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    > are mixing up the names of who came out the victor of encounters/battles. <

    As I said a couple of years ago here,
    “it’s not *supposed* to make sense; it’s supposed to make us crazy.”

    Creating the Fog of War™ is a lot of work, I think.

    What if the “war in Ukraine”- as presented by “either” side- is something else entirely?


    “Not recession. Recession’s a nice word. We’re going to have a much bigger problem than recession. We’ll have a depression,” the former president said.

    If only it were going to be a depression: do Americans seriously think that the elite land grab going on with farmers in Netherlands, New Zealand (different mechanism, same effect), Sri Lanka etc is not going to happen in the USA? The elites plan to take everything and to make you a prisoner. The entire basis of the US government system will change with common people devoid of all power. How they do that remains to be seen, but they will try and they will achieve it because the people will not resist. Trump cannot stop this, he couldn’t even build a wall.


    A triathlete, Dr. Nayman routinely commented on social media about her love of training and racing.

    Absolutely no sympathy: like a gambler, she took the risk and it did not work out.


    I think that there will be a steady increase in “nonsensical” news as time goes on; this can already be seen in the ubiquitously odd “personal interest” stories from the last decade or so.

    It can be disorienting.


    The view from my neck of the woods (central California coast): I have no sense of any potential “uprising” over loss of civil liberties here. My impression is that many are happy that mask and “vaccine” mandates have been mostly lifted, and think they can remain that way if we all stay on good behaviour
    for our beneficient rulers.

    The sole-proprietor businesses here have been wiped out, except for the real-estate and insurance sector, having been physically and mentally replaced by a large Dollar Store.

    I think their larger project is mostly working. Planning, persistence, prevalence, and long-term funding seem
    to work well.


    So a bunch of young doctors in Toronto suddenly kick the bucket and only one died from the vaccine while the rest didn’t die from covid. Yeah, sure, whatever you say.

    Many of these young doctors died of cancer likely brought on by a weakened immune system that couldn’t fight off the cancer, that the vaccine triggered.

    Just more sudden deaths of health care workers, as planned to reduce health care.

    TAE Summary

    Karine: Bravely bold Joe Biden
    Made laws to rule the land.
    He was not afraid to crash,
    Oh brave Joe Biden!
    He was not at all afraid
    To collapse in nasty ways.
    Brave, brave, brave, brave Joe Biden.

    He was not in the least bit scared
    For gas to cost too much
    Or to have some people freeze,
    Or to lose their incomes
    Their houses repossessed
    As their saving disappear,
    And all their pensions gone
    Brave Joe Biden

    Their marriages wrecked
    And their children gone
    And their parents broke
    In a homeless camp
    Eating insect soup
    While their clothes wear out
    And their …

    Joe: That’s… that’s enough spin for now Karine. There’s dirty work afoot.


    “There are so many different kinds of stupidity, and cleverness is one of the worst.”

    -Thomas Mann

    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear

    Another gem from RT to keep you informed:

    Nice summary of the UK’s criminal persuits…
    I can think of no reason I would ever set foot in the already Orwellian islands off the French coast…
    The entire western hemisphere is infected with a virus of unnerving contagion that threatens every man, woman, and child…
    There are almost no places to flee on our small orb…


    @Bill7: I, too, live on the central California coast, and concur with your opinion. It seems rather laid back here among most of the locals, but you can tell when the tourists are in town–they’re all coming up from LA and wearing masks everywhere, even outdoors on the beach sometimes, and there isn’t any place here that requires it.


    I like what one perceptive commenter said over at Naked Cap- that there’s no use looking to “leaders” now; any leadership will only come from the bottom up. (I hope that’s an accurate paraphase, and correction is welcome).


    About 15 years ago I worked out that many of our modern ‘troubles’ stem from the Norman (Northmen=Vikings) conquest of England [via northern France] and the establishment of a system of rulers and ruled, in which the rulers were vicious conquerors and the ruled were to be exploited to the maximum.

    There was nothing new in the system as such -the Romans did it. What distinguishes the Roman Empire from the Norman Empire is that the Norman Empire still exists early a thousand years later and has a stranglehold on much of the world.

    ‘Even the most badly-educated English people – and there are a lot of them, given the appalling contemporary Western educational systems – know one date in history: 1066. This is the date of the Norman invasion by William the Conqueror’ (correctly, ‘the Bastard’) and ongoing occupation by the Norman ‘Establishment’, with its upper-class Franco-Norman, what is now called ‘BBC’, accent. There followed the feudalisation (the feudal system was unknown in England before 1066) and genocide of the English people, those called by pro-Norman/anti-English propagandist historians ‘Anglo-Saxons’. This resulted in the exile of thousands of its people, notably its royal line to Kiev and many of its nobles to Constantinople.

