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    Odilon Redon Sunset n.d.   • Ukraine Shells Prison Holding POWs – Donbass Official (RT) • US Should Not Fund Ukrainian ‘Blacklist’ (Scott Ritter)
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    V. Arnold


    …made my day… 😉

    Dr. D

    “The US military, under the Biden Administration, has also implemented woke policies that deter future members from enlisting or re-enlisting. Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, said prioritizing the woke agenda has alienated the once core conservative, traditional members. “It sends a message that if your son or daughter joins the military, if they’re not of a certain skin complexion or sex, they might be investigated for extremism,” she stated. “They alienated their constituency.”

    The Army is now stating that it could fail to reach its recruitment goal by an alarming 25% in 2022. The Army is set to decline by 10,000 troops this year, and an additional 14,000 to 21,000 in 2023. All branches of the military are failing to recruit members, but these figures have not been seen since the end of the Vietnam War. The Army has until September 30 to meet its recruitment goal of 60,000 soldiers. So far, they have only achieved 50% of that figure.

    “On August 1, the European Commission will begin to reduce its demand for gas with no alternative in place. Unsurprisingly, our computer states that a Panic Cycle will begin in August or September and go into Q1 of 2023.”

    Not sure what a “Panic Cycle” is defined as for Armstrong, but he’s not wrong colloquially.

    “Member states are now required to submit energy plans to the Commission by the end of September”

    Classic Europe. SUBMIT plans by September? They need to be two months into implementing action and chasing down the stragglers by Sept 1. But they’ll have PLANS by then. Then some discussions, committees, maybe objections, revisions. Already Spain and Portugal said they won’t. Not that they use a lot, likely.

    “Simson and others are calling on the public sector to reduce demand.”

    Oh the PUBLIC sector!!! Yes, YOU get all the gas you want, in every building and mansion, while WE get cold water and bread. Got it. And why is all this again? Explain it to me in tiny words.

    “This will fall back to the citizens, who will be asked to limit their consumption and abandon comforts for a proxy war they never voted on.”

    “FDA Warns Puberty-Blockers May Cause Vision-Loss In Children”

    And Tavistok is being closed as a gender-change center essentially for chronic malpractice. Humans aren’t bugs: you can’t just swap genders back and forth without losing important or even critical functions that make one human: sexuality and childbearing, and to some extent common sexual orientation which has both mind and body components. These are events that will make it difficult for you to go on a date again, much less find a long-term relationship, family, and children. What will you do in your old age? I mean, when you’ve also voluntarily blinded yourself and your children, apparently?

    “LA Abandons Plan to Reimpose Mask Mandate as Multiple Cities Refused Enforcement”

    L.A. finally learns something. Maybe someday the rest of us will.

    From undertaker clips, etc, reports that gravediggers who don’t work even every day are now opening 2 graves a day in Ohio. It’s summer.

    A major anti-blood-clotting drug is now ordered so much that it’s in national shortage. But there’s no reason and nothing’s going on.

    “By enacting Public Law 117-128, you appear to have abrogated your Constitutional responsibilities in so far as you may have, in fact, made a law which both abridges the freedom of speech and a free press by enabling the Government of Ukraine, through the use of US taxpayer dollars appropriated under Public Law 117-128, to publish a “blacklist” singling out US citizens”

    Their response? “Yes, but that’s the GOOD part. What’s your objection again?”

    ” US GDP Drops 0.9 Percent In Second Quarter (PM) “

    They still think anyone is listening to them. If I FEEL a recession in my house, do I care? So who is this for? PMC virtue-signalers. As they are only on people still getting paid, and as the 1%’s managers and hand-job providers, the only ones that still constitute their voting base (outside of extensive cheating). Why say there’s no recession? Well as airtight -sshole tower-residents, they live exclusively in their BMWs and 2nd beach houses while their neighbors have 5 mile food lines by believing they are the good guys. So the re-definition that there’s no recession, there are no problems in Baltimore and Oklahoma lets them vote and obey in good conscience: This is Fine!!! The Country is fine! I mean, it’s fine at my house, I just drove my new Tesla to buy my third new grill.

