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    Henri Matisse Reading woman in violet dress 1898   • CDC Withdraws PCR Tests: “They Can’t Tell SARS-CoV-2 from Influenza” (GN) • Bill Gates Prima
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    V. Arnold

    Hey Germ, nice to see you back…
    Question: What’s the regimen with IVM if one gets the virus?
    As you may be aware; I just rceived 100, 12mg tabs of IVM…



    As I recall, Pierre Kory gave these recommendations on the Dark Horse podcast a few weeks ago:

    For prophylaxis: Loading doses on Day 1 and Day 3, then follow up doses every 14 days. Early FLCCC recommendations were follow up doses every 7 days, but is probably unnecessary. One study showed that every 30 days also worked, but not as effectively. Every 14 days is probably ideal.

    For treatment: Doses on Day 1 and 3, then Day 7, and if symptoms persist, another dose on Day 9.


    Your dose is 0.3 mg / kg body weight.

    One dose on Day 1,3,5 with food.
    No alcohol for 48hrs after dose.

    Then one dose weekly for one or two months.

    Also, add 500 mg Azithromycin daily for the first week.

    Polder Dweller

    From yesterday, Russel wrote: “I sympathise but we have honestly 100s of years of evidence that it doesn’t work and just hardens the response, as ezlxa says. The response can sometimes harden so much that the military is bought in and it’s a massacre.”

    From what I’ve been seeing from Oz, I believe you’re right. I was thinking in terms of NL where we’re not at that stage (yet). Even over the last couple of years we’ve had farmers protesting by driving their tractors over the motorways to The Hague and managing to secure some important concessions from the government.The police reaction was calm with very few incidents. Things are beginning to change even here, unfortunately.

    So I think it’s perhaps more interesting to redirect fire away from the general public, whether they be for or against the vaccines, and aim it at the perpetrators. One idea would be to re-badge the “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus” and start calling it what it is, e.g. #faucivirus. Perhaps we can get that going viral (pun intended).

    Then perhaps we can consider doing something similar to the vaccines, like the #gatesvaccine or #WEFvaccine. I would like to use #genocidevaccine as well, but it’s probably too “in your face” and so we would need some more euphemistic word for genocide if such a thing exists. How about the #finalsolutionvaccine?


    V for Vendetta

    Is it time yet?

    D for Dementia

    We’re already there.





    The whole Plandemic has now morphed into a global form of Dementia.

    Leaders in every country have had their blood-brain barriers breached with synthetic computer designed spike protein and the madness has reached a ‘critical mass’ of self perpetuating Idiocracy

    State of the Union

    Dr. D

    Man, I missed it on the Cleveland Indians. Although my response was correct, it was general – that their “help” plan was to erase history and people — the case was specific. The Cleveland Indians were FOUNDED on the real Indians, the first one in baseball, Louis Sockalexis So they should be PROUD of what they did, but are so mind-bendingly ignorant, so cowardly, devoid of their own history, and so incapable of “typing” in “Google” that they annihilated his legacy, while Louis was honored in the American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame.

    Nice going. The other reason I’m mad is that I already knew that, I think I even said it before, but there’re so many lies, and I have so much useless tripe I shouldn’t have to keep in my head, that I forgot. It’s like the perfect example.

    It’s as if you had a town, or a city, named after the people there. Mt. Lumbee, on the Lumbee river, but not to be raycissss, to culturally appropriate – that is, to learn, honor, and integrate valuable knowledge as brother humans – they erased the name and called it Racist-ville, in honor of admitting that they, all the people, and all the history of the city are founded on racism. What happens? Wonderfully, the Lumbee tribe is removed from history and ceases to be even thought of evermore –the final extinction — and as that particular tribe doesn’t have a reservation and is struggling for recognition, both erases them from American history, AND undermines their present legal cases. But the “white guys” (actually the Stoopid guys) did that. Without asking. Against the advice of almost everyone.

    See WhutIMean?

    Hey, not to culturally appropriate England, we should re-name New “York” to “Embezzle-town”. Stuyvesant Plaza can be called “Useless-Violent-General-Place”, and the Hudson can be called “Dirty Waters”. Whaddya think? Too “Idiocracy” for us, or just about right?

    The Left: trampling and erasing minorities from history since 1829. Read a book. Don’t burn them. When everything’s a lie I can’t keep up. Can we go do something useful, like working and feeding people now? Stopping the Indian rape safaris?

