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Emil Nolde Half Moon Over The Sea 1945



This is a double list from longtime Automatic Earth regular commenter TAE Summary , posted in yesterday’s Debt Rattle thread. It’s too useful, and nice, and well-done, to leave it there, it should -and deserves to- be seen by more people. Who will all recognize something here, but not all the same. Good! Now we’re talking!



TAE Summary:


The Mainstream Narrative

– It is not known where Covid 19 originated but the most likely origin is the transmission from an animal to humans

– Covid 19 has killed 600K people in the US

– Trump botched the Covid 19 response costing many lives

– Many deaths were preventable if we’d tested, masked, tracked and locked down better

– Vaccines are good and have eradicated polio, measles, whooping cough and other diseases

– Vaccines against Covid 19 are safe and effective and have saved many lives with only minor, acceptable adverse reactions

– There are no effective treatments for Covid 19 besides the vaccines

– Covid is spread by droplets and aerosols from infected people, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, and can be spread through momentary casual contact both indoors and outdoors

– Children and young adults are at risk form Covid 19 and can spread the disease and should take the same precautions and measures as adults

– We need to do whatever it takes to defeat Covid 19 including frequent testing, mass vaccination, continued lockdowns and wearing masks

– The best information comes from the CDC, FDA and NIH

– The mainstream media warns us of the dangers of Covid 19 but unfortunately many do not take these warnings seriously

– As usual, conspiracy theorists and nut-jobs abound

– Antivaxxers are against all vaccines and now also against the Covid 19 vaccines

– Antivaxxers have believed phony information disseminated by scurrilous, right wing charlatans

– These people cost many lives and are the reason Covid still spreads and mutates

– They are responsible for continued lockdowns and the further decimation of the economy

– They are selfish, evil and anti-science

– The Covid 19 response is all about trying to get us back to normal as quickly as possible



The Counter Narrative

– Covid 19 was most likely created in a lab in China or the US

– Covid 19 kills people but far fewer than the official count

– Almost all officials in government have botched the Covid 19 response, costing many lives

– Most deaths were preventable if we had investigated and deployed early treatments including vitamin D, zinc, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin

– Vaccines are good and have eradicated polio, measles, whooping cough and other diseases

– The Covid 19 vaccines however are not actually vaccines but gene therapy and have not been adequately tested

– The Covid 19 vaccines have serious side effects including death and other as yet unknown consequences which are not being investigated and are suppressed by the media

– We need to defeat Covid 19 and the best way to do this is through early outpatient treatment with known, effective drugs and known drug protocols for hospitalized patients

– Covid 19 is primarily spread by aerosols from symptomatic and pre-symptomatic people, mostly in indoor situations with poor ventilation where peoples spend a long time together

– Children and young adults are at low risk from Covid 19 and need take fewer precautions and measures but should be treated with drug protocols if infected

– Masks, distancing and lockdowns are mostly ineffective

– The best information comes from front line doctors who actually treat patients and experienced researchers who have no financial interest in big pharma

– The CDC, FDA and NIH are largely compromised because of their association with and funding by drug companies

– The mainstream media is also compromised by their association with big pharma and the government

– The truth about Covid 19 is suppressed and labeled conspiracy theory in order to support the mainstream narrative

– People who insist that the vaccines are the only way to fight Covd 19 have believed lies told to them by the MSM from big pharma and a corrupt medical establishment

– The vaccine narrative has cost many lives and ineffective vaccines are responsible for the continued spread and mutation of Covid 19

– The fallacious mainstream narrative is responsible for all lock downs and the decimation of the economy

– The people who push the mainstream narrative are evil and anti-science; The people who believe this narrative are naive, dogmatic and anti-science

– The Covid 19 response is all about money, power and control




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    Emil Nolde Half Moon Over The Sea 1945     This is a double list from longtime Automatic Earth regular commenter TAE Summary , posted in yes
    [See the full post at: A Tale of Two Narratives]

    John Day

    @TAE Summary: So Nephilim? NKVD? “Entheogens”?
    What’s the secret of this kind of clarity, Bro (or, maybe “Sis”) ?


    Agreed, Raul. This TAE Summary post deserves its own space. Thank you!

    : I’ve mentioned before that I don’t know how TAE Summary does it. Some posts are literally jaw dropping. The humorous side to posts are also a welcome relief. I’d like to know the secret, too. 😉


    Fact checking

    Are there link to the contracts
    Pfizer Purchase Agreement

    My search found the following info
    You can contact NPR pharmaceuticals correspondent Sydney Lupkin at [email protected].

    Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine Supply Contract Excludes Many Taxpayer Protections
    November 24, 2020
    4:46 PM ET

    When the Department of Health and Human Services released Pfizer’s $1.95 billion coronavirus vaccine contract with Operation Warp Speed last Wednesday, the agreement revealed that the Trump administration didn’t include government rights to intellectual property typically found in federal contracts.

    The drugmaker has downplayed its involvement in Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s more than $10 billion program to make a coronavirus vaccine available in record time. Although Pfizer didn’t receive government funding this spring toward research and development of the vaccine, it nevertheless received one of the largest Operation Warp Speed supply contracts to date on July 21.

    Pfizer is working on the vaccine with BioNTech, a German company. They announced results of final efficacy analysis last Wednesday, revealing that the vaccine is 95% effective. The company announced that it submitted its request for emergency use authorization on Friday.

    That nearly $2 billion contract will pay for 100 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine at a price of $19.50 per dose if the vaccine is OK’d by the Food and Drug Administration. The government also has the option to buy up to 500 million more doses. The other Operation Warp Speed agreements pay for vaccines regardless of FDA approval or authorization.
    If you are interested, in more details, look at how the contract was written with Israel.
    The benefits and protections are favorable for Pfizer.


    (I would include “quotes” but I’m not permitted to “cut and paste”)
    Here is an opinion of that contract.


    Vaccines For Data: Israel’s Pfizer Deal Drives Quick Rollout — And Privacy Worries
    January 31, 2021
    Daniel Estrin

    Israel paid a premium, locked in an early supply of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines and struck a unique deal: vaccines for data.

    The nation of some 9 million promised Pfizer a swift vaccine rollout, along with data from Israel’s centralized trove of medical statistics to study “whether herd immunity is achieved after reaching a certain percentage of vaccination coverage in Israel,” according to their agreement.

    “We said to Pfizer … that the moment they give us the vaccine, we’ll be able to vaccinate at the speed they’ve never heard of,” Israel’s health minister Yuli Edelstein tells NPR.

    Israel’s small size and technologically advanced public health system offer an attractive model for Pfizer to demonstrate the impact of the vaccine on an entire population. Pfizer has not signed a similar agreement with any other country, company spokesperson Jerica Pitts says.

    The vaccines-for-data trade-off has sparked impassioned debate in Israel among data privacy experts, biotech researchers and the country’s own medical ethics board, weighing the potential benefits of mining the population for vaccine insights against the potential abuse of millions of personal medical records.
    I could not find the contract with Canada. Lots of second hand reporting by news media but no documents.
    Here is what Canada has to say. ( I could not find the contracts)
    COVID-19 vaccine agreements
    On behalf of PHAC, and based on advice from the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force, PSPC is leading negotiations and finalizing agreements with suppliers of COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

    The Government of Canada has committed over $9 billion to procure vaccines and therapeutics and to provide international support. PHAC is responsible for managing this funding as the client department. A majority of that amount has been allocated for the up to 409 million doses of vaccines and vaccine candidates secured for everyone in Canada.

    All vaccine candidates will require Health Canada authorization prior to being used to vaccinate anyone in Canada.

    Canada makes it difficult to find out information from its site.


    Interim Order Respecting the Importation, Sale and Advertising of Drugs for Use in Relation to COVID-19
    Explanatory note
    Interim Order Respecting the Importation, Sale and Advertising of Drugs for Use in Relation to COVID-19

    (This note is not part of the Order.)
    Narrative should be based on facts, which should not be hard to find

    madamski cafone

    Received this in my email today:

    Dear Valued Patient,

    I wanted to reach out to those of our patients who have not yet been vaccinated against Covid. Our doctors include Democrats, Republicans and Independents, but we are united in urging you to get vaccinated. I would like to outline some of the reasons for our opinion.

    First, Covid cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans before the miracle of rapid development of a vaccine slowed the death toll from the thousands each day. Now the rise of the more infectious Delta variant of Covid is reversing this progress

    Second, the vaccine is clearly protective. 97-99% of Americans now being hospitalized and dying of Covid are unvaccinated

    Third, the vaccine has been given to over 350 million people with remarkably few serious side effects. Few other medicines have been given to so many people with so few major side effects. The idea of waiting to see what happens to other people may have had validity in January, but it doesn’t any more given how many people have been treated.

    Fourth, people in other countries are dying in large numbers because they don’t have enough vaccine. Only in the United States are such large numbers of people refusing this protection.

    Please get one of the vaccines against Covid to protect yourself before you get sick

    If you don’t want to get it for yourself, get it to protect friends and family members from catching the virus from you.