    Reverse: if they lose the PMCs and Federal Employees, who do they have? In Civil War planning, the allegiance of this class of gov’t managers is critical.

    “Hanover Becomes First German City To Ban Hot Water In Public Buildings (DM)”

    Hahahaha! You so funny that this will save any gas: Brother can you spare a dime? No hot water in 20 whole bathrooms?

    Next fun: so they shut off gas. People then put in spot on-demand electric hot water tanks like they should have decades ago. Then then electric usage does what? Too complicated: can’t figure it out. Pro tip: Buy an Electric car.

    “Austrian industry will also collapse, and we will face mass unemployment..”

    Gosh, if only everyone had died exactly one year before the war, on Rosh Hashanah 2019. Then we wouldn’t have these problems.

    “nowhere else in the developed world is it now required to wear a mask, as is still mandatory in many of Canada’s airports and on flights out of our benighted country.”

    Sieg Heil!

    “Even the American Democrats think that idea is insane.”

    That’s insane indeed if even insane people think it’s insane. That’s a strange sentence – did he mean it that way? What does “Even DNC” mean to him?

    “Bill Barr to Merrick Garland: Appoint a Special Counsel Already (Fed.)”

    Thanks to Kamala Harris, they can’t drop Biden. She exists so when Trump ordered the Army to Occupy Congress in the coup they put up all those fences for (walls don’t work), they could claim “raysisss”…although Black and Asian people hate her more than Republicans do.

    So to appoint Hunter, they need to drop Biden. To drop Biden, they must advance Harris. To advance Harris, they need to remove Harris and add…who? There is no talent roster in the entire Democratic Party now that Gabbard is removed. Add Newsom, the most failed embarrassing Governor in the country, perhaps even ahead of Cuomo? Add Hillary or Pelosi as VP? Way, WAY too many steps in this plan. I’d say because they painted themselves in a corner, but really the White Hats just played the cards better. Should they have stayed in office? Enforced rule of law, and foreign election tampering the mass murder of Milley on the U.S. Military which is open treason? And then how on earth do you have voter revelations and a worldwide economic collapse that clears out the corruption and the US$?

    Anyway, on this long train comin’, they can’t appoint Hunter and they can’t make the story go away. Maybe they can get a Trump impersonator to shoot him on 5th Avenue.

    In actuality: they are going to queer the election in the biggest way in American history. No one will know who was really elected for 100 years. Then how do you seat Congress, etc?

    Formerly T-Bear

    Aspnaz at 112389 28 July 2022 Debt Rattle

    Thank you for your reply. Macron of France is proof of process, appearing out of political nowhere, generously funded, no prior political experience, well orchestrated organisation that put a turd in Ëlysée Palace (French Presidential residence) against all well known, experienced, professional national politicians. And that is supposed to be naturally acceptable political result? Since then, like toadstools, others have sprouted to also occupy key managerial positions, the thing in Canada comes to mind – Turdeau.

    Zombies may be the apt description of public awareness, zeitgeist of this age; seen everywhere on the public street, walking, glued to their screens, oblivious to any and all about them, a danger to themselves and other users of the public domain – shite for brains (or was that the ‘vaccine’).

    Antidote may be as simple as knowing the candidate for public office better than those who use the public media do (or tell you about). Look at what organisations which support that candidate, who might be funding their candidacy, know the candidate’s history, biography. If any of these are hidden or of questionable provenance, simply vote, possibly against ones preferred political leanings, for the optimal (if numerous) candidate or against the incumbent if less than transparent or cryptic biographic history can be reasonably expected, i.e. no known political position in full support of public interests.

    WEF will likely be an historical ‘flash in the pan’, not likely to last longer than the original manipulator and be gone as dust in the wind. The damage that may be caused extends to existential. Keeping their acolytes out of public office by knowing their provenance is essential. Always look to see who or what supports their candidacy for any candidate; support those who will not cause your interests harm. Keep in mind that although WEF may travel mostly by air, what goes up must come down sometime, somewhere.

