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    Andy Warhol Ingrid Bergman 1983   • Zelensky Carries Out ‘Polonization’ Of Ukraine – Duma Speaker (TASS) • Russia on the Grain Deal at the UN Sec
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    Formerly T-Bear

    Re: Nanny cam
    Nice piece by Arfenbark. Apologies to Offenbach.


    “So despite referenda and polls showing majority support for barring race in admissions, academics are pushing to impose their own values, regardless of the views of the public or of the courts.”

    Because they’re the “experts” and know what is best.

    V. Arnold

    Re: Nanny cam
    Nice piece…

    Wasn’t it though? 😉

    Dr. D

    “US Military Confirms Myocarditis Spike After COVID Vaccine Introduction
    Officials are stumped…”

    Science!™ Can’t figure it out.

    These guys are going to destroy science for a generation. Possibly forever. Too bad they can’t stop getting paid first. There’s a lot of guys mopping the bathroom at Dollar General more deserving than they.

    “Cargill, DuPont and Monsanto.”

    Mafia arms are running out of money. Putin is shutting down another money flow. Although some of these are American, the money is global and banked in Europe. So Europe will not have the money crossing their bank books.

    ““Western leaders are suffering from “megalomania and inferiority complex” at the same time,”

    Yes, it’s dangerously mentally ill. They need to be institutionalized as a threat to themselves and others.

    This goes with the other one, “Russiaphrenia”, the belief that Russia is a powerless backwater but also taking over the world and about to land amphibious occupation forces in New Jersey.

    “West Driven By “Impotent Rage” – Moscow (RT) “

    Also a Mental illness. They have “impotent rage” because mentally, by their Ego, they have to control everything. Everybody. At every time. All things must be compulsory or illegal. They stay up nights worrying someone might not be under their control and is maybe going down to the 7-11 and getting a 40-ounce coke against their express desires.

    So when they can’t control…well, any thing…like Russia merely ignores them like a sane person should, it drives them crazy, and to murderous violence. Their life is spinning out of control. They will emotionally do anything to stop it. Any. Thing. Pretty normal, actually. Which is why the same people also outlaw police, or at least their enforcement of law: they need allies.

    “Washington Becoming Weary of Zelensky’s Never-Ending Demands for Aid (Sp.) “

    They suddenly grew weary when the last Ukrainian soldier died. But that’s just a coincidence.

    “[Japan] it appears to have zero appetite to engage in direct confrontation with China over Taiwan,”

    And rightfully so, unlike Poland that constantly destroys themselves. (Why??? I never understand)

    “Even US lawmakers admit it, considering the Kuomintang’s win a potential “threat” …To world war. The only real threat is Peace.

    “• Lockheed Martin Predicts Strong Profits as Global Instability Rises (LI) “

    What it’s about except it’s really about banking. Markets. Price-fixing.

    Soviet Socialist Centralization always price-fixes. That’s a key feature of “Not-Capitalism”. Without it, Capitalism would return and they would collapse. They couldn’t survive 30 minutes in a meritocracy.

    “broken supply chains would cause big inflation.”

    Not if there’s price fixing! And there is. You can’t “hoard” and you can’t “gouge.” We must, MUST prevent markets and price discovery at all costs!!! The cost of bread is still $1 but you can’t have any. Next week doesn’t look good either.

    “• Hunter Biden Expected To Face Up To 10 Criminal Referrals (ZH)

    No one cares. They were already referred 3 dozen times and all the investigations were shut down and the evidence hidden, thus “no evidence was found.” …As it was sitting safely in Wray and Comey’s office safe, marked “Insurance Policy.” What do you think Trump pulled out of there when he fired him? 10 criminal referrals leads to 10 arrests of the people who referred him.

    “. . It’s NOT redeemable in gold, it is anchored to it. . . .”

    Luongo disagrees in several levels, which may not be important. Tom says the BRICS are really working the supply chain side, because they are producers. They need cross-trade to be accounted, then the differences settled. But doing this leads to currency risk. To stabilize the currency risk, they are accounting in dollars, perhaps, but can tie the 30-day settlement to gold contracts in Shanghai. …That ARE redeemable in gold. Now they’re not MEANT to be, it’s not MEANT to have gold on jets flying worldwide. But that’s always true of all gold standards. It’s meant to be the anchor, the put-up-or-shut-up that London and NY always cheated on but stopped altogether over 10 years ago. Without delivery there’s no way to confirm accurate pricing.

