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Ben Shahn Quick lunch stand in Plain City, Ohio 1938


Italy Has Exported Cases Of Coronavirus To 24 Countries – WHO (TMZNaija)
China Manufacturing Collapse Confirmed By Private Sector Factory Survey (SCMP)
China Reports Surprising Rail Freight Growth In February (SCMP)
A Modern Jubilee As A Cure To Financial Ills Of Coronavirus (Steve Keen)
This Ain’t No Fooling’ Around (Kunstler)
Tucker Carlson On Dems’ Biden Push: ‘They’re Pushing A Defective Product’ (Fox)
What Could Divide The Democrats More Than Conspiring To Stop Bernie? (Tracey)
Ukraine Court Throws Wrench Into Joe Biden’s 2020 Election Plans (Solomon)
Hillary Clinton Ordered To Give Sworn Deposition On Email Server, Benghazi (ZH)
Erdogan’s Use Of Refugees To Pressure EU Is ‘Unacceptable’ – Merkel (RT)
Greece Seeks To Fortify Borders Amid Erdogan Threats (K.)
UN Says Greece Has No Right To Stop Accepting Asylum Requests (K.)
The Armoured Glass Box is an Instrument of Torture (Craig Murray)



Is COVID19 topping out in China? It’s possible, but they want it too much, and they’ve played loose with the numbers a lot. Strangest thing is perhaps that despite a cavernous drop in manufacturing PMI, a rise in freight train cargo is reported for February.

Most interesting these days, I find, are Italy, South Korea, Iran, which are in their exponential rise phases, and other countries (US?) that may soon follow suit. As I said yesterday: “Italy: only 10 days ago, on Feb 22, when S. Korea cases jumped to 156(!) [now 5,186], Italy first became a thing with 30 cases and 2 deaths. 2,000 cases now, 52 deaths and a 2.5% death rate.”

That Italy has exported the virus to as many as 24 countries also gives me pause for thought. So for now I’ll keep the usual numbers and graphs coming.

But in the run-up to Stupid Tuesday I can also finally pay some attention to the Dems, now that the DNC power grab has become so blatantly obvious.


Cases 91,317 (+ 2,069 from yesterday’s 89,248, when gain was 1,616)

Deaths 3,120 (+ 62 from yesterday’s 3,058)


• Hubei 114 new cases, 31 new deaths – Total 67,217 cases, 2,834 deaths.
• South Korea 851 new cases, total 5,186, 34 deaths
• Italy 346 new cases, total 2,048, 52 deaths
• Iran 523 new cases, total 1,501, 66 deaths
• France 191 (from 130 yesterday), 3 deaths
• US 103 cases, 6 deaths


From SCMP:



From Worldometer (Note: mortality rate at 6%):








This article is a few days old, but I like the idea. Original title was “Italy Has Exported 24 Cases Of Coronavirus To 14 Countries”, but time won’t stand still.

A list I picked up on Twitter of countries linking infections to Italy: China, Holland, Denmark, Nigeria, US (GA, NH, MA), Iceland, UK, Croatia, Israel, Romania, Spain, Austria, Algeria, Brazil, Finland, Switzerland, Macedonia, Greece, Estonia, Sweden, France, Germany, Lithuania, San Marino.

Italy Has Exported Cases Of Coronavirus To 24 Countries – WHO (TMZNaija)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that Italy has exported 24 cases of coronavirus to 14 countries. The global health body also revealed that 97 cases have been exported from Iran to 11 countries. In his opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – on Friday, 28 February 2020, WHO’s Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, stated that in the past 24 hours, China reported 329 cases – the lowest in more than a month. Ghebreyesus who reeled out figures regarding the spread of the virus said that as of 6am Geneva time this morning, China reported a total of 78,959 cases of COVID-19 to WHO, including 2791 deaths. “Outside China, there are now 4351 cases in 49 countries and 67 deaths.

“Since yesterday, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Netherlands, and Nigeria have all reported their first cases. All these cases have links to Italy,” Ghebreyesus told newsmen. The Director-General also said that the continued increase in the number of cases, and the number of affected countries over the last few days, are clearly of concern. He, however, noted that WHO’s epidemiologists have been monitoring these developments continuously, and have now increased its assessment of the risk of spread and the risk of the impact of COVID-19 to very high at a global level.

“What we see at the moment are linked epidemics of COVID-19 in several countries, but most cases can still be traced to known contacts or clusters of cases. We do not see evidence as yet that the virus is spreading freely in communities. “As long as that’s the case, we still have a chance of containing this virus, if robust action is taken to detect cases early, isolate and care for patients and trace contacts. “As I said yesterday, there are different scenarios in different countries and different scenarios within the same country,” Ghebreyesus said.. According to him, the key to containing this virus is to break the chains of transmission. Meanwhile, according to BBC, not less than 210 people has died from coronavirus disease in Iran.

Read more …

An index of smaller companies than the Beijing one covers.

China Manufacturing Collapse Confirmed By Private Sector Factory Survey (SCMP)

A collapse in China’s manufacturing sector in February was confirmed on Monday, with a new survey of privately-owned producers emphasising the economic damage caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The Caixin/Markit manufacturing purchasing managers’ Index (PMI), a gauge of sentiment among the country’s smaller factory operators, plunged to 40.3 in February from 51.1 in January. The weak data will reinforce expectations that China could report negative growth in the first quarter of 2020 for the first time since the Cultural Revolution in the late-1960s and early-1970s. It will also renew calls for Beijing to take more aggressive steps to support the economy.

The survey was well below market expectations for a drop to 46.0 and marks the lowest reading since the survey began in April 2004. It was weaker than 40.9 in November 2008 amid the global financial crisis. The Caixin index follows Saturday’s release of the official manufacturing PMI, which crashed to a record low of 35.7 in February, below the previous trough of 38.8 reached in November 2008 at the start of the global financial crisis, the National Bureau of Statistics said. The survey for the official gauge covers more larger and state-owned firms, while the Caixin survey covers smaller firms. A reading below 50 means activity in the manufacturing sector is contracting. The further below 50 the index falls, the larger the contraction.

