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    madamski cafone

    my parents said know

    “Unless you’ve plans for it, I’d like to steal this as ap[lot device. It’s so intuitive.


    TAES- I think of Thompson’s 911 Timeline- add the time factor into the official narrative and sane people’s heads will explode.

    madamski cafone

    “Animals like me.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    absolute galore

    Bill7, thank you for posting that Ezra piece. I’m not familiar with him, but based on the fact that he writes opinions for the NYT, I figured it would be a doozy. I was not disappointed.

    ..there is nothing more overrated in politics — and perhaps in life — than the power of persuasion. It is nearly impossible to convince people of what they don’t want to believe…”

    No kidding, Ezra? Somebody sure baited your hook good, no?

    For all the exhortations to respect their concerns, there is a deep condescension in believing that we’re smart enough to discover or invent some appeal they haven’t yet heard.

    That’s the faux “see, I am not like those fake respecters of the deplorables, I really do respect them, because I’m deeper than your average exhorters on their soap boxes”. Talk about condenscension.

    The big problem with his position is the underlying refusal to engage the other side’s postions in any real way. His statement:
    The unvaccinated often hold their views strongly, and many are making considered, cost-benefit calculations given how they weigh the risks of the virus, and the information sources they trust to inform them of those risks. Another masterful piece of condenscension that could be flipped right around and used verbatim to support the opposite camp.

    I’m sympathetic to most of the ideas people have offered. The F.D.A. should give the vaccines full approval, not just emergency authorization, as the agency’s absurd process has created mass confusion and fed mistrust. We should respect people’s concerns and their intelligence.

    Yeah, that absurd process, testing the drugs that we’ll be injecting into the entire U.S. population. Lets do an emergency authorization of the emergency authorization and make it “legit”. But hey, Ezra is sympathetic to most ideas people have offered. Obviously he is speaking exclusively, 100 percent to the people who think exactly as he does. They need to figure out the least messy ways to force the rest of the population to get vaxxed.

    Though I’d like to believe otherwise, I don’t think our politics can support a national vaccination mandate. So Ezra would like to live under a government that would force all of its citizens to be injected with a drug against their will.

    Side note, he becomes what, the hundredth pundit to use that bul$$#@!&it Alabama doctor quote. “A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same.” A General Hospital learning moment. If this happened sort of even one time I would be shocked. It wreaks of not the truth. I am not unsympathetic to those who die young of Covid, but if you look at the CDC data that Chris Martinsen went over in a video the other day, even one death as she describes would be such an outlier–young plus no comorbidities–as to be a spotted unicorn. She holds hands and hugs and intubates but won’t use Ivermectin. Her patients should have requested transfers to Houston. Hero or unthinking coward, you decide.

    madamski cafone

    fwiw, here is a background story on Dr Robert Malone. WHile written by his wife, it provides ample details to be vetted: it sticks its neck out, has skin in the game. I’ll guess it’s mostly honest and reliably accurate:

    Yes, Malonew Invented mRna Vaccine Tech




    Thanks for the explanation. I was going to comment on the “racist” nature of the product but those darned kids beat me to it. If you go to Italy, you might want to use cheech instead.

    madamski cafone

    As opposed to this oh-so-fairly-balanced and neatly nuanced assassin piece:

    Supposed ‘mRNA Vaccine Inventor’ Is a COVID Crank

    But then, any puclication titled Real CLear Science is working the samew propaganda schtick as FOX’s “Fair and Balanced/We Inform/You Decide” or google “The News You Need to Know Today, You” psych-frame.

    (Skim through: yep. Fluff. Very detailed, exhausting long, heavy on recurrent hypnotic ad homiinems like “crank”, light on first-hand info)


    @madamski re: asym and time and stuff

    First, so I stay OT, remember that asymmetric warfare includes the tired-and-true tactics as well as the new-and-shiny. “Remember, and stay alive!” is also asymmetric warfare. Going Harry Tuttle is guerilla kindness. 🙂

    About the pretzel, here’s just a fairly straightforward example in my recent travels:

    Company wants reminder calls for appointments. We do reminder calls.

    The database software has several (SEVERAL!!!) varieties of time storage types. I’ll keep to the flavors I use at the moment:

    datetime – Stored as a 32-bit number internally, then helpfully converted for you by the ‘connector’ (a class driver of sorts). Storing in 32-bit limits to a granularity of 1 second, otherwise it’s only useful for a limited period. When you ask for the datetime, you get something that is adjusted to the timezone either set or assumed when you first connected to the database.

    timestamp – This is the 32-bit number, in the raw. Seconds from epoch (in this case, I think sometime in 1970, but differs for hardware and software). This is in Greenwich, so must be manually converted to the needed timezone.

    date/time – Either just the date, or just the time, stored as a string

    The phone systems we use for this store the more critical timestamps in a 64-bit number, affording some room for growth.

