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    Pablo Picasso Portrait of woman in wheelchair 1936   • Defiant Schroeder Will Keep Talking To Putin (RT) • Why Biden Is Putting Us In Danger (She
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    Enjoyed reading Kunstler with his honesty about his silly choice in 2013. Doubt there will be similar admissions of dumb green choices by most governments.
    One thing I have noticed is that 40+ years ago it was not uncommon for people to install solar hot water systems. Cheap, no need for rare earth unrecyclable silicon etc. But all the governments here (Australia) do is push, promote and subsidise solar electric generation that isn’t nearly as green as solar hot water. Is it the same in whatever country you are in?

    Dr D Rich


    Dr. D

    Fox Video: “Whah, whah whah. Reeeee!”

    Congressmen: “They are doing nothing.” Huhwhut? YOU are supposed to do something. YOU. Impeach the President. Cut off all funding to the FBI, or everyone in the whole Federal government. Call a 30-state cooperation strike. You’ll get their attention real fast. GOP: “Yes but then I’d take back my power, not complain, and be responsible!” STFU. And you wonder why I don’t complain about Republicans. I might if they ever did anything. “Mr. Speaker, exactly how big a majority do we need before we do what the American people sent us here for?” — 1994, to Gingrich. Wasn’t passed then, nor a single day including now.

    Actually, AOC also said this last week. “You need to hold me to account; it helps us get things done.” What? Like when you said it was “Violence” (literally) to hold you to account on “Force the Vote” (M4A)? That’s WHY they elected you. Now not only do we need to elect you, but watch, call you to get you out of bed every morning, and make you not vote for Pelosi every day? No, that’s YOUR job. Our job was getting you there. She’s like “Yeah, but we have no power.” As a CONGRESSWOMAN? From NY CITY? …Same as the Republicans. No matter what position you put them in, one, some, or all, they somehow never have any power to enact anything. …Gee, maybe you should have told me there’s nothing you can do and will have no power before I donated and voted. I coulda had dinner with that $30 bucks which would have been something.

    The DNC’s call on this, after 50 years of not following the rules and passing Roe? “Get out and vote! We need a donation now more than ever!” Whyyyyyyyyyy? You haven’t done anything for the last 50 years we did AND showed up for Bernie by the millions. You paid for war with no health care in a pandemic.

    “Russia is contractually committed to turning the gas back on 10 days later,”

    Hahahahaaha! You so funny. “Contractually obligated”. Or else what? You’ll steal our bank accounts? Send the Ukrainian Army?

    “July Shutdown of Nord Stream Pipeline Has the EU Worried (ZH)”

    Like I said, because it only shows up later they’re too stupid to realize without that gas running, storage can’t be filled. Every day Canada stalled meant five thousand more German homes will go dark. But there’s nothing you can go to make morons take life seriously. Not even hanging them from lichtmasts.

    “Uber Paid Academics Six-figure Sums for Research to Feed to the Media (G.)”

    Where did Uber get the money? Or BlackRock? 0% Fed loans for insiders. Jim’s Taxi gets zero, 20% interest for him. This is why so long as the money is corrupt nothing can get done. Free money makes idiots and thieves succeed and good working people fail. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    Note: this is “Science”, social science, but still. Follow the Science which follows the money (which follows monopoly banks).

    “The Euro is the greatest monetary success of the last 150 years, and it cannot be jeopardized by risking the independence of the European Central Bank”

    Hahahaaha! You are kidding, right? The Euro was a failure from get-go. First the EU couldn’t be legally passed anywhere. Second, everybody knew before 1999 that it had structural failure that would collapse. Armstrong details this, and yes it is the issuance of nation-specific debts it’s dying on this very minute. Along with the “EuroDollars”, a running demonstration of failure. And the ECB is “Independent” from what? From the will of the people? From their national economic good? So who are they NOT “Independent” from? The banks? The State-Merger fascist insider monopoly corporations?

    And the risk of having built it, getting rid of national currencies, national sovereignties, and national safety valves will be proven to be 100x worse than not having it.

    It could have been done well done, but it wasn’t. Obvious from day 1, playing out now, which is very quickly in geopolitical terms. God save us from the Utopians. Making earth a living hell.

    “Doctor Files $5M Defamation Lawsuit Against News MedPage Today (AFN)”

    Video of Kory on same thing:

    Outlines the process better. The Med Board, etc is in violation of all their own rules. If there is “Disinformation” it requires that the Board then provide the correct information to the Doctor – I mean, obviously. As Science and medicine is always 100% in flux with differing opinions, if you want to go on, you can face the Board, a council of doctors, and make your opposing medical argument to them. That’s how medicine advances – again, OBVIOUSLY. None of this has happened nor ever will. Science has stopped and all we have now is belief and dogma.

