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    Wanna know how the US elections will be narrated? Look no further. And this is the Guardian, not even American. No shame, no balance. And it isn’t even Luke Harding. Please read the whole article.

    Kennedy, despite being a life-long Democrat, is not part of the cabal that has taken over the Democrat party. That cabal has a certain religion and is dedicated to a certain plan and is prepared to destroy anyone who gets in their way using both legal and illegal means.

    The Democrat party has long lost any concern for the members of the party, the voters in the party, their wishes are irrelevant. As long as the cabal can keep the Democrat voters at the Republican voters’ necks then they can count on the Democrat votes at the next election and can further their plans. The key is to keep them fighting, divide and conquer, so that people vote on instinct, not with their brains. Part of the reason why they keep on bringing cases against Trump, the only reason they created TDS in their voters.

    Kennedy is a threat to that process, he is introducing ideas, trying to get people to think, trying to win support for his own agenda. The captured Democrat party cannot allow that to happen and their global cabal is getting the Guardian to prepare the way.


    jb – you could ask for a job at the belief validation centre. sounds like a laptop class version of thought police


    Chews run the government of every Western nation, we are being destroyed, from within.


    This—the blood simmers as I write this sentence—is the basis of the charge that R.F.K. Jr. displayed anti–Semitic tendencies while consuming his pasta with white clam sauce at Tony’s earlier this month.

    Anti-semitic tendencies! The worst crime we know of in this world, worse than child trafficking, worse than anything else you could possibly do in any western country. Obviously so otherwise the media would not be so vigourous in condemning the ciminal while they traffick children and smear the Sound of Freedom movie.

    The USA really needs to learn that critical evaluation of Jews is as neccessary as critical evaluation of muslims, blacks and other groups. Many can see the blacks destroying Chicago, but so few see the Jews destroying US government, meanwhile the Chinese work hard to earn a living. Sure, we can dig to more detailed analysis, but generalisation proves the point that making yourself blind is not making yourself more informed.


    Europe can thank its stars that the critical aid and immense sacrifices of Soviet and Chinese forces ensured victory in the Second World War

    Rewriting history again. China was in a different war at the start of WW2, but now they are trying to merge the WW2 war and the China – Japan war into one. I even read recently that some claim WW2 started in China in 1937. Totally ridiculous, all part of the ass kissing that historians provide to the currently favoured governments. China’s role in WW2 was minimal, the majority of their casualities were in the Japanese war. Sure, they lost a lot of people, some say as many as 10 million (although this is very likely to be bullshit geared towards showing China’s sacrifice) the vast majority of whom were civilians.

    Everybody is rewriting history to suit their current agendas. Russia was the greatest contributor to victory in WW2, we all know that, but now the political agendas insist it was Russia and China …. bullshit.


    More unsubstantiated nonsense -indeed utter bullshit which is totally contrary to observed data- from TAE when it comes to the role industrially generated CO2 plays in overheating the Earth currently witnessed.

    The actual situation:

    1. For most of the year photosynthesis is overwhelmed by emissions; for a few months of each year photosynthesis of each year exceeds anthropogenic CO2 emissions, but never on an annual basis does the uptake exceed the industrial emissions. Hence, on any given date, the atmospheric CO2 is higher than the same date the year before.

    Jul. 19, 2023 421.41 ppm
    Jul. 19, 2022 418.07 ppm
    1 Year Change 3.34 ppm (0.80%)

    2. Most of the CO2 that is industrially generated is absorbed by the oceans and one of the results is an ever-declining pH, ever increasing acidification [by CO2] and ever worsening prospects for shell formation by shell-forming species.

    3. The absorption of CO2 by the oceans is both temperature dependent and phase-distribution dependent. As the oceans warm -which they most certainly are- the absorption by oceans must be expected to decline.

    4. We should also note that all of the overheated permafrost is releasing stupendous amounts of both CO2 and CH4 (with a warming potential of 86 times that of CO2 for time frames that matter).

    5. The overheated oceans and overheated atmosphere have generated two previously unrecorded phenomena: disruption of the Jet Streams that leads to wild swings in temperature; atmospheric rivers that drench regions with unprecedented quantities of rain -as witnessed in numerous locations in recent months.

    One of the most ominous atmospheric river systems has been well studied by Jason Fox and provides a dire warning to the world of where we are headed, as the Greenland ice sheet disappears.

    Of course, few people live on Greenland, so, for the moment ‘who cares?’ And the 7 metre rise in sea level that will accompany the meltdown is more than a decade away.

    Much more interesting in the short term is the overheating of the Carribean, which is impacting sea life, and has the potential to generate humungous hurricane systems in the very near future.

    “Way too hot, way too early.”

    As for trees absorbing CO2 more than is released by humans, we need to note that vast areas of previously forested land now contain burned-down trees -the greatest quantity ever not only across Canada but also across much of Europe, including Greece.

