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    Edward Hopper Western Motel 1957   • Israeli Lab: Some Existing Drugs Could Stop Covid At Almost 100% (JPost) • Mefloquine Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 In
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 22 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Western Motel 1957

    Love the Hopper; verbally dead, but visually very much alive…


    @absolute (from yesterday): I don’t live in “upstate NY” either. I live in central new york. I got in the habit of saying upstate NY when I lived in other states. If I told people I was from NY their eyes lit up because they thought I meant NYC. Got tired of pointing out there’s an entire state attached to NYC. And thus a habit was born.

    madamski cafone

    I have seen many places but nothing quite like the Finger Lakes region. Very fave stretch of USA scenery.

    Milk and Honey


    @madam: NY is a beautiful state with many regions (none of them called upstate unless you’re from NYC). Some of the regions, off the top of my head: Catskills, Adirondack, Southern Tier, North Country, Capital, Hudson Valley and, of course, Finger Lakes and Central.

    Veracious Poet

    (Reply from yesterday, hopefully this one won’t get blocked as spam by google?)

    UpstateNYer: AND?? Lots of talk. What are YOU actually doing? Do you live in the US? If yes, why didn’t you leave when you realized we are ” the U$ofA-holes”?

    25+ years ago I was doing plenty, as part of a Men’s Prayer Group, talking on the radio, in churches & person-to-person trying to educate citizens about the reality of the Empire, teaching the true history of the Democratic Republic, and the suspension of Natural Rights/USCON under Emergency Powers.

    We were part of a pre-internet national movement called the Christian Patriot Fax network, where information was exchanged & efforts to stop the raping, pillaging & plunder of the planet were the goal.

    My group had several local radio hosts, a retired FAA regional director, several clergy, an LA Times reporter, several Aerospace engineers (like myself) & + an assortment of local businessmen ~ We even gained the attention of a CONgress candidate, who we supported, but once elected he became too busy with the DC looting op to even respond…

    After a couple of years it became obvious the general public was too busy tripping the light fantastic with feeding their child EGO demands to be bothered with becoming involved with any substantial effort ~ In one ear, out the other became the reality we found ourselves in.

    I moved in 1996 to Gotham (changing careers from .mil to ,justice contracting ) & soon discovered how completely futile the effort was & probably still is…

    I have a VAST experience with .gov/.mil & a wide swath of people (I’ve been in 45 states) that tells me indeed, the effort was a waste of time.

    The amerikan aristocracy is willing to use nukes & F15s to eliminate any & all that oppose their power ~ I’m afraid the utter destruction of the Republic is fait accompli & without a Great Spiritual Awakening couple with a New Age of Reason the Democratic Republic established by the Sons of Liberty is a dead, DEAD, DEAD!

    Too many demoRATS & GOPhers, not many AMERICANS.

    P.S. My last ancestor came to America right before ol’ Abe the Tyrant made us all slaves to free the African slaves. I have 4 families in the Sons of the Revolution charter, so I think I’m gonna stay until the end 😉

    P.P.S. I’m retired/independently wealthy, with no heirs ~ I no longer care, I just prepare ~ To those with children they care about I’m very sorry; We tried but nary anyone could give a $hit.

    John Day

    Last night Madamski said: “Don-Don messes up EVERYthing he touches… including the well-laid plans of the Duopoly. Like I said, he was useful as a loose cannon for awhile. I would’ve preferred a real leader, but those seem to come along maybe once a century. I didn’t vote for him, fwiw. I held my nose and voted for Jill Stein, a quixotic waste that has the one benefit of allowing me to tell people that I voted.”

    And thanks for reposting TAE Summary with all of those embarrasing votes one might have cast. I actually, only voted for Jerry Ford. I was 18. I was trying to be serious. I did not yet know better. Time after tht I voted Citizen’s Party, Barry Commoner, who wrote “The Closing Circle” about recycling and respecting the environment, which I had actually read before I voted for Jerry Ford. I essentially vote third party every time, and I made and gave away #100 (front) I Vote Green , (back) Jill Stein MD President 2016 , t-shirts, dark green on bright green, including just a few tank tops (wearing now- shows shoulders). These are my most standard bike-to-work attire. They were my “political speech” in 2016. I handed Jill one when she came to Austin. She was pretty dynamic in a “dynamite-comes-in-small-packages” kind of way.
    Were you looking at TAE back in March 2020? Look, here’s a present for you.