    “The fact that the physical market for crude oil (bullish) doesn’t seem to match the futures market (bearish) suggests there is a serious disconnect between the two.”

    This is for yesterday, since they are trying to keep all prices artificially low, there is instead a break and therefore shortages.

    Elon must buy Twitter! He must, MUST I say! If he doesn’t buy me and root out the leftists, we leftists will Suuuuueeeeee!!!

    Meanwhile, Twitter collapses. So Trump can buy it through his recent stock trust offering. Okay, if you insist.

    Now that Twitter is the one suing Elon, HE GETS DISCOVERY. Unlimited fishing trip, forever until they fold. That’s why he just posted “Chuckmate.”

    “Chinese Bank Run Turns Violent after Angry Crowd Storms Bank of China Branch over Frozen Deposits”

    Chinese banking and finance is collapsing. They are a wreck. That’s what the lockdowns are for. Same as here.

    So is California. Newsome is using taxpayer money, with a 14% State tax rate, to pay for ads in Florida begging citizens to come back. Um?

    “The US promised this month to supply Kiev with four additional HIMARS launchers, bringing the total number sent to Ukraine to 12. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov called them a “game-changer”

    Four whole guns? Be still my heart. You’re right: four guns will DEFINITELY stop the entire Russian army.

    Pretty sure that picture was a German float parade, a few years ago. I think it was Cameron in his bum. It probably had the Trump float a little before the God-Emperor float in Italy.

    “wake me up when the bread lines are here are as long as the ones I saw on TV in 1956.”

    Like the mile-long car lines for months in Texas during CV? They’re still universal here, you know.

    “China Credit Growth Explodes to 4th Highest Ever in June… It’s Still Not Enough”

    China is in trouble. It’s an interesting trouble, but it’s there. Not like WE don’t have the same problem, our economies being Siamese twins. They are using lockdowns to deal (as are we, actually, or even possibly ATM outages) but China has a long history I don’t fully understand about this. I believe they can keep it up for some time, decades perhaps, but it won’t do them much good. They are losing the Mandate of Heaven, what we would call “Consent of the Governed” here. If people psychologically stop believing and set up alternative connections, eventually they will be undermined. History says they will fracture and break away since there are the “Han” running roughshod and then there are like 30 other relevant ethnic groups. We’ll see since it won’t be fast.

    At the same time, the big forces remain: China needs food. The U.S. is nearly the only exporter. The U.S. can re-make manufacturing from the mine face down, but China cannot re-make food production, or at least hasn’t tried. Maybe they should import some Dutch. If we call it “food nanotech” would they take it seriously?

    And the U.S., the only exporter, might not export much. The fields are planted, etc, but with a stiff shortage of both fertilizer and pesticides, yields will drop noticeably. The planting/harvesting charts can all be thrown out — nobody knows. And that’s even if we have diesel, parts, and drying propane at harvest. You export on the margins, doing yourself first. If we have a 20% margin over our own needs, it’s easy to drop 15% or 25% on yields.

    Actually a bit dangerous, since if the USDA says “X planting = Y yields” the market, people, and government will all be suddenly and utterly blindsided at harvest. Or I could be, if things go well. Point is, no visibility, but someone taped a picture of a clean open road on the windshield.

    This was interesting: “CNN: “What do you say to those families that say, ‘listen, we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years?’”
    “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm.”

    Who’s this “We”??? Was it “We” when you stole my house and gave it as a bonus to the banks for MERS fraud?

    Then quotes Kissinger’s Book “World Order”. Boy they sure hide this stuff well! There sure are some kooks out there believing weird stuff! …That this doesn’t exist when it’s printed regularly. On CNN. Since George H. Bush.

    What is it with “World Order”? Well, with humans you have the opposite: “World Messiness”. That’s how we always act. And if you’re not human, or mentally ill, that drives you crazy. Wouldn’t “Order” be better? Work better? Make at least some kind of sense? Get more done? Stop wasting resources left and right? I mean duh, not asking the world here.

    Short answer: no. A good example is IBM’s Token Ring system. It’s the internet, where when a computer wants to talk on the network, it gets a “token” – the magic feather – and can talk for its turn before handing the token to the next computer who talks without interruption and so on. Very simple, very efficient. One problem: it doesn’t work at all, ever. The slightest issue with any computer either clutches the token or doesn’t pass it. No other computer can talk. The whole company shuts down, or at least that floor.