Read more …

Was this coordinated with Xi?

China Reports Surprising Rail Freight Growth In February (SCMP)

China’s official railway operator has said that rail freight rose in February, despite the coronavirus outbreak forcing large parts of the country into lockdown, and the official purchasing managers’ indices for manufacturing and services tumbling to all-time lows. China Railway, the state-owned railway operator, said in a statement on Sunday that total railway freight amounted to 310 million tonnes in February, a rise of 4.5 per cent from a year earlier, just a day after the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced that China’s factory and service sector activity sunk into deep contraction.

The supplier delivery time sub-index in China’s manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI), which measures logistics efficiency by railway, road and air for factories, dropped to 32.1 in February, a sign that raw material supplies to the manufacturing sector were at record lows last month, the NBS said. China Railway, meanwhile, said that China loaded 171,000 railway cars per day on average last month, a daily increase of 4,945 from a year earlier. Container freight on railways surged 39.5 per cent to 26.61 million tonnes, it added, in an surprisingly stable account of China’s rail freight network. In the January-February period, China’s freight cargo rose by 0.6 per cent to 670 million tonnes, an all-time high, according to China Railway.

Read more …

Steve’s elaborate write-up of things to do.

A Modern Jubilee As A Cure To Financial Ills Of Coronavirus (Steve Keen)

Extraordinary measures are needed now to stop the health effects of the Coronavirus triggering a financial crisis that could in turn make the Coronavirus worse. All of these actions can be undertaken by Central Banks and financial regulators, once they have been given permission by governments. Two of these measures are already being undertaken by some Central Banks:

• A per capita payment to all citizens so that renters can pay the rent, mortgagors can service their mortgages, and workers, whether unemployed or not, can buy food and other critical goods. This can be financed as Quantitative Easing was financed, without recourse to the Treasury, or taxation (Hong Kong has already done this);

• Normal bankruptcy rules for companies and especially banks should be suspended, to allow them to continue operating despite falling into negative equity if revenues fall sharply and share prices plunge; and

• Central Banks should buy shares directly to support share prices, rather than simply buying bonds under Quantitative Easing, to prevent a stock market collapse undermining both business and banks (Japan’s Central Bank is already doing this, though for other reasons).

Argument – There is no doubting now that the Coronavirus is a pandemic. This is the first one we have experienced since the “Spanish Flu”, which lasted from January 1918 till December 1920. Other recent serious diseases have had much lower levels of transmissibility. This is the first disease to compare to the Spanish Flu in terms of both transmissibility and virulence. Europe was embroiled in World War I at the outbreak of the Spanish Flu. Its health and population impacts were huge: estimates of the death toll vary between 40 and 100 million in a global population of 1.8 to 1.9 billion.

Here I want to focus on its financial effects. They were mild, because the great financial crisis of the 20th century, the Great Depression, lay ten years in the future. Disruptions to life were extreme, but disruptions to the economy were relatively small, and it was a war economy anyway for much of the world. This meant there was guaranteed employment and wages for military personnel, rationing for the general public, and other wartime measures. All these things limited the financial contagion from the medical contagion. Crucially, private debt was a mere 55% of US GDP when the flu outbreak began. The private sector was relatively robust.

Read more …

“Is there anything you can think of over at the Wal Mart or the Walgreens that isn’t made in China?”

This Ain’t No Fooling’ Around (Kunstler)

Is there anything you can think of over at the Wal Mart or the Walgreens that isn’t made in China? I mean, everything from a dustpan to a lint brush? I can’t say for sure, because I’m not over in China, but the place is apparently not open for business these days. One must surmise that a lot of activities in the USA may not be open for business much longer, either. The action in my local supermarket yesterday had an undercurrent of stealth desperation; no overt panic buying, no fighting in the aisles, but an edge of suspense. Personally, I cleaned out an entire product-line of cat food, loaded up on cooking oil, rice, dry beans, and evaporated milk — and I wasn’t the only one checking out with the sixteen-roll bindle of toilet paper.

Obviously, many products were still there on the shelves to get (minus that cat food). Is the time perhaps at hand when a lot of stuff won’t be? Just sayin’. The message is getting out — though not from US authorities yet — that everybody may soon be spending a lot of time home alone. That’s exactly what has happened in China and a region of northern Italy. France banned events with more than 5,000 people (why that number, exactly?). Japan has canceled school for the time being — duration unknown for now. So a USA lockdown is not merely hypothetical. These, then, are two fundamental conditions the world faces for a while: nobody moves and nothing gets produced.

Are we taking this thing too seriously (some might ask)? I don’t pretend to know the answer, except, again, to point to China and think that they can’t possibly just be fooling around with all those zombified cities and shuttered factories. The next question might be: will the global economy return at some point to “normal” operating conditions, that is, the fabulously complex network of supply lines, markets, and payment arrangements as they worked up until January 2020? I am for sure not sure about that. Once a gigantic and fantastically precise mechanism breaks, I doubt it comes back together neatly and quickly. In the physical universe, the power of emergence is like the cue ball on a billiard table, and it appears that all the rest of the colored balls will be bouncing off the bumpers and sinking into pockets for while… and eventually the global table will look a lot different.

Read more …

Stupid Tuesday.

Tucker Carlson On Democrats: ‘They’re Pushing A Defective Product’ (Fox)

Tucker Carlson mocked those pushing and supporting former Vice President Joe Biden Monday, in particular those who think he’s the candidate to stop the nomination of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. “And tonight, they have found their war horse, a hero they imagine will carry them forth to victory against the wild-haired infidel from Vermont. It is this candidate whom you should know is literally now the youngest man in the Democratic race,” Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “This is the man they believe has the competence, the intensity, the intellect to repel the seething horde of Sanders-ites. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Joe Biden.” Carlson played a montage of clips showing Biden fumble on the campaign. The host then chastised those pushing Biden to continue running, calling it “cruel.”