    Debt Rattle March 3 2020

    It’s a picture (scroll down…) of John in a 1970s vintage Sears aloha shirt (Tulsi commented on vintage) telling Tulsi about HCQ for America on March 2, 2020, Texas Independence Day, when she came to Austin for a rally. She really listened well, focused just like Jenny took the picture the whole time.
    Tulsi happened to enter right where Jenny found us a place to sit, and hugged Jenny, and said she was “glad to see her here”. Jenny was always assumed to be “local” in Hawaii. I’m a a “haole”, “gringo”, “farang”, “bilagaana”, “gaijin”, etc. So we both wrote in Tulsi Gabbard. I was being facetious about the “getting behind Bernie or Donald, at least they’re not Hillary or Jeb”. That was the line, and I did repeatedly predict that people would not elect Hillary or Jeb, and somehow it came to pass, despite massive rigging…
    @Upstate NYer. I drove a U-Haul from Austin to Rochester (hearing Jack benny’s voice) a few years ago when my youngest daughter and her husband moved there. Yeah, nice in the summer. I pruned their cherry and plum trees and put in a vegetable garden for them the year after. They were both in grad-school. Math (her) and Physics (him). As A kid I actually lived in Brooklyn and Garden City for a couple of years, when Dad got stationed there before they sent him to Vietnam. All anybody knows is NYC or “upstate” NY.

    madamski cafone
    John Day

    @Voracious Poet: Duly noted, Sir. Spiritual is our best option.


    I’m going to explore/find a mountain with no smoke

    bottlenecks will continue to happen ……
    Waiting …… until this winter ….. better/worst ……
    too much of ….. or not enough of …..
    suck it up …. it is what it is …..

    just prepare

    madamski cafone

    ” I was being facetious about the “getting behind Bernie or Donald, at least they’re not Hillary or Jeb”.”

    Ah. Glad to hear it.

    those darned kids

    ah, gerry ford, the pride of grand rapids..

    if i remember correctly, apart from the tail end of the american war*, mr. ford’s administration was relatively unaggressive compared to the usual death’n’destruction** emanating from the stygian shores of the potomac.

    *americans call it the vietnam war.
    **proudly sponsored by wendy’s™, mattel, and raytheon, official skinmelter provider to heroes everywhere.

    those darned kids


    everybody is not getting “jabbed” – they’re getting “JEBBED”!

    (symptoms included boringness, blandness, bushness, and youngerbrotherness)

    John Day

    It’s OK to “vaccinate” these kinds of “miners”, but it doesn’t seem to help much, if at all…

    “`from an infected goldmine: CDC posting today: Attack rate for Gamma variant was 0% (0/6) among persons with a previous history of COVID-19 versus attack rate was 60% (15/25) among fully vaccinated [Pfizer] miners and 75% (3/4) among unvaccinated miners without history of infection”


    Who would not want to beat this freak into a pulp? Ugly and dangerous.


    If that tik tok numbskull’s wishes bear fruit, shit will go down. There will be hiding, social unrest, breakdown of family conventions and discourse, violence, backlash, law breaking and the whole gambit of horrors.

    I think THAT move won’t happen because it will be attempted with passports. If it does all hell will break loose.

    I think he hasn’t thought it through. Might have eaten too many GMO cornflakes. Looks lonely and concerned.

    John Day

    Jerry Ford is remembered in San Antonio , Texas, where Jenny’s from, for a cmapign stop he made there in 1976. He was handed a tamale, local food, which is masa and pig’s head rolled in corn husk and boiled. One removes the corn husk before chomping down.
    Jerry didn’t know about removing the corn husk…

    Poor Jerry… but he was part of the Warren Commission cover-up. He had it coming.

    madamski cafone

    Therre will be blood.

    John Day

    Madamski said: “There will be blood”
    Well, there is blood, and there will be blood.
    Would you like to elaborate?
    I’m sorta’ intrigued.

    Mister Roboto

    A replier on the Tweet about the TikTok idiot checked out the idiot’s other TikTok vids and is convinced it’s just satire.


    @John Day: I knew you were being facetious.

    Dr. D

    What can you say on a day like that? When will it end?

    Added some comments to yesterday, run-down of the Coof.

    madamski cafone

    “Madamski said: “There will be blood”
    Well, there is blood, and there will be blood.
    Would you like to elaborate?
    I’m sorta’ intrigued.”

    More and more in more and more directly confrontatioonal ways. The traditional kind:

    Chains, brass knuckles, half-a-bricks


    Polder Dweller

    “ Vaccines vs antibodies”

    So the answer to the problem of the vaccines causing a five-fold reduction in neutralizing antibodies is more shots which presumably reduce your neutralizing antibodies even more. How does that possibly make any sense?

    madamski cafone

    “A replier on the Tweet about the TikTok idiot checked out the idiot’s other TikTok vids and is convinced it’s just satire.”