    Compare with “Ethernet,” supposed to be a wireless protocol but used even on wired lines. In Eth, it’s like a beehive. Everyone shouts at once. As much and as fast as they can. Everyone shouts chaotically, everyone moves chaotically, some guy’s stuck in the corner repeating the same packet 10,000 times for 6 years and nobody cares. Exactly the same as the Mainframe vs PC system. After 50 years of this, and other metaphors in the hundreds of years before you’d think they’d learn, but no. Because: Mental Illness. It’s like a version of “People OCD.” There is no order in humankind, but there SHOULD be, so when the humans do what humans do, and don’t make much sense or order, the only way to establish that order and get some rest is to KILL THEM ALL. Or the “Disorderly” ones, which is most of them. This is “Government” but especially Socialist-style ones, because they attempt a far greater involvement and overreach. Only then can I finally rest. Only then can there be peace, as Hillary said.

    “So too, the elite class that lords over the Westphalian System (known in our time as “globalism”), will not go easily into that good night. Via technocratic authoritarianism, promulgated under harmless sounding platitudes (“recalibrating” your rights, “reset” the system, “re-imagining” your future), it will cause immeasurable harm and destruction, only to ultimately fail for the sole reason of trying to shoehorn outdated modes of organization (top-down force of the state) on a new, incompatible reality (decentralized networks secured by public-key cryptography).”

    “…These machinations include these incessant and frantic rebranding exercises. The aspiration behind all of these labels is that they are trying to condition into your psyche, as if it were objective fact, that the natural order of things is that they get to set the rules and we get to follow them. However the growing perception among the public, is that with every policy failure and each rebranding iteration, these elites are conceding that they are, in fact, losing control, losing relevance”

    Yes, the Kunstler thing is the perfect example of the problem. And him falling for it anyway is the perfect picture of the mental hazard. Because, if not, what then? Do nothing but buy a wood stove and drink tea for 30 yeas of the worldwide collapse? Yes, probably, and that’s chilling to realize.

    You could look at it the other way: we are going BACK. We are becoming “Conservative”, in a certain sense, not exactly socially, not exactly economically, but also yes becoming conservative in both of them. That is, in 1951, you would have led a simple life, with a simple car. There were only four wrenches. There were two types of bread. There was nowhere to go, and you generally never left to spend money, nor did Sears Catalog leave boxes every morning. Got up in the quiet, had Chok-o-Nuts coffee, went to work, came home in the quiet again, raked the coal boiler and played Spades at the kitchen booth table, one light on in the whole house and a wind-up Westclock. You own 5 shirts and only two pairs of shoes.

    In other words, we didn’t make $35k just to lose $35k. That was for gamblers and chumps. We just never had it, never used it, therefore “conserved” 100% of zero trouble, zero input. Life had only work and time. Things happen only by slow effort, there being no “money” to rocket ahead and shortwire everything. School, profit, promotion, purchases: nothing but slow savings, slow effort to slow measured reward. And if things get disrupted, it all falls to pieces. Relationships, jobs, locations. Therefore nobody’s re-choosing what name or gender they are today. It would get in the way and distract from getting useful things done.

    Try that today, people would think you are bona-fide, I N S A N E. They’d cut you out in days and steal your kids in weeks. If one circuit board broke and you didn’t have hot water, the Sheriff would take you out in chains for your own good. World Order, you see.

    Mister Roboto

    Well, the price of copper is continuing its gradual decline. As of writing this comment, it is at $3.38 a pound. If and when it gets down to three even, that will be the sure sign that the “sugar-buzz” created by pandemic-related emergency government spending is over and done with. If it keeps falling after that, then Katy bar the door.



    Holy fuck!

    Not “sore arms”…that’s for sure



    🎵 Summertime 🎶 – 🎵And the living is easy! 🎶

    “Ambulance service in ‘critical’ condition as whistleblower reveals ‘worst June ever’ ”



    “IF”? What’s with this “If”?

    The NHS will collapse.


    “Britain could swing back to its ‘protect the NHS’ Covid policy if the latest spike in cases and hospital admissions impedes on the health service’s ability to treat other conditions

    Covid restrictions could RETURN to ‘protect the NHS’ ”



    WINTER is coming!
    For the VAXXED !!

    “Why Australia’s record flu surge is a bleak omen for the NHS”



    “Hospital Admissions Hit 6 Month Highs as 95+% Fully Vaxxed Australia Battles New COVID Wave”


    The narrative is slowly, but surely, crumbling.

    “How Many Mistakes Does an Expert Have to Make Before They Are No Longer an Expert?”

    How Many Mistakes Does an Expert Have to Make Before They Are No Longer an Expert?



    Follow the thread for a real laugh-a-thon!



