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    Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] III 1937   • Old Way, New Way (Dmitry Orlov) • Russia Continues To Earn More By Exporting Less Oil (ZH) • Germany
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    Veracious Poet

    New York State’s COVID-19 measures that required people infected with or exposed to highly contagious communicable diseases to quarantine are a violation of state law, a judge ruled. The New York Isolation and Quarantine procedures, known as Rule 2.13, were enacted in February.

    New York Quarantine Measures Ruled Unconstitutional and Illegal

    More than 260,000 Troops Not Fully Vaccinated, Many Face Discharge Under Biden Administration Mandate

    Veracious Poet

    Most Democrats Believe the Constitution Is Racist and Sexist

    Democrats, specifically, believe the founding document is rooted in racism — 57 percent. Most Republicans (84 percent) and independents (60 percent) disagree that the Constitution is rooted in racism.

    Most Top Biden Officials Have 0 Years Of Business Experience

    Tesla Asks Texans To Limit Charging Cars During Heat Wave As Wind Power Slows

    Veracious Poet

    V. Arnold

    Whew; a long read today Ilargi; but as usual, worth every word read; thank you…

    Pablo Picasso Guernica [Study] III 1937

    Picasso’s art is amazing, given he was there for the slaughter…
    It’s truly beyond my ken to fully grasp the tragedy of Guernica…but it’s obviously legion in scope…
    The infant in that picture struck me hard…


    Not sure of the table showing material used per unit of electricity is accurate. For example many hydro dams have little concrete being made of earth or rock. Also is the table showing energy produced over the life of the dam, solar farm etc or annual production? If annual then as windmills and solar farms last 20 years, nuclear plants 50 years and dams offer 100+ then that also alters the results.


    “Food bank executives said the sudden surge in demand caught them off guard. “Last year, we had expected a decrease in demand for 2022 because the economy had been doing so well,” said Michael Flood, CEO for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.”

    Wow, looks like they’ve been into the “Kool Aid”, followed by:
    “This issue with inflation came on pretty suddenly.”

    Something else that comes on suddenly: ” Forests preceed us, deserts follow”. That should be obvious to those in California. I suppose that because desert was already there, just add water and poof greenery. Take away the water and “aw oh” no greenery, what’s up with that?

    I attended a seminar put on by our local agricultural college with Joel as headliner, back in the ’80’s I believe. Some good info on farming within the means of your particular piece of geography.

    “Salatin is an agrarian gladiator who enjoys sharing his expertise. But watch out: the man brooks no tolerance for conventional agricultural “wisdom.”

    Instead, he’s here to show small farmers how to make a profit from their land while maintaining healthy, sustainable practices.”

    Sustainable Farming: Making a Living on the Homestead with Joel Salatin



    It’s about energy units (terawatt), irrespective of time units.


    “The supply destruction that is going on behind the scenes as corporations shut down operations and scrap equipment, machinery and vehicles will only come to public prominence when governments declare the pandemic to be over. Only then, when key fuels and resources are no longer available to us in the quantities required will we fully understand the folly of shutting down economies in a failed attempt to halt the spread of a not particularly dangerous virus. But the consequences of that third wave, which will give rise to evils from third world debt defaults and increased poverty and hunger to trade and resource wars, will be beyond our capacity to resolve. Lacking the energy and resources even to develop a steady-state economy, the global economy which emerges out of the pandemic response can only collapse; most likely rapidly.”

    The great unravelling

    “Unlike 2008, there won’t be any states left standing to bail the system out. And with western leaders seemingly determined to drive the emerging Eurasian/BRICS bloc into setting up an alternative system which disadvantages the west, the prospect for a rapid descent into economic, political and social chaos looks inevitable. Little wonder Herr Schwab and his buddies are keen to erase the WEF’s role in it.”


    “The guilt for the mass murder is solely that of the political leaders….. I accuse the leaders of abusing my obedience. At that time obedience was demanded, just as in the future it will also be demanded of the subordinate. Obedience is commended as a virtue.” —Adolph Eichmann, Nazi, at his trial

    Early in the declared Covid19 Pandemic, America’s medical community — and this included America’s pharmacies — coalesced around a system of outlawing medicines known to be effective, safe and inexpensive, notably ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine In time, it became obvious that withholding early treatment was crucial for the pharmaceutical industry’s project to vaccinate the world against a claimed Covid19 virus.

