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    Odilon Redon The Birth of Venus II c.1910   • ‘Drinking The Kool-Aid’ On The War In Ukraine (MoA) • Canada Exempts Russian Gas Turbine From Sanct
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    Go hungry, grow rich! It’s that simple stupid. Maybe they would be winning the war in Ukraine if the soldiers were hungry. You know an army marches on its “empty stomach”!

    “Who would have established massive biofuel production operations in Brazil if they did not know there were thousands of hungry people desperate enough to take the awful jobs they would offer?” Kent asserts. “Who would build any sort of factory if they did not know that many people would be available to take the jobs at low-pay rates?

    “Much of the hunger literature talks about how it is important to assure that people are well fed so that they can be more productive. That is nonsense. No one works harder than hungry people. Yes, people who are well nourished have greater capacity for productive physical activity, but well-nourished people are far less willing to do that work.”

    Dr. D

    So how did Sri Lanka go so bad?

    Why is it such a test case for us?

    I think it’s an example of adding centralization, adding fragility. So they burned the house of the President down, but if it’s anything like here, he wasn’t in charge of anything, more like a caretaker, a middle manager for the system around him. It’s fine that maybe they need a more active manager with different skills right now – like a General – but shouldn’t most of this just happen on its own? What does the President have to do with Apu’s Quickee Mart importing oil? What would the docks? What would the trucks? What would the fishermen, the stores? I mean, unless you’re being invaded, next to nothing.

    However, if you, the Central Government, add rules, add involvement, “erect a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance,” well then yes, Chandra can no longer just grow food and take it to market. Then because of your centralization, import exports ARE run through banks and institutions that are merged with the central state. Therefore, since you are all merged, and all run everything, then when one part goes: banking OR Government OR Market, OR farming, then they all collapse together with no backup.

    See why I don’t WANT them involved in medicine now? In the economy, in banking? If the government isn’t running most things, isn’t paying most things, isn’t doing most things, then the people will be less troubled as they default and reform. However if the central state does everything, there’s no second state hanging around to back them up and take over – that’s called a Civil War and a revolution.

    Let’s put it this way: distributed network. Diversity of ecosystem. Go Bitcoin.

    “Hispanics, Blacks Disproportionately Dinged by Crypto Crash”

    Didn’t see that coming. BTC regularly drops 90%, but I don’t keep meticulous track of the races involved because: not racist. Don’t care. People live on merit, as individuals with free agency and free spirits.

    In any case, the work and solutions come from US. Not the President. The reason Sri Lanka is having trouble is the above, yes, but also why are the people burning the President’s house down? What do they think he’s going to do? What do they think he ever did? If he’s not going to save you, you wouldn’t be fixated on him to solve everything, give you everything. That’s not his job, that’s YOUR job. He’s just a parasite that keeps the streetlights on.

    In a similar vein, is Joe going to meet his masters in Saudi Arabia this week? What happens when Mabus tells him “No”? No: we’ve signed with Russia already. No: we have no additional barrels able to pump. Isn’t the Petrodollar, Saudi oil, 1974, somethin’ somethin’???

    “ ‘Drinking The Kool-Aid’ on the War in Ukraine (MoA)”

    Every day Russia gets stronger. Still haven’t figured it out. If Germany and everyone had run in there first day, this might not have happened. (and we might have had a nuclear world war) But that’s not Europe, is it? They’re still meeting with the original 1999 EU committee on paper clips and haven’t decided yet. That can be a good thing, so why doesn’t Europe try to use their personality tics to advantage instead of stamping out who they really are?

    “the ‘west’ can no longer produce enough new weapons and ammunition to cover those losses.”

    Yes, but Putin should be very careful gloating about it as he did yesterday. The entire combined West makes some s—t up and comes back in 2030 hungry, cold, and desperate can defeat them, as they still have no men. And 1/3 of Russian slavs were just killed by Joe Biden in Ukraine. On plan and purpose.

    We can defeat Russia up to or even past a nuclear war. It’s just a matter of will and cost.