    It’s not “anchored” to the dollar, and may in fact be accounted in the US Dollar. But it’s not meant to interact with the Dollar either. If Brazil sells to the U.S. or Mexico, maybe they use the dollar. But if they interact with China or Zaire, they use the BRIC settlement accounting. You don’t have a collapse, you have a rotation. Vince said the same thing, describing in great detail how in Asia or Dubai, at first Morgan has banking, but the clients want gold trading. So they sell that. Then they want gold delivery, so they sell that. Then they want accounts denominated in Yuan, so they sell that. Then they’re doing so much business they say, why are we trading this out of NY?, we should trade the floor in Shanghai and sell that. Those all expand with the money and interest as Chicago shuts down (which it has). Soon there’s no trading in NY and it’s all in Shanghai, organically, in Yuan and with gold-settlement contracts. Nobody MADE them do it. It costs them money and indeed, all business if they DON’T do it.

    Back to the U.S., so the dollar is in competition. So? Triffin’s Paradox is crushing the U.S., Powell knows it and says he has no problem with 10 reserve currencies if the world wants it. So the US$ collapses, right? Nope. He ALSO adds 8 grams of gold per Dollar (In 30y UST Bonds) and ALSO re-founds the US$. He may not WANT to do it if you can steal everything for free, but he CAN do it instantly and with no problems.

    Outcome? You end up on a gold-standard/non-gold-standard. One that’s close enough. The other “gold standards” were never gold standards either, in the sense that it was hard money, always settled and inflexible. That never existed. It just needs a tether to g– d—–d reality.

    For Rickards “anchor” we already saw first day of sanctions that Russia “anchored” the Ruble to gold. But Putin didn’t – didn’t have to – pull the trigger on 100% for that, just set up the architecture. Which was a surprise and slowed things down. He probably expected he’d have to do that and hunker down.

    “defy rulings of the Supreme Court that he considers “mistaken” in the name of “popular constitutionalism.”

    You may want to look into this. Officially and legally, the Supreme Court decides what is “popular constitutionalism” or not. We know from the last 50 years that’s not your position at all. When you were winning, everyone had to follow the Court or die. Now that you’re barely losing one comma per case, and the USSC is still very-far-left, but not far left ENOUGH, you want to rebel by force of arms. Yeah. We know.

    And in a flashback to the Democratic past (but their constant lineage since always) they’re doing this expressly to defend open, unrepentant racism. Great! I couldn’t be happier. You do that. Free Speech all around. You tell me how Asians should be excluded from Harvard on the basis of their skin and I’ll watch.

    “It was quickly again declared unconstitutional.”

    And no one cared and the rent moratorium – or rather “a raw, public carpet bombing of small landlords” – happened anyway with no compensation and no redress. Even now. What would it cost? Another Trillion, more than Covid itself?

    “vile creatures as Debbie Wasserman Schultz”

    As there is no memory, no shame, no consequences, how is it we even have to TALK about Wasserman Schultz after rigging the Democratic Primary among other open, hateful crimes against all democracy and the people? Schiff was openly censured and there is no shame or change. As this does not have a physical effect on anyone’s behavior, it should all be skipped and go directly to jail. It may not change their internal reality – and that’s fine, I’m not trying to control their opinions – but it does keep them from harming others every day of the year for decades. On that front, I nominate Lindsay Graham first, the one who loves the killing of Russians – by race — so much.

    Al Gore. …And then did everything, every day, in and out of his administration, to cut down every tree in America and pave every acre for malls and condos. But you see, when we said “The Rainforest” we meant “The one owned by brown people” and not the one in Portland and Seattle or Augusta, Maine. NOT the one owned outside Amsterdam or the one in Ireland where we kill all the fields and all the cows to convert it to condos and concrete solar arrays.

    The ozone hole never opened over Kennebunkport. It’s also too cloudy to matter. If Gore ever met a scientist or he would know that as their theory was that CFCs cause it and they were banned when Gore was a child. (The patent had run out and DuPont needed to sell far more expensive refrigerants that fail quicker)

    “Saharan dust provides marine bacteria and phytoplankton with important nutrients.”

    That’s why we should hate, fear, and stop it. It might cause life on earth. Environmentalists assemble! There’s a green thing somewhere! It must be stopped!

    Mr. OftenBark?


    Had a bit of rain here on Friday, 145mm on my PWS. That’s just about six inches, for reference our normal summer rain fall for the three months of June, July and August is 90mm. Most of that fell in about ten hours, lots of washout damage around.