    Bill Gates Primary Funder of MHRA, Owns Major Shares in Pfizer & BioNTech (DE)”

    When you read the article you understand why I pick on Tiny Billy, the world’s most failed programmer, and single him out. Astonishing how bad and how specific.

    “More than 97% of people hospitalised for COVID-19 are unvaccinated…”

    Two narratives, dead opposites. Why would I be surprised? Meanwhile 40% (or was it 60%?) of UK presenting cases – that is, bad enough to see a hospital – are vaccinated. That’s basically saying vaccine has NO benefit, as it’s essentially equal to NOT being vaccinated. Clearly worse, as we’ve seen 11k deaths, and an orders-of-magnitude increase in harm specifically to children, who as above cartoon, are 99.9999% safe. Ad 3x increase in child suicide. Kill the kiddies, save grandpa for an extra his last 6 weeks. …Except for the save grandpa part.

    “CDC ‘Actively’ Considering Face Cover Advisory for Vaccinated: Fauci (RT)”

    I was going to bring this up. Since flippity-floppiting Fauci again will cause even MORE distress to The Narrative™, the reason he’s doing this is as our riot indicator. Just like last time. And like I said last time. The audits aren’t going great and we’re going for planned, now irreversible “hyper”inflation and food shortages, so they need to create some riots and see if they can get us to swing so they can get their planned violent public attack going on us. …Doesn’t seem to be going too well for them. The people more or less refuse to be violent, nothing they say makes any sense, and not only do they lose people constantly who refuse to join and do what they’re told unthinkingly, but they’re now losing the Left, with a new War n’ Drugs (and “Fund Hunter Biden”) bill, even on pot, MOAR wars on black folks (in Africa, like Obama did) kids-n-cages, Kamala “Don’t Come Here” Harris, censoring the Progressives, Bernie signing up silently to everything, AOC funding the Police (in D.C.) and supporting oppressive governments in Cuba against the people, and much, much more. Who knew the guy that wrote the crime bill and oversaw 7 new wars on brown people would put people in jail for pot and start more wars? Never saw that coming.

    I’d say it’s going great. All this was supposed to land on Cheeto in his second term, where he’s claim a bad election, send in the Army, then they could “resist”, riot, and like parasites, fight the host, the American Body Politik. That is their present method, having lost their own CENTER-left. Without an evilly-evil villain, however, they’re lost. Like the Morning Star, they exist only in OPPOSITION, in fighting, in counterfeiting. Left to their own, they collapse because tearing things down is easy, but having good ideas and building things – nations — is hard. To live they have to have someone to blame.

    So, as per this thing they did, this same pass play they’ve run every day for 5 years, the Mil-Intel Block just stop fighting the Left and let them go too far, and be exposed to the people. Day after day. With all the illogical nonsense that changes hourly. “Take the Vaccine!” says the guy who said he’d never take it, would never trust it, ’cause Trump.

    Now they set up the food shortages, the currency destruction, the collapse of empire, the stomping Fauccism, and put THEIR face on it, then sat back and played golf and had summer BBQs in wide open states, free as can be. So Mil-Intel won’t be interested in putting real steam behind the audits until the market/currency collapses on the DNC. The Neo-Lib’s gambit to own and therefore Empire/Hypothecate all resources in Cuba in order to stave off their vertically-compounding bankruptcy –attackin’ some brown folks — seems to have failed, like the failing failures they are, so shouldn’t be too much longer. Why act? I’ll wait. Buy Bitcoin, which is up 30% this week, then buy a whatcha-callit you need for the house. Or one 12oz steak at present price rises.

    Betting these guys are corrupt, useless failures is the easiest bet in the last 100 years.

    Anyway: Fauci is helpfully telling us they have riots cooked up soon, probably to counter the audits. Same as the “Cyber-pandemic” shuttin’ down speech. However, their problem is riots are now BIDEN’S riots, against HIS country and are HIS failure, which put them in the biggest pickle they’ve seen. I laugh. Laugh and don’t take them seriously because, although still dangerous, they aren’t “real.” Or not yet anyway. Americans are holding together and looking to hold together even more shortly. It stinks but it’s better than the alternative.

    Biden DOJ Drops Civil Rights Probe of Gov. Cuomo over Nursing Homes (NYP)”

    A “made man” like Fredo. And they can always reinstate the case any time. …Any time Andy stops paying his blackmail fund to Hunter.

