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    Rembrandt Old man with a beard 1630   • Big Tech Has Proven It’s More Powerful Than Any Government (Buyniski) • Friday Night Massacre: Twitter Pu
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    V. Arnold

    Rembrandt Old man with a beard 1630

    24 years old, and can paint like that…defies comprehension…for us mortals…

    Dr. D

    Interesting, Armstrong has let us down this time: his cycle turn was on 8Jan. Nothing visible happened.

    Rome is a huge subject, because as humans we just say “Rome” with means ten-million things over 10 centuries, and more things even today. If you were there, living it out slowly, you’d hardly notice. There’d be life, struggle, a war, peace, conquering, being conquered, the conquerors being same as the old ones, then getting conquered themselves. That’s all 70-year cycle that was probably going on even then, at least one total war or collapse per generation. Here is ours.

    Did Rome move? Maybe? Was Byzantine Rome? Sort of? It was also very different. Was Europe Rome, right up to Hadrian’s Wall? Yes. But also no. It had ground-elements as well, and was subsumed by Anglos, Vikings, and others for centuries. Are we Roman now? Clearly yes, but they wouldn’t recognize us. Can any nation founded on God and even Christ be Roman? Probably not, that’s clearly Abrahamic. They have law above the Law of Power.

    What strikes me about that period was there wasn’t one thing to do. It devolved, so first you did this, then you did that, and ultimately it depended where you wanted to be. Was sitting it out from Julius to a shepherd town of 30k in 1801 your goal? Being a shepherd in a beautiful ruin in beautiful weather don’t sound too bad. They’re still doing it today – since everything in Italy is corrupt and always has been, why not live the beautiful life? Would you rather move to the new center of “Holy Rome” in the cold mud of Germany? That’s what was hoppin’ then. Or the mists and cross-attacks of Holland and Belgium? Or England, the most backwater of all for 1,000 years? So backwater they didn’t even have pots, while camping on the palatial tile floors of Roman Villas?

    Same here, and same with “solutions.” What’s the “Solution”? Well, depends if you’re a college student or a 70-year-old ex patriot. If you’re in Belgium or in Baltimore. If you’re on a farm or in a flat. “Solutions” are crushingly local. And extremely personal. There is no interest at all in rural life or food. If I pushed that “solution” they way the cities push paving and urbanization, all the cities would shoot me. You know, as they’ve just shot all the rural folks…Lately with the total removal of health care within a hundred miles of their house, not just in America, but France and other places as well.

    Some WANT that goal, that life. Some do not. And we, the un-violent, liberty-minded, approve of that. Do your thing. But as said, “we” (meaning “they”) are so hypnotized by centralization they look to the national level to spoon porridge into their mouths rather than do it themselves. They beg Idiot, or Idiot-Box, to tell them what to do, say, think. That’s all going away now. Like Rome, they slowly will have no power, no legitimacy which is the whole basis of that power, to tell any of us what to do. But since nobody’s thought in 50 years, the people won’t know WHAT to do without fascists, centralists, the Party, the Uni-Party, ORDERING every aspect of their existence, and punishing them if they don’t.

    So in my opinion that’s why we don’t focus on solutions necessarily. Solutions are local. They are YOUR life, your problem. While centralization, even worldwide, are common to us all. We couldn’t come together for “solutions” because no solution would intersect us all, even if we had a common goal for a common life, which we don’t.

    So here we are, doing this. Although I agree, kvetching isn’t much use about the same old things. The Peak Oil aspect, which is the foundation, had more applicability, mentally and personally. While fun, it’s better to track this new thing:

    *The basis of the Peak Oil was that it existed. It seems to, or may.
    *That the financial, being psychological, would collapse first, and it generally has, and will, but we learned, being psychological, was prone to fancy and illusion heretofore unimaginable.
    *That as these devolved, as they clearly are, centralization would break down.
    *Money is the cooperation system, the means by which we can coordinate and centralize. *If money breaks down, centralization fails. With it, power, including state power, fails.
    *Money is based on trust. When trust fails, money fails, as this very minute. And vice-versa, as they are twined.
    *What to do about that is very personal. But in a world where trust is broken, you clearly will re-localize.
    *Human rights fail as people choose their money – but moreso just their previous habits – over anything else.