    Had the effectiveness of inexpensive and available medicines been widely seen, the pretext for ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ of a warpspeed-produced experimental product would have vaporized. With a trillion dollar global vaccination project at stake, that couldn’t be allowed, so the lies of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine being toxic were authoritatively enforced.

    The policy descended (and continues to descend) from administrative networks within the Department of Health and Human Services, (notably CDC and NIAID) to the states. These networks are part of, and fed by, an international complex involving the World Health Organization, itself under the control of international pharmaceutical interests focused primarily on vaccines, as well as on gene manipulations sold under the deceptive banner of “vaccine”.

    This multi-pronged, vaccine-focused universe now includes research universities and medical schools, medical societies and fraudulent medical journals showcasing ghost-written “scientific” articles. A key player is the discipline of Public Health, a politicized field posing as objective science, enforcer of official narrative and hurler of the “misinformation” epithet at dissenters. And of course there is the compliant media. And money, endless rivers of it.

    At hospital level, commands from this complex flow through desk-bound administrators, with doctors and nurses induced to follow those commands for fear of losing needed hospital access. Failure to mind can even result in suspension of license to practice medicine. This control system extends to state medical boards under the umbrella of the Federation of State Medical Boards, the guidelines of which require practitioners to use treatments “… supported by the best available scientific evidence or prevailing scientific consensus”. But officially accepted “best available scientific evidence” is now so tightly controlled that one is literally forced toward the “prevailing scientific consensus”.

    The “consensus” referred to is a rigidly enforced story, and divergence from it is immediately attacked from all corners of officialdom as “misinformation”. A key branch of the army protecting the official, lie-riddled storyline has been the burgeoning fact-check industry, succinctly nailed by Dr. Bryan Ardis “Fact checking is to divert you from the truth and take you back to the narrative you’re being sold worldwide.”

    You doctors who have been obedient to an industry-inspired, governmentally-driven protocol have abdicated the doctor-patient relationship. And what is true for doctors in this respect applies to nurses as well. By withholding available treatments and sending sick people home; by injecting a trusting public with an experimental gene-altering technology that has potentially devastating long-range, even trans-generational impacts; by not seeing immediately the criminal idiocy of injecting children, for whom the claimed virus is known to be benign, you have made your patients de facto lab animals.

    FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover once wrote “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” The Covid19 Pandemic, set up as justification for a global project to inject humanity with a gene-altering death-dealing technology, is certainly monstrous enough to handicap anyone, at least for a time. It is murderous on a scale so immense as to be unbelievable on first exposure. And that alone may have posed too great a barrier for most of the multitude to even want to take a closer look.

    But you medical professionals cannot claim ignorance at this late date, when mere minutes of online search can reveal that outstanding medical figures all over the world have been struggling against censorship and mainstream media vomitings to expose the lie-riddled Covid19/“vaccine” project ( 1, 2, 3…) For their troubles, of course, they continue to be attacked by the media network long known to be rotten to the core. Has your choosing to be obedient within this long nightmare been simply to hold on to a job? Or have you just been too lazy to search out censored information? Or too uncaring? Or are you just stupid? Only you would know for sure.

    Josef Mengele, like yourselves, was a medical doctor. At Auschwitz concentration camp, his grisly medical experiments won him a place in history as Todesengel, “The Angel of Death”. He is supposed to have said “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” Does that seem familiar, and do your patients still trust you? In any case, you medics who have been so obedient to the vaccine industry’s merciless global project might want to get to know Dr. Mengele. There are even books on the man. After all, he was a soul mate of yours, as you have, eyes wide open, made yourselves, whether by omission or commission, his medical heirs.

    Dr. D

    So AOC says Capitol Police opened the doors and let Jan 6 in. No kidding… But, this means we can now take it as official, widespread reality? And also, WHO let them in? Is AOC so dense, so out of the loop, so dumb that she doesn’t realize it’s Nancy Pelosi and that’s WHY there’s no investigation of them? Or of Ray Epps?

    Well, take victory where you can. Let’s all line up in Congress and ask. WHY were the 5,000 pound Columbus doors opened from the security booth inside? What does that mean for the accused who shook hands and took selfies with police?

