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    madamski cafone

    “Generally with vaccines problems turn up soon after vaccination, not years later.”

    Are you able to tell us how this vaccine is similar to previous vaccines? If not, then how does “generally” apply? Fwiw, my understanding is that the ADE Bossche spoke of is a thing that takes 18-24 months in the case I saw cited.

    note the date of publication: 18 December, 2020, pre-Covid Derangement Syndrome


    And now, a potoo birds speaks:Song of the Potoo


    “A little over 8 years ago I had a NDE with a soul shaking white light experience that changed me forever (at least during my human conversance) ~ In a microsecond I realized that I was part of the Infinite light, that I was directly connected to Everything, that I (along with ALL my siblings in the Universe) are unconditionally loved, never judged & that the Infinite was far, FAR beyond our limited human-based cognizance. And that if I asked for the Power to clear my emotions/thoughts I could touch the face of God, in the Now, for a few fleeting moments at a time.
    Most importantly, my EGO was not part that NDE, nor would it do anything but distract from the Infinite ~ I have to surrender my EGO Self & embrace my inner spirit NOW connection ~ The darkness has no -0- power over the Light. It’s like a dark room, once you hit the light switch the darkness is gone.
    “When I was 6-7 I came upon two older boys that had captured a lizard in a lot next to my family’s apartment in Costa Mesa on a brilliant summer day. They turned to me in a maniacal glee & said “Watch this! We’re gonna blow the head of this lizard with a firecracker“…
    I was horrified before, during, after, compelling the li’ terrorists to accuse me of cowardice for trying to stop them & becoming disturbed by their murderous fun. My step-father told me they were just boys being boys, but I knew even then that was psychopath behavior. Such is the cruel, selfish dark child EGO if left to fester unimpeded.
    “That which is born from flesh is flesh, and that which is born from The Spirit is spirit.
    Although scripture is FAR from a compendious source on the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Universe, the teachings of Masters who walked in the Light should be taught, revered & followed for those that seek Peace that passes all understanding… But alas, we live in a time where the child EGO reigns, addicted to approval, always lusting for the next dealer du jour to appease the dark mind.
    “The Infinite judges no one; To do so would be an illogical incongruity just based on the Infinite availability of Truth, Love & Peace to all, regardless of any & all transgression.
    “It is only the human mind (EGO) that judges & lacks forgiveness…
    “Ego-maniacal thinking is the result of a desperate child EGO that refuses to surrender & everything is “about FUN”

    I enjoyed this very much. I hate to say it, but it was even fun. 😉 I would say something like namaste’ but have too often heard that used a passive-aggressive sanctimonious insult, so I’ll just quote Louis:

    On My Way


    I think that mass protests have their place and now is a time when they are useful. But only as a brief passing fad to disrupt the status quo (or TPTB, if we prefer). More than that and you’re just a bunch of unarmed targets nicely grouped both physically and politically.

    madamski cafone

    If we can refrain from monolithic explanations wherein, for example, the sun has gone crazy and is melting car bumpers, we meet find more nuanced, less heliocentric explanation for wild UV events:

    Glare from energy-efficient windows can melt siding, vehicles

    Posted May 5, 2014 5:30 p.m. EDT
    Updated May 6, 2014 1:20 p.m. EDT
    APEX, N.C. — Energy-efficient windows make up more than 90 percent of all new window installations in the U.S., according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders. But they can become problematic for homeowners when sunlight bounces off the windows and is so intense that it can melt siding on houses and parts of vehicles.
    Weeks after moving into a new home in Apex in December, Michelle Curtis noticed that plastic parts of her SUV had bubbled and melted.
    “It was pretty unbelievable,” she said. “It’s like, could this really be happening? Could the reflection of the sun on a window of a house do this kind of damage to a vehicle?”
    Experts say it is possible. The windows, which use low-emissivity glass, can act like a magnifying glass and reflect the sun’s rays. Clear glass reflects about 10 percent of sunlight’s energy, but low-e windows, which have a green tint, reflect 30 to 50 percent, according to NAHB.

    If sunlight were frying insects, evolved over many aeons everything from cold fog to raw insolation, life in general would be dropping like flies. There are many things involved in the ruination of the current biospheric configuration, most of them with us as the causative center, alas.