    As the loss of human rights instantly equals a loss of trust and cooperation, everyone buries their gold and stops working – the biggest single takeaway from Rome. That this can go on for 10,000 years until Laws exist again and are reliable, impartial again is the second lesson. We are violating both and many more, and the rich will be worthless because of it. A backwater, edge-of-the-empire, out-house-using town. “Rich” will be eating every day, and it’ll be the “Rich” who made it that way. The way being “rich” then will be worse than being “poor” now.

    That happens both fast and slow. Right now it’s moving fast. But the music can stop any time and you’ll be in a chair for half a generation again. Like ‘79 to ‘01 or ‘01 to ‘08.

    “I told you once before that there were two times for making big money, one in the up-building of a country and the other in its destruction. Slow money on the up-building, fast money in the crack-up. Remember my words. Perhaps they may be of use to you some day.” –Rhett Butler

    Some people, like Bezos, but also Bitcoin midgets, are making more money now than they’ve ever made before. You can be on one side or the other. You can hide, or you can sell shovels. Rhett made more money as a blockade-runner than he could have dreamed of making in peacetime. He prospered while everyone he knew was wiped out. And he told them specifically, but they wouldn’t listen.

    “Rhett: I think it’s hard winning a war with words, gentlemen.
    Charles: What do you mean, sir?
    Rhett: I mean, Mr. Hamilton, there’s not a cannon factory in the whole South.
    Man: What difference does that make, sir, to a gentleman?
    Rhett: I’m afraid it’s going to make a great deal of difference to a great many gentlemen, sir.
    Charles: Are you hinting, Mr. Butler, that the Yankees can lick us?
    Rhett: No, I’m not hinting. I’m saying very plainly that the Yankees are better equipped than we. They’ve got factories, shipyards, coalmines… and a fleet to bottle up our harbors and starve us to death. All we’ve got is cotton, and slaves and… arrogance.
    To secede from the Union and set up another government would cause war. If you go to war with the United States, you will never conquer her, as she has the money and the men. If she does not whip you by guns, powder, and steel, she will starve you to death. It will take the flower of the country-the young men.”

    But you want to do this anyway, who am I to say? I can only position my own life. Books as simple as “Rich Dad” inform you, beg you, to use the obvious, common, legal means to prosper. But people will just work at Taco Bell, rent-to-own, and get divorced instead. What can I do about it? Most rich men I’ve known would be happy to tell you how to do it if only you can catch their attention with seriousness. Because ain’t nobody asking, nobody working, only complaining. Why me no rich? I watch Tik-tok all day, don’t I?

    So here you are: greatest transfer of wealth ever is happening, about to happen. They are going to burn your house and then steal YOUR money to Build Back Better. That structure is past-tense, the army was mustered, it’s standing in your yard. All you can do now is steal THEIR money ahead of them with their own rules so that they get less. Or not do that, and let them have more as you have ever-less power.

    Now if ALL of you did this, they would be essentially powerless, as the power would be extremely widespread and the income disparity wiped out. You would have leverage. But they won’t, because they are in Decadence and Dependency, and have no Faith, Courage, or Hard Work. What do you think I can do about that, any more than any Plebian?

    They printed $6T in 6 months after printing and losing $40T the previous years. If you’d bought Bitcoin at $5,000 this year, you’d have $40,000 nine months later. Would that $35,000 help with your cistern?

    How’s that for a solution today?

    madamski cafone

    “No explanations have been forthcoming as to why the Capitol was largely unguarded during the protests, even though Trump had for weeks been calling on his followers to stage “wild” demonstrations on that day. Nor was it clear why Mayor Muriel Bowser waited so long before sending in police and the military to rein in the chaos. The stage seemed to have been deliberately set for disaster..”

    I recall similar questions being asked about the Black Lives Matter protests of last year.