    If you don’t want to get it for friends and family members, please get it to protect those vulnerable people, from immunocompromised cancer patients to young children, for whom vaccine is either not approved or where it is less protective.

    If you don’t want to get it for others in your community, please get it as an act of patriotism to help our country recover. There are few things anyone can do in July 2021 to help America more than helping stop the spread of this deadly disease. As President Kennedy famously said,” Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

    Our doctors and nurses would be happy to talk further to address your concerns and answer your questions about Covid vaccination. Please remember that the vaccine is free and available both at Fanno Creek Clinic and many other locations

    Wishing everyone health and happiness,

    Gregg Coodley M.D.

    Medical Director, Fanno Creek Clinic


    My reply:

    Such recommendations lower the medical credibility of Fanno Creek Med Clinic. Everything about the “vaccines” used by Euromerican medicine is disastrous, beginning with the bogus definition and the grounds for Emergency Use Authorization (the false claim that there are not other, cheaper, safer, more effective and more reliable therapies out there).

    And since when did viruses vote?

    Be annoyed with me now. Remember my words a year from now and feel awkward looking in your mirror.


    Robin Morrison


    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.“ Voltaire

    Dr. D

    T Summary is too good.

    And the email highlights the dual narratives like nothing else could. Amazed each and every item is easily disputable or wrong. Showing, not well, that they never looked in the slightest. Didn’t credit their patient’s reluctance at all.

    TAE Summary

    * Addendum to Tale of Two Narratives

    The Mainstream Narrative
    – All people are at risk for Covid and should take the same precautions if for no other reason than out of solidarity
    – Long Covid is real and the best protection is to get vaccinated which diminishes Covid symptoms

    The Counter Narrative
    – Old people and those with co-morbidities like diabetes are at greater risk for Covid and should take greater precautions and be afforded extra protections
    – Long Covid is real and is best prevented by prophylactic, outpatient or in hospital treatment with recommended drug protocols

    * How to write like TAE Summary in 10 easy steps
    1. Have one parent who was an engineer and the other who was a poet and inherit the capabilities of both sides of the brain
    2. Be a life-long social misfit and try to compensate by saying clever, annoying things at the most inappropriate moments imaginable
    3. Study math in college and spend countless hours proving obscure theorems
    4. Join a religion and immerse yourself in the vagaries of theology, digging out obscure meanings of the holy scriptures
    5. Try your hand at stand-up comedy with mild success
    6. Read 1000 books, listen to a 1000 songs, watch a 1000 movies, skim 10,000 websites and remember a lot of what you read, heard, watched and skimmed
    7. Find a blog with excellent content where there are between 40 and 100 comments a day from interesting personalities, where the comments are reasonably intelligent, moderately argumentative and often entertaining
    8. Read the comments making a list of anything that sounds interesting, categorizing your list and pooling related items
    9. Let the neural-net/AI in your head combine/cross-correlate comments with each other and with things from a book, song, movie or website into a bulleted-listed jumble of nonsense, then delete the bits that could get you arrested
    10. Post and hope for the best


    Can we add to TAE Summary:
    It is WHY the VACCINE is being pushed.


    I’ll start …..
    If the people who don’t want to get the vaccine are only 1%, ( would you prefer 20%), of the population then there should be herd immunity.


    Dr. Bonnie Henry – There is no magic number for herd immunity. Get the vaccine

    zerosum – ( #@$%&*()*&^%$)


    @TAE Summary: “How to write like TAE Summary in 10 easy steps”

    So, basically, be a savant. Hmmmm … I think I failed the pre-step. 😉

    Thank you for what you do.

    those darned kids

    “Few other medicines have been given to so many people with so few major side effects. “

    how can a doctor not know that is false? i personally know 3 people who went to the hospital because of this medicide, er “medicine”.

    i tell people, “you may not believe in karma, but karma believes in you.”


    @Madam: nice letter. About that getting jabbed to protect cancer patients who can’t be jabbed argument …

    My daughter’s fiancee has had cancer (not 5 years free yet). Granted, not currently in treatment, but he was vaccinated early in this push.