    We can always blame the sun, though. Makes a nifty basis for sacrificing live infants. And yes, I know the sun has been doing funny things: the sun’s a funny thing: a steady-state thermonuclear explosion around 5-6(?) billion years old.


    Anyone who’s familiar with my views knows I agree with russelnblbs on the power of personal direct action rather than mediated group action. Amen.

    madamski cafone

    Btw, as many here already know, believe, or suspect, madamski is a former TAE poster known at that time on TAE as boscohorowitz and in real life as Robin Morrison who can be found on Facebook under his original birthname, Robert West, a 65-year old hetero male who has been known by civilization as Robin Morrison since being adopted at age 7 and is fully in touch with his feminine side but finds that when he dons the gay attire of women’s clothes he just feels like a man in a dress. A little breezier, perhaps, but no less masculine, whatever that means.

    If anyone has a problem with this deception, let me know, and I will explain my reasons for doing so, which are not entirely frivolous. I have very much enjoyed being madamski, have learned much from donning her imaginary perspective, and rather wish I was her; but she is a character from a novel I’m working on, and works better as a creature of dreams than a person in flesh.

    However, all the stories attributed to her are true. Just change her gender polarity and you have verbatim.

    Robert West can be found here:

    Robert madamski West

    I speak no politics there. I strictly amuse myself and the rare dust mites who read my posts.

    Until next week,
    robin madamski, blowing you a kiss and wishing you the best


    madamski cafone

    Not ‘unpedantic ‘ but pedantic. bots beat me to the edit.



    so many posts keep disappearing. or that prove you ain’t a robot page..


    What seems to go wrong, where and when?


    Been feeling a little down myself along with everyone else here at TAE, that’s why I haven’t been around much lately. But today Kunstler gives us an epic rant. The curtains will come down on the Covidians, possibly soon. I still have to hold out a bit of hope that truth will win out.

    “And now you want to convince half the country subjected to this tyrannical mind-fuckery to get a poorly-tested mRNA vaccine that might provoke blood clots and organ damage? Against a disease apparently manufactured under the sponsorship of our own government? I have to tell you, Sam and Eric, that your expectations are a bit out-of-synch with the march of events. That half of the country not in thrall to your narratives won’t submit to your supposedly superior powers of reasoning and your empathic, nurturing concern for their well-being. They are quite convinced, based on a shit-ton of evidence and lived experience, that they are being played by a degenerate regime not at all run in their interests… that lies to them reflexively and incessantly.

    What’s more, they want their country back — a land of free speech, fair play, and settled principle, like the right to a speedy trial. And here’s something else to consider, Sam and Eric: if the regime that you support goes a step further, as is looking more likely day by day, and if it moves to make these mRNA vaccines mandatory, it is going to pull the pin that detonates a national grenade. And when that happens, you and your Woke-Jacobin confederates will be on the run for a change, worrying about your own cancellation and whether, perhaps, it will get a fair hearing. You have the right to hope so.”

    In a Hall of Mirrors You Have To Break Some Glass To See Clearly

    Dr. D

    czech… And not posting (Yes Madam would have to break that novel up…)

    I find that logging out and back in, or between browsers can help a bit. I had a bad slice for a while that had little reason, but it’s posting reliably again. …Sadly for all present. But get in fresh and don’t post too many outside links at once and it improves.

    absolute galore

    Dr. D wrote: Man, I missed it on the Cleveland Indians. Although my response was correct, it was general – that their “help” plan was to erase history and people — the case was specific. The Cleveland Indians were FOUNDED on the real Indians, the first one in baseball, Louis Sockalexis So they should be PROUD of what they did, but are so mind-bendingly ignorant, so cowardly, devoid of their own history, and so incapable of “typing” in “Google” that they annihilated his legacy, while Louis was honored in the American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame.

    Yeah, you missed it. Dr D, you forgot to include the disclaimer printed directly above where you got your info: This section’s factual accuracy is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on Talk:Louis Sockalexis. Please help to ensure that disputed statements are reliably sourced. (January 2020)

    Here is the much more likely scenario:

    An oft-repeated legend is that the name “Indians” was chosen because it was one of the nicknames previously applied to the old Cleveland Spiders baseball club during the time when Louis Sockalexis, a Native American, played in Cleveland.[8] The attribution of the new name as being in honor of Sockalexis, a member of the Penobscot Tribe of Maine, is generally discredited given the discriminatory treatment of Native Americans in general, and Sockalexis in particular during that era.[9] The news stories published to announce the selection in 1915 make no mention of Sockalexis, but do make many racist and insulting references to Native Americans….