    Speaking of investigations, can we have a list of prominent people who’ve had Covid for the 2nd or 3rd time after being vaxxed? Let me start: Fauci. Trudeau. Elmo. (but I repeat myself).

    Can we have a list of prominent people since 4th of July? Rajapaksa. Bojo. Abe. Kallas. Draghi. (Mrs.) Trump.

    Deutsche Bank Now Modeling German Households Chopping Wood to Keep Warm This Winter”

    There’s not enough wood in the general sense. And wood burned this year can’t be burned in the next. These things are possible, but it would take a lot of forward lead time, change in locations, setting up extensive forays into hauling dead wood, and changing to kindling. Then how do the ashes get back to avoid depletion?

    Universal Health Care: They need to start the video a little earlier, where you can’t get an appointment for 9 months. Then a few years after when like Britain the entire system collapses because no system feedback = spiraling costs and waste.

    Also, obviously it’s not free. Canada has eye-wateringly high taxes, 15% GST and PST. We also pay but it’s through the insurance system. Canadians then come here and say “I’ve got free health care”. Really? What are you doing in Florida then? “Oh, the cost of living is so much lower here.” No kidding! I wonder why? And aside from a whole industry of going to American hospitals because Canada will schedule in your surgery a few months after you’re dead.

    Now I’m going to say despite all that, Americans still have the worst care at the highest price worldwide. However, it also essentially makes everything said in that video false. Despite unthoughtful uninformed chatter, our problems are the same as everybody else: deep corruption, no feedback in the medical system. We don’t cut out the poor in our paid-for system. We don’t provide free services UNLESS you are poor. In which case you get all the care you want. It’s only if you’re productive that you can’t get care.

    “There is no substitute for energy. If you run low, you can’t switch”

    Yes, we can. We must waste like 50-75% of our energy on sheer nonsense. We just WON’T do it. Even in a “war” (What war is that, Mr. Biden?) there is no diversion, no rationing. Driving 30 miles to work then 10 miles to soccer practice every day is standard. A/C and heat is in every room. Lights are never shut off. We blow the power of a whole nation just to have street lights at night when no one’s on the street. We are not a serious nation, and made of not-serious clown people. We are about to starve for using our diesel on empty, $60,000, double-long suburban pickups instead of for harvesters and grain silos, but suit yourself. Nothing gets through, so you have to learn your own way.

    What happens then? Prices revert to reality. True price discovery. You’ll find out which is valuable, food or McMansions and leather-lined pickups that can’t withstand a raindrop.

    Yes, amid all of the economic damage created by western leaders and their Build Back Better efforts, the geopolitical world is having spasms as the rulers are being rejected”

    They’re front men and puppets. I want the guys behind the rulers. With cold fury of the people they just won’t leave alone.

    “Macron’s Minority Government Defeated on Vaccine Passports (SN)”

    NY was also ended. There is no legal authority for lockdowns. That took almost 3 years to get your rights back and still they ignore it (like the USSC gun ruling). Apparently it doesn’t matter what the courts say. Does that mean we need to send the army to remind them?

    “[..] The Phoenix food bank’s main distribution center doled out food packages to 4,271 families”

    Is that soup line long enough for you? Are the tent cities in every major city not enough like Hoovervilles because they’re not in black and white? That’s what they thought/printed in the paper in 1930 too. “Green Shoots!” “Just around the corner!” “Stock market doubles!” “The Sun’ll come out tomorrow!”

    But we’ve improved from then. 1921 took 1 year. 1929 took 10 years. Now we’ve got it up to 25 years: these Hoovervilles started under George Bush in 2000. #Helping! Don’t worry, just like last time, when they write the history books, all these government programs will have worked wonders despite poverty increasing every year, income disparity increasing every year, hunger increasing every year, and inflation from stimulus checks increasing every year out of control. Just like last time, when the Green New Deal worked perfectly…except for the part that the economy never budged for 10 years straight until we blew up every other factory on planet dirt.

    What’s the solution? Honest money, honest markets, honest law and property rights. All three would make the rich lose their corrupt, unearned power so they will never happen … voluntarily. Nature bats last though. Math isn’t fooled.

    “I can’t tell you how many people at the FDA have told me, ‘I don’t like any of this, but I just need to make it to my retirement.’”

