever in history, there are only two sides: the government vs the people. The people who leave alone, and the People who tell others what to do. OR ELSE!!! Half the country are the latter petty Hitlers now, institutionalized, aching to order anyone around for any behavior, they can think of, however slight.

    And now the writer’s claim is that if you don’t ban everyone I don’t like, Twitter will be the cause of war? ‘Cause, like, it’s impossible to communicate without Twitter which we never had and was created yesterday? So, is the Toledo Blade the cause of war? They print stuff too. The phone company? They let people talk. I can tell this guy is on the side of the government because he’s for everyone obeying him as a slave, and the side of the #AntiLogos, because in #Oppositeland they put blame everywhere but where it belongs: Congress. ESPECIALLY, perhaps exclusively the House, since they keep doubling our war budget and hold the purse strings over the Executive. He needs a mirror to see who causes this, not a house of mirrors such as he’s built.

    So once you have a world where no one can speak without your express, personal opinion, Mr. Keys, what do you think of that? Perfect world? Utopia? It will be for one man: YOU. For the rest of us it will be a totalitarian hell on earth. Don’t think we’ll just sit around for your majesty to speak. Sic semper tyrannus.

    He’s undermined our diplomatic relationships for his own personal, political gain.

    Here we go again with #AntiLogos. So if — and I think you’ll see this instantly in the polls — support for Trump goes down from war, AND he was already beating every candidate handily, then it’s the #Oppositeland that Trump would start a war for the election. That’s the same as the other #Oppositeland, and I kid you not, because a single Russian flew to America last week, Putin just gave his orders to Trump…to attack Putin and Russia??? No, literally, literally, this is being said widely. No folks, it’s the #Opposite. Just as a handy guide, take whatever you think and do the opposite. What do you do with nations this insane? And largely at the top, the “(non)thinking class” as Kunstler often says? What to do? Why do anything? They’re destroying themselves more completely than anything Iran or China could devise. Look at Main Street Ohio, above.

    the Sunnis who are the allies and the Shias who are the enemy.

    Ah, Murray is listing our #Oppositeland #AntiLogos too. Hey, given a choice, would you side with a) the guys without oil, who are in a war, who widely attack our people and are an embarrassment to all liberal democracy (naturally I mean Israel here, but if the Saudi shoe fits…) or b) the side that HAS all the remaining oil, haven’t had an aggressive war in 200 years, and even whose allies are pretty mild? Well, a) of course. They are the most diametrically #Oppositeland to all American values, so in #Oppositeland, of course they are your allies and the profitable, non-warlike guys are your enemy. He’s painting up Soulemani, who being a general, of course kills people, of course killed thousands or he couldn’t be promoted but the point’s the same.

    The ‘real threat’ from Iraq was not a threat to the United States.

    The only ‘real threat’ to them is NOT having a war. Everyone knows that, from the bottom to the top. That’s why everyone apparently plays along. When they nuke Berkeley and Toledo for us, the cry will be, “Whut?”

    inching the U.S. closer to the war the Trump administration has been pushing for

    Huh? These guys were only happy when he bombed Syria, and only apoplectic when he was pulling out of anywhere. The Trump admin set two peaces in 3 years, in NoKo and Syria, and are seriously staged to leave F-stan. The TRUMP administration has been pushing for war? If that’s the case, who in the whole earth has been holding him back? Comey and Brennan? Obama? Pelosi with wildly-rising, unasked-for war budgets? Seriously, sir, however mild, Trump has been the ONLY guy – even in his own administration – NOT pushing for war.

    Bernanke: Fed Has Ample Clout To Fight Downturn If Toolkit Used Properly (R.)

    Hahahahahaha. You’re so funny. In a time of universal corruption, where no one bats an eye at zero accounting and infinite money-printing, what can’t be done? A: any problem that isn’t fixed by MORE lies and MORE money-printing. That is to say: rising rates, as REPO exposed, and inflation, which will happen when money flees fraudulent, unaccounted paper promises, and into real things like wheat. Oh, P.S., just like every other fiat system ever, after the 40 years we’ve already had. Bye-bye.