    I know this is a bit like throwing red meat to a pack of dogs (hey! I LIKE dogs! more than people, maybe!), but:

    search results for ‘left wing violence surges 2020’

    I googled ‘left wing violence surges in 2020’, which is true. (Not nearly as much overall as the surge in right wing violence, but they were already ahead in that race.) Big news stories were everywhere last year about BLM protests that tended to spill over into mob violence (usually toward property but not always). One can argue HOW violent they were compared to other factions (I deal with this a fair bit in the so-called real world), but there’s no doubt that leftist causes took to the streets, confrontations happened, property was trashed, people got hurt, in numbers an order of magnitude or more than just the year before. Downtown Portland took a double-whammy from covid shutdowns and massive protests, mostly BLM but some MAGA-style events too. Customers stayed away while homelessness increased (always a draw for locals and tourists to enjoy an evening on the town).

    The one article the search page has on growing left wing violence and movement toward same is by the WaPo:

    Violent memes and messages surging on far-left social media, a new report finds

    But otherwise, google shows me a whole page of mostly right wing terrorism articles after a token article on top addressing the rise in left wing calls for violence. How much of this is the ‘new censorship’ that I perceive taking over media, especially Western media, especially the online kind? How much is google tweaking search results and how much is a genuine dearth of articles exploring the fact that it ain’t just Teahadi MAGA proud boys acting up but also BLM antifa justice warriors? The times they are a-changin?

    Both groups are in PROTEST. Certain elements in each group plan horrific acts that can be called ‘terrorism’, but both groups, who have legitimate gripes that they feel powerless to address short of physical confrontation and shows of group strength, are reduced to ultimately misguided displays of violent solidarity that generally hurts more than helps their cause.

    it’s been obvious for some time that the extreme left subsided by the 90s, with the protest in Seattle in 1999 against the WTO as a kind of parting shot. (It wasn’t a violent protest, but agents provocateur, some sincere, some pros, reliably broke enough storefront windows to justify tear gas, etc, and the thing turned into a fiasco.) Meanwhile, right wing violence was growing big legs, with McVeigh’s bombing sort of a first shot.

    I see a public narrative, in great part driven by a monolithic media, pushing a kind of ‘lesser evil’ false dichotomy that has one group focusing on the other group as the Main Threat, when the main threat is obviously a government that has been thoroughly co-opted and corrupted by wealthy colostomy bags like Bezos, Koch Brothers, Zuckerberg, Murdoch and so on.

    This isn’t about some pop-gun cigarette lighter flame war between the keyboard kommandos of both sides. I get where both sides are coming from, sympathize with both, and agree with both more than not. This is about both main camps of the USA plebiscite losing trust in their political process to address mounting wrongs and deprivations. One can only go so far down that road before the country looks like downtown Portland last summer… with a baseball bat.

    Sadly but predictably, the most consistently lethal element has been what Homeland Security calls WSE — White Supremacist Extremists. People of opposing skin tone and facial characteristics find it easy to mistrust and hate each other. BSE — Black Supremacist Extremists stopped being a thing for decades after Malcolm X and MLK were killed and the Black Panthers were co-opted by the usual gubmint suspects. BLM might brew some new BSE, but I doubt it will have time to attain much power or identity. People will be too busy struggling to get by and fighting in the streets to bother with such ideological luxuries.

    Today the denunciation focuses on right-wing extremism (making yourself heard is extremist, I guess; it certainly takes extreme acts to get attention when the media doesn’t want to see it). But I suspect this will shift.

    madamski cafone

    So I searched and figured out that this is that Armstrong guy:

    That Armstrong Guy

    The cyclical aspect seems sound but I have no idea where he gets this:

    “Like Putin who cannot let go of Empire Building, Western Politicians cannot let go of Marxism.”

    Putin is no empire builder. It is his country that had Marxism to let go of. Here in the West, we’re trying to let go of empire-building.

    Loved the post, btw. Lovely writing, and the Rhett Butler quotes are sweet.

    Window Dressing

    madamski cafone

    I assume Dr. D refers to this?

    ECM Cycle

    Dr. D

    The REALLY, REALLY GREAT REBALANCING… ..sort of…I guess…..