“Running Joe Biden for president is like making your dog wear a dress,” Carlson deadpanned. “It may make for an amusing Instagram post, but it’s wrong. You can see the confusion in the dog’s eyes.” The host ripped former Democratic presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, among others, for endorsing Biden who he referred to as a “defective product.” “Today, both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar endorsed Biden. So did former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Beto O’Rourke,” Carlson said. “These are party people doing the bidding of their corporate masters. There’s nothing warm or sentimental about it. They’re pushing a defective product on consumers and they know it. They’re selling lawn darts.”

Carlson believes the threat from Sanders is about “institutional control.” “The Biden campaign isn’t about ideas, much less ideals. The Democratic establishment’s only concern is institutional control,” Carlson said. “That’s where all of their power comes from. From holding together and running things. If the Democratic coalition breaks down, they are by definition powerless.” “They have nothing. And the real threat of Bernie Sanders is the threat he poses to the party. He could split it in half and break it forever,” Carlson added. “That cannot happen. Joe Biden is their last chance. That’s why they’re backing him.”

Read more …

If they fail to stop his candidacy, what other tricks are up their sleeves?

What Could Divide The Democrats More Than Conspiring To Stop Bernie? (Tracey)

Perhaps the intense wave of establishment Democratic party consolidation around Joe Biden over the past 48 hours isn’t a concerted conspiracy — no smoke-filled rooms, no corrupt deals, no villainous blackmail schemes. But the Democratic party establishment (which we’re often told does not exist) is clearly making every effort to give the appearance of something conspiratorial going on. Take yesterday, for instance. Pete Buttigieg meets for breakfast with 95-year-old Jimmy Carter (?), ensures the visit is well-publicized, then heads home to South Bend and pulls the rug out from under his campaign. Wait, what? Is this the same Pete Buttigieg whose aides just a few days earlier released an elaborate memo detailing his surefire path to a formidable delegate acquisition?

Yet suddenly his Super Tuesday plans are scrapped, and the thousands of early votes already cast for him in California and elsewhere are effectively nullified. We’re all supposed to pretend this is normal behavior? Because it seems a bit sociopathic. I personally would never have voted for Pete. Nor would I have voted for Amy Klobuchar, who pulled the same 11th-hour dropout stunt today. But part of me still finds it disgraceful that these candidates would gut-punch their staff, volunteers, supporters, and voters in such a manner — hours before a major national election they’d been working toward for a full year — after both candidates gave every indication that they were going to actively contest. Instead of patting themselves on the back, shouldn’t Amy and Pete be begging for forgiveness, especially from those who already voted for them in Super Tuesday states — as it turns out, on false pretenses?

Beto 9 months ago:

Read more …

John Solomon is back again.

Ukraine Court Throws Wrench Into Joe Biden’s 2020 Election Plans (Solomon)

A Ukrainian court has ordered an investigation into whether Joe Biden violated any laws when he forced the March 2016 firing of the country’s chief prosecutor. The ruling could revive scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s lucrative relationship with an energy firm in that corruption-plagued country just as the former vice president’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination is surging after a lackluster start. Former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who has long alleged he was fired because he would not stop investigating the Burisma Holdings firm that employed Hunter Biden, secured the ruling last month. Ukrainian officials confirmed the State Bureau of Investigation has since complied and initiated the probe.

The Pecherskyi District Court of Kyiv ruled last month that Shokin’s lawyers had provided sufficient evidence to warrant a probe and “obliged the authorized officials of the State Bureau of Investigation” to accept the ex-prosecutor’s complaint and “start pre-trial investigation of the reported data,” according to an official English translation of the ruling provided by Shokin’s attorney. The ruling does not mention Biden by name, but court filings by Shokin’s lawyers that led to the decision show that the former prosecutor had alleged “the commission of a criminal offense against him by Joseph Biden, a citizen of the United States of America, in Ukraine and abroad: interference in the activities of a law enforcement officer.”

[..] Joe Biden and his defenders have denied any wrongdoing, saying the vice president sought Shokin’s firing because the prosecutor was ineffective in fighting corruption. His supporters have also claimed that the Burisma investigation was dormant at the time Shokin was fired and therefore not a high priority. But evidence has emerged in recent weeks that the probe into Burisma, in fact, was heating up when Shokin was fired in spring 2016. The prosecutor’s office had secured a ruling re-seizing assets of Burisma’s owner in early February 2016, and the Latvian government acknowledges it sent a warning to Ukraine officials that same month flagging several Burisma transactions, including payments to Hunter Biden, as “suspicious.”

Read more …

“..the Justice Department inexplicably still takes the position that the court should close discovery and rule on dispositive motions. The Court is especially troubled by this.”

Hillary Clinton Ordered To Give Sworn Deposition On Email Server, Benghazi (ZH)

Hillary Clinton has been ordered to give a sworn deposition to Judicial Watch regarding her emails and documents related to the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya while she was Secretary of State. The ruling is in response to the conservative legal group’s lawsuit, “Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State” – specifically regarding “talking points or updates on the Benghazi attack.” “Judicial Watch famously uncovered in 2014 that the “talking points” that provided the basis for Susan Rice’s false statements were created by the Obama White House. This Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit led directly to the disclosure of the Clinton email system in 2015.” -Judicial Watch

Discovery in the case began in December, 2018, when Judge Royce C. Lamberth allowed Judicial Watch to explore whether Clinton’s use of a private email server was intended to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). JW also sought to determine: “whether the State Department’s intent to settle this case in late 2014 and early 2015 amounted to bad faith; and whether the State Department has adequately searched for records responsive to Judicial Watch’s request.” “The court also authorized discovery into whether the Benghazi controversy motivated the cover-up of Clinton’s email. The court ruled that the Clinton email system was “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.” The State and Justice Departments continued to defend Clinton’s and the agency’s email conduct.” -Judicial Watch

On Monday, Judge Lamberth overruled Clinton and the State Department’s objections to limited additional discovery, writing “Discovery up until this point has brought to light a noteworthy amount of relevant information, but Judicial Watch requests an additional round of discovery, and understandably so. With each passing round of discovery, the Court is left with more questions than answers.” Lamberth also said that he is troubled by the fact that both Clinton and the State Department want discovery to end.