    The resolution issued by the Society of Indian Psychologists in 1999 states: “Stereotypical and historically inaccurate images of Indians in general interfere with learning about them by creating, supporting and maintaining oversimplified and inaccurate views of indigenous peoples and their cultures. When stereotypical representations are taken as factual information, they contribute to the development of cultural biases and prejudices…”[11]

    This point of view echoes the position of the National Congress of American Indians, the oldest and largest organization representing enrolled tribal citizens in the United States: “Often citing a long held myth by non-Native people that ‘Indian’ mascots ‘honor Native people,’ American sports businesses such as the NFL’s Washington ‘Redskins’ and Kansas City ‘Chiefs’, MLB’s Cleveland ‘Indians’ and Atlanta ‘Braves’, and the NHL’s Chicago Black Hawks, continue to profit from harmful stereotypes originated during a time when white superiority and segregation were common place.”[12]

    Native American protesters in Cleveland also state that “retiring” Chief Wahoo would not be a sufficient solution to the issue, since both the name and logo would need to be changed to something that does not reference Native Americans in any way.[13]

    As I said yesterday, this is not a woke or cancel culture issue, it has been going on much longer by the actual people concerned. And as I said yesterday, if you read the comments from the article posted, you would see the vitriol and racism alive and well in 2021.

    The example someone also gave the other day of the Native American high school that uses the name Indian is not an issue when the team is a team of mainly Native American players. Although there are interesting takes on the reasons for that name if you want to analyze from a Lazy-Boy.

    You are projecting today’s mores on yesterday’s sports writers, a motley bunch in any era. The level of animosity that non-white sportsmen faced in that time period is hard to actually fathom today. When they became too successful, like Major Taylor, they simply stopped allowing them to compete.

    But maybe if you feel strongly enough you can be a dude protesting the name change of an entertainment conglomerate that mainly exists to sell overpriced beer and hot dogs, Made in China polyester team shirts and caps with stereotype logos, and tv commercials, while employing highly paid, highly genetically gifted entertainers.

    Mr. House

    i thought this was an excellent comment:

    July 26, 2021

    Ok, let me make sure I understand this. The same government that blocked doctors from treating high risk patients early on with hydroxychloroquine ivermectin, or whatever else they deemed prudent for their patients, a move that likely resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths, is indicating that the unvaccinated are in fact the murderers. Interesting.
    Hydroxychloroquine absolutely saved my life.

    But it gets worse. Social media and media in general were like 50 yard dash Olympians when it came to shutting down any sharing of clinical studies on the benefits of vitamins, D3 and C, the mineral zinc, and nutraceuticals like quercetin and melatonin. They seemed to be under the impression that if a particular substance wasn’t completely curative it was of no use. Perhaps they had never heard of combining therapies in the treatment of illnesses. So we were advised to do nothing proactive…it was better that we just die waiting for vaccines. But the unvaccinated are the murderers.

    The lancet somehow peer reviewed and published 2 studies that had to be retracted as frauds. Dr Fauci, DARPA, the NIH, and pharmaceutical companies may have knowingly used a gain of function enhanced spike protein to develop covid 19 vaccines….but the unvaccinated are murdering people.

    The FDA issued a warning to Amazon to stop carrying NAC after multiple studies showed it to be helpful in covid19 patients. Then they gave EUAs to vaccines that were proven “effective” simply by showing patients tested negative for Sars-coV-2 14 days after their second jab. I mean, were they exposed to the virus? We don’t know. Were they double masking? We don’t know. Did they already have antibodies to covid before they got the jab? We don’t know. Did they use the ridiculously high cycle threshold of 35 or greater when testing with PCR? We don’t know. Did they make sure the vaccine was safe in pregnant women? No. How about pregnant animals? Save a few mice…no they did not. Did they even use their vaccine when testing to determine where it would go in the body and If it caused problems in organs or organ systems? No they used a “surrogate” for that. But the unvaccinated are murdering people.

    Didn’t the CDC, NIH and Dr Fauci supply us with daily panic announcements about how we could all die, then advise us to stay home if sick and only seek medical care if we were having difficulty breathing or our lips turned blue? Who advised Doctor’s offices to screen patients in the parking lot and turn them away If they had a temperature elevation or answered yes to any questions on a mandatory covid19 questionnaire?
    But the unvaccinated are the murderers.