    …Showing they are the dumbest people in the room, dumber than Zippy the Pinhead. YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET YOUR RETIREMENT. Ever. From anyone. You morons. But you’re ESPECIALLY not going to get it if you kill every (working) American, all kids 25-40 and collapse the entire U.S. economy. You think we’re really-really a’gonna pay you then? For the service you just provided? Hell. No.

    Greg Hunter has this on USA Watchdog: “I’ll give you info as ex-government, ex-CIA/ex-military guy, but I can’t come on record because I need my pension”. AYFKM? You’re not going to collect your pension, moron. If you don’t speak up the government itself will collapse, probably past-tense. What pension? You’re defending NOTHING. You sold out your country by not speaking FOR NOTHING, you AWOL traitor derelict of duty.

    Hey, you get what you get. You bought it with these actions; now live with it, the lot of you. Cowards and fiends, avarice, love-of-money as god. You know people are being murdered and you want your PENSION? And you think we will give it to you?

    If you all spoke up and all left, they’d have to stop. Then you’d get re-hired in a reformed system and get your pension back.

    “Democrats, specifically, believe the founding document is rooted in racism — 57 percent.”

    And I was just in a discussion as to why oh why people think that Democrats aren’t patriotic. “They stole R flag from us!” Whut? You burn the flag proudly at every opportunity. But go ahead, be patriotic and take it back: you’re not a victim of the Right, the Patriots. Oh wait, yes you are: that’s the purpose of that sentence, to blame, accuse, and be a victim of the nebulous they’r everywher Right for not doing a thing you yourself are in control of. Really, it’s pathological.


    Energy isn’t free. Whenever energy is accessed for our use, some of that energy is always consumed in the access process.

    This ‘consumed in access’ component – known here as the Energy Cost of Energy, or ECoE – has been rising relentlessly, mainly because depletion is forcing up the costs of oil, natural gas and coal.

    This rise in ECoEs reduces the surplus (ex-cost) energy that is coterminous with prosperity. This equation reflects the fact that surplus energy determines the availability of all products and services other than energy itself.

    Because ECoEs are rising, prosperity is decreasing.

    At the same time that surplus energy prosperity is deteriorating, the costs of essentials are rising. This is happening because most necessities – including food, the supply of water, housing, infrastructure, the transport of people and products, and, of course, energy used in the home – are energy-intensive.

    The material components of this equation – energy itself, supply costs, prosperity and the essentials – are translated, using the SEEDS economic model, into the financial language that, by convention, is used in economic debate.

    #235. The affordability crisis


    The electric car gets a higher diversity and inclusion score, a rainbow of elements. I ordered a hybrid more than 12 months ago, and they still haven’t scheduled it for production. Capitalism where are you? I never liked you much, but now you’re gone I see your true beauty.

    State media in allied Australia loves Trump news, we are hoping to finally find the smoking gun that was promised all those years ago. Then Trump can be locked up and that will stop him from giving us anxiety induced heart problems in 2024.


    Universal health care. Replies worth of reading.
    “10k replies on tiktok, nearly all of them Americans bending over backwards to defend our health care system”.
    Potion of “Stalin, Mao and P-Pot” in the mix and daily fed to the pop does wonders.

    In addition to studies, real painting gave him a good run of struggle. Revisions are documented in series of photos that Dora Maar took in his studio. At the end Picasso won.


    • Old Way, New Way (Dmitry Orlov)

    Ouch Dmitry, that message burns like a bitch


    The Empire of Lies is not run by ‘humans’ anymore.

    They are ‘warm blood’ and could also be classified as ‘mammals’.

    But they have the brains of reptiles.

    Reptiles lay there eggs and abandon their young and would vax them if they knew how.

    Reptiles also have very simple reaction circuits. They always double down on a losing strategy because they have no reverse gear in their primitive brains.

    So the ‘leaders’ of the Empire of Lies are not human, they are some new amalgamation of mammal and reptile.

    Yes, they are in deed some type of ‘life form’, but definitely not ‘human’.

    They are are not ‘sub-human’ but rather ‘trans-human’

    So the Empire of Lies is guided by Trans-humans who always double down when they lose, have no reverse gear and conduct medical experiments on their abandoned offspring.