    “Judge Refuses to Identify 5 Market Participants in VIX Manipulation (ZH)”

    Perhaps like all the other cases, they work for the FBI. Free markets! Capitalism! …Law. …Bankruptcy.

    “The Insect Apocalypse: ‘Our World Will Grind to A Halt without Them’ (G.)”

    They can’t drop this fast, and not everywhere on earth at once. That’s not CO2, and DDT is way harder than any RoundUp. What you have is the sun has changed UV, and if they’re not sheltered, it’s cooking them in seconds. Remember t’other year, where bumpers melted off cars? Like that. Yes, pretty serious, but it’s happened before, and if you want them, the bugs, STOP SPRAYING and make shelter and hedgerows for them. “The Guardian”, England, has made it a mission to tear out all hedgerows, and was cutting all ancient trees last year (for 5G) They care so much they whine and do nothing. They’ll tell those brown people in Brazil to stop cutting!!! …While England continues a 1,000 year tradition of having no wood and leveling every tree. I’ll order everything on the menu! As long as someone else pays.


    Instead of protests.

    Snoopy – St. Vitus Dance

    Never thought I’d see Snoopy dance to a Black Sabbath classic.

    John Day

    @V. Arnold: You asked about ivermectin treatment-dose. There is more than one way to skin that cat.
    I dose with 0.2 mg/kg/dose (1 mg per 11# body weight) on days 1, 2, 4 and 6 now.
    People were getting symptom-sags between day #1 and day #3 when I dosed days 1, 3, 5 and 6.
    I advise zinc (gluconate is a good form) 50 mg three times per day,
    and you might take quercetin (250-500 mg) + lecithin (level-teaspoon or capsule) twice per day with that.

    John Day

    Meet ‘Checkmate’: Putin given guided tour of new Russian state-of-the-art lightweight stealth fighter jet at MAKS 2021 Air Show

    Russia Announces Bilateral Nuclear Arms Control Talks With Biden Administration​
    ​Coming off the “positive” June Biden-Putin summit in Geneva, Russian media is now reporting the resumption of direct nuclear talks between Moscow in Washington set for end of this month.
    ​ ​”Russia and the United States have agreed to hold their first round of nuclear strategic stability talks on July 28 in Geneva, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Tuesday,” according to Reuters.

    Russian-made air defense systems shot down ALL Israeli missiles targeting Syria’s Homs – military
    ​ ​Two Israeli F-16 jets fired the guided missiles from Lebanese airspace, around 01:11 local time on Thursday.
    “All four missiles were destroyed by on-duty Syrian air defense units, using Russian-made Buk-M2E systems,” the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said in a statement.

    ‘Failure of US sanctions’: Iran launches first oil terminal in Gulf of Oman to bypass Strait of Hormuz
    ​ ​The new oil terminal is located at the port of Bandar-e Jask, which lies just south of the strait. The faculty was inaugurated by the country’s President Hassan Rouhani, who announced the achievement in a televised speech on Thursday.
    “This is a strategic move and an important step for Iran. It will secure the continuation of our oil exports,” Rouhani stated.

    John Day

    There is time to get in training on your bike, and set it up the way you like it.
    This might not be accurate, and we might still have gasoline on alternate days.
    The World Will Run Out Of EV Batteries By 2025
    ​ ​And now, according to a new Bank of America Global Research report, the global EV battery supply is in danger of running out completely as soon as 2025. “Our updated EV battery supply-demand model suggests the global EV battery supply will likely hit [a] ‘sold-out’ situation between 2025-26, with its global operating rates reaching above 85%,”

    Bicyclist (Where’s Waldo?)
    pictured on bike, bottom right corner, at roadside attraction, Saturday

    Mr. House

    Mr. House

    Read that article. His symptoms are 100% what i had in Feb of 2020. So what is the point of the jab? Its not to prevent the disease and its not to prevent hospitalization because most people with those symptoms will not go to the hospital. They’ll take cold and flu meds and try to sweat it out. Never forget that even before “delta” most people who had it didn’t know they had it, so essentially it seems like we’ve made no progress. Ah but we have made progress, the discrimination has moved, from masks to jabs now.

    Mr. House

    Also, the CDC is now not advising use of the PCR test to diagnose it which shall not be named. Mainly due to it not being able to diagnose it which shall not be named. In a sane world, you would then throw out all of the test you’ve been shoving in people’s faces for the past year and a half to justify your power grab, but that won’t happen. In a sane world putting sick people amongst weak in a nursing home would be cause for an investigation. How is this still going on? Who is in the driver seat?