    Your comment:

    The fools leading Holland are WEF puppets, so logic does not count, this is about following the WEF plan: this is just a part of the “you will own nothing and be happy” plan. They force purchase land and in return provide cash for you to pay rent, except that very soon that cash will be worthless.

    As this is WEF we can assume that their puppet politicians will be doing this all over the world. WEF shows itself to be a bunch of common thieves, not surprising as it is owned by oligarchs who, by definition, are criminals. A little bit of theft will not bother their consciences one little bit, so it is up to the people to defend their possessions using violence, or be unhappy slaves. Notice that the WEF overlords still remain in the shadows, afraid that the common people might end their foray on this planet.


    Once you recognise that we [in so-called western democracies] are governed by globalist scumbags -as per the cartoon- put into position by other globalist scumbags, and the globalist scumbags have huge armies of mindless, unqualified bureaucrats who are both self-serving liars and grossly incompetent, and these mindless bureaucrats use fraud to establish and maintain (ram down our throats) policies that are counterproductive, it all starts makes sense.

    When it comes to the question of what to do about this dismal predicament, we have to bear in mind that the bulk of the so-called media operates at the ten-year-old level (as opposed to the twelve-year-old level of politicians and bureaucrats) and the system has been carefully designed to ensure there is no accountability anywhere. Indeed, the worse mess politicians and bureaucrats make of everything, the more they are rewarded.

    Anticipating the ‘zombie apocalypse’ to commence later this year or early in 2023, and the end of the completely fraudulent and dysfunctional systems imposed on us by the moneylenders and corporations and their lackeys before 2025.

    Sadly, billions of people and most of the wildlife on this once-beautiful planet are going to suffer immensely during this meltdown.

    I noted to a friend that the war in Ukraine is mostly being fought with 1940s technology…explosions in barrels and explosions of projectiles.

    I’ve been saying for a log time that we are headed for fourteenth century living arrangements (at best) in the short term, and a new stone age or extinction in the longer term.

    Without a stable environment, nobody survives. And without energy, nothing happens.

    I guess the people of Sri Lanka are already learning that lesson. And the people of Europe are about to learn it.

    Until they do, the criminals and clowns remain in power.

    Just Some Randomer

    ” “The neocons above all seem unable to process that the days of US hegemony are over. It boggles the mind that they are not just eyepoking but escalating greatly with China via the still-planned Pelosi visit to Taiwan in August.”

    Exactly the same as the elite of the British Empire in the years following WWII. Still attempting to throw their weight around like they used to in the old days, not realising that the rest of the world is looking on at this with increasing contempt and, to be honest, incredulity.

    Ukraine could be (if indeed Afghanistan doesn’t turn out to be in hindsight) the US Empire’s ‘Suez Crisis’ moment – the event that finally brings home to the Neocons that they no longer have the power they once had and that the world has noticed that behind the shell of bluster and threat, there’s nothing to back that up.

    Will the TPTB in the US pack up their tents, relinquish their empire and find another way to pretend the glory days are still here, as the UK did, or will they go down fighting?


    Russian Foreign Affairs major PR trolling of Eurotardistan


    Polder Dweller

    Dutch farmers

    Around where I live, about ten miles from Amsterdam airport, Schiphol, there are a lot of upside-down flags, maybe on 10-15% of the lampposts. Head east from here into the next province (Utrecht) and there are whole streets where every lamppost has a flag. I think it’s a great protest as it harms no one, keeps the struggle uppermost in people’s minds and clearly annoys the government.

    A couple of days ago there was a news report that the flags would have to be taken down as some people found them annoying. In the comments people wrote that they found the Ukrainian flags everywhere annoying and asked if those could be taken down too. So TPTB had to change tactic and the next news item said that the flags would have to come down because they’re dangerous. Well, that was met with no end of ridicule, so for the time being the flags will stay.

    As for the blocking of roads etc, yes, the farmers are doing snap actions, dumping stuff on a highway and then going somewhere else. Every day different roads are targeted. However, no one knows who is setting light to bales of straw and car tyres. It could be some extra militant farmers but more likely it’s so called Romeos who are people hired by the police and dressed in farmers’ clothes who do this in order to swing public opinion against the farmers.

