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    Paul Gauguin The Vision after the Sermon (Jacob wrestling with the Angel) 1888   • The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous – Malone (WR
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 29 2021]

    V. Arnold

    In the end, the worst of this isn’t the virus; it’s us…
    …how to come to gripes with that, is the question…

    a kullervo

    Education is progress’s main drive. (False)

    University enrollment has grown exponentially during the past fifty years. During the same period human knowledge has had, at best, an arithmetic progression. Meanwhile, two other things have registered a global exponential growth: debt and fiat currency. Corollary: mass education = massive irresponsibility.
    (Mass education is the paradigm of the law of diminishing returns.)


    Really looking forward to the commentariat take on Taibbi piece.

    It made my eyes make little screaming sounds.

    Then I just thought to myself – morons.
    Another day in Clownworld.

    a kullervo

    For how long can a hypochondriac keep sustaining his/her delusion before self-consciousness kicks in? And a legion of them?

    Michael Reid

    Every major event in my lifetime (and for centuries before this) has been based on a lie or explained away by a lie.

    The Sons of Disobedience



    Long time lurker but given the ADE theme I thought this might be of interest to the community (if it hasn’t already been commented on). This news segment is from New South Wales, Australia. First the Premier speaks followed by the chief health officer, Jeremy MacNulty. There is some Q&A with reporters at the end. At the 6:35 mark Jeremy indicates that those that have been hospitalized “All but one was vaccinated”.

    So, the only pre-existing condition for the 30 year old that died would have been that she was vaccinated.

    Also, you have young people in the ICU that most likely would have faired much better had not gotten the shot.

    Interestingly, the reporters failed to circle back on this.

    Bob Malone’s worst nightmare playing out in New South Wales.

    Time for a permanent walkabout.

    Michael Reid

    Even domestically, when you think about where our money truly goes, inequality of every sort is only growing more profound, with America’s billionaires ever wealthier and more numerous, while the Pentagon and those weapons-making corporations float ever higher on taxpayer dollars, and the bills elsewhere go unpaid. In that sense, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about the United States as a failing imperial system at home as well as abroad.

    Is This Country Heading for the Exit?

    absolute galore

    From Microsoft News, advocating harsher measures against the unvaxxed:
    “…in the United States, immunologist Anthony Fauci is already talking about an imminent new coronavirus wave with up to 4,000 deaths a day and is warning of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” — because too few people in the country are getting their shots….The road to compulsory vaccination would, however, be a long and winding one in legal terms, and an immense challenge. The private sector, however, doesn’t have those shackles,,,Those who denounce vaccination as arbitrary seem to forget and ignore the seriousness of the pandemic: the overburdened hospitals, the collapse of health-care structures, the detrimental effects on the younger generation, which some are already calling the “lost generation,” and the challenging social and economic upheavals. Full article: Opinion: Fundamental rights are not vaccination privileges

    From MSNBC article in Jan 2019:
    Bill Gates: My ‘best investment’ turned $10 billion into $200 billion worth of economic benefit
    Investing in global health organizations aimed at increasing access to vaccines creates a 20-to-1 return, the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist says.

    A “scientific” piece from the New Yorker that presents a rational, calm veneer but still manages to skirt every major issue around Covid 19 and the global response:
    Coexisting with the Coronavirus
    COVID-19 is likely to become an endemic disease. How will our immune systems resist it? By Katherine S. Xue

    absolute galore

    On vaccines, Gates also had a message for parents who fear side effects as a reason not to get their kids their shots. “It is wild that just because you get misinformation, thinking you’re protecting your kid, you’re actually putting your kid at risk, as well as all the other kids around them.”

    Using measles as an example of a once-dangerous disease that’s easily preventable by a vaccine, Gates warned against complacency.

    “As you get a disease down to small numbers, people forget. So they back off. They think, ‘Gosh, I heard from rumor. Maybe I’ll just avoid doing it,’” he said. “As you accumulate more and more people saying that for whatever reason, eventually measles does show up. Kids get sick. And sometimes they die.”