    Mr. House

    Trump says stop the testing. Makes 100% more sense now knowing what we know and what they now admit. Perhaps he knew it was a coup from the get go.

    Mr. House

    None of this ends until the people who performed the coup are gone. In my mind that means purging the healthcare industry, higher ed, k-12, and so on. I don’t like saying it, but if people are willing to go along with this crap because money and power, then they do not deserve to be in any position with any sort of responsibility. What they’re trying to do to you (fire you because no jab, fire you because not woke enough, fire you because you won’t do what i say essentially) will need to be done to them. In a sense, fight fire with fire.

    Mr. House
    Mr. House

    sorry, rant over

    Mr. House

    And i still want to know if the capital police officer who died of a stroke after 1/6 was jabbed.


    Re. the ‘protests’ discussion in prev. thread, I agree with russell, ezixa, upstateNYer, polder…in the sense of all good points.

    russell wrote: I feel it’s the wrong strategy. It comes from a position of weakness and never really achieves anything except a feeling of solidarity amongst the protesters which granted can have its own benefits.

    Protests have become part of performance, show-off, show-yourself, ‘reality.’ Any expectation re. effects (besides the solidarity experienced, see russell), must pass thru a media lens.

    If the MSM don’t report the protests, or misrepresent them (showing one crazed protestor hitting a cop for ex.) then nothing is gained, achieved. In F, the media even made the case on occasion that the Yellow Vests were disrupting daily life and *ambulances* and so were nefarious to all. (The YV protests / movement was killed off by COV-19.)

    russell wrote: I feel the best way to protest lockdowns, masks, jabs etc is to just ignore them.

    Yes, but that is difficult to organise collectively. Ppl tend to REACT instead of staying low-key, conventional, acting as usual.

    Collective action on the ground, beyond protests, generally takes two forms.

    —Actions that attract attention, a great show, attention grabber, sympathy appeal, etc. Again, via the media.

    —Strikes and disruptions in Real Life.

    In F for ex. a general strike would put paid to the COV-pass. Nobody is talking about it. (Ppl are divided, because ‘virus’, illness, scary..)

    Strikes can be tailored down to specific disruptions by /x/ groups.

    Many scenarios have been elaborated over time. A well-known one, occupy an airport. By putting activists in all the toilets, locking themselves in with what they need, a change in queue can also be done. OK, the actors risk quite a bit …but hey ho? Airport shuts down, including for the private planes. Other such actions are not difficult to dream up. Nobody, nobody, is going down that kind of route.


    The toads that stick to my window are few and very thin. There are no bugs, moths, katydids, beetles- even when I put up a blacklight. We live on a swamp and we don’t even have mosquitoes. The city has stopped coming to look for their larvae; they’ve stopped dropping their anti-mosquito pellets.
    We have one bat, instead of a dozen. There are ten swallows where there were once a hundred. Thousands of Odonata (dragon- and damsel-flies) are reduced to a few dozen. Flies are doing okay, but ant populations are way down. Swarmers have nearly disappeared.
    We have lived here thirty years and this is the worst year we have seen. We don’t use pesticides or herbicides. The neighbors do, but they always have.
    Healthy insect populations somewhere else is no comfort.

    It is infinitely more concerning than a synthetic disease.

    I don’t so much worry about it long term- insects are resilient and will bounce back after we finally manage to do most of ourselves in- but I sure do miss them and their predators.

    That Russian jet was pretty amazing.


    I can’t recall who said it- that the “controls” would also be considered to be vaccinated- but if that slip of the tongue is added to Dr. Hoffe’s d-dimer tests showing 62% exhibiting micro-clotting soon after injection, can I suggest that about 40% of the vaccinees were injected with saline? And only the pharmacrats know which populations got it.
    I suppose- if the “controls” were in blue counties or certain fancy groups like celebrities and narrative-friendly pols- someone might call foul.

    Dr. D, you are such an optimist.

    Here’s a website that has collected a bunch of short clips about the “vaccine”.
    Dr. Hoffe is about eighth down the line.

    those darned kids

    vaers is still down… ht tps:/ /wonder. cdc .gov/vaers. html

    check this out, though:

    ht tps:/ /vaers. hhs. gov/data/datasets. html?

    you’ll see that this year’s (incomplete) data set is almost 10 times bigger than last year’s.