    Too bad it comes across as being serious. Coulda fooled me, but then, we all have our blind spots. The dude may be clever but he’s foolish and dangerous. One needs to provide context with satire, especially if you’re young and internet-hip and have seen how the likes of the Bee/Onion are passed around as fact if they’re not blatantly labeled.

    I deem him a self-indulgent dipshit more concerned with his personal “ironic” hepitude than the issues he addresses.

    Won’t he be surprised if someone takes him seriously, knows where he lives, and hammers him. Modern Western people tend to have little idea of how reality works when the media buffers come off.

    madamski cafone

    “How does that possibly make any sense?”

    ‘We’re working on it, said the poor sot who recieved the unlucky job of replacing Fauci. ‘We’re working on it.’


    @Dr D, from yesterday. Fascinating. Thank you.

    “I think everyone was incredibly tense and depressed yesterday. I was too and today as well. I hear, on Vlogs and stuff other people are too, and their moods track together. Present theory: totally predictable (look in history), but mechanism is probably either we spin 22,000mph through bands of space-stuff, or the sun puts out heartbeat magnetism on the same clockwork (roughly 70 years, with higher cycle 200y). It causes too much outside energy to be injected into human systems worldwide. Every individual at once. If they are anything less than enlightened, it overheats them and blows their circuits into violence. This is precisely what was said by Washington and in the 30’s, which fall on war cycles like clockwork. And yes, dead-matching the sun and weather (famines/disease). We are EVERYTHING less than enlightened, so it sucks to be us.”


    I shift between incredibly tense and depressed and *not-quite-so* incredibly tense and depressed on a daily basis. At times there are interludes of joy/fun/happiness, usually when hanging with my 3 yr old grandchild (the joyful discoveries of a toddler!!!). But even during the happy interludes there is an undeniable undercurrent of … something.

    “Something wicked this way comes,” indeed. 🙁


    @veracious: I understand your frustration, but using a broad brush to paint everyone the same color and then hurling names at them isn’t the answer. @expat mentioned yesterday that onlookers were shouting vile things at protestors in France. To continually throw more fuel on the fire is, at the very least, counter-productive. Divide and conquer, as the saying goes.

    I’m getting booted off TAE as a commenter and have to keep logging in. Getting blocked as a “spammer”, as well. Probably blabbing too often here.

    madamski cafone

    I doubt it, upstate. I’m obviously hyper-verbose and I never have that problem. Just don’t upload a buncha pre-written stuff one after another lickety-split.


    Regarding the tiktok vakzinazi satire video:

    It could be a deliberate sting. Have it make the rounds of anti-vakzers, then spread the word that it’s a satire, and let the mainstream news pick it up and use it make us look like qanon idjuts.

    Just seeing his face made me want to punch it, and I’m not nearly as feisty as I once was. I despise everythng about that video, including that it is supposed to be satire. I see severe passive-aggressivity, possibly employed as the PR strategy I described in the previous paragraph.

    Up his rectum with an iron plectrum.

    madamski cafone

    I ask again, this time directly of Dr. D: what does it take to get you to answer a simple question? Must I sacrifice a rubber chicken at midnight?

    Mister Roboto

    He might have answered your question in that long bit he added to the previous comment-thread just now. Not always easy to parse out what he’s trying to say.

    madamski cafone

    I think veracious poet was being fair and reasonable. He used terms like “general public” and similar, and one assumes he is expressing earnestly the results of his efforts and his feelings about them. Plus, he provided this awesome summation of what was wrong/right about the Civil War:

    “My last ancestor came to America right before ol’ Abe the Tyrant made us all slaves to free the African slaves. I have 4 families in the Sons of the Revolution charter, so I think I’m gonna stay until the end 😉”

    Perfectly expressed insight. Think of abolitionism being coopted a la wokesterism today coopting numerous valid social complaints.

    I agree: too many DemocRATs and too many GOPhers. SIde vs side, divide and conquer, no sense of genuine unity aka AMERICANS. Man’s got an extremely valid point, imo.


    I’ve been reading all your posts more frequently lately as it has become impossible (or nearly so) to have real, live discussions with people in an objective way. Such are the times we live in. Reading your views on how frustrating the situation is helps me keep my sanity.

    While flagging the daily BS has its place, any thoughts on how a group like this can go on more of an offensive? I imagine you all would agree that sharing facts and objective perspectives are ineffective or counterproductive.

    What about humor? I think many of the great comedians (George Carlin comes to mind) have been able to wake people up to the fact that the emperor has no clothes. Im specifically thinking of responses to the question of whether one is vaccinated or not.