    Why did we suddenly need clinical trials to use decades safe drugs in unhospitalized patients? There was already data showing hydroxychloroquine could inhibit mast cell activation thus limiting cytokine release. We already knew hydroxychloroquine was a potent anti-inflammatory and had antiviral properties. We knew the antiviral benefits of zinc and that hcq was a zinc transporter. The FDA did not require clinical trials before doctors were able to use anticoagulants, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, or inhaled medications to treat covid. Tylenol is known to reduce glutathione levels. We now have evidence that critically ill patients may be predisposed to low reduced glutathione levels and that this leads to increased mortality. Where are the randomized, double blind, placebo controlled studies on tylenol? We know, per multiple fda warnings that NSAIDS can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. We also know that covid19 increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Yet the CDC says “there’s no evidence that nsaids are unsafe in covid19 patients.” True, but the reason there is no evidence is because there haven’t been any studies. Not studying something and declaring it safe because there’s no evidence seems a bit disingenuous. But…it’s the vaccinated who are killing people.

    Perhaps Dr Fauci and his ilk ought to pry the planks out of their own eyes before trying to remove the splinters from ours.

    Doc Robinson

    • 159 Dead, 593 Hospitalized in Illinois Breakthrough COVID Cases (NBC)
    “…equates to 2.3% of COVID-19 deaths in the state since Jan. 1, officials said.”
    “Illinois’ top doctor said last week that breakthrough cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated residents are a “unicorn” as she again urged those who have not yet gotten vaccinated to do so.”

    Shame on you, “top doctor,” for misleading the public.
    1 out of 8 Covid deaths (in the past couple months) is not really a “unicorn,” especially when less than half the population is fully vaccinated.
    And 2.3% is too low, if a meaningful comparison is the the goal.
    12% of Illinois’ Covid deaths since June 9 were fully vaccinated, according to the reported data.

    The state officials cite a misleading 2.3% because they are starting their count in January, in the midst of the biggest wave, when there were more than 3,000 deaths in Illinois in that one month, while only 2% of the state’s population was fully vaccinated by January 31.

    Compared to 3,080 Covid deaths in only one month (January), for the most recent two months there were less than 1,000 Covid deaths reported in Illinois.

    Unlike the state officials, I’m not cherry-picking the data, I’m just using what limited data is being disclosed to the public.
    …as of July 21, 159 fully vaccinated deaths in Illinois
    …as of June 9, 106 fully vaccinated deaths in Illinois
    Fully vaccinated Covid deaths from June 9 to July 21 = 159 – 106 = 53

    …as of July 21, 25,854 total Covid deaths in Illinois
    …as of June 9, 25,413 total Covid deaths in Illinois
    Total Covid deaths from June 9 to July 21 = 25,854 – 25,413 = 441

    Percentage of Covid deaths from June 9 to July 21 that were fully vaccinated = 53/441 = 12%

    Doc Robinson


    “Compared to 3,080 Covid deaths in only one month (January), for the most recent two months there were less than 1,000 Covid deaths reported in Illinois.”

    3,080 deaths in just one month, January.
    Less than 1,000 deaths in the most recent two months combined.

    Michael Reid

    Thank you Dr. D

    Go on:
    “we are doing better than many of us seem willing to accept.”

    Yes, 99.997% better. For NYU students who failed math and live their lives “worried”, anxious”, and “thoroughly freaked out”. Was math REALLY that hard in school? However hard it was for you, SURELY the effort would have been worth the time and trouble it would have saved you by now.

    Oh and P.S. wear masks, because being from NYC, she is living proof about how lockdowns and masks work, and NY was nearly Covid-free after they started that program. …Oh wait, the OPPOSITE, for students who failed Science and Logic too. Maybe 18 months is too soon to call it? When Florida, Calcutta and the CONGO are safer than you?

