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    Dr. D

    “How did Aristarchus know when it was the same time in Thebes and Alexandria?”

    Main Street. High Noon. Showdown. Bring your ruler. The measurement for noon is East-West. For circumference, North-South.



    I have just read a very interesting article title “Why Liberals Dump Their Oldest Friends” written by Rick Ackeman on July 5th, 2022. I highly recommend you include it in tomorrow’s blog as many TAEs have noticed this too with ex-friends since the pandemic started 3 years ago.

    Yes this is a financial site, but this liberal phenomenon occurs ito people n every walk of life.

    Rick is lamenting the lost of multiple friends he has known for 30 to 65 years. He asked a really smart friend about why this is happening and his friend told him why. Yes it has something to do with our how our brains are configured!


    Just a heads up TAEs.

    If you use the word “recession” you will be accused of misinformation!

    Liberals are redefining the meaning of the word “recession” so it no longer means what you thought it means.

    So we are not in an economic recession between now and November!


    Farmer McGregor says

    My cows pulverize large volumes of plant tissues then rapidly ferment them through massive bacterial action (that is what fermentation is) …

    Okay, educate me. As a home brewer, I do not see fermentation as bacterial action. In fact, bacterial action will destroy your beer whereas fermentation by yeasts – which are fungi – will produce the good stuff without odd flavours.

    TAE Summary

    I expect Carl Sagan knew the difference.

    Farmer McGregor

    @aspnaz asks: “Okay, educate me. As a home brewer, I do not see fermentation as bacterial action. In fact, bacterial action will destroy your beer whereas fermentation by yeasts – which are fungi – will produce the good stuff without odd flavours.”
    Excellent point of differentiation to be expounded.

    Fermentation in the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms, typically involving effervescence and the giving off of heat. The process of fermentation involved in the making of beer, wine, and liquor, is that in which sugars are converted to ethyl alcohol by the action of selective yeasts. Lacto-Fermentation is the action of the type of acid loving bacteria called lactobacilli in which sugars are converted to lactic acid.

    Yogurt and sour cream are common lacto-fermented dairy foods, lactobacilli being the native bacteria in raw (unpasteurized) milk. Traditional sour kraut is lacto-fermented cabbage, Korean kimchi is a jumble of vegetables that have been lacto-fermented, or ‘soured’; these are foods that have been processed for long-term preservation. There is no alcohol involved, as with yeast, and lactic acid is a strong disinfectant and therefore a preservative. People around the globe throughout all of known history have employed lactobacilli in the preservation of their food, even though they didn’t know the science behind it.

    The ‘fermentation’ in the rumen stomach of a cow is done by variety of bacteria, never yeasts. Incidentally, if a cow cannot burp regularly she will bloat, sometimes requiring the stomach to be lanced to relieve the pressure. If you’ve ever made kombucha, you will have employed a combination of yeasts and bacteria in the form of a blob known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Community Of Bacteria & Yeasts). To convert wine to vinegar, you employ a bacterial colony known as a ‘mother’ which employs acetobacter to ‘ferment’ the alcohol into acetic acid.

    When we brew beer and wine, we certainly seek to avoid bacterial contamination, and want to ONLY employ Saccharomyces in the fermentation process. Unless we are one of those nut-jobs who have taken to using strains of Brettanomyces because it imparts funky flavors — in case you didn’t pick up on it, I DO NOT like “Brett” beers. The ‘Sour Beers’ that have become all the rage in recent times are made by allowing some bacterial fermentation — usually involving lactobacilli — which will impart similar flavors as found in yogurt and sour kraut. Not a big fan of those, either. Malty reds for me.

    Doc Robinson

    The war on cash is heating up in Israel.
    (6,000 shekels is currently equivalent to US$1,750)

    From August 1: Cash transactions above NIS 6,000 illegal
    Offenders face significant fines & those splitting payments can be jailed. Law also applies to checks.