    This may sound far fetched but it isn’t as there are many videos circulating of Romeos emptying out of police vans at demonstrations and then deliberately stirring up trouble so that the heavy police can move in hard and break a few skulls. Also, despite the fact that there are cameras on many bridges over the motorways, the police somehow haven’t managed to find any footage of farmers doing these thingss.

    Public support is still above 70% even though the MSM keeps saying that it’s reducing.

    Mr. House

    Huzzah for Dutch Farmers, glad somebody is fighting the good fight

    Mr. House

    good news guys, clownworld is going to get even more entertaining soon!


    Bloggers are informed

    The US is funding a war on Russia’s border and helping Ukraine with intelligence to carry out attacks on Russian forces. The US is also stoking tensions with China by deploying more military forces in the South China Sea and increasing support for Taiwan.
    GDP – The number are lies
    Change/increase the government spending numbers

    gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 0.9 percent in the second quarter of 2022, according to the ‘advance’ estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the first quarter, real GDP decreased 1.6 percent.” By standard definitions, two consecutive quarters of declining GDP growth indicates that a nation is in an economic recession.
    At 40%

    The curtailment of gas flows meant that rather than being able to fully rely on its long-term contracts at a fixed price, Uniper has recently been forced to buy gas on the spot market at a much higher price to make up for shortages. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, European energy firms are racking up debt to cover the soaring costs, with their liabilities having reportedly reached over $1.7 trillion.

    Now its 20%

    Who will be forced to cut back, people or industry?

    What are you going to do?
    no gas on the spot market
    • Worst Is Yet To Come From Trudeau Liberals (Jordan Peterson)

    Rough times are a-coming, what with the cascading consequences of energy shortages, supply chain disruptions, war in Ukraine/donation of military inventory, and severe and looming food and fertilizer shortages, crop failures, labor shortage, inflation, recession, ignoring the plight of growing poverty/street people, unaffordability of housing,
    propaganda – medical fear of covid/monkeypox,

    Hate is in the air
    • They Can’t Let Him Back In (Michael Anton)
    just what is so terrible about Trump anyway?


    This is in the UK and likely isn’t far off for the rest of the west.

    Quantifying the Cut Back Economy
    Our research shows almost 9 in 10 (86%) consumers plan to cut back their spending over the next twelve months due to the rising cost of living. Of those planning to cut back, more than a quarter (28%) intend to do so across all areas of their spending.

    Ukraine shells prison holding POWs – DPR
    Dozens died after Kiev’s forces struck a jail in Donbass, a local official claims
    “There was a direct hit at a building with prisoners,” Bezsonov wrote on Telegram. “The results as of now: 40 killed, 130 wounded.”

    The minister added that he believes Kiev used US-supplied HIMARS multiple rocket launchers for the attack.

    The facility reportedly housed Ukrainian fighters captured by Russian and allied forces during the siege of the Azovstal steel mill in the city of Mariupol.

    Russia claims Ukraine had a reason to kill its own POWs
    At least 53 people died in a strike on a detention center in Donbass
    The ministry said the facility held members of Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, whose fighters surrendered to Russian and Donbass forces during the siege of the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol. The battalion is notorious because it includes fighters with nationalist and neo-Nazi views.

    Speaking to Russia’s TV Channel One, DPR head Denis Pushilin claimed that the Ukrainians “deliberately” targeted the detention center in order to kill Azov members who had been providing testimonies about possible war crimes by their commanders.


    Some gems in the comments this week. @dr-d Dr.D thanks for the link “why liberals dump their oldest friends” I’m testing that idea, and it seems to fit. It explains the EXTREMELY visceral response – point out that there’s nuance in any story, challenge any bit of official dogma (on covid, ukraine, vax, green energy, ad infinitum) and it is met with fight-or-flight (KILL OR OUTRUN!!1! ALLCAPS!!11!! ) That’s the amygdala reacting, dominating the response. It is not conscious. I’ve watched ppl’s eyes, facial reactions. It’s reflexive, like disgust or fear or phobia.
    There’s no reasoning with it; you cannot get around that reaction with logic, or even compassion in my experience. It bypasses the thought process, like the dread I feel when my fear of heights overwhelms my reason. The article assembled two missing bits for me – the amygdala’s role, and the concept that repeated training re-wires the brain. Exposure to NPR,PBS,BBC,Guardian et, – or any repeated stimulus – rewires the brain to simplify that task – evolutionary advantage (reduces the cognitive requirements of the brain, a sensible adaptation for the organ that takes 1/3 of the body’s resources to run 😀 )