    How the Two-Party System Broke the Constitution (Atlantic)

    What a dip: Newsflash: the U.S. has even had only ONE party, in 1830. It’s had MANY parties. It’s had one de-facto party, under Lincoln and FDR. It’s had every combination of parties. But mostly it’s had two parties going way, way back, back to the 1730s, and none of it made any difference. The Constitution isn’t broken. We just won’t use it anymore. Why? Because it’s a contract that is the PURVIEW OF THE PEOPLE TO ENFORCE. The government isn’t going to enforce it on themselves, duh. Their job in history is to attack, railroad, imprision, rob, and destroy the people: read the Declaration for G-d’s sake. It’s US who restrains them, we just establish what WE consider is over the line USING the Constitution.

    And against every. word. he’s saying his own party IS like four parties. AND the GOP is at least two. Listing, all formidable and real: Democratic Socialists. Blue-dog unions. NeoLib billionaire warmongers, standard DNC values, let’s say University professors and white-collar holdovers. GOP core, with or without the RINOs. GOP-new, including the Tea Party, fake and real, and the actual Libertarians. But according to the Atlantic, reporters-at-large, who follow this every day and are experts: None of those parties exist, although at least two of them have had enormous effects and overthrew their party within and continually every day for 1,000 days in a row, a fight that is in every 3rd news story.

    I’m a reporter: Nothing to see here! When there are 6 or 8 parties rabidly chewing on each other everywhere you look, I report the problem is we have 1! Because I thought it in my head a second ago, and thanks to political correctness and a Twitter-chamber, no one can knock in my door, give me a black eye, and say: get straight, and stop being a moron or I’ll thrash you again just for being. Well you are sir. I haven’t read anything that dumb in a while, and considering your co-workers at The Atlantic, that’s really saying something. May Emerson rise from his grave and throw you from the Pequod for embarrassing his paper so.

    Back to the point: nothing’s broken but that YOU, and The Atlantic, won’t support the Constitution, and are against every word in it and all Ten Bill of Rights, every day of my natural life. Then it’s somebody else’s fault? You’re the ones who don’t WANT a Constitution, free speech, state law, bankruptcy protection, gun rights, or an electoral college. Maybe Hamilton should wrap you in the rigging for when Emerson pushes.


    Everywhere Armchair generals

    Why is the USA involved is a regional religious war?
    Why do the USA accept the lies? Would Money be the reason that the people accept the lies?
    Why won’t the USA go home? Again, would it be because someone is making a lot of money.

    The truth of the matter is that if you take every American killed including and since 9/11, in the resultant Middle East related wars, conflicts and terrorist acts, well over 90% of them have been killed by Sunni Muslims financed and supported out of Saudi Arabia and its gulf satellites, and less than 10% of those Americans have been killed by Shia Muslims tied to Iran.
    Yet every journalist or aid worker hostage who has been horribly beheaded or otherwise executed has been murdered by a Sunni, every jihadist terrorist attack in the USA itself, including 9/11, has been exclusively Sunni, the Benghazi attack was by Sunnis, Isil are Sunni, Al Nusra are Sunni, the Taliban are Sunni and the vast majority of US troops killed in the region are killed by Sunnis.
    Precisely which are these hundreds of deaths for which the Shia forces of Soleimani were responsible? Is there a list? It is of course a simple lie.

    Will Canada need to hide the Americans, once again, during a siege?

    Fifty-two American diplomats and citizens were held hostage, (siege), for 444 days from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981,
    Worth emphasizing. Worth reading the original. Don’t forget to read the comments/opinions from the armchair generals following the original article.

    VIPS MEMO: Doubling Down Into Yet Another ‘March of Folly,’ This Time on Iran

    January 3, 2020
    MEMORANDUM FOR: The President
    FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)
    SUBJECT: Doubling Down Into Another “March of Folly”?