    I’m not naturally funny, though working on a quip along the lines of “The people who brought you Iraqi WMDs want you to trust the people who brought you the opioid epidemic.” Any thoughts on that ‘joke’ or any others in a similar spirit you have?


    @madam: I don’t pre-write stuff and post it. Hence my frequent typos and grammatical errors. Didn’t have a problem posting on TAE until today so … ??


    Re: veracious. His comment today was in response to a comment I made yesterday in response to his comment yesterday criticizing everyone for doing nothing to stop any of this. Just to clarify.

    John Day

    Madamski said, about blood: “More and more in more and more directly confrontational ways.
    The traditional kind:
    Chains, brass knuckles, half-a-bricks

    Upstate NYer said Dr. D said: “I think everyone was incredibly tense and depressed yesterday. I was too and today as well.”

    TDub said: “While flagging the daily BS has its place, any thoughts on how a group like this can go on more of an offensive?
    I imagine you all would agree that sharing facts and objective perspectives are ineffective or counterproductive.”

    John: “See below, please.”

    John Day
    Participant Including picture Manuel Labour

    Creatures of Love,

    This song was playing in my head in the garden as I picked “southern peas” a couple of days ago.

    Yesterday I shared the tension I am feeling.

    People tell me they are feeling it, too.
    I thought it helped explain those crazy moments in history, like those that led people into WW-2.
    The constant tension feels unbearable. Others are urging, cajoling, bullying and publicly-shaming us to do-the-thing, like everybody else.
    Don’t keep being weird. What’s wrong with you?

    A couple of friends of mine at work, both Registered Nurses, informed, responsible, good parents, are looking for a pediatric practice where they can take their kids, where they will not be looked at like lepers or gargoyles when they say they (the parents) “have not been vaccinated”.
    I called a practice where I used to work. They’re still human to people who don’t want vaccines. The culture also applies to adults who have good reasons not to want this bunch. I passed it on. It’s safe to call Central Family Practice in Austin.

    Jenny, my humanity-compass, my wife, has been feeling tremendously pressured and torn. It’s not that she doesn’t see the power dynamics and the stakes.
    Jenny is a school librarian. She told me when people at school, coworkers got COVID last summer, fall and winter, and I privately talked with those people, and wrote them prescriptions for ivermectin based antiviral treatment. I also treated a husband with cancer, on chemo,
    They all got better, and nobody paid me anything. Good Samaritan. I think it was 6 people.

    That was wonderful. Everybody liked that. As spring progressed, it got harder and harder for Jenny to tell everybody “she was not vaccinated”. Some of it came from coworkers , but also a lot from concerned parents, bringing their kids back to school in person, after a long time at home. Austin is a “blue city in a red state”, and the parents at her school are mostly deep blue and wealthy enough to live in an expensive and intellectual part of town, the nice old mansion district by the UT campus.

    Jenny is dreading going back to school and having to give the same “wrong answer” to .concerned-wealthy-parents again and again, day after day until she breaks and acquiesces and can be accepted as not-leperous.

    “Accepting the jab is nothing more than a loyalty test to the narrative.”
    Somebody commented that on The Automatic Earth blog yesterday, and I like it a lot as an encapsulation of the social tension dynamic here.
    The feeling totally sucks. It’s unrelenting cognitive dissonance, making one feel anxious and shunned, and very insecure.
    It’s a feeling. Feelings are different from thoughts. Feelings don’t usually respond well to being thought-at.

    Narratives change by being resisted sufficiently for the question to remain open, as the evidence piles up that the narrative is wrong and dangerous.
    Then the paradigm has to shift. Tet-offensive, Vietnam. It happened. You might like other examples, but I lived that paradigm shift. Dad got back from a year in Vietnam just before Tet started, and I saw the whole societal shift unfold from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where we moved.

    Back to the feeling that sucks so bad, it makes you want to jump, cowering and shivering and shaking…
    I feel it. What have I tried to do?
    I don’t mean to be vain, but all I can give is what I found when I prayed for my own guidance.
    I have to meet the feeling of personal insecurity with compassion for those experiencing it, then it is not “I” experiencing it, but “I” am giving warmth and connection and support to those feeling it. In the societal-dominance dynamic, people are used against each other to create great tension by division and social pressure. Then, those group divisions are turned against each other, to kill each other until they are all exhausted and deeply traumatized, and willing to fully submit to power.

    The Will of Love is the opposite of that.
    I am trying to channel the Will of Love, which is to comfort my brothers and sisters who are shivering and cowering alone.
    The power over us will no longer exist, when we comfort and love and accept each other.
    Time will dissolve it.

    Trying To Love

    Mr. House
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