    DBS thanks for sharing your survival story in Alaska! That was a near-miss, about as close as you can get to tragedy and walk away. Your take on the lesson is spot-on, I wouldn’t have figured it out right away. Understand what other people really do “owe” you, and make sure it matches what *they* think they “owe” you.

    your comments on animals reflect the stories (fictionalized real-life stories) from James Herriot’s farmers from the 1930s – animals were not coddled like today’s pets – animals were for meat, or else they were working animals (cat= mouser, dog=watchdog+ratter, horse=tractor) The old timers would not spend hard-earned “brass” on a vet bill for a cat. Only for a cow or a work-animal. Those stories are from a more austere time, like the one we’re headed into. People now may think that view as cold-hearted.
    That said, we have two dogs and a cat that we will spend a ton of cash to keep them healthy and happy – they are not working animals but my companion animals, they give comfort and joy when many of the humans in my life the last 2 yrs have become insufferable and unsupportive. I recognize it as a privilege do so, for as long as it lasts!
    A couple of Herriot’s stories are heartwarming because they tell the opposite – a businesslike farmer who cries over the pig he has just turned into bacon, a farmer who’s embarrassed to bring his dog to the vet because it reveals just how much he’s worried about his canine friend.

    Michael Reid

    American Diplomacy as a Tragic Drama

    American Diplomacy as a Tragic Drama


    That “The Good Reset” illustration resembles cover page of some Jehovah witnesses brochure.
    Incidentally, that’s how globalists envision the (sustainable) World for themselves and half-a-bill of servants.

    Dr D Rich

    “They Can’t Let Him Back In (Michael Anton)
    just what is so terrible about Trump anyway?”

    …because Trump isn’t Tulsi Gabbard and his Mask doesn’t obscure quite as effectively as Presidential Candidate Gabbard’s disguise.


    This is quite good from Patrick Lawrence,
    as far as it goes:

    Patrick Lawrence: The Causes of Things

    Still not seeing an adequate big-picture
    analysis, though.


    Civil Disobedience, Rise Up

    A Civil Disturbance – Wounded Knee 1973

    They took the whole Cherokee nation
    Put us on this reservation
    Took away our ways of life
    The tomahawk and the bow and knife

    Took away our native tongue
    And taught their English to our young
    And all the beads we made by hand
    Are nowadays made in Japan

    Cherokee people
    Cherokee tribe
    So proud to live
    So proud to die

    They took the whole Indian nation
    Locked us on this reservation
    Though I wear a shirt and tie
    I’m still part redman deep inside

    Cherokee people
    Cherokee tribe
    So proud to live
    So proud to die

    But maybe someday when we’ve learned
    Cherokee nation will return
    Will return, will return
    Will return, will return


    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Another mass protest in solidarity for the farmers. But still the media aren’t extensively reporting on this.

    Geee Our leader must be deaf and dumb.
    They didn’t pay attention to the farmer protest in India.
    Are our leader waiting until farmers impact their diner?
    (PS. The rebel can eat cake)


    You should hang your head in shame
    Your USA Christians leaders are Proud to brag about being part of, and instrumental in the killing and destruction as a sign of their superiority
    US Intelligence Tells Lawmakers Russian Casualties Surpass 75,000 In Ukraine


    @Bill7: Thanks for the link to the Patrick Lawrence article–a great read IMHO.