    “Over 30,000 Dutch farmers have risen in protest against the government in the wake of new nitrogen limits that require farmers to radically curb” … the creation of food and fertilizer. While they also shut off food and fertilizer shipments from their neighbors in Europe.

    “The Netherlands is the world’s second largest agricultural exporter after the United States, making the country of barely 17 million inhabitants a food superpower.”

    Worth repeating. It also tells you how much technology (greenhouses, etc) can increase food supply and that we’re not 100 miles from world population limits at 8B people. Israel proves the same. That’s the name: the “Nether” Lands. That is, the land of the swamps and people that live underwater, a name going back to Rome and before. Like the American prairies, it’s solely Dutch hard work and ingenuity that made a nation of useless swamps and sea-marshes into a major power and exporter. For centuries. They could have just sat around and complained like in Scotland. Now I too think we’re living too heavy on the land, but I’m not going to lie about how easy it is to feed more, nor am I going to kill everyone to get a better view for my manor house. (this used to happen pretty regularly that whole towns and villages would be erased for garden aesthetics, and the people therein. Like today.)

    I suspect the future will use these high-tech greenhouses rather more toward the manufacturing of food than the growing of it. But that’s just telling you how wrong and how far off the tracks the WEF and Club of Rome are on this.

    You guys are fond of Limits to Growth, one of the originators, Dennis Meadows with Nate Hagans.
    Much of what you would expect.
    There was a good line that encapsulated the whole nut though,

    “The climate models are energy blind. I saw the International Energy Agency predictions out to 2050 that GDP is going to increase 3% a year and we’re going to use 27% less energy between now and then...which is just divorced from a bio-physical worldview [i.e. reality].”

    In any case, back to Sri Lanka, their goals didn’t seem bad, but one of the key mistakes was trying to change too fast – the bane of Utopians. Of master planners with their master plans. (And who is the “Slave” in their “Master” plan? Me.) That’s what Holland and (Northern) Europe have been trying to do here. And why the people will now kill them all on sight. And they may not mean to. But since they’ve been punched, each person gets one slap, kick, or punch in to the leader in fair and equitable retaliation. However, one man will die after a mere 40 punches, with 899,939 people outside left unsatisfied.

    But it tells you THAT’S how much abuse governments cause their populations. Yes, it’s as if they stole one bagel, gave one black eye at a time, to all 21 million, 800 thousand of them, and we’re pretty sick of it.

    “ Police Chief: Officer Who Shot The Tractor Made ‘A Wrong Assessment’ (NOS)”

    Passive tense, ‘natch. Do they use a lot of passive tense construction in Dutch? Or is that one of the 20 special ways Anglos use to lie? Sir: there was nothing anywhere near that tractor. Wide open road. You thought he was going to finish the 30 miles drive to Ultrecht and THEN run somebody over? And your argument is, you would be happy to shoot him if he’s 18 ½ but not 16 ½? Or 63 ½? So it’s all about appearances, isn’t it? And you don’t care at all, do you? That is, he’s not the Blue so he’s a normal citizen and Scum.

    Anyway, I’m sure we’ll all glad the policeman is “over it” and recovering his mental health fine. Wouldn’t want him to be worried or put out or anything. Collect disability for mental strain caused by unnecessarily murdering children.

    “[Germany] the unprecedented step of restrictring heating at night,”

    Boy, sure glad we forced vaccination on grandma so she can freeze tonight. #Caring.

    They wanted this war. They were blood, gore, guts, and veins in their teeth for it. Well, here’s what happens in war. A tiny, almost barely perceptible taste of it. That is, the other guy shoots back. But that’s not what my movies and video games say! You’re supposed to be the villain! You’re supposed to have the aim of a Stormtrooper in the A-Team. My job is to talk tough, then your job is to lose. You’re doing it all wrong! Reeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    Russia hasn’t god-damned touched Germany yet. Give yer balls a tug.