    Having a perfect score in mathematics allowed me to see very quickly this pandemic mostly existed in the minds of people and wow with having seen how it has been used to transform the world. Simply unbelievable

    absolute galore

    FWIW,. the League of American Wheelmen did not officially rescind it’s ban against blacks until 1999.

    those darned kids

    if i try edit or post links, i most often get sent to the prove your are not a bot page. occasionally, i get a page refresh with my post not posted.

    also, it seems to happen if i post twice in a row.

    at the bot page, i am asked to prove my non-robotitude by adding the sum of two numbers, only one of which is offered, for example “9”. sometimes there is a two digit number, such as “13”, so i put “4”.

    on that page i can also fill in a message to send somewhere, presumably to a human.

    when i complete the above tasks, enter my email address and hit submit i am usually redirected to the same page to repeat said process.

    i find if i log out, scrub my cookies and try again it sometimes works.

    i also seem to be able to get one post in with each new day, but afterwards i experience the above.

    thanks very much. i have read this blog for many years. it must be the current “situation” that has inspired me to add my $23.37* to the conversation.

    *2¢ adjusted for transient inflation

    absolute galore

    Re: the madamski reveal. Entirely unsurprising. In fact several times I was tempted to mention my hunch madam was a manski, but figured it was something not entirely appropriate to speculate upon in a public forum. Don’t go throwing a gender reveal party, though–those seem to often end badly T’would be an ignoble end indeed for the madamski.

    those darned kids

    something that i’ve not seen discussed anywhere else:

    when these “vaccines” came out, i said, “wait one second. we have a (they say) global scourge that is a threat to us all. ¿¡so why on earth are people profiting, and by SO MUCH, from the “cure”.!?”

    banting and best gave insulin away for freeeeekin’ free. and it actually works.

    these vampire squid wannabes are the worst. the ceo of pfizer sold 5.6 million or something buckeroos of stock the day they announced the announcement.

    that’s enough money (i’m sure he gets an employee discount) to inoculate rwanda (not that they want it).

    i just can’t fathom how low people can go…

    Mr. House

    What if you’ve been double jabbed and contract it which shall not be named, does that invalidate your “passport to freedom”?

    those darned kids

    to clarify:

    my initial (and continuing) objection to the “vaccine” was that people were going to profit obscenely from something that was supposed to be good for everyone.

    people who do complicated things like advanced medicine deserve to be well-rewarded for such life-consuming endeavours. but to participate in the above, i refuse.

    absolute galore

    Paging Doc Robinson. Doc Robinson to the stats desk, stat. Doc Robinson to the stat desk.
    Here is one vaguery: “Among people age 12 or older in Florida, 55% are fully vaccinated, compared with 57% nationally, according to the CDC.

    At University of Florida Health Jacksonville’s two hospitals, 146 patients have been admitted with COVID-19—a record high for the facilities, exceeding the previous peak of 125 in January, said Chad Neilsen, director of accreditation and infection prevention. COVID-19 patients take up three-quarters of the beds at the system’s north campus, which draws people from more-rural areas with low vaccination rates, he said.”

    First, the Florida vax rate virtually mirrors the national rate. Second, the north campus “draws people from more-ruiral areas with low vaccination rates” Whoa! Science! And the list of reasons includes every one in the book…

    Mr. House


    “Cooley received two doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in February, but blood tests show the shots didn’t give her antibodies against the virus.”


    those darned kids, comment #80971

    do people recognize these issues? does it happen all the time?


    @Raul, the problem those darned kids is having is the one I was having the other day with trying to prove I wasn’t a spammer bot, which was a “numbers adding” process that I tried many times and it didn’t work. Same thing – add the numbers – but there would be only one number lots of times. Even with two numbers (say, 14) it didn’t accept an answer of 5.

    In addition, when I closed my browser and revisited the site later it made me login again (I did check the “keep me logged in” box when logging in but it wouldn’t take).

    Oddly, the problems happened only for a day or so then disappeared without me clearing cookies or doing the things darned kids has tried. I use Firefox, if that’s helpful.


    Valid concern about the profit motive of these vaccines, @those darned kids, but my problem with the vaccines is that we skipped past most of the critical steps of accepted new vaccine testing procedures and now act like that’s completely normal when you’re rolling out an entirely new vaccine technology that hasn’t been used in humans. That’s the part that’s bothering me just a bit.


    An odd detail about the Posting on TAE

    I had tons of spam/ prove you’re not a robot.

    Strangely I cured 95% of the problem by hovering over the Post button for a three count, then depressing the post button and HOLDING down the left mouse click for at least a 7 count, sometimes going to ten, then letting up on the left click button.

