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    madamski cafone

    @ madamski
    I thought you were a woman. I love your mind anyway. You remind me a little of my godmother. Interesting. Such is the virtual world

    What a lovely thing to say. While I am very much a man and then some per conventional Euromerican modes and mores, I much prefer the company of woman to men, have never related to classic/standard Euromerican male culture, and tell people that I am a ‘girly-man’: I am much more interested and find greater value in those things socially deemed ‘woman stuff’.

    But I wear my wife’s nightgowns around the house cuz they’re so comfy. If only I was gay, I would make the best friend a girl ever had.


    So what’s the relationship with Dr.D?

    I know maybe as much about Dr. D as you do and probably less: you’ve hung around TAE longer than me.

    “I think we’re all friends here, and you were pulling it off just fine until you started smoking so much pot.”

    We’re not all friends here per my perspective. That’s a lovely sentiment but I don’t see much truth in it. There are a few people here who’ve done for me one of the main things a good positive friend is for: touched me cognitively in ways that left me feeling enriched. You’re one of them.

    I stopped maintaining the disguise within a month, and from there let the smell of an Englishman fe-fi-fo gradually forth. I only used the madamski disguise because I’d rubbed Raul’s nose in his disrespect of identity, comparing me and another TAE member to 15-yr old girls and then ignoring requests for clarification: the 15-yr old remark had come across as an insult but I hadn’t wanted to assume, hence my question. 3 times. Each time asked by itself, clarion posting, one per day. The other TAE member Raul compared to a 15-yr old girl, who still participates and is a brand name TAE poster, also asked for clarification. We both got *crickets*. Raul didn’t feel it was worth answering, so I deduced from this that fidelity between online identity and real identity wasn’t worth bothering with here.

    I felt like hanging around TAE some more so I tried the alias thing. It was fun enough but I much prefer being just me.

    What’s in that new shit you scored?
    Is it A-D-U-L-T-E-R-A-T-E-D ?

    Yes, but D-I-S-C-R-E-T-E-l-Y.;)

    Got a sock-mask? I still have mine on my dresser.

    I foresee opportunities to make/sell high-quality sock masks when the REAL sickness gets going and people take this shit seriously on their own, sans TV sock puppets like “Dr.” Fauci.

    I feel that I’ve gotten what benefit there is to be had from participating in TAE discourse, and what little benefit I might have to offer has been given, so I’ll mostly lurk these days.

    madamski cafone

    P.E. Even without me using the same puter and ISP, I’m sure the ‘bots would’ve known madamski was bosco within 2 weeks at most.


    A couple of John Prine songs:


    From reading Dr. Day’s comments regarding the “key” description of the stab, I propose an alternative name for them. The “plug and play” shot. Hopefully not Plug and Play dead.


    Oro- Yes- I think Fuellmich is making a dent. I think it’s sneaky for the upper tier to change things. (lab alert!), knowing their acolytes don’t read the sacred texts, and then let them keep screeching the same old same old. Law is an unsatisfying way to settle things when people have suffered grievous harm.

    To no one in particular: I am shocked, shocked.

    John Day- You could scare Rod Serling with that little writeup. Nicely done.


    Odd then, that costco borowitz (or dig bick kenniski, or whatever it will be next week or next hour) went to all the duplicitous trouble..

    they want us to know.

    whom shall we trust?

    D Benton Smith


    Your revelation gives a whole new meaning to the concept of “coming out” , not to mention greater breadth, depth and range to the term identity crisis (keeping all those names straight damn near gives ME an identity crisis). Madamski is simpler to say, easier to spell and faster to type than the long handled boscohorowitz, so I’m going back to my preferred short-handled version : the Boz.


    Fabulous link related to work of Judy Mikovits explains why antiparasitics like ivermectin hell COVID.
    COVID-19 only kills people who were flu vaccinated.


    “Help” not “hell”


    Up to almost 2 am trying to read all of today’s comments!

    So you never left Boz! How is the book writing going?

    Today I have been an electrician adding wiring to the new screen porch. I will likely be an electrician for the next 2 days at the speed I wire things! Was trapped indoors by numerous thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.

    Doc Robinson

    @ absolute galore

    Yeah, the stories are slanted, and the Florida statistics being disclosed will selectively go into detail about certain aspects, but leave out some vital information.


    For easier VAERS access see It’s an open source project that runs simplified queries.


    After getting the nth email from friends asking me if I got vaxxed and getting updated on their own progress I had a moment of clarity….I think. I asked myself why is is that the people I would expect to be the more informed, or at least critical of the powers that be are the most….trusting? This is my theory, and I am curious to find out what the AE community thinks about it. The “intellectual”, “educated” classes are ore trusting of the govt and MSM that the great unwashed (they are too busy, apparently to devote time to research important issues). I think it is a reflection of privilege. They were not screwed over, lied to, repressed as the lower classes were and still are. Hence the the latter are a lot more distrustful of what is handed down from the government(s). Of course fear is where you win a lot of those folks over too, still….

    Mister Roboto

    That’s it exactly, expatkiwi.

    madamski cafone

    @ WES

    Good luck and good love on ya, sir.

    @ Bill7

    You keep picking at that thing it will never heal.

    @ D Benton Smith

    As for Boz, we dropped the second “o” when we moved to America from Mars.;)

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