“[T]here is still more to learn. Even though many important questions remain unanswered, the Justice Department inexplicably still takes the position that the court should close discovery and rule on dispositive motions. The Court is especially troubled by this. To argue that the Court now has enough information to determine whether State conducted an adequate search is preposterous, especially when considering State’s deficient representations regarding the existence of additional Clinton emails. Instead, the Court will authorize a new round of discovery “-Judge Lamberth

Read more …

Erdogan told Bulgarian PM he doesn’t want to talk to Greek PM, and won’t send any refugees to Bulgaria (a few km away from Greek-Turkish border)

Erdogan’s Use Of Refugees To Pressure EU Is ‘Unacceptable’ – Merkel (RT)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called Turkey’s decision to release thousands of migrants toward the EU “unacceptable,” and accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of pressuring the EU “on the back of the refugees.”Turkey allowed thousands of migrants to leave its territory over the weekend, accusing EU leaders of failing to back its plans for a Turkish-controlled ‘safe zone’ inside Syrian territory. With Turkish forces engaged in open warfare with the Syrian government in Idlib, Erdogan opened the floodgates to Europe, in a move seemingly designed to put pressure on his NATO allies to back his Syrian offensive.

“I understand that Turkey is facing a very big challenge regarding Idlib,” Merkel told reporters on Tuesday. “Still, for me it’s unacceptable that he – President Erdogan and his government – are not expressing this dissatisfaction in a dialogue with us as the European Union, but rather on the back of the refugees. For me, that’s not the way to go forward.”

Already, Greek authorities have struggled to hold back the human wave that has crashed upon its border with Turkey. “This is an invasion,” Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis told Skai TV on Monday, as police fired tear gas at migrants attempting to storm the border fence, and as the Greek coast guard tried to stop dinghies full of refugees from landing on the country’s southern islands. Though criticized for her “open door” migration policy during the 2015 migrant crisis, Merkel has since attempted to reduce the influx. However, despite promising Erdogan additional aid in January in exchange for holding more than 3 million migrants on Turkish soil, Merkel refused to support her Turkish counterpart’s military operation in northern Syria, prompting Erdogan to follow through last weekend on his long-standing threat to release the migrants into Europe.

Read more …

Stories about Greek guards killing refugee(s) are fake news, says Athens, spread by Erdogan.

Greece Seeks To Fortify Borders Amid Erdogan Threats (K.)

As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned on Monday that soon the number of refugees crossing into Europe “will reach millions” unless the European Union takes responsibility for the crisis, Greece continued efforts to fortify its borders and diplomatic initiatives to tackle what it calls an “asymmetrical threat.” On the diplomatic front, the government’s initiatives have led to a planned visit on Tuesday to the Greek-Turkish border in Evros by the presidents of the European Commission, Council and Parliament – Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel and David Sassoli – accompanied by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Even though Athens believes the visits send a powerful message, it is expecting practical support from its partners, stressing that Greece’s borders with Turkey are also European.

On Sunday, Greece announced emergency measures to tackle the crisis, including a further tightening of border controls to the maximum level, a temporary one-month suspension of asylum applications and the immediate return of undocumented migrants to their country of origin. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the number of refugees and migrants at the Greek border is estimated at around 13,000 people and tensions are rising as they try to push through. Tensions were also running high on the islands following the arrival over the weekend of around 1,000 refugees and migrants, with locals trying to prevent one smuggling boat from docking. A child died when one vessel capsized.

Read more …

Yeah, you’re really helping.

UN Says Greece Has No Right To Stop Accepting Asylum Requests (K.)

The United Nation’s refugee agency said on Monday that Greece had no right to stop accepting asylum applications as Athens struggled with a sudden increase of arrivals at its border of Middle East refugees and migrants from Turkey. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Sunday his country would not be accepting any new asylum requests for a month after two days of clashes between border police and thousands of people seeking to enter the EU from Turkey. “It is important that the authorities refrain from any measures that might increase the suffering of vulnerable people,” UNHCR said in a statement.

“All states have a right to control their borders and manage irregular movements, but at the same time should refrain from the use of excessive or disproportionate force and maintain systems for handling asylum requests in an orderly manner.” The UN agency said neither international nor EU law provided “any legal basis for the suspension of the reception of asylum applications.” Its statement came as the EU scrambled to help Greece police the frontier and sought to put pressure on Turkey to go back to preventing refugees and migrants stranded on its territory from seeking to reach Europe.

Read more …

“I am as confident as a psychiatrist can ever be that, if extradition to the United States were to become imminent, Mr Assange would find a way of suiciding.”

The Armoured Glass Box is an Instrument of Torture (Craig Murray)

The defence was impeded by their inability to communicate confidentially with their client during proceedings. In the next stage of trial, where witnesses were being examined, timely communication was essential. Furthermore they could only talk with him through the slit in the glass within the hearing of the private company security officers who were guarding him (it was clarified they were Serco, not Group 4 as Baraitser had said the previous day), and in the presence of microphones. Baraitser became ill-tempered at this point and spoke with a real edge to her voice. “Who are those people behind you in the back row?” she asked Summers sarcastically – a question to which she very well knew the answer. Summers replied that they were part of the defence legal team.

Baraitser said that Assange could contact them if he had a point to pass on. Summers replied that there was an aisle and a low wall between the glass box and their position, and all Assange could see over the wall was the top of the back of their heads. Baraitser said she had seen Assange call out. Summers said yelling across the courtroom was neither confidential nor satisfactory. This is the photo taken illegally (not by me) of Assange in the court. If you look carefully, you can see there is a passageway and a low wooden wall between him and the back row of lawyers. You can see one of the two Serco prison officers guarding him inside the box. Baraitser said Assange could pass notes, and she had witnessed notes being passed by him. Summers replied that the court officers had now banned the passing of notes.