    The few times I get the Post ‘spam/ prove you’re not a robot’ thing, I just log out then in again.

    those darned kids


    that was my initial objection.

    it quickly became evident that what i also feared about the “vaccine’s” development was also true.

    everything unfolding around us is a clear demonstration of how sophisticated propaganda has become.

    Dr D Rich

    An update:
    My employer, the VHA, Veterans Health Administration, swang the hammer today.

    From a visibly demented patient, “The VA will require all docs working in facilities be vaccinated”.

    8 weeks to be full vaccinated according to the memorandum mandamus.

    Count me out.
    But you all knew that already.


    @Dr D Rich. Truly sorry. 🙁

    those darned kids

    to raúl: it doesn’t happen all the time as my present posting demonstrates. it first happened when i tried to edit one of my very first posts. also, links seem to send me to the page as well.

    clicking “submit” and having a page refresh without my post posted happens less often.

    i’ve only been trying a few days, so n=small.


    those darned kids

    good luck, doc.

    TAE Summary

    A Tale of Two Narratives

    The Mainstream Narrative
    – It is not known where Covid 19 originated but the most likely origin is the transmission from an animal to humans
    – Covid 19 has killed 600K people in the US
    – Trump botched the Covid 19 response costing many lives
    – Many deaths were preventable if we’d tested, masked, tracked and locked down better
    – Vaccines are good and have eradicated polio, measles, whooping cough and other diseases
    – Vaccines against Covid 19 are safe and effective and have saved many lives with only minor, acceptable adverse reactions
    – There are no effective treatments for Covid 19 besides the vaccines
    – Covid is spread by droplets and aerosols from infected people, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, and can be spread through momentary casual contact both indoors and outdoors
    – Children and young adults are at risk form Covid 19 and can spread the disease and should take the same precautions and measures as adults
    – We need to do whatever it takes to defeat Covid 19 including frequent testing, mass vaccination, continued locked downs and wearing masks
    – The best information comes from the CDC, FDA and NIH
    – The mainstream media warns us of the dangers of Covid 19 but unfortunately many do not take these warnings seriously
    – As usual, conspiracy theorists and nut-jobs abound
    – Antivaxxers are against all vaccines are now also against the Covid 19 vaccines
    – Antivaxxers have believed phony information disseminated by scurrilous, right wing charlatans
    – These people cost many lives and are the reason Covid still spreads and mutates
    – They are responsible for continued lock downs and the further decimation of the economy
    – They are selfish, evil and anti-science
    – The Covid 19 response is all about trying to get us back to normal as quickly as possible

    * The Counter Narrative
    – Covid 19 was most likely created in a lab in China or the US
    – Covid 19 kills people but far fewer than the official count
    – Almost all officials in government have botched the Covid 19 response, costing many lives
    – Most deaths were preventable if we had investigated and deployed early treatments including vitamin D, zinc, hydrochloroquine and ivermectin
    – Vaccines are good and have eradicated polio, measles, whooping cough and other diseases
    – The Covid 19 vaccines however are not actually vaccines but gene therapy and have not been adequately tested
    – The Covid 19 vaccines have serious side effects including death and other as yet unknown consequences which are not being investigated and are suppressed by the media
    – We need to defeat Covid 19 and the best way to do this is through early outpatient treatment with known, effective drugs and known drug protocols for hospitalized patients
    – Covid 19 is primary spread by aerosols from symptomatic and pre-symptomatic people, mostly in indoor situations with poor ventilation where peoples spend a long time together
    – Children and young adults are at low risk from Covid 19 and need take fewer precautions and measures but should be treated with drug protocols if infected
    – Masks, distancing and lockdowns are mostly ineffective
    – The best information comes from front line doctors who actually treat patients and experienced researchers who have no financial interest in big pharma
    – The CDC, FDA and NIH are largely compromised because of their association and funding by drug companies
    – The mainstream media is also compromised by their association with big pharma and the government
    – The truth about Covid 19 is suppressed and labeled conspiracy theory in order to support the mainstream narrative
    – People who insist that the vaccines are the only way to fight Covd 19 have believed lies told to them by the MSM from big pharma and a corrupt medical establishment
    – The vaccine narrative has cost many lives and ineffective vaccines are responsible for the continued spread and mutation of Covid 19
    – The fallacious mainstream narrative is responsible for all lock downs and the decimation of the economy
    – The people who push the mainstream narrative are evil and anti-science; The people who believe this narrative are naive, dogmatic and anti-science
    – The Covid 19 response is all about money, power and control

    those darned kids

    i hate to overpost, but some have been logistical, and then this occurred to me:

    has julian assange been “vaccinated”? if he hasn’t been, “they” must believe the shots are safe and actually stop disease.

    and, if he has been, well, the obvious is obvious.

    those darned kids

    tae summary:

    thank you, very much. i will save that.