    “Real Estate Agents Got Billions In Covid Relief Loans. Few Repaid Them (NBC)”

    They were supposed to repay them? (Not kidding, I read something about this back when, like people called to ask and got no response?) And look at the prices: destroyed entire occupation for 2 years, perhaps permanently, no income at all, and paid … $13,000? As much as half the poverty line? And now we’re supposed to be mad or something? If you bring this up again, I’m only going to be mad at government who never passed any laws, mad at the CDC, who broke 1,000 years of medical practice to instate this — illegally, without the slightest plausible authority — , mad at people for thinking $1,800 was a years’ wage in America, and in awe of Americans for being able to side-hustle so much they could shrug this off like nothing and not go burn the country down.

    Goes to show thanks to our approach to life here, we’ll be fine. We won’t like it though.

    “Julian Assange ‘Will Die’ If Extradited to US – John Pilger (SCMP)”

    You are kidding, right? Our Federal prisons are no worse than Belmarsh. Is England considered a land of special snowflakes now, where prisoners are put on a resort fantasy island like in Norway? 50 years after the Guildford Four, Maguire Seven, and Birmingham Six? Oh and I’m sure from what we’ve seen the last few years British justice has much improved and doesn’t politically railroad people now. Not reporters or Supreme Court Justice Dankula teaching his dog tricks. Nor let rape gangs run free through the North on the opposite side. Gimme a break with that stuff. If he comes here he can put all his stuff into the Federal Judaical Record to be acted upon shortly.


    Check out the Exclusion Criteria for the original Pfizer trial – especially point 5.

    See p.41

    “5. Previous clinical (based on COVID-19 symptoms/signs alone, if a SARS-CoV-2 NAAT
    result was not available) or microbiological (based on COVID-19 symptoms/signs and a
    positive SARS-CoV-2 NAAT result) diagnosis of COVID-19.”

    Holy shit – no data on the effect of vaccinating previously Covid-infected people. ☠️


    There appear to be some problems connecting to today’s post. Trying phone vs desktop, and several browsers. Haven’t found an error in coding yet.


    Everybody is a lawyer.
    Words to cover your ass. (Never admit that you made a mistake, that you are wrong, that you don’t know what you are doing, that you are liable.)

    • Canada Exempts Russian Gas Turbine From Sanctions (G.)
    • Germany Is Quietly Shutting Down As Energy Crunch Paralyzes Economy (ZH)

    • A Popular Uprising Against the Elites Has Gone Global (Schoelhammer)
    In protest, farmers have been blockading streets and refusing to deliver their products to supermarket chains. It’s been leading to serious shortages of eggs and milk, among other food items.

    the Dutch people are on the side of the farmers, their elites are behaving much as they did in Canada and the U.S., and not just those in government. Media outlets are refusing to even report the protests, and when they do, they cast the farmers as extremists. Why the disconnect?
    Did the bankers make a mistake?
    • Sri Lanka President Agrees To Resign Amid Unrest (O.)
    the economy has completely collapsed and the government is unable to afford to import food, fuel and medicines.

    Sri Lanka defaulted on its foreign debts in May, which total over $51bn, and is in negotiations with the IMF for a $3bn bailout.
    Cover your ass
    • The Rot In Canada’s Dysfunctional Government Is Coming From The Head (NP)



    “….western’ weapon deliveries only cover 10 to 15% of the Ukrainian losses….”

    The rah,rah,rah Ukronazi fanboy mediawhores kept propagandizing the collective West that Russia was ‘gonna run out of weapons and missiles.

    Sociopathic Projection as usual.

    Russia’s industrial base for munitions was never forgotten from the dark days of the Great Patriotic War times.

    They still remember.

    And they “haven’t even gotten started yet” to paraphrase Putin.

    The USSA can’t even make a bucket and a mop.

    All it’s factories are gone with the wind.

    So sad :>(

    Bedpan demented pervert Joe is the perfect symbol for the Empire of Lies collective memory.