    It is time to call a spade a spade. The country expecting to benefit most from hostilities between Iran and the U.S. is Israel (with Saudi Arabia in second place).
    And when bodybags arrive from abroad, there may be for families and for thinking Americans, a limit to how much longer the pro-Israel mainstream media will be able to pull the wool over their eyes.
    We are all in a liminal moment. We write with a sense of urgency suggesting you avoid doubling down on catastrophe.
    For the Steering Group of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: (see long list of distinguished people)


    Iran Warns U.S. Its Middle East Dominance Is Over After Naval Drills With Russia, China
    By David Brennan On 12/30/19 at 8:47 AM EST
    “Regional countries themselves can ensure security together,” he said. “The presence of Americans only creates insecurity in the region,” he added, according to the state-backed Fars news agency.
    ( )
    He said that Iran has proved that it always tries to maintain peace in the international waterways, especially this important area.
    On Thursday, Chinese Defense Ministry Spokesman Wu Qian announced that Beijing’s Xining guided-missile destroyer would take part in the drills. Three Russian vessels are also taking part in the drills, according to reports.
    Also on Thursday, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi underlined that high deterrence power of the country’s Armed Forces has discouraged enemies at military aggression.
    The enemy never dares to attack Iran thanks to combat readiness of the Iranian forces at sea and on the ground, Rear Admiral Khanzadi said, addressing a meeting in the Northeastern city of Mashhad.
    The Americans are well-known as aggressors with records of aggression on several states and they have killed 800,000 native people in their civil war, he added.
    Rear Admiral Khanzadi said that the United States is the only country in the world which has used nuclear weapon, encouraged the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to invade Iran, created ISIL terrorist group to cause bloodbath and never hesitates to ignite conflict across the world.
    During eight years of sacred defense with Iraq, many countries backed Saddam Hussein, but, in the end it was Iran that won the battle and that the role of the Iranian Navy was very significant, the commander said.
    He said that the enemy is now exerting economic pressure to break the people’s unity, but to no avail.


    Your move
    Its Cold season
    Iraqi parliament passes resolution asking government to cancel request for assistance from US-led coalition
    5 Jan, 2020 13:54 /

    Iraq’s parliament has voted to have foreign troops removed from the country, heeding a call from its caretaker prime minister. The move comes after the US assassination of a top Iranian general and a commander of Iraqi militia.
    The resolution, which was passed anonymously, instructs the government to cancel a request for military assistance from the US-led coalition, which was issued in response to the rise of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). With IS supposedly defeated, Iraq will not need foreign troops to fight the jihadists and can close its airspace to coalition aircraft.
    The Iraqi government must work to end the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil and prohibit them from using its land, airspace or water for any reason.
    According to Press TV, some Western military presence may remain for training purposes. The resolution says Iraqi military leadership has to report the number of foreign instructors that are necessary for Iraqi national security.
    At the same time, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said that Baghdad had turned to the UN Security Council with complaints about US violations of its sovereignty.
    The interim prime minister said after the incident it was clear that it was in the interest of both the US and Iraq to end the presence of foreign forces on Iraqi soil.

    Influential Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr stated in a letter that Iraq should go further and shut down the US embassy.

    In the wake of the attack the US advised all American civilians to leave Iraq. US-led coalition troops in Iraq have also suspended all training operations and hunkered down at fortified bases, bracing for retaliatory strikes.


    the thick viscous substance secreted by the mucous membranes of the respiratory passages, especially when produced in excessive or abnormal quantities, e.g., when someone is suffering from a cold.

    Dr D Rich

    Well you finally nailed it Dr. D.
    “So from their own actions, that’s why they exist, what they’ve been funded for, since they don’t make a profit. Anyone who wants peace or order is banned. That’s their weird religion.”

    And currently current events support you. Soleimani was lured to his death for….wait…being a peacemaker.
    “Wow….lured to peace talks in order to be murdered.
    “Has anyone noticed this? Apparently Soleimani was to meet the Iraqi PM the day after he was murdered.. as an envoy with a letter responding a certain Saudi peace offer!?!
    The Iraqi PM stated this himself today



    Parliament voted on a five-point action plan that would require the Iraqi government to end the presence of foreign troops in the country, and withdraw its request for assistance from the anti-ISIS global coalition. This would require new legislation to cancel the existing agreement.
    Parliament also called on the government to ban the use of Iraqi airspace by any foreign power.
    The Iraqi foreign minister has been directed to head to the UN to lodge an official complaint against the US strike.
    The bill is subject to approval by the Iraqi government and cancelling the US-Iraq agreement requires a one-year notice for withdrawal.