    We’re in SoCal, so PAC TZ. Most customers are east coast, so CEN or EAST TZ. Some expect to see their time in their local TZ, some expect to see some times in TZs specific to this or that call, or in the TZ of the agent making the action.

    Entities send us data that we digest to generate these reminders. We usually have to support legacy systems that cannot be reconfigured by the clients, or it’s “Oh, you want a data export connector? That’s $10K please…” (MediTech, FU! Likewise McKessen!) I expect a baroque, almost maliciously designed time format to be used in each and every new site we support. I am seldom surprised. Here’s a small sample of formats I’ve encountered that I’ve since internalized:

    07/25/2021 1:18 PM
    07/25/2021 13:18:00
    2021-07-25 13:18:00
    2021-07-25 13:18:00T-08
    2021-07-25 13:18:00T-08:00:00
    25-JUL-2021 13:18:00 <– VAX VMS time format…my first professional use of time in computerland!

    The above are machine-produced and fairly reliable. When humans are used to produce these, you get the normal variances.

    Then various programming languages and their libraries allow/do different things with time, not surprisingly and most egregiously hampered/damaged by Microsoft Win32 and .Net libs. They can all produce surprising ‘default’ values for bad input times, so catch out the lazy hackers.

    Anyway, that’s just a vignette re: time display, storage, processing…just the mustard being prepared for the pretzel.

    those darned kids

    crank up the volume!

    Patent: WO1990011092; Inventors: Philip L. Felgner, Jon Asher Wolff, Gary H. Rhodes, Robert Wallace Malone, Dennis A. Carson; Assignees: Vical Inc., Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation; Title:”Expression of Exogenous Polynucleotide Sequences in a Vertebrate”; (Quote: “The present invention relates to introduction of naked DNA and RNA sequences into a vertebrate to achieve controlled expression of a polypeptide. It is useful in gene therapy, vaccination, and any therapeutic situation in which a polypeptide should be administered to cells in vivo”; Example 8: mRNA vaccination of mice to produce the gpl20 protein of HIV virus); Priority date: 1989-03-21; Publication date: 1990-10-04.

    some cranks just gotta crank. and hold patents for said cranking. since at least 1990. cranking.

    Michael Reid

    Is Asymetric Warfare like how the Taliban beat the West?


    Bosco- If you do, thank your muses at The Automatic Earth and if you make money push some of it on to Ilargi.
    And if it shows up in something I do, allow that it is mine. 😉
    I live it.

    Doc Robinson

    Covid outbreak at Provincetown, Mass.
    Lots of breakthrough infections.

    As of Thursday, 882 people were tied to the Provincetown outbreak. Among those living in Massachusetts, 74% of them were fully immunized, yet officials said the vast majority were also reporting symptoms. Seven people were reported hospitalized.

    madamski cafone

    Another example of the “ducal signet” syndrome, this time to appease/maintain credibility with covid skeptics/realists:

    I’m a Very Proud COVID & Vaxx Realist But Here’s Why I Just Got the Sputnik Light Jab
    July 28, 2021
    It might sound hypocritical, but allow me to explain before casting judgement.

    the article

    madamski cafone

    “allow that it is mine. 😉
    I live it.”

    U funny! 🙂

    Mr. House



    Absolute Galore- nice take on Ezra’s dreck.
    Michael Reid- ZING!
    The spike-naive are the Taliban. Or species 8472.
    MadamC- DUH. Aren’t we all from the past?

    Mister Roboto

    Well, of all the jabs out there, the Sputnik V is the one I might willingly take. Maybe the Novavax when it comes out, which will be somewhat similar to the Sputnik. But my preference is to let well enough alone. Yes, I’m a diabetic in his fifties, but I got through working in a customer-service position in a busy big-city grocery store during two Covid surges (the second one of which was pretty nasty and almost killed my best friend from high school) without getting so much as a cold, so I’m willing to take my chances. (May the Spirit bless and defend my decision, of course.)


    Mister Roboto- I think your in for the smoke tomorrow. The best I could make of it is some really atmospheric photos.


    your= you’re

    Mister Roboto

    The spike-naive are the Taliban. Or species 8472.