    Figmund Sreud

    Re the piece in today’s “rattle” above:

    Justin[e] Trudeau lost all his ways almost immediately and at the precise time when his “Principal Secretary to Prime Minister”, Gerald Butts, was punted out of Prime Minister’s Office (… yes, Butts was not perfect!). Subsequently, Chrystia Freeland, … and her force-obedient staff, took over that vacant position, … all has changed, for Trudeau, for Liberal Party of Canada, … for Canada, as a whole, …

    And so, it’s all about Chrystia Freeland, NOW!, … and all about her wet dreams. Her desire is to wedge Justin[e] out asap, … to become a Liberal Party leader by acclamation by the current set of Liberal Elites, … and eventually, become a Prime Minister of Canada, … or perhaps even Prime Minister of “soon liberated and free from Russian oppression” Ukraine!

    Anyway, … however you slice it, Jordan Peterson is correct, Canada will continue to resemble chaotic country for as long as Freeland reigns, … and only Canadian, Pepé Le Pew (aka. Pierre Marcel Poilievre), can save Canada now! Dog help us, …

    Go, Pepé! Go, …



    I find the sudden surge of Monkeypox infections to be quite curious. I’ve tried to find out the vaccination status of those infected but to no avail. Does anyone know if the unvaccinated are also falling prey to it?



    I am glad you enjoyed the article “Why Liberals Dump Their Oldest Friends”. I have had rather mixed reactions to this article. Most seem to think it is nothing special. I read it, and light blubs went off! I guess one’s reaction depends upon how one is wired.

    Just Some Randomer:

    The TPTB will not go away. If they fail, they will punish us for their failure. Just like the German people failed Hitler.

    Bill Barr:

    As the Uniparty member he is, he has popped back into the news to protect Joe Biden. Calling for a special prosecutor invokes Congress’s oldest trick to deal with a stink that just refuses go away. By appointing a special prosecutor, Congress can make sure the stink disappears. You see what you are not supposed to know, is a special prosecutor reports directly to Congress, not to the DoJ or FBI.

    Need proof? Has special prosecutor Durham made a previous stink disappear? Oh, you have already forgotten what it was Durham was not investigating? See, Congress knows how to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans. Hunter Biden will disappear before the November mid-term elections, right on schedule.

    Bill Barr is a traitor.



    My take on the monkeypox is that it is mostly impacting gay men. I have to assume most gay men are vaccinated, thus weakening their immune systems to infections. With weakened immune systems, monkeypox is now more easily spread amoung vaccinated gay men than before.

    It appears the vaccine is behind the spread of the monkeypox infection.


    You all know that if you got money in the stock market that you must be among the fortunate few gamblers that are ridding on the coattails of “those people that are to big to fail”. Until the unthinkable happens.

    Michael Reid

    Many videos to explore here



    My impression is that The Authorities and their workers are having trouble getting the Monkeypox Threat into full-flight mode. One POV.

    You are welcome for the link, willem.


    Polder Dweller said:

    Public support is still above 70% even though the MSM keeps saying that it’s reducing.

    Pulic support is irrelevant as long as the public are not willing to actually do something to support the farmers. Sure, some will support the farmers, but if 70% of people were to march on the government and demand their resignation then there would be a chance of change. As it is, the Dutch leaders are getting their orders from outside the Netherlands, they were put in place by those powers and they will continue to be loyal and obedient to those external forces until they are physically stopped.


    Wow! All of it is worth watching but for those in a hurry from minute 24.

    The world is on a knife edge, with deceitful maniacs in control in the west. Are they going to push China into war?


    About “They Can’t Let Him Back In”, who is “they”? What apple cart did Trump upset?
    Here a long quote from Gary Lawson’s work.

    “I. Bagehot’s Theory of Dual Institutions

    A disquieting answer is provided by the theory that Walter Bagehot

    suggested in 1867 to explain the evolution of the English Constitution.40

    While not without critics, his theory has been widely acclaimed and has

    generated significant commentary.41 Indeed, it is something of a classic on

    the subject of institutional change generally, and it foreshadowed modern

    organizational theory.42 In brief, Bagehot’s notion was as follows.