Baraitser said they could take this up with Serco, it was a matter for the prison authorities. Summers asserted that, contrary to Baraitser’s statement the previous day, she did indeed have jurisdiction on the matter of releasing Assange from the dock. Baraitser intervened to say that she now accepted that. Summers then said that he had produced a number of authorities to show that Baraitser had also been wrong to say that to be in custody could only mean to be in the dock. You could be in custody anywhere within the precincts of the court, or indeed outside. Baraitser became very annoyed by this and stated she had only said that delivery to the custody of the court must equal delivery to the dock. To which Summers replied memorably, now very cross “Well, that’s wrong too, and has been wrong these last eight years.”

I have been wondering why it is so essential to the British government to keep Assange in that box, unable to hear proceedings or instruct his lawyers in reaction to evidence, even when counsel for the US Government stated they had no objection to Assange sitting in the well of the court. The answer lies in the psychiatric assessment of Assange given to the court by the extremely distinguished Professor Michael Kopelman [..] : “Mr Assange shows virtually all the risk factors which researchers from Oxford have described in prisoners who either suicide or make lethal attempts. … I am as confident as a psychiatrist can ever be that, if extradition to the United States were to become imminent, Mr Assange would find a way of suiciding.”

Read more …


Automatic Earth commenter/contributor Dr. John Day telling Tulsi Gabbard yesterday at a townhall in Austin, Texas that the US needs to purchase 6 billion doses of chloroquine phosphate to treat everybody (assuming a high infection rate, eventually).




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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 3 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Ben Shahn Quick lunch stand in Plain City, Ohio 1938

    A nickle, for anything…
    …and people made a living; think about it…
    …when’s the last time you (singular) made a living; for your wife and child/ren???


    Assange is just being tortured. It is cruel and these people are able to just go about their business doing this harm and get paid for it by taxpayers. The Judge is just a straight up piece of shit. It is a crazy world full of crazy people. We need more love man. We really do.
    Nice pick of Dr John there too.

    Dr. D

    “As of 2016, there were 3,007 counties, 64 parishes, 19 organized boroughs, 10 census areas, 41 independent cities, and the District of Columbia for a total of 3,142 counties and county-equivalents in the 50 states.”

    That’s one Corovirus death per U.S. COUNTY. The U.S. has 1/3 as many people as China, so the equivalent is 3x less, to say nothing of all counties planetwide. How much closer to statistical zero do you want?

    Let’s play let’s pretend:
    Let’s suppose – purely fiction – that Wuhan DID release a bioweapon from their lab — nevermind how or why right now — and it DID kill 100,000 – 300,000 people. This would fit their stunning reaction, especially if they soon realized their patient zero was from their own lab, with their own responsibility, >14 days in quarantine, with +9 days on surfaces. Whole cities are shut down. Areas are blocked off that have patients. They are willing to stop their own economic production voluntarily, because otherwise it will stop anyway, and not only will the government fall, but – what really matters to these people — they’ll never live it down and China will be discredited, pariah, for 1,000 years.

    Okay, fine. So…what do we do? Let’s pretend that the bioweapon was our, from Harvard via Canada, as all those people are now arrested. Sure China loses face, but are we to admit we have such poor control of our weapons and secrecy, and so many communist sympathizers at Harvard and the Intel services (but I repeat myself) that they would get everyone on the planet killed by selling out to China for the price of a used Mercedes? That’s not good for the U.S. either, although how everyone doesn’t already know this is a living mystery to me. So what to do?

    Let’s pretend that – since it’s ours, we know all about it. And since we know it has 5 (7?) major elements of bioweapon pandemic, aerosol, persistence, +30 day quarantine, no symptomology, etc. it literally can’t be stopped. That’s why it was made: to be used. To succeed in mass death. (The dummies. Gawd nerdy schmarty-shmartz are the worst, dumbest ever) But knowing the whole genome, the whole life cycle of this bioweapon, they have scenarioed what to do if the OTHER guy uses it, little realizing that OF COURSE someone would use it, something would go wrong, it would turn on them, every day since Mary Shelly in 1815. So they take the Wuhan we have, with three genetic faces to fool the immune system, that is un-vaccinatible, that as a virus is un-curable (that’s why it was made), and do something interesting:

    You take the Wuhan and either damage its expression, or if it’s built that way, remove the payload. THEN YOU RELEASE IT WORLDWIDE. Without testing. That day. Why do you do that? Like a forest fire, the only possible cure to it is to make a firebreak and make sure most people have antibodies to Wuhan 2.0 before they meet the Wuhan 1.0 bioweapon. However, releasing a pretty stiff flu is sure to kill a lotta lotta people, and/or turn into more mischief you can’t even predict, and you’ll be sued up the wazoo by every 80 year old person in every nursing home on planet earth that dies of it. Worse, — and this is what they really care about — the people will come up there with pitchforks and take away your toys, erase your budget and keep an eye on your little monsters, keeping you from mass killing people for sport for a generation. And who wants that?

    So you can’t admit it.

    So on the ground you have two things: Wuhan 1.0, not admitted, killing 100,000 – 300,000 in China, possibly a racial virus as described, but still very dangerous. Anyone flying worldwide – you know like all the 0.1%, Tom Cruise, the Iranian council, John Kerry, the Pope – may have the real one because they’re all best buds. At the same time, the U.S. has spread the degraded, barely dangerous Wuhan 2.0 — which is going to kill a lot of people, but 100x less, only as much as the ’67 Hong Kong flu – in a desperate bid to stop Wuhan 1.0, with you, us, as the guinea pigs. The two cannot be distinguished, and the tests don’t work, so we don’t know when there’s an outbreak in Italy or Washington, which it is for a dangerous window. AND we need to get Wuhan 2.0 “cure” throughout the country, the world – which will kill a few hundred/thousand weakened people – BEFORE the testing comes up to speed and kills everyone with the THIRD problem: panic and the supply chain.