    Is so complicated I’d have to write a book on it. But I spare you. I agree with all the major points. Adding point: The U.S. is either going to be taken over as a Chinese colony (process underway now) OR they’re going to default on all Chinese promises. (And cause a war) Because we ain’t payin’ to be no Chinese slave-harvesting colony. Not EVEN if they sell us out. There’s still too many guns and we’ll level the place first if they won’t, and STILL they won’t get the money from a leveled, hollowed-out, hostile, non-food-exporting nation. But your choice: clearly everyone on every coast, all of Harvard, K-Street and South Manhattan is in favor of it.

    PS, this is following the same event from Saudi in 1980, when they could buy a new U.S. aircraft carrier…every DAY…with the paper-printed money we were trade-deficiting to them. And yes, they back-infiltrated us to some extent and back-colonized the globe with Saudi wahhabists. But THEY, are all the same club. Saudi, CIA, Mossad, Lockheed, London, Chinese funds, all have interlocking self-interests. AGAINST YOU. You make the money, they take the money. They have complete freedom from any laws and norms, you are nuzzled and imprisoned for merely being alive. So why do you go help them?

    Other notes: BTC is a larger market than Yuan, according to his number.

    “The primary tool the CPC will be deploying to accelerate the Global print-a-thon as described in my January discussion of the “Stealth Nationalization of America’s Banks….” is the “Pump and Dump” cycle. In a nutshell, because the Chinese Communist Party has reached disguised critical mass on their foreign financial asset holdings, they are fully capable of, along with their plugged-in Western “helpers” of starting and stopping these passive/algo driven buy and sell cycles. Every one of these cycles is worth hundreds of billions of US Dollars depending on the depth of the cycle from peak to trough. Could you imagine how much money you could make if you were a plugged-in-to-China investor and could time, with certainty, the peaks and valleys of these Pump & Pump cycles? We’ve seen a couple of test cycles so far (December 2018, February & March of 2020, October 2020, etc.) Here’s the pro-forma illustration”


    “That’s right a $10 Billion “pump” in 15 minutes, first thing Tuesday morning followed by a $10 Billion “dump” the first thing Wednesday morning on “no news”. If we had any doubt in the integrity of the markets we might just assume that:

    1.) An entity or entities (I believe this is Chinese directed activity, although impossible to prove) took a run at chasing the shorts out of the stock, and it apparently worked even better than they could have imagined.
    2.) This was a test of what the impact that volume spikes might have on the movement of passive/algo money. How big does the trigger have to be? How long does the response take? What sort of offset/bounce back can they expect.

    That said, I’d expect, if my assessment is correct, we will be seeing more cycles like this with increasing frequency and amplitude.”

    …Until China shakes the machine apart and into pieces, leaving us in ruins.

    “Ray’s very general, one sentence, recommendation, is that Central Banks MUST continue to provide liquidity and support Western asset prices through the entire cycle to avoid a cataclysmic global depression. In short, Ray’s advice would seem to be to do exactly what the Chinese Communist Party would want the West to do.”

    That is, we fuel our own destruction. …And those Lockheed, K-Street, Harvard Manhattanites know it and play along, joyfully throwing bourbon (and live deplorables) on the fire.

    because of the size of the economic power shift, this transfer of wealth and power from the West to the the Chinese Communist Party will likely be permanent and irreversible. The second difference is that they will have accomplished this transfer of wealth and power by using our own systems against us. They will have lied, cheated and stolen their way to global dominance.”

    Ah, just like we did when we were but a wee laddie. Like all nations do, or would given a chance.

    So…hey peoples! Who are we at war with? Deplorables, right?

    Who is going to ruin you, level Detroit, far more effectively than all the nuclear bombs in the world? (Just as Ayn Rand predicted in 1953)

    And if they are in the system, shaking it apart, how do you respond?

    A: by leaving it and going to another system. Non-bank, non-dollar.

    “F-MAGA-BUTT Stocks (Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Baba, Uber, Tesla and Tencent).
    $9.4 Trillion, or the equivalent of roughly 25% of… all US Stocks, is tied up in these 9 tech stocks. The P/E of these stocks is a remarkable 46, or the stock price represents 46 years of the current earnings”

    These are the stocks you most want to avoid. Stay out of your BUTT.