    We at TAE are the Great Link of the Founders. The rest of the unvaxxed once ADE fully reveals itself will become our Jem Hadar. Hey, a guy can dream, right? 😉

    Mister Roboto

    @MPSK: It may already be here. It was sunny, warm, and humid this afternoon, but when I went out in the early evening to mail some bill-payments, it was suddenly very gray and overcast.

    madamski cafone

    A nifty two-fer on mass psychosis and totalitarianism. 10 minutes and 15 minutes, respectively.



    those darned kids

    no way, mr. roboto

    abdala or soberana, pumpin’ ya’ full of mRNche (p.b.u.h.) is the answer. no imperialist vaccine or spike can stand a chance against the power of the people’s vaccine.


    seriously, i trust the cubans more than any others to actually produce an effective and safe vaccine. regardless…


    Mister Roboto- Here’s that smoke map link again.

    those darned kids

    the smoke map it depressing.

    my brother lives in kelowna:

    [insert environment canada kelowna smoke warning weather forecast]


    Iodine has always been on my list of things to consume when I want to avoid coming down with something.
    In fact, oysters are my No.1 choice of health foods in the winter.
    So I looked it up:
    “Taken into account the above mentioned pathophysiological, clinical and epidemiological data, we hypothesize that iodine is a crucial element in the optimal functioning of the innate immune system and could be the magic bullet for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, in both a curative and preventive way. Prevention might be reached easily because of very limited side effects and fast uptake by oral supplementation. Besides it should be borne in mind that iodine deficiency is estimated to affect one third of the world population at the moment.”

    Mr. House

    Something to consider

    Doc Robinson

    In the state of Massachusetts, for the week ending July 23, “the breakthrough cases account for 38.1 percent of all new COVID-19 cases.”

    Numbers from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health show there have been 6,373 cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated individuals as of July 24, a significant jump from the 5,166 cases reported as of July 17 and 4,450 reported a week earlier.

    The DPH reported 3,161 new positive COVID-19 cases between July 17 and July 23.

    When analyzing the number of overall COVID-19 cases reported by the DPH between July 17 and July 23, the breakthrough cases account for 38.1 percent of all new COVID-19 cases.

    madamski cafone

    “MadamC- DUH. Aren’t we all from the past?”

    I’ve always wanted to go into a bank or doctor’s office and gravelky tell them with amazing detail that I am from the future, really, I know it sounds crazy, but that’s time travel. But the partner in crime that would’ve p[rovided the backup necessary to keep me from going to the psych ward if maybe a bit of prison, died of AIDS before I could convince him to do it.

    I mean, all he would’ve had to do was vouch for my sanbity. Is that so much?;)

    Between covid, locusts, smoke,a flaming farce of a government, now with Joe Biden, the man with the combover mind grinning like a Lizard Person just dying to rip off that meatskin and get slithery with it… I think maybe we should reconsider Argentina. If it worked for the S.S. it could work for us:

    Alive and Well in Argentina

    madamski cafone

    And since we spend so much time dancing, in effect, around the idol of Ba’al, if mostly in a trance of wretched fixated fear (hardly unjustified), let’s get some music to jig it with:

    Money is their God

    If Austin music ever boasted a real outlaw in its ranks, it was Dan Del Santo. His music was always one step ahead of the pack, and he died a federal fugitive living outside the law. Del Santo was a purveyor of country and bluegrass when he moved to Austin from his native New York in 1974. He quickly formed the Professors of Pleasure and began his evolution from country and bluegrass into jazz and blues and outward. In 1979 he appeared on Austin City Limits, but his interests were taking a 180-degree turn. Inspired by Caribbean and reggae music and the upsurge in African bands beginning to tour the States, Del Santo’s music took on a pan-American sound bolstered by African, Cuban, and reggae rhythms. He ruled the airwaves of KUT with his World Beat show, originating the term and acting as its major proponent. The phrase “world beat” was quickly picked up and brought Del Santo a measure of fame, but life as a musician made it difficult to support a family of three kids, and Del Santo supplemented his income selling marijuana. His well-publicized bust in 1992 saw the end of his musical career in the States when he fled the country rather than be railroaded by the justice system. Ultimately settling in Oaxaca, Mexico, Dan Del Santo picked up his guitar and started performing under the name the Blues Demon with his band Perros del Sol. He died in Oaxaca in 2001, a free man and folk hero but far from home and family. — Margaret Moser


    So tomorrow the CDC has a big announcement to make!
    The vaccines don’t work against the variants!

    Doc Robinson

    Dr. Fauci now points out why vaccine passports, and blaming the unvaccinated, are unjustified.

    “You can make a reasonable assumption that vaccinated people can transmit the virus just like unvaccinated people can.”

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