    “It was the falsest of times, it was the oh-so-realest of times, it was the age of fact chequers, it was the age of misdisinformation, it was the epoch of herding, it was the epoch of hurting, it was the season of shame, it was the season of more shame, it was the lack of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had crap all around us, we had nothing but manipulation, we were all going direct to the local walgreens, we were all going direct to the emergency room—in short, the period was so rotten, so corrupt, so grrrrrrrrr, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for evil or for more evil, with proof of vaccination only.”


    Are there still useful, safely People-affirming things to be found on this here internet?

    “It’s a funny old world.” -John Prine


    When money is all that matters, corporate billionaires don’t donate millions for nothing. They expect things in return. Mark Zuckerberg donated $400 million to local US election offices. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are the primary funders of the UK’s Medicine & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency that approved the mRNA vaccines and the Foundation owns major shares in both Pfizer and BioNTech. Elections and healthcare in the West are being privatized. Public healthcare is no more in the USA. The CDC is too incompetent to develop a cheap accurate daily test to determine active coronavirus infections. Contact tracing & quarantines are a joke. No Manhattan Project to find coronavirus treatments. This explains why American life expectancy is falling so fast, it makes money for rich financiers. The more jabs the more money raked in and the more side effects that are ignored. Media propaganda blames the victims not the predatory western political/economic system.

    John Day

    Upstate NYer said recently:
    “The mRNA contained in Pfizer and Moderna injections are synthetic. Produced in a lab from a computer simulation. I don’t believe there is any part of these two particular vaccines that are “natural” in the sense we understand natural. Perhaps this is why Dr Martin says that? (I’m not a biologist, virologist, doctor, scientist, etc … John Day might weigh in when he has time.)

    I want to say this in a Rod Serling voice: Picture a world where viruses can be designed with biomolecular modeling computers to precisely fit like keys into locks, the pieces of a human cell membrane which cross the whole membrane. Attached to the keychain holding the first key is a second key, which then unlocks a second membrane protein, causing the transmembrane protein complex to flip the keyring from outside to inside the cell.

    Picture several more keys on that ring, designed to mate-into and turn again and again and again, the little machines that make proteins and RNA, and with each turn, a part of that same keyring is produced, and with another set of turns, new keyrings are assembled for export.

    Picture that there is room on the ring for another key or two, and you are imaginative, what functionalities would you like to add?
    Would you like to make some part of the cell or animal work better?
    It’s so much easier to make it work worse…

    Mr. House

    John Day

    So what’s the relationship with Dr.D?

    I think we’re all friends here, and you were pulling it off just fine until you started smoking so much pot.
    What’s in that new shit you scored?
    Is it A-D-U-L-T-E-R-A-T-E-D ?

    Got a sock-mask?
    I still have mine on my dresser.

    John Day

    @All-Y’all, related to my keyring-circus analogy for Upstate NYer above.
    It doesn’t really answer his question about making the spike protein for export.
    It describes manufacturing a chimeric virus for export.
    However, the process is the same process, with the exception of a different bag of tricks to get through the cell membrane of the host cell.

    So the same people and computer programs that engineer the weaponized viruses, engineer the weaponized-vaccines.
    Red-Team, meet Blue-Team. You will swap places next month, again, as usual.

    Whaddaya want the virus to do? How about the next variant?

    Whaddaya want the “vaccine” to do?

    Whaddabout the next vaccine?

    Wanna’ make the immune system stupid? We can do that.

    It’s like aspartame making you hungry and gain weight so you’ll drink diet soda forever, and it’s addictive, too.
    Rumsfeld spotted that win-win-win, and now we keep looking for ways to make it happen with each new product line.

    John Day

    @Formerly TBear: Glad yourvitmin-D level is 68.
    You have a winning-number.

    Michael Reid

    @ madamski

    I thought you were a woman. I love your mind anyway. You remind me a little of my godmother. Interesting. Such is the virtual world

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