    As I described above, we Westerners have been in a war for quite some time, yet we haven’t believed, understood, acknowledged, accepted or done anything about it. We’ve let the burglars in the house thinking they were our friends, endorsed by the “helpers”, yet we continue to rationalize different theories about how the silverware and jewelry might have gone missing. We wonder why our family members have been bound, gagged and locked in the closet as the Chinese are loading our furniture into the moving van. We can’t believe that this could possibly be happening. We had thought that we had reformed the criminals and that they were becoming honest, Westernized, helpful global citizens. When we politely ask the Chinese about these indiscretions, they deny that they’ve had anything to do with anything, and insist that even if they did, that we can’t possibly prove it. Delay, Deny and Defend….right out of the McKinsey playbook.”

    Nah. We Anglos intend to double-cross them and always have. Anglos are as anglos ever have been. There isn’t a single anglo treaty ever signed they haven’t broken. And China knows it. HW Bush sold them this crap for God’s sake! Surely they absolutely knew. However, they need somebody to take the blame for it. And I believe they wanted China to destroy the U.S., or rather its Constitution and all Human Rights first. …But Chinavirus beat them to it. We handed it over and didn’t even get the sniffles. #Winning! We don’t need no Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Religion, Self-defense, Warrants, Trials, or limitations! We are EGO. We want ALL, to Infinity and Beyond!

    Applause all ‘round. How DARE you speak the words “Human Rights”. If if ONE life is saved, isn’t it worth it to destroy all human rights forever? And kill 40,000 people with every 1% increase in unemployment?

    My thought is the Amish. They bank, borrow, lend, work, with themselves, in the (local) community. You will too, or die.

    No more selling out Joe, killing his kids, causing his divorce, letting his house collapse because you trampled him in the race to get a Wal-Mart that would annihilate his business, his family, his living, while HE paid business taxes that were HANDED to WalMart as an INCENTIVE to run him…and all employment in town…out of business. ..Before WalMart Company Store™ jacked prices and left a hollow building where food once grew. Cause if you’re a red hat…or it’s Tuesday, because you don’t speak Mandarin/Harvardese…you can’t buy groceries. Go die in a hole, you f’er. You’re off Twitter. You’re off Facebook, You’re off MasterCard. While IF you shop with your own people, and community, and neighbors, and chat in person not on Facebook, they can’t touch you. You are now a State-shifting power bloc, even the Governor has to tread lightly.

    And you WILL do this. Or you WILL die. Because all Leftists, from Jimmy Dore to Assange are in the same crosshairs. It’s just a matter of how much longer you want to kill all your neighbor’s children to get 20c off that can of (GMO, diabetes-causing) beans.

    Now you should have done that before, but they were Boomers, and the ME generation, who had ALREADY sacrificed all their latchkey children to be raised by wolves and solitary confinement, and ALREADY sold out their nation, it’s people, principles, and ecology for a sack of beads smaller than any (non-Manhattan) indian ever could. The only joy in this is that their pensions are destroyed in their own old age, and their kids are too destitute to rescue them.

    …But on the downside, the rest of us all die too. Thanks Mom.

    ““A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” Marcus Tullius Cicero


    Let me try a little spin…

    On January 6th, 2021
    BLM, Antifa, and Patriots got together to storm the Capitol to confront the real problem:

    Dr. D

    70-year is often called Kondrietieff, they are all the same cycles. There would be 4 Generations, or Turnings in a Kondrietieff. War, post-war, rebel-visionary, end. Greatest, Silent, Boomer, X, and Millennials are or would normally be fighting the next war. …They stretched it slightly perhaps because we coincide with a 200-year mega-cycle end here, perhaps longer lifespans now to forget WHY we save and WHY we don’t glee and scree for war and hate.