    Here is a Mongoose dealing with a reptile.

    The reptile has a simple ‘thrust’ strategy. The Mongoose times the length the periodicity of the reptile thrust and waits until the reptile is fully extended, then kills it.

    Russia is the Mongoose

    The Empire of Lies is the Black Mamba

    Dr D Rich

    I don’t know, Dr. D. (Figure of speech)

    To call it, you got to be able to see it.
    Very few can see it and the very best are dissuaded from their vision by propaganda (placard for gaslighting) and money (placeholder for personal avarice).

    Said Dr. D to reformed CIA pensioner: “If you all spoke up and all left, they’d have to stop. Then you’d get re-hired in a reformed system and get your pension back”
    There’s quite a few steps in that prescription but they can’t stop anymore than Con-man can give up the Con. Notice how this antidote leaves the perpetrators free rather than subject to annihilation, a perfect segue to citizenx’s invocation of Solzhenitsyn.

    I read Solzhenitsyn as a 10 year old. Yeah I know that’s a sign of some sever isolation and possibly emotional impoverishment.
    However I’d rather read the occasional offerings from citizenx (last night), orobos and Veracious Poet for their concise recapitulation of the same. You see, I’ve never been sure whether Solzhenitsyn’s musings on ‘the unholy terror of the man who just wanted to be left alone” was descriptive, predictive or self-recognition. I suspect he was simply being hopeful.
    Alexander was describing something separate from unloosing the dogs of war.

    It bears repeating from citizenx last night:

    “Most here see the Empires patterns of madness and illness. Even fewer seem willing to fight it. “(January 6th was opportunity but too few smelled the trap and no I’m not saying Trump is the answer)

    ““The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.
    They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over.
    The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence,
    these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone””
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    Dr D Rich

    Bare not Bear


    I think that the “normalized materials “ graph needs more background information.

    For solar PV, it is including concrete…um…is that concrete for installations that are embedded in concrete? For the plant that made the PV? Rooftop Solar seldom involves concrete.

    Hydro…over how many years is the electrical generation being counted?

    Natural gas…is it counting only the materials for the nat gas plant, or also counting all of the resources/materials used to extract, store, and transport the nat gas?

    And so forth.

    There is value in creating something that passively generates electricity/energy year after year with few inputs and/or little maintenance after it is built. This value goes beyond monetary costs or resources used. (Note: electric cars do not passively generate electricity/energy…no, not even with energy recapture from braking.)

    When I had solar panels put on my roof, I was better off financially than I have now been for the past decade. When I ran the figures before getting the PV system, I determined that economically, it would be a wash for me — I would not save any significant money on my power bill, neither would it cost more — and I might save a little bit of money. I had been excited about solar PV since my teens, and I moved forward, making a down payment of a few thousand dollars to offset my monthly lease amount.

    Right now, I calculate my solar panels as saving me about $5/month in energy costs. However, another $25/month was paid 12 years ago, so that is $30 I don’t have to spend today. Considering the events of the last decade, the money paid down was a wise investment.

    There are some places/situations where bringing in fuel is not feasible or not desired. That is where electricity generated from non-fuel sources has great value.

    Dr D Rich

    Bear not Bare


    US Constitution racist/sexist…
    I think that it is a glass half-full or half empty proposition.
    To those who see everything through the lens of racism and sexism, the fact that slaves were counted as 3/5 of a person and that women did not vote…sure, the document contains some racism/sexism. For that matter, it would be difficult to find documents and/or practices from the late 18th century that are not “racist” nor “sexist” based on current standards (especially if the new “woke” standards are the yardstick.)
    However, the US Constitution was grounded in the principles of the Enlightenment, and it could be easily argued that emancipation and women’s suffrage eventually came about because of the cultural seeds sown by the Enlightenment, and that the US Constitution was a remarkable document because it allowed for the possibility of such changes to be wrought when the country was ready for them. (Most late 18th century folks were not ready.)

    The answers of the survey have little relation to the US Constitution, but provide insight into the thought patterns of the respondents.


    I remember back when I was Mormon that I always felt a little uneasy about the religion’s emphasis on obedience as a virtue. Thanks to Red for mentioning the Eichmann quote. It goes a long ways towards explaining my unease with the concept of obedience.