    This does not go far enough – I think they should also be required to wear explosive neck collars to be sure they comply with quarantine.

    “Covid-19: Hong Kong to enact China-style health code system; electronic bracelets for those in home isolation”

    Covid-19: Hong Kong to enact China-style health code system; electronic bracelets for those in home isolation



    Absolute must watch –

    “It’s all nonsense”



    If all you have is a hammer …. VAXX! VAXX! VAXX!


    ” …I think there could be a case to offer vaccine to everyone attending an STD clinic.”


    Natural Immunity 97 Percent Effective Against Severe COVID-19 After 14 Months:

    Study: Natural immunity after a person’s first infection “remains very strong, with no evidence for waning, irrespective of variant, for over 14 months.” 🤣🤡🤡🤣


    “…because staff sickness”

    Hahahaha!! Get boosted!! Get Covid!! ☠☠☠

    “The system is broken, utterly and completely broken, and the public needs to be made aware of this.”


    A rose is a rose by any name
    Inflation, shortages, gouging, supply & demand, hoarding, depression, controlled/uncontrolled, good/bad, success/failure,

    Today, Russia cut off all natural gas flowing through the main pipeline to Europe as part of routine maintenance.

    Russia is contractually committed to turning the gas back on 10 days later, but many analysts, heads of state, and government officials believe Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t turn the gas back on in 10 days. Why? So he can increase prices, increase Russia’s energy revenues, and pressure Europe to stop supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia. France’s economy minister yesterday called a complete cut-off “the most likely” scenario. The consequences of a full Russian gas embargo would be devastating. German industries are already “in danger of permanently collapsing,” warned the head of Germany’s trade unions. Britain has warned that, in order to protect its own citizens, it may cut off natural gas supplies to Europe. If Putin cuts off the gas, Europe would be forced to ration energy, and bail-out both electric utilities and energy-intensive companies.

    Read more …
    • The ECB Must Follow Its Mandate (Lacalle)
    inflation is money supply growth

    TAE Summary

    * Etymology of “Expert”: from “Ex” meaning “Has-been” and “Spurt” meaning “A drip under pressure”

    * The Biden Way: When all you have is a stammer every problem looks like a fail

    * An injected vaxx to protect your respiratory system is like painting the inside of your house to protect the siding

    * Game of Thrones Quotes
    – Winter is coming
    – A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep
    – Words are wind
    – Stick ‘em with the pointy end
    – Chaos isn’t a pit, it’s a ladder
    – Any man who must say “I am King” is no true King
    – There are no heroes…in life, the monsters win
    – If you think this is a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention

    * When you have got natural immunity
    You face Covid waves with impunity
    Don’t mention this, though
    To vaxxed friends you know
    The truth will cause instant disunity

    Mister Roboto

    I had a hard time understanding all the economics detailed in this most recent post on the “Consciousness of Sheep” blog, but what I could understand sounds consistent with my understanding of what has been transpiring since the Great Financial Collapse of late 2008.

    Michael Reid

    explosive neck collars to ensure they comply with quarantine

    People have forgotten how to live

    Fuck the fear. Seize life. We all die in the end.


    Kunstler’s solar fiasco

    Most of the time, “backwards compatibility” and being able to slip something new into a system that is older is ideal. Hence, if we have to bid the incandescent light goodbye, it is nice to simply slip LED bulbs into incandescent fixtures. However, if we are going to step down in our use of electricity, the facts of the matter is that most of the electrical items in our homes run off of direct current and not alternating current, and the AC has to be changed to DC for each item. Think: computer, laptop, smartphone, television, aquarium pump, all of those LED bulbs, exercise bicycle, etc. Many items could be powered either way — an electric drill is AC, while a cordless drill is DC, and DC refrigerators can be purchased.

    Much of the fragility in K’s complex solar system is due to the requirement to convert the DC power off of the solar panels to AC for the home…which is then largely converted back to DC!

    Someday, spouse and I are going to rebuild the 16’ 1973 camping trailer. It will include solar PV. I plan to wire it primarily for DC 12 volt and 5 volt, with a small inverter for rare moments when AC is needed, and perhaps a lead as well for laptop charging. Someday, we plan to build an off-grid home, also with solar PV. That, as well, I plan to wire for DC voltages with a few AC outlets. I don’t personally have the know how, but it is my understanding that stepping down DC to specific voltages is not wildly difficult. Imagine — LEDs that actually last a long time (unlike these crappy LED bulbs), and not needing to keep replacing device chargers and power supplies!


    We’re all trapped inside the universe and no-one gets out alive.


    UK ambulance problems…
    …Will someone explain to me why the folks don’t just take their ailing family members in their own vehicles or in a taxi to the nearest hospital?