    If Armstrong is right, this is most probably the human syncronization with a sun cycle. THat is, back when the sun’s heartbeat led to bad weather and crops…as now…and that leads to war and depopulation, and that leads to the children of that war to have a certain outlook…while the weather improves and creates property, until and almost imperceptible change reduces crops again. Like Rome (no sun volcanos) or 1789 (failed crops and starvation). That heartbeat might change slowly so it’s now 80 years, or we may grow and frack so much oil we can buy time and not be tied to the crops now. …But the essence so far goes on uninterrupted.

    And speaking of interrupted, I REALLY have to go get some work done and make my own solutions now or I won’t eat either.


    The demonstration in Washington was always going to be a trap and was ill-advised. The police and security guards helping the demonstrators gain access and the use of agent provocateurs is not surprising – Trump’s enemies always wanted the worst possible result.

    The results of this are coming thick and fast and horrifying.

    Trump was always going to be kicked off Twitter and Facebook as soon as he was no longer President, it has just been brought forward a bit. Not content to win the Presidency and the Senate, like any banana republic, they want to imprison Trump – he will become the new Assange! It seems like any online presence of Trump is being cancelled, whether it is personal, business or political.

    The Democrats also want to punish everyone who supported Trump. Obviously Twitter and Facebook will be cancelling large numbers of accounts. Parler has been dropped from the Google app store, and Apple are thinking about it. Mozilla is calling for the de-platforming of anyone they disagree with. The email service that the Trump organisation uses seems to have stopped working.

    This is just the beginning.

    Half the country voted for Trump yet it seems they will be silenced, certainly for any political views. I would expect any non-aligned website to be targeted as well.

    Although anti-Trumpers may cheer these developments it is the Deep State which has won. Also, who is next? BLM and Antifa are now no longer useful and will most likely be de-platformed. Also AOC, etc have served their purpose and are just an annoyance to be disposed of. Then it is anyone who disagrees with the Government, then…

    I am reminded of the German pastor who supported Hitler for some time :

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    I am sure this can be rephrased to fit the modern day!

    madamski cafone

    “70-year is often called Kondrietieff, they are all the same cycles”

    I think perhaps you trust your memory too much, DD. They’re more like 40-60 years, Kondratieff waves.


    “In direct contradiction to the official forecast, a team of scientists led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is predicting that the Sunspot Cycle that started this fall could be one of the strongest since record-keeping began.

    “In a new article published in Solar Physics, the research team predicts that Sunspot Cycle 25 will peak with a maximum sunspot number somewhere between approximately 210 and 260, which would put the new cycle in the company of the top few ever observed.”

    NEW SUNSPOT CYCLE COULD BE ONE OF THE STRONGEST ON RECORD Scientists use an extended, 22-year solar cycle to make the forecast

    The more traditional view:

    What Is the Sun’s Role in Climate Change?

    If the heretical view is right, things will heat up that much faster. If the traditional view prevails, the tendency will be to slow down this thing loosely called global warming. But “heating up” could actually mean worse winters and summers with freakish cold events, because the core aspect of global climate disruption, in the short run, is not warming but exacerbating. The variables of oceanic heat transfer and many many other aspects make it difficult to say if the result will trend toward a new Carboniferous (ha!) Era or new Ice Age.

    madamski cafone

    @ anticlimactic

    “BLM and Antifa are now no longer useful and will most likely be de-platformed.”

    I suspect they won’t be deplatformed but instead re-directed toward an electoral populist movement that will produce the (ahem) New Hitler. Kamala Harris would like to be that public figure with Biden giving her his senile blessing like how Otto Bismark, well into dementia, gave his to Hitler before croaking.

    I’m just speculating via intuition more than anything with this logic: Why alienate your voting bloc? Why overplay your hand? It is always best, per their interests, to keep the Iron Claw hidden by the Velvet Glove.


    Think! What happened!!!
    If you want to overthrow the gov., To make a revolution, you need to control the news media.
    TAE has gathered a few headline for you to digest

    How many coups have there been in the past decades that did not involve the CIA?
    (??? Were there CIA provocateurs involved on the Capitol??? If no, then it would be a first.