    Power in Britain reposed initially in the monarch alone. Over the

    decades, however, a dual set of institutions emerged.43 One set comprises

    the monarchy and the House of Lords. 44 These Bagehot called the

    “dignified” institutions—dignified in the sense that they provide a link to

    the past and excite the public imagination.45 Through theatrical show, pomp, and historical symbolism, they exercise an emotional hold on the public

    mind by evoking the grandeur of ages past. 46 They embody memories of

    greatness. Yet it is a second, newer set of institutions— Britain’s “efficient”

    institutions—that do the real work of governing. 47 These are the House of

    Commons, the Cabinet, and the Prime Minister. 48 As Bagehot put it: “[I]ts

    dignified parts are very complicated and somewhat imposing, very old and

    rather venerable; while its efficient part . . . is decidedly simple and rather

    modern . . . . Its essence is strong with the strength of modern simplicity; its

    exterior is august with the Gothic grandeur of a more imposing age.”49

    Together these institutions comprise a “disguised republic”50 that

    obscures the massive shift in power that has occurred, which if widely

    understood would create a crisis of public confidence. 51 This crisis has been

    averted because the efficient institutions have been careful to hide where

    they begin and where the dignified institutions end. 52 They do this by

    ensuring that the dignified institutions continue to partake in at least some

    real governance and also by ensuring that the efficient institutions partake in

    at least some inspiring public ceremony and ritual. 53 This promotes

    continued public deference to the efficient institutions’ decisions and

    continued belief that the dignified institutions retain real power.54 These

    dual institutions, one for show and the other for real, afford Britain expertise

    and experience in the actual art of governing while at the same time

    providing a façade that generates public acceptance of the experts’

    decisions. Bagehot called this Britain’s “double government.”55 The

    structural duality, some have suggested, is a modern reification of the

    “Noble Lie” that, two millennia before, Plato had thought necessary to

    insulate a state from the fatal excesses of democracy and to ensure

    deference to the golden class of efficient guardians. 56 onetheless,

    Bagehot’s enduring insight—that dual institutions of governance, one public

    and the other concealed, evolve side-by-side to maximize both legitimacy

    and efficiency—is worth pondering as one possible explanation of why the

    Obama and Bush national security policies have been essentially the same.

    There is no reason in principle why the institutions of Britain’s juridical

    offspring, the United States, ought to be immune from the broader

    bifurcating forces that have driven British institutional evolution.

    As it did in the early days of Britain’s monarchy, power in the

    United States lay initially in one set of institutions—the President,

    Congress, and the courts. These are America’s “dignified” institutions.

    Later, however, a second institution emerged to safeguard the nation’s

    security. This, America’s “efficient” institution (actually, as will be seen,

    more a network than an institution) consists of the several hundred

    executive officials who sit atop the military, intelligence, diplomatic, and

    law enforcement departments and agencies that have as their mission the

    protection of America’s international and internal security. Large segments

    of the public continue to believe that America’s constitutionally established,

    dignified institutions are the locus of governmental power; by promoting

    that impression, both sets of institutions maintain public support. But when

    it comes to defining and protecting national security, the public’s impression

    is mistaken. America’s efficient institution makes most of the key decisions

    concerning national security, removed from public view and from the

    constitutional restrictions that check America’s dignified institutions. The

    United States has, in short, moved beyond a mere imperial presidency to a

    bifurcated system—a structure of double government—in which even the

    President now exercises little substantive control over the overall direction

    of U.S. national security policy. Whereas Britain’s dual institutions evolved

    towards a concealed republic, America’s have evolved in the opposite

    direction, toward greater centralization, less accountability, and emergent



    The long quote above includes work from Michael Glennon.

    Veracious Poet



    I hope you all realize that the WEF are only the chauffeurs of the ones really pulling the strings. You will only ever see the chauffeurs.

    Veracious Poet

    I hope you all realize that the WEF are only the chauffeurs of the ones really pulling the strings. You will only ever see the chauffeurs.


    There will also be a ban on portable air conditioners, heaters and radiators among the general populace as the average German begins to pay a price for standing up to the Russian dictator.

    As far as I know, this is only a (plausible) suspicion. At this moment experts are only warning, see for example: RT, German: (Germany: 600000 heaters sold). Of course, I bought me a second heater for strictly scientific purposes…

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