    Dr. D

    Remember: low rain is Global Warming, but high rain is Global Warming too.

    In fact, all things are Global Warming. All events, and all their Opposites.

    When you have a theory that is unfalsifiable, that’s Science!


    Yes Dr. It is fun to watch them contradict themselves so often anymore. They are having trouble making their Science™ line up with reality. Doesn’t matter too much though as most just take what they say today and run with it. No back checking to see if there is any consistency to their stance.


    From today’s Boston Globe. Doctors are mystified. Couldn’t possibly be the vax they refuse to mention… could it?
    Young, Fit, and Sick: Cancer Striking Earlier.


    Peter McCullough, M.D.

    “Vaccines that don’t work are dangerous. Nahab et al, those with concurrent COVID-19 infection within 21 days post-vaccination had an increased risk of ischemic (OR = 8.00, 95% CI: 4.18, 15.31) and hemorrhagic stroke (OR =5.23, 95% CI: 1.11, 24.64).
    Risk of Stroke Skyrockets with COVID-19 Infection after Vaccination”


    This prediction shit just baffles me?

    “In April, FAS Post Buenos Aires was projecting the soybean harvest at 23.9 million tonnes, the lowest in 24 years and what also would be the lowest yield output in almost 50 years.”

    So which is it, 24 or 50, or am I missing something? Goes on to say:

    “Better news is on the horizon for the world’s top exporter of soybean meal. The FAS projects a recovery in soybean production in 2023-24 to 50.5 million tonnes on 16.9 million hectares based on a return to normal weather patterns.

    “Some analysts are anticipating a change to anEl Niño weather pattern, which usually means higher than average precipitation in Argentina’s main production regions,” the FAS said

    Again which is it, normal weather or more rain than normal? I’m beginning to believe that AI is doing most of the writing. Can’t “fact check” itself for contradicting itself. Maybe that’s the feature. After all the AI was written by folks seemingly lacking any critical thinking ability.


    To that extent, a law was adopted that effectively equals Poles to Ukrainians, providing them with the same set of rights – stay without permission, employment, education, medical service and even some allowances, the official added.

    So the USA and EU are now paying Pole dossers as well as Ukraine dossers, if there are any still alive. Nothing like eliminating a whole country through warfare, the Ukraine war is a new benchmark on how it is possible to get people to sacrifice themselves if they are filled with the right emotions. The Poles, obviously super unintelligent or very emotional, are going to step into the firing line and die for the USA and EU, like their Ukraine allies did. I personally think this is a good thing; there are so many stupid people on this planet that getting Russia to kill off a few more stupid people is probably a service to the planet Earth. I know, that is a bad thing to think, but I think the same about the vaxxed.


    “..the owners of a significant part of Ukrainian arable land (more than 17 million hectares) are Western corporations Cargill, DuPont and Monsanto.”

    I have always insisted that Ukraine is about theft. FTX, Covid and all the current scams are the same. It should not be difficult for the average person to understand why. When your house is on fire, do you sit back and do nothing or do you rush in, take what you can, yet still claim it on the insurance. That is what our Israeli friends – the ones who say in is okay to support Nazis yet go their country as a result of their holocaust – are saying, but we know they are thieves and swindlers, but they are also the AGs, the politicians, the people stealing what they can before the USD collapses.


    The relevant para in the NATO Communiqué said: “The Black Sea region is of strategic importance for the Alliance. This is further highlighted by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. We underline our continued support to Allied regional efforts aimed at upholding security, safety, stability and freedom of navigation in the Black Sea region including, as appropriate, through the 1936 Montreux Convention. We will further monitor and assess developments in the region and enhance our situational awareness, with a particular focus on the threats to our security and potential opportunities for closer cooperation with our partners in the region, as appropriate.” [Emphasis added.]

    Storm clouds gathering in the Black Sea


    • West Driven By “Impotent Rage”

    The Collective Decadent Depraved West even has an action hero called Impotent Rage

    Be afraid, be very afraid



    “The existence of the Medieval Warm Period is corroborated by the Greenland borehole temperature data, which shows that Greenland was 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer 1,000 ago than it is today … The regular voyages of the Vikings between Iceland and Greenland were rarely hindered by ice, and many burial places of the Vikings in Greenland still lie in the permafrost,” Mr. Archibald wrote in his 2010 book, “The Past and Future of Climate.”