    • The Capitol Riot Wasn’t A Coup. It Wasn’t Even Close (McMaken)
    • Big Tech Has Proven It’s More Powerful Than Any Government (Buyniski)
    • Friday Night Massacre: Twitter Purges Trump, Parler Faces Bans (JTN)
    • Twitter Bans Trump, Citing Risk Of Violent Incitement (AP)
    • Trump Campaign Banned From Emailing Supporters (GP)
    • Wednesday’s Other Story (Taibbi)
    • How Media Flipped Script On Violent Protests After Capitol Riot (JTN)

    @ Dr. D
    “How’s that for a solution today?”

    Wow! You certainly did not have your “tongue in cheek” with this post.
    Personal solutions.
    Individual solutions.
    @ madamski
    You did it. You showed us what was behind the curtain – Agent provocateurs
    @ anticlimactic
    Maybe Nancy’s laptop will show that she was in communications with some Agent provocateurs

    John Day

    Go Helen of DesTroy! (Big Tech More Powerful Than Any Government)
    People live longer, so generational cycles got longer, I think.
    Long day of work yesterday, but I have to revise my initial data on the guy with horns before catching up.

    Jake Angeli, the guy in the videos with a horned Davy Crockett hat was at an Arizona BLM rally, as well as the congressional chambers. He IS a QAnon celebrity, and I just didn’t know. Several people have pointed that out. Thanks Cat for this Thursday phone interview with “Shaman Jake”.

    Thanks for this image, Colleen, but it seems like the cartoon was revised, rather than predictive.

    Sorry, The Simpsons didn’t predict QAnon ‘shaman’ from Capitol riots

    The video of Ashli Babit being shot was taken by a BLM activist at the advancing front line in the capitol building. Thanks Travis.
    Why Was Founder Of Far-Left BLM Group Filming Inside Capitol As Police Shot Protester?

    Is there some cancer growing everywhere, independently of nations?
    How does cancer work? it kills the host, right? Yugoslavia, Georgia, Ukraine…
    Do you realize now what you have done? US gets the kind of ‘democracy’ it championed overseas​
    ​Nebojsa Malic​ ​is a Serbian-American journalist, blogger and translator, who wrote a regular column for from 2000 to 2015, and is now senior writer at RT.​ Russia Alert (Hey, Russia survived something like this after a decade at death’s door.)​
    ​ ​Way back in 2004, the Guardian wrote approvingly about how the US has created a “slick” operation of “engineering democracy through the ballot box and civil disobedience,” developing since Belgrade a “template for winning other people’s elections.”
    ​ ​Now the same mainstream media that slavishly followed the State Department line in denouncing elections elsewhere as “rigged” and color revolutions as spontaneous democracy are clutching their pearls when Americans who believe their election was stolen take to the streets and storm their Capitol.

    ​Moon of Alabama​ is not a QAnon acolyte, but an intelligence analyst:
    ​ ​Trump spoke out against violence and called on the people to leave peacefully only to get censored by the blue tick monopoly:
    ​ ​Protesters, who were seen fighting with officers both inside the building and outside, were described as “special people” by President Donald Trump, who responded to calls to condemn the violence.
    ​ ​In a video address shared on Twitter, he urged his supporters to “go home” but repeated an unsubstantiated claim that the election was “stolen”.
    ​ ​He said: “I know your pain, I know you’re hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us, it was a landslide election and everyone knows it especially the other side.
    ​ ​”But you have to go home now, we have to have peace, we have to have law and order, we have to respect our great people in law and order. We don’t want anybody hurt.”
    ​ ​He described it as a “tough period of time”, and repeated false claims that the November’s election was “fraudulent”.
    ​ ​He ended the video message by calling the protesters “very special”, adding: “We can’t play into the hands of these people.
    “We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You’re very special.”
    Twitter disabled the video from being liked or retweeted “due to a risk of violence”. It was later deleted.
    Explain to me how the above quotes are risking violence or a breach of ‘civic integrity’?
    What, please, is that?

    John Day

    Shaman Jake corrected link won’t post.

