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    Paul Klee Girl in Mourning 1939   • Merkel Promises Full Employment In Party Platform (R.) • Theresa May Steps Back From Public Sector Pay Cap Am
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    Dr. Diablo

    “Maine, New Jersey Lawmakers Scramble To End Partial Government Shutdowns”

    Why the surprise? This is just following the normal procedure. We give money to those who are NOT working (pensioners) and take money from those who ARE working (new State employees and taxpayers). That’s how we all get rich! Winning!

    Completely unrelated: would we have perverse incentives if we reward sloth and graft and punish thrift and industry? What effects might this have on society?

    Bonus question: in Illinois, if we pay retired, non-working policemen first, and have no money left for active, on-duty policemen, would that be a problem? Would taxpayers feel happy and well-served, willing to stay in state, create revenue, and be taxed?


    @ drdiablo

    It wasn’t clear to me.
    Who get’s the most amount of money from the workers for not doing any work.

    Corporate welfare is at the top of my list.
    Second would be the military establishments
    Third would be the medical establishment.

    Welfare and unemployment recipients would be near the bottom of my list.


    Re.: cause of opioid epidemic
    Its not all overdose, people take pain killers to kill pain.
    Trying to stay pain free when living on the street would be more than what the readers of this blog could stand. I suspect that the majority would take an extra pain killer.

    Here are some other causes.

    Dr. Diablo

    You’re just making my point.

    Corporations that need monopoly protection, handouts and bailouts because they fail to do the work of corporations: satisfying customers without open extortion take money from businesses that have to operate honestly. Check.

    A military that can’t win against Afghanistan, and now produces planes that can’t fly, ships that can’t sail, and carriers that can’t land. The U.S. spends more than the world combined yet cannot accomplish their job while taking resources that hollow out the strength and infrastructure of the country. Check.

    A medical industry that is monopoly protected, yet with the highest costs in the world, provides some of the deadliest care, also failing their job and not doing any actual health work while consuming 20% of the national income of those who do work. Check.

    Again, our national industry is take money, aka scarce resources, away from those who produce at a net energy profit, and give it to those who function at a loss. And only that largest of all ravenous consumers, government, could make this possible.

    Well, at least it’s over now in Peurto Rico and Illinois, and soon to be Maine, Connecticut, Kentucky, and California. There need to be checks and balances, and San Juan and Springfield just reached them.


    Melbourne’s frosty winter blast sees solar hot water panels burst around the city

    Al Gore is coming to Melbourne next week so maybe this is the Gore Effect 🙂

    E. Swanson

    Nassim misses the point, as usual. It’s winter in Australia. It gets cold in winter. And, from the article, here’s the real proble

    …”This generally doesn’t happen every winter, just when we get bad frost like over the weekend.””

    Mr Edwards said quality solar panels with a glycol antifreeze system were generally more durable than cheaper models favoured by builders.

    I’ve got solar collectors on my house and I use glycol antifreeze. Last winter, temperatures dropped below 0 F (-18 C) in my area.

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