    He’s the poster child

    End of Quote


    Agree ….. a must read
    A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation
    Notes for My Corona Investigative Committee Interview

    Margaret Anna Alice
    Jul 3
    There is perhaps no more important tool for turning the tide of public opinion than framing, so if we want to win this war against the democidal dictators and their enablers, we must use framing, repetition, and viralization to propagate the truth.


    @ RIM
    Yes. Noticed the problems loading TAE today. The picture loaded, and nothing afterwards loaded – even the ad on the bottom only halfway loaded. Then the page would go white and attempt to load again, getting to the same point. I’m connecting from an iPad, saw the problem on both Firefox and Safari. I switched to the Epic browser, and then the day’s page loaded correctly.
    Hope the information helps! When troubleshooting, you never know which piece of information is going to lead to the solution.


    @Red: Thanks for the Global Research article link, which allowed me to finally read the actual text of the UN hunger article causing all the recent buzz. According to author George Kent’s bio in the article sidebar, his latest book is “Freedom From Want: The Human Right to Adequate Food.” If not blatantly obvious from the article text itself, one can certainly conclude what the author’s real sentiments on the subject are, and that the professor was just using cynicism to make his point. In actuality, he makes a very good point—this is yet another problem that remains unsolved because, at least in part, it benefits the interests of the wealthy and powerful to have it remain that way.

    While I’d agree that articles striking this kind of tone really don’t have a place in a UN publication that pretends to seriousness, I think the stir its recent “discovery” created is just another pathetic sign of our low IQ times, where one can no longer write with any subtlety on any serious topic.


    @ Willem
    Hear, hear. I, too, noticed the author’s nearly sublimated opinion on the topic.


    Thanks again, Germ.🤔😞😶😡🙏… and all of you here…🙏


    RIM- Yep. Safari loads the page and freezes, producing Safari’s beloved beachball. This from Brave, instead. The same thing was happening at ZH the other day, and Safari won’t let me at substack, still, either. Good luck.



    It is an absolutely incendiary interview….

    Not only do the LNP’s and the mRNA traverse the placental barrier
    They also bio accumulate in the OVARIES OF THE UNBORN FEMALE CHILD

    and based on 2014 research on LNP’s….PFIZER KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN

    The implications are just too great to begin to understand



    @ RIM
    EPIC browser has same problem as others when it reloads with the comments section in the viewable scope rather than the top of the page. I am wondering if perhaps Epic browser loads page in a different order than more common browsers? Specifically, perhaps in a certain order the ad gets stuck before the rest of the page loads? Might try disabling ads, see if that fixes it, if so, then focus on ad module. (I am sure the ads bring in important revenue.)


    @ germ
    Epoch paywall is annoying. Do you have the name of the doctor interviewed in vid?



    Pull the other one!

    “Care staff crisis so desperate stressed workers having heart attacks and strokes



    @phoenix – Dr James Thorp

    I don’t see a paywall (here in the UK)


    Loads without issue for me (Firefox, MacOS).


    To watch the Epoch TV I need to create a free account and accept their terms of service. No paywall. But I have quite enough accounts with their associated passwords and I don’t intend to set up any more. I’ll just have to wait for this news to come via another (non-MSM) channel.


    This will date me: Jonathan Pie sounds rather like a ranting Alan Whicker.


    🎵 Summertime 🎶 – 🎵And the living is easy! 🎶

    “Hospitalisations with Covid are also rising, with data for 30 June revealing there were 11,316 people in hospital with Covid in the UK, up from 8,350 on 23 June. The number of people in hospital primarily due to Covid is also rising, with 3,749 such patients in England as of 5 July, up from 2,877 on the Tuesday before.

    John Day

    Give this man another Big Gulp full of Kool-Aid! (He looks a little “dry”.)

    “Canada’s minister of natural resources, Jonathan Wilkinson, said in a statement on Saturday the government was issuing a “time-limited and revocable permit” to exempt the return of turbines from its Russian sanctions, to support “Europe’s ability to access reliable and affordable energy as they continue to transition away from Russian oil and gas”’

    John Day

    Germ said:
    “Now tea/coffee?
    Fucking tea/coffee??!!
    Just can’t make this shit up.”