    I notice how Gates, who clearly knows nothing of the second law of thermodynamics or nature or manners or common decency finds himself able to say people wouldn’t vaccinate because they heard some rumour. Must be lonely to think like that.

    Vadana Shiva would put him over her and give his bum a big smack for being so naughty.,


    So why not give Americans a tax credit for getting vaccinated? Get the jabs, get $50,000 USD tax credit. Use it as you need it to reduce your income tax? Allow for going back 3-5 years and file amended returns to capture tax paid on your income for those years? And carry it forward until it’s used up? Doesn’t this kind of fit the President’s infrastructure plan anyway? Incentivize getting the jab.

    Mr. House

    “I like Taibbi, but why does he have to vent an opinion about other people’s lives and choices? Does he simply not understand what he says?

    I’m vaccinated. I think people should be vaccinated”

    The same reason people who didn’t vote for Trump had to say that before defending Trump. TDS is CDS and it all started in 2016

    madamski cafone

    @ Veracious Poet
    “No loss, I probably spend far too much time farting around here anyways “

    “We do not delete.”

    However, other words may apply.

    Shun definition, to keep away from (a place, person, object, etc.), from motives of dislike, caution, etc.; take pains to avoid.

    Ignore definition, to refrain from noticing or recognizing: to ignore insulting remarks.

    Irrelevant definition, not relevant; not applicable or pertinent:

    Get over it! Don’t go away. Your farts are just as sweet as the rest of us that are gathered here.

    John Day

    @Robin/Madamski: Cat Stevens, “Where do the children play” ,
    Good choice again. We like the same song again.


    “We’re getting dragged back into conversations we should have long left behind.”

    The pandemic is over.

    Like a forest fire, there are only hot spots that need to be controlled and extinguished

    The moment that our immune system lose the eternal war/battle with the viruses, then that will be the end of humanity.

    Life is equilibrium


    Ask Karl if he has been successful in changing society because he shows you the truth with his blogs.

    • Ruin Them (Denninger)

    Have you noticed, that even Fox new is having trouble changing opinions of democrats
    (What ever happened to Hunter!
    Is Hunter selling any of his expensive painting)

    madamski cafone

    John Day

    ““Where do the children play” ”

    A family from the Russian sphere lives in our complex. Theirs are the only sane children in the complex. Physically fit,k nimble, bright, curious, engaging. Whereas all the other kids are weak, overweight, and… just messed up, period.

    Little 10-year old girl was picking blueberiies atop a 6′ high concrete retaining wall. Nimbly stepping over wicked thorny blackberry stalks, carring a teal-bowl to hold the berries.

    Agile, like a cat. Her mother knew she was up there. Trusted her daughter to be careful.

    They shared some berries with us at the pool.

    No place for the kids to play any more except at school or the loucky ones who live in houses in real neighborhoods, and those are also more ruined than not, houses expanded/remodeled to eat up half of the yard.

    Mister Roboto

    A family from the Russian sphere lives in our complex. Theirs are the only sane children in the complex. Physically fit,k nimble, bright, curious, engaging. Whereas all the other kids are weak, overweight, and… just messed up, period.

    Yes, we are clearly heading for an unfortunate tipping-point of some kind. If I have to live in the USA, though, I’m glad I live in Wisconsin, because there’s just enough of a teeny, tiny smidgeon of that old nineteenth-century pioneer-spirit remaining here to make it an island of semi-sanity. (But our Republican politicians are still a bunch of god-awful country-club reactionaries!)

    I truly disdain the “Team Blue” millennials who left in order to get cushy PMC jobs in Chicago, the Twin Cities, or the coasts. I’m not sure how happy I will be to see them return once things in the PMC urban archipelagos start falling apart.

    John Day

    @Robin/Madamski: We got to play in the t=streets and in the woods, by the creek, chase copperheads and play with fire (if we didn’t get caught). I don’t think our kids played with fire nearly as much as I did, but they turned out OK, anyways.


    There are Trillions of dollars being printed and spent.

    Did you notice that there is an exponential rise in human sufferings?

