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    Gordon Burt Bond Street, Wellington, New Zealand c1957   • Senate Blocks ‘Skinny’ Obamacare Repeal Bill In Dramatic Late-Night Vote (CNBC) • Russ
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    I saw a video this morning of Putin in Helsinki next to the Finnish president. He was talking in Russian about the new set of sanctions. His body language showed extreme anger IMHO. He is a very cool guy with a lot of self-control, but he has reached his limit. I am sure that a big faction in the Russian Deep State is pushing for a very much harder line to be taken.

    While searching for this video, I came across this breaking news item:

    “The Russian side is suspending as of August 1 the use by the US embassy in Russia of all warehouses on the Dorozhnaya Street in Moscow and the dacha compound in Serebryanyy Bor,” the ministry said in a statement.

    Frankly, I think the Russian should tell the Americans that if you only allow X Russians with diplomatic credentials in the USA, you may only have X Americans with diplomatic credentials in Russia. I am pretty sure the number of American “diplomats” in Russia is a multiple of that of Russians in the States.


    Apparently, hundreds of American diplomatic and technical staff will have to leave.


    … John McCain of Arizona — sank the measure in a 49-51 vote. McCain, who recently returned to the Senate after getting diagnosed with brain cancer, cast his “no” vote to audible gasps on the chamber’s floor, according to reporters….

    Who does John McCain hate the most?

    Brain cancer does funny things.

    Dr. Diablo

    I’m a little confused by the McCain vote. His voting against Trump and the Republicans was the least surprising thing so far this year. Did anyone actually think he WAS a Republican? What on earth would make them think that?

    So Republicans could vote 60/30 to repeal back when Obama would veto it, but now, when they can not only repeal but create any solution whatsoever, they somehow can’t figure it out? Gee whiz, does this seem to anyone like political theatre? In that we already know from the “Let’s not fund terrorists” bill that Gabbards(D) put out that 232 GOP members of the House are not Republican as only 8 Republicans backed this clear non-interventionism and rule of (international) law? (–Let’s skip the equal number of fake non-Democrats for now).

    Or maybe a better explanation is that the House has 421 Deep State Insiders, and only 14 Representatives of the People to Congress? Maybe this describes the present lunacy a little better?

    …And makes McCain’s vote all that much less shocking. What have people been doing that they didn’t already know this? Did they just miss the last 25 years?

    V. Arnold

    Yes, stated today; the U.S. will only be allowed the same number of diplomatic staff as Russia has in the U.S.


    in other migrant news today:
    – an islamist asylum claimer stabbed one person to death with a machete shouting Allahu Akbar, wounding several others in Hamburg, Germany.
    – police detains dozens of migrants in Milan main train station in an effort to curb the increasing lawlessness and criminality around the station caused by migrants. This might explain why…
    – according to a recent opinion poll published in the Rome daily Il Messaggero, 67 per cent of Italians want Italy to close its ports to rescue vessels or deport all migrants ferried to Italy, and 61 per cent want a naval blockade of the Libyan coast

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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