    There was English resistance to the jackboot of the feudal Normans, sent with the encouragement of the Pope of Rome from the top of the feudal pyramid, and accompanied by moneylenders from Rouen, Jews, who had previously never lived in England. Resistance was led by such folk-heroes as Hereward in the East of England and Eadric in the West of England. These folk-leaders were attempting to repeat the feat of national defence of King Alfred, the only English ruler ever to be called ‘the Great’. That they failed to repeat his exploit, of defeating the Vikings (Danish pirates) in the ninth century, by defeating the Vikings (Norman pirates) in the eleventh century, is hardly surprising. This is because the last English King, Edmund Ironside, the great-great-great grandson of King Alfred, had already been murdered by Danish Vikings (Danish pirates) in 1016. There were no more English Kings after Edmund in 1016.

    Edmund Ironside was succeeded by the Viking leader Knut (Canute) and three foreign successors including the half-Norman, half-Danish traitor Edward ‘the Confessor’, who in 1051 had his Norman agents build the first castle in England, marking the beginning of ‘Castle England’ (see below). The Confessor was followed by Normans, French (Plantagenets), Welsh (Tudors), Scots (Stuarts), Dutch (Orange) and Germans (Hanoverians/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/ ’Windsor’). These peoples are collectively known to Non-Western Europeans as ‘Franks’. In summary: there has not been an English King or Queen of England for over a thousand years, since 1016. Indeed, at various points the Welsh, the Scots and the Irish have also, like the English, had to put up with these foreign, pseudo-English, monarchs.

    Alien-Ruled Europe

    So, after this deviation, what is the link with the Ukraine? We speak of all this because the fate of the English is only an example of the fate of all Non-Russian Europeans, that is, to be ruled by ‘pirates’, by foreign or alien elites – just as in today’s Ukraine. The most visible symbol of domination and oppression by alien elites remains the castles which they built to oppress the people. Significantly, from the Atlantic coasts of Portugal and Ireland to the westernmost borders of present-day Ukraine (google a map to see), that is, all over Non-Russian Europe, ‘encastellation’ was the sign of the oppression of the peoples of Europe by pirate elites. Thus Non-Russian Europe can visibly be called ‘Castle Europe’. Castles, even if in ruins today, were and are the stone-walled concentration camps, watchtowers and symbols of the Feudal Western elite, from the eleventh century on.

    When that Feudal Age ended, the worst thing that happened to Castle Europe was that it discovered the New World. This was the worst thing because it meant that the same conquering mentality (e.g. the ‘Conquistadors’) was taken unopposed overseas, in order to enslave yet more peoples there, to project onto them the piracy that Castle Europe had to offer. But there was even worse to come. In the twentieth century the richest and most powerful New World colony, just like Castle Europe, genocided its native peoples, whom it called ‘savages’, as if they were wild animals, in order to asset-strip their natural resources. Having sent the survivors to concentration camps, which it called ‘reservations’, guarded by castles, which it called ‘forts’, it came back to invade Castle Europe, dominate it and haunt it.

    Thus, all over Castle Europe today, from the towers of medieval castles, as from other Castle Europe buildings, including Castle Europe ‘churches’, which often look like mini-castles, fly Ukrainian flags. Why? Because the US-appointed Castle Europe pirate elites have ordered it, because for them the Ukraine is their private ‘reservation’, that is, their own concentration camp. In other words, Castle Europe is still ruled by an alien and alien-appointed elite, just the same as ever. Its new castles are called ‘bases’ and ‘camps’, e.g. ‘Ramstein Air Base’ in Germany or ‘Camp Bondsteel’ in Kosovo. Same thing. We have gone from Feudal (Norman/Frankish) Europe to Neo-Feudal (American) Europe. And ‘Feudal’ translates into modern language as ‘necon’, ‘neoliberal’ or simply, for Russians especially, ‘Nazi’. This is why we can clearly see that the demilitarisation and denazification of the Ukraine will inevitably lead in time to the demilitarisation and denazification of Non-Russian Europe, that is, of Castle Europe.’

    The End of Castle Europe and the First Day of Freedom


    Figmund- thanks for that delightful mechanic video. We were doing every 5000, but we don’t drive much and will switch to every six months for our 188000 mile 1996 Camry.
    I wish I could find someone who took me seriously when I said I’d like to detail her like she was an old Jag. Man, I love my car.

    I talked to my Aunt today- she’s going ahead with 6 months of radiation despite being declared “clear” of cancer. I put the bug in her ear that she should at least have the option to stop if it made her miserable. She’s unhappy that she is in a “protocol”- she thinks being 82 should make a “longterm” survival strategy less imperative. She also suspects that the “vaccine” suppressed her immune system and may have something to do with her cancer.
    She asked for websites that dealt with the issue. The WHOLE issue of “taking the country down”, and “that evil Bill Gates wants depopulation”… and WHY would anyone “vaccinate” a child?

    “What can I do? I’m only one person!”, said 7,000,000,000 people.

    Veracious Poet

    I think that there will be a steady increase in “nonsensical” news as time goes on; this can already be seen in the ubiquitously odd “personal interest” stories from the last decade or so.

    Veracious Poet

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