    @DrD: “What you have is the sun has changed UV, and if they’re not sheltered, it’s cooking them in seconds.” The same can be said for the dying trees (especially the manzanita up here); even trees located in the watersheds are dying at an alarming rate.

    Today’s Matisse is beautiful. The colors! The layers. It pulls me in…thanks for the escape.

    Dr. D

    Slate: “The New COVID Panic”

    Two things: first, “Panic” is by definition a short-term event. I’ve been hearing not just CV but five years of “They’re panicking” whether it’s left, right or center. By definition, they are not. But this is “Slate” and an chief editor from NYU, so they’re illiterate and don’t know words.

    More importantly, speaking of Vaccine breakthru cases, they say this, “Mostly, he felt frustrated. He’s a journalist—he’s pretty tuned in to the news. He knew breakthrough cases were possible, but he had seen many assurances that they were extremely rare and not that big of a deal. “I feel like I had very inaccurate information,”

    So REPORTERS are doubting REPORTER’S information. #Winning. Winning like Charlie Sheen.

    But right now, he feels worried—worried that breakthrough cases are more common than we think, that vaccinated people will get sicker than they think, that fears about the delta variant are not overblown, and that it might still get worse. Mostly, he’s worried that vaccinated people are not quite as in the clear as many of us seem to think”

    So vaccines make you more worried and anxious. …And here we all thought you’d already reached the horizon on that. “This one goes to “El-even” — Spinal Tap

    “The most important answer to these questions ought to be very familiar by now: The vaccines work.”

    NYU logic. She thinks the breakthroughs are far more common and much worse – more than enough to worry about “thoroughly freaking people out” – nevertheless they are great and work, and other than not working for a lot more people, they work.

    Not working = Working. Got it. Go on:
    “we are doing better than many of us seem willing to accept.”

    Yes, 99.997% better. For NYU students who failed math and live their lives “worried”, anxious”, and “thoroughly freaked out”. Was math REALLY that hard in school? However hard it was for you, SURELY the effort would have been worth the time and trouble it would have saved you by now.

    Oh and P.S. wear masks, because being from NYC, she is living proof about how lockdowns and masks work, and NY was nearly Covid-free after they started that program. …Oh wait, the OPPOSITE, for students who failed Science and Logic too. Maybe 18 months is too soon to call it? When Florida, Calcutta and the CONGO are safer than you?

    “the CDC is only tracking breakthrough cases that result in hospitalization or death, a decision a Harvard doctor called “disappointing” on the medical school’s blog. But medical professionals are starting to think about this more and more, and the suspicion is that they will happen with increasing frequency—and we shouldn’t be surprised.”

    Proving, because the vaccine didn’t work, that it works. And admitting the CDC is dumping good and useful data that might help us.

    Like this, yes said with total earnesty, with a straight face: “Hanage told me that a vaccinated friend of his had just had a mild case that lasted four days. And that still means the vaccines are doing what scientists like him believed they would.”


    But vaccines—as much as we want them to and as much as we maybe were even promised they would—have not wiped out the risk of any illness at all, and therefore they have not wiped out the need for personal risk calculus.”

    There is no possible satire for NYU students that could do an article like this justice. Not even like Winston writing correctly for IngSoc, she’s less than Fanny Crowne in “Brave New World”, incapable of objective reason, and good only as a sex-mating Freemartin for the night clubs of Brooklyn.

    Howso? She finishes with “You also don’t have to do this—as ever, living through this pandemic means taking the risks and precautions that are reasonable to you.”

    But get vaccinated, as a free person, and don’t not get not-not vaccinated, because you’re an evil, uncaring person of wrongthink, but get it, then wear a mask and get a 5-day layabout anyway, for the Party IngSoc. RIGHT!

    Kunstler comments on this today, as CNN reporters from CA marvel at why people don’t seem to be following their obvious logical and moral superiority anymore. Cuz THIS? Just sayin’.

    those darned kids


    so many posts keep disappearing. or that prove you ain’t a robot page..