    I think I’m better of with: “To thine own self be true.” (Thank you Shakespeare.)


    @ Dr D
    “ We don’t provide free services UNLESS you are poor. In which case you get all the care you want. It’s only if you’re productive that you can’t get care.”
    I take exception with that comment. People who are in poverty are very often very productive — they just don’t receive much monetary compensation for all of their productivity.


    Wood in Russia from worldometer.


    @Neal is correct. Watts are a measure of instantaneous power consumption; in other words, the RATE of power, rather than the quantity. You need a time unit to do a comparison of this kind (as in Watt-HOURS). Knowing the lifetime of the facility is necessary so you can make this comparison a meaningful one.


    The article by Spradbury, prev. post, was chilling, but the content isn’t really new, it follows the path of the most alarmist commentators.

    Montagnier, btw, was a sincere and respected scientist in F and Europe generally, during his whole career.

    Of course *roughly* after 2000 the ‘medical / academic’ / regulatory’ scene in F began its transformation to profit-seeking (national health gradually dismantled, corp control of research, etc.) He could speak out because he was elderly, retired, beyond attack.

    Today, one top F prof., Christian Perrone, recently forced into retirement, someone who occupied the highests posts possible in top commissions, in the F med-gvmt-research-control apparatus, in the field of infectious diseases and vaccines, at the WHO as advisor, plus being a guarantor (times past) of ethics in medecine, and arbitrator of conflicts of interest, has given a vid interview to France Soir.

    He has been imho completely straight and honest about his opinions, stances, throughout (not the case for some seeming ‘rebels’) and he has now concluded that the COV19 pandemic was planned. (He didn’t think this before, though he never excluded any possibilities.) He doesn’t elaborate on this point. 11 July 2022.

    In F:

    Here is part 1 of an interview of Perrone, in Aug. 2020, in Eng. to give an idea why he was ‘cancelled’…

    J. Day posted: The big question to me is whether this will kill something like 2% of the injected, or more like 80%. I consider it unknowable for me until time passes. I am interested in expert opinions, but don’t see any of them as even possibly able to know how many will die from these injections this decade, or how many miscarrriages and birth defects there will be in this decade, or of what sorts.

    Yes, we don’t know, and have to wait to find out. But I reckon that some ppl at Pfizer – Moderna and many others have a rough estimate, they have all the results from the ‘trials’ that they ran themselves and then reported fraudulently in the sense of massaging, omissions, sneaky categorisation, and mostly just ‘dropping cases, info’, etc. / confusedly on purpose to hide things from stupid pols, corrupted regulatory bodies, and the public.

    A stab at a guess (from the present figures open to the public, early ‘unknown’ deaths, reports of all the young ppl collapsing, etc.) is that about 10%, maybe somewhat more, in a time span of 5 years AFTER the vax, will experience early ‘mysterious’ deaths, caused by the vax. This will be covered up by talk of ‘long covid’, ‘stress’, ‘new diseases’, ‘poverty’, etc. As for the damage to reproduction some stats are coming in, but there are so many factors affecting birth rate, it is too soon to say anything much. Of course it is way down in many countries…

    Mr. House

    @Dr. D Rich

    Thank you for the Alexander Solzhenitsyn quote, my feelings exactly!

    Dr D Rich

    @ Mr. House

    Hat tip during TAE’s own ‘citizenx’ from late last night.

    Dr. D

    “This ‘consumed in access’ component – known here as the Energy Cost of Energy, or ECoE – has been rising relentlessly,… Because ECoEs are rising, prosperity is decreasing.”

    No. It’s rising HERE. WE are not pumping. WE are not drilling three coasts. WE are not importing from Iran.

    RUSSIA has no ECoE, THEIR prosperity is not falling. This is US only. Not the world. And for the moment because of what WE are doing, intentionally, knowing, purposefully, NOT because of physics. Those physics may be out there, but not for 40 more years in Russia, China , and Iran yet. Probably not 40 more years in the U.S. either.

    I’m sorry WE want to shut down pipelines and WE want to waste what we have and shut in our supplies. But that’s a choice.

    Yes Benton, that has many steps that won’t be done. But look at the key step: IF the people come home from work one day and say “This is immoral, I won’t be part” then the machine stops. The End. If they also say “I won’t be quiet” then others can’t run it instead.