    Formerly T-Bear

    Headline found at RT:

    ‘I am the AI’ – Biden

    In this case AI must mean Antique Idiot. To believe the AI got more natural votes than Obama beggars the capacity to imagine except the political wasteland between Mexico and Canada.


    MSM is part of the lie/scam

    “A $200 million enterprise would’ve collapsed if Fauci had admitted that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were effective against covid.”
    These meds could’ve saved lives, but they only cost $3! – JFK jr
    Depopulation, (8:09 AM · Jul 22, 2023 395.9K Views )
    Russia, Explained it, on the Grain Deal at the UN Security Council:
    On Friday, Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto also stated that “95% of exported Ukrainian grain does not go to Africa.”
    Get the facts as per UN
    The following info is restricted to people who can read

    The Downfall of Blobism

    July 21, 2023
    The Downfall of Blobism
    ( If they, (the intel community), didn’t know any of this, (what was happening with the elites democrats,), then what’s the point of having an intel community?)
    Extreme weather has impacted the attention span of non thinkers.


    Irrational thinking
    How can someone be against abortion, of those not born and be for/support, the termination/depopulation of people in a war.


    Saharan dust : The Amazon rain forest is constantly losing nutrients. I watched a documentary that explained that Saharan dust is critical to replenishing these nutrients.

    In this documentary it was mentioned that the dust failed to arrive – it landed north of the Amazon. No big deal – the rain forest has obviously been around for a very long time so has already survived this kind of problem.

    D Benton Smith


    “I personally think this is a good thing; there are so many stupid people on this planet that getting Russia to kill off a few more stupid people is probably a service to the planet Earth. I know, that is a bad thing to think, but I think the same about the vaxxed.”

    The thoughts and sentiments expressed in the above quoted statement are probably at the core of yours and my recent disagreements here on the TAE forum, but NOT for the reasons that I bet that you think.

    Let me first surprise you with the fact that I have a VERY high opinion of you. I think you’re very highly intelligent (certainly smarter than me by a fair distance), and I think that you’re a also a good person (though probably not as considerate of others as I am . . . also by a fair distance), and I also think you’re remarkably gifted in the ability to swiftly discern patterns within complex systems, which others typically miss.

    Now that I’ve paid all of those nice compliments allow me to simply state where you fall short (and why you and I get into arguments.) I believe that you do not “think the thought all the way through”, but instead tend to stop the logical progression of moving from one logical fact to the next in sequence when the apparently logical progression produces apparently contradictory paradoxical statements of things which cannot both be true. (such as expressed in the quotation, above)

    The solution is to continue thinking, regardless of emotional or cognitive discomfort, until the “apparent” paradox is resolved. This can be extremely, even agonizingly, difficult to actually do. Nevertheless, the method works like gangbusters, dependably, because the the fact of the matter is that within this Universe there ARE NO PARADOXES.

    For example, you wrote, “I know that is a bad thing to think, but I think the same about the vaxxed.”

    Aspnaz, the question that needs to be resolved (free of all apparently paradoxical contradictions) is, “WHY am I accepting, within my own cognitive paradigm, a thought that I personally KNOW and believe to be bad?”

    Keep asking why, and if you’ve got the guts to face the discomfort of some of the answers, you will get THE answer that satisfies your own high standards of what makes good sense and what doesn’t.


    how does Zelensky differ from Pahlavi? Noriega? Sadam Hussein?
    what is different this time from all of the earlier obscenities? cell phones with an IP address. Instead of two lies now there is a plethora of “according to experts”.

    do you remember William Laws Calley Jr.? Do you remember the path of his incarceration and ultimate absolution? No i didn’t think so, after all it was pre-Obama.

    Do you remember there were no investigations into Unlawful Orders either at the Pentagon or in The Congress concerning the execution of the rape of Southeast Asia? Do you remember Agent Orange? Do you remember how the State used the press to set up video scenes of young people spitting on US troops returning from Southeast Asia? Do you remember how the war mongers tied patriotism to glorification of the War in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Remember “Might makes Right”? I didn’t think so. being All meritocracy and all.

    Do you realize many of the voices we hear, shrilly decrying the current state of affairs with an errant sense of deja vue, are the ones who cried out about the Vietnam War. Yes they cried out about the brutality of the War and then copped the plea and waded chin deep into the cesspool. Do you remember the final scenes from the movie The Magic Christian (1969)? This group of traitors to themselves and humanity are now outraged once again about the state of affairs, the Social Security allotment no longer covers the spread. Remember “Kill a Commie for Christ”?
    Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon -Four Dead in Ohio, Spiro Agnew – Walter Cronkite. Let’s face it, the movie The Matrix is not how my generation played it. We all woke up the next morning and went back to work. Morpheus? never heard of him.