    Homelessness is rampart and increasing

    Desperate people invading the southern borders (that only in the USA. Its world wide)

    Trying to survive by people killing each other in the major city

    People are finding ways to avoid physical and mental pain by taking opioids

    Now, tell me what there will be on the other side of this cleansing of our our social/economic structures.
    Do you want to be a survivor or have your descendants surviving this bottleneck.

    John Day

    last picture of “enhanced” bicyclist window-shopping at Space-X last weekend

    The Archdruid,John Michael Greer (You are approximately HERE.)
    We may have to keep doing this downward grind for the rest of our lives, so we should pace accordingly, though arising-threats will probably be like pop-up ads.
    I don’t believe in perpetual progress, that is, and I also don’t believe in sudden apocalypse. My take is that our civilization will follow the same long rhythm of rise and fall as every previous civilization; that we have in fact passed our peak and are half a century into decline; that the cascading crises and spreading dysfunctions of our time are equivalents of the crises and dysfunctions that forced all those other civilizations to their knees; and that our decline and fall will unfold in the usual fashion over the next several centuries, in a cascade of disasters interspersed with temporary respites and partial recoveries, ending in a typical dark age half a millennium long from which new cultures will rise in turn.​..
    ​ We’re looking at the decline and fall of a civilization, a process that has already been under way for half a century and will take centuries more to finish.
    ​…​First of all, there are plenty of things that can still be done here and now to cushion the process of decline and see to it that as much as possible of the best achievements of our civilization are handed on to the cultures that will build on our ruins. Those things will not be done by people who are still fixated on hopes and dreams of perpetual progress toward a utopian future. (Nor, by the way, will they be done by people who have embraced the belief in instant apocalypse, which is simply another way of evading responsibility for the future.) They will be done, if they are done at all, by those who have shaken themselves free of those delusions, grappled with the harsh reality of our predicament, and aimed their imaginations toward envisioning the best available options in a troubled time.

    What We Can Still Accomplish

    ​ Robert Malone MD, inventor of mRNA vaccines, gets to speak without interruption to Steve Bannon, about Antibody Dependent (viral) Enhancement​. Preliminary data is that those who had Pfizer vaccination carry 10 or more times the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 in their noses , compared to the unvaccinated.
    I would call this “Enhanced Carrier State”, which occurs in chicken and Turkey flocks where some have been vaccinated against a deadly avian virus, carry it without much harm, but spread it to the unvaccinated flock, which mostly dies. It looks like this may have happened on the planeload of unmasked, vaccinated Democratic Texas House Members who flew to Washington in a private plane. It appears to have spread among them during their time together.
    “ADE” Antibody Dependent (viral) Enhancement has traditionally meant that vaccination increases the death rate among the vaccinated, which might also be happening, but that’s not quite what this news flurry is about.
    Dr. Malone:

    absolute galore

    Can someone who has a subscription to the NYT paste up the salient points of this piece?

    Ezra Klein
    What if the Unvaccinated Can’t Be Persuaded?

    John Day

    From across the pond: New US mask guidance prompted by evidence vaccinated can spread Delta
    ​ ​The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Protection spoke on Wednesday about evidence that vaccinated people can spread the Covid-19 Delta variant to others, after the nation’s top health agency expanded on its new guidance that fully vaccinated Americans wear masks indoors in certain places.

    ​The Enhanced Carrier State will not be televised.
    “NBC News, citing unnamed officials aware of the decision, reported it comes after new data suggests vaccinated individuals could have higher levels of virus and infect others amid the surge of cases driven by the delta variant of the coronavirus,” the USA Today reported in a passage that was later scrubbed from an article.

    John Day

    Yes, you saw it here this morning already…
    Gotta’ ride to work early and do whatever has been accumulating in my short absence.

    ​The Golden State was deemed more high risk than Texas. Indeed, scientists are finding that despite its high vaccination rates, California is seeing more COVID cases than it should.
    ​ ​California and its big coastal cities have embraced vaccines in their effort to beat back the COVID pandemic. But a Bay Area News Group analysis shows that not only are cases rising fast, they are rising in areas where there are more fully vaccinated people. Some of these counties have both among the highest vaccination rates, and the highest new-case rates.

    Latest Data Show Efficacy Of Pfizer Vaccine Falls To 84% After 6 Months​ (What shall we do?)