    It’s really that simple. All the psychos and narccists have to do is create the plausible veneer of “I didn’t know”, of “it’s not my job” of “But I’m thinking of my family, really” and the people pounce on the excuse like a hungry mongoose. The excuse is both false, is does not excuse, AND they are going to not pay you and kill your family to keep you quiet. I don’t know why this is no complicated for people. Have they never worked with low lifes before? I can’t swing a cat without running into a hustling low life trying to compromise me, so I don’t know where they live.

    You can’t commit a felony. Then your co-felons blackmail you. You can’t hang around with people like that. They’ll drag you in, then your family. You just can’t, which is why your daddy said “don’t.” Not even once.

    Phoenix: There are many unproductive poor, but you are, of course, correct. There are a lot of unproductive rich too. I guess I phrased it that way because a nation, household, or any organization lives by the work of the members. Our plan here is to never help those who work, and always help those who don’t work. If you work, you are at 100% risk. If you stop working, your health is 100% covered. That’s like a $20,000 benefit. I can take a hint. So has everyone else. That communism: no work = you get all the benefits anyway. “Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the outcome.” Outcome = Collapse.

    Armenio Pereira

    So, according to Evo Morales, Mr. Assange is the only person holding all the pertinent info concerning the crimes committed against humanity – sheesh, what a way of running an organization.

    Veracious Poet

    I take exception with that comment. People who are in poverty are very often very productive — they just don’t receive much monetary compensation for all of their productivity.

    Veracious Poet

    Yes, we don’t know, and have to wait to find out.

    Veracious Poet

    Have they never worked with low lifes before? I can’t swing a cat without running into a hustling low life trying to compromise me, so I don’t know where they live.

    Veracious Poet

    NYPD stops testing police for pot use…
    The announcement comes as more than 1,500 police officers have left NYPD this year alone

    DEA seizes million fentanyl-laced pills in record-breaking drug bust


    A few days passed and both the President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, resigned and fled the country.

    You destroyed your country for WEF? Don’t worry, WEF will look after you, you will not have to take responsibility for your actions. Sri Lankans should have fixed this problem and sent both to join Abe in politician hell where they can continue to practice treachery on their countries and stabbing each other in the back for ever.


    French President Emmanuel Macron suffered a humiliating setback in parliament after his vaccine passport scheme was defeated.

    After seeing the Uber papers you just know this scum bag is taking money from Big Pharma.

    John Day

    Good bunch of comments again last night and today.
    RED: Good content, but could you say “most doctors”?

    The big trio today (with Solzhenitsyn’s man-who-wanted-to-be-left -alone hovering overhead)
    looks like:
    Globalism 1:
    Globalism 2:
    Energy Affordability Crisis (which came to my inbox, too)

    The lies cannot stretch anywhere near what people experience daily, so they are losing momentum. The globalist-liars need everybody to just go along, not break away, until the trap is snapped and they have the only keys to survival, if you do things their way, which is to be a cyborg-slave.
    That is doomed to failure, because it has too many expensive and inefficient layers of hierarchy, and not enough quick, local problem solving. Too much data over too much time and distance…

    The background condition is falling surplus-energy since mid 2018 (my educated guess).
    In a way I agee and disagree with Dr.D. I think there is oil in the US that CAN be pumped, especially in the Arctic, but it’s not-for-us.
    Like Tonto said to the Lone Ranger, “What you mean ‘we’, white man?”

    I am voluntarily going Malthusian, like the Archdruid always sort-of advises.

    The more efficient economy will be less hierarchical, with shorter supply chains, and more locally-added value, like Russia refines oil and makes plastic, the way texas does, for instance.
    Much more economy will be non-financial, like my vegetable gardens are slowly approaching.
    Like the solar installation, it’s a lot of expense and work up front, and drip watering and timers and repairs and upkeep to grow veggies in Texas. My way is not the only way. Black-eyed peas and sweet potatoes are basically invasive in an area, but also a lot of work to pick and dig out of the jungle they make, especially out of clay soil…
    Gonna’ eat all winter, too? You’d better have calories saved up, because collard greens only go so far.