    That ain’t news pawdna that’s history:
    ““• Lockheed Martin Predicts Strong Profits as Global Instability Rises (LI) “

    What it’s about except it’s really about banking. Markets. Price-fixing.

    Soviet Socialist Centralization always price-fixes. That’s a key feature of “Not-Capitalism”. Without it, Capitalism would return and they would collapse. They couldn’t survive 30 minutes in a meritocracy.”

    “Capitalism would return”…. that’s some serious hopium there. Have you ever heard of intellectual property or proprietary information? Value discovery is an intrinsic component of trade. All trade is an exchange of value. The expansion of exchange is a market. Capitalism is a tool, a crescent wrench at best. There can be no price discovery without value discovery preceeding. There has been no Capitalism in westen economies in my life. Do you remember the Anti-Trust fervor that produced the Baby Bells? That a large percentage of US citizens my age actively participated in the destruction of exchange of value in blind pursuit of self interest is a fact. Greed is Good!!!!! Faux moral outrage is nauseating. Looks like hell to be Asleep and Woke at the same time. Do i hear Judy Collins singing “Both Sides Now”? “…it’s clouds illusions I recall, I really don’t know clouds at all…”

    As ole Sinclair and Frank noted “It Can’t Happen Here” 1935,1966

    It’ not Shake and Bake it’s Hell and I helped.

    Autonomous Unit

    ““In April, FAS Post Buenos Aires was projecting the soybean harvest at 23.9 million tonnes, the lowest in 24 years and what also would be the lowest yield output in almost 50 years.”
    So which is it, 24 or 50, or am I missing something? ”

    you are missing the difference between total crop yields in gross tons, and crop yield per unit area planted.
    it means that the total crop amount, for the whole area, is the lowest in 24 years, and the yield per acre is the lowest in 50 years.
    The total area planted is larger than in the past, so even with lower productivity per field planted, the actual crop is larger.


    Thank you clears that up for me. Be nice if they noted that distinction in the article.


    A little history is informative.

    “Barely six weeks after the Hiroshima-Nagsaki bombings,” Michel Chossudovsky tells us, “the US War Department [Pentagon] issued a blueprint (September 15, 1945) to ‘Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map’ (66 cities with 204 atomic bombs), when the US and the USSR were allies. This infamous project is confirmed by declassified documents.” (For further details see Chossudovsky, 2017)

    Below is the image of the 66 cities of the Soviet Union which had been envisaged as targets by the US War Department.

    The 66 cities. Click here to enlarge

    See also Michel Chossudovsky, Nuclear War. “90 Seconds to Midnight”: The Pentagon’s 1945 “Doomsday Blueprint” to “Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map”

    But back to Bird, who, in writing a piece about Oppenheimer’s “tragedy” and defending science, has also subtly defended a trinity of other matters: the government “science” on Covid, the transformative power coming from AI, and the U.S. propaganda about Russia and nuclear weapons. There is no mention of JFK’s call to abolish nuclear weapons. This is how the “paper of record” does its job.

    Trinity’s Shadow

    D Benton Smith

    That’s all I’m gong to say about it at this time.

    Those of you on this forum who are cognitively disciplined enough to actually THINK without blindly stumbling into a “paradox” should be able to suss out the implications. . . which are as profound as our undeveloped intellects are capable of processing in our current state of ignorant low IQ, soul-shriveled state of being.

    And that remains a true statement REGARDLESS of whether or not the alien in that film was “real”.

    D Benton Smith


    Thank you kindly for the link to Edward J Curtin, Jr. His thoughts and words are balm to my soul.

    D Benton Smith

    On a different topic (maybe we should just assign different identification numbers to each of the various and many Existential Crises that we’ve got going). In that case lets talk about Topic #1 : MONEY!

    In case you haven’t noticed, holding dollars in ANY form, as an important part of one’s financial security, is a very very unwise position. Everybody knows this. Therefore everybody is looking to get out of dollars and THEREFORE you better get out before they do (in other words, get out BEFORE everybody panics and tries to get out at once.)

    I would call that the kind of hair trigger situation that’s almost enough to make folks glad that they don’t have any money to lose in the first place. It gonna get UGLY.