    Israel’s Law on Reducing the Use of Cash came into force in 2019 and next week, on August 1, the threshold for cash transactions is set to drop from NIS 11,000 to just NIS 6,000.

    This amount refers to payments to businesses, including the self-employed and freelancers. Payments between private individuals (for example, when purchasing a property) have a higher cash threshold though that too is set to drop next week, from NIS 50,000 to NIS 15,000. The threshold for car purchases is the exception and will remain unchanged at NIS 50,000.

    Doc Robinson

    A research article published last week looks at reasons behind vaccine hesitancy and refusal (VHR).

    “What is more dangerous – the disease, the vaccine or the government?”

    The interviewees believe that the Israeli government is driven by political interests and mistrust its collaboration with the big pharma companies that are suspected of furthering their own financial interests. Their mistrust manifests in allegations that the government conceals and manipulates data, and makes decisions in a non-transparent manner. The interviewees resist the Israeli government’s dangerous coercion and mistrust of its risk discourse. They express inverse risk considerations, perceiving the vaccine to be potentially dangerous, and the disease as less dangerous.

    Dr D Rich

    Animal cells “ferment” without fungi, bacteria or other organisms doin’ it for us.

    From sugars we also “create” the building blocks for proteins and fats, oversimplified

    But Christ, thank God for farmers…all of them

    Veracious Poet

    Imagine a new form of government so convinced of its own virtue mandate and the contrasting original sin of its constituents, that it has adopted the view that its own citizens are now a less-than-human enemy – no longer worthy of the full slate of human rights.

    Human Control Officers:


    TAE Summary:
    Goodness. I stand humbly corrected. Aristarchus was the guy I knew of and that is what I heard. Scary.
    I rewatched it- Eritosthenes, it is.
    My apologies.


    I have had cows, even lost 1 to bloat, 30y ago
    (& it can happen damn quick, I was there, sent the
    kid running for knife, by the time he was back she was dead)
    transmutation..I don’t think this means what you think it means
    Organic transmutation….sorry, no
    Try feeding cattle only straw (low N), OK for a short while
    (or to stretch the feed). Long term, dead cows
    Rumen bacteria break up cellulose into sugars,
    grass contains protein, both are necessary to feed rumen bacteria


    Otherwise as Dr. D says- you can always know when it’s noon, wherever you are. I think we get into some deep stuff when we try to understand synchronization, still*. It’s always noon somewhere.
    OT- for example in trading, what is the magic clock? My million trades per second versus your million trades per second- what’s the sequence? Why do you get to go first…or, why do I have to go first?
    High frequency trading and mechanical pets like “Aladdin”, for example, keeps me out of the markets. That, and being old.
    *It’s a big problem in sci-fi- I’m 300 light years away from you and we have a common time scheme?


    Thanks for that great explanation Farmer McGregor.


    Great education on cows!

    There is only one insect I would consider eating.

    In Africa there is a big all green insect about 2″ long. I think we have them here in N. America too. Forget their name. But natives consider them to be delicious. My African mechanics would catch them, whenever I pointed them out, then twist their necks and put them in their pocket to eat at break times. I saw this happen quite a few times. If they ate them, then I would be game to try one!


    More fraud from big pharma:


    Social Justice = full blown retaliation. Back at ya. Fifth column.

    Full on Partisan, dissident. Flap your gums keyboard Warriors all you want- Force change on them.

    Tell the truth, set yourself as a Seeker. Slice an Achilles heel, destroy govt property, sabotage. Take action not words.

    Forced injections for a job, raping children with mask mandates and poison injections. Social distance Libtard cowards.

    Take a swing motherfuckers, life is short. Let them feel the pain, up close and personal. What the fuck are you waiting for? Act. Live, Rebel.

    You’re Alive? Act like it. Live it.


    Thx Bishko and Farmer Mc Gr. for the explanations. I was wondering about feedstock and problems of scale and now I understand this a bit better.

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