    Mr. House


    This person is having similar thoughts to yourself

    “There is a another reason for the high infection rates among the people who were supposedly jabbed: they were actually not and are still as vulnerable as before. It would be much easier to explain why the NFL or similar organizations push as hard for the not-vaxx as they do, if at least some of their top people knew that they will get a “special” kind of not-vaxx like salt water. Given the bad numbers regarding the negative side effects that had started to come out soon after the start of the not-vaxx campaigns, the most easy way to get out of having to choose between continuing with the not-vaxx-tyranny and risking to create to many victims and stopping the not-vaxx campaigns and thus losing the associated powers. If you not-vaxx half the people with salt water solutions, then you reduce the number of deaths by half and then you only have to argue that people need “a booster shot” in order to complete the job.”

    Dr. D

    I’m going to take her up on her offer and Not do this, taking what risks and precautions seem reasonable to me.

    Wanna bet she, Cuomo, and Biden would have me arrested?


    The Axis Mundi of Reiner Fuellmich legal case against the Plandemic is the totally inaccurate PCR test which was leveraged at the beginning to manufacture the panic in ‘cases’ that lead to the declaration of a World Health Emergency and thus the emergency authorization of the Faux Vaccines.

    The CDC suspending the PCR test (with too many cycles 45) is happening just as the law suits against it are forming up and gaining traction in the courts.

    What a Coincidence!

    Kary Mullis, who won a Noble for inventing the PCR, and said adamantly to NEVER use the test for diagnostic reasons, died ever so conveniently just before the Plandemic gone the checked flag for liftoff and can’t speak for himself now.

    What a Coincidence!

    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    Mr. House

    Checking listings for local shows (music and such) and the trend appears to be everything is starting back up in Sept and Oct. Which fits with my office bringing back employees in Sept (which doesn’t make sense to me, ya know cold and flu season but oh well, whats made sense about any of this to begin with?) tells me we’ll know by then or this winter if they’re going to implement vaccine passports (they will). Prepare yourselves mentally now

    Dr. D

    “To Defeat Delta Variant, Experts Recommend Doing All The Things That Didn’t Work The First Time” -BBee

    Will it ever end? Will logic ever be re-established?

    madamski cafone

    Tried to make it one big omnibus post but the ‘boys couldn’t handle it. So, in chunks:

    “someone” said: On another note: from yesterdays debt rattle by Ilargi;
    No-one’s getting booted or blocked. While quite a few perhaps could blab a bit less.
    The response was predictable; passive aggresive, blah, blah, blah…
    Unfortunate given our host offers uncensored commenting for all posters…Unfortunate given our host offers uncensored commenting for all posters…
    A few, abuse that privilage with the majority of comments on any given post; discouraging many of us from saying anything further…

    ‘I think you break the wrong rules’, says someone whom madamski perceives as a reactionary, sometimes passive-aggressive, unpedantic bourgeoisie sanctimonious person.

    I think you obey the wrong rules, says the self-defined autonomous person known online as madamski.

    No one is discouraging you from speaking your mind, V. Arnold; you are discouraging yourself and then blaming it on others who do not feel your discouragement. I’ve heard that one of conservatism’s bedrock principles is the concept of taking responsibility for one’s own actions. Daddy, the bad womanz talks a lot and it discouwages me!

    This is Ilargi’s home, so-to-speak, and not respecting that is abuse; pure and simple…

    This is indeed Raul’s home, and it is up to HIM to define what is and isn’t abuse. Vague snarky remarks, by you, or for that matter, by Raul, are hardly that definition. To think that one’s personal definition is Raul’s, or universally correct, is merely one’s opinion, and opinions overlap heavily with delusion, btw.

    “Given most of us are adults (?) I don’t think discretion is a step too far…”

    Define what is and isn’t respectful of Ilargi’s domain, get Raul’s confirmation, and I’ll take you seriously as something more than an old fool like me hollering at kids to get offa my lawn. Is using some profanity too much? Is honestly expressing the contempt one feels for others who express their contempt of others too much too handle? Did Raul knight you to define and protect Raul’s home?

    “…adults(?)” followed by the evasive snark of “Stay classy, y’all” (with, among other non sequiturs, and it’s implication that the classiness of the one speaking is a priori established), is not what I consider ‘classy’.

    Fwiw, this notion that “staying classy” essentially overlaps with “be nice” is childish bullshit, social development retarded at the kindergarten level. We’re grownups. We hit when hit back – or should, imo. It’s kind of our job, part of that thing called taking responsibility for oneself, part of that weird thing called ‘survival’. We deserve the shit we put up with. We didn’t ask for it, but if we tolerate it, we’ve deserved it for ourselves.