    Nanny cam dog

    That is hilarious! But I have a difficult time believing the framing…. (REALLY? The nice, shiny, upright piano is left with the keyboard cover open and the bench left pulled out, rather than tucked under, in a household where enough music is played and sung at said piano with enough regularity that the dog would voluntarily do this? I think not.)

    My own dog often “sings” (howls) along when I play piano or sing…it is usually adorable, but sometimes annoying. He especially enjoys joining in on singing exercises.


    The turd in the punch bowl of battlefield gear

    Russian FPS Drone Wrecks M2 Bradley

    Great ad for Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia’s shithole weapons systems made for profit not performance

    Leopard 2A6 Wrecked By Lancet Drone


    Another tank with an Iron Cross bites the dirt on the Russian steppes.


    Another Poor Leopard Destroyed And Lost Its Wheels In Zaporozhye

    Turkey Shoot!


    American Man Has Message For Biden And Ukraine

    Blowing a Kiss to Bidet and his crackwhore son

    Smooch, smooch!


    @Red @Dr D – and Friends

    Appreciate the link to Edward J Curtin, Jr. and his post “Trinity’s Shadow”. Beautifully written and linked to other unexplored treasures.

    I found this quote and thought it would give Dr D answers to his frequently asked question “WHY”+ laments (Dr D even “sounds like” Pinter).

    The English dramatist Harold Pinter, in his Nobel Address, put it bluntly:

    “It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest. The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It’s a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.”

    Key thoughts from Curtin:

    “But back to Bird, who, in writing a piece about Oppenheimer’s “tragedy” and defending science, has also subtly defended a trinity of other matters: the government “science” on Covid, the transformative power coming from AI, and the U.S. propaganda about Russia and nuclear weapons…

    …I sit here now at the end of the day. Shadows are falling and I contemplate such trinities. I am stunned by the fact that we exist, but under a terrifying Shadow that many wish to ignore. Jung saw this shadow side as not just personal but social, and when it is ignored, the collective evils of modern societies can autonomously erupt…

    …Bird argues that nuclear weapons are the result of a scientific quest that is unstoppable. He writes that Oppenheimer “understood that you cannot stop curious human beings from discovering the physical world around them [and then making nuclear bombs or designer babies]….

    This is the ideology of progress that brooks no opposition since it is declared inevitable. It is a philosophy that believes there should be no limits to human knowledge, which would include the knowledge of good and evil, but which can then be ignored since it and all thought and beliefs are considered a priori to be relative. The modern premise that everything is relative is of course a contradiction since it is an absolute statement. Many share this philosophy of despair disguised as progress as it has crept into everything today. It is tragic, for if people accept it, we are doomed to follow a Faustian pact with the devil and all hell will follow.”

    The ideology of progress and the philosophy of despair disguised as progress…

    I look inside of myself – where am I stuck, and what can I do about it? What kind of opposition am I mounting in my daily living of life?

    I exist. I am here to experience the world. Am I making the most of it? I am accountable in the asking as well as in the answering.

    Am I translating my REALITY – my EXPERIENCES and OBSERVATIONS – into tangible and actionable UNDERSTANDING? This process is the fountainhead of VALUES.

    What do I value? Am I protecting what is valued, PRECIOUS, and SACRED?

    Contemplating and embracing my role by living on PURPOSE. Grateful for the opportunity to BE here and share the LOVE. I am inspired to carry on.


    I have always LOVED this album cover.


    Can’t wait for the smell of Britishtard Chasllenger tanks burning in the morning mist!

    British Challengers In Ukraine

    An ad for Epic Failure

    A tank you can absolutely not count on!

    Burn Baby, Burn!



    @anticlimactic re: rain forest nutrient

    Almost all rain forests are this. All the action is ‘above ground’ so to speak…like a thick stack of parasitism. This is why cutting it in Brazil to make a cow pasture is a losing prop. The stuff to support grass washes away in a few years.



    And yet they keep chopping down millions of acres of rain forest per year.

    Is annihilation of rain forests a sign that humanity hates Nature?

    That Humanity hates Itself?

    Maybe chopping down a couple thousand acres of rain forest for a new shopping mall (maul) is something Humanity could get behind?







    Plays piano, sings, looks back,.. great, right?


    “Its not a new answer.” Said the current holy man.
    Since the beginning of thinking, every answers that we have found/discovered/ has been tried/thought of before.
    That’s why our social/economic/political/emotional systems have not changed/ still similar.
    Its been tried before.

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