    I read about who was excluded from early trials. He would have been excluded, but was in the early vaxx push. They can take that jab and shove it, the lying pieces of dung.

    madamski cafone


    madamski cafone

    Same guy:

    Sunday Morning
    Down the road someone is practicing scales,
    The notes like little fishes vanish with a wink of tails,
    Man’s heart expands to tinker with his car
    For this is Sunday morning, Fate’s great bazaar;
    Regard these means as ends, concentrate on this Now,
    And you may grow to music or drive beyond Hindhead anyhow,
    Take corners on two wheels until you go so fast
    That you can clutch a fringe or two of the windy past,
    That you can abstract this day and make it to the week of time
    A small eternity, a sonnet self-contained in rhyme.
    But listen, up the road, something gulps, the church spire
    Open its eight bells out, skulls’ mouths which will not tire
    To tell how there is no music or movement which secures
    Escape from the weekday time. Which deadens and endures.
    Louis Macneice

    Mr. House

    Got picked up by zerohedge, congrats TAE summery

    those darned kids

    indeed, congratulations, tae summary.

    i will pass this on to those i dare.


    Excellent summary.

    If I had the time I’d assemble a dossier of documents for presentation in a court of law. We’ve had plenty of material placed before us in previous months of TAE. But I doubt that one would ever get as far as testing the issues in any court. I feel that evidence contrary to the mainstream narrative would be ruled inadmissable and not worth a court’s time to consider.

    One source of information which I feel has hugely failed us is The Conversation. It presents itself as a sound, academically-originated source of data and analysis, designed to enlighten and correct. But all I have seen in it for many months now is unwavering support for the mainstream vaccine narrative. I have not seen any serious discussion of methodological shortcomings, data gaps, or research bias. This morning they’re attacking Sputnik V, with statements like “many researchers have criticised the vaccine’s developer”, and “some scientists” say there are inconsistencies in the published data. The biggest strike is that “despite being approved by 69 countries with a total population of over 3.7 billion, Sputnik V is yet to be approved by the WHO or the EMA.” No wonder the general public believes the mainstream narrative. Anything We do is Good. Anything They do is Bad. End of story.

    A young friend of ours who works in a hospital is getting not-so-subtle pressure from his parents to get the jab. He doesn’t want it, and so far the hospital has not yet made it mandatory. His wife, who also does not want the jab, has been accused by her in-laws of almost being a closet anti-vaxxer. This is in Oz.

    It’s easy to see how society is splitting, or being split, in two. It’s getting nasty.

    Mr. House

    “It’s easy to see how society is splitting, or being split, in two. It’s getting nasty.”

    It didn’t start with covid…….. and i believe its the same people/institutions doing it on purpose


    For the Dr’s in the house: Saw some comments at Denninger re: vaccine injection protocols that generally, though intramuscular, do not require withdrawal of blood first to ensure no vessel was hit, due to cost (??) of the vaccine/medicine (not waste the dose!). This was suggested as a cause for the ‘instant death and dismemberment’ cases we see. Thoughts?

    From my fevered paranoia, I’ve bumped to 60% confidence my opinion that this is a Gates redo of Afr/Ind. It is an attempt at sterilization, damn the collateral damage. Check birth rates over the next 2 years.

    Also, I took a month off this madness, starting at the end of June, and only now doing catch-up. Wish I hadn’t, because I find so many people stuck in a loop. I spent the time since doing mentally productive things. Here was the impetus for my shut-off, going back to my required and long-overdue connection with my true home state, and realizing the World is moving on: The New Horizons Of A Bucket

    : I’m glad the ProBosco is back! I value your presence in a strange way. You, to me, are similar to Little Horse the Contrarian, or a ‘fool on the hill’ gone HS Thompson on passers-by. The ‘act’ (as some may view it) is useful to open people up. I tend to read authors, rather than books, so I’ll start my Joe Bageant phase presently. Before I get to that, I want to read Wise Blood. The movie is a true work of art, and I can’t say why but it says something about the present, and about the ‘ProBosco Returns!’ thread. Anyway, hope you’re well. You might remember something I just found through a long stint reading tvtropes.org:

    Quasi At The Quackadero – the animation of Sally Cruikshank. When this was made, I’d have been watching Tom Hatten on KTLA, for 2 hours of Popeye and related.

    those darned kids

    to thomasjkenney:

    you were lucky to watch two hours of max and dave fleischer.

    check out “koko’s earth control” from 1927. i can’t post links.


    @thomas: “I find so many people stuck in a loop … the World is moving on.”

    Thank you. 🙂 I’ve copied/pasted to re-read and remind myself.

    Parts of the world are moving on, but here in NY? Not so much. I’d relo to another state but there are ties that bind. It’s a mind bending experience, this past 18 months, and we’re muddling through as best we can.

    There are people whose income and family and friends and, even, health (vaccine status) are not being affected. For others of us? It’s not so great.

    This isn’t criticism. You have a valid point. But there are multiple angles to this mess and not everyone has the ability to escape the daily reality.


    @those darned kids…thanks for the rec! Love animation stuff, Bill Plympton and Disney Studios and everything in between.