    ​Double-Down! ​Pfizer data suggest third dose of Covid-19 vaccine ‘strongly’ boosts protection against Delta variant


    Titles from the last Ilargi post: Vaccine evasion because of mutation, higher COV rates in counties with higher vax rates in the US, Booster vaxes offered soon ..

    this entry has more of the same…such as, The vax causes the virus to be more dangerous…more propaganda for ‘boosters’ .. etc.

    …Were all predicted months ago by many people, ‘conspiracy theorists’ types.

    (Of course the articles are chosen by Ilargi and another blog might give a quite different take, or narrative, via its choice of lead MSM articles, See TAE summary previous, linked, more on that in a minute.)

    Yet, it is the “refusniks” (I am reading a novel set in Revolutionary Russia..) who have made the better predictions.

    This is for a large part due to the fact that, within the open information space, questioners (heh, better than ‘refusniks’) are the ones who have made predictions, while those following the MSM and Gvmt./other directives eschew predictions, e.g. the detailing of expected results, in favor of an appeal to ‘required’ -moral or seemingly so- principles that underpin necessary actions, and refer to ‘models’ (on the whole very simplistic, static and dogmatic, set up to provide rationalisations), as well as to VALUES such as the need to protect older, vulnerable ppl (reminsicent of R2P, an international scam, now deployed on home turf), and the need for “solidarity” to one’s nation, community, —> humankind.

    hmm too long sentence..have to cut/

    So that lot (TAE summary > mainstream) are not keen on predictions and don’t make any. It follows that those who do make predictions will be right roughly half of the time!

    A Tale of Two Narratives

    Mr. House

    “I once let slip my first-world view of blood feuds to a Kosovan colleague. I took it for granted that an impartial justice system would deal with killings. Surely it was primitive for sons and cousins to carry grudges to the next generation. He was nonplussed. What if the blood feud system was the only justice available? If there is no law-giver or if that law-giver honours his own family ties rather than external concepts of right and wrong, then there is no justice to lean against like some neo-Grecian column or heroic statue standing, robust and impartial, impervious to the changing seasons in the civic square.

    Dimly I perceived another world; one that we actualize, safeguard and vindicate by our own action. A world in which we have no rights except those we voice and defend on a daily basis. One in which positives derive from reckoning what was done, putting it right, burying the grievance and moving on. In contrast, consequences bear down upon us when we fail to put things right. Later I realized this is of clear and present relevance.

    Go back to the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency. It was the aftermath of the 2008 banking crisis. People were livid at the bankers. The financial crisis was no Act of God or 100-year deluge. It was a pump-and-dump using fraud in mortgage-backed securities as the vehicle. It was perpetrated by bankers and insurers — some of the same names as in 1929 like Goldman Sachs — rubber stamped by regulators and ratings agencies.

    The etymology of aftermath is æfter meaning ‘later in time’ and mæð from the proto-Indo-European root me-, meaning the scything or mowing of grass. We never got our aftermath. The bankers never got scythed. Instead, outgoing president George W. Bush bailed out the banks and Obama ensured that borrowers and taxpayers paid the bill.

    We did not put things right, nor address the grievance. We did not move on in light but colluded in dark deceit.

    Give someone an inch and they’ll take a yard, give them a yard and they’ll take a mile. That’s what the bankers did. Failing to punish corruption we generated more. The courts were corrupted, district attorneys were bought and installed (by a financier, George Soros) then the entire Department of Justice shrugged its shoulders at crime. The three-letter agencies turned out to be complicit, and anyone who points the finger at great malfeasance is likely to end in the stocks.”

    Maxwell Quest


    Thanks for posting that NSW news segment. I had to listen to it twice at the 6:35 mark to make sure I heard him correctly, but sure enough he said all except one were vaccinated, the one having had only the first dose. It’s becoming more apparent that the US doesn’t have 100% control of the messaging in all of its vassal states. This is a good sign that a tipping point for the narrative may not be far off. We try to do our best here at TAE to hasten it.