    “Be Nice” is Big Brother’s favorite mantra. The current liberal nightmare uses it as a Founding Principle, typically applied VERY passive-aggressively.
    Middle English: from Old French deservir, from Latin deservire ‘serve well or zealously’.

    madamski cafone

    “No harm no foul. (GIFs on the other hand, please, stop. MySpace anyone?)”

    I see the point. Gifs are intrusive media, when posted to play, although the same is true of mere static images. I would willingly submit to a ‘link to images only’ policy, because some things, once seen, can’t be un-. A de facto caveat emptor. They don’t bother me, but I’m not everybody. (I think? 😉 )

    “I get why Taibbi needs to charge for his journalism, certainly worth being paid for. But linking to partial articles is a little frustrating.”

    OK, but one CAN pay to read if one so chooses. Orlov’s stuff, for example, is paywall and usually worth paying for if one is sufficiently intrigued.

    “And we were worried how the media would survive without Trump….Right from TDS to CDS!”

    Well said. I hadn’t thought of it in those terms although it’s obvious.

    “Oh well. We probably need more government, more helping, and more UBI.”

    It’s funny. From a utopian perspective, which is what secular humanism is about and what we would all prefer except a few rotten grapes, UBI made perfect sense in the Modern Era circa 1890-1950. Not saying that it would work: these are human beings we’re talking about. But it made sense. We’d realized we could create gargantuan surplus with science, wide open spaces stolen from aborigines, and fossil fuels. Technically, that would’ve been a good time that UBI could’ve been applied without necessarily being massively destructive but merely painfully instructive.

    It would’ve at least emphasized the concept of COMMONwealth rather than kings rule/all else drool.

    “China say: “Why hurry? You’re dying a thousand deaths. Isn’t that good enough?”


    “If you cry at my funeral, I’ll never speak to you again”.~ Stan Laurel
    “If you never speak to me again, I’ll never kill you again.” ~Charlie Manson

    “The tree of liberty is very thirsty.”


    “There’s a lot more in there, you can shingle a barn with the smoking guns.”

    One thing I adore about Dr. D is his way with extreme metaphors. Cat fight on a hot tin roof! So I go to the Kunstler piece and find this:


    “I used to enjoy Ian, but as things have trended and like most on the “left”, they just prove that they want to tell people how to live their lives more and more each day that passes.”

    Chevy/Ford? It wasn’t that long ago, if two decades aren’t long ago, that it was mostly the “right” telling us what to do, like invade a zillion ME nations to bring democracy and free falafels to all while deftly removing imaginary WMDs from Drs. Evil & Hide.

    Why do I address this? Because it’s divisive. Especially from a guy who wants to form a People’s Party. I think the readership of TAE already have a working understanding of what the two alleged sides of Das Duopoly claim to be about vs what they are generally really about.

    It’s like choosing between shades of dog shit and then pointing out how much you dislike one more than the other. Bias confirmation alert: I eagerly await to see the logical contradictions you employ in response, while considering that the first clause of this sentence will imo likely incline you to clam up, while also considering how the second clause will imo likely incline you to speak up.

    Thesis, antithesis,… oh, what-ev-ah.

    madamski cafone

    As for critics, well, boo to you too:

    I say: aim for the stars: you might shoot a paparazzi. 😉


    Paranoia reflects itself in the object of its fear. Hence, we will turn from trusting our government maybe a little more than not, at least about core issues, to trusting them even less than not at all. We’ll project, for example, enormous overlord superpowers onto our leaders and super-wealthy as if they were Genghis Khan (who obviously did have the equivalent of political superpowers). For one example.

    But that’s just a matter of flavor and degree. Virtually all of us do this to some level and in some direction(s). I, for example, am always thinking google has become even dumber than it has already devolved until I remember that my mind can forget or mix a name in a heartbeat if I’m distracted while thinking en write, so the reason I keep getting Diana Ross when I want Dinah Shore is cuz I keep typing Dinah Ross. (Ah, the misty wonders of cannabis.)

    It’s built into the dynamic of the Shrinking Trust Horizon, yes? So as we become more suspicious, the PTPTB become even less credible THAN THEY ACTUALLY ARE. They could stop Donald Trump from shooting someone in the street (to get re-elected, of course) and not get credit for it, not be believed, or if believed be suspected of staging it for political benefit.