    Paging Dr. Rorschach, what say you? Does this fit the facts? Because one thing I DO know is that their story is fake garbage. Either people died or they didn’t: either we have a pandemic or we don’t. You can’t say 3,000 people died in 3 months, but it’s a big deal. There are 3,287 traffic deaths a DAY. x ~95 days. So driving to work is officially 312,265x more dangerous than Wuhan, if you believe a word they say. Panic!!

    So if you were in their shoes, what would YOU do?


    That’s not good for the U.S. either,
    That’s why it was made: to be used. To succeed in mass death

    i think brandon smith’s theory (controlled demolition of the u.s. economy in order to usher in a new global digital currency) is a better fit.

    these people aren’t concerned about what’s ‘good for the u.s.’, they’ve been looting the place for years. it’s already a wreck hurtling towards the cliff.

    instead of ‘mass death’, what serves their purposes best is an extremely contagious virus which is NOT particularly deadly. if indeed there is a wuhan1 and a wuhan2, they’d be the opposite of what you describe. judicious application of the latter (much more deadly / much less contagious) strain will serve nicely to manipulate the fright factor. ‘it must have mutated’….

    instead of blaming the true culprits (central banks/globalists) for the epic global financial collapse, we are meant to blame the chinese. the tylers don’t often speak in unison, but on covid the messaging is totally clear: the chinese biosafety lab is the source. that thread gets worked into almost every article at zh.


    A nickle, for anything…1938
    before my time.
    I remember a nickle for a coke.
    Fed make emergency 50 point cut

    A Modern Jubilee is here
    Unfortunately, the debt forgiveness is not going to you.
    I have already noted,yesterday, that lowering interest only helps the rich and well connected.

    Mar 2 at 7:08pm
    A Modern Jubilee as a cure to the financial ills of the Coronavirus

    I’ll fix the headline right now, (before Hilary does it)
    No wrongdoing
    Ukraine Putin interfering again
    • Ukraine Court Throws Wrench Into Joe Biden’s 2020 Election Plans (Solomon)
    • Hillary Clinton Ordered To Give Sworn Deposition On Email Server, Benghazi (ZH)
    So if you were in their shoes, what would YOU do?

    Make the real target – Iran

    Its a story that would sell.
    Today’s new story has just been changed by the fed
    The talking experts are all needing their blood pressure meds and fibrillator


    Here is what I saw yesterday. What do you see today.
    Corporate socialism

    Printing makes everywhere a Lalaland
    No country wants to be left out.
    Even Canada is talking about joining a tele-conference for tomorrow to lower interest.
    Lowering interest only helps
    1. those who have loans with interest that they got trouble paying by re-financing their loans
    2. carpetbaggers who use cheap money to buy out those who cannot get cheap money
    3. those owners who will keep getting a paycheck while setting up for a bankruptcy.
    4. the bankers
    5. the accountants
    6. the lawyers
    7. the government

    I guess that is a good reason for the markets to be flying high.
    Even the stocks of the drug companies that had a meeting with Trump are flying high.
    (The promise of getting some of that $8 Billion)
    I’m spitting distance from the disclose virus outbreak.
    I went to the food court to eat oriental.
    I’m in contact with grade 1 and grade 3 kids
    I hug a person with a virus.

    Bye bye life
    Bye bye happiness
    Hello loneliness
    I think I’m gonna die


    The WMD trick doesn’t work anymore. Tried it in Syria but no go. The world is not ready to spend trillions like they have in Iraq. Can’t pull off a Y2K scare. That only works once. A bio-hazard scare is good for a quick rate cut and dumping billions and billions into big pharma. Prepper supply companies get the trickle down.
    Never let a catastrophe go to waste….even if it’s not a catastrophe. Sheeple scare easily.


    watched Tulsi’s town hall . She made some good points especially antiwar message. Best Candidate IMHO but the media is so against her she does not have much of a chance, Today on NBC morning news. showed her picture did an update on all the other candidates but her. I guess if there was no war the richest would be a little less rich and that would be unacceptable. Maybe Americans just love war. I cannot figure it.

    Tree Frog

    Fed buys stocks? Keen. What are you thinking?

    Oddly, Keen’s proposals are elitist. I’m kind-of shocked by that.


    Here’s a link to a corona-virus specific herbal remedy that can be purchased. Link was provided by another TAE reader.

    About the Protocol

    Dr. D

    25,500, just 6,000 points to go and the shorts are all-in. Takes time as well, though. 6,000 points and 30 days.

    Shorts are invariably big insiders, so they are making more trillions today, reloading the mechanism. Sounds tough taking money from 401ks. That’s why we pay them the big money, and if they fail, bail them out to make bonus. Mo’ money, mo’ money.


    Dr.D.:. Central bankers only know how to do one thing. Print money!

    Governments only know how to do one thing. Lie!


    Still no coronavirus test kits! This week or next week!

    CDC now hoping some private company will provide test kits!

    No private companies were prepared to provide test kits because CDC had monopoly on test kits!

    Given enough time, private companies will rescue the CDC from its own ineptitude!


    So far Bernie still isn’t complaining!

    Stupid Tuesday is just another theatre scene!

    The lead actor can’t remember his lines!

    DNC’s theatre director, Hillary is one day closer to revealing who the real candidate is!


    Trump said a lie:
    Trump on people w/o health insurance w/ coronavirus:
    “They have a big problem & we’re going to look at the uninsured people that, you know, this came out as a surprise to all of us. It just happened. It shows what can happen in life … [we’re gonna] see if we can help them out”
    corporate bailout/welfare
    Gov. will pay the invoices from the Med industries with some of that $8 billion.


    AND …. here comes the coordinated bailout for the rich, powerful, elites
    (pretending to help the poor, unfortunate, dirty, victims)

    The World Bank announced Tuesday afternoon that it would fund an initial $12 billion in financing to combat the Covid-19 outbreak that is threatening to plunge the global economy into recession.


    I see Julian’s chief accuser, Hillary is still above the law. Obviously Julian is below the law.

    Imagine being Julian, sitting in a glass jail, knowing you are only there, to provide legitimaticy to a corrupt kangaroo court.