    Mr. House

    “But it goes deeper still. Even your victim — ahem, client — is not entirely stupid. After repeating the same mistake he is likely to learn. So you must gaslight him; keep his points of reference in perpetual motion.”


    It keeps on repeating with no effects
    Did the wisdom of the ancient prevent the end of social/economic structures?
    How did the wisdom of our ancient religious philosopher help.

    Here are some link to help you make up your opinion.

    Dr. D

    Following Taibbi a congregation of “Politicians” is a “Baffle.”

    Also adding “writer Thomas Frank’s dreaded “utopia of scolding,” The most horrible oppression imaginable, that of Dolores Umbridge helping and caring.

    His article only echoes co-Rolling Stone writer Kunstler in pointing out nobody listens to the universally-hated Caesar Flickermans of CNN snooting down their nose from 7-figure paychecks being dead-wrong for decades and doing no work. …In their lives.

    Taibbi has to have a purity test or his audience won’t listen to him. Just like he used to by saying Trump was Hitler, but…what they said about him in THIS article wasn’t true.

    As said before, this was done in the 30s in (Eastern) Europe, where politicians had no interest in Jews or anything, but nobody would listen to them unless they did the requisite liturgy of Jew-bashing as an opener. Because they didn’t resist, it became endemic, and self-evident, which was used/leveraged later.

    Tell the truth. The life you save may be your own.

    Congressmen are crying en masse today, collapsing on the floor, rending their clothes like limp-wristed sissies. Good image for the country! Not only will Bubba totally be terrified of them now, but China too! Nice.

    Crying Congressmen: always warms my heart.

    Because she literally died, “Ghost of AOC Testifies before January 6 Committee” –BBee
    “”I died that day,” she said, ghost tears flowing from her ghost face. “It was horrifying. It was like a medieval war: fighting inch by inch, little by little, trying to push out the invaders. Sadly, while others survived by the skin of their teeth, I didn’t make it.”

    But satire is of course impossible in this environment. She was a mile away and 3 hours ahead of time.

    “Eventually measles does show up”

    Yes, amongst the vaccinated at Yale, and with illegal immigrants visiting DisneyLand. Explain how this works, because with a million visitors crossing the southern border which 15% have Covid and are actively and intentionally bused throughout the United States, I’m confused.

    Roboto: Yes, but also remember that 95% of rural Millennial/Zoomers are in dire poverty far from any of the opportunity in the 12 blessed blue cities. They’ve been beaten like old shoes and don’t have much in common with the Brooklyites. Problem is those 95% of counties also aren’t 50% of the population and even then a lot poisoned with urban media.

    “Ezra Klein: What If the Unvaccinated Can’t Be Persuaded?”

    You dehumanize then murder them all, of course. We’re on step 7 of that plan. It was published decades ago.

    Kosovo: this why Rome fell. People stopped cooperating. Therefore specializing. Therefore having time to get good at things and make them cheap and available. Things like “clothes” and “tools”. Why? Because the “bureaucracy” fell. While I never miss a moment to destroy bureaucracy, what he’s saying is that without Justice, rules, things that are known before hand, generally agreed-upon, appeals and processes that might work, the only possible reaction to almost everything is violence. You feel wronged, either burn down their house or show up with a club and extort justice personally. They do the same. Then no people nor property are safe again and no one bothers to make any. Repeat for 1,000 years, 365,000 days in a row. The End. Is honesty and Logos REALLY so bad? Really, you can’t support it, it’s too hard? That Saxon Vikings are preferred?

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s where we are now if we can’t bring the Insiders to heel on 10,000 counts of theft in rigging markets per day, $23T in bailouts a year. Why work? They’ll just steal it anyway. Own an iPhone and play video games at Starbucks until they burn it. That’s not lazy or illogical: it’s perfectly logical, far more than working.

    Chart: Ah Capitalism. When will you stop polluting the earth unlike people-loving nations of China and the USSR?
    If only we had mandates and made people reduce, maybe they would. But here in the U.S., high prices and worse efficiency refuses to reduce CO2 at all! Oh wait: the OPPOSITE of everything I just said. Even though we use more, we’re better and less destructive in every possible way.