    I want to free the world to see
    What’s going down
    But they don’t get it.

    I want to shake the world awake
    And scream “Fear not!
    Or you’ll regret it!”

    Fear fear.

    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet


    Military Summary channel today reported near the end of the program that the Ukrainians SOLD one of their US-provided HIMARS missile launchers to the Russians for $800K, plus another $300K for the missiles.




    Oh Chuck, you devil you.


    Dr. D

    I mean, if you’re having a heart attack or stroke: ambulance. But this is one screw up makes another — all easily fixed. IF you arrive in an ambulance (And you’re too poor so ain’t paying anyway) THEN someone will come out and see you. If you drive in you wait six (or sixteen) hours and die on the floor. If there is like here anyway.

    It’s not that hard to staff so the one doesn’t encourage the other and saves money, directing resources to their best application. An ambulance is not a taxi, which the true low-lifes call if they want to hit the bars near the hospital. No joke. And I pay for it.

    Covid restrictions could RETURN to ‘protect the NHS’ ”

    OMG does it end? Because they worked so well the last two years? They are creators of mental illness: wash your hands and say two Hail Marys and one “We’ll All Go Together When We Go”, then click you boots together three times and not notice every single obedient sciency nation is wildly worse than darkest Africa.

    “How Many Mistakes Does an Expert Have to Make Before They Are No Longer an Expert?”

    There’s no such number.

    Next up for non-science: Ninja Covid! A Covid you don’t know you have! And. Why. Would. I. Care. Then?

    Same with Shiff’s vaccine. If it works, I’m happy for him. Then he’s safe from me and I’m safe from him. 924 days of non-science illogic word soup and counting.

    If all you have is a hammer …. VAXX! VAXX! VAXX!

    More like, if all you have is fish, hammer hammer hammer!

    PS the Vaccine is illegal. We have had viable therapeutics for years perhaps.

    Natural Immunity 97 Percent Effective Against Severe COVID-19 After 14 Months”

    Not only that but everybody’s had it. THEY said it was contagious, didn’t they? So if it’s contagious, who hasn’t had it? Omicron? So approaching 100% immunity. Why vax? And why it still around?


    Twitter -Twatter shares drop to $34 per.

    Why would Musk want to pay $54?

    Not to mention that snot Bots make up the majority of Twits database ‘customers’

    In the Empire of Lies, lying about the size of your customer base is an actual Religion.


    It’s what’s for dinner in the USSA.

    The Land of Lies

    All day, everyday, year round until the all the cock roaches die and the Sun burns out.

    I hope Musk drops Twitter -Twatter shares to $2 per share to reflect their actual customer base.



    Javelins Selling Like Hotcakes On Albanian Blackmarket – Thanks Joe!


    Empire of Lies military bling gets sold almost immediately after arriving in Ukronaziland.

    France’s super duper howitzers got sold to the Russians for $120K. What a bargain! They cost a couple million!

    The Duran (with Lira) had Dima who runs the Military Summary Channel on today and asked him what the Empire of Lies feared the most from sending HIMAR systems to the Ukronazi and Dima said the USSA were very worried that the thugs and thieves of the Ukro military would sell the HIMARS to Russia!


    Too Late on that one ladies!



    Guess What Russia Just Captured – Thanks Biden! Hint: Starts With An M – Ends With 777

    Michael Reid

    It is what it is. It is good to have a laugh

    Michael Reid

    Michael Reid
    John Day

    @VP Gary, from last night: Sorry you are having the 7-10 day version of COVID.
    The unvaccinated people who I refer to having 2-5 days of illness have already had COVID once.
    When I had Delta for New Years, it was 2 weeks of aching with 2 days of feeling normal around the 5th day of taking ivermectin-based treatment.
    I stopped at day 5 after feeling normal a day, mowing for 4 hours and so on, but then after a couple of days off treatment, it was BAACK and I couldn’t knock it down as well, so I just had a weak of aches, mild fevers and resting a lot.
    Everybody’s mileage may vary, but the stats I’m seeing also support longer courses and days later viral clearing among the vaccinated, especially the boosted.

    John Day

    Thanks Mr. Roboto. That’s an excellent econmic analysis of where the ($US) money is inflated and where it is deflated, and how that is working.

    A flaw seldom mentioned

    There is mention of the BRICS bypass systemd being worked on, but just mention.
    It really looks like all of the Marshall-Plan countries might get stripped away from the dollar this time around, and then, the dollar should join that system , too.
    What else would serve?
    The current financial elites should discover growing black-eyed peas in their gardens.
    It’d do ’em good, and help ’em be “regular”.

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