    I read a newspaper interview from 80 years ago in the Yoakum paper. The oldest man in Lavaca county was a 106 year old freed-man, who moved with other slaves and a family of 7 when he was a toddler. They killed wild pigs and ate pig and cornbread, from corn they grew. They ate wild cattle and wild goats, too. They killed wild game and grew corn, and they built counties and towns. They lived by a river,or collected rainwater if they could. He remembered the day his Mistress told him “You are as free as I am. You can go wherever you want.” He stayed another year there before he could work anything else out. Al lot of Freedmen stayed and worked their own places, but it was never a slave economy.
    Mostly it was Czech (“Bohemian”) and German families, extended families, who fled war in Europe. Sink or swim in Texas…
    That was completely normal, all of it. I’m nowhere near that tough.
    Man do I have respect!


    Egg production has been constrained by the avian flu outbreak that cut the number of laying hens by about 8 percent in recent months.

    Does WEF have its own security aparatus that releases these pandemics or do they use the US security aparatus to do the dirty work? Food processing plant explosions etc etc, I am sure the US security state allows this to happen, so are co-conspirators, but do they do it themselves. I am interested because I am wondering what the status of the army will be when things turn violent, will they work for WEF (like the US government) or will they work for the American people.


    On the other end are doctors and scientists at the top levels of the NIH, FDA and CDC. They are variously frustrated, exasperated and alarmed about the direction of the agencies to which they have devoted their careers. “It’s like a horror movie I’m being forced to watch and I can’t close my eyes,” one senior FDA official lamented. “People are getting bad advice and we can’t say anything.” That particular FDA doctor was referring to two recent developments inside the agency. First, how, with no solid clinical data, the agency authorized Covid vaccines for infants and toddlers, including those who already had Covid. And second, the fact that just months before, the FDA bypassed their external experts to authorize booster shots for young children.

    People are so selfish, they pretend to care about other peoples’ children, they have the means to not be involved in the disabling or even killing of other peoples’ children, but for personal reasons they choose not to say anything and to go along with the crime.

    I am enjoying watching this because to me it is confirming what I already thought I knew: civilisation is just a veneer and humans are really just extremely violent animals that could not survive as a species without civilisation. Civilisation and social skills prevents us from destroying our own species, only those humans that adopted civilisation rather than outright hostility have survived, the others were Darwined.

    Our civilisation enables us to live together and survive by supressing our instincts, which are to oppress and kill each other. We think we are civilised, better than other animals, but actually we are worse than other animals because we will even eat our own species as food: our social skills have enabled us to survive, without them we would have gone the way of the Darwined individuals.

    I totally believe this because I am certain that the species at the top of the food chain naturally emerges to be super violent. It has probably happened before, some species emerged and then killed itself off by being too violent without sufficient brakes on its instinct to prevent self destruction. Sure, the known fossil record shows no such species, but that does not exclude the possibility.

    In this case it is remarkable how easily these government employees can forget their religion, their principles, their adherence to the law etc and go along with a crime that they are aware is happening. The Nazis did the same as, I am sure, have many human groups in the past. We are just one step away from causing our own destruction.


    The socialised medicine vid made me grin as it reminded me of a moment in the past where I was arguing with the cashier in an in-house pharmacy in a brand new clinic in Jakarta Indonesia. I had the shits real bad and had just seen a young doctor in a spotless white coat in this large shiny clinic and was paying for the enormous bag of various potients he had prescribed me. As the amount I paid at the pharmacy was only four Australian dollars I was adamant that I also needed to pay the doctor’s fee.The cashier was also adamant that I had paid for the drugs and the doctor but that just would not compute in my brain so I kept on insisting that I still needed to pay for the doctor as well. Finally I got it , the doctor’s fee was included in the amount and I walked out but still struggling with the concept of paying four dollars for the drugs AND the doctor. During that exchange I am sure the expression on my face must have resembled our actor in the vid , puzzlement and disbelief.
    So the knob-jockeys at WEF& Co. who after totally and unnecessarily fucking our economy, causing untold social misery death and the destruction of millions of folks immune systems around the globe now assume that we the people need and desire that they “Build Back Better”. Fuck them all , a pox upon them and their houses , we need a lot more Abe’n going on.


    I am still waiting for the US army to commit hari-kari by dismissing their unvaxxed soldiers while they are having trouble recruiting new soldiers.

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