    …Now if only it weren’t because the US and EU do nothing, make nothing, and invent nothing, exporting all their violent, deadly pollution to human slaves. Then maybe it really would mean something.



    I’m wondering how you came by that name? It is a slang term in Italian (derived from ciuccio) and does not have a flattering meaning.


    From the clip @RickyLe80284150 Jul 28

    It’s not going to work this time. People are Fed Up

    Were getting closer to a ‘non polite’ resolution of the Plandemic.

    Dr Pierre Kory deserves a Medal

    I heard yet another doctor say in a podcast that Fauci deserves a rope from a lamp post.


    A kullervo
    “ mass education = massive irresponsibility”

    I wonder how much of mass education is “mass indoctrination.”
    My daughter was recognized as “highly gifted” in 1st grade. By the middle of 2nd grade she was attending the school district’s Gifted Learning Center. There she received an amazing education through 6th grade, where she was invited to read anything she wanted, to express herself creatively, critical thinking skills were nurtured, she did a science project of her choosing every year (except 6th, due to Covid,) she was involved collaboratively with other students on group projects, had overnight field trips — in short, it was exceptional. (This was all through the local school district.)

    It was very different for her brothers. One has various psychological diagnoses and was in programs designed to help him function in school. The second had a crappy, run of the mill, public education. The difference was stark. (Of course, *I* encouraged my kids to really think, and am pleased with the result, even in the son who had the crappy elementary education.). My daughter has spent the free time from the pandemic reading, studying the writing of her favorite authors (she is considering a career in writing,) and working on her drawing, with dramatic results. She is a self-starter who chooses her own course of study, pursues self-education in those areas, and it shows — BTW, she is 13.

    I believe that the education received thus far by my daughter is the broad based education that should be the goal for ALL children, not just those identified as “gifted” and (as my domestic partner and I suppose) not just reserved for the children of the parasitic class (aka elites) and those most likely to be right below them as their chosen advisors, tasked with carrying out their wishes.

    But, of course, then we would have too many people (like the young man speaking to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors) who can actually think and understand documents (such as numbers and statistics and the Constitution, et al.)

    those darned kids

    capitalism is dead.

    we now have covidism*, the fusion of monopolies, glubberments, social media corrals, hordes of frightened humans, and the lynchpin, the hamster wheel of protection “offered” by all of the above.

    seems like extortion to me.

    *“why do what’s right, when you can take what’s left.”

    madamski cafone

    Regarding China buying USA farmland: aw hell, it’s only money. Time comes (sooner than not, methinks), we’ll have both their money and the land it bought, which is not something you can profitably or even affordably load into shipping containers for overseas shipping.

    In the short run, it’s probably a powerful financial/economic leveraging tool by China, but that’s nothing new. We’ve been selling ourselves to China for half a century. But soil, farmland… you have to invade and occupy a place to own its farmland. Financial markers will move about in the economic arm-wrestle between China/USA, but whatever “ownership” China has of USA topsoil will be fleeting.

    madamski cafone

    Let me say one of those things I do that make many people want to kick me in the teeth: by the time opposition to a problem becomes ubiquitous and virtually the only problem deemed worth opposing, one is in a crusade, the battle has already been tipped whichever way it’s going to go, and one’s actions per that crusade are now at best a waste of time.

    We’ve not only become an echo chamber, we’ve become so filled with a single topic that you can’t even hear the echoes for the din.

    I’ll ask a question based on the metaphor of Xtian End Times prophecy: now that we’ve covered Plague, which of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse do we next expect to arrive in a black swan* paradigm-shattering way?
    *apparently, they’re breeding

    madamski cafone

    Anecdotal observation regarding censorship and such:

    started using duckduckgo as my search engine. Had stuck with google this far to remain in the belly of the beast and see what’s happening.

    The dumbing-down factor has become close to MSNBC level. Same question with duck provided what I used to experience from google. JUst an fyi ground-level grass-root observation.

    those darned kids

    from cbc: july 20, 2021 [no links allowed pour moi – i tried three different ways]

    Grasshopper invasion described as ‘horror movie’ traps residents indoors in Lethbridge, Alta.

    “One homeowner is questioning whether their family needs to move”

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