    John Day
    John Day

    Trump’s speech was long, unscripted, spontaneous, repetitive and has a lot of specific facts about the multi level electronic and human election rigging (which had to get sloppy and blatant, after the Dominion adjustments weren’t adequate).​
    ​ ​Our exciting adventures and boldest endeavors have not yet begun. My fellow Americans for our movement, for our children and for our beloved country and I say this, despite all that’s happened, the best is yet to come.
    ​ ​So we’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol and we’re going to try and give… The Democrats are hopeless. They’re never voting for anything, not even one vote. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.
    ​ ​So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you all for being here, this is incredible. Thank you very much. Thank you.

    Tiananmen Avoided in D.C. as Trump Era Ends​, Tom Luongo​
    ​ ​On January 6th, 2021 the Trump Era of U.S. history ended.
    Nothing will be the same after the events on Capitol Hill. There is no going back. That much is obvious.
    ​ ​The shock of those events wasn’t Trump calling a rally of his supporters to the Capitol or that they were seething with anger over what is clearly a stolen election.
    ​ ​The shock was that they “aimed to misbehave” after coming to the realization that the America they thought they lived in no longer existed.
    ​ ​I’ve said many times in 2020 that this election was the last chance to keep a lid on their anger. It was, in their minds, their last non-violent way of choosing the rules they lived under.
    ​ ​As long as the results looked even remotely fair they would be willing to accept them and make the best of it. That’s the contract right?
    But they would not accept fraud.
    Because fraud is theft. And theft is force. Theft is ultimately violence.
    ​ ​So everyone clutching their pearls today over the ‘violence’ of January 6th needs to remember that violence is baked into this story at every level.
    ​ ​In fact, the worst pearl clutchers are the ones whose power is most threatened, i.e. Congress, and the cowards unwilling to stand next to those facing them down.
    Her name is Ashli Babbitt.​ ​
    ​ ​Because as George Washington almost certainly didn’t say …
    ​”​Government is not reason, it is not eloquence,—it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action​.”​
    ​ ​Force was on display fully at the capitol but it wasn’t coming from the people. It was coming from Congress who knowingly certified a fraudulent election hiding behind their cowardice and corruption.

    Tiananmen Avoided in D.C. as Trump Era Ends


    People from “both sides of the aisle”, as madamski noticed too, expressing their grievances have more in common that they think, mainly being oppressed buy the same entity. Economic prospect for so many is changing so fast and for the worse, so what that they been told their entire lives the only name for a such approaching system is, you guest it, socialism or communism. Giggly ladies with pink life vests around their necks, meek smile “protesters” protesting for just about anything of no importance and real thugs in antifa hordes are all put in the same basket and jointly labeled “The Left”. Bit overweight armed whites, mostly working class, rapidly marginalized and who’s prospect of having a decent job of America’s past is quickly melting are labeled “Nazi-Right”, equal to thugs in Ukraine.
    When such a literary tripe, as work of Ayn Rand is, becomes a guiding beacon for society (and Dr,D) to follow there you have it. Half of dozen characters in “Atlas” are all that entire America has to offer as real productive and the rest of population simply standing on their way. How convenient! “Fountainhead” too, is full of characters overacting as in some silent era movie.
    Such a misguided division can not lead to anything good.

    madamski cafone


    The river rolls relentlessly.


    I’ve come to believe that the power behind the throne, behind the curtain, is the military.
    Never mind Trump. Never mind Biden.
    The military has more and bigger guns than the population.


    Dr. D & Madamski:

    Thanks for your reflections! It will probably be awhile before we really know, if ever, what to call, what happened. Certainly the actions of a one party state!

    The uniparty isn’t really attacking Trump, but rather a group of American voters. Divide and conquere.

    The other message to all American voters is that electing an outsider, will never be tolerated again!

    The uniparty made examples of JFK before and now Trump. I think the only reason Trump wasn’t assassinated (yet) is because he maintained his own private security detail. JFK didn’t have any private security. Trump probably noted that small but important detail before running!

    Clearly the uniparty won’t tolerate an outsider candidate, whether from the left, center, or right!


    Once one becomes aware that the US is controlled by one party, the uniparty, it becomes easier to understand why American voters have become so frustrated with their government!

    Despite switching, back and forth, between Democrats and Republicans, they still end up with no change!

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