    You know they are talking about you, but you can hear and do nothing.

    This is the all powerful deep state in action. You know you will never be allowed to talk.

    Mean while Hillary, your accuser, a war criminal and mass murderer, walks free.


    Zerosum:. I see that they passed over giving you any of the $12 billion.

    They are very afraid you might actually spend the money in the real economy!


    @ WES


    I put my hand out but it would stick.
    I must have the wrong kind of grease.
    Maybe some of that money will go to refugees that the elites created.


    The financial crisis, (bailouts of the elites) is being enacted under the cover of the Con, con ,con, conv-19.


    Help is coming

    By Matt Egan, CNN Business 2 hrs ago

    The coronavirus crisis is casting an even darker shadow over the reeling oil industry.

    Some debt-riddled oil companies won’t survive at all.
    “You could see a wave of bankruptcies,” said Cutter, the Bloomberg Intelligence analyst.
    The bill is coming due on a mountain of debt in the coming years. North American exploration and production companies have roughly $86 billion of debt maturing by 2024, according Moody’s Investors Services. More than half of those maturities, 62%, are in junk bonds. And Moody’s points out that even investment-grade debt maturities are “highly concentrated” in the lowest possible rating level before junk.
    First, the Federal Reserve announced Tuesday its first emergency rate cut since 2008. The move to slash rates by a half percentage point could ease stress in financial markets, boosting demand for junk bonds and risky oil stocks. US oil prices climbed 2% Tuesday, building on a 4.5% gain the day before.

    OPEC is working on a rescue of its own. The oil cartel is scheduled to meet in Vienna this week and strongly consider slashing production in a bid to put a floor beneath prices.

    Doc Robinson

    Some information that could be vital, especially if self-quarantine (and self care) is expected.

    Multiple Infections and Lung Damage Models Imply Strategies for Containing The COVID-19 Pandemic
    Jianqing Wu, Ping Zha

    Last revised: 3 Mar 2020

    B. Strategies for Mitigating Infection and Lung Damages

    …we found many intervening points for altering disease outcomes…

    1. …exposure to the virus is just a start point, but not a gameover point. Many potential methods could be used to reduce the number of viral entries. Even through the whole lungs are expected to be infected by the virus,intervening measures can delay viral entries and reproduction and thus reduce damages to the lungs…

    2. Post exposure remedial measures include simple things like cleaning nose and irrigating the mouth and nose to remove as many trapped viral particles as possible to reduce further viral entries.

    3. Effort should be made to stop sequential exposure to external viruses. Before any virus is released to the bloodstream, the body is still vulnerable to continuous infections in the lungs. This measure is much powerful than using antiviral and antibiotic to control independent and cross-infections.

    4. Adjust body conditions in the latent periods… The following should be considered:

    (1) Temperature is the most important factor. It is absolutely the first priority to avoid exposure to low temperature. It affects blood vessel stricture, blood viscosity, blood vessel pore size, etc. Keeping warm is the most important measure in the fight against cold, influenza and any lung infections and is important before exposure to the virus, in the latent time, during treatment, and during recovery.

    (2) Low humidity facilitates removal of water layer on the alveolar walls and promotes oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and thus improve the lungs’ function to maintain waste removal balance and mitigate the congestion of white blood cells in lung tissues.

    (3) Increase water intake to reduce blood viscosity. A large number of other factors can be used to reduce blood viscosity. Certain foods such as garlic and a large number of herbs can be used to reduce platelet aggregation or improve blood circulation. Right level of salts can reduce blood viscosity by influencing ironic strength. Intake of more water with moderate salts can increase the ability to disperse viral-generated wastes, cell debris and metabolic by-products into the circulating blood.

    (4) Increase mechanical vibrations of the lungs. Sound-uttering, an ancient healing art, can help lungs relax, thus facilitating the passing of white blood cells through the capillaries network. It is best used in early phrase, after the reinfection phase, and during the recovery phase. However, sound uttering in the reinfection time windows may facilitate viral spreading. One best bet is avoiding uttering violent and explosive sounds in the reinfection time window. We have shown that deep breathing exercises is the most powerful method for fight against lung infection. It has been used in China, India, Japan, Korean, etc. as the primary healing art for thousands of years. This exercise can be used in a bulk of times to counter the virus-caused white blood cell retention.

    (5). Use right dietary, environmental, and lifestyle factors to mitigate infection severity and lung damages. Vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, selenium, etc. protect lung cells from the injuries of free radicals [64-74]. Lifestyle and body condition also affects human vulnerability to viral infection [75-85]. Chronic stress affects immune responses [86, 87]. A large number of factors can be used correctly to alter disease outcomes if they are combined.

    C. Strategies For Reducing Lung Damages and Risk of Death

    The infection modes and damage models imply two different strategies in different stage of disease. In the early phase or before the virus has spread to the whole lungs and the patient’s vital organs have ample redundant functional capacities, the measure is inhibiting, slowing down viral reproduction, viral spread and viral reinfections. This should be done as soon as possible. After the
    whole lungs have been infected, anti-viral drugs in late stages should be avoided after the vital organ capacities have declined to disability levels. Instead, a sound strategy is taking measures to reduce tissue inflammation, reduce flow resistance, keep waste removal balance and strengthen vital organs in the entire treatment period.

    1. Use all safe and non-conflicting factors in favor of inhibiting viral reproduction, promoting innate immunity, boosting immune response, and improving the lung blood circulation as discussed in Sections A and B above.

    2. Mitigate or slow down re-infections by patient-self-originated viruses. What is critically important is slowing down viruses spread to the whole lungs. Good emotion, good air ventilation, warn body temperature, low air humidity, and good life manners can slow down the reinfection process. Slower reinfection speeds have an effect of extending the total time for the viruses to spread to the whole lungs. Sequentially sporadic reinfections have less burden on the whole lungs than synchronized large-scale infections. Longer delays in successive infection timings result in reduced viral burden and reduced level of inflammation, thus reducing lung damages and risk of death. If the reinfection time is extended from several hours to a few days, it could make a difference to final outcome.