    Apologize for partial thread hijack, but I must add: Hatten’s show was a true cartoon-lover’s show for kids who could concentrate for more than 15 seconds at a shot. He always had a lot of history and current connections to deliver, I think I remember guest stars (hafta go back and watch!), all in his ‘calmly energetic’ style. Not all 120 mins were Popeye, lots of George Of The Jungle and Tom Slick. And I wonder why I grew up a Doubting Thomas…

    Thanks, @TAE Summary – It’s spreading far and wide. Denninger thread linked here also. (Hafta keep Denninger at arms’ length for fear of getting powder burns!)


    @thomas: “vaccine injection protocols that generally, though intramuscular, do not require withdrawal of blood first to ensure no vessel was hit …”

    I’ve wondered about this. I’ve never provided healthcare to humans, but I worked with horses (100+ head) for several years. I’ve done thousands of injections. We *always* pushed the needle, pulled the plunger to make sure there was not blood, then pushed the plunger if there wasn’t blood.

    Have seen lots of clips of people delivering vaccines. No one does this needle in, pull to check, then push. Have wondered why. Perhaps a dr on here can weigh in? Maybe horses are different and we don’t do this protocol in humans?


    ZH! The BigTme! 😉

    madamski cafone


    Vaks injection tutorial.

    madamski cafone
    Mister Roboto

    I am aghast at how crassly manipulative and just plain wrong on every level that e-mail Robin received was. Nice pithy reply though. (/imagining the person at the clinic reading the reply and saying, “Oh, don’t be tho pithy!”) 😉

    John Day

    About intramuscular injections:
    2 things reduce the risk of the needle injecting into a vein or artery:

    1) Squeezing the muscle firmly and holding the squeeze when injecting to keep veins collapsed (and maybe arteries if extra-firm)

    2) Pull back before injecting to assure needle tip is not in a blood vessel.

    The risk of injecting into a blood vessel is never zero, but you can get closer to zero.
    It is less quick-and-easy to get closer to zero.

    John Day

    @TAE Summary:
    You left out the entheogens, man!



    First of all, if you believe all points of any given narrative on a recent event without making a few questions, you probably never made any effort to work out the truth. So anybody that listens to you has also given up on the truth. And if it makes you very happy to be just as ignorant and stupid as your neighbour, you are just a happy idiot.

    Second, it just happens that the first narrative is correct on more vital points than the second. When it comes to a disease, one of the main points of interest is how dangerous it is. Well, “Covid 19 kills people but far fewer than the official count” is simply false. You only have to look at the stats of excess deaths in any given country to see that covid has been in some places undercounted, but I can’t find a single country where it appears to have been overcounted.

    It may be entirely correct that effective treatments for covid have been ignored. It’s also entirely correct that masks and lockdowns work. The difference here is, anybody can make sure to wear a mask (or make one for themselves) and take other basic prevention measures like avoiding unnecessary contact with other people. But it’s much harder for somebody to demand a treatment from your doctor that may not be available to your doctor. So, again, the counter-narrative is massively unhelpful for an individual trying to stay healthy, even assuming it is correct.

    So, if you had to evaluate the two narratives on their usefulness to survival, you’d have to accept that the first one is better, even if it may be incorrect on several points. Ideally, of course, you should accept no narrative and do your own homework.

    Mister Roboto

    Doly = me, about a year ago from this time.

    A good place to start doing that homework is with the book Covid: Why Most Of What You Know Is Wrong by Swedish physician Sebastian Rushworth.

    Formerly T-Bear

    – Masks, distancing and lockdowns are mostly ineffective

    Masks, distancing and isolation may not be efficient preventing transmission each by themselves BUT they DO provide a virtual reduction in population hindering rapid transmission of viral pathogens; effective when other counter measures have not been developed for a given pathogen. The simplicity of the statement makes it deceptive and sadly untrue.

    Mister Roboto

    One thing that is true is that concept of “lockdowns” is a term lifted from prison-management. I find it sad that only right-libertarians are willing to acknowledge and discuss this.

    Formerly T-Bear

    > Mister Roberto

    And nobody knows what transpires around the borders (+2-300 miles) of that space between Mexico and Canada under the jurisdiction of their border ‘police’? The effect is not in one direction keeping folk out only although the traffic is predominately inbound but that could change dramatically on very short notice under certain circumstances no longer inconceivable. Careful consideration must be given concerning risks to travel to that space; one false accusation and the traveler can disappear into the ‘oh so legalish’ gulag-amerikkkan. Not long ago a young Russian lady discovered this when she supported the U.S. Second Amendment (to her discomfort).

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