    Before the vote Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi told the parliament that he was scheduled to meet with Soleimani a day after his arrival to receive a letter from Iran to Iraq in response to a de-escalation offer Saudi Arabia had made. The U.S. assassinated Soleimani before the letter could be delivered by him.
    Abdul-Mahdi also said that Trump had asked him to mediate between the U.S. and Iran.
    Did he do that to trap Soleimani? It is no wonder then that Abdul-Mahdi is fuming.
    The Prime Minister’s letter to the General Secretary of the UN and the Secretary of the UNSC is here.

    It is somehow ironic that the U.S. has spent lots of lives and money to “spread democracy” in Iraq only to be kicked out through an Iraqi parliament vote.

    Who lose money with peace? Israel?


    In other blowbacks from the murder of Soleimani the Qatar leaders are fuming over the use of a Qatar based reaper drone to launch the missiles and were controlled remotely by operators at the US Air Force base in Creech, Nevada.

    Iraqi Hezbollah Warns Security Forces to Avoid Approching US Bases
    The Kataib Hezbollah on Saturday warned the Iraqi security forces to keep a distance of one Kilometer from the US bases from Sunday evening, after the Pentagon’s recent assault hit five targets of the popular forces in Iraq and Syria which resulted in the death of dozens of fighters.
    “The leaders of the security services must abide by the safety rules of their fighters and not allow them to be a human shield,” al-Askari warned.

    Maxwell Quest

    @Herr Doktor

    If reason were music your commentary today would be a symphony!

    “Trump Could Start A War Via Twitter; The Social Network Is OK With That (Keys)”

    Numerous times over the last three years have I had to defend Trump’s use of Twitter. This automatically gets me labelled as a Trump lover or MAGA fanatic, instead of a defender of the first amendment. When hatred is in charge of the house, reason and nuance get shot in the head, don’t you see.

    It was also apparent that this idea, the audacity and ignominy of a tweeting president, was implanted by their latest ingestion of CNN propaganda. How dare the president circumvent his gatekeepers and talk directly to the world via his twitter account. Doesn’t he know that this ties the hands of corporate media, making their job of misquoting, taking out of context, and twisting his words that much more difficult? Apparently, being a media expert himself, he does.


    “Soleimani was lured to his death for….wait…being a peacemaker.
    “Wow….lured to peace talks in order to be murdered.
    “Has anyone noticed this? Apparently Soleimani was to meet the Iraqi PM the day after he was murdered.. as an envoy with a letter responding a certain Saudi peace offer!?!”

    Reminds me of when this guy — Ahmad Shah Massoud — was taken out two days before 911.

    V. Arnold

    Trump is a pig!
    The U.S. has been run by pigs since Carter…

    V. Arnold

    I should add: A disgusting pig! With a 4th grade vocabulary…
    How bloody scary is that?
    And then add, he’s the titular head of the militarily, most powerful country on this planet…

    Dr. D

    Thanks. I don’t like getting so worked up.

    Today’s headline should be “Trump slipped on a banana peel and accidentally withdrew from the Middle East.” If so, Soleimani would all be worth it. However, as advertised, the U.S. has to leave by shooting up the town and saying, “Welp Pilgrim, I guess I’ve made my point.” Then retreat like a little girl, but somehow it’s okay then.

    So can you tell me with every possible force, inside and out against withdrawal, can you figure out how to be irrevocably forced to bring the troops home? How about doing exactly everything a small Mediterranean nation wants you to, only a leeeeetle too much? Then he says, “Well, sorry, did all I could! You see how strong I was, how many bombs, I did everything you asked, aw shucks didn’t work out.”

    We’ll see though. Ugh.

    John Day

    Dr D said:
    “So can you tell me with every possible force, inside and out against withdrawal, can you figure out how to be irrevocably forced to bring the troops home? How about doing exactly everything a small Mediterranean nation wants you to, only a leeeeetle too much? Then he says, “Well, sorry, did all I could! You see how strong I was, how many bombs, I did everything you asked, aw shucks didn’t work out.”’
    This kind of paradoxical thought has often entered my mind, and any inference of intent at any time is quickly turned upon it’s pointy-little-head in the next moment, so inference of intent is not useful.
    The best I can come up with is that Trump’s role in history is to degrade the degraded and degrading western globalist near-hegemony a little bit faster.

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