    But they do, they do, they do just make this shit up.
    You don’t have to be smart, just prejudiced.
    Pick a new scapegoat every week and throw the spaghetti at it and see if it sticks.
    There have been medical studies for decades trying to show that coffee drinkers die slightly sooner, but it’s always the other way in the end.
    Coffee drinkers survive slightly longer on average, but tea might even have a little edge on that, and reduces prostate cancer risk somehow.
    That’s OK. This is not science it’s just “SCIENCE”.

    John Day

    More COVID hospitalizations, but Public Health UK had to stop segregating the hospitalization statistics by vaccination-status for the public’s benefit.

    TAE Summary

    * The Great Reset Today
    – The Benefits of Hunger: Give me your tired, your hungry, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to make a subsistence level wage
    – Governments centralize and inject fragility
    – Growth requires energy, decay follows neglect
    – PPP – Pyramid Protection Program
    – A Mostly Popular Depeacefulization: Notes for My Ukraine Investigative Committee Interview
    – VADS, Vaccinated Adult Death Syndrome, pronounced “SADS”
    – We may not have the best military in the world, but we’ve certainly paid for it

    * “End of quote, Repeat the line”: Whoever thought Bill Clinton’s “It depends on what the definition of is, is” would sound logical and intelligent

    * Anecdote: Saw a friend who doesn’t know I’m not vaxxed but who works at a hospital and was himself vaxxed. He mentioned a mutual friend Dave, who now has Covid. I asked “Wasn’t Dave vaccinated?” Reply was “The vaccines don’t work. They don’t stop anything.”

    * Coffee and Tea cause blood clots; The Mormons will inherit the earth

    * Stille nacht, unter Null nacht
    Alles schlecht, Staates Macht
    Heizen Seine Haus auf keinen Fall
    Vielleicht aufgewärmt wird uns, einmal
    Schlaf in tödlicher Kälte
    Schlaf in tödlicher Kält’


    On July 4th, my 93 year old aunt, living in Ottawa, died. Her funeral service at her church could not be scheduled until 3 PM August 6th, slightly more than a month from now. I believe this is the third service to be held at the church that day.

    This just goes to show that the dying business, per Germ, is booming because more people than normal are now dying from the vaccines. From what I have observed, most people are completely clueless that death rates are now higher.

    My entire family is currently at the cottage, enjoying the short Canadian summer. That of course includes my daughter’s pet dawf Dutch rabbit, Moki. This is her 7th summer here at the cottage. I built an 8 foot wide by 16 foot long and 6 foot high walk-in enclosure to protect her from any wild animals such as ccoyotes, raccoons, mink, foxes, hawks, and owls.

    Well up until this year that also kept the chipmunks at bay too. The chipmunks pose no danger to Moki, except, if they can, they will just eat her out of house and home! You just can’t keep her bowl of food full as the bold little chipmunks will clean it out in just a few minutes! Well it seems a wooden piece of Moki’s cage, lying on the ground, rotted and the chipmunks quickly discovered this and then staged “a break and enter” operation!

    I am pleased to report that the 2 local chipmunks are now again very frustrated chipmunks because they can see and smell Moki’s food bowl but can’t partake of it’s riches! Moki is now back to her usual business of digging new tunnels in the sandy soil, something she can’t really do back home in Toronto due to the thick and dense clay soil.

    Last Friday, all day, and all night too, Roger’s our phone/internet provider was down for at least 18 hours. Another reason why Roger’s should not be allowed to buy and merge with Shaw Communications. Roger’s needs to invest more in insuring their systems becoming more reliable instead of buying out their competition.

    Ukraine Webcams
    Here you can see the latest view from 231 live webcams in 68 destinations in the country of Ukraine. Both the current (latest) image, and the most recent daylight image are available for each camera.

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