    3. After at least some infected cells have discharged cell contents, couching and sneezing generate high-concentration viral sources for selfreinfection. In the early phrase or small time window, patients should avoid coughing, sneezing, and violent throat clearing activities as much as possible or taking any valid measures to inactivate viruses that are inhaled back. Such attempts can slow down viral spread speed. After the whole lungs have been infected, coughing can generate force to improve micro-circulation to facilitate white blood cells to pass through.

    8. Drugs may help slow down viral reproduction, maintain blood circulation, strength heart functions, etc. Patients should be advised that drug side effects can temporarily diminish the usable organ capacities of lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. When the lungs are under severe distress, even a moderate thrust by drug side effects can instantly cause death. Patients should appraise
    drug side effects wisely and should consider using factors with little risks.

    9. Some medical treatments developed by population medicine should be reexamined in the context of those models.

    (1) Antiviral drugs are effective only in the early stage when the functions of major organs are strong. When treatment is started within two days of becoming sick with flu symptoms, antiviral drugs can lessen fever and flu symptoms, and shorten the time of being sick by about one day. After the viruses have spread to the whole lungs, virus reproduction is limited by biological
    resources and immune responses. When patient’s lung functions has approached disability level, such a drug may only burden the lungs by its side effects…

    (2) We also question the measure of using drugs to lower body temperature… Thus, raising set-point of temperature has an expected benefits of improving blood micro-circulation and facilitates immune cells transport balance. Lowering the body temperature may be justified only in situations that excessive high temperature could damage the brain. However, a better strategy is maintaining the lungs at a higher temperature but lowering the head’s temperature by using a cooling bath.

    (3) Using oxygen intake must be reasonable. While supply oxygen can improve lung function, it can cause widespread damages to lung cells and make inflammation even severe. The strategy is avoiding getting to that point and then using oxygen to cause widespread damages to lung cells.

    (4) Medicine should explore drugs that can dilate blood vessels starting as soon as possible. However, side effects are always concern. If the blood circulation can be maintained, use of steroids should be avoided because steroids have caused severe damages to bones.

    10. To maintain vital organ functions, herbs may be formulated to improve holistic health. Herbal formulations may include herbs that fight against the virus and inflammation, promote waste removal, and strengthen all major vital organs. The focus is improving blood micro-circulation in lungs. Synthetic drugs may be used to dilate blood vessels, but this should be used in the early stage. When the whole lungs have been consolidated, there is no room for the blood vessels to expand.


    “I see Julian’s chief accuser, Hillary is still above the law. Obviously Julian is below the law.”

    Poor Julian.

    As for Hillary, I suspect that she has to take a lot of narcotics just to smile these days.

    As for Tulsi, while I have no hope in general, I note that the unique circumstances developing might do unexp[ected things to her candidacy. Some wild tail winds are forming offstage.


    “So if you were in their shoes, what would YOU do?”

    About what we see. Too little too late, too much too soon, none of it effective.

    I doubt that there is much direct intentionality behind any of this. I think that amoral arrogant stupidity best fits the scenario we see. If you’re dumb enough to manufacture bioweapons, you’re dumb enough to be hoist by your own petard.

    it’s a mess. Like kids left alone at home qwhile Mom makes a quick trip to the grocery for last-minute essentials.

    Returned home to crayons and lipstick and glue all over everything, the parent knows better than to ask, “Who’s responsible?”

    None of them are. They’re children. You can’t trust them to be responsible.

    But we have trusted them to be responsible. Quite irresponsible of us.


    Zerosum:.& Bosco: I see you both are cynical! Good!

    It seems like you both have two legged monkeys pretty much figured out!

    Wisdom probably painfully gained through a life time enrolled in the school of hard knocks!

    Did you know real monkeys eat bananas by holding the stem and peeling from the end?

    Another benefit of peeling the banana skin from the end, is you avoid having those pesky banana strings still stuck on your banana!

    I love bananas, but unfortunately they don’t love me! Another food allergy!

    Same for tomatoes and ketchup!

    Sadly I am also allergic to nuts!

    I usually joke that means all kinds of nuts!


    AGAIN Help is coming for the elites
    Not for the poor blue collar workers
    Hurry up USA if you don’t want to be third

    SEOUL, March 3 (Yonhap) — South Korea is preparing an extra budget bill worth more than 10 trillion won (US$8.37 billion) to help fight against the new coronavirus, the finance minister told a parliamentary session Tuesday.


    The varying impact of the coronavirus charts are interesting. Early indications are the Wuhan coronavirus does not mutate rapidly like the flu. The differences are due the response of the various nations to the outbreaks in their countries and their reporting.

    South Korea is the gold standard; 0.6% mortality rate but only 0.7% recovered. The green recoveries vary hugely. Likely this is due to different standards of healthcare, coverage and fudging the numbers to avoid panic in the population.

    Iran is a theocracy that is under sanctions and is still a developing country. The 5.5% fatality rate is near the highest range for the Spanish flu that killed up to 50 million when the world’s population was 1.9 billion. Today there 4.4 billion people living in the developing nations. Around a 100 million will die from the pandemic in lesser developed countries due to lack of medical care, malnutrition and bad government.

    Projecting the future of the outbreaks in the USA, I expect that epidemic will be similar to Italy and Japan. A 2% mortality rate will kill millions in the USA. Public Health Departments are run by 50 states and funded by state budgets. Care will vary wildly. The Federal government has proven itself to be completely incompetent. In poor areas of America the mortality rate will reach Iran’s levels and will overwhelm the healthcare system. The spread of the pandemic across the USA is guaranteed due to the lack of effective quarantines and infection tracking, plus the uninsured and under-insured will avoid medical care and tests because they can’t afford it until it is too late.

    Unless liveing in a guarded compound and have concierge medical care, I expect for most the coming contagion will be very similar to the Spanish flu a century ago.



    It is now officially a geriatric election. Is this the best the US can offer?

    Given their age and the coronavirus it is looking more like a tontine [or deadpool!]

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