    All these catastrophes have been occurring during a ‘cool’ phase in the La Nina-El Nino cycle.

    Give the ongoing CO2-induced overheating catastrophe another year or so, and give the ‘super El Nino’ currently predicted time to act, we must expect the denial-of-reality and false narratives promoted by TAE to be even harder to promote than they currently are.


    According to FT, the US Department of Defense has asked for $1.1 billion in the 2024 fiscal year to buy 118 long-range anti-ship missiles (LRASM), compared to half that amount for 83 missiles the year before.

    They need more money because Russia can easily out-perform them despite only having 10% of their budget? Unfortunately, in this case, the USA cannot scream that the Russians stole their technology, so that is research, development and manufacturing on 10% of the US military budget. Stealing is a great game if you can get into a setup like the US MIC.


    Aspnanz and I are page 2 niggers for a reason, never, ever bring up the man behind the curtain. Normies dont like the j word, it makes them nervous…they’ve been holyhoaxed since birth.Who do you think is making your life a living Hell? Space aliens? Amish? Venezualeans? Who prints the money? Which, lets be honest, controls every aspect of your life, who? 1913 sealed the deal, killing JFK showed you who your boss is. 911proved you have no balls or spine, covid injections are going to walk you into the grave.


    Afewknowthetruth said

    More unsubstantiated nonsense -indeed utter bullshit which is totally contrary to observed data- from TAE when it comes to the role industrially generated CO2 plays in overheating the Earth currently witnessed.

    I don’t have a private jet, the world will end in 5 years … blah blah blah.

    John Day

    ​The Suwalki Gap is the Polish-Lithuanian border​, which is about 36-60 miles long, lightly populated, and forms the shortest distance between the Russian territory of Kaliningrad, with its Baltic Sea port and Russian ally Belarus. It is shorter, but more mountainous and forested on the Polish side, but mostly farmland with some decent roads on the Lithuanian side. A railway crosses Lithuania, which has been politically contentious during the current war.

    That’s NOT where the PMC Wagner forces are. They are at the Brestsky Training Ground on the Polish border, the shortest possible distance to Warsaw, and connected by a straight-line superhighway.
    That threat will tie-down Polich forces to protect Warsaw, the way Ukrainian forcess were tied down by the Russians north of Kiev last year.

    They could be moved up to the Suwalki Gap from there easily enough.


    I too am getting a bit annoyed by TAE posting complete and utter nonsense with respect to our current crazy planetary climate situation. I come to this site to get an alternative view on legacy media “news.”
    Ian Pilmer does not deserve the title “Professor” as he clearly doesn’t know how to research a topic in a methodical way nor does he present a balanced view of the situation. Seems to me he’s just wanting some airtime. Utter fool.
    In defense of AFKTT, please watch:

    I think a little more research is needed from the likes of aspnaz. All skeptism related to “anthropogenic climate change is a hoax” is based on cherry picking data. Broaden your minds people and take in the bigger picture.
    “Unsubstantiated nonsense” is an apt description. Well done AFKTT!


    I don’t have a private jet, the world will end in 5 years

    I don’t have a private jet.

    The world won’t end in five years. However, current economic-political arrangements and industrial society in general will end for most people in less than 5 years., partly as a consequence of wide-ranging overheating.

    TWAWKI -the world as we knew it- ended quite a while ago, depending on which factor one measures.

    If one measures sustainability -the only thing that actually matters- ‘the world ended’ around the year 1800 and it has been rapidly downhill from there for most life on this planet.

    Pity you are so unconcerned about your own future or life in general.

    Figmund Sreud

    China’s message to NATO: ’Oh, slither back into the dark slimy pit whence you come!’ Or more precisely:

    “NATO must abandon the outdated Cold War mentality and zero-sum mindset, renounce its blind faith in military might and misguided practice of seeking absolute security, halt the dangerous attempt to destabilise Europe and the Asia-Pacific and stop finding pretext for its continuous expansion.”



    @Dr D re: misconstrued

    Sorry, forgot the by-line. Let me click and copy that for you: Rev Dupas: (performing the marriage of Alfred and Patsy)

    As the Rev says in the quote, many conditions allow for a contract.

    Figmund Sreud

    Mike Whitney goes through “The Vilnius Summit Communique”

    Mike: “The strident tone of the announcement [communique] is intended to quash any counter-argument or opinion. The author’s approach is rigid and inflexible. Russia is portrayed as a serial offender with whom negotiations are impossible. Thus, diplomacy is reflexively precluded with a wave of the hand. The only way to deal with a war criminal is though military force. That is the underlying message of the Communiqué. Peace talks must be avoided at all cost so that Russia can be dealt a strategic defeat in Ukraine. That remains the primary objective.


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