    Which puts them at huge disadvantage. About the time they really need to be believed, about the time the crisis is so genuine and dire they are for once not calling false-flag wolf, we won’t believe them if they said one and one equals two.

    Question for me is: has their AI gotten to the place where it lets them watch that credibility gap closure and time their moves adroitly, tells them when to run from behind the curtain and down the secret tunnel if they have one and it’s still secret (minions leak, everyone leaks, and the entire ruling cabal is at the age where it needs Depends)? When to slip out through the crack where the camera lens filter flips from the crediverse to the incrediverse? Not sure what that would actually look like but it seems highly nodal, to say the least.

    madamski cafone

    Demonstration by examples:

    Family says conservative radio host has changed his tune on vaccines after he was hospitalized with Covid-19

    Joe Biden exaggerated Covid-19 vaccine efficacy

    Whatever point:

    /biden-harris-doubted-trump-not covid-19-vaccines-
    (from PolitiFact. The link produced this):

    Here’s a fact: You ended up in the wrong place!

    You’ve followed a link to a page that doesn’t exist. Truth-O-Meter rating? True! Please use the navigation or search box above or try starting over from our main page.
    Don’t worry, we’ve notified someone that this page is missing.
    (image address😊 wrong address

    Bullshit point: No, There Weren’t More COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths Than COVID-19 Deaths

    No, There Weren’t More COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths Than COVID-19 Deaths

    madamski cafone

    An interlude:

    “!no tienes idea lo pervoso que son ahu afuera” means “you have no idea how wicked they are out there”
    “!no tienes idea lo pervoso que son ahu afuera” means “you have no idea how wicked they are out there”


    The aliens have visited at least once. We have actual footage. It was, say the local elders of the Australians shown here, to show us what “GOOD STUFF” is. The survival of our very planet, they said, will soon depend on whether or not WE GOT GOOD STUFF.

    Some say that GOOD STUFF refers to music or dance or music and dance. Some say it refers to wearing colorful attire with giant brain-balls needing major shaving.

    All of the above, says I.

    Will Earth Survive?

    madamski cafone

    “detroit decayers
    cincinnati rusters
    denver stoners
    chicago gangers
    washington warmongers
    new york imperialists
    san diego illegals
    kansas city corn
    charlotte porkers
    or better yet, just eliminate the cities and have corporate teams (actually common in association football):
    raytheon melters
    google knowers
    facebook mesmerizers
    wendy’s fatners
    goldman sachs impoverishers
    pfizer needlers
    amazon ruler”

    That was fun.:)


    Dubaian drone rain brought discussion of global climate wobbliness. If we can agree that the weather is seriously wonked, for whatever reason (“…that’s no moon… turn this ship around…”), that’s good. Because that is solid data we can run through computer models (have been for decades) and see what to anticipate: pretty much what’s happening.

    Having established that, it would be nice if we did something about it other than stick pins in Gore voodoo dolls while pointing out again and again that alt/renewables are, like every other business in town, a scam. Obviously nothing will be done with carbon credits except run distraction scams, which is par. Meanwhile we have things to prepare for. Call me unimaginative, but somehow I think that drone-storm flooding is not one of them. Funny how we can deny out of hand the very idea that global climate disruption might be anthropogenic but we can envision vast Ming of Mongo drone storms raining colossal cloudbursts for days on end.

    The Artifical Reign of the Rain Drones

    No biggie. Just this weird bias/contradiction I often encounter regarding Man vs Nature explanations of What the Fuck is Wrong?. Like: HAARP is real but anthropogenic climate change isn’t? That is one major contradiction in conceptual terms.


    “Naked Capitalist: “Stick it to the man but stick in your arm””

    *coffee snorkel*


    “The only hope is another Julian Assange leaking that Data and after what has happened to him, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that day to come.”

    Where to? That level of control also implies a matching level of internet censorship if TPTB like. I don’t think that a single source is the answer. We’re already sectioned off into echo chambers. Most people watching Jimmy Dore don’t watch MNSBC et vice versa.

    fwiw, I think that we’re the media buzz generator. People who are skeptical speaking to other people, especially those who aren’t skeptical. Gotta start somewhere. But we’re conditioned to start at the top. Everything is trickle-down these days.

    First one frogs croaks, then others. Croaking is dicey. Some heron working graveyard shift might sonar in on you. But most of the frogs make it through the night, the word gets